Karen – Who’s the Weirdo?


Karen – Who’s The Weirdo?

Looking in the mirror, she brushed her latex gloved hands over her shiny rubber coated body, grabbing her ample breasts in the process, before going down on her sides, sliding backward to her buns, where she squished their firmness.

Her breath was shaking. With anticipation and with some fear. She was risking big. Keeping her boyfriend, or losing her boyfriend. That was the only two possible outcomes.

She moved sideways, keeping her balance on her ballet boots, to look at her figure from the side. It was thin, slim. She didn’t need the corset, but she wanted it. She needed the restriction it added, the constant hug. Sort of.

She wrapped the leather garment around her body, fastened the front busks and began to pull on the lacing, squishing her waist, welcoming the feeling.

Sucking her stomach in, she gave one last yank on the laces so that the corset would close. She was so used to putting it on, she didn’t need to tie the laces to a fixed object to tighten it all by herself.

As she tied the knot, she smiled. That feeling was nice, and she had been eager to feeled it back for months. The corset was fitting, or rather, molding her body to perfection. Not a single spot of looseness. Everything was tight and unyielding.

That’s how long she had given up her fetishes for the love of her life, Derek. She met him literally by accident, shen she spilled her coffee on him at a coffee bar. Their eyes met, and they both felt the electricity between them. Right there! Right then!

She was meeting with him every day, doing activities, going to the cinema, to the theater, shopping, hiking or just spending a good time together.

Alas, he was not a fetishist. But she was, and after those few months, she realized that she couldn’t live without it. She needed her latex, her high heels, her corset, her bondage.

She had decided to open up to him, big time.

She reached in her drawer and picked up two large dildos along with a remote control. She opened the crotch zipper of her Fantastic Rubber neck entry catsuit, revealing that she had latex underwear, in the form of latex panties with double sheaths. She inserted the first dildo into her rectum, slowly pushing it in while moaning softly. Then the vaginal one, which she inserted and played with it a little before pushing it in and closing the zipper, a devilish smile forming.

She grabbed her steel chastity belt and put it on, pushing the dildos deeper. She bit her lips. She would be hot as hell when he’ll be here to… either free her, or abuse her.

With the chastity belt locked over the corset, she had no way out of anything. 

She added a panel gag with a large and long plug into her mouth, the plug going so deep that she would only manage a faint grunting. No real word would come out. She added a blindfold that was ready to be pulled down at the right moment and added a large collar as the final touch, sealing her tight fitting latex hood in place.

She took place over the black satin comforter on the bed, stretching her legs on the corners, using her yoga flexibility to fasten a rope with a snap link on each of her leather ankle cuffs. She needed her flexibility to her hips, because, well, corsets. It did complain at the struggle, the leather creaking and even shortening Karen’s breath, as if it wasn’t short enough already.

Then using her hands by her sides, she pushed herself as high as she could on the bed, getting her legs taut, and threw the remote control for the dildos between her ankles, near the edge of the bed. She carefully laid on her back, keeping the tension on her legs. She took the rope and snap link which was resting by her side at waist level, stretched the rope, which was already attached to the frame of the bed, as much as she could and snapped the link on the right ring of her chastity belt. Then, rolling on her right, she stretched her right arm as high as she could, and using her left arm, reached for its rope that was attached to a ring screwed to the wall and snap link, linking her right leather cuff with it, leaving only her left hand free. Being left-handed, it was the best thing to do.

She rolled back on her back and pulled to the left as much as possible, tightening the ropes securing her right side and hand.

She fondled on the bed and picked the left side waist rope. She had to pull hard to get enough slack to reach the ring on her belt, as much as pulling the rope than forcing her body against the right side rope. Four attempts, it took her to succeed. She couldn’t move much which only increased her arousal, her pleasure. Damn, she missed the feeling. It was like being deprived of chocolate for so long and suddenly taking a bite.

Now, the hard part. She made sure she could reach the ring screwed to the wall with her left hand. On that cuff, the rope and snap link was already attached to her leather wrist cuff. On the other end of the rope, the snap ring was forced open with a small elastic band. Everything was “just long enough”. She was  holding the last snap ring between the tip of her fingers. She had to pull herself to her left side as hard as she could, pulling against the waist rope, stretching her left arm as much as she could, and she tried to put the opened snap link through the ring. Once, twice… Three, five… Seven times! She was getting frustrated. Many tries later, she finally managed and the snap ring caught on the ring. She let herself fall on the mattress, almost exhausted, smiling under her gag. Yes she did it! She was almost fully set up.

She felt it, trying her bonds, feeling the leather cuffs creak under the strain. Her crotch was hot, her breath was shaking through the small nose breathing holes of her latex hood.

She turned her head sideways, rubbing it against the satin covered pillow, working the blindfold in place. It slid in front of her eyes, literally locking itself in place as it fell in the eye cavities.

Breath shaking, she had only one thing left to secure herself completely helpless: snap off the little elastic band holding the snap link open. Once done, she would have no way to get out, something she never did before.

Then, the ‘what if’ scenarios began to pop to her mind. What if he doesn’t come? What if he has an accident? What if there’s something wrong with her setup and she needs to get out? What if a meteorite strikes her house? What if?…

She decided to wait, but to enjoy the moment. Just getting the opened snap link out of the ring would be an exercise in itself. It would not easily move out.

Pulling on her bounds, she felt the tightness of her suit, of her corset, trying to move her hips up and down. It teased her but nothing more. She knew, by experience, that she would not climax that way. She would only tease and arouse herself, and that was the goal, so she would be hot as hell when Derek would come.

She also knew that she had about an hour of waiting or so. One hour of teasing, of feeling her bondage without being able to do anything.

Usually, her self-bondage sessions are filled with teasing, the dildos already vibrating and awaiting the timer, or whatever release device she had used, to reach its target to free her, or to release the keys.

But this time the outcome will be different. She felt hot, breath shaking, squirming on her bed, the sun of the late afternoon seeping through her bedroom curtains, creating moving light patterns on her shiny body, squirming like a worm, with its soft rubber creaking.

It felt so good. She was in her happy place, tightly wrapped in rubber, mouth filled all the way to the back, waist crushed by a leather corset and spread eagle, barely able to move.

Time seemed to fly and she heard a car drive up her driveway. Under her large gag, she smiled and reached the little elastic band to pull it off. She felt the elastic band snap and, felt more than heard, the quick link snap shut.

There! She had no way out. Well, yes: Derek and only Derek.

She suddenly realized that she had left the bedroom door closed, so he would have to open it to see her in her precarious situation. Well, it would make the discovery even more pleasant than simply getting by the bedroom and seeing her. It would be like opening a gift.

Suddenly, she had doubts. Would he like it? Would he be disgusted by it? Maybe she should, you know, TALK to him first, instead of showing herself in full bondage. Then again, this is how she is. This is who she is. And it was too late for that anyway.

“Karen? Are you home?” she heard him ask.

“MMMFFF… MFFFFF” was all she could answer.

She heard knocks on the door.


“You’re in there?” he asked.

“MFFF..” she answered, squirming in her bounds, expecting his reaction any minute, any seconds.

“Well… maybe it’s better I talk to you through the door.” he said.

“MfffFFF?” she answered.

“Well, I… I have to be honest with you, and, well, perhaps, not seeing your face make the disgusted grin I expect you would make, would be best.”

What the fuck is he talking about? She wondered.

“MFff…FMMFFFMM” she tried to tell, to attract his attention, to have him open the door.

“See, Karen… I… You’re wonderful. You’re beautiful, you’re funny, you’re smart, you’re, well… you’re perfect. But I’m not. I’m…”

Please, don’t say you gay. She thought.

“I’m, well, there’s no other word… I’m a freak.”

“MfffFF?” (Say what??)

“I’m… a fetishist. There I said it”

“MffM MMff!” (No shit!)

“I like to wear latex and stuff, actually, I’m wearing my latex catsuit right now under my clothes, and that’s why… Well, the other day at the restaurant, when I spilled some soup on my pants, I didn’t want you to help me, because, well… I think you can figure it out now. Yeah, I’m a weirdo.”

‘Fuck, I was in rubber underwear myself!!’ She wanted to say. Shit, she hated her setup right now.

“So… I know, it’s difficult to accept and I perfectly understand that you’re rejecting me.”

“Moofff!! she yelled.

“I… I understand you’re hurt, so… I think is best to just leave it there. I’ll.. leave your keys on the dining table. Goodbye, Karen.”


But nothing. No door opening.

She was fighting her bonds like the devil in holy waters, throwing herself all over the place, which was not much, secured as she was on the bed. She only managed to push the dildo remote on the floor, which, by falling flat on the hardwood floor, somehow turned on.

Her helplessness, her bondage, the situation, the frustration, her fighting her predicament, and now the dildos fire? Damn! That was so much, so… fucking arousing!!

She was in no mood for it. No. Yes.. Yes, she was in the mood. No she wasn’t. Ah fuck, her brain was all fucked up, all mushy as the first orgasm engulfed her.

She exploded like she never exploded before, reaching the limits of her restraints again and again, which only increased her pleasure.

Her crotch was on fire, her brain was short-circuiting, her body was run through by some weird electric discharges.

The orgasm calmed down, but the dilos were still firing non stop, vibrating, twisting, humping. She didn’t want to orgasm again, but to run after Derek. Fuck! She was stuck! She tried to get free, but she knew the setup: she did it, and she hadn’t planned any other way out.

As the second of many orgasms to come was slowly building, she let herself be engulfed, while trying to find a way out, hoping it was just a nightmare… or the best dream she ever had… hoping it was not a dream…

Oh fuck?

Will she be able to free herself?

Will she be able to find Derek again?

She didn’t know because the equally weirdo’s mind who wrote this story doesn’t know either…

© Monsterp63

September 30th 2021

Edit: October 2nd. Yes, I’m in the process of writing the sequel.

Part Two, Weirdo vs Weirdo available here.

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