Karen – Singing In The Rain


It started with fog then changed to a mist, gracefully falling, covering the polished and oily membrane, each microscopic droplet merging with a few others before sliding off of it.

The single LED safety patio light was adding an eerie cold glow to the scene.

She could see herself, through the reflection in the patio door window, and witness the rain dancing on her latex catsuit, although the mist, accumulating on the lenses covering her eyes, quickly blurred her vision.

The night was long from over. It was a very hot and humid night where they forecast rain. She wanted to try it. She wanted to do it: spending the whole night, sealed in rubber, tied up on the patio, under the hot rain.

That mist, although rather hot for rain, was welcomed. She was steaming in her suit, her sweat having no place to run off.

Spread on the rack, all she could do was suffer, or rather enjoy, her situation.

The mist changed to rain as the droplets became bigger. Yeah, hot rain. That’s how hot the weather was. She could feel them hit her latex skin but not her real skin. That was a strange feeling. She knew it was water that was hitting her, but she couldn’t FEEL it was water.

Only her lips, protruding around the large ball gag, could feel the rain, even seeping into her mouth as she breathed.

She squirmed, which made a few more droplets merge together and run down her legs, her inner thigh, creating a tingling sensation, which made her squirm more, which… you get the picture.

That was so awesome. The only thing missing was… Oh, there it is. Her double dildos fired, as if on command. Well, it was somewhat. Her boyfriend had built some electronic sensor which would detect the rain and fire the dildos accordingly. Of course, not as simple as that. It had to tease her, or course. No reward without frustrations

She tried to breathe harder, but she was limited by her crushing rubber corset to a small breath, and breathing faster only increased the effects of the dildos and the water sliding off her oily suit.

At her feet was a little plastic bucket mounted on a hinge, off-centered. That little bucket has been filled with rain since the beginning. When it would reach a certain level, it would tip, empty its content, then fall back in position to be refilled again, and again.

Each time it would tip, it would trigger a sensor which would send signals to an embedded tens unit within Karen’s suit, with pads on each side of her crotch, on each buttucks and on each breast.

Right now, her nipples were quite sensitive. They were erected, compressed under the tight rubber, and every drop of rain falling on them would pinch a little. However, rain being rain, no two drops are exactly alike and not two drops will fall exactly at the same spot, at the same speed, at the same angle.

That was pure torture. Pleasurable torture, that is, feeling the ain hit her body everywhere, pinching her sensitive nipples, teasing her, arousing her… Oh! The bucket tipped!

It sent one quick pulse in sequence: crotch, butt, breasts. Three times. Then stopped. But that was enough to have Karen struggle against her restraints. That was painful, yet enjoyable.

What was frustrating was that at the same time the pulses were sent, the dildos stopped.


She was alone with the rain, feeling it slide on her lubed rubber body, creating a different path each time. Although the rain was warm, it was still sucking heat from her hot body as it glided along, like running ice, just not as cold.

The rain was steady and it wasn’t long before the bucket tipped again, sending more pulses, and re-starting the dildos.

The rain became harder, pouring torrents. She could feel it, and the bucket was now tipping every minute or so, each time sending a different pattern of zapping.

Karen was moaning, louder and louder, the pitch of her moans changing according to the teasing, to the level of the orgasm to follow, to how close to the edge she was.

And she was edging often, the fucking system shutting down as the last, worst moment.

From a distance, it was as though someone was singing in the rain, a long whale or siren-like song, with its ups and downs, grunts and screams.

As the first of many orgasms engulfed her, as the heavy rain was forecast for many hours to come, she exploded, screaming, like her primal scream, muffled by the gag and changed by the rain. It echoed in the distance.

Some distance away, a couple watching TV. The woman raised an ear.

“What the hell was this sound?” she asked.

“Dunno… Probably some animal howling in the rain.”

© Monsterp63

July 10th, 2021

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6 thoughts on “Karen – Singing In The Rain

  1. Perhaps a short one, but still inspiring. Any chance you would create a visual art for it?

    1. I’d love to!
      I already picture the image, lit by the porch light, with rain falling and drops of water running down her shiny and tight latex catsuit, creating small rivers of water, running down her corset, inside her thighs, dripping from her erected nipples, accumulating under her ballgag, dripping along her stretched arms, into her rubber coated armpits, running down over her face, blurring the lenses of her hood.
      Yeah. Sexy as hell!

      However, all I have is a “rain wall”, a rain curtain you put between the model and the camera.
      So, SHE is not wet.
      You could get a prop, right?
      As far as I can tell, no. All the props are either of rain and puddles, or for water droplets, directly associated on the skin of the model, which means that it’s not applicable on clothes (fabric).
      In all the promo I saw, the skin is wet, but the clothes are surprisingly dry (probably the same stuff they use in movies where the actor walks out of water and his tuxedo is dry… James Bond comes to mind.)

      Photoshop? In your dreams (and mine…). Don’t have the skills… nor the software.

      AND, even if there was a shader that would do that, spending $30+ on something I would use probably just once, is a no-go.

      People don’t want to pay for this stuff, so be it.

      1. Oh my, your imagination is even more vivid than mine 🙂 That’s something I would be willing to pay for, I am sure 🙂

  2. Wonderful as always. Probably is my lack of english skills, but maybe there is a typo in the title (singing)

    1. Thank!
      Yep. Actually, a mix between a typo and a grammatical error. I always have a f*cking hard time figuring out how to write this. Thanks to the wonderful words-look-alike of the English language.


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