Karen – Mermaid By The Sea


 As the boat was sailing fast over the waves, producing hard bumps, she smiled. Scuba diving was Karen’s favorite sport.

She loved to see the underwater life, the colorful fishes, the wonderful coral reefs, the sun rays creating those wonderful patterns on the seafloor, and feeling almost weightless, floating between two waters.

And a good part of her love was to be encased into a tight fitting, smoothskin neoprene suit. Perhaps a little too thick for the rather warm water temperature of those tropical islands, and way too tight so it draws the attention of other divers watching her struggle to put it on, delighten men and puzzled women.

The suit, once on, showed not a single wrinkle, squished her ample breasts, feelling she didn’t dislike, and emphasized her already thin waist, especially it had been made to measure with a concealed zipper so, once on, nothing seemed to break the smooth rubbery skin.

Walking created only one single crease below her butt. Bending forced the suit up her crotch for which she had to repress a smile. A pleasant smile.

She was horny and she knew it.

So, each bump over the waves was squishing her buns, squishing the suit, squishing her crotch, and the tight suit was squishing her breasts, like massaging them with each bump.

Once at the destination, she picked up her scuba bottles, expertly put them over her shoulders, typing the waist strap a tad tighter than it should have been, and she unsuccessfully tried to hide her devilish smile when she tightened the crotch strap way too tight compared to the normal setup.

She raised her head and the few men with the scuba diving group quickly turned their heads away, with their mouths still open, while some women were looking at her with a disapproving grin, sure she was doing this just to tease the men.

If only they knew that it was, in fact, to push in deeper the double dildos she had underneath.

A few minutes later, after a thorough check, they all went overboard and splashed into the clear waters, floating around, swimming, enjoying the view, the scenery and, at least for one of them, the feeling of the tight neoprene suit squishing every centimeters of her body with every move, enjoying the movements of her toys with every move. She had to work hard to keep her heart rate down and  her breathing cycle down otherwise she wouldn’t last 30 minutes with her tank,

About an hour later, they were back on the boat, heading for a new location, while changing their air tanks. Karen was eager to sit down again, enjoying the bumps.

By the end of the afternoon, they were back at the pier, most of the other divers having taken their wetsuit off, eager to get out of it, while Karen was very well still fully suited and enjoying it, even though she was heavily sweating under that thick foam neoprene.

Most of them ran to the beach to lay under the sun or for a nice open water swim. Karen followed, but still in her full neoprene suit, laying on the sandy beach under the sun. A woman walked nearby, looking at her, puzzled.

“Sure you’re okay?”

“Oh, I’m perfectly fine. I like it in here.” said Karen, gently rubbing her squashed stomach, slightly going down to her crotch, looking at the woman with bratty eyes.

The woman looked puzzled, then frowned and her eyes widened and with a devilish smile, she walked away. Karen could see she was giggling.

Finally, now that her suit had totally dried, she headed for her hotel room, passing by the reception to inquire if a package she was waiting for had arrived. She was disappointed when she learned that no package was waiting for her. She reached her room and laid on the bed. She stretched and took a little remote located on the bed table and flipped it on.

A faint humming sound could be heard coming from her crotch, muffled by the thick neoprene. She ran her right hand at her crotch while her left hand was gently rubbing her chest, squishing her neoprene covered breasts. 

She squirmed, moving her hips up and down as the vibration pattern changed. She worked hard not to scream as the orgasm built and finally released, sending her to seventh heaven. After a few moments of rest, she  headed for the shower to take off the suit and the toys. It had been a wonderful day.

She woke up the next morning, wearing what usual divers would call a rash guard spandex catsuit, but for her, it was her daily pajamas. She just liked  having her body wrapped in some fabric. She prefers neoprene to spandex, but one has to do with what one can.

Another day, another scuba diving trip. Again, she stopped by the reception desk to inquire about a package and was answered no.

She headed for the excursion boat, already in full suit this time, smiling yet a little disappointed about the package.

“It should have been here yesterday,” she mumbled to herself.

The boat was about to leave when she saw a courier truck stop by.

“Please, wait… Just a few minutes. I’m waiting for a package and… just wait, please.”

“Hurry up, miss. We’re going in five minutes, with or without you.” said the excursion boat captain.

Karen ran toward the delivery truck on her wedge platform high heel sneakers , enjoying feeling her double dildos play inside her crotch in such extreme fashion. She reached the truck panting from the run and also from the dildos. She was ready to climax and she had to calm down.

“Do… Do… Do you have… A …. Package for … Karen?” she said, panting.

“Hym… Yes, this box here.” he said, confirming her I.D. and leaving her leave with the package.

“Geesh, it’s way bigger and heavier than I thought.” she said, walking to the boat, trying to open the box at the same time to figure out what was so heavy.

“Thirty seconds, Miss Karen.” yelled the Captain, releasing the ropes.

Gotta have a “butt shot”…

She ran like hell and jumped on the boat with barely a second to spare.

“What’s so important with this box?” asked the woman Karen recognized as the one she spoke to on the beach the evening before.

“A monofin.”  said Karen.

“A monofin?” Asked the woman. “Geesh, what size is it?”

“I’m as puzzled as you are.” said Karen, ripping the box open. “What the hell???” she asked, taking out the rather large transparent bag which contained, evidently, a rather large, shiny purplish silicone piece. “Did they send a whole suit or what?” she asked, unfolding it, revealing a complete silicone mermaid tail.

She could hear people giggling around her.

“Yeah, right… No, that’s NOT what I ordered.” she said, picking the packing slip. “Hum… One single silicone monofin…. Well, that does not look like it, although it does look pretty.” she said, dropping the mermaid tail back in the box. “Sucks! I was so eager to try it, but they didn’t have any left at the local dive shop, so I ordered that from that shady site from an ad on InstaCrap… I should have known.” she said.

“Hey, there’s something written on the flip side of the packing slip.” said the woman.

“Whut??… Hum… Sorry, we no stock monofin give mermaid you tail in replace. Not exactly the best grammar, but still… THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED… Fuuuuck.” she said, letting herself sit hard on the wooden bench surrounding the deck of the boat at the same time a wave made it move up, hitting her even harder. She yelped as she made wide eyes as her dildos were hit hard.”

“Are you still… you know?” asked the woman, a horny smile on her face.

Karen simply nodded a small yes, blushing a little to the fact that someone else was aware of it.

“May… may I? Oh, I’m Lynda.” she said, extending a hand toward the package.

“Karen… Yes, suit yourself.” she said.

Lynda looked at the mermaid fin.

“Well, seems well done, why don’t you wear it? It does what you want. It’s a monofin after all, just with a long skirt.”

“Well… come to think of it, you’re right. And it’s worth probably a lot more than the monofin I ordered. I could just sell it back on ebay or something after my trip. Okay, let’s go before we reach our first diving site.” she said, ripping the plastic bag open, looking for an opening, a zipper, something to open the waist.

She found it, well hidden under the front flap of the tail, making it totally invisible: a sturdy zipper. She struggled to pull it down, only to discover a steel band underneath it, with a lock and a set of keys hanging.

“What the hell?” she said, as she unlocked the belt and looked inside the tail. “Seems to be closed by a steel belt and there’s even another steel belt running down, between the legs for… oh, it’s not a single leg hole in this thing, but two leg holes. Geesh, that is extreme.” she said. “I wonder how I’ll be able to put this thing on… Nah, change of mind. Forget it.” she said, closing it back.

“And why not? We have time, come on, put it on.” said Lynda, smiling. “If you don’t, I will.”

That was enough to push Karen to slip her feet inside the tight garment. The silicone inside of the tubes for the legs seemed to be coated by some sort of a slippery layer, so that even her rather sticky smoothskin neoprene slipped rather easily inside them, except for the fact that they were tight. Very tight. It was a weird feeling to have her legs clung together like that.

She was almost fully in when the boat slowed down.

“Almost there, gang. Get your gear ready.” said the Captain.

“Shit, I won’t have time. Quick, pull it off.” said Karen.

But Lynda, instead, grabbed Karen, lifted her literally up on her feet and yanked the suit until Karen yelped.

“Oops. Hurt ya?” askled Lynda.

“N… Not exactly.” said Karen, blushing. “Let’s say it won’t go any… higher?” she whispered.

“Oh.” said Lynda, giggling. “Okay, let’s close this thing… Geesh this is tight. Sure you ordered the right size… Oh, right. That’s not what you ordered.” she said under Karen’s pissed off look.

She struggled to close it, having to sit on her, which made her groan. Lynda was devilish. Either by accident or by choice.

By this time, the boat had stopped and the group was getting into the water. Karen was laying on the floor on her back with Lynda kneeling over her, trying to close the tail.

“Thanks Lynda, but we’re both gonna miss the dive. Forget about me, get your gear and jump in the water. I’ll take it off and I’ll skip that dive.” she said, looking at a puzzled captain, trying to figure out what was going on, why those two women were still on the deck.

“No. Just suck it in, Karen. Come on. You can do it… One, Two… THREE!” she said, pulling the waist straps, then jerking the crotch strap to meet them all on the same fastening knob, where she slit that strange button like closure who clicked in place. Then she, as Karen was trying to regain her breath, pulled on the heavy zipper, concealing everything, making Karen a real looking mermaid.

“Impressive.” said someone behind them. They turned around to see the captain. “Come on, I’ll help you. I’m eager to see you swim with this thing.” he said, helping Lynda put her air tank on, while Karen was squirming, trying to move on the deck.

She had never been bound, but having her legs held together like that, rocking on her stomach, on the steel band, impaired, made her… Nah. She was not one of those bondage freaks she read in some fashion magazine.

The Captain and Lynda went to her to help put her air tank on. However, her harness was made to have straps between the legs, so the Captain made some makeshift harness with some rope to secure it around her already thin waist.

“That should do it”, he said, helping Lynda drag the impaired mermaid to the edge of the diving platform. Karen, at the same time humiliated and hot, pushed herself out of the platform and into the sea, head first.

And off they were. Karen needed some adaptation but it went rather well. She discovered that the steel belt actually helped her swim in the mermaid tail by making her hips a little more rigid, forcing her to use her knees, but also, it was rocking her toys with every stroke of the “tail.” She dove deep and came back up easily, all under the watchful eyes of Lynda and the amused eyes of her fellow group divers. 

The place was rather unique: a shallow area with a huge coral reef, next to a cliff, going down for a hundred meters. There was a mix of warm and cold water creating some interesting currents, sending Karen, and the other divers, along some underwater rivers.

Karen slowly began to hum, heard only by herself, as her legs, forced closed by the tight neoprene mermaid tail, and teased by the tight steel crotch strap, were moving her dildos in ways that were quite arousing, to the point where she thought that, with the right moves, she would achieve an orgasm!

Damn! Orgasming underwater? Nuts. Nonetheless, that’s what she was aiming for, moving slowly, in a different ways, not really looking at the wildlife, more concentrating, enjoying her setup, the moment the… oh yes, the orgasm. It exploded and made her shake in a strange way, sending her twisting like a corkscrew as she slowly raised toward the surface, toward the sun, toward… that huge shadow suddenly appearing and heading for her.

What the fuck was… Wait! A whale! What? A whale here?? The huge mammal slowly swam past her, its large eye glancing at the neoprene and silicone mermaid, letting out a strange long howling like sound as it went past her, brushing against the diving boat.

Everybody saw it. Everybody was in awe. Everybody witnessed it, from underneath, jump out of the water to fall back not far from the boat. Some equipment fell overboard and some divers went after it, grabbing air bottles and other items. Some of the items were carried by the currents over the abyss and simply could not be recovered in time as they fell into darkness. As the whale slowly swam away, and after the shock, the divers slowly swam back up, toward the rocking boat, to assess the damages, if any.

On it, they found the captain, evidently in shock, trying to get all the things back together.

“You’re okay, captain?” asked Lynda, one of the first on board.

“Did… Did you see that?” he asked, eyes wide.

“Yes. Wonderful, wasn’t it?”

“Wonderful? It almost tipped the boat over. And a whale? Here.? We never saw any whales in this area. What the fuck happened. Where did it come from? Oh, look at my boat, look at my equipment! Folks will never believe it. Hell, the insurance will never believe it… I…”

“We’re all witnesses, captain. We’ll vouch for you. That experience was one in a lifetime.” said another diver.

“Yes… Once in a lifetime.” said a faint voice, clinging to the platform, waiting for someone to help her out.

The captain and Lynda grabbed an arm each and pulled Mermaid Karen out of the water.

“She… the whale went very close to her,” said Lynda.

“Really?” asked the captain.

“I… Yes…” managed to say Karen. “It actually… sort of… pet me with its fin, like I was… a fish. And its eye… that HUGE eye, staring at me. I could almost swear her eye was smiling at me.”

“Its… Its eyes were smiling at you.” said the Captain, looking at Lynda, as puzzled as he was.

“Yeah….” she said, her eyes looking away, almost as if she was high. “Can you… get me out of this thing.” said Karen, trying to slowly pull at the waist band.

“Yeah, sure, Karen.” said Lynda, pulling down the zipper. “Okay, now I need the k… key…” she said, looking around, at the pretty much cleaned deck. “Say, captain? Seen any key laying around here?”

“Well, if they were in the cardboard box, it was one of the first things thrown overboard when the whale said hello,” he said. “Sorry. Were they important?”

“Hum… we’ll figure it out. Thanks.” said Lynda, looking at Karen.

Her eyes showed mixed feelings. She wanted out, and at the same time, she wanted to stay in. Somehow, having her legs bound like that was… arousing. She felt trapped, restrained, like abducted… by neoprene and silicone.

She squirmed her way to a bench, helped by the wet deck on which her suit was sliding, grunting. To the other divers, she was pesting against the struggle. However, Lynda knew those grunts meant something else, that she was getting aroused, that her bound legs, her tightly bound thighs were pressing against her dildos, that the steel crotch belt was pushing on them and that Karen must be having the time of her life right now.

She wasn’t grunting, she was holding back her pleasure screams!

When she reached the bench, under the applause of the group, she was red faced.

“You’re okay?” asked Lynda, giggling.

“What do you think?” answered Karen, between her teeth.

“Okay, folks. With all that went overboard, we’re short of four tanks, meaning that, we either turn around and forget this day’s dive, or for the next two dives, some of you take turns from not diving to let others do. What do you say?

“Well… for sure, I won’t go back to the water,” said Karen. “So that’s one set available here. 

“I… I won’t go either.” said Lynda, then to Karen’s puzzled look “Well, someone has to watch over you. You’re like… a fish out of water.” she said, laughing.

“That’s settled, then. Next stop, the coral reef.” said the Captain, revving the engine.

The water bumps were heavier, for Karen anyway. Her legs tightly pressed against each other and the steel belt were increasing the feeling. She was getting a little bit screwed every time, in both holes, at the same time. She was trying hard not to show how much… fun that was.

It looked like she was struggling, like someone who was hurting, wanted something to stop.

“You don’t look so good.” said a woman of the group, concerned. “Maybe we should call it off. We’ll understand.” she said.

“It’s okay. I’m ffiiIIIIIiiine.” said Karen as another wave was jumped. “You see,” she continued, lowering her voice, “there this strap inside, which goes between the legs, and the tail is rather tight and it’s pressing it aaaAAAAaagainst… you knooOOOoooo.” she said, holding her scream between  her teeth.

The woman  had a puzzled look, looked down at Karen’s waist then her eyes lit up and her mouth opened.

“Oh… OH!! I…. Yes… Em… Say no more.” she said with a smirk, turning around, facing her friends who also had a concerned face and making two a two thumbs up sign. “I’ll explain later.” she said.

“Really that… bad?” asked Lynda.

“Next time, you try it and we’ll see how you can cooOOOoouuuuUUUoooPe… with it.” she said, almost signing. Lynda giggled.

“Yeah, that’s one way of putting it.” she whispered in Karen’s ear, which only made her laugh. That was not helping.

Some time later, the boat slowed down as they reached the coral reef. The group put on their second set of air tanks and they were quickly in the water.

“You know, “said Karen, “I think I’ll just let myself float around. That should… cool me off a little.” 

“Hey, why not.” said Lynda, grabbing her by the tail and pulling her to the end of the wet deck, down to the platform and into the water as she went in with her.

The cold water was welcome, literally cooling her down. She let out a sigh.

“Ohhh. I needed that.” said Karen, turning around and beginning to swim. “I seem to be getting the hang on it.” she said.

“Yeah, but not on terra firma.” giggled Lynda.

Karen took a deep breath and with a flap of the tail, dove down and swam around the boat, getting back up to get some more air before swimming again. The coral reef was not very deep and she could see it clearly, enjoying the view. As if she was a fish of her own species, many other fishes swam along her, prompting the photography buffs to take pictures. The story they would recall: we swam with a mermaid!!

However, again, these movements only increased Karen’s arousal, she was getting closer and closer to an orgasm once more, but she couldn’t hide it in the deep. Three was always some diver next to her and more, taking pictures. The only way to stop it was to get out of the water.

Slowly, she turned toward the boat, the build-up of the orgasm only increasing. She swam faster, hoping to get there before it exploded, but it only made it build stronger. One last stroke of the tail, one last stroke of the arms, she was reaching the deck and… she exploded, another unique orgasm, sending literally flying off the waster as it triggered at the same time she was aiming to jump on the diving deck. She got out too fast, too high and her wet and slick wetsuit and tail simply slipped along the length of the deck.

Basically, she looked like a seal sliding across the deck to dive back on the other side. However, the seal was not orgasming. She was.

She felt the electrical wave of the orgasm run through her body, from her crotch to the tip of her bound feet to her brain where it almost short circuited everything. She swallowed a lot of water and was coughing, almost drowning as she climbed back on the deck, helped by a laughing Lynda and the Captain..

“You… You should have seen yourself!!” said Lynda, laughing her heart out. “That was so funny!!” she said.

“Yeah, you would make a pretty good tourist attraction: come to see the mermaid!” said the Captain.

“Ha, ha, ha. I’m laughing hard.” said Karen with a soft voice. Lynda realized what happened.

“Really???” she asked, puzzled.

Karen simply nodded, leaving the Captain with his questions.

“Exhausting, right?” he finally said.

“Yeah, that’s it. I’m exhausted.” said Karen.

Shortly after, the other divers came back to the boat and it was off to the last dive. This time, Karen stayed put, trying not to move too much.

The trip back to the pier was hellish. She was hot as hell and was getting fucked and screwed with each wave bump. 

She couldn’t walk and so she had to be carried off the boat. People on the beach were yelling.

“Hey, you got yourself a mermaid? Wow!!”

“Hey, show the catch of the day!” yelled another one.

“I want a picture!” said another one.

“Hey, why don’t you hang your trophee?” yelled another one, under the large wooden frame usually used to hang large catches.

Karen looked at Lynda with despair in her eyes.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, guys.” said Lynda, trying to lead them to the hotel but the two men holding Karen had decided otherwise, that it would be fun to… hang the mermaid.

A few minutes later, she was hung by the feet in the air, arms dangling down, while people were taking pictures.

But Karen had enough. She bent forward trying to reach the rope to free herself, and if she was to fall, so be it.

“Hey! It’s still alive! Better tie her hands in the back.” yelled a woman approaching with a length of rope.

“No, please, let me down,” said Karen.

“Ah, come on, just for a few pictures.” said the woman, expertly tying her wrists together in her back.

Karen squirmed which seemed to please the crowd that was getting larger and… hell, was she aroused! 

Was it the tail, the bound legs, the upside down position, her hand tied together, the squirming, one thing for sure, she was about to have another orgasm, right there, right now tied up, suspended by the feet, in front of a crowd. No, she had to stop it, she had to stop squirming but as soon as she was doing so, someone would push her to make her swing.

Shit! She exploded, refraining from screaming her crotch out. Fuck, that was good. To the crowd, this was the song of the Siren. To Lynda this was… amazing. And for Karen this was indescribable.

Slowly, her song faded and she calmed down. People took pictures and went on, leaving her there.

“Hey! Guys!!! Hello??? Can someone take me down???” 

But they were gone. She was alone with Lynda. She struggled to get her off the frame, when a strong man came to help her.

“Oh, hi Captain… Thanks.” said Karen, having dazed off from the orgasm and from being hung upside down.

“Take it easy, Karen. Here, I found this stuck between two planks of the deck. Is that what you were looking for? He said, showing some shiny keys.

“YES!” exclaimed Karen and Lynda at the same time.

Lynda was quick to pull down the heavy zipper and unlock the steel belt. While she was firmly holding the tail, the Captain was pulling Karen out of it.

“Geesh, thanks.” she said flexing her legs and stumbling to get back up. “I hope I didn’t cause too much trouble.” she said.

“No. Nothing is really your fault. I mean, nobody planned the whale visit.” he said smiling. “Coming back tomorrow?” he asked.

“Err… no. I have booked the volcano visit for tomorrow, then one day to relax as I’m leaving in two days. That’s why I wanted the monofin today. That was my last diving day.” 

“So be it. Have a good one, Karen. See you around. It was nice knowing you.” he said, shaking her hand and leaving.

She headed for her hotel room, holding the reather heavy mermaid fin, making people look twice.

She let herself drop on the bed, still fully neoprene suited, only to reach her crotch.

“Damn, Karen. Didn’t you have enough orgasm for one day?” she said to herself, nevertheless, still playing with her crotch.

But something was missing. It was good. She used to do it, and she would get hot and orgasm quite rapidly, but now, she was just teasing herself.

“You’re just tired, Karen.” she mumbled.

She rolled on her stomach but she couldn’t refrain from rocking her hips up and down, spreading her legs, closing them, and spreading them again. She looked to the side, at the mermaid tail, then it dawned on her.

“No way… Come on!”.

She got up and went to the tail, grabbing a piece or rope still attached to the fin, walked back to the bed, sat, tied her ankles tightly together then rolled on the bed, first on her stomach, then on her back, hands on her crotch.

Her head tilted backward as the orgasm rapidly build-up. She realized she was about to scream, so she turned on her stomach and stuffed her mouth on the pillow before exploding, looking for some breath at the same time, hearing her muffled scream. Shit! That was good, but not as extreme as when she was stuck in the mermaid tail, as if something was missing… Could it be her knees? Should she have her legs tightly held together to… Nah. She was just tired. She thought. She hoped. She was not to turn into one of those bondage freaks.

Her night was restless. She was dreaming. She was a mermaid, getting captured, bound, gagged, suspended, kept as a trophee. A living trophee. She woke up in sweat and already hot as hell. 

Almost reluctantly, she let the tail there and went with another group to the volcano. No neoprene, no tight jeans, no toys, just a T-Shirt, shorts and her beloved wedge sneakers. She almost felt… naked. As she came back at the end of the day, ready to put her wetsuit and the mermaid tail on, there seemed to be some kind of commotion at the pier, near the diving boat. People were shouting. She didn’t pay attention, it was not her business and entered the hotel.

Lynda was there and came running to her.

“Oh shit! Karen. You missed something.” said Lynda.

“What? What happened?” she asked, puzzled.

“Don’t you hear them shout?” she said, pointing at the crowd near the boat.

“N… no. I mean, I hear them shout but I don’t know why as I didn’t pay attention.”

“They want a mermaid! They’re asking where the mermaid is. The picture that people took made a sensation and they want more. People want to see the mermaid!”.

“Yeah right. Too bad, I’m leaving tomorrow.” she said with a wink. “Now, I really have to take a shower, that trek up the volcano was… hot.” she said, showing her perspiration stained shirt.

She took a shower and she was in the process of struggling to put her wetsuit on again, aming to test her feelings, her urges, when she heard knocking at the door, again and again. She put a quick end at it leaving the back zipper down, thinking it was some kind of emergency.

“Captain?” she said, stunned when she opened the door.

“Oh… Did I catch you in a bad time?” he asked, stunned to see her half suited.

“A little but you didn’t stop knocking, so I came in a rush.” said Karen, pissed off.

“Didn’t stop knocking??? I knocked once, maybe twice. I didn…”

“Oh, finally, there she is.” said a woman, wearing the official hotel’s uniform. “I’ve been knocking at your door non-stop for the last ten minutes.” she said, walking fast. “I don’t know what you did, but you need to do it again.”

“Say what?” asked Karen.

“It’s the mer…” began the Captain.

“Your fishtail, the mermaid stunt you did. People are asking for it. You need to put that tail back on and head outhere. People are complaining that there’s no mermaid.”

“What? No, wait. That was a joke. And what do you mean, people are complaining?” began to say Karen.

“I don’t care that it was a joke, I…” she said. “I am the hotel manager and I want you out there, playing the mermaid.”

“I’ll take care of it.” cut in the Captain. “Please calm down, miss…” he said to the manager. “Can… can we come in? I… WE” he said, staring at the manager “might have a proposition.”

Later in the evening, she was sitting at the bar with Lynda, wearing a light dress, but with imprints of her tight wetsuit still apparent on her legs and arms, an official document in her hands. Lynda read it and put it down.

“So… Basically, you will be put to sea before the last dive, and a hunt-and-capture a mermaid will be held. You will be captured, tied up, brought up as a trophee, hung at the pier while people take pictures, all summer long, and next summer too, and you’ll get paid for it. Did I read that right?”

“Yes, that’s about it. And I suggested that, since the songs of a mermaid could render people crazy, I should be… gagged, you know, so I would not get too much attention to… you know…”

“Gagg… And you’ll be orgasming five times a day, every day for three months.”

Karen only answered with a devilish grin.

“Seriously?” asked Lynda. “No conditions? You can wear your… toys?”

“The only condition is for me to dye my hair blue.”

“You’re nuts, you know that?”

“Why? Wouldn’t you do it??”

“Hell no…” she said as the barman approached with a wireless phone.

“A call for you, Miss Karen.” he said, handing the phone.

“Hello? Yes, it’s me… Mermaid? I’m already booked and… I see… Hold on a minute.” she said, putting her hand on the phone, looking at Lynda. “It’s the resort on the other side of the bay. They heard about the mermaid thing and they want one. Interested?”

Lynda thought for a moment and extended her hand to grab the phone, while signaling Karen to write, whispering “where did you get your tail???”

© monsterp63

August 1st, 2021

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8 thoughts on “Karen – Mermaid By The Sea

  1. I really love the story plot.
    Your work with the mermaid tail are great. And also the shiny wetsuit from Karen looked great.
    The only said point for me is that her stuff is neoprene, not latex.

    1. Thank you.
      Well can’t please everybody. Some have the neoprene fetish.
      Of course, I could have said that her neoprene suit was lined with latex, but what is done is done.
      After all, she discovers her love for bondage while wearing the mermaid tail.
      Having made her divesuit out of latex would have been odd with the rest of the story where she’s just another diver, with a liking of sex toys, not a weird one sporting a latex catsuit to dive.

  2. I really love the story plot and how you mixed up a real live situation with a private fetish that somehow get’s accepted or even requested by the public.

    I really would like to read a sequel of this story showing and explaining how Karen (and Lynda) are equipped and cope with her new duties as a mermaid…

    1. Thanks for the comment, Nicole. Appreciated.

      Where do you see “a private fetish that gets accepted or even requested by the public” ?
      The only private fetish is Karen liking to wear a wetsuit and discovering the joys of bondage. It is never made out “in the open”.

      The way I see the story is that her fetishes are, except for Lynda’s knowledge, kept to herself. They are not out in the public. Remember that she ordered a monofin, something that is “non-fetish” and a common diving equipment. She was not into bondage at that time.
      A mermaid tail is just a costume prop. Only those who have a mermaid fetish will see that differently.
      A bondage fetishist sees a pair of handcuffs with different eyes than the average law abiding citizen.

      The tourists don’t see it as a fetish, but as a tourist activity, where they can catch a mythical mermaid and hung it as a prize to take picture before putting her back in the water. The tourist know (most of them should anyway…) that this is an actor in a costume, the same as Robin Williams as Ms Doubtfire. They didn’t see him as a transvestite (although I suspect the TV fetishists had a ball), so they wouldn’t see Karen as a mermaid and bondage fetishist.
      That’s what makes this “hidden in plain sight” fetishist situation so overwhelming for Karen.

      As for a sequel, none is planned. I’m not saying I won’t write one, but nothing is in the works at the moment.


      I strongly suspect that quite a few scuba divers are wetsuit fetishists…
      I’m a restriction fetishist and I see alpine ski boots as a restrictive device. I actually started to ski to have a reason to wear those boots in the open and not only in the privacy of my home, and each time I was fastening the buckles, I got that shiver down my spine and the urge to go tighter… only to loosen them once on the chairlift because they were cutting the blood flow. (stopped to ski because of work related issues and a knee injury – Only ski three times in the last 20 years)

  3. Hi Pierre,

    thanks a lot for taking the time answering to my post. I think I messed up describing what I felt and thought while reading that story. You really nailed it down with the words “hidden in plain sight”.
    It’s the mermaid thing what the tourists want to see.

    And that’s what I really like about that story!!!

  4. This story is amazing! Some of your non latex stories are my absolute favorites! You should definilty do a sequal!

    I’ll stop with the exclimations now 🙂

    But seriously I really love the ocupation/situational motivations in your stories because it allows for more characters and situtations and also for reluctant characters to give in to their desires without feeling too guilty/perverted.

    It would be great if you did a sequal… Maybe the other hotel puts her in their hotel bar aquarium or rent her out for events? Maybe she somehow gets locked in a new full mermaid suit that has finned hands to keep them from having to be wet all the time? Just some thoughts, looking forward to whatever you do next 😉

    1. Thank you very much. Really appreciated.
      Funny that the “non-latex stories” are your favorite, considering the website you reference.

      I don’t like “plain setups” (30 images of a model in a pair of handcuffs for examples) or bogus storyline (a burglar comes in, is caught and tied up five different ways).
      That’s why (most of) my stories have what I like to call a “fantasy storyline”, where there’s a progression, a purpose, a goal. The fetish, the kink is always the end results the parties are looking for, even if they don’t know it to start with.

      A sequel is always possible, depending what my imagination comes up with. You suggest good ideas, but there has to be a storyline to get there (and out of there).
      A thought I just had is that she might be testing a new breathing apparatus where she could stay underwater indefinitely, like a fish, but somehow, the device has a malfunction and can’t be stopped, and for some reason, she can’t take the suit/device off, so, she’s “stuck” to stay a mermaid for as long as a fix isn’t found.

      I’m not saying that I will write a sequel. Been there, done that, didn’t get the T-shirt and burned my hands because the storyline never worked out…
      But the thought is opened.


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