Karen – Train Station


Author’s note:

I had no clue where this story was going. The “woman in latex at the train station” was inspired by an image I saw on social media, where a fully latex clad woman, sitting on a bench, was waiting with a suitcase by her side.

I had no idea where I was going with it, and pondered for a FEW DAYS where I was heading, what would happen when he would go back to work and afterwards.

As I was slowly writing one short section at a time, wondering where I would go (did I say that I had no clue which direction this thing was going??? Oh, sorry for repeating myself….), it suddenly became a description of a fantasy of mine, how my “dream girlfriend” could be.

It’s not exactly as I would like it to be, I mean, I’m a bondage fetishist and I like to be tied up myself, but, anyway… That’s the story.

I feel it’s kind of personal.

Whether you rate it One or Five, I don’t give a damn. This is MY fantasy, more than one story.

(Note… I don’t work in IT… and there’s no train station where I live… Bummer…)

Anyways… On with the story.


The sound of her high heels was reverberating in the near empty train station, attracting the attention of the few people that were there.

She spotted an empty bench, walked to it, heels clicking, then sat, her extra-tight leather corset complaining.

Her bum reaching the bench was accompanied with a loud clunk, made by the crotch steel strap of her chastity belt.

She let out a sigh as she put her small suitcase down by her side.. A short one, her lungs not being able to fully expand, thanks to the corset.

Instinctively, she rubbed her scalp, expecting to find hairs, but her latex covered hand only slid on her latex covered skull.

People turned around, some in shock, some curious, some oblivious to the shiny black rubber encased woman.

She fidgeted with her ticket with her rubber clad fingers, small padlocks dangling from the locked leather cuffs circling her wrists, head down, apparently on the verge of sobbing.

A man approached, looking at her, walking past her then hesitating, turned around and approached her.

“Is there something wrong, miss?”

“No… I’ll, I’ll be fine.” she said, repressing a sob.

“Ah…” said the man, hesitating, making a step backward then returning. “Okay… Err… Do you mind if I sit besides you?”

“Uh… Oh… No, I don’t mind.” she said, still keeping her head down.

He hesitated again, then slowly sat, on the other end of the bench so as not to invade her privacy. He could have chosen any other empty bench as there were plenty, but he chose that one, besides that latex clad woman. She looked at him from the corner of her eye, placing a hand on the handle of her suitcase. If he was to attempt anything, she would swing the suitcase in his face. That was her plan, of course.

“The… the shine of your latex looks fabulous.” he managed to say, not too loud. “What shining product do you use?”

She was puzzled. There she was, sobbing, and he was asking about which shine she was using?

“I’m really sorry,” he quickly added. “I felt talking about the weather or the classic ‘you come here often’ kind of out of place. I’m Derek.” he said, extending a hand, then nervously retracting it.

She giggled a little. The ice was broken.

“I’m Karen.” she said, simply making a simple hello gesture from her latex gloved right hand, which made it creak against her latex thigh.

They stood there, in silence, Karen fighting the urge to cry.

“Listen. You seem in distress…” he said, “I… I just want to help if I can.” he said, then to Karen’s silence, he silently put his hand over his knees and was about to get up when she opened up.

“My… My boyfriend just dumped me.” she said.

“Oh, I’m really sorry.” he said, half getting up, half sitting down, still unsure which way he should go.

“I’m a fetishist… Well, I think it’s kind of obvious.” she said, to which he gently put his weight back on the bench.

“And he dumped you because he… discovered it?”

“Yes… No… I mean, he knew about it. We’ve been living together for over a year. I’ve always lived my life with my fetishes, you know, high heels, tight clothes, vinyl, latex, bondage, domi… darn, I must be freaking you out with all that.” she said, turning her head to him, for the first time, eyes red, but the start of a smile, of a giggle forming on her lips.

“Well, I did see the stickers on your suitcase and I sat beside you. If I was getting freaked out by what you look like, I wouldn’t have stayed, or offered help, don’t you think?”

“Ah… yes, of course.” she said, suddenly more confident, straightening her upper body, turning slightly to her left, toward the man”

“We were having some… you know…”

“Sex… Just call what it is by its name.” he said, smiling.

“Well, yes and no. We weren’t at that yet. I just got dressed up and that’s when he usually ties me up, you know, because, well, I like it that way, and, he… he just got into the room, looked at me and said “I can’t lie anymore. I don’t like it. Go… Just go.” and he turned around, opened the door and waited for me to get out. This suitcase was already ready, so I grabbed it and walked away.

“Damn, that’s harsh. And I guess there’s no, erm… vanilla clothes in the suitcase?”

“I guess, I don’t know, I haven’t opened it.” she said, with a sigh. “I don’t have much vanilla clothes anyway.”

“I see.” he said, both of them falling into that eerie silence again. “So, what are you up to now?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where to go, so I bought an open ticket, one way, anywhere along that line. I’ll get down when I feel ready, I suppose.” she said, letting out a sob, head down.

“Maybe you should take the time to think it over before making a bad decision,” he said. “I… damn, don’t think I’m like that with everybody, but… I mean… I do have a spare room at my house. You’re welcome to spend a few days there, if you feel up to it, I mean, I know we don’t know each other at all, and…”

“Yeah, what are you doing here, at this late hour anyway?” she asked. “Fishing on lost souls??

“I actually work here for the train company in I.T. We had a server down because someone screwed with the DHCP… well, we had problems and I just fixed it. I’m heading home.” he said, getting up, “And I really should be going. Still have half an hour to drive, I live in the suburbs.” he said.

“And… how do I know you’re not just some sort of… opportunist, a sicko or something.”

He smiled.

“Have you looked at how you’re dressed? Anyway, if I wanted to abuse you, I’m kind of… locked out, right?” he said, discretely pointing at her chastity belt.

She giggled.

“I’m Derek.” he said, extending his hand a second time but this time, it was firm.

“I’m Karen.” she answered, taking his hand and holding on to it as she pulled herself up. “I… I think I’ll take your offer. You look like a nice guy and, well, there’s safety cameras everywhere around here, so if anything happens…”

“Oh, you can be sure the security team is staring at their monitors with the zoom focused on us, or rather you.” he said with a wink, looking at a camera and waving.”

He led her out of the terminal, heels clicking, leather creaking, restraints clinking. 

“Wait.” she said as she stopped at the base of an escalator. “Can you hold this?” she asked as she put the suitcase in a position where he would have to hold it with his arms. He was stunned by the sheer weight of it.

She opened it and smiled.

“I figured he would have packed these… Yes… Thank you.” she said, closing it and putting it down. “Would you, ahem… mind?” she said, producing quick links, holding them in her fingers and placing her arms on her back. “I… you know, it’s just…”

“Yeah, I figured it out. You’re sure? I mean, you will be even more impaired.”

“That’s the thrill.” she said.

He took the links.

“Why two? You want me to chain one to the other?” he asked.

“No, one for the wrists and one for the elbows.”

Eyebrows raising, he fastened her wrists together then pulled her elbows close and screwed the other link. He happened to catch the puzzled expressions of the person nearby and smiled. Yeah, it must look weird.

Karen’s breath shakes.

“Darn. Feels so good.” she softly said, twisting her shoulders, testing her bonds. “Okay, just give me my suitcase back.” she said, wiggling her fingers. “You should not be carrying anything.” she said as she grabbed a hold of the handle, but she couldn’t walk for long before dropping the suitcase.

“I guess, I can’t…” she said, looking at him with pleading eyes.

He giggled and picked up the suitcase, showing the way but leaving Karen leading, obviously to have a look at her walk. She felt confident. He didn’t try any crazy moves, or groping. He seemed to be very respectful, delicate. He had all the chance in the world to touch her, to grab her while he was tying her hands, but he did nothing else than applying the quick links.

Under the weird looks of passerby, they got up the escalator and out into the parking lot, lit only by the harsh parking lights.

“This way” he said, leading her to an employee reserved parking area, a little proof that he was indeed working there.

And out of the terminal they went to the parking lot where he directed her to a luxury SUV. The only sounds heard were her clicking heels and she shuffling of her latex bound arms rubbing against her leather corset.

“That’s a nice ride.” she said, pointing at the SUV with a nod of the head.

“Err, no, it’s the sports car besides it.”

“Oh…” she said. “Wait… is that licence plate reading ‘latex’??”

“Yeah…” he said with a nervous giggle. “That’s actually a scientific document editing software.”

“Riiight?” she said, not believing it.

“Well, the official meaning of it anyways” he said, taking the remote and calling the top down.

They reached the car and he opened the passenger door then reached for her arms to free them. She swiftly turned around.

“No, I have to be restrained at all times, remember?.” she said.

“Uh, okay.” he answered, then helped her take place. He took the seat belt then reached over her to fasten it, putting his hand on her latex covered thigh to get a hold, his face almost pressing against her ample latex covered breasts. He could smell the mix of latex and leather and her hot breath on his neck. He couldn’t resist slightly squeezing the latex thigh as he got back up.

“S… sorry.” he said, looking shy.

“Oh, you could have squeezed that thing a lot harder than that, even squeeze those babies if you wanted to.” she said, pumping and shaking her chest.

“Ah, yes…” he said, blushing. “But we’re still, well, strangers, and there’s cameras everywhere and…”

She giggled. He closed the door and took the suitcase he had put on the ground to store it behind the seats.

“Wait.” she said. “Could you, you know… fix this?” she said, opening and closing her legs, hitting her ankle cuffs hard together.

“Really? It’s not like you can get out of the car already, just with the seatbelt, I mean, even without the belt, you wouldn’t be able to open the door.”

“Like I said, I have to be kept… restrained.” she said. “There’s more stuff in the suitcase for that.”

He took the suitcase out and startled at the toys, mainly the size of them, as well as more cuffs, collars and miscellaneous hardware in it. There was absolutely no piece of clothing in this thing but it explained the rather heavy weight of it.

He found another carabiner and linked her ankles together.

“There.” he softly said. “Any… anything else?”

“Weeelll…” she said, stretching the word, “You wouldn’t have, you know, some kind of strap to…” she said, bending her knees until her feet were against the seat, “maybe if you can link my ankles, from under the seat then back up to my collar, that would prevent me from doing this.” she said as she bent forward.

He stood there for a moment, in disbelief. There was this pretty young woman he met just a few minutes ago, wrapped in tight latex, arms and legs tied up, sitting in his car, asking for more restraints. Was that a prank? Does she have some secret police waiting for her to give the signal so he would get arrested for abduction or something.

“Don’t you think this is a little extreme, for a first encounter, I mean? You don’t know me, I don’t know you. How can you trust me? So easily?”

“Well, I have a sort of intuition that I can trust you. Also, you gave me your name as Derek, and the reserved parking space  has a sign stating ‘Derek, I.T.’, there are, as you said, cameras everywhere…”

“The same intuition that led you to that same boyfriend who just dumped you?” he asked with a grin.

“Uh… Well… that’s a different feeling this time. So, do you have those straps or not?” she said with pleading eyes. “Rope would also do the trick, you know?”

He rolled his eyes in disbelief and went to the trunk and got a hardware store shopping bag.

“I actually bought those today.” he said, producing a package of six nylon straps with quick tightening.

Karen went wide-eyed!

“YES! YES! AWESOME!” she yelled.

He opened the passenger door and tore open the package, taking the first straps and wrapping it tightly multiple turns around her knees, going over and below them and tightening them, inquiring if it was too tight, but to his dismay, it was never tight enough. He had to redo the wrapping a few times for her to be happy.

He used another strap to wrap her thighs to the seat, forcing her legs to be extended and he tightened it until she was well sinking in the seat.

He added a third strap, passing it in D links from her chastity belt and then tightened it behind the seat, and one last one around her upper chest and the backrest, again, tightening it as tight as he could.

Karen’s breathing was becoming heavier with each pull. She definitely liked it.

“How… how is it?” he asked.

“Wonderful. I… I would like everything tighter but you probably can’t go any further” she said.

That was enough to trigger his ‘man powers’ and he pulled with all his strengths, sinking her deeper into the leather seat.

“Oooohhh. Gosh! Feels SOOOO good.” she managed to say.

“Okay, that’s enough. I’m eager to get home.” he said, closing the door.

“But… you still have two more straps to use. How about one around my waist and the other one to hold my head?” she asked.

“Fuck it, Karen. It’s a half hour ride and I’m eager to get home.” he said, seemingly pissed off and taking his driver seat.

“S… sorry.” she said. “I got carried away.”

He started the engine and put the car in gear. 

“This is going to be the talk of the day at the office.” he said as he screeched out of the parking lot, Karen smiling, barely moving from her really well restrained position.

He drove home, top down, on that hot summer night, seeing the street light reflecting on the shiny black female form, very well strapped up , sitting beside him.

He had a hard time concentrating on the traffic. He had a few stares at some red lights where someone with a large pick-up truck pulled besides him.

The guy made wide eyes then yelled.

“Hey lady! Are you alright?”

“Not really.” she answered.

“What the hell?” interjected Derek.

“Need  help?” asked the burly man, ready to jump off his truck.

“Well, he has two more straps  he doesn’t want to use them on me. It would be nice if you could add them up, I mean I can still move my head and my shoulders, also tighten all those already there a lot tighter would be awesome.” she said, looking at the burly guy, smiling..

“You are freaking nuts!” he said, speeding away as the light was still red.

Karen giggled.

“Gets them every time.” she said smiling at Derek who was stunned, mouth agape. “You should drive, the light is green, now.” she said, laughing.

Derek shook his head and drove off, finally reaching his home. He parked the car in his garage.

He untied Karen and invited her inside, leading her in the basement where the guest’s room was located.

“There.” he said as  he removed the quicklinks securing her arms. “There’s a bathroom there. You do… what you do. I’m going to bed now. Good night.” he said, leaving her.

“Wait? Don’t you tie me up for the night?”

“I… I’m going to bed, Karen. Good night.” he said, not believing it.

He got undressed to his underwear and jumped into the satin sheets of his large king sized bed, quickly falling asleep.

The sound of clinking chains drew his attention and he slightly lowered his newspaper as the sound got closer, mixed with the creaking of rubber and leather.

The smell of latex reached his nose as the rubber clad woman stopped by his side and struggled to put the cup of coffee on the table, impaired by the heavy steel restraints linking her wrists together.

He could hear her short breath, impaired by the extra-tight leather corset crushing her waist as she tried to bend down, her face completely covered by a gasmask, hiding the numerous tubes going inside her nostril and mouth to keep her fed, hydrated and breathing.

She put the cup down, almost spilling some coffee out of the cup, which would have meant immediate punishment, but she didn’t.

Oh, sometimes she did, accidentally, and more often voluntarily: she loved being teased and tormented.

He turned his head, watching the tightly encased butt struggle to make steps, limited by the short hobble chain and her extreme ballet toe boots. She was nonetheless a very nice sight to see and he would never grow bored of looking at it, at her long legs, her firm butt, her tiny waist, ample breasts, and the shine of her black latex second skin, into which she had been sealed for quite a couple of years, now.

He heard, in the distance, an alarm, a strange sound. The latex slave vanished as well as the richly furnished dining room he was in, to be replaced by the ceiling of his bedroom, dimly lit by the sun trying to find its way through the closed blinds.

Grunting, he stretched his arm to reach the night table, to grab his ringing cell phone.

“Yeah, Derek, here.” he grunted. “… what?… Err…What time is it?… You…  You know I barely slept 4 hours and… Yeah… Okay. Give me some time to take a show… Okay. Don’t blame me if the smell is foul.”  he said, ending the call, letting his arm drop by his side with a long sigh.

“Fuck… What the?” he said, hearing some moaning by his side.

He turned his head, only to meet the face of a latex clad woman, eyes wide opened, mouth filled with a large red ball gag held by a leather head harness. She was laying on her side, arms in her back linked to her ankles.

“Karen? What the hell are you doing here?” he asked.

“Mo’ing.” she said, evidently smiling behind her ball gag.

“How…” he said, looking at how she was secured: she had used a pair of police cuffs for her wrists and linked another pair between her wrists and the D-links of her ankles cuffs. “I hope you have the key for them,” he whispered.

“Mee mfoo.” she giggled.

“In other times I would have… never mind. I have to get to the office. Apparently, the director is pissed off. Maybe something wrong I did with the server, I don’t know. I have to go there ASAP. I really don’t have time for that.” he said, stumbling to find his balance, getting to the basement and walking back a few moments later with a ring of keys.

He easily found the cuff key and removed them.

“I’m pretty sure you know how to take your gag off.” he said, grabbing his pants and a clean shirt. “I don’t know when I’ll be back, so please… well… behave. We’ll discuss what to do next when I’ll be back.” he said, quickly grabbing a pair of socks, putting his shoes on and leaving.

Karen heard the car drive away. She was alone. She stretched on the large black satin covered bed, enjoying the comfort of it, running her latex covered hands over her latex body, squishing her breasts along the way, going down to her chastity belt, moaning through her gagged mouth. She was so hot. Already. Spending the night bound was just so enjoyable and relaxing.

At the train station headquarters, the receptionist made a grin seeing Derek in such a gruffy state come in.

“I think the Director is waiting for me.” he said with a raspy voice, obviously lacking some caffeine.

“Hello Derek… Man, you look like trash… I don’t have any particular instructions about that, let me see.” she said, calling his office. “You can go in.” she said, puting the phone down.

He entered the richly furnished where the Director was sitting behind his desk.

“Hey, Derek. I wasn’t expect… What the hell? Were you run over by a train or what?” he asked.

“I spent half the night here, got to bed at almost 04:00 and Phil phoned me stating that you wanted to see me ASAP, no excuses, so I came. What is so urgent, sir?”

“I… I know you spent half the night here, I mean I can see the results, everything is working fine, and I wasn’t even expecting you today… I told Phil that I’d like to see you when you’ll come in, not to get you out of bed. I’ll have a talk with him.”

“Anyway, I’m here… What can I do for you, sir?”

“Hum… give me a moment…” he said, clicking on his computer then turning the screen so that Derek could see it. It was a video where a woman wearing a full latex catsuit was walking into the station. She sat. A few moments later, they could see Derek coming closer. He knew what this was all about.

“Yes… that’s me, sir. What seems to be the problem? Did I do something against the rules?”

“What? No. This clip was circulating this morning, a montage made by the security team. I, for myself, see nothing wrong with it. As far as I can tell, you didn’t forced that woman into your car

Yes, tying her up is weird but from what I see by your expressions is that she asked for it, right? As for rules, you were out of the clock, well way out of the clock, so it’s personal time and personal business. I don’t give a fuck. Do you know that woman?”

“No, well, yes, sort of. Her name is Karen. I met her last night on the platform like the video show. She was sobbing. I asked her what was wrong, she said her boyfriend dumped her and she had nowhere to go. I offered her my spare room for the night. Then she asked to be tied up for the trip.”

“And where is she now?”

“Still at my place, sir. I mean, I didn’t have much time this morning to talk to her… right?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry. Go back home and rest. Take the whole day off with pay for your troubles and be sure to put a call-in for this morning on your timesheet. I’ll have a word with Phil… and the security team. Thank you for coming.” he said, getting back to his business.

“Thanks..” he mumbled, dragging his feet out of the office and back to his car. He still had, with the daily traffic, close to an hour to get back home from the main office, which is not as conveniently located at the terminal.

He was driving, looking at the empty passenger seat but easily imagining that woman, tightly tied up in the seat, the morning sun reflecting on her shiny latex suit, her  thighs and breasts slowly dancing with every bump on the road. He could imagine the toys, deeply inserted inside her crotch, stroking with each bump, helped with the steel chastity belt. She would smile behind her gag, head firmly held straight by a posture collar and more straps.

From the corner of his eyes he saw something: the light was red and there was a stopped car in front of him. He slammed the brakes, screeching to a halt, stopping a hair width to hitting it.

That woke him up good and he gestured a sorry sign to the driver who was looking stunned in his mirror. That would have been something odd to describe to his insurance agent.

(Insurance): How did this happen?

(Him): Oh, I was distracted.

(Insurance): By what?

(Him): By the latex clad bound woman I imagined sitting in the passenger seat.

(Insurance): The… What???

Meanwhile, at home, Karen was looking for something to do. It wasn’t her house and Derek didn’t give her permission or even tasks or anything. She slowly walked the corridors, peeking into each room, gently rubbing her latex enclosed thighs. She just loved the tingling sensation her fingers sent, even though it was through two layers of latex. She tried to take a deep breath and marvelled at how tight and restrictive her corset was. She loved all of it: the latex, the constriction, the restriction. If only her dream could come true.

She came across what would be his office. There, the computer, already on, the twin screens on  screen saver. She looked around, just to make sure there was nobody else with her and sat on the leather chair, her latex outfit creaking against the soft leather. Maybe she could learn something about him.

To make sure she would do this in silence, she walked back to the bedroom and put on the harness ball gag Derek had removed when he woke up. Better to be safe than sorry. She didn’t know what she would find.

As she touched the mouse, the screen saver went away, revealing his wallpaper. At first, she was stunned, and let out a gag-muffled “shit” (or rather Pffikh!) then she smiled. Better than expected.

She opened his internet browser which opened some apps with thumbnailed favorites. She smiled and she giggled, clicking on one of them.

After some time, she decided that she might clean the dirty dishes from the kitchen sink instead of spying on his computer. She walked back downstairs to her suitcase, opened it and took a small padlock she expertly put between her wrist cuffs, linking them together, and taking another padlock in her hands before walking back upstairs. Well, she was not to do any sort of tasks unimpaired, wouldn’t she. Once upstairs, she used the second padlock to link her ankles together. They were now so close that taking the stairs was out of the question, meaning unable to reach the padlock keys. She realized at the same time that she had no clue when Derek would come back. He didn’t knew himself. It could be in a minute or… next morning!

She hobbled her way to the kitchen sink and filled it with soapy water. She didn’t take care of the splashing water and soap suds on her shiny skin, the feeling of the hot water was just great and the look of the soap buds slowly sliding down her arms or her stomach was beautiful to watch. And if there was a splashing disaster to wash off the floor or counter, just so be it. It would be just more fun!

With her wrists linked together this close, she could only do one dish at a time. There wasn’t a lot, just a pot and a few plastic lunch containers. That was too bad. That’s when she noticed the dishwasher. She opened it and it was over half-full of dirty dishes. That would give her something to do.

She proceeded to remove one piece at a time, wash it and put it to drip dry while she fetched the drying cloth hanging on the oven door, walked back to the sink, dry the piece she had just put on, put it in the cabinet, place the drying cloth back on the oven door and fetch another piece from the dishwasher, back to the sink again. All that struggling with her bound hands, hobbling with her bound ankles, fighting the tight and unyielding corset, working her balance. That was time consuming and a lot of wasted steps, but that’s what she liked. Made her feel how impaired she was for a longer time, making her sweat, always feeling how tight her latex skin was.

As if it was perfectly timed, she was putting the last piece in the cabinet when Derek drove up the driveway, got out of the car and walked head down, dragging his feet.

“Oh my gosh!” she said to herself. “I got him fired!!” She thought, struggling to remove her  harness ball gag but with her wrists tied to close together, reaching the buckles at the back of her head proved nearly impossible, which was a nice feature in normal times, but not now.

Derek opened the door and looked up, stunned for a few moments at the shiny womah, wrists and ankle bounds, trying to frantically take off her ball gag. He immediately thought she was in distress and rushed to her, easily unbuckling the harness.

“Are you okay? You shouldn’t tie yourself up alone like that. It’s dangerous.” he said.

“Oh, I’m fine, I wasn’t in distress, I was just trying to take it off before you came in. How are you?  You look depressed. Did my… stunt get you fired? I’m so sorry.” she said.

“What? Fired? No. I’m not depressed, just extremely tired. If you don’t mind, I’ll just go to bed. You can do… whatever you were doing.” he said, heading for the bedroom.

She followed, taking a lot longer time than him to reach the bedroom, where he was already undressed and slipping under the bedsheets. She leaned against the doorframe.

“You’re a latex fetishist.” She said, bluntly.

“I… What? What makes you say so?” he asked.

“I… Well, I saw your computer and, well, you do have interesting wallpaper there: a latex clad woman laying on a beach on the left screen, and another latex clad woman, but all tied up in a hogtie on the right screen, and your browser’s home page has those shortcuts to…”

“Yes, well, the truth is out.” he said, shudding. “What else can I add? No, I don’t own any latex gear or bondage stuff. Now, I just want to go to sleep. We’ll talk about that later, okay?”

“Okay… but just a favor to ask you. I mean, I don’t have anything to do, I just wash all the dishes and, well, it’s boring. Would you mind if I were to sleep beside you?”

“Err… No, the bed is large enough. Just hop in.” he said, putting the comforter over his head.

“Oh…. it’s just that…” she said, making her wrist cuffs clink. “The keys are downstairs…” she added.

With a sigh, he got up, fetched the whole suitcase and walked back to the bedroom, removed the lock from her wrists to put them in her back, adding a lock to her elbow cuffs. He had her lay down on the bed and added two more cuffs around her knees, which he drew so tight that she couldn’t bend her legs much, and linked them with another padlock.

“You know,” she said, “you should add some o-rings to your bed. Would make the whole setup a lot more interestghhbmmff.”

She was cut off as he ended the ordeal with a large panel gag including a long penis gag that reached down to the back of her throat and and for the final touch, a blindfold.

“There. Can I go to sleep now?”

She nodded. She couldn’t produce a sound at the risk of triggering her gag reflex.

He slipped under the sheets, covering her with them at the same time. He was silent for a moment before adding.

“I… You touched my computer without authorization. We’ll see to that later…. That’s… that’s what I had to say… right?”

She moaned, which triggered her gag reflex, and giggled. Yes, that was right.

He tried to sleep, but it wasn’t easy. For one, as of now, he was pretty much awake, for two, he had that sexy latex-clad woman bound by his side on the bed, and for three, she wouldn’t stop moving, turning to one side, to the other side, keeping him awake.

He knew what she wanted, but what HE wanted was sleep. After a short while, he came to the conclusion that she would win. For now.

Karen was squirming to one side, feeling the edge of the bed, so she had to turn around, impaired by her bound arms, tightly held in her back. As she rolled them, they dug partially into the mattress making her back rise, working against the corset, pushing her hips up. She bent her legs, impaired by the linked cuffs, especially the extra-tight ones at the knees. If she was bending her legs, even slightly, they were hurting. That’s how tight they were.

So, she had to continue to roll, to end up on her right side, feeling Derek’s body stopping her. But she was now too close to him, so she tried to wiggle her way back a little, but only managed to roll back on her back, and then again on her left side, ready to roll on her stomach, which would put her on the edge of the bed and risk falling off.

All she wanted was to sleep on her right side. Was that too much to ask?

She was feeling Derek move. Sure she was disturbing him, but it wasn’t her fault. If only she could tell him that all she wanted was to lay on her right side.

As she rolled one more time, she didn’t feel Derek’s lump. He had moved enough to let her sleep there.

Smiling behind her gag, she rested, only to be awakened by the noise of power tools working very close to her, first at her feet, then over her head.

She was then rolled on her back and something was attached to her head harness and pulled tight.

Then, something was attached to her ankles.

Phil pulled on the quick strap as hard as he could, even putting his foot against the bed as leverage. She would be as taut as a bow string and would stop moving or his name wasn’t Pete, err… Derek.

She fought her bonds but couldn’t move. That was not what she was hoping for. Resting on her arms was not comfortable. But, it was what she deserved, after all, she had been nothing but a brat.

Under her gag, she smiled, welcoming the discomfort and quickly went to a half-sleep as
Derek began to snore by her side.

 Strange sounds awakened him. He looked in the direction and saw Karen, all tied up, straining against her bounds, evidently in distress.

It took him a moment to get out of his sleepy daze and realize the situation. He was quick out of the bed and he released the straps holding her taut and quickly removed the harness gag, much to Karen’s relief.

“Thank you. I… I can’t feel my arms.” she said.

He swiftly turned her on her stomach and searched through the suitcase to find the keys, shuffling the stuff around, panicking, not finding them, frantically looking on the floor, not seeing anything. Damn, he wouldn’t see an elephant if it was right in front of him.

“Fuck the keys!” he said, rushing to his garage to come back with bolt cutters, quickly removing the locks securing her arms.

She moaned in relief as she sat and gently pulled her arms in front of her, massaging them.

“I’m sorry. I went a little too extreme, but… Well, I didn’t know… I mean, I don’t have much, I mean ANY experience with that.” he said, massaging her arms to help the numbness go away. And even there, he couldn’t repress the strong feeling he had while rubbing her latex encased arms, actually liking it.

“No, it’s my fault. I should have stopped you when you tied me down on my back, but,” she said “damn, the feeling was so good. I got carried away. Hell, I had never been tied that tight before and it was simply awesome!” she said, smiling wide under her hood.

“I… I don’t know what to say. I want to say I’m sorry but at the same time, you say you like it. I… I… I have no experience in those things.” he tried to explain. “Yes, I have kinky wallpapers, I mean, I like looking at images of women tied up in latex, but, I don’t have anything on my own, and never had a girlfriend who, you know, well… like you.”

She simply smiled, almost inviting him to continue.

“I… You… Well, don’t be mad, but you’re just a fantasy… In my dreams…”

She frowned.

“I am real…” she said with a grin.

“No… I… You know what I mean. I only dreamed of you… well, someone like you, in my dreams, and I’m not quite sure when I’ll wake up from THIS fantasy.” he said as she gently took his hands away from her arms.

“I’m no fantasy.” she softly said. “But… are you?”

“Uh… what?”

“Well, only in my dreams did I fantasize of having a guy like you.”

He opened his mouth, but no word came out.

“So… which dream is this? Yours or mine?”

They both giggled at the same time. They had opened up. They stood there, not talking, just looking at each other.

“Well… I… I’m hungry.” he finally said to break the silence. “It’s way past lunch time but too early for dinner. I’ll make ourselves some snacks.” he said, getting up.

“No, you won’t”. She said, getting up, fighting her balance on her ballet heels, and the fact that her legs were still very much tied up together. She fell back on the bed but immediately swung back up. “I’ll do it. That’s what I’m here for.” she said, succeeding into standing up.

“Uh… okay.” he said.

She extended her arms, clinking her wrist cuffs.

“You need to restrain me, Master. Nothing should be easy.” she said.

“Ah… right, but… we’re out of… luck, we’re out of locks.” he said, picking the pieces of a padlock he had just removed.

“Well… a quick link would do the trick.” she said.

So, a quick link it was, holding her hands together. He took a simple harness ball gag and put it over her head.

“This way, I’ll make sure you won’t eat before your time… right?”

“Mfffeeefff.” she gargled behind the gag.

She took a few steps, but hobbled as she was, and on ballet heels, she was barely able to move, merely a few cm at a time. She looked at him.

“Well, you did look at my computer without authorization. Those stay.” he said, walking to the living room and turning on the TV, watching some streaming as he heard Karen slowly coming by, struggling against her bound legs, sometimes losing her balance and taking a hold on the wall of the corridor, or on the chair of the dining table as she got closer to the counter.

Then she was to find everything she needed or wanted to make a few snacks: salted crackers, cheeze, deli meat or whatever she could find.

It took her a long time of struggling, but finally, she was able to bring a tray full of little hors-d’oeuvres to Derek.

He was impressed that she had been able to make something so extensive impaired as she was.

He took the plate and he reached for her head.

“Come. I’ll take the gag off. You must be hungry too.” he said.

“I.. Well, a slave mustn’t eat with her Master. I should wait until you’re done and be offered what’s left.” she said after her mouth was free, lowering her head.

“An… Err… Just sit down, Karen. I think we need to talk.” he said, tapping gently on the leather sofa, to his right.

Struggling, she more or less let herself drop on the leather cushion and looked at him, some anxiety showing in her eyes.

“What’s wrong, Master/ she asked.

“It’s exactly that… Master-slave thing. I’m not… it’s not me, Karen.”

“You probably need to get used to it.” she said. Just give it a try.” she added. She was obviously disappointed.

“Oh, it’s not just that. Time won’t fix it.”

“Then, what’s wrong? What should I do? A rubber slave must obey her master or get punished.” she said.

“And that’s what I don’t want. See, I’m no Dom or Master or anything. I’m a simple guy. A fetishist. My fantasy is to have an equally kinky girlfriend, one that likes to wear latex, corset, heels, who likes to be in bondage. I don’t want a slave, I want a kinky girlfriend. Someone I can sleep with, someone I can prepare meals with, someone I can sit and watch a movie as we cuddle with. If she’s all tied up and in latex, the better, but I don’t want to, I mean, it doesn’t appeal to me to have to order someone around. Is that… Does that make any sense?”

She stood there, like frozen, mouth half opened, staring into Derek’s eyes.

“Err… Karen? Are you okay? Listen, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong id…”

He didn’t have time to finish. She jumped on him, putting her bound wrists behind his head, holding it as she pressed her moist lips against his in a passionate kiss.

At first, he was surprised, stunned and sort of refused the kiss, but she was so hot, so passionate, he let her into his mouth, tongues got twisted. He rubbed his hands against her latex covered head, her neck, her shoulders, down to her leather corset, feeling everything, his groin showing his interests.

She was kissing him so hard that they were both searching for their breath. After that long kiss, she removed her arms and let herself slide down, on her knees, in front of him, where she expertly worked his pants belt, got the zipper of her trousers down and reached for his large erect cock behind his satin briefs, to engulf it in her mouth.

He put his hand on her latex head and threw his head backward as she began to suck his manhood.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” he mumbled.

Karen giggled, but quickly got back to work.

It didn’t take long for him to explode in her mouth. She looked at him, drooling white goo, trying to wipe it with her latex gloved arms, which did nothing else that spread it around.

He grabbed one of the paper towels she had brought with the snacks plate and offered it to her.

“There.” he said, then taking a snack and offering it. “Interested?”

She giggled and took place by his side.

Her latex, hands bound, him with his trousers and his limp manhood hanging, they ate the snacks, looking each other in the eyes.

Time had passed.

Derek drove his sporty convertible up the driveway and got out, slightly brushing his shirt and tie  suit. He had begun to wear a shirt and tie outfit some time ago. His boss was pleased with the “new him” although a suit was overkill for his work, but he said that with his new found girlfriend, he felt this was the right way to dress up for work.

As he reached the door, he heard Karen’s distinctive motorcycle sound coming around the corner.

He entered the house and immediately removed his dress shoes and socks to slip his feet into high heel pumps.

One of the changes that happened since he met Karen is that, if she was to live her fantasies everyday, he would do the same. He was a high heel fetishist and he had put up the rules that heels were mandatory in the house.

Well, he would wear those heels all day long, every day, but, well… society. Maybe one day…

He strutted toward the bedroom, taking his dress jacket off, his tie and his shirt along the way, revealing a highly polished black latex skin.

Yes, he had gotten himself a neck entry catsuit he was wearing all the time and the suit-and-tie thing was to hide it.

Karen parked the motorcycle in the driveway and got off of it, in full latex with high heel thigh high boots. She removed the helmet and revealed that she was still fully encased in rubber, including the cuffs and chastity belt.

For her, all this was acceptable. She didn’t care what ‘society’ was thinking, and more, she was working in a sex shop, as much as a clerk, a sales lady and a display prop… which was very much appreciated.

As she entered, Derek was walking back from the bedroom, having removed his trousers and replaced his pumps, which were nothing more than slippers, with high heel booties similar to what Harley Quinn was wearing in the first movie.

Working alongside each other, they made dinner, after which Karen changed to ballet boots to watch some TV and relax after a long day of work.

They were sitting on the sofa, cuddling each other. Derek had set up Karen with her arms tightly bound in a box-tie position in her back, legs tightly tied together, toys vibrating being held in by her chastity belt, they were watching a movie. A comedy.

He was laughing. She was struggling. He had her put on the deep-throat gag, and everytime she was laughing, it was triggering her gag reflex.

From time to time, they would look at each other, eyes full of love. They have found each-other’s fantasies. They were happy.

The dream was no more. It was reality.

The train stopped there.

© monsterp63

September 09, 2021

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  1. How the hell did I miss this one until now – happy to have stumbled across it now, finally.
    Excellent story, I love it.

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