Pride week is happening all over the world, at different times and locations.

The LGBTQ community is making people aware they exists and they are not to be catalogued. They are simply people who are different, everybody being able to chose who they are.

But they call themselves: LGBTQ…RSTUVWXYZ

Why? Over here, the acronym is gone to: LGBTQAINB2S+… That’s being totally silly. At least, they added a “+” instead of adding more letters.

  • Lesbians
  • Guays
  • Bisexuals
  • Transexuals
  • Queers
  • Asexuals
  • Intersexual
  • Non-Binary
  • Bi-Spirited+….

Honestly, it’s becoming a joke. Hell, I don’t even know what “Bi-Spirited” is…

Like I often said, you are what you are. It’s not an illness or a handicap. Why put a “tag” on it? Putting a tag on it is, to my point of view, the first step into cataloging someone, like being black.

They say “stop racism” but at the same time, they have the Black History Month, and they have to have “The First Black that made…” whatever it is: doctor, astronaut, pilot…

Same thing with women. “Women are equal to men”. Yes, I believe much so. But why having the tag “First woman in space / pilot / doctor”?

Soon, we will have the “first woman on the moon” then “first black man. The first black woman ” and “first Asian on the moon, the first trans, the first gay, the first…” and so on.”

But please, don’t put tags on people, that’s bad”… I don’t get it.

Who might be the first one on Mars? Man? Woman? Black? Asian? Arab? Eskimo?

Will they will have to find a Whitish Black Asian Eskimo Bi-Gay who is in transition (so both sexes) to please everybody?

I wouldn’t want to be the one making that decision, hell, just selecting the first crew to go there will be a nightmare.

Just think about all the” labels” the crew of Virgin Galactic’s flight had: the oldest person, the oldest woman, the youngest man (where is the youngest woman?). Who will be the youngest person to fly? Does a foetus count? How many weeks does it becomes a “person”… Then you’ll have the first pregnant woman… or could it be a trans that was artificially insemenated?

There was a fight between Aldrin and Armstrong as to which of the two would be first on the Moon and they were two white male… But they were military and they followed orders that stated that Armstrong would be the first to get out. Imagine a multi-sexual, multi-ethnic crew…

“Stop being racist. Stop putting labels, tags on people.” but at the same time: “Make sure you identify that it’s a black, white, yellow, purple and green woman-man who is a straight, trans, bi, non-bin, gay… meat popsicle” (Yeah, 5th Element reference)

Just my two-cents. Or is pennies? Or is it…

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5 thoughts on “LGBTQ+

  1. I think there are two aspects to this that I could explain:

    Ideally, ancestry, gender, sexuality should not have an statistical influence on how one is treated by other people — given discrimination in reality, this doesn’t hold. I think the self-identification as a part of such group is a symptom of such discrimination, which might vanish when the discrimination vanishes. Forming a group of people makes it more bearable, and improves visibility to hopefully have politics somewhat improve the underlying issue. In some concerns, this also applies to other aspects — I don’t identify myself as a pizza eater, because eating pizza never had a notable influence on others reactions towards me; I can identify as being a nerd, because on my school, the typical nerd bullying trope did match the reality. I’m not quite sure, but maybe such self-identification might also be caused by others identifying and singling out somebody on such criteria, often used as insult.

    Having a first member of a discriminated group in a position where this has never occurred before can be a signal of things getting a bit better from a untolerable situation to begin with — consider 59. US Presidents of which, statistically, about 30 should have been female; getting from 0% to 2% might be a first step on the journey to statistical non-correlation, when 50.8% is reached.

    A second aspect for the aspects involving more than oneself might be a practical advantage of self-identification. Publicly “tagging” oneself as a nerd, gamer, rocker, football fan, as well as identifying as e.g. gay can help to easier find people with matching interests one would like as friendships or relationships — hoping to find a group of pen-and-paper players in some random 50 people is not that likely to succeed. I’d expect this aspect not to have any influence on racial labeling, but the self-identifications based on sexuality might probably stay even without discrimination for this reason.

    A third aspect of being transgender is not that much comprehensible to me.
    Considering other people’s compulsion of behaving “masculinely”, while to myself, gender isn’t a concern, a statistically correlating label for me might be “agender” or “genderfluid” — I don’t identify myself as such, being born of male sex and being percepted as male is advantageous given the current discrimination; and strange reactions to long hair can be sufficiently explained with other self-identification as nerd or gay.
    In short: I can’t comprehend how someone can “feel to be” male/female, although apparently most people do, and why one would strive to behave in a male/masculine/female/feminine way. However, while people apparently do identify themselves with such genders, minorities identifying as transgender (for the reasons of the first aspect above) are to be expected. If someone can explain, I’d be interested to hear!

  2. Oh, and maybe another point:

    I don’t think self-identification as whatever is harmful to getting rid of racism — people who are racist typically don’t ask whether someone identifies as being black; the problematic people actually don’t care about the labels. The same applies to gender; considering sexuality they might not even care about facts, and just search for a percepted legitimation to bully.

    The self-identification does not seem to be a cause of discrimination to me, otherwise, we might see a lot more discrimination on gamers or non-gamers, football fans or football-neglectful people. Although, considering football, I might even start to identify as a football-atheist.

    1. Thanks for sharing.
      It’s probably my English level that is not up to spec, but I’m totally lost in what you describe. I never mentioned anything about being a tagged a sports fan or a pizza eater or even a nerd (which I am, and was also bullied for it).
      What I’m saying is that I found LGTBQAINB2S+ acronym, well absurd.
      And that also, people says “I don’t want to be identified as A, B, C, while at the same time, they WANT to have the first A, B, C to do thing D, E, F.

      Men and women are equal. At the same time, they have awards to recognize the first woman to have done this and that.
      If a woman is the first to do something, that nobody else has done before. Do we have the first man to do the same thing award? Should we?

      If I say “Do you think HE would come with us” and I get corrected “That’s a SHE, or a IT, not a HE” I don’t give a damn. I will call SHE, HE, IT whatever HE, SHE, IT will like to be called, or probably to stop any confusion, call that person by the first name. AE A-12???

      There’s an ad about racism that plays on the radio here. Radio, so only hear talk, and that person says “would what I say be different to you if I said that I’m black? Or red? Or yellow? Stop racism”.
      And at the same time, “society” has to recognize the first sex/color/race/country/beliefs/shoe size and whatever else to wipe its butt with Martian dirt.
      You realize that, either Armstrong or Aldrin was the first to poop on the Moon?
      What difference the sexual orientation of the first person to set foot on Mars is? What difference if that person is white, black, yellow or purple? (Well, if it’s purple, better give that person some oxygen…).

      “We are ONE. One Planet, One People”
      And at the same time “The first [skin color] [sex] from [Country] to…”

      Anyway, that’s my point.

  3. It is tempting to say: “You don’t get it. You are white, hetero male who was never discriminated and You don’t get it.”

    Except that I’m such a male and I don’t get it too. But this would be a story about a tolerance and not about “tagging”. So let me get back to the subject.

    The thing You point out is differentiation. You are A, You are B, I am C kind of human. Things like that.

    If people like to call THEMSELVES with such a “tags” I’m fine. But I’m not fine if they like ME TO CALL THEM with such a “tag”. Especially the LGB…. kind. I don’t care what sexual orientation they are. If they look like a man, they are men. If they look like the woman, they are women. If I can’t tell it apart, I will try a guess (notice, in my language each noun has a gender and You can’t say: “where have You been” without attaching a gender).

    Why I don’t like to “tag” them?

    Because, and in that point I have to agree with You, adding a “tag” is a first step to true discrimination. I am, for an example, currently tagged as ant-covid-vacine-walking-evil by my own government, and You may guess that law is being formulated to use that tag to punish such people.

    In current fast moving world it is extremely easy to attach more “tags” to already existing “tags”. For an example my government is running the entire campaign to attach “idiot”,”evil”,”killer” tags to anyone who is a person which has doubts about covid-vaccination process.

    For an example, if You consider black people, then You may easily find many negative words in Your native language which is attached to that “black” tag. What words will be attached and to what tag is language dependent. For an example in American English there is a ton of negative words attached to “Negro” and relatively few to “Black”. In my language it is totally in reverse. I can’t find any negative word which is bound with “Negro” but tens of them which are bound with “Black”.

    The same happens to LGB… people. As long, as we hadn’t had clear, visible “tags”, there was a problem with running a proper media campaign to hit them. Now they, as a kind of idiots, did tagged themselves and gave anyone who is against a good, clear sign to which any shit may be attached.

    Yet, on the other hand, a “tag” can be also seen as a “badge”. A “medal”. A “sheriffs star” which can be proudly worn. A “flag” which can be waved in a front of a walking army.

    This why, I think, You may observe at one hand requests to “not tag us” and at another time something totally opposite. A plain egotism: “If it is profitable, I like to be tagged. If it is harmful – stop doing that!”.

    This is silly, but things like that do happen if people start thinking with emotions instead of thinking with brains.

    1. Thank you for sharing.

      My native language is French and we too have to put gender on pretty much everything. (For those who are puzzled: I would take a trip(M), in a rocket(F) to go into space(M) on board of a spaceship(M) to go to another planet(F) – I’M a “Canadien” (Male Canadian). If I was female, I would be a “Canadienne” (Female Canadian) Before, “male descriptions included female”. Now, our dear politicians have to say both so not to sound discriminatory “Dear fellow ‘Canadiens et Canadiennes'” If they say just the male word, they get pointed out. If just the female word, yes, they get pointed out.)

      You’re right: I’m a hetero, white, male. I haven’t been discriminated. But I have been bullied. A lot.
      Because I was a nerd.
      Because I wasn’t good at any sport.
      Because I was skinny and ugly. Been nicknamed by one of of my facial features.
      Because I was in a position of “power” at some point (and thus, on the side of the teachers).
      Because my mom was a teacher.
      Because my initials makes for a gay reference.
      I have been pushed, stepped in front of, used as a scapegoat, stuffed into a locker, you name it.
      Teachers were turning their eyes away. My parents were simply saying “well, fight back” or “Don’t listen to them”. (it was what they were doing in those days 70’s-80’s)
      It lasted all my school years, and it even affected the education I took. When given the “chance” of not going to college, I took it because of the fear of being bullied even more there.

      I do not know what being discriminated is but I do know what being “tagged” is.

      “LGB” would have been way enough for me. The rest is just silly. Just the “Trans” tag. You will hear “Hey, I’m a trans. I want to be identified as Female (or male).”, so fuck the “trans” tag. You’re either a male or a female. Period.

      I am a fetishist (Really??? who would have known!). In my fetishes are high heels. I posted a few pics of my HH collection on my IG profile.
      And I had to put tags… “Straight” “Male”.
      Because people assumed I was gay.

      So, yes, sometimes, adding a tag to be identified correctly is the right thing to do.

      Finally, I totally agree with your last three paragraphs. Spot on.


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