Furniture Model: How it came to be


Rarely do I get the chance to share how the creative process worked because, well, it “flows naturally” without me really thinking about it. However, for this one, I was able to grasp what happened because at the same time, someone asked me “how do you get those silly ideas?” and I immediately wrote what my thoughts were for Furniture Model. Here it is, for those who are curious of how I come up with those scenarios. It’s as raw as it can get.

Excerpt from the email sent to a fan.

I posted the images of Firegirl on IG. As I expected, the “bondage” images got a lot more likes than the “non-bondage” images. It’s easy to conclude that people who follow me prefer bondage to casual images, even if Karen is stuck in latex.
I just got out of bed and sat at my computer. So, I thought “why not make a series of bondage images. Pure and simple. No story, just images.”
I fired up DAZ3D, loaded a prop, put Karen on it and as I was thinking “okay, what setup is this? Where is this taking place? In a bedroom? In a dungeon? In a photographer’s studio?” I was also thinking that this series would be Karen bound to furniture. No simple rope tie or just cuffs and chains. Furniture.
“That would make a furniture collection” I thought and then: Hum… furniture collection. What if she’s called to model furniture, thinking it’s high end furniture and they want someone “high class” to appear on the image, only to find herself tied up in it? That would be good.
Immediately, the story appeared in my mind. She would be tied to different pieces of furniture, and she will like it. Then at the same time, I was thinking “This is boring. Where is the event where she will become hooked on latex and bondage? Just being tied up to take pictures is not arousing.”
Then… “What if after the photo shoot, they offers her to model the furniture at a upcoming BDSM convention? “Well, nothing bad can happen, right? Of course… She liked the latex and bondage already and figured that it would be less boring if she stuffed herself with some toys. She would then be tied up to a piece of furniture, then someone from another booth would feel that she’s getting bored and adds a magic wand, or a breathing restrictor, some Mistress may want to “test” the furniture by spanking her to see how sturdy the furniture is with the slave reaction of heavy spanking. All of that makes her explodes and she becomes a latex, ballet heels, corset, gasmask, chastity belt, toys, bondage, teased and tormented addicted.

As you can read, the finished story is a little different, but that was my thought process with the starting plot. Sometimes, as I write it, the story works out fine (like this case) sometimes it goes into a totally different direction and sometimes, it goes flatlined.


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2 thoughts on “Furniture Model: How it came to be

    1. My pleasure.
      If only the thought processes were always that easy…
      I often have the starting idea then “Where the fuck is this going?” and hit a dead-end.
      Or, in the case of “Wedding Ring”, I totally had the ending scene, the collaring ceremony in my head. It was clear and very detailed, so much that I wrote it, then… “How the hell do I get to that, now?”. That one was weird to write.

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