Karen – Model


She was sitting outside this small bistro, downtown, still in her workout clothes: small top, shiny leggings and sneakers, taking a coffee with her good friend Lynda, who was dressed summerly with a light dress.

They were giving quick sideways looks to a man, a handsome looking man, sitting a few tables farther, who was constantly staring at them, or rather at Karen.

“Think you’re okay? Want me to walk with you?” asked Lynda.

“Nah, I’m okay. I mean, I’m fit and I did take two self-defense courses, so, no need. Plus, you’ll miss your bus if you walk with me. I’ll text you.” said Karen with a smile, getting up and hugging her friend, who walked away, but kept looking backward, worried.

Karen bent to pick up her gym bag, tugged the waistband of her extra-tight shiny leggings and walked out.

The stranger got up just behind her.

“Excuse me, miss.” he said

Karen stopped, clenching her fist, slightly extending the arm holding the gym bag, ready to swing it into the stranger’s face. She looked around. Well, they were in a wide open public place, a dozen or so people were sitting at various benches and tables, if something had to happen, she would have a lot of witnesses.

She turned around, trying to smile, but she couldn’t hide her worries, still clenching her fists.

“Yes? How can I help you?” she asked.

“I’m sorry to bother you and be so bold,” he said, “but, ever thought about modelling?”

That stunned Karen.

“I… Wuh…. Euh…. I… No…” she managed to say. “Wuh… Why?”

“Well, I’m a photographer, well, a special kind of photographer, and you seem to, well, fit the profile. I’m always in need of new faces, so if you’re interested, just give me a call.” he said, handing his business card. “My website is on it. Go have a look and if you’re interested, just write me on the e-mail address written on the card. If not, well, I hope there’s no hard feelings.” he said, making a slight bow. “Have a nice day.” he said, walking away in the opposite direction, leaving a stunned Karen, holding the business card in her hand. She looked at it.

“Derek’s Photography… Well, nothing to lose. After all, he’s sexy.” she said to herself with a smirk.

As she walked to catch her bus, she took her phone and typed in the website address, then stopped walking, mouth agape.

“Yeah… a special kind of photographer. I get that.” she said as she looked at pictures of women in latex, some in small apparels, others fully covered, waist crushed by corsets, and even some pictures where the models were wearing different cuffs, from steel to leather and even rope, and were tied up in different fashions.

“I… don’t think so.” she mumbled to herself as she hopped on the bus and took a seat, putting her phone away, which rang for a text message. It was Lynda.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. He gave me his card. He’s a photographer looking for models.”

“Really? Be careful.”

“Yeah, not a chance. Look at his website.” she wrote, sending the link.

“Shit! I hope you said no.”

“I didn’t answer.”

“Yeah, let him simmer. It’s my stop. Catch ya tomorrow.”

Karen couldn’t repress clicking on the link again, looking at a few images, before shutting it down.

“That’s silly.” she thought. “Why do people wear these things in the first place? And bondage? These are freaks.” she said, rubbing unconsciously her hand on her shiny, sleek, and tightly wrapped legs. She liked the feeling of this shiny PVC on her skin, how smooth it was, the sound, the… she stopped it and raised her hands as if, suddenly, her leggings had turned into hot coal. 

She looked at her hand, at her shiny thighs, at her wedge high heel sneakers she was wearing for workouts, then thought back to those pictures, but as if her brain had switched mode.

“Well… maybe…” she mumbled as the bus stopped and she hopped down, feeling her tight PVC leggings from another perspective. She was also noticing the people looking at her: were they looking at her fit figure or at her shiny outfit?

Once home, her brain was puzzled. Could she be? Nah… It’s just a coincidence. She thought as she took her shower, then put on… tight… shiny… faux leather jeans.

“Fuck, no. That’s not what it looks like.” she said as she looked at her shiny legs and upper body, enclosed into a tight fitting leotard, her feet standing on spiky high heels. “That’s not the same, this is fashion.” she said, pointing to herself. “And I’m going to prove it!”.

She changed to regular jeans, loose fitting and a simple T-shirt, flat shoes and went on about her day, working in an office tower.

On a regular basis, she would take a break from staring at her computer screen, and rub her thighs, feeling the thick and loose denim, unconsciously trying to pull it tight, to remove the wrinkles, to make it smooth, until, at one point, she realized what she was doing and stopped dead. She got up to get some coffee and noticed after a few steps that she was walking on her toes, like in heels.

“No. That’s not… No way.” she said, trying to convince herself, but after spending the day tugging on her jeans, her shirt and walking on her toes, she had to admit, although barely, that she preferred very tight clothes and high heels. “But that’s not latex, and corset and bondage.” she said.

“Say what?” asked a coworker passing by “What is it about bondage?”

“What? Bondage? I didn’t say bondage, I said bandages. I’m out of bandages and I need to buy a box on my way back.” said Karen.

“Oh!” she answered. “So, latex and corsets I heard were for…”

Karen blushed, mouth agape. The coworker got closer, lowering her voice.

“There’s nothing wrong with trying this kinky stuff. I did, and I love it. John makes wonder at tying me up.” she said with a wink, walking away, whistling the song playing on the radio.

Karen was stunned. Amy was looking nothing like a freak: pencil skirt, moderate heels, nice dress shirt. Come to think of it, at the last company picnic, she was in extremely tight jeans and she remembered being amazed at her really small waist and was finding something odd to the way she was moving.

As soon as she was home, she was back in tight leather jeans, tight leotard and high heels, browsing the photographer’s website. Her reaction has changed from disgust to interest.

She wrote an email. Within 10 minutes, a meeting has been set for the next day, afterwork.

She didn’t tell Lynda, only that she wrote that she wasn’t interested, which was, of course, a lie. After work, she rode the bus to his studio, which happened to be not that far from her workplace.

She rang the doorbell and a red-haired woman wearing a candy pink latex catsuit, a crushing corset closed by a strange steel belt with a crotch strap, and leather cuffs everywhere, walking on ballet boots opened the door.

“Hi!” she said, all joyous. “You must be Karen, right?”

“Err… Y… Yes.” said Karen, stunned by the sight and the fact that the woman didn’t mind being seen like that.

“Awesome. Come on in.” she said, leading her to the far end of the rather large studio with a few setup rooms, where the room was lit with harsh lights. All the way, the ‘hardware’ she was wearing, padlocks and stuff, were making clicking sounds.

 “I’m Sandra. I’m also a model, but sometimes, I just help Derek… HEY! DEREK! KAREN IS HERE” she shouted.

“Oh, wonderful. How are you, Karen.?” he said, approaching her and hugging her. Not too nervous?”

“Actually, a lot.” she giggled back.

“Don’t be. Everything with Derek is easy.” said Sandra.

She looked back at him. He was as handsome as when she first met him.

“Say, Sandra. I’m running a little behind here, would you care to help Karen into her catsuit? The black one.” said Derek.

“Sure, darling.” she said then turning to Karen, gesturing to her to follow “So, what will it be, front, back zipper or no zipper at all.?”

“I… I don’t know.” said Karen, taken by surprise. “Never wore latex before.”

“Oh, really? Hey, DEREK. She’s a VIRGIN, you knew that?”

“Really?” he yelled back.

“I’m not a… virgin… No, forget it.” she said, turning around.

“Hey, hold on. I’m not talking about your sex life. I don’t care if you’re sexually a virgin or not. Here, being called a virgin means that you have never worn latex before.”

Derek quickly arrived.

“Hey, relax, Karen. I was sure you knew all about latex, I mean, you were wearing tight PVC leggings to workout, so I thought… My mistake. It’s just that, for the first time, we usually don’t stuff people inside a catsuit. We go slowly. I will have to change my setup, then.” he said, evidently disappointed.

“I… Well… okay for the catsuit.” said Karen.

“You’re sure?” asked Sandra and Derek at the same time.

“Yeah, I mean… what is so extreme about it?” she said with a nervous laugh.

“Okay then,” said Derek. “It might be a struggle but I strongly suggest the neck entry catsuit. Much more enjoyable once in it.”

“Neck entry?” asked Karen, puzzled.

“Come, I’ll show you.” said Sandra, leading Karen in what would be a bedroom but is filled with racks and racks of latex clothes, footwear and a whole section apparently dedicated to medieval torture devices: harness, whips, restraints, collars, leather, steel, rope, even some items made out of wood were there in the corner.

Sandra quickly scanned Karen up and down and went to a rack.

“This one should fit you perfectly. Might be a little tight but it’s latex, and actually, the tighter the better. Okay, strip naked.” she casually said as she fetched a bottle of lubricant, handing it to Karen. “Now, apply a good coating all over your body.”

Karen wasn’t sure. Getting naked in front of strangers she met for the first time was not natural. She peeled off her tight jeans and leotard, her underwear and, shaking, applied the cold and gooey liquid.

“What is that stuff, exactly?” she asked.

“Silicon oil. You have to be careful with latex. Anything petroleum based will ruin it. Yeah, that’s good, now these suits, you put them on through the neck opening. Yes, it does stretch enough. Now sit and extend your legs, please.” said Sandra, joyfully, evidently happy to help a newbie get into her first catsuit, kneeling by Karen’s feet, apparently unimpaired by her extreme boots.

The first leg was fit in. Sandra pulled the latex legs over Karen’s foot, then leg, until it was totally in place, including her toes into the little pockets of the attached toe socks. Then, stretching the neck, the other leg was put in and the same process repeated.

Karen had mixed feelings. That latex thing was weird, cold at first, and with the gooey silicone layer, made for strange sensations. The suit was pulled up and she was asked to stand up. As it went up, wrapping her leg, she liked the squishing feeling that came with it, different from her usual leggings. It was smoother.

Sandra pulled the neck of the suit over Karen’s tiny waist, pulling the rest of the suit along, smoothing it, getting as much as possible as high as possible, then it reached just below her breasts. She had a hard time doing it, herself wearing full lubed latex, her fingers often slipping over Karen’s suit, but it didn’t seem to bother her.

“Okay, this is where we test your flexibility.” said Sandra, pulling on the neck, already as wide as her torso, even larger.” Put your arm in and reach for the sleeve… Yes, that’s it.” she said as she let go of the neck and helped the latex run up Karen’s arm, feeding her hand and fingers into the attached gloves.

“One more struggle and you’ll see how good it is in this.” said Sandra as she stretched the collar one more time. Karen fed her arm in and as it went in, the whole suit rode up, covering her shoulders, squishing her ample breasts, coating her tiny waist, pulling at her crotch.

“Now, wiggle in it. Move, bend up down, raise your legs, that’s it. The lube will make it take its place. Once fully settled, you barely notice it’s there.

“Oh… then if I barely notice it is there, what’s the goal?” asked Karen.

Sandra smiled. “In time, you’ll see.” she said. “Okay, for now, I think Derek wants you as is. Heels, corset and stuff will be for later. Hood or you want everybody to recognize you on the first shoot”

“Err… hood?” said Karen, nervous.

“This one… wait. DEREK! WHICH HOOD FOR KAREN?” she shouted at the point Karen wanted to plug her ears.


Sandra picked the latex hood from a mannequin head and put it over Karen’s head, tucking her hair inside, and tucking the large yoke under the suit, over her shoulders, and lacing it up tightly at the back. She heard a little click.

“That’s just an accessory. Anyhoo, the tighter the better, believe me.” she said to her ear. “Okay, all set. Come with me.” she said, leading the way.

Karen felt weird. Walking on slippery latex feet was something new to her, as well as having her head encased in this tight rubber, which made all the noise and voice sounds weird, like echoing. She was still amazed at how Sandra seemed to be totally oblivious to the fact that she was walking on her toes in her extreme boots, her waist crushed by the long leather corset. Amazing.

She entered the studio where a background fabric had been rolled down in front of large LED spots. There was a single chair.

“I know it’s your first time for everything, Karen, so don’t worry if I don’t take a lot of pictures. Sandra will coach you a little. We’ll work together, okay? Perfect. Now…” he said, giving her instruction, how to move, where to stand, the position with Sandra taking a similar post to show her what he meant.

Even tho they were LED lights, they were emanating some head, either that or she was getting real hot just by moving around. She soon felt sweat running down her body, starting on her head, some of it exiting through the eye holes or the nose holes, dripping on her suit. At one point, Derek seemed to be taking pictures of those very sweaty drips. Other times, the focus was on her boobs, on her buttocks, on her latex encased toes.

“Sandra? Can you fetch the number 5 boots and, hum… the red corset? Thanks sweety.”

Sandra was back within a few moments with the items. First, she put Karen’s feet inside the long, thigh high red leather boots as Derek was taking pictures, slowly lacing them up, taking more pictures of her standing up, again, with the chair as the accessory. Then it was the corset. Sandra began to lace, getting it tighter. Karen put her hand on her shrinking waist. She had worn tight jeans but this was totally different.

“Oh my gawd.” said Karen, gently rubbing the leather garment.

“Awesome feeling, right?” said Sandra with a sultry tone in Karen’s ears.

She didn’t answer, juggling between feel right and feel wrong. Another yank and her breath was shortened again. Sandra put her knees in Karen’s back to have more leverage as it became more and more difficult to pull it closed when her phone made the sound of a whip being snapped.

“Oh shit! My reminder! I forgot! I have an appointment with my eye doctor. Shit, and I’m still in latex, no time to shower and… Oh well. I’ll be back in a short while.” she said, grabbing her purse and leaving.

In full latex gear.


Wearing restraints.

In ballet boots.

Karen was totally stunned. She watched her walk away, rubber squeaking, restraints clicking, raising her left hand with a peace sign and shouting “See ya later, guys!”.

“No worries, she did that before. That whole outfit is actually hers.” he said, taking the lacing of the corset and pulling on them, way stronger than Sandra was doing.

At first, she liked the feeling. Well, when Sandra was tightening it, rather slowly, with small decreases in the size. But Derek was much stronger and the helpless feeling grew much faster.

“Geesh! How… How small is it going to be?”

“Honestly, I thought there would be a wider gap left, but you do squeeze quite easily.” he said, giving it another yank. Karen went wide eyed.

“Oh, geesh. That’s really tight. Can you stop.”

“Oh, sure. Too bad, there’s about 2 cm left to close. We’ll try it later. If it closes, you’re in for a treat!” he said as he knotted the laces.

Again, it was the poses. Karen was used to high heels so those boots were not posing any problem. However the corset was. She could barely bend at the waist. All had to come from the hips, and her breaths were quite short, which made her sweat even more, sending more sweat beads to run down her suit, tightly squeezed between the latex and her skin, sending some small tinglings she didn’t dislike. It made the suit slide against her skin, creating a strange sensation. She could feel the tip of her tight gloves being filled with water, or sweat. Each time she was raising her arms, she could feel said sweat run down her arm. That was actually fun.

The camera shutter clicked more and more often and after what seemed like an hour, but was barely fifteen minutes, he stopped.

“Wanna see what you look like?” he asked.

He put the memory card into his computer and put the raw images on the screen. Karen was stunned.

She looked exactly like those magazine models or fetish websites. Nobody would recognize her. She was in love with the shiny black body she was seeing, with the long legs ending with the high heels, and the now tightly squeezed red waist. She loved what she was seeing.

“Wanna try that corset again?”

“It does feel a little less tight than before.” she said, not getting the point. Apart from a fully closed gap, it wouldn’t change a lot for the pictures.

He untied the knot and pulled again. She felt her waist getting crushed. Again. However, this time, the feeling was welcomed and when she felt him tying the knots she was almost sad that it wouldn’t go any tighter.

“There. All set.” he said.

“Really? It’s closed? Fully?” she asked, trying to feel the gap with her latexed fingers.

“Yes, why. Something’s wrong?”

“Well… I feel I still have, you know, enough to go tighter.”

“Geesh! That’s the smallest corset I have. Anyhoo, wait here. I’m going to get the treat.”

He came back a few moments later with a shiny steel belt with a crotch strap.

“This is the… treat? A steel belt?” asked Karen.

“It’s a chastity belt and this one has only one adjustment, so would fit only over this closed corset.

“A chast… That’s your treat?”

“Just wait until you get it on.” he said, wrapping the waist band around her tiny waist, then going in front, pulling the wide strap between her buns, then up front, pulling hard on it.

She squirmed. Just the pressure of the steel was something.

“We could put some… toys in it, but I don’t think that for a first wear that would be wise.” he said.

“T… Toys? No. Perhaps not.” she said, rubbing her hand against the hard cold steel shield preventing access to her crotch. That gave her a strange feeling. For the first time in her life, she was denied touch to some part of her body. She wondered if bondage was like that.

He set her up and took a bunch of more images, then his phone rang.

“Hello?… Oh, hi… yes… Hum…. For tomorrow?” he said, then glanced at Karen. “I’m not sure… I… No, she’s gone, she had a medic… Yes… Oh… I’ll figure something out… I’ll call you back.” he said, putting her phone down.

He looked at Karen.

“Say… ever did bondage?”

“Uh… No…” she answered.

“Dare to try? Listen. The truth is that Sandra usually does this but, you know she’s gone. This is a very important and wealthy client. Those pictures don’t go on the website but directly to him. He’s paying premiums for private shoots, which of course, most goes to the model… meaning you.”

“I… I don’t know. Kind of scary.” she said.

“That’s part of the pleasure, but we’re not here for that, just for pictures.” he said, taking a set of standard police handcuffs. “We’ll start easy and if it goes well, we’ll build up on that.”

He gently closed one cuff over her right wrist then looked at her.

“You know, technically, you’re already in bondage. I mean, the chastity belt is locked on. With it in place, you can’t take anything off, except for your boots.” he said with a wink as he closed the other cuffs over her left wrist.

It was weird. The fear of getting stuck, that he, someone else, was in control, was… arousing? Nah, that can’t be. She didn’t know what it was exactly, the latex, the tight suit, the crushing corset, the chastity belt, effectively locking her in all of it, or now the added cuffs, but she did feel hotter.

He began by cuffing her hands in front of her, having her take some poses, then gently linked them in her back. Having to wait for him to reposition some props, cuffed, standing there, not being able to help or anything else, feeling totally useless was… No. It couldn’t be.

“So, how do you feel? Are you up to going a little bit heavier?” he said, showing wide white and red leather cuffs, along with a large collar.

“Well… I… I can try.” she shyly said.

He removed the police cuffs and put the leather cuffs, instead, fastening them very tightly, then added another set over her elbows then at her ankles.

He then linked her wrists in her back, grabbed her upper arms and gently pushed them toward one another, going slowly.

“Just tell me when you have enough, okay?”

“Han-han…” was the only thing she was able to answer. That was overwhelming, feeling her arms being restrained, feeling the pressure of the leather cuffs. Her breath began to shake.

“You tell me when it’s enough, right?” he repeated.

“Yes, I will. It’s still bearable.” she said. 

Then she felt her elbows touch.

“You’re sure that’s okay?” he asked, evidently puzzled.

“Yes. Not exactly comfortable but I do not really hurt. Why? Something wrong?” she asked, thinking that he may have broken something, or pinch a nerve that made her not feel what’s going on.

“It’s just that it’s not everybody that can be tied up with elbows touching, especially on the first try” he said as she felt something snap on her upper arm cuffs and then his hands released them, and they stayed put. “Wow. Amazing.” he said.

“Oh? Really?” she asked, softly turning around, trying to move her arms, feeling how restrained they were. “That feels… weird.” she giggles.

He had her take a few poses then went away for a moment, coming back with red knee high ballet boots to match her corset.

He simply showed them to her, silently asking if she was daring enough. Shit. She was already a constant high heels wearer and those boots, those heels, she had fantasized for eons. Of course she was ready.

A few minutes later, she was standing on them, helped by the chair.

“I don’t think I can stand up on those…” she said, giving herself a small push and found her balance, taking a few steps.

“Apparently, you can… But that’s not really necessary.” he said as he fetched a long steel rod, bending to put the cuffs back around her ankles and linking the spreader bar to them, taking  some more pictures, from all possible angles.

Karen was feeling great. She was feeling aroused. Sexually aroused. She could hardly believe that being bound up would make her…wet? Nah, come on! That couldn’t be.

He removed the spreader bar, tied her legs together and had her sit on the chair, which pinched the steel crotch strap of the chastity belt against her upper inner thighs. She bit her lips. That was… fun?

He linked her ankles  and her wrists to the chair. She couldn’t get up and sitting on the steel belt was teasing. Damn, she was getting hotter by the minute.

“Are… are you up to it?” he asked, showing her a panel gag.

She thought for a moment that she was getting hotter by the minute and that in a short while, she could very well scream the hell out of her crotch, and that being silenced might be a good idea. She nodded.

She opened her mouth and he gently pushed the large ball inside her mouth, putting the leather flap tight against her lips, tightening it tightly in the back of her head.

That was a strange feeling, having her mouth stuffed with a large ball, unable to push it out, unable to speak, only able to moan.

“You’re okay?” he asked.

She nodded, and more pictures were taken. She was not looking at him, not listening to him, but to her body who ordered her to squirm, to try to get out of her predicament, and each struggle, each pull on her bindings made her hotter, aroused. Damn! She was edging non stop, simply by being tied up. What the fuck was wrong with her?

He paused and then took something Karen recognized as a massager but with a strange flat head.

“Now, this is a stretch. Again, if you’re not eager to go with it that’s perfectly fine. I mean, you went way farther than I was expecting for a first shoot.” he said.

Shit! She was so hot, if he was about to get vibrated, she would orgasm, right there, right now. She wanted it and at the same time, she didn’t want it, not in front of a stranger, not the first time she was wearing latex, corset, ballet heels, being gagged and bound… Fuck! What has she become?

“It’s just for show. I mean, it’s pictures, not video, so it will be kept off.” he said.

She nodded a small yes. He kneeled in front of her, opened her legs, unlocked the crotch strap of the chastity belt, then took the head of the massager apart by unscrewing it, fed the shaft through a hole of the belt and screw it back in place, pulling the strap in place, which pushed that lump against her already hot crotch as he struggle to fasten the strap back with the only adjustment hole.

She moaned, a soft, guttural moan. Damn! That felt good.

“That much effect, hey?” he simply said, before linking her ankles to the chair again, closing the legs.

He stood back and took a few pics before looking puzzled.

“Shit! Out of batteries. It will only take a second.” he said, going to the nearby accessories table and searching, shoving things around. “Ah, shit. It’s in my car. I’ll be right back.” he said, walking fast out of the room, pretty much slamming the door while exiting.

She didn’t know what it was, the slamming or some air current, but she saw something resting on the very edge of the table move, turning, and falling down. As soon as it hit the floor, the massage began to vibrate!

It didn’t take long for her to figure out that this was probably the remote and by falling, it triggered the massager.

Now, there she was, all sweaty inside her latex cocoon, waist crushed, arms locked in her back, mouth full, legs squeezed together against a vibrator, itself pushed hard against her crotch by a steel strap. She threw her head backward, fighting her wide collar, growling through her muffling gag as the orgasm built rapidly and exploded. She was almost glad she was tied up as she would have launched off the chair. The more she squirmed, the more intense it became. She was riding an orgasmic roller coaster. She was hitting high, then back down just long enough for her to realize that it was almost over before it was going back up again, for another explosion.

Derek entered the room and saw her struggling, fighting her bonds. He immediately thought she was having some kind of seizure until he reached her and realized that the vibrator was humming hard.

He laughed, turned around to find the remote on the floor by the table, pointed it at the vibrator (as if pointing it was necessary) then… dropped his hand, took his camera, put the fresh batteries in it and snapped pictures of Karen having orgasm after orgasm.

These were the hottest pictures he had ever taken, until Karen’s body became limp as she passed out from exhaustion.

He reached for the remote, stopped it and then untied Karen from her predicament, transporting her to the office and putting her on the sofa, removing the gag, unlocking the chastity belt to take the vibrator off, staying beside her, to make sure she was alright.

For twenty minutes, her breathing was steady and regular, which reassured him. She moaned as she opened her eyes.

Where the hell was she? She does not recognize this room, and as she moved her arm, she felt weird, like rubbery, like… she turned her head and saw Derek and her shiny latex covered arm.

They were in the office, apparently, and she was laying on a sofa.

“What happened?” she asked, then slowly remembering the ordeal, the bondage, the accidental trigger of the vibrator. “Oh… Uh… I’m…. I was…”

“No need to explain.” he said, giggling. “I saw it.” he added, smiling.

She blushed, folding her left leg toward her, resting on her high heel.

“No need to feel ashamed,” he said as he had seen her blushing over her latex hood. “It’s natural and… a first. Damn, those pictures are hot!”

“Oh… right.” she said, smiling, putting her hand at her crotch, feeling the opened chastity belt, taking the different straps, pulling them together and snapping them in place locking her back in.


“Otherwise, I would want more.” she said with a smirk.

“Uh… okay… You… you want to take more pictures?”

“N… Not really. I just want to cool off here for a few moments.”

His phone rang again.

“That’s Sandra… Hello? Oh… OH!!… I’ll be right there.” he said, putting the phone down.

“Yes, that was Sandra. She apparently slipped on the tiled floor of her eye doctor on her ballet boots and sprained an ankle or something. Now, she’s at the hospital and she needs her boots off to take an X-Ray but she’s locked in. I have to get her the spare keys. I’m sorry to leave you like that. Just take your time. Take everything off when you’re ready to leave, as this may take a while. I’ll call you back tomorrow, okay?”

“Yes, sure. Go.” said Karen, laying down on the bed, squirming, putting her fingers at her crotch, smiling at the forbidden zone created by the chastity belt.

“Well, I think you’re a freak, now, Karen.” she said to herself as she heard the door slam close and drifted into a soft sleep, to wake up about an hour later.

“Geesh! I have to go home now.” she said, struggling to get out of the bed, sitting down, trying to squeeze her hand between the chastity belt and her crotch, but being denied. She had a devilish grin: That was fun.

After a few moments trying to get her hand in, she got up, standing tall on her ballet boots, but only realizing she was wearing them after making a dozen steps or so in them. “Wow… better than I thought.” she said. “Now, where are those keys?” she said, realizing that she was literally locked in her suit. All the cuffs were locked, the chastity belt was locked, damn, her hood was locked. She searched everywhere but couldn’t find them.

She tried to call Derek but his phone was apparently off the network, probably not getting any signal inside the hospital.

She had two choices: sleep here, or go home, call in sick the next morning to reach Derek so she could be freed.

She remembered Sandra simply going out as is and smiled. She walked out, took the bus, under the looks of the few passengers at this late hour, some were amused, some were disgusted and some were definitely aroused, men and women, to go to her apartment.

She slept like a baby, loving to wake up in full latex, waist crushed, unsteady for the first few steps on her ballet boots as her brain engaged in gear.

She took her phone and punched in the number to call her workplace to call in sick, but her finger hovered over the Dial button.

She smiled.

“The hell with it.” she said to herself, took her purse and headed for the door.

Some people at work would freak out.

© monsterp63

July 31, 2021

Just so you know: TWO weeks in the making. One weekend to write the story and polish it and two weeks to create the renders. Because of all the lighting, each “studio” render took between 4 and 6 hours to complete, AND I worked overtime at the plant, so roughly only one render per day…

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10 thoughts on “Karen – Model

  1. And what happen the next day ?
    Photographer discovers that Karen have been practicing yoga for years and that she barely blink an eye when locked in reverse prayer 🙂
    It is also fortunate that when Karen comes back to studio for unlock, the model planned for this WE heavy session just called sick and photographer is desperate finding a model to replace.

    Nice work.

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