Karen – Firegirl


Karen walked by the firetruck, sporting loose sweatpants and a T-shirt. The only thing ‘sexy’ was her high heel wedge sneakers. 

Awaiting a call at the fire station was not the place to be sexy, afterall.

“Hey, Derek. What’s with this suitcase?” she asked a fellow firefighter.

“It’s a new fire protective suit they are testing. They sent us that one to evaluate.”

“A new fire protective suit? Like to replace our bunker suits?” she asked, puzzled.

“Something like that. I think.”

“If it works, it will, yes, replace our bulky bunker suits.” she heard another voice say.

“Ah, and who will test that?” she asked, turning to the Fire Chief.

“Apparently, you.” he said with a grin.

“Yeah, right… Oh, you’re serious? Why me?”

“Because you’re the first one to ask questions about it. So, curiosity chose you.”

She frowned.

“Nah, I’m kidding. Sort of. You are the one to test it because, for some reason, they sent us a small size woman suit, and you’re probably the only one who can put it on. Kathy is closer to medium in size.”

“Yeah, right. I’m not exactly a small size either. I should try it here first to see…”

Her thought was cut off by the alarm: they were requested.

She let go of the suitcase and rushed to put on her bunker suit and jump in the truck. Off they went, five blocks down, on a house fire.

It was an old house, and the fire was already intense. They set up their equipment and immediately began to fight the blaze.

A woman was hysterical, shouting “My girls! My girls. You have to get my girls out!”

Her two kids, both below 10 years of age were apparently in the house. Quickly, a firefighter already fully equipped with the respiratory equipment rushed inside, following the directions given by the mother as to where they should be. He quickly came back out, empty handed.

“Shit! I can’t get it! They’re behind an old wall made of stone and the hole is too small for me to go through.” he said.

“They always go play there. It’s their little secret cavern, they call it.” said the mother in tears.

“I’ll go in!” said Karen, quickly putting on her air tank.

“No you won’t.” said the firefighter who just came back. “Even you, with the tank, won’t go in. JThe bunker suit itself might be too large to fit.

The Fire Chief came running with the suitcase.

“It might not be the perfect opportunity, but it’s the only chance we have to get to them,” he said, opening the case and startling. “Well… Looks like it was made for a woman after all.” he said, picking up a pair of high heel wedge rubber boots attached to a full catsuit.

“What the fuck… Never mind. Give me this.” she said, finding some shelter behind a truck, quickly undressing to her silky underwear, revealing that she was wearing nothing more than g-string  panties, as the Chief handed her the suit, which looked like a thick rubber diving suit.

“THIS is supposed to protect me?” said Karen, having serious doubts. “It’s an undergarment or what?”

“No, it’s the complete suit. Hurry. And if it’s too hot, just quickly come back. We’re preparing additional hoses to keep that corridor temperature down. Remember that the house could collapse any time.”

“I know,” she said, putting on the snug fitting suit, then she stopped, as she was reaching her waist and flipped it inside out, reaching to get out two huge plugs at the crotch.

“What the hell are those?” she asked, puzzled.

The chief, who had some instruction manual in his hands, quickly flipped the pages.

“Erm… long-term wear natural relief system… I swear, I’m not making this stuff up.” he said, blushing.

“Fuck it, I’m not about to spend more time than I have to in this thing.” she said, pushing the huge plugs out of the way, one in front, one in the back and pulling the rest of the suit on, adding the complete hood, leaving only holes for the eyes and the mouth. The Chief pulled up the long back zipper and closed it shut. A gasmask was fitted over it, containing a small high pressure oxygen cartridge, enough for five to ten minutes.

No smoke could get in. She was totally sealed in rubber.

“Com check.” she said.

“Clear!” answered the chief.

As she ran inside, some firefighters, being the machos they were, couldn’t refrain from whistling at the now sexy Karen in shiny rubber… and high heels.

She gave them the finger as she entered the blazing house. She could feel the heat, yet, she could not feel the heat. It was a weird feeling, it was as if the heat was totally repelled, like water would be. She could feel it but at the same time, it wasn’t that hot. And her mobility was totally fine.

Ceilings had begun to collapse and she had to crawl under red hot wood, even brushing against it. That suit was well protecting her, but it felt strange, almost as if it was getting tighter, shrinking on her. She put it on the sweat evidently building up inside the suit.

She reported that she was fine and proceeding. But as she extended an arm, she witnessed that the suit actually had shrunk, now wrapping her arm and fingers like a second skin.

“I think this suit needs some more work: it shrinks under the heat.” she communicated. “Okay, I’m at the hole. Yes, two kids. They are unconscious but alive. I’m bringing back the first one. “ She said, as she wrapped it in a fireproof blanket then crawled back.

As she was doing so, she felt the suit getting tighter and the plugs pushing at her holes. She tried to wiggle her butt, her hips, her thighs to get them out of the way, but was forced to crawl, and pushing a dying child, all she was able to do was align them on her holes as they were easily pushing her panties away.

“They will have to rethink these.” she grumbled, stopping to wiggle her butt and work her legs, to make the plug enter, giving unwanted sensations at the present time, as she made her way out.

“Say again?” asked the Chief.

“Coming through.” she said as she stood back up, suddenly fighting against the tightness of the suit, rushing out to give the child to another firefighter waiting for her at the edge of the house.

He made wide eyes, seeing Karen’s perfect body tightly molded into the shiny rubber skin, reflecting the red and orange light of the fire. He wanted to say something, but didn’t have time. Karen handed him the kid, and he gave her another oxygen cartridge she put on the gasmask and she was back into the blaze.

It felt strange. With each breath, it seemed that the suit was getting tighter, squishing her waist, squishing her buns, pushing the large intruders in place, and again, crawling only made them enter more easily. At one point, she couldn’t believe that she was actually turned on, teased by the plugs, by the suit.

It was no secret she loved tight jeans and high heels, but not on the job!

Embers were falling and sliding off the suit without any burning feeling. That suit was amazing, except that she was starting to feel burning along the back zipper. It was perhaps not made to last that long under a fire. Then again, metal is a good heat conductor.

She reached the second child and wrapped it in another blanket. As she was crawling back, she felt as if something was falling off her gasmask, but the seal remained intact, as far as she could tell. Then something rubbed on her back, like grabbing the zipper or something. She thought for an instant. She had no choice. Nobody could come to rescue her, and the child would undoubtedly die. She went on, feeling as if her back was getting scratched. But at the same time, it felt like the burning sensation was going away.

“Well, that’s it. No more skin there to hurt.” she said, pushing forward, the plugs working inside her, arousing her, generating a forced orgasm.

What the hell!! She couldn’t stop and was able to refrain from climaxing right there by standing up and running out like crazy, even passing the firefighter waiting to take the child off her hands.

She rushed it to the paramedics then ran to a firefighter, hands in the air screaming.


Quickly, lowering the pressure to a mist, the firefighter hosed her down. She turned around to cool from all sides, welcoming the coldness of the water while her coworkers couldn’ repress a smile at the shiny, very well defined female body getting hosed down, the water quickly falling off her shiny black rubber suit.

“Okay, get me out of this thing.” she said, stopping, putting her arms by her sides. “This thing is great but needs some more work.”

At the same time, what was left of the house collapsed and the firefighters went back to their work.

“Sure, coming!” said the Chief, running to her. She turned her back at him.

“Okay… what the hell? Where is the zipper?”

“Very funny, Chief.” said Karen.

“No, no. I’m serious. Where is the zipper? There’s only some kind of seam there.” he said, probing the back of her suit with his fingers. Karen could feel them and… no bump. 

“What the fuck?” she said, reaching for the strap buckles of her gasmask to take it off only to find… nothing. Only the smooth rubber transitioning from her hood to her gasmask. No seam, no buckles, hell no belts.

“Get me out of this, Chief!” said Karen, walking back to a truck.

“Shit! Looks like everything that was not rubber fell off. Here.” he said as he took a pair of safety scissors and tried to pinch the rubber off Karen’s arm.

“Ouch!” she said, “try to be careful, Chief.”

“I’m trying, but this thing is now so tight, I can’t get just the suit, the skin comes with it.

Karen tried to do it herself, but it was like the suit had glued itself to her skin.

“You… you go to the hospital. They’ll take care of it, and I’ll make sure whoever did this thing gets harshly notified.”

She rode on the passenger seat of the ambulance heading to the hospital with the children, the driver having a hard time concentrating on the road.

“That is some sexy suit you got there.” she said with a wink. “You didn’t get burned in it?”

“No. I felt some heat but no burn. It works well, except for the fact that I can’t get it off, now.” answered Karen.

“Well, no wonder you didn’t feel the heat, you’re hotter than the fire in this thing… Sorry, but I mean…” she said, concentrating on the traffic.

“Yes… I know what you mean.” said Karen, giggling. It helped ease the tension of a rather stressful situation. However, each bump was screwing her up. She was biting her lips trying to flush the sexualk desire building.

An hour later, Karen was sitting in an exam room, slowly rubbing her thighs with her rubber coated fingers when the Chief came in.

“So… still in the suit?”

“Yes. Even went througgh an MRI: that thing is fused with my skin, meaning that taking off, I would literally be skinned alive, so… Looks like I’m stuck in this until they find a way out.”

“So. How do you feel?”

“Not that bad, it’s actually kind of comfy and taking a shower after a fire intervention will be a breeze.” she said, rubbing her arms. “However, I would like to have a drink, or, you know, eat, because I can’t with this gas mask, as with the rest of the suit, they were unable to take it off.

He frowned.

“I’ll be right back.” he said, leaving to return a few minutes later with the dreaded suitcase. “According to the instruction manual, there’s also an adapter for long-term wear feeding… here.” he said, picking up what looked like a  long tube ending with what looked like a deflated balloon and a wide flange.

He was looking at it when the doctor came in.

“Hello again, Miss Karen,” she said, taking place on the stool, facing Karen. “The bad news is that we haven’t found a way to get out of this. The good news is that it seems to protect you well, so, as far as I can tell, I see no harm with it. Physical harm. Mentally speaking, only you will be able to tell.” she said while putting her hand on Karen’s knee, a simple touch which sends Karen’s shivers. It was weird and… she liked it.

The doctor then noticed what the Chief was holding in his hand.

“ What is that?” she asked, pointing at the tube.

“According to the manual, it’s a feeding thing she has to put into the gas mask to be able to be fed.”

“Yeah… that would be a feeding tube, going down to your stomach. Not exactly a pleasant procedure. I’m sure there’s another way.” she said, looking at the gas mask, removing the plug where this thing would go, revealing a hole large enough for the hose to go through.

“Maybe we can put a straw through it.”

“Yeah, right, eating through a straw. Not exactly my idea of a good meal.” said Karen.

“You would prefer having the hose in your stomach?” asked the doctor, puzzled.

“Well, between having to taste amd eat baby food through a straw and having it put directly in my stomach, I think I would choose the stomach thing.

“We can have a try.” he said, pushing the hose through the hole, expecting Karen to back down, but she didn’t. She opened her mouth.

She swallowed the tube. That was not a pleasant experience, but then again, it was just to test. The doctor pushed the tube in until the flange rested against the gasmask, where it clicked.

“Well, it’s in place. How does it feel?” he asked.

Karen was chewing on the tube, trying to figure out what to do with that loose bag when she heard and felt some cracking sound under her teeth and made wide eyes.

“MmmMFFFFF!!” she said, trying to grab the flange and pull it out.

“What’s going on? Are you alright.?” asked the doctor as Karen was gesturing like her head, her mouth was about to explode.

The doctor tried to release the flange and pull the tube out, but was unsuccessful.

“Looks stuck” she said, trying to pull it out, but Karen grabbed her hand to stop.

“Euh… it says here,” said the Chief, still reading the instruction manual, “to be careful of not cracking open the glass vial if not needed as this will release an expanding foam agent which will blow up the attached balloon and fill the mouth to prevent any contaminant from entering. The expanding foam is self-hardening. To take it out, just break the flange off the gas mask, remove the gas mask and insert the dissolvent provided in the balloon through the side of the mouth with the included syringe.”

Karen let out a sigh… She had just set herself up to be tube fed from now on.

“Well, karen. You take a few days off on medical leave. We’ll see what we can do and especially find out what the hell happened with this suit.”

As if on cue, his phone rang. He answered, looked at Karen with wide eyes and hung up.

“Well, we just received an important message from the manufacturer: there’s a recall as the wrong compound was used for the suit.”

“No shit!” thought Karen. Apparently her body language spoke it out.

“Yeah, no shit.” said the Chief. “As I said, go home. I’ll contact them and keep you informed.”

An hour later, she was home, laying on her back on her bed, thinking and moving her hips, her hands reaching her crotch.

The tightness of the suit, the restriction of her breathing, her mouth full, the plugs, all seems to be arousing.

“Can I be one of those fetishists or something?” she thought as she began to pump the front plug in and out, feeling it move. Yes, she liked it. It was actually arousing. With each breath, her breasts got squished against the unyielding tight rubber. She was opening her legs, but wanted to keep them close. It was as if…

She got up and went to her utility drawer to pick some bungee cord, and walked back , feeling the latex pinch between her legs, and sort of massaged her buns, to sit on her bed and tied her legs together, before resuming her teasing.

Damn, that was even better, with her legs tied.

The orgasm quickly built up, like never before. She tried to scream, thrusting her hips forward, fighting against her tied ankles to open her legs, which only increased the pleasure, increased the power of the orgasm as it reached its max Q point and exploded like a rocket out of control.

She threw herself all around the bed as the orgasm ran through her body untils she fell on the floor, panting.

Recovering her breath and her thoughts she laid there, looking at the ceiling.

“Damn… I should install some safety net.” she said, before laughing. “That was awesome!”

She got to her computer and began searching for kinky websites and discovered quite a few interesting things., including self-bondage techniques.

She had been to her garage and came back with a roll of rope and, following instructions, put herself into a hogtie position.

Just the tension on her arms, the locked position, the rubber pressing on her chest with each breath, all that was arousing. She rocked forward and backward on her crotch, trying to increase the pleasure. It worked, thanks for the huge plugs inside her. The orgasm built. She never thought she would be able to have two orgasms in short short notice, and ,damn, that one seemed even more powerful than the first one.

As she reached climax, she strained against the tight rope, feeling her bondage, the restriction, which only sent her to the roof where she punched a hole as big as the moon!

“That… That suit was more than just a protection against fire. It was a literal sex suit!” she thought, out of breath, but still enjoying her hogtie position.

By then, the day was well advanced. She released herself from the hogtie and she browsed the internet for some specialized stores in the area.

The next day, she was on medical leave anyway, so she chose to go shopping. She made sensation entering the different sex shops. People were in awe, many asked where she took the suit as they wanted one. On the street, the reactions were mixed: some liked, some didn’t. But she figured that there was more ‘like’ or ‘don’t care’ than disapproving looks.

She had to make three trips from her car to her house to bring everything in, liking every trip, how the suit was pinching her buns, how she had to fight against it to lift her knee to climb stairs, to her shaking breath, to the light blocking dark lenses of the gas mask.

She opened the boxes and laid everything, well, everywhere!

She began to put stuff on. She liked it. It made her hot. The next orgasm would be powerful, but first, she needed to make some phone calls. She would need help.

 Two days off ordered by the Chief later, she presented herself at work.

“What are you doing here, Karen? You should be back home.” said the Chief, “The manufacturer still has no ideas. You’re the only one in this sit…” then he made wide eyes. “What the hell??”

He stared at her, as well as the co-workers present. She was, of course, still fully rubberized, but was now sporting a carbon fiber corset, an evidently steel chastity belt as well as steel cuffs on her ankles and wrists and a steel collar.

Karen took her phone to answer by text message.

“And do what? This suit protects me from the fire. I’m a firefighter. What’s the problem?”

“What is all… this?” he asked, pointing to her general accessories.

“P.P.E., Chief. Neck protection, spine protection, safety harness and rescue attachment points.” she texted back.

“Say what? That’s no protective equipment, that’s… kinky stuff. And it’s not approved for firefighting”

She had apparently foreseen his reaction and she had the text already prepared. She simply copied and pasted it and sent it, then waited for the Chief’s reaction.

“Chief,” began the message “is fireproof. I proved it in a rather unconventional way. What you would call a corset, I call a spine protection. It’s made out of steel and carbon fiber. It is glued shut. No way it could be easily removed and with its smooth edges, won’t get caught on anything. And it adds a layer of protection around my vital organs.

The cuffs and collar are rescue attachment points where one could tie a rescue rope, meaning I can be held back, pulled out or suspended from any of those points. Okay, maybe not by the neck, but you get the idea.

The steel belt, which you would probably call a chastity belt, but I should remind you that I’m fully, ahem, plugged, so what is chastity? Anyways, it’s a safety harness. Plain and simple.

All made of steel, all welded in place, so no risk of any of them becoming lose or giving up in operation.”

She looked at him, or rather stared at him through her dark lenses, a smirk on her face. Okay, probably more in her mind.

“No. No way.” he said.

“Chief,” she answered. “I have all the medical documents that show that I’m physically fit to work. I have here, a document from the city appointed psychologist that, although the whole situation is extreme, he sees no indication that I’m not mentally fit to do the job. You have no legal right to send me home, and no security issues since this suit is proven to protect me.”

“I… I don’t know. What if heating it again makes the compound change again and it becomes totally impossible to remove or on the contrary, loses all its firefighting properties and you burn alive?”

“Nothing prevents me from putting on a bunker suit over i, Chief, and saving the life of two children caught in a burning house is more important than me spending the rest of my life in this.” she answered back. “You need me.”

The bell rang. The firefighters went into action, putting their bunker suit, glimpsing at the black shiny woman standing there, facing the Chief.

“Hop in!” he said. “But don’t act like a superhero.”

She ran to the closest truck. Just that run moved the plugs in an interesting manner. That will be fun. She should think of a name.

She turned to face the Chief and took a proud, hero pose.

“I am Firegirl!”

The Chief made a slow no nod of the head.

“Oh gawd…”

© monsterp63

October 11, 2021

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