TLSOTM and Space Karen


The Latex Side of The Moon.

Now, some of you might have read some references to it (in the comment section of Latex Invasion.)

So, for those who don’t know anything about it here’s a little bit of what this WAS all about.

TLSOTM was to be a kind of TV series, with episodes and seasons. No timeframe for posting between episodes nor the number of episodes in one season.
It had been posted (on Deviant Art) as one Season (1) of 10 episodes and I had 2 episodes in the works for Season 2.
FYI, the story script file is 68 pages long.

It was not a fetish story. It was a S-F STORY with a fetish twist.

A new Moonbase is setup on the Far Side of the Moon. It is decided, for a bunch of reasons, that the “Moon people” will be totally sealed in latex, corseted, intubated, wear pointed boots, the whole gig. (of course all for their protection, easy living, and so forth).

Their latex suit was also very well equipped in “D-Rings” about everywhere so they can be securely fastened to whatever device they were using, whether it was piloting the spaceship or the rover.

The S-F STORY was dominant. The fetish, the “Moonbase people” (they were 6, 3 women and 3 men) being totally sealed in latex, was just there to add some, well, fetish to it. Someone coined the term “Science-Fetish Story”.

The premise of the story was how six people, totally sealed in rubber, corseted, etc, would live their everyday lives. I decided to set things up in “space” so that it would open new horizons.

People were not interested. There weren’t, obviously, hot sexual scenes, open bondage, teasing, and stuff. They had to live their life in latex. Of course, there was some “fantasy bondage” all required by the situations (like they were sleeping in vacbeds because of the low gravity). The story was about meeting aliens who lived, undisturbed until now, on the Far Side of the Moon.

I don’t fully recall but I’m sure I had created a lot more than the 12 or so images I still have of it. Then again, it might have been one image or so per episode.

Here are a few.

Would I get back to it? Simple answer: NO. Too much work for what it’s worth. And the lack of interest. (That may change…)

The story has been re-vamped and posted HERE


Space Karen was another attempt at a Science-Fetish series. Karen is well known outside the Earth. In fact, people out-there are following her adventures through weekly episodes (or something like that). – Again, posted on DA

Then, a bounty hunter captures Karen and brings her in, for the reward.

However, Karen’s uniqueness is quickly made to profit these aliens, and she embarks into silly adventures where her fetish side is put into contribution. Again, not a lot of sex scenes, but sexy outfits. The bounty hunter becomes the “leader” of the duo on those strange adventures.

As for TLSOTM, people were not interested.

Here are a few images.

Would I go back to it? Well, you probably guessed it: NO. For the same reasons as above.

I put my heart and soul into these stories, creating the characters, the universe, the stories and, either I’m a bad storyteller, or people don’t give a shit. I suspect that last one, so, I don’t give a shit either.


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6 thoughts on “TLSOTM and Space Karen

  1. It’s a shame as I think that “ The Latex Side of The Moon” was some of your best and most entertaining work and I always looked forward to it being published on DA.

    If a shame that people that people didn’t get it but it had rubber, kinkiness, semi perm enclosure; yes the sexual scenes were lacking but if your just here for that your in the wrong place.

    You managed to marry up so much and make us want to undergo the process; and I for one will be sad that The Latex Side of The Moon or a thing of a similar vain will not be continuing.

    PS could not with a little more graphical explaining dog how they were suited up and prepped 😋 but that is just me 😜

    1. Thank you very much, Michelle.

      Well, people wants more than latex. On my IG account, I get twice the number of likes at a bondage image than at a plain latex image.
      Take “Model”: I got double the likes on the image where Karen is tied up on the chair, than when she’s casually walking fully suited at the end of the story.

      Of course, the DA community is “Take all and do nothing or complain there’s not enough”, which is one of the reason I ran out of there.

      For TLSOTM, I had character development. I mean, each one has to have its own personality or they would be “all Karens”. Plotting the stuff was a lot of work. I had a plan of the Moonbase, with everything labeled so I would know if they have to turn right or left to go to the kitchen. I had a map of where the other bases (Russian and Aliens) were on the Moon so I “knew” where to travel, the crater’s name, the difficulties, the direction etc. The story had to make sense, and I had to add fetish and kinks to it. Most people don’t realize the amount of “behind the scene work” required to create something that extensive. I mean, I’m alone to do all of that. I don’t have a room full of writers. And this is a hobby, not my main job.

      I’ve said it often, I do that for fun, because I like to create. My only rewards/pay are the likes and the comments.
      No likes and no comments (or very few) only means one thing: people are not interested. So, why would I do something for “no pay”?

      Hell, someone rated “Summer Camp” with 2 stars and no comments (so, I don’t know why he/she dislikes it). I start to feel DA users have infiltrated my followers… However, there are enough “true followers” to get me to go on.

      And me too, I would have like to “explained” in more details the encasement process of TLSOTM. However, in those days, my DAZ3D skills were not what they are today, and even today, I’m not sure I could pull it off.


  2. Shame that I did not come across your DeviantArt page before this. This seems intriguing. Did you per chance written about the “suiting-up” phase? That part is what I find most attractive/interesting.

    Idea for a future snippet. Perhaps just reworking the prep phase as a stand alone story?

    1. Yeah, too bad.
      Unfortunately, except for the images, I haven’t kept anything else, save for the character description. This ‘adventure’ is behind me.
      And without sounding too bold, the suiting-up scene is pretty much the same as any other “permanent” suiting-up scene I’ve written: intubating, plugs, multilayer coating and carbon-fiber accessories.


  3. After Literal years of trying to find this pics and story again, i finally found it. I read it and was in love with the idea of the story! Kink aside, it was very grappling and i recall reading it on DA. But i am sad that you have moved on and deleted the pics and story….I guess j am too late. For what it was worth, i truly enjoyed reading and following the story. And recall the last i read was at the plot hanger about something to do with the dark side or so. And wondering who or what was the invisible alien.

    Thanks for letting us know what happened to it. I hope to at least see the pics again for nostalgia purposes! Even if you forgot the story line ^~^

    Those pic were very well made

    1. Yes, it’s too bad, but it is what it is.
      Lots of work for no rewards. I still have the storyline somewhere within my brain but of course, quite incomplete.
      The “aliens” saved the base from the asteroid hit and took contact with them, but only with the moon people. They wanted their existence to be kept secret from Earth. (gheesh, wonder why…), even creating a new alliance, without Earth knowledge. That was as far as I was for “season 2”. I was building this one episode at a time.

      I had another “science-fetish” story in the works. It was to be a “graphic story”, you know, images with “bubble” text, like a comic book. It had 8 chapters (all script completed), each chapter requiring 30+ renders (chapter 2 had 80-something renders). I have the bios (background) of 8 characters, something like 4 or 6 “worlds” with travel time and location within the Galaxy (star map), all designed and “test rendered”.
      The first two chapters were rendered and the pages laid out.
      I even got a software (demo only) to help me make the layout and perhaps even “sell” it.
      There was A LOT of work put into that, hours and hours, just for 2 chapters.
      The story was called “Treasure Seekers: The Red Crystal”.
      The synopsis was that those treasure seekers were called by someone who had a tip for a rare crystal that was thought to be a legend, but upon trying to give it to them, he gets killed. However, they retrieve the crystal but don’t know what to do with it (because the guy died before being able to give them the needed information). It seems to hide some kind of a star map.
      They manage to read the map and (space) travel to the places in question. On each of the places, one of the Treasure Seekers (3) is taken “prisoner” and put into a, ahem… kinky situation (the first one is mummified. The second one is cocooned in a granite suit, the third one is encased in a vacuum bed, then when all 3 are enclosed, they are all “connected”, are enjoying the most fantastic orgasm anyone has ever lived, and they are given important knowledge before being released.
      Of course, during their quest, they are chased by “bad guys” (the one who killed the first informer) and they even get the crystal stolen at one point.
      But after 2 chapters, I was not happy with it. The “kinky setup” didn’t worked out, I couldn’t figure out what the “ultimate knowledge” (worthy of killing them all to get the crystal) was, so I abandoned it, Maybe someday, I will have the flash, the idea that will make it work.

      I still have everything on it. All the renders, all the script, all the bios, everything. Just waiting for the right spark of inspiration.
      I’m looking at the 2cm thick binder with all the info and research as I’m writing this and my mind is wandering…

      One day. One day…

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