Writer’s Block


Or White Page Syndrome, or no fucking kinky idea.

You can call it what you like, the fact remains: The inspirational zone of my brain is totally blank.

That’s why you only get a few images here and there and no story. And this is one of the reasons I don’t go “Patreon” or something similar. I would then have to ‘work’ to produce something because someone is paying for weekly/monthly updates. Although… all contributions are welcome. Alas…

Thanks for waiting.

Oh, that should be a blessing for the one(s) who rate my posts “3”. You won’t have to torture yourself reading them for a while…

Edit: on the contrary: the one(s) who are rating 3 on my posts, would probably rate this one 5, since they won’t torture themselves reading anything.


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5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Don’t worry about it!

    Take your time and come to with something really kinky and leaves us (Karen) all tied up and covered in latex

  2. No worries – you cannot force creativity or art, imho.
    Take your time and let your creative kink recharge at its own time.
    It’ll come back when it’ll come back… and I’ve no doubt that it’ll come back to you…

    And it’ll give me some time to catch up reading all of your recent stories – you could say I’ve got a bit of a mental consumers block, at the moment… 😉

  3. Hello Pierre,

    I came over to your page and I did not regret it. I was really hooked especially by your stories featuring helmets, leathers, neoprene and total encasement and I would like to congrat you on your creativity.

    If I can recommend something to you: You could go on with one or another of your stories without imagining a new setting, i.e. Karen – summer ride – Karen still has go get her keys back from Lynda and get back home or why not writing a story about a second cave exploration with Karen & Phil.

    Thank you very much for your dedication and I hope you get over the white page syndrom soon.

    kind regards

    1. Thank you very much, Nicole. Your comment warms my heart and spirit. Thanks.

      Those are nice ideas I should look at.
      But Writer’s Block is more than not having a scenario, it’s having ideas of what’s happening. I sometimes (okay, often) feels that I’m just writing the same things over and over again. (Oh, how about this? Oh, wrote that already… That! Oh, wrote that too…).

      It’s not my first, nor my last. It will come back, in time.

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