Thoughts for Germany, and More.


Germany has, apparently, my largest fan base. For that I’m very grateful.

Recently, I’ve seen in the news that many parts of Germany are flooded right now, with all that it implies: destruction of goods and properties, and more important, injuries and loss of lives.

That is a hard reminder that Nature doesn’t care about your beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, wealth, social ranking, race or whatever. Mother Nature is the ultimate Dom…

And that we’re pissing her every day with the way we treat her.

Well, I can’t do much from North-America to help you apart from sending “good vibes” (for whatever it’s worth.)

It goes, without saying, that these thoughts are also addressed to the other regions / countries affected by this hiccup (revenge? Punishment?) of Mother Nature. One thing to keep in mind: Nature will prevail. Nature will find its equilibrium. However, Mother Nature doesn’t give a shit about you and me.

Stay safe, my friends, you and your families, and I hope for the best.


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2 thoughts on “Thoughts for Germany, and More.

  1. Hi,
    Is this statistic counting the visits, or are you counting the accounts on this site?
    I just mad an account, and I hope you continue with your stories, I love the way you think.
    Thank you

    1. Hi John.
      It’s the number of “all users” who visited the site since January 1. So, if you visited the site 25 times, the count would be 25.
      As of “right now”, that number is 13831, 3495 for Germany. (yeah, weird, it changes every day…)

      I currently have a whoopy 18 subscribers… (people who made an account).

      It may come as a shock, but I’m not “that” successful of a writer. (which kinds of fuel my writer’s block)

      Thanks for “joining”.

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