Well… Something is coming up


It’s a weird feeling. I have the story slowly forming in my head, I make art for it, but when I try to put it into words, it jams up… It’s like I’m story-telling impaired. It’s a theory of mine but I’m under seasonal allergy medications and I often still feel my head stuffed, as if the allergy symptoms were seeping through. Still a lot of pollen in the air over here. I just have to look at my car to confirm it.

So, said story in my head isn’t finished yet, still have to come up with a proper ending, but in the meantime, enjoy this mosaic of art. You will probably be able to make up a story for yourself, although I figure that between 5 and 10 more art pieces will have to be created (they kind of help with the process – been stuck with “how do I end this shit” for the past four days).

This story should please the tight jeans fetishists, the high heels fetishists, latex, leather, multi-layers total enclosure, corset, pointed boots, chastity belt, intubating, steel restraints, helmets and even… drone fetishists…

Yes, the art is purposely small. Full res with the story.

Silly observation: Who else than Karen would break into a house wearing a tight leather jacket, tight leather jeans and high heels thinking she wouldn’t get heard?

I was tempted to write “Karen is in trouble again” but, I thought to myself: please, define ‘Karen is in trouble’…

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2 thoughts on “Well… Something is coming up

  1. The visual story looks very promising, thanks in advance. And regarding Karen’s thinking, it’s completely plausible, criminals always do at least one mistake 🙂

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