28 Years??


“Hello Citizen Karen. Glad you’re back with us.”

“What happened? Who… Who are you?”

“I’m Alicia, of course.”

“Alicia? What’s with the silly costume? And why am I chained to the bed?”

“We were unsure how you would react when we received news that your computer had finally rebooted, especially since… 28 years is a long time.”

“Uh, okay…. wait! Twenty-Eight years? Are you fucking kidding me?”

“N… Oh, Hi, Chief… I was… just…”

Is this a sequel to Forensic?

If yes, is Karen really jumped in time 28 years?

Am I leading you on a wild (Canada) goose Chase?

You’ll know, but not now…

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2 thoughts on “28 Years??

  1. Oh what a unecpected twist.
    I am really interested what would be happen in the next part.


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