Karen – Hanging on


She pulled downward on her arm, feeling the cold and rigid steel cuff bite into her latex covered wrist, but nothing moved. Her arms were  held over her head, separated by a steel rod, suspended from the ceiling, keeping them apart at about shoulder width, to be comfortable.

She moaned. That’s all she could do. Pronouncing anything was out of the question, her mouth filled with a large gag, filling it and keeping it wide opened, with a tube going down to her stomach. Her only way of breathing was through her nose where more tubes were running to the back of her throat.

Her eyes were kept shut by pads under the thick and tight rubber hood which also had no eye holes. She wouldn’t see a glimpse of light, totally throwing off her chance to have an idea of how long she had been this way.

Her ears were filled with pink noise sent from ear plugs inserted deep inside them, then covered with a soft rubber pad, all held in place by the thick hood. She would hear nothing else than the soft, regular pink noise.

Her breathing was controlled by a heavy gasmask, the lenses darkened as if it was necessary. Right now, a small pump was helping push fresh air, to help with her constricted waist, but it had other… functions.

She felt a bead of sweat run down her spine, under the tight and thick neck entry catsuit, so tight and so thick that she needed the help of two persons to put it on, but it was so comfy, so nice, so tight, so rubbery, covering her from neck to toes in its unyielding embrace.

She tried to twist her neck, to move her shoulder blades to help the sweat run down, but she couldn’t move her head much, held erect and immobile by a wide steel posture collar.

Her rubber enclosed ample breasts were getting squeezed by the steel cups of a chastity bra tightly wrapped against her chest. Flexible steel hoses were running from those steel cups down to a large box located at her feet. They were hidden inside the steel framework of the chastity bra, exiting at the back. Like with the gasmask, no tubes or wires were showing from the front.

She tried to take a deep breath but the rigid leather corset circling her waist and compressing it to an incredible small size, limited her only to a shallow breath. But, oh,  she liked the feeling of the corset. She loved it. She was not wearing extremely tight jeans in her everyday life for nothing.

She tried to wiggle her butt, to stimulate the toys deep inside her, but she was so stretched out in her bondage position that it didn’t do  much. The steel chastity belt, locked over her corset, was holding them firmly in place. The toys were also controlled through wires running inside the belt, going out at the back, totally hidden from view.

Her legs were going down straight, ending on high heel boots, feet stretched apart to a comfortable position, ankles wrapped into rigid steel cuffs, linked by a rigid steel bar, anchored to the floor by the middle. She couldn’t raise any foot without pushing the other down. And since she was stretched out, part of her body weight was being pulled by her wrist.

Even though her knees were also steel cuffed and linked with a steel bar, rendering her legs quite rigid, she could stand there for hours.

And that’s what she was doing. Standing there, or rather hanging there, for twenty-four hours. That was her bet.

The outcome? A hefty sum of money to Lynda and one month as her personal slave. She was not about to do that. Oh, being a slave was not a problem, but the money…

The catch was that she had to decide when the twenty-four hours was over. That’s why she was totally cut out from the external world, why she had no time reference, would hear no sound, smell nothing. Her body was to tell her when to quit.

She just hoped she was beyond twenty-four hours. She was feeling ready to give up. She stretched her hand, feeling the button with the back of it. A sharp slap from the back of her hand and the “I quit” lamp would lit.

She was about to hit it when it began. Slowly. The suction on her breasts. Then the gentle push, then more succion and a stronger push on her left breast while her right one was getting sucked again.

Her hands moved away from the button as the toys began to gently vibrate. In her butt first, then in her vagina, pulsating, vibrating, even moving.

“Bah… after this one.” she thought as the vibrations increased, the suction and pressure on her breasts also increased and she had a blast when the air intake of her gasmask was blocked.

She  moaned louder, in her mind anyway, as her body was run by strong convulsions, creating another powerful orgasm. She felt that if she was not that secured, she would fly off. Her brain was filled with fireworks as her crotch exploded.

She let herself drop on the leather sofa, holding a large popcorn bowl.

“Ready?” she said to the woman besides her. “Let’s start that movie.” she said, taking a handful of popcorn, some of it falling down on her red latex covered body.

“You can share, Lynda, you know?” said the red and blond head in a tight latex dress sitting besides her.

“I asked you, Valerie, you said no.”

“Well, I changed my…. Oh, look at Karen.” she said, looking at the tightly squeezed woman, held in a steel frame, gently twisting, straining against the rigid restraints, like fighting them. “She seems to be having a ball… again.” she said.

“Well, that’s her choice.” said Lynda, licking some popcorn butter off her latex gloved fingers.

“So? How long has she been in there? Did she won your stupid bet?” asked Valerie.

“Well…” said Lynda, looking at the clock, “something around 38 hours.” she said, taking one popcorn, throwing it in her mouth and licking her latex covered finger some more.

“But… wasn’t the bet for 24 hours? What are you waiting for to get her out?”

“Ha! Nice try, but no. SHE has to figure out, or rather estimate when the 24 hours have been achieved. Not me. If I get her out without being a medical emergency, I have to do it for 12 hours. But I’m not Karen. I do like my latex,” she said, rubbing her latex thigh from her greasy hand, “but to spend 12 hours held rigid like that, teased and tormented non stop? Nope. Not for me. I mean, SHE designed the damn rig she’s on and its devices!”

“So, you lose. It means that…”

“I will be her slave for the month. I don’t really mind, as long as I’m in latex.”

“But the money? That’s a rather large amount. What will you do?”

“Don’t worry.” she said with a devilish smile. “Karen is always up for a challenge. It all started for ten bucks and it grew to what it is now, but nobody ever paid it, as a new challenge was added and the bet money increased. And I have it already planned.” she said, placing the bowl in front of her friend.

“You’re the perfect little red devil.” said Valerie, sinking her own latex gloved hand into the greasy butter flavored popcorn.

She was fighting in her bonds like she wanted to get out. To anybody not used to see her like that, they would run and free her, only to get slapped in the face for getting her out of a powerful orgasm.

She twisted her hips, twisted her hips, slightly moving the toys around, changing the pressure, the vibration, the small electro-shocks from one place to the other. Her breath was cut again, sending her panicking, throwing her hips forward, slamming against the steel chastity belt, feeling the cuffs at her knees forbidding her to open her legs, or to close them for that matter.

The fireworks which started in her head were now running through her whole body, exploding everywhere. Damn! She could almost feel the orgasm running through her fingernails. So powerful, so wonderful, so… addictive.

After more struggling, her body overflowing with pleasure hormones, the orgasm subsided. She was panting heavily, limited by the corset. Damn, she loved that struggle to chase after her breath, her rigidity of her setup, the fact that she couldn’t move her feet, her arms, her legs, her head. Total immobility, while getting screwed… Awesome!!

Now, after yet another powerful orgasm, she felt relaxed and was ready to doze off. She wouldn’t mind. She slept in this position before. It wasn’t the first time.

“Well, Karen. You’ve had your share. Pretty sure it’s over 24 hours, now.” she said to herself, moving her wrist, as a last jolt of hormones ran through her body, sending a shiver from her toes to her head. “It’s time to let go and face the consequences.”

Under the gasmask, the heavy hood, the large gag, she managed to smile.

“Nahhh… wait… just this last one… again.”

© monsterp63

May 4, 2021

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    1. There is “white noise” where all the frequencies of the spectrum are of equal power, and there in “pink noise” where the octaves are of equal power. Pink noise is “softer” because less powerful in the high frequency, more similar to a waterfall from a distance, hence more relaxing to hear… on the long term. A “psheeeeeeeee” versus a “pshuuuuuuuuuu” sound. I worked with sounds a while back ago…

      More explanation can be found here. (the first suggestion when I googled “pink noise vs white noise”)

      Oh, duplicated paragraph fixed. Thanks for noticing me.

  1. BTW:
    In all your stories with embedded images, you seem to limit the display size of these images to quite small dimensions (for example: sizes=”(max-width: 256px) 100vw, 256px” width=”256″ height=”205″).

    Personally, I’d like it much more of the images would use the full width of the column (not the entire page).
    One gets that manually for example, if one manually deletes the html snippet I pasted above… looks better, imo. But tastes to differ…

    1. All the images are (supposed to be) “clickable”. If you click on them, the full size image, (usually 1600 X 1280) should open.

      1. Oh yes, I know.
        But it’s also nice to see more detail without having to navigate to the full image…
        As I said, tastes do differ – this is just my personal opinion…

        1. I used to go with “full size images” at first, but my webmaster suggested I change to thumbnails because she felt it was breaking the flow of the reading, that the reader had to stop, scroll below the image and then continue.
          She is also a Dominatrix, so…

          Nah, I mean, yes, she’s a Dom, but I changed to thumbnails because I felt she had a good point. She also studied Web design, so…

          1. submitting AGAIN – hope this is not creating a dup – had issues initially with captcha

            Hmm… I do like to challenge design paradigms…
            What’s more disruptive (breaking the flow)?
            -> Having to move the mouse wheel one more increment?
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            Applies also to smaller mobile displays which would be in portrait mode compared to standard desktop displays that are in landscape mode.

            Sry… I do like to argue the details of this kind of things… not trying to be obnoxious…

          2. Yeah, the captcha thingy is creating problems. The thing is, I don’t know where it comes from… I’ve disabled the “spam filtering” for the comments and the captcha still gets in the way. Still searching…

            I’ve resized the thumbnails at “50%” Going bigger creates a narrow column of text with about 1 word per line, so, I’m not going bigger.
            But it’s all a question of taste. Nobody else complained or commented about it before.


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