Karen – Summer Camp


She was sitting on the straight chair, hands resting on her knees, head down, almost in a submissive pose. In front of her, on the other side of the heavy desk, was a man, looking at his computer screen.

“Well, Karen, You’ve been caught. You do know that smoking within the premises of the camp is not allowed, right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And you broke the rule. Do you admit it?”

“”No sir, I didn’t break the rule. I didn’t smoke.” she said, raising her head, looking at him straight in the eyes.

“Karen.” he said, letting out a sigh. “I have you, right here from the video surveillance, smoking in the dormitory. There are witnesses. You denying it constitutes a lie. You know the rules, Karen, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Very well. Go to the medical center. I’ll advise them to prepare you for the consequences.”

“Very well, sir.” she said, as she got up the chair and walked away, head down, looking ashamed but, if someone was to really, and I mean really look, one could see her lips twitch, almost forming a smile.

She walked off the administration building of the summer camp, a huge camp consisting of 6 barracks for the attendants, one barrack for the personnel and administration, and another one for medical purposes.

As she crossed the center place, people, men and women, were casually walking around, some in swimsuits, others dressed for a hike or a ride of mountain bike. There were countless activities and if one simply wants to do nothing, it’s their choice. They’re paying, after all.

But the summer camp had rules, like any other camp. One of them was not to smoke on the premises. She had to accept the consequences.

She entered the medical center. The receptionist was hanging up her phone, lookin at Karen with a disapproving look.

“Again… Go on.” she sighs.

Karen walked to the back, head low, where she entered a white tiled room.

There was a nurse, turning her back to the door.

“I’ll be right with you.” she said, “What can I do for y… oh. Karen.” she said, as she turned around. “Let me guess.”

Karen nodded a small yes.

“Okay, you know the drill,” said the nurse.

Karen stripped down completely while the nurse fetched something rather heavy, black, stored into a transparent bag. She tore it open, taking the content and throwing it at Karen who barely managed to catch it. It was quite slippery and unrolled to reveal a catsuit, but with a very shiny black finish.

Karen sat on the edge of the examination table and began to stretch the collar opening of the suit, like if she knew all about it, and fed her feet through it, grabbing gently the fabric which looked a lot like rubber, pulling it along her legs, one at a time, slowly, until her toes were wrapped into the attached toe socks, as the tight neck opening was pulled up, first at her knees, then at her thighs, then at her waist, as she worked the latex up her legs, smoothing any wrinkles that had formed.

She stood up and, using great flexibility, pulled the neck over her ample breasts and managed to squeeze one of her arms through the small opening and reach the sleeve, pushing it down to the attached glove. As soon as that shoulder was up, she repeated the procedure with the other arm and, accompanied with a funny sound, the rest of the air trapped inside the suit was expelled through the opening.

She smoothed out the wrinkles. The sorry grin she had when she entered was replaced by a large smile, she immediately concealed it when she saw the nurse’s disapproving face.

The  nurse came back with a long heavy rubber garment that she wrapped around Karen’s waist, tightening it, squishing Karen’s waist at the same time.

“The suit is to protect you from the rain, insect bites and the sun rays. This is to protect your spine and that,”  she said, pointing to a large leather band on a table, “is to hold your neck straight. I know you know it but I have to tell you anyway.” she said as she yanked the corset closed. The feeling was odd but Karen was sure it was tighter than… usual.

The nurse left the room to come back with a pair of strange footwear, forcing the feet down, making Karen stand on her toes. She laced the small booties tightly.

“So that you don’t run off.” she said with a monotone voice. “As if you would.” she mumbled in her breath.

Finally, she took the large collar and applied it around Karen’s neck, forcing her head up and pretty much immobile.

She took the desk phone, dialed a number and her voice was heard throughout the leisure center.

“Lynda, report to the medic center, please.”

The nurse walked out, leaving Karen alone. A few minutes later, a blond woman entered.

“Yes, nurse, what… Fuck! Karen!” she exclaimed. “Alright, come with me.” she said, holding the door opened so that Karen could walk out, her extreme heels clicking on the tiled floor, her rubber skin creaking with every move.

“Hide that fucking smile, Karen.” mumbled Lynda as the latex clad woman walked by.

She was led outside, apparently not that impaired to walk on soft ground with the extreme footwear. The tight corset forced her to keep a very upright stand that seemed to actually help. 

Lynda led her to the forest, near a trail, where there was a lot of shadow, where a large wooden frame appeared amidst the trees. She backed Karen to it and took a bunch of rope lying nearby and proceeded to fix Karen to the frame, arms spread over her eyes and legs spread wide so that she was totally supported by the frame.

She grabbed a pouch lying on the ground.

“Good thing I forgot it here last week. Almost as if I somewhat knew.” she said, putting a purple leather harness over Karen’s head, forcing a large panel/ball gag through her mouth and applying a blindfold. All Karen could do is moan softly through the panel gag.

Lynda took a few steps back and looked at her world.

“Not bad. See you later, Karen.” she said, walking away, leaving Karen to her punishment: sealed in rubber, tied up to a frame in the woods, for five days.

Later that afternoon, Lynda went to check on her disciplined customer, bringing a bottle of water. She inserted the tip to a small hole at the front of the panel gag and squeezed, looking at Karen swallowing.

“Everything’s alright in there?” she asked, to which Karen nodded  yes.

“Very good. See you at sundown.” she said, turning around as two guests happened to walk by.

“What is going on here?” asked the man, holding his pretty girlfriend.

“Oh, she’s being punished for smoking on the premises.”

“Oh wow! She must be a heavy smoker.” said the woman.

“Not that much. Anyway, just one cigarette is one too many.” said Lynda.

“But isn’t it a little, I mean… weird? And how long is she going to be like that?” asked the man.

“Well, yeah, but somehow, someone listed that punishment in the rule book and the new headmaster swore, at the start of the summer, that all rules would be applied, no matter what. So… Yes, it’s extreme, almost silly, but rules are rules. She’s gonna be there for five days.” said Lynda, gesturing that she couldn’t do anything about it.

“She sure won’t try to smoke again.” said the woman.

“Oh, it’s not her first offence.”

“Oh, really? Her second one I assume, just to test the rules.”

“Actually, it’s her eighth time.”

“Eighth time?” exclaimed the man. “How long has she been here?”

“Eight weeks… She signed up for the whole summer, 16 weeks.” added Lynda.

“Wow… That’s… “ said the woman, who made a gesture wanting to touch the latex enclosed woman but refrained at the last minute. “And all she did was smoke a cigarette?”.

“Yes.” said Lynda.

“Oh my…” said the woman, evidently entranced by the sight, so much that her boyfriend almost had to drag her on to continue on the trail.

Lynda left Karen there and went on with her other duties, only to come back at sundown, carrying a large velvet bag. She kneeled by Karen and looked around to make sure they were alone. She gently opened the crotch zipper which had Karen moan softly. She opened the velvet bag and retrieved two rather large dildos. She firmly pushed one up Karen’s butt and inserted the other one inside her vagina, teasing Karen by toing in and out a few times, before pushing it in hard and closing the zipper, trapping the dildos in place.

She got up and approached Karene’s head.

“There.” she whispered. “Have fun and please, don’t wake up the neighborhood like the last time. We’re gonna get caught and they will figure out that you tampered with the computer and put that rule there and we will be expelled. They still haven’t figured out how you sneaked in this suit and this bondage post, but they will. You are here for fun, I’m here to earn money and I don’t want to lose my job. Understood?”

“Karen grunted, but she understood. She will have to be more careful, maybe even skip a week or two.”

It wasn’t long after Lynda was gone that the dildos, on random fire, began their little dance, pumping Karen, making her struggle against her bonds, which only increased her teasing, leading to the first powerful orgasm of the night. She tried hard not to scream too loud so that the barrack nearby would hear, although it was 30m away! Some reported  hearing wolves, but some qualified it as a woman in distress.

She found sleep when the batteries were drained out, about two-thirds into the night.

Just before sunrise, she was awakened by someone fondling her crotch. She felt the dildos being removed, along with some juice that was collected in a small plastic container which quickly got covered.

“Well, Karen, you’ve done it, apparently,” said Lynda.

“Mffaatt?” she mumbled over her gag.

“The woman that came this afternoon as I was giving  you water, well, she was caught smoking… Looks like she will be the one hung in here next week. The headmaster is pissed off.”

“Feeaallmmy?” said Karen.

“Yes, really.”


“What?… Toys? I… I don’t think so. They’re not part of… Anyway, gotta go before they catch me.” she said, hearing a branch crack nearby, turning around and ending face to face with that same woman.

“Do… Do I get the toys too, or is this an extra?” she asked.

Lynda was speechless.

Karen was giggling.

© monsterp63

 August 11, 2021

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