Karen – Weirdo vs Weirdo


This is a sequel to “Who’s the Weirdo”. Read that one first.

The orgasm was powerful. She was throwing herself all over the place. In her mind, that is, because the sturdy ropes she used to bind herself on the bed were not giving much. Only the softness of the mattress allowed her to move somewhat, each time, getting yanked back in place.

Exhausted, panting, gasping for air through the two small nose openings, she tried to calm down as the double dildos were still firing relentlessly inside her crotch, firmly held by the chastity belt. She had no way to stop the mayhem, no way to … get free. Shit.

The thought of being stuck for an undetermined amount of time made her even hotter and hornier. Sure, someone at work will find it odd she doesn’t show up… In two days.

By now, she was only slowly squirming, quickly reaching the end of her mobility.

She felt something. As if… someone was climbing on the bed. A cat? She didn’t own a cat, and the door was closed, as well as the windows. What?…

The weight grew and she felt something touch her thighs. One ‘something’ on every thigh. Hands! Large hands, slightly rubbing her outer thighs up and down, then going slowly up and inward, reaching the crotch strap of her chastity belt, slightly pushing on it.

The pattern of vibration changed!

‘Fuck! Who’s that? Derek? Can it be?’ she thought.  ‘I hope it is’.

She moaned, thrusting her hips forward.

The hands moved upward, wrapping themselves around her tightly corseted waist, feeling the leather, continuing on their way up, reaching her chest, squishing her ample breasts through the latex skin.

The hands felt smooth, almost as if they were… Rubber? Lubed latex over lubed latex?

She felt a weight on her hips as whoever it was gently lay down on her, pinning her down with its weight, as if she needed to be restrained more.

It began to slowly rock over her chastity belt, evidently enjoying the vibration transmitted from the dildos to it.

Still massaging one breast from one hand, he let go of the other breast and moved its hand upward, to her underarm, her shoulder, her neck, feeling her latex encased head, sliding over her blindfold, her nose… blocking the openings.

She struggled, gasping for air, trying to fight whoever it was off of her. She was pretty sure it was Derek. She knew his body weight. She thought. Although, through latex, everything felt different.

With the stranger’s weight pressing on her chastity belt, increasing the pressure on her dildos, feeling crushed, unable to move, unable to breathe, another powerful orgams broke off. She threw her head backward. Her breathing holes were released and she could finally breathe. But only for a very short while as the finger quickly blocked the holes again.

Oh shit! She never felt an orgasm so powerful run through her body. It was as if she was plugged to a high voltage grid from her feet to her wrists, the electricity creating sparks in her head and in her crotch. As she felt she was about to pass out, she got to breathe again, which released the last rush of hormones throughout her body and she exploded again. 

Damn! An orgasm on top of an orgasm!!

She screamed. In her head, it was deafening. Although it was loud, only a grunting moan came out of her gagged mouth.

Both of the hands were back on her breasts. The weight shifted, as if it was sitting on her thighs, legs on each side, just pressing, slowly massaging her breasts with the hands, squishing them, pinching them, pressing them. Oh fuck! That was good!

Her breath calmed down, although the weight was still increasing the dildos effects. One hand let go of her breast to reach the blindfold. Slowly, it was lifted and she saw it. She saw him. A muscular man in full latex, his face behind a latex hood, with bulbous lenses hiding his eyes, mouth covered by a micropuncture flap. Who the hell was that?

She could see, the way his jaws were flexing under the latex, that he was smiling.

“MmmMFFF??” she moaned, asking a question.

“Yes, my love. It’s me. The weirdo” he answered, his voice slightly muffled by the latex, hiding a giggle, but she recognized him. It was Derek.

She wanted to ask how? She wanted to ask why? She thought he was gone. He had already figured that she would ask those questions.

“Well, see, you never actually said a word through the door, only some muffled sounds.. I mean, I know how a gagged person would sound like, should sound like, so it puzzled me. I stayed there behind the door for a moment, expecting the door to open, but instead, I heard louder moans and strange noises like metal chains or something.

I carefully opened the door to see what was going on, softly saying your name, but you were too… ahem… busy to hear me. And I saw it. I saw you, all tied up. I saw the remote fall down from the bed and heard the dildos fire.

I stood there by your side, in awe, stunned, not believing what I was seeing: you were a fetishist yourself! Damn! Who would have known?

So, I ran to my car and grabbed my fetish bag, got undressed to my suit, added the gloves and the hood and, well… I believe you know the rest.

Eyes wide opened, she nodded. Yes she knew what happened after that. And she loved every minute of  it. And wanted more.

She pulled on her bound arms and tried to lift her hips while closing her eyes.

“Well, of course.” he said, getting off of her, taking the remote and turning the dildos off, then approaching, bending over her head. “I’ll let you simmer for a while.” he said, pulling the blindfold back in place.

She heard him walk away, humming a happy song.

There she stood, unable to move, spread eagled on the bed, gagged, blindfolded, stuffed and… totally unstimulated, but knowing she was in good hands, knowing that her life would never be the same.

Or will it?

The hormones were wearing off and she fell asleep. Not from exhaustion, but from all the stress having been taken out of her body, of her mind, all at once.

She was still with Derek.

He loved latex and the kinky lifestyle like she does

She wasn’t stuck on her bed. Well, not at the moment, but, yeah.

She was awakened by her vibrating crotch. She moaned. He gently sat beside her, between her waist rope and her arm. She felt his body weight there. A soft, warm hand gently massaged her right breast, then her left breast, then her blindfold was removed, revealing a man in a latex catsuit, minus the hood, smiling at her. Yes, Derek.

She smiled. Well, sort of.

He removed her gag and she almost gagged as he took it off, letting out an impressive amount of drool. She tried to swallow some but  most simply dripped down each side of her cheeks. He took a paper tissue from the box on the night table and gently wiped her latex covered face.

“Hi.” she said, smiling ear to ear. “And I thought I was the weirdo.”

She would have hugged him. She tried but the restraints pulled her back.

“I… I think we need to talk.” he softly said.

“Yes. I think so too.” she answered, her mind floating.

He gently unlinked her wrists, all while gently rubbing his hands over her latex covered limbs, massaging them a little at the same time, then took off the waist ropes and finally, the ankle ones.

She slowly sat on the bed, putting her latex hands on her latex thighs, gently rubbing them. She couldn’t hide the fact that she loved the feeling.

She tried to turn her head to face him but her posture collar made it difficult.

“Perhaps you should…” he softly said, gesturing to her to remove her hood and collar.

She turned around, allowing him access to the collar buckle and the hood zipper. He took it off, revealing a sweaty head and a wrinkled reddish face. He giggled.

“That’s what I figured you would look like,” he said.

She giggled back.

She put her hand on his thigh and she looked at him, then, in a swift move, she was sitting over him and was pushing him on the bed and climbing on him, sitting on his hips, feeling his hard manhood resting on her steel belt.

“I love you.” she said, locking her lips on his.

They rolled on the bed, each kiss being more passionate than the other. She reached for his manhood, quickly finding the suit’s crotch zipper and pulled out a… latex sheathed shaft.

“Well, you like latex or you don’t.” he said.

She stroked it with her gloved hand. She tried to suck it but, well, it was covered in latex. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for him to explode inside the latex confinement, letting out a guttural grunt as his whole body tensed before relaxing.

She laid beside him, gently rubbing his latex coated chest.

“You said you wanted to talk?” she said with a sultry voice.

For a long time, they shared their experiences, how they discovered their fetishes, how they lived it, the missed opportunities, the self-bondage mishaps, and finally their meeting, the energy they felt, the urge they had to share each-other’s fetishes but not knowing how the other would feel, ready to give up their love for their fetish, something that never happened before, for both of them.

By then, they were both fully on the bed, cuddling each other, her having one leg up over his body, her knee at his waist.

“So..” he said, slapping her ballet boot, “is this just for show-off or you can actually walk in them?”

“What? Do you doubt me?” she said, swiftly getting up and taking a power pose, legs slightly apart, fists on her hips. “Of course I can walk in them. I’m fully committed to my fetishes.”

“Ah. Very good. Any… padlock nearby?”

She opened her mouth. For some reason, the outcome never reached her mind. She looked at her dresser.

“Yeah, the last drawer.”

He went to it, his latex creaking as he kneeled to access the drawer.

“Damn! There’s enough rope, chains, links and padlock in there to tie you up four times over! Okay…” he said, taking a box of small padlocks and walking on his knees toward her.

He linked her ankles with only a padlock, locking it, adding locks to her ankle cuffs, then adding locks to her wrist cuffs, linking them close in her back, adding locked cuffs over her elbows and bringing her elbows together. It was relatively easy. She didn’t not hold back, did not complain, her arms took the pause like they had done it countless times before.

“Wow! Impressive!” he said.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same too.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I was never able to be tied up like that in self bondage, so… it’s a first, and I like it!” she said, wiggling her shoulders, feeling the restriction, loving every bit of sensation out of them.

He put back the collar, locking her head at the same time, then took a ball gag harness he had found in the drawer and applied it on her head.

She opened her mouth wide, welcoming the large rubber gag. For the first time, she had no way out by herself. He was in control.

“Well, listen. I’m not much of the master, slash, dom here, so… I just enjoy bondage and latex myself and love looking at someone restrained in rubber. Is it okay for you?”

She nodded yes.

“It’s getting late. Want me to order some pizza?”

Again, she nodded yes.

“Good. Your home, you’re paying.” he said with a smile.

She couldn’t reply.

He walked to the kitchen where his clothes were nicely piled up on the back of a chair and picked up his phone to dial the pizza place, all the while simply looking at Karen, struggling to hobble her way over there, only able to make strolls as long as the padlock would allow, fighting her balance with her arms in her back. He could also see that she was smiling under her gag.

“About half an hour. You have time.”  he said, putting the phone down.

She struggled a lot just to get there and she was eager to sit.

“Oh, you have your wallet to pay for the food, right.” he said with a devilish smile.

Karen grunt. He was serious? Fuck, her wallet was in her purse… in the bedroom. And she was about to reach the kitchen.

She turned around, making a sound that was a mix between a grunt and a giggle. Damn, she loved this man.

She was reaching the kitchen again when the doorbell rang. She froze! She had to hide, and he had to change, but he was… opening the door!

On the other side, the young delivery man extended his hand with the pizza box, stating the amount then had a puzzled look looking at the man in front of him in a shiny latex catsuit, then his eyes widened when he saw the woman, also in latex, waist crushed by a corset, hobbling her way in ballet boots, mouth filled with a gag and her arms evidently tied in her back.

“Hurry up, Karen. He doesn’t have all night, you know?”

She would have loved to answer, to reply, to come back, but all she managed was a grunt behind her gag. She walked faster, turning around to give the delivery man her credit card.

“Add 50% tip.” said Derek. “… There. Thank you, have a great night.” he said, making a wink at the man who stayed stunned behind the closed door for a few moments before walking back to his car, constantly looking back at the door, somewhat asking himself if he had been dreaming of if the fumes of the pizza had rendered him wacko.

He removed Karen’s gag who bursted out laughing. Seeing that man’s face had been awesome!

They kissed. He cut the pizza and put a slice in front of Karen before releasing her arms and removing her gag.

They ate. They discussed. There will be more bondage. He will be tied up. She will be tied up. For a night, for a day, for a week!

They will tease each other, dare one to wear latex for this activity or that one.

And there will be more late pizza, from different places, with stunned delivery men and women, although a lot more than they anticipated seemed not stunned, but appreciative, acknowledging their little game. Their fun latex games of their kinky life.

© monsterp63

October 2nd, 2021

(The End)

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