Latex Invasion


These images were part of a story I posted in my time on DeviantArt (2018) . In fact, it started as a wallpaper image, then followed another one, and another one, growing to 30 images or so, and a story to go along.

I barely had a comment out of it, people didn’t seemed to give a damn about it. And since I had no story, I sort of lost interest on it. (hence some of the last images looks rushed-out compared to my usual “quality”). – The same with The Latex Side of The Moon, where people weren’t interested.

The story has been written as it went, only on DA as I was adding one image at a time, meaning that I don’t have the text file for that story, since I didn’t copy it before wiping off my page. (why bother, people don’t care about it)

Someone recently asked me to put the images up again. I mean, hell, why not. But no story.

The synopsis of the story was as follow. A woman, who called herself the Queen (or something like that) sends on Earth her soldiers, all women, to transform the inhabitants of the planet into latex slave at her service.

So, the soldiers come down and start shooting people with “liquid latex guns”. However, although most are running away from them, some are voluntarily approaching, asking, demanding to be coated. (Especially in Germany… go figure…), puzzling the soldiers, making them lower their defenses.

Then they come across “Mistress” and her slaves (including Karen, the twin, the medics, guards, etc), who decided to take over. They capture two soldiers, coat them in latex, then put their suits on to go back to the Mothership to confront that so called Queen.

The Queen is brought back, by force, to Mistress’s Mansion and subject to, ahem… torture, as she surrenders to Mistress.

Here they are, in order of the story.

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7 thoughts on “Latex Invasion

  1. I remember Latex Invasion but I do not have the text.
    However, “Latex Side of the Moon” I found intriguing and I saved the text (I believe there were only two pilot episodes?):

    Karen – The Latex Side of The Moon (Pilot Episode, part 1)

    The human skin can survive without air. The best example is of someone swimming. One can stay underwater for a long time, provided air to breath, and he won’t die. The skin gets whitish and soft but it doesn’t die. (at one point it becomes bad, but, well, this is fantasy)
    It’s the atmospheric pressure around the body that needs to be maintained. Our own body pushes outward at 1 atmosphere, to counteract the regular atmospheric pressure. In the vacuum of space, you don’t have that pressure, and the body explodes. Well, actually, the blood boils off before; the lower the pressure, the lower the boiling point, but we’re getting too technical here.
    The only “spacesuit” needed is something to keep the one atmosphere pressure around the body. It could be achieved with a compression suit, something currently being developed by NASA and the MIT for forthcoming Mars missions. (just Google it)
    In my opinion, a couple of layers of latex and a carbon fiber corset would do the job. At least, Karen would volunteer for it. In her own style.

    [rest of text deleted by admin]

    1. Thanks, but please, consult with me BEFORE posting whole texts, especially in the comment section of something that is not related.
      I do still “own” these texts.

      TLSOTM is a full text file that I still have. Actually, three files: one for the story/script itself, another one for brainstorming ideas and a third one for detailed character development.
      This was a serious as it can get.

      I’ll post an image or two to explain to those who never saw it, what it was all about.

      1. oops – sincerely sorry about that!
        I read your post as that you had lost those texts – but either which way – yes, I should have simply contacted you, first.

        1. No sweat. No harm done, I mean, I wrote that story and you posted it on my site, so…
          I just wouldn’t want people start to nag me into putting it back online and continue it.


  2. Sadly I only found your devianart site shortly before you closed it down so was never able to appreciate your earlier works.

    I am amazed at the quality of your illustrations and the inventiveness of your stories. Even if people do not often comment, tick likes etc, do not lose heart. You provide some light relief in these peculiar times.

    1. Wow!! Thank you very much, Roger!
      Really appreciated.
      All my “early work”, story related, is all here, dating back to 1998.
      Only some art is missing, but since it was my early attempts at it, you don’t miss much, believe me.

      Kind regards,

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