Karen – Noobs


They have been discussing trying kinky stuff for a while. They first started with some rope, but being not very good at it, it was hurting more than being really fun, then got a simple ball gag and lately, ordered one of those bed harnesses.

For the first time, Karen was tied up, spread eagled, relatively comfortable, wrists and ankles tightly wrapped into soft cuffs held with simple yet sturdy velcro straps, linked with a snap-ring to the harness wrapping the bed, mouth filled with the ballgag.

They made love. They never experienced anything like that before. Him of having total control, where she couldn’t push him away or follow him or hold him on with her legs if he was trying to retract too soon, and her having the exact opposite: no control at all.

They made love three times in a row! By the end, they were both exhausted and fell asleep, her still all tied  up, and him cuddling against her spread body.

The shivered provoked by the cold morning air entering the bedroom through an opened window, pushed by a gentle breeze, woke them up.

He was kind of startled, discovering Karen spread eagled, ballgagged, smiling.

“Mffeffooo.” she said, giggling, pulling on her bonds.

“Hello…” he said, his brain still fogged up, then realizing the situation. “…Oh shit! Let me get you out of it.” he said, quickly unlinking her arms, but when he tried to remove her ball gag, she pushed his hands away, nodding no.

“You… you don’t want it removed?” he asked, puzzled.

“She nodded no and, bringing her wrists together in front of her, she tried to link the snap-link to each-other’s cuff.

“You… you want me to tie your wrists, like, handcuffs?” he asked.

She nodded yes.

“Well… okay.” he said, doing so, then unlinking her ankles from the harness. She got up and went to the bathroom, to come back a short time later wearing nothing but silk panties.

He stretched on the bed then got up, aiming also to go to the bathroom but as he went past her, she kicked him hard on the butt.

“What is that for?” he asked.

She tried to kick him again, this time in the groin, while laughing.

“What are you… Oh, I get it.” he said, smiling, grabbing her leg on her last attempt then kneeling, bringing it close to the other one and linking both cuffs together.

“There! Better?” he asked.

She nodded yes.

“Okay… euh… Go… go make some coffee.” he said, slapping hard in the butt.

She giggled and hobbled her way to the kitchen. He couldn’t help but look at her struggle to walk.

He walked out of the bathroom wearing silk pajamas and slippers. As he entered the kitchen, Karen was struggling with the coffee pot, trying to put coffee into the filter basket with her hands tied.

“Want help?… I… I don’t think so…” he asked and answered himself by Karen’s look.

While the coffee was brewing, she struggled to put some bread in the toaster, and bring peanut butter and other spread stuff on the dining room table, wiggling her butt, her firm breasts dangling. With her wrists close like that, she could only bring one or two items at time, so she made quite a few trips from the kitchen to the dining room, hobbling, shuffling her feet. 

Suddenly, Derek ran to the bedroom, which puzzled Karen, to come back quickly with bright pink high heel pumps.

Karen went wide-eyed, and was smiling. Of course! Why didn’t she think of that? She sat as he fitted the pumps on her feet and she resumed her hobbling, this time, the heels clicking hard on the ceramic tiles of the kitchen.

The toasts popped up, she put them on a plate and brought them to her boyfriend, before coming back for another cup of coffee, putting it down in the chair next to him, then collapsing on it, exhausted.

She tried to take a sip of the coffee, but with her gag, it didn’t work quite well. Giggling, Derek removed the gag.

“That was…” he began to say.

“Awesome!” said Karen with a large smile. “I want to do that again!”

“Really? And how about your night? You surely barely slept, tied up like that.” he asked.

“Actually… I don’t recall waking up and being uncomfortable, more… enjoying not being able to move and falling asleep again.” she said, to her own surprise, realizing what she had just said.

“W…wow.” he stuttered. “Do… do you have something in mind?”

“Not really, never thought of that. We should browse the Internet to have ideas.” she said, “maybe visit a sex shop.” she said, sparkles in her eyes and a devilish smile forming on.

After the small breakfast, they dressed up and drove downtown, him wearing classic jeans and T-Shirt, her in very tight skinny jeans that were hiding nothing, high heels booties, a white short sleeved blouse.

They stopped in front of a sex shop and entered, looking around, searching. Karen gently pointed the kinky section to the far left, and they went in, browsing the stuff, the ball gags, the cuffs, collars, harnesses, etc.

The clerk approached them, inquiring about their desires.

“Hello, I’m Lynda. May I assist you with anything? Looking for something in particular?”

“We’re just browsing.” quickly said Derek, lowering his head, but Karen spoke up.

“Yes, actually, we’re new to this kinky thing and we… kind of liked it.” she said, smiling looking at Derek. “We have a bed harness, but do you have something for beginners?” she asked.

“Of course.” said Lynda, picking a pair of leather cuffs. “These are sturdy and very comfortable.” she said, showing them do Derek.”Oh… I’m sorry, are you two in bondage or just one of you?” she asked.

Derek pointed at her.

“Yeah he tied me up last night to make love and… forgot me tied up for the whole night and it was a blast!” blatantly said Karen.

“We both fell asleep.” quickly intervened Derek.

Lynda laughed.

“Hey, your secret is safe with me. So need more cuffs or the ones with the bet harness are enough?”

“Well, I would like to be tied up to do chores and stuff.” said Karen, surprising Derek at how suddenly opened she was. “You know, something for the ankles, the wrist, maybe linked to a collar, yes, a collar! Do you have collars?” she asked, wide eyed, already searching the displays.

Lynda showed them some leather collars and cuffs. Karen immediately chose a set, rather heavy, and was looking at collars, especially posture collars. She put one on to try it, forcing her head up.

“Do you mind?” she said, turning her back to Derek, asking him to fasten it.

“Yes, feels good. Can you go tighter?”

“Tighter? Uh, okay. There. Still can breathe in this?” he asked, unsure.

She turned around, eyes wide, smiling, her head locked in position.

“AWESOME!” she said, struggling to move her lower jaw. “Imagine with a ball gag!” she said, turning to the displays, picking up a head harness ball gag with a huge ball!!” she said. 

Derek was puzzled.

“Sure, but isn’t that a little, I dunno, extreme?”

“Nah, what do you think, Lynda.”

“A kink is personal, miss. Some like the appearance, so they would choose cheap cuffs that could easily break but they’re not going to struggle in them, while others need high quality cuffs, like the ones you’ve chosen because they’ll beat the hell out of them.” she said with a smile.

“Oh, good.” she said, turning around, her arm brushing against a rack of latex garments.

“Oh my! I felt a shiver run down my spine when I touched that.” she said, as she took the latex leggings in her hand, feeling the material. “Feels strange.”

“Ah, yes latex. For some people it’s meh, like, they prefer leather or something more… tough, while some other gets a real kick out of it.” said Lynda.

“Oh… well… Maybe some other time.” said Karen, still rubbing the garment within her fingers. “I think we’ll start with those.” she said, showing the cuffs.

“Very good. Anything else, toys, accessories?” asked Lynda.

“No, we…” began to say Derek, a little shy.

“We’re good with toys.” completed Karen with a devilish smile.

They got to the till and paid.

“Wow, quite expensive. We’ll have to be careful if we don’t want to burst our budget.” said Derek, putting his credit card back in her wallet.

At the same time, there was a delivery. Lynda put the box on the counter and sighed.

“Problem?” asked Karen, just to make small talk.

“Yeah, sort of. This customer ordered custom made items, but cancelled the order because they broke up. He had paid 75% in advance, and it’s non-refundable. And now, I’m stuck with that.” she said, showing a steel belt and a few other bags.

“What the heck is that thing?” asked Karen.

“A chastity belt. There’s also a corset, a neck entry catsuit, full latex hood, and ballet boots. But like I said, they have been custom ordered, so the luck of finding someone who would fit in them is slim. I mean, I’m not an extreme fetish shop, just a corner sex shop. Customers don’t usually come here for that kind of thing. I went out of my way, because I knew the guy, but now, I’m stuck with it.” she said, pushing the rather large box away with her high heeled feet.

“But you said they’re pretty much paid for, right? So on the cheap side.” said Karen.

“Yes, but as I said, people don’t come here to buy a chastity belt, or even a high-end latex catsuit. I have some latex garments, leggings, panties, bras, but it’s all I have.”

“Yeah, but… on the CHEAP SIDE.” she said, glancing at Derek, who was as puzzled as Lynda. “What size are they? Could I… fit in them?” she asked, wide eyes.

“You… Chastity belt and corset?” asked Derek.

“Hey…” simply answered Karen, opening her arms while looking at her extremely tight jeans. “What do you think? So, what size are they?”

“Well, I’ll measure you first.” said Lynda, taking a measuring ribbon and noting a lot of measurements, then comparing it to what she had on file.

“Well, length-wise, the catsuit would fit, however, she was a little skinnier than you, mostly skin and bones, so it would be a very tight fit. It’s latex, it stretches, but it would be tight.”

“Okay, and the chastity belt? If she was that skinny, it probably won’t fit, right?”

“That depends how… squeezed you’re willing to go. The belt has been ordered to fit over the corset. Since she was already thin, the corset isn’t that small, only a seven centimeters compression, but for you, it would mean about ten centimeters that you have to squeeze in. Think you can manage that?”

“Ten centimeters? That’s a lot, honey.” said Derek.

“Yeah…” said Karen, sucking her stomach in. “Here… measure.” she said, while holding her breath.

“You’re at seven-ish cm, leaving a three to four centimeter gap for the corset to squeeze.

“Yes…” said Karen, already thinking. “And the boots, ballet boots, you say?”

Lynda retrieved the ankle high booties with a towering heel. 

“These. The size should fit but you really would have to try them.”

“Let’s do it!” said Karen, grabbing the boots from Lynda’s hand and sitting on a nearby bench near the exotic dancers footwear collection, quickly removing her high heel booties and putting the ballet boots on, tightening the laces.

“They feel great!” she said. “Now… can we really walk in them?” she asked, trying to get up, helped by Derek.

“Yes.” said Lynda. “But only a few can manage… okay, seems you’re like one of the few.” she said, as she witnessed Karen, apparently easily walking in them in the store.

“We take it… can we?” she asked Derek, with pleading eyes.

“I… How much?” she asked Lynda.

“Listen. You’re getting rid of a problem for me. Since it was my friend, it’s pretty much at cost, but I’ll make you a price… how’s this?” she said, writing an amount on a piece of paper.

“So?” inquired Karen, coming back on her own booties, giving the ballet boots back to Lynda who was already repacking the box as if the deal was concluded.

“We’re gonna have to give up our weekly night out, dinner, cinema and club for at least a month to afford it.

Karen was jumping like a kid, taking the box and already walking out, before Derek had time to pay.

They rushed back home, Karen obviously very nervous and eager. She rushed to the bedroom and unpacked everything, laying out the ballet boots, the corset, the catsuit, the hood, the new restraints, ball gag and quickly  undressing, taking the catsuit and flipping around again, and again, looking at the crotch zipper, then turning it again.

“How the fuck do you put thin thing on? There’s no entrance zipper. I can’t put it through the crotch. It makes no sense.” she said.

“If I recall, Lynda mentioned it was a neck entry catsuit or something. We’ll go see on the manufacturer’s site… fantastic rubber? Okay… here we go… Oh, yes, you really do put it through the neck hole!”.

Derek helped her lube herself with the bottle of lube provided and slowly worked the catsuit on, popping her feet inside the attached socks, slowly pulling the suit upward, removing all the wrinkles.

“Wait, there’s something weird at the crotch, like we forgot to take off something.” she said, opening the zipper and working with her hand in, then looking stunned. “There’s, apparently, an embedded pair of panties with… latex condoms attached to it.” she said, widening her eyes. “One for the vagina, one for the butt hole.” she said, giggling. “Might get interesting.” she said with a wink.

“Really?” said Derek. “Uh… okay then.” he said, pullin the suit to just below her breasts.

“I like that feeling.” said Karen. “Tight, cold at first, but warm after a few moments… okay, do… can I really squeeze my arm through this collar… oh, yes… ah!” she said as her first hand finds its way to the attached glove. Derek stretched the collar for her second arm and the suit rode up with a funny sound as the rest of the air was expelled. Karen was wide eyed.

“Damn!” she said, rubbing her boobs in their tight latex confinement, going down to her waist, to her hips, her thighs, then going up to her stomach, sucking it in, the tight rubber following, not leaving a simple gap. “Shit, feels so good.! She said.

“And you look stunning, dear.” said Derek, obviously admiring the view.

“Okay, now this.” she said, picking the latex corset and wrapping it around her waist, fastening the front hasps, then turning to Derek. “Be a man, now. Squeeze me in.” she said, smiling.

Not knowing exactly how to fasten a corset, he struggled with the lacing, until he figured out that he had to pull the laces at the edges first then taking the slack at the  middle point. Karen felt her waist, chest and hips being compressed, as the corset was going from under her arms to her hips, feeling squeezed and restrained, her upper body becoming rigid, her breath was beginning to shake.

“Problem, honey? Want me to stop?” he asked.

“What? No! Oh darn, such a wonderful feeling. Tighter, TIGHTER!” she said, trying to squeeze her waist with her hands over the corset. “None of my tight jeans could achieve such a feeling! I will feel… loose in them after that.” she said, rubbing her gloved hands up and down.

She felt him knotting the laces.

“Done? I’m all squeezed in? Doesn’t feel that tight.” she said.

“No, it won’t go any tighter.” he said. “Sorry. There’s still about 3cm to close.”

“Oh…” she said disappointed. “So it means no chastity belt. Well, I guess that with time and practice, I’ll be able to close it, or rather, YOU will be able to close it.” she said with a wink. “Go get some muscle in this.” she said, squeezing his bicep.

“Yeah, right. I can probably break the lacing by pulling but it won’t go any tighter. Okay, what do you want next? The boots?”

“Yeah, sure!” she said, sitting on the edge of the bed, struggling with her constricted waist and rigid torso. “Different feel than my tight jeans. I wonder if… both together…” she said, her mind wandering as Derek was fastening the boots.

“While I got you there, just wait a minute.” he said, fetching their other bag of goods they had just bought, taking the leather ankle cuffs and wrapping them around Karen’s ankles. 

He had to draw them tighter, per Karen’s demand, before applying the small lock on the buckle. He then gently applied the leather wrist cuffs, again going tighter per Karen’s demands. He could see in her eyes that her mind was already elsewhere.

He stepped back to look at her, an all shiny black sculpted body.

“Want to step up?” he asked.

She struggled a little, especially because of the corset but she got on her feet, standing tall on the ballet boots. 

“I can’t believe I can stand in those things.” she said, as she walked around, then wiggled her back.

“It feels loose. Did the lacing loosened or something?” she said, turning around.

“No, it’s about the same gap as before, but yes, the lacing seemed to be somewhat loose. Want me to try to tighten it some more.

“Of course, I want it tighter, silly. I want to put that chastity belt on.” she answered.

He pulled, tighter and tighter. Karen figured out that it was easier if she was holding her arms in the air, expelling all the air, sucking her stomach.

“Almost there… One more pull…  Hold on.” he said as he tied up the laces. “Okay done.” he said.

Karen let out a sigh, feeling her constricted waist with her gloved hands, the leather cuffs also brushing against the garment, sending reminders that she was cuffed, corseted and in latex.

“Oh gawn! I… I love it. Now, the chastity belt, quick, before I start to rub myself. Damn, I’m so hot right now.” she said.

Dereck picked up the chastity belt from the box and noticed an envelope at the bottom. He picked it up, it was rather heavy.

“What is this?” he said, opening the envelope, then taking what was inside and showing it to Karen who looked stunned.

“Steel plugs? What for… the chastity belt?” she asked, picking up the belt and noticing the flaps and slides. “Oh… Do…?”

“Well, the suit already has the… condoms, why not” she said.

Derek figures out how to put the plugs on the belt then handed it to Karen who proceeded to put it on, first by wrapping the waist strep and fastening it at the front. Even with the corset fully closed, it was a tight fit, then carefully pulled the crotch strap, feeling the large steel intruders go in, the one over the butt hole being a first experience.

She was gasping as she was slowly pulling them in.

“Oh my gawd, this is so huge!”

“The butt plug, yeah, looked rather large.”

“Oh, both!” she said as she carefully pulled the front strap higher and higher, pushing the plugs in.

She put the front strap on the locking mechanism and turned the circular key, then putting her hand over the crotch strap, feeling how trapped she was, trying to get some access but couldn’t even slip a finger between the belt and the catsuit.

“Geesh, I wonder if it’s a chastity device or a forced teasing device.” she said, wide eyes, doing her first steps in it, gasping.”Oh, dear…”

“What is it?” asked Derek, concerned.

“Well, they move, or rather, they don’t, but my body is.. Oh shit.” She said, smiling ear to ear. 

“Well, all seems right, then. Say, it’s way past lunch time. How about you make us some sandwich?… slave.” Said Derek, slapping hard on her rubber covered butt.

Karen twitched and moaned.

“Don’t do that, or rather, yes… do it.” she said with a horny smile. “But I need, you know…” she said, slapping her wrist cuffs together, asking to be restrained.

“I think I  have something in the garage.” he said, leaving to come back a few moments later with a few removable chain links. “I think I will have to make a trip to the hardware store.” he said, linking her ankles with two chain links and her wrists with one, then watching her struggling to reach the counter, they try to get the dishes, the bread and everything else that was needed for the sandwiches.

Bending to get to the refrigerator was, apparently, quite a rush. Well, the whole thing was, as Karen kept moaning and mumbling curse words as she moved.

She felt Derek behind her and as she was about to turn around, he put a leather harness over her head. Of course, the harness ball gag she was so eager to buy. He carefully put it on and tightened it…tighter, again per Karen’s demands. He then added the posture collar, but that didn’t seem to be okay with Karen.

“I faanp phee haat ampp ooingg.” she  mumbled through the gag.

“You can’t see what you’re doing? Well, that’s your problem, isn’t it?” he said giggling. “You… you want me to take it off?” she quickly added.

She nodded no and resumed her work, evidently enjoying it even more.

Derek enjoyed seeing her struggle, in her tight and shiny latex skin, very tight, following her skin, following the single crease forming on her firm butt when she was walking, looking at her balance from one foot to the other on her extreme heels. He liked the sight, and he was also seeing something else, things that would have to be modified.

When she sat to eat, she discovered how much the belt and the steel plugs were disturbing. Also, Derek had removed the gag, obviously, but has left the collar, forcing her head up, unable to see what she was picking up from her plate.

Then with the gag back, she had to clean the mess she had made in the kitchen while he ran to the hardware store.

When he came back, Karen was laying on her back on the bed, hands at her crotch, trying to get some pleasure. She was caught off guard, now hearing him come in.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

She quickly retracted her hands from her crotch. Derek smiled, unliked her wrists, turned her around and snapped a padlock on her cuffs.

While Karen is bound, he fetches out from his shopping bag, a few rings and attachment points, he installs around the bed and on the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. Karen lays there, watching, drooling.

He turns her on her back, linking two straps from her collar to each corner of the bed, then stretches her legs to the other corner, with more ratchet straps he tightens until she moans to stop.

With her arms stuck under herself, she had to raise her hips in an awkward position. Derek removed the chastity belt, pulling off the toys, only to insert his own personal toys.

A first experience, they both really appreciated, after which, Karen is unlinked from the stretched position, her arms kept in her back, legs tied together, then neck and feet linked to the bed for the night.

The next morning, Karen was struggling with make-up to hide the marks of the harness gag, and the hood.

“That was not a good idea, not when I have to go to work.” she said, applying even more stuff.

“Probably… but don’t tell me you hated your night.” he said.

She didn’t answer. She didn’t want to lie, and she didn’t want to admit the truth either.

They went to work, each on their sides, thinking about what to do next once home. Karen already had her ideas for as soon as she was back in the house, she changed for the full gear, including the corset she had learned to fasten by using a doorknob, and the chastity belt. With the toys, of course.

And she set herself up to prepare dinner, wrists and ankle linked by short chains.

She was standing there, by the stove, everything ready, waiting for Derek, who didn’t come in at his regular time. She was puzzled, even worried. She could call him but she had locked on the harness gag, as well as the rest of the restraints, and the keys were dropped into a steel box where he had the only key to open.

Finally, over half an hour late, he came in, carrying a medium size box that seemed really heavy.

“Hi hone… oh darn! I’m so sorry. I wanted it to be a surprise and… well, It… It can wait.” he said, kissing her over her ball gag, even though she was grunting, evidently displeased by his tardiness.

He sat and she gave him his plate, then she took place, waiting for him to remove the gag, and ate, of course, wrists cuffed.

“So, what’s in the box?” she asked once her gag was removed, taking her first bite.

“That’s the surprise. Apparently, the person who ordered the, call it, the rubber slave kit, also ordered this.” he said, tapping on the box. “Lynda received it today, since it was part of the original invoice, it’s all paid for, but it’s more stuff for the same money!” he said, smiling, and eating. “That is good. You cooked that bound-up?”

“Yes, I did… so, what’s in it?”

“A surprise, I told you.” he said, smiling.

“Uh, okay, and when do I get to see it?” she asked.

“Only once the dishes are done because, with these babies on, you won’t move much.” he said with a devilish grin.

It didn’t take more for Karen to be instantaneously turned on.

She quickly finished her meal, after which he properly gagged her back, but he seemed to take pleasure at taking his time, even asking for a second portion of dessert, where he was licking the spoon clean between each bite.

Most of the dishes were done, and she was waiting for him to finish.

Finally, he handed the plates and, still bound, she made the dishes, rather quickly, maybe not cleaning them properly, but that would be for another punishment, later.

Derek had begun to open the box and Karen quickly joined him, sticking to him, trying to peak in the box.

Teasing, he slowly opened it and removed the packing paper. She heard metal clinking together and she looked puzzled, wondering what it was, then the first item was pulled out: a wide and thick polished steel collar.

Followed a set of steel cuffs, linked together by a very short chain. Followed two more sets of cuffs. She could easily figure out where they were going: ankles, knees, wrists and elbows, which would bring her elbows together, in her back.

She began to purr like a cat, eager to try them.

“Here’s the deal: you stay in them until tomorrow morning.” he said.

She made wide eyes, and thought for an instant. She would have marks, for sure, that would show: the hood, the gag… bah. Worth it!

She extended her wrists offering them to be cuffed in steel.

He removed her leather cuffs and collar and proceeded to put the heavy steel collar on, It was a tight fit, almost difficult to close, the way she was starting to like it: she would feel its presence. She couldn’t forget its presence.

 Then came the cuffs. He turned her around and applied the first cuff over her elbow. Having her elbows drawn like that was impressive, and especially, with the weight added to her arms. Like the collar, they were a tight fit and wouldn’t move easily. The wrist, tight and slightly oval shaped which would not allow any twisting, were put on. The cuffs were also linked closed together, only one chainlink between them..

She smiled, moving her arms to the limit given by the heavy cuffs, moaning. She loved the weight. She wouldn’t forget them. He kneeled and applied the cuffs on her ankles, which had a 20cm hobble chain, and another set over her knees, the distance between them obviously calculated to be just right with her ankles, allowing her only small steps.

He took her face gently between his hands, kissed her on the ball gag and slowly slid his hands down to her breasts, squishing them softly a few times.

She moaned. She would have liked to grab his groin, but, arms bound as she was, she couldn’t. She could only lean forward, trying to get him to squish her breasts more, lifting her legs, limited by the chain. Damn, she liked the restriction. She was hoping it would work but he simply let her go, snapping a leash on her steel collar and slowly dragging her to the bedroom.

The sound of the steel restraints clacking was awesome. She liked it. She liked the weight of the cuffs on her neck, her arms and her legs. She was more than restrained. She was weighted down.

He gently had her sit on the bed, then sloawly had her lay down on her back. He slid her to the middle of the bed, linking the straps on the side rings collar to the head board,  and on her ankle cuffs, pulling them apart the maximum length of the hobble chain, about 20cm, pulling her taut.

She wiggled, but she couldn’t move much. Again, with her hips thrust upward because of her bound arms in her back, she was literally offering herself to him, and he was taking her, slowly undoing his pants, then removing the chastity belt, slowly opening the zipper in such a way that she would feel every little teeth of the zipper, to pull the vaginal plug out, slowly, teasing her as he let it go, then pulling it some more, squishing one of her breasts with his free arm while he was slowly stroking the dildo.

She strained against the restraints, but they were unyielding and the rigidity of the steel made it even more obvious than nothing would give. Leather would stretch. Not steel.

Finally, he replaced the toy plug with his own toy, gently stroking her from his erect member. Damn, she was so aroused that she could almost feel his heart beating in his cock. She was getting aroused, and she was on a highway to heaven, to an explosive orgasm, with everything added: the heavy restraints, her extreme position, the tight latex, the corset, the ball gag and her lover deep inside her.

Her body was run by strong convulsions as her eyes rolled backward when the orgasm exploded inside her body and mind. She was not there anymore. She was elsewhere, somewhere where she was floating in a pool of pure liquid joy. But it was more than joy. IOt was not something she could describe. It was a mix of a rocket launch, fireworks, a nuclear explosion and an earthquake, all at the same time.

He too was living an orgasm like he never felt before. The sight of his lover in this shiny and tight latex, the feeling of her latex encased breasts, her tiny and rigid waist, and he could almost feel her heart through the latex sheath where his manhood was getting the biggest sensory overload it had ever felt.

He gently collapsed over her latex and steel bound body after expelling all he got, panting, his head resting on Karen ‘s shoulder, feeling her panting too, her breath whistling through the ball gag.

He reached for the harness to remove her ball gag but as soon as the ball was out she shook her head.

“No, leave it on.” she said. “Put it back.”

“Really, well okay.” he answered, puzzled.

“And… the toys and the belt?… please?”

“Are you fucking serious?” he asked shocked.

“Yeah, otherwise I will be craving for more, teasing you until you fire, again and again and again.”

“Uh… O… Okay.” he said, putting the ball gag back in place, pushing it deeper by tightening even more, then he put the vaginal steel plug back in, but not before stroking it a few times, which had her moan, before locking her in the belt.

“Uh… you want to get free of the bondage straps?”

She nodded no.

“You want me to loosen them a bit.”

She seemed to think for a moment, tried to move, moaning, then nodded no.

“Alright… I… I think it’s goodnight, then.”

“Gffiiite”. She mumbled.

He smiled and took place besides her, hearing the corset, the latex catsuit creak with each breath. She was slowly twisting, evidently trying to stimulate herself with the rather dead steel dildos. Then he giggled.

“You know, I was thinking. I unload myself inside what could be interpreted as a giant body-size condom, yet I do it again and again. Are we trying to make… rubber babies?”

She giggled, which moved the heavy plugs inside her, which made her giggle more, and, well you guessed it. She never thought that laughing would keep her on the edge.

Trying to get some sleep proved troublesome for him. He wondered if she would get any sleep at all.

It was very early in the morning, so early that the sun was barely peeking out when she began to grunt loudly, trying to get his attention, however exhaustion had the better of him and he was now deep asleep.

She tried to shake the bed but she was so tightly stretched that it barely moved. Finally, he woke up and she grunted louder.

“Oh, hi hon. How was your night?”

“Outffpp. Outppff.”

“You want to get out of it?”

“Effpfff.” she answered.

She moaned as he quickly loosen the straps holding her to the bed, rolling on her side, flexing her legs, rolling on her stomach, which pushed the chastity belt. She moaned and even stroked her hips a few times.

“You’re nuts, you know that? I’ll be right back, the keys must be in the box.” he said, leaving, sleepy and stumbling his way to the kitchen.

Karen waited, relaxing, well sort of. She had been heavily restrained for quite a few hours. She was eager to move her arms, to stretch her hips. She waited. And waited what seemed to be a long time.

Struggling, she managed to sit on the bed and after multiple tries, each one stroking the dildos as she fell back on the bed, she succeeded into getting up, then hobbled her way to the kitchen where she found Derek, all lights opened, crawling on all four on the floor.

“Mffaaap aff oooffp pfooiiinnp?”

“What am I doing? Looking for the keys, hon.” he bluntly said.


He got and took off the ball gag.

“What the fuck are you talking about? They were not in the box?” she asked with a very raunchy voice.

“Well, apparently not. I mean, look…” he said, showing the box literally tore to pieces with all the wrapping neatly laying flat, evidently empty. “And thinking of it, I don’t remember seeing any keys. I mean, those cuffs were opened and locked on closure. And what happened to your voice? Is your throat hurt?” he said.

“Fuck. You have to call Lynda. She probably has them, and no, I don’t hurt, but probably spending the night with the gag didn’t helped.” she said.

“It’s four in the morning, Karen. Her shop is closed and I don’t have her private number.”

“What am I gonna do now?”

“Well… got any sick day left?”

She sighted.

“I guess I’m too sick to go to work.” she said with a devilish smile.

“Well, you sure sound sick with this voice.” he said, smiling back.

“Yeah,” she said, standing there, not moving, not doing anything else than staring at Derek.

“Aren’t you going to call in sick?” he asked.

“How?” she asked, showing her bound arms.

“Oh, geesh. Sorry. Still sleepy.” he said, picking up the phone and dialing hands-free so that Karen could guide him through the automated voicemail system.

“Hi boss, this is Karen,” she said with her raunchy voice which she had toned down, “I really don’t feel good and as you can see by the time, haven’t slept much. I’ll take the day off if you don’t mind. Thanks.”

“Okay, now what?” he asked.

“Well, you should take the day off too, you know, to help find the keys.” she said.

“Yeah, but… geesh. I have this meeting this morning… I’ll take half the day.” he said.

“Yeah, sure. It’s not like I can run away or anything.” she said, smiling.

Even though it was still quite early, he fixed some breakfast, which would have Karen’s slave duties, but with her hands in her back. But he left her to eat it as is, not helping her, so she had to eat her raspberry jam coated toasts right off the plate with her mouth, which proved messy and fun.

“I should be back right after the meeting, so around noon. You’ll be okay?” he asked.

“Well, to be okay you’ll have to put the gag back and tie me on the bed.”

“You’re not serious… oh fuck, you are…”

Once she was all setup, unable to move, and plugged with her favorite large vibrating plug, he left her then turned around as he was leaving the room.

“Oh, right. I will probably have to go by Lynda’s store to retrieve the keys, so estimate my return around 13:00.” he said with a devilish smile, but Karen was not listening to him. She was already in another world.

She heard the door opened. That was fun but she was really eager to get free now. He walked in the bedroom, kneeled by her side and removed the gag.

“Hello dear… what’s up?” she said, looking at his sad face.

“I don’t have the keys.” he said.

“Ha, ha, ha. Very funny. Now if you will…” she said, trying to turn around but she was still very much tied up to the bed.

“I’m serious. Lynda called the supplier and they said that they had found a set of keys on the ground of the workshop and wondered to whom they belonged. Now they know.”

“Oh… and now long will it take?”

“That’s the glitch. These things come from overseas. They’re shipping them overnight, but they might come in late tomorrow or in two days.

“Shit. I’m gonna need a doctor’s note. Get me the phone… well, okay, dial it for me.” she said.

“Hi doc, I really don’t feel well, I think I have a strong cold,” she said with her raunchy voice, “but my workplace is asking for a doctor’s note,” she said, adding a fake cough. “Do I really have to go to your office to get one or you can…

“With a voice like that, Karen I believe you. No need to come and contaminate my clinic. I’ll write you a note that you are bed bound. Is three days okay?”

Karen and Derek refrained from laughing, working hard to hold their giggles.

“Yes, three days… bed bound would be fine. I should manage.” she said, struggling hard not to laugh.

“Okay then. Remember, plenty of liquid and rest. Call me back if it worsens.”

“Will do, doc. Thanks.”

They both laughed after he hung up.

“Well, you know what that means?” asked Derek.

“I think so…” she said.

“You’re not getting out of that bed for 3 days.”

By late afternoon the next day, Lynda still hadn’t received the keys, however, the following day, early in the morning while Derek was gone to work, there was a hard knock at the door.

“Karen? It’s me, Lynda. I have what you’re waiting for.” she yelled through the door.

Karen, who hasn’t been tied to the bed all day and all night for obvious reasons, hobbled her way to the door and struggled to open it. Entered a very stunned Lynda wearing a bright red tight fitting spandex short dress and killer heels.

“Oh my!” she said, looking at Karen’s full setup. “But those keys will only take the cuffs out, not the belt or the gag.” she said as she noticed that the harness was not locked. “You… you really set yourself up like that on purpose” she asked.

Karen nodded a strong yes, smiling under her gag.

Lynda removed the harness ball gag and went to Karen’s back to take off the cuffs. She moaned as for the first time in almost three days, she was able to flex them, rolling her shoulders while moaning of displeasure.

“Yeah, that must hurt.” said Lynda, trying to massage her shoulders. “Geesh, that suit feels tight and smooth.” she said as her massage became more of a rubbing, going down Karen’s arms, feeling the tight latex, going back up, aiming for the breasts, then realizing what she was doing and stopping.

“Oh, my… I’m so sorry.” she said, but Karen simply moaned and took her hands to slap them on her breasts.

“I need the massage.” she simply said.

Soon, Karen was hobbling her way to the bedroom where they collapsed on the bed, kissing each other, groping each other, massaging each other’s breasts. Lynda’s dress was quickly removed, revealing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. She liked the feeling Karen’s latex hands had on her own naked breasts and skin.

“I think I’m gonna have to get myself one of these” she said, kissing Karen who simply giggled.

Using her knee against Karen’s chastity belt, she was able to stroke her enough that she orgasmed.

“I don’t believe you did that.” said Lynda.

“I don’t believe you did that either.” said Karen

“Well, I… I… I don’t know what came up to me, I’m… I’m so sorry.” she said, slowly getting off Karen, but she was quick to pinch Lynda’s breasts and stick her latex fingers up Lynda’s vagina.

“Oh, you horny little brat.” said Lynda, wide eyed. “I have to go back to my store, but I now understand why Derek should keep you locked up.” she said, running to the kitchen, grabbing the steel cuffs and quickly jumping on Karen, tying her wrists in front of her then lifting them over her head, linking them to the very visible steel ring fixed to the head of the bed.

“No, you can’t do that.” said Karen, smiling. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Wanna bet?” she said, fetching the harness gag and putting it back on, then putting her tight dress back on, wiggling her fingers and leaving.

“See ya!”

Karen had mixed feelings. She wanted to get out of those cuffs. Then again, this was so good.

At the end of the day, she heard the door open.

“Hi honey. I’ve heard that Lynda brought the keys.” he said, expecting Karen to come forward, out of the cuffs and out of the latex suit. “Honey? Are you home… What’s this?” he said, taking a note from the table as eyes widened. “You gotta be kidding me!” he said, walking to the bedroom then leaning against the doorframe, smiling, looking at Karen, her legs still cuffed and her wrists linked to the headboard. “Unbelievable.”

A few  hours later, they were sitting in the living room, watching some TV while eating food they had delivered, Karen in a simple bathrobe, her skin pink from the ordeal, cuffs marks still visible.

“So, back to work tomorrow?” he asked.

“Nope. The doc gave me 3 days. Better take them all, or it will become suspicious.”

“Of course. Well, it’s getting late, and I DO work tomorrow. Going to bed.” he said, getting up, walking to her and kissing her. “G’night.”

“Good night, dear.” she answered back.

Some moments later, she joined him but he was already deep asleep. Karen,  however, kept turning and turning. In the morning, he woke up to the sound of his alarm clock, turned toward Karen and startled.

“What the hell?” he asked, looking at the love of his life, ankles and knees wrapped in layers of rope, wrists in police cuffs, linked with a short chain to her leather collar, mouth gagged, smiling.

“Mffhiiifp.” she said.

Yeah. She couldn’t sleep if not gagged or tied up. Apparently.

Things went on. They bought more restraints, toys, different gags, including a muzzle locking gag with a deep throat feeding tube.

On that Friday evening, she was all set up, body fully enclosed into her beloved neck entry latex catsuit, ballet boots, corset, muzzle gag, chastity belt with the newly acquired remote controlled plugs and was getting fixed into the steel cuffs.

He left her in the bedroom as he went to grab something in the living room. When he came back to the bedroom, Karen wasn’ there.

“Honey? I thought I’d put the keys on the dresser but I don’t see them. Have you seen them? You know they are one of a kind and if we lose this set, it’s a one to two weeks delay minimum to have new ones, right?”

He heard the toiled to the attached bathroom flush. Again.

“Honey, what are you do… oh shit! You didn’t” he said as he saw, as the third flush was run, the set of keys disappeared.

“Fuck, Karen!” he began to say but she showed him a piece of paper.

“You booked 3 weeks of vacation? You know I can’t book that much on such short notice. I might be able to have the same as your third week but not the other two. You’ll be stuck, at home, alone all this time, you know that?”

Her answer: she shuddered.

“Well, pretty much the only use you have, all bound up like that is… becoming part of the decor.”

A few moments later, he was watching his favorite game on TV with Karen, installed on a table to the side of it, which he had screwed on the floor for safety, only able to stand there.

“You know?” he began. “I can get used to this.”

“She moaned as he pressed a button of the remote control, firing the dildo and the plug, but standing on the rather high table as she was, she had to stand still.

Damn! She loved it!

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May 1st, 2021

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