Celty Quinn


Just a “random” image to test new freebies props I got from SaintsGringo on DA, namely Harley Quinn boots and Celty’s helmet.

When I told Karen what I just got, she jumped into her shiniest and tightest catsuit, added a corset and was ready to go. Of course, some other members of the gang wanted to be in the shoot too. Even one so excited that she had to be calm down…

Also testing my skills with complex HDRI’s lightings

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2 thoughts on “Celty Quinn

  1. You’ve written stories with ‘feitsh ski boots’ before,even drew once.At that time, I’ve already been thinking about Harley Quinn’s boots.They are the closest answer you can find

    1. Thanks.
      I don’t see the link between fetish ski boots and Harley Quinn’s boots but, don’t worry. There’s a lot of things I don’t get.

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