Karen – Furniture Model.


“Yes, thank you, I’ll be there!” said Karen as she closed the call, then danced, alone, in her small apartment.

“YES!! YES!! MY FIRST GIG!!” she yelled.

“GOOD! NOW STOP JUMPING AROUND AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!” she heard her downstairs neighbor yelled through the thin floor of the building.

She stopped dancing, but it was hard. She was so happy.

“I’ll be so out of here!” she mumbled.

Finally, After a long time trying to become a model, she was hired. Oh, it was not a high profile fashion show, but it paid relatively good for what it was: a furniture model. She was just to take some poses with furniture to show them up. No big deal. She would be seen by thousands, if not millions, and one of them might be a high fashion photographer or something. This could be her big break!

And more! They were providing the outfits needed for the shoot. The only odd question was is if she had any training as a ballet dancer and when she said yes, they made her an offer she literally couldn’t refuse. Well, any offer would have been accepted: she was unemployed…

The next morning, she put on sexy tight jeans, her beloved high heel sneakers, a leather jacket and off she was.

She was puzzled when she arrived at the location as the front end of the building was a large sex shop, although she had to enter through the service entrance. It was probably just a photography studio located at the back.

She entered and was greeted by a woman wearing what Karen immediately identified as a latex dress, purple, and thigh high black lace-on boots with incredibly high heels. Weird for a furniture shoot, then again, those photographs are sometimes little freaks themselves.

“Hi. My name is Sandra. I’ll be your photographer.” she said, inviting Karen in.

But upon entering, Karen froze. The only furniture she was seeing was those weird benches used to torture people.

“Is this what I’ll be, ahem… modeling for?” she asked.

“Yes, it was in the ad, see? Fetish furniture.” said Sandra, showing the ad cut from the newspaper as if she was expecting such a reaction.

“But… it was written Finnish furniture, you know, from Finland.” said Karen, puzzled.

“Ah, I see,” answered Sandra with a smile, “But… No, it wasn’t. Anyway, so far, it was only a verbal agreement. You haven’t signed any contract. You can always bail out. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first.”

Karen thought fast. Yes, it was weird, she was not used to that, hell, fetish was not in her usual thoughts, but the pay was good and she needed the money.

“Well… How about you give me all the details?” she asked.

“But of course. I’m not here to hide anything… except maybe your face.” she said with a smirk. “Okay, you’ll be wearing a full latex catsuit, including a hood where only your eyes and your mouth would be seen, so, in a way, I’m hiding your face.” she said smiling. “And you’ll be wearing fetish gear: corsets, chastity belts, cuffs, gas masks, ball gag, blindfolds, you know, the whole gig. Then you will be strapped to those contraptions  here,” she said, making a broad gesture around the room, “the time needed to take a few pictures.”

“Okay, and… where does the… torture starts?”

“Torture? Oh no. No torture at all. I won’t touch you, except for the time I will set you up, of course. It’s all static. No video. Just picture, and you’re not here to be sexually abused, but to show how the furniture can be used. We’re not making a fetish movie, but taking pictures for posters and a catalog.”

“Uh… okay… I… I want all of that in writing.” she said.

“Sure. All here.” said Sandra, producing a simple page document. “The contract. Plain, simple, no small characters, no lawyer’s charabia, you even have all the pieces of furniture you’ll be modeling. You’re free to browse them around and if you don’t feel up to any of them, we’ll cross them out. Of course, the paycheck will be crossed out the same.”


“And the amount we agreed verbally is right here,” said Sandra.

“Yes… that seems right.” said Karen, browsing the contract. “Han!! I knew it. The asterix here besides the pay, referring to… hum… amount might change. I knew there was a trick. You won’t get me that easy.” she said, with a proud smirk on her face.

Sandra stayed cold.

“As I said, this amount is for all is described here. If you refuse some items, your paycheck will be cut. And if you want to include more, the paycheck will be more. But THAT amount,” she said, poking the contract with her finger a few times, is what you will get paid for THAT contract. So, what will it be? The pen or the door?” she asked, rather coldly.

She needed the money. The contract was clear. She took the pen and signed the contract. Sandra’s mood changed instantly.

“Awesome. Please, follow me. I would guess you have never worn a latex catsuit before, right?”

“Ah… no. I wore a wetsuit to go rafting, but I would guess it’s similar?”

“No. Different, especially with a neck entry catsuit. Come.”

Karen followed her at the back where she was shown what she would be wearing. She took the ankle high ballet booties in her hands.

“That explains the ballet training.” she said.

“Yes, although I don’t expect you to walk in them, I mean, you’ll be… tied up with them on.”

Again, she found it weird, extreme, but she needed the money and on second thoughts, it didn’t seem so bad.

“Hum… okay. I think.”

“Good!” said Sandra “Get naked, I’ll help you put the suit on.”

Karen froze for a moment, then, well, they were among women, so she undressed, but she was somewhat shy. Sandra then helped her get into a neck entry catsuit. It was not easy but she managed.

Everything was good until the latex began to cling on her legs, wrapping them, sealing them. She shivered.

“Yeah, it’s cold at first but believe me, you’ll get quite warm in there.” said Sandra.

“Oh, it’s not the cold, it’s… I… I don’t know. The touch.” stuttered Karen.

Sandra smiled.

“If that’s your reaction, you’ll like it in there. Come on, wiggle a little. That suit might be a little too small for you but it’s the only one I have. Sure you gave me the right measurements?” asked Sandra, knowing full well the answers.

As it engulfed her stomach then her breast, her breath began to shake, and when her hands slipped into the attached gloves, the collar rose to her neck, engulfing her, her eyes widened.

“Uh…” was all she was able to say as she moved her arms, stretching the suit, feeling it tighten around her body, compressing her waist, giving a gentle tug on her buns, squishing her breasts. “It’s… actually, it’s quite comfortable.” she said, lifting her legs, welcoming the little tug at her crotch, already feeling hot. 

She put her fingers there. Sandra smiled.

“I told you, you would get warm.” she said with a wink. “Oh, no need to blush, Karen. I’ve been there! I know what I’m talking about and I know what you’re feeling. Wanna know a little secret?”

“Y… yes.” said Karen, wanting to rub her hands all over the suit, but at the same time refraining from doing so.”

“You’re a latex fetishist.”

“What? No…”

“Listen. I know you have an incredible urge to run your hands all over your body right now, to feel the suit, its tightness, its embrace. Here.” she said, handing her a bottle of shine. “Spray this on you and rub it all over. It will give you an excuse to do it.” she said, giggling, walking to the showroom side of the store, where she walked to the shelves where cuffs and stuff were displayed.

Karen sprayed some of the shine on the suit, feeling the small cold splashes of liquid on her thighs, yet not feeling them. It was a weird feeling, Then she rubbed her latex covered fingers on it and began to spread it over her her legs, going down, back up, in her inner thighs, going to her crotch, rubbing it with her fingers, even playing with them a little while quickly glancing at Sandra to make sure she wasn’t looking, then moved them over her lower belly, going on her hips, to her back, down to her buns where she couldn’t resist squishing them a little and give them a gentle tap, until Sandra gave it a good slap, surprising Karen.

“Come on! Do it. Don’t be shy. Do I have to remind you that you are inside a SEX shop?” she said laughing, taking a towel and bugging the suit to a shine, spraying more lubricant while going up, taking her time around Karen’s breasts, rubbing them again and again.

Karen had the feeling that she was rubbing her breasts a little too much and was even squishing them, but, although it seemed improper in her mind, it felt so damn good!

Sandra shone Karen’s back, going down to her feet, then back up, giving another slap, more gentle this time.”

“Come on. We have work to do. Come with me.” she said, leading her back to the showroom where a pair of ballet booties were waiting.

Sandra kneeled by the boots and took one.

“Get your leg up, please?” she said.

Karen did and grabbed a hold to keep her balance on a nearby bench. It was the first time she was actually touching any… bondage equipment. It sort of broke the ice, feeling the sturdy wood, the luxury leather upholstery and realizing how severe with the steel anchor points, this thing would be.

Before she could react, her foot was tightly laced into the extreme footwear, she was standing on it while Sandra was putting the boot on the other one. All of her ballet training came back.

“These are actually more comfortable than the souvenirs of my ballet slippers.” she said.

“It’s because your whole foot is supported by the boot. Okay… The corset.” said Sandra, sizing Karen with her eyes.

She walked to the floor, going to a rack, coming back with a long black brocade corset.

“Okay, suck it in.” said Sandra while wrapping it around Karen’s already tiny waist.

And she started to pull on the lacing, and pull… and pull. Karen’s eyes were getting wide as she put her hand on each side of her constricted waist, gasping for air.

“This is very tight. Feels okay.” she said, somewhat trying to hint Sandra that it was tight enough, but Sandra kept pulling on the lacing and tightening it.

“Just a little more, Karen. I have to fully close it for the chastity belt to fit.”

“Yes, but…”

“EXHAAAAAAAALE!!… Okay, once moooooooooooore… There.” said Sandra as she tightened the lacing.

Karen was speechless. She kept rubbing her hands up and down her incredibly small and rigid waist.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Some organs will slowly move around you and you’ll feel okay in no time.”

“And I…. I thought my jeans were… were tight.” said Karen, panting.

“Very funny, okay the belt now.” she said, as she put the heavy steel strap around Karen’s corseted waist, barely being able to fasten it, then pulled the steel crotch strap between Karen’s legs and yanked it to fit in place.

Karen yelped.

“That’s… disturbing.” she said.

“Just be glad you don’t have plugs,” said Sandra with a wink. There, all set for this part, now the hood and the gas mask.”

Karen was already in sensory overload so when the hood was pulled on, tightly wrapping her head, she simply flew out of this world as if it was a dream, although she could very well feel Sandra putting the large yoke of the hood inside the collar of her suit.

“Okay open wide.” said Sandra, producing the gas mask.

“Open wide? Why should opemfffmbhff….” 

“Because it’s a fetish gas mask, so it has an embedded gag. Don’t worry, I won’t pump it up.” she said, adjusting the strap so the mask was making a perfect seal with the latex hood.

“Comfy?” she asked.

Karen could only mumble and do a small yes nod. She wasn’t sure if she was comfortable, but she could cope with it. It was just for a few pictures, anyway.

Sandra disappeared behind her to return with heavy looking cuffs. She wrapped one set around her ankles and the other set around her wrists, fastening them very tightly.

“Okay, now where should you… well, why not, you’re already leaning against it.” she said, pointing to a bench. “Come on, I’ll help you up.” said Sandra, helping her to take place on the bench which forced her on her knees and elbows, her ass up in the air and her neck held by a steel bracket on top of a wooden frame,

She felt fondling with her cuffs, first the ankles then the wrists. The small eyeports of the gasmask and her bent over position prevented her to see exactly what Sandra was doing. She  figured she was just putting them in the right spot and she tried not to move out of the position but when she inadvertently moved, she realized that she… couldn’t. She was really tied up to the bench.

She was about to protest when Sandra firmly pushed her head down and closed the steel cuff of the bench around her neck, which was followed by a rather large click sound of a padlock.

Karen fought her bounds.

“No need to fight, Karen. You’re secured. I wouldn’t want you to fall off.” she said with a devilish smile.

That was not exactly what Karen had imagined. She thought she would take the pose, not be actually tied up.

“Okay, try not to move,” said Sandra, laughing while picking up her camera.

She was breathing fast, impaired by the corset and her awkward position. She was eager for it to be over. That’s when Sandra’s phone rang.

“Hello? Oh! Hiiiii!! How are you doing? It’s been such a long time. How have you been?…” she began as she put down the camera and walked away in the backroom, leaving Karen there, all tied up.

Her arms and legs quickly showed fatigue. She tried to get out of her predicament. Softly at first, trying to moan louder and louder to attract Sandra’s attention, but she was in a heavy chit chat with whoever that was. She struggled harder, hoping that the sound of it, of the chain links linking her cuffs to the bench’s D rings would attract the attention.

However, the more she struggled, the more she realized that she had no way out of it, that she was very well restricted.Panic began to fill her head and she struggled even harder.

“The hell if I break this thing.” she thought, “I’m out of here!”.

She struggled to the point where the bench was starting to tilt, adding another layer of fear, the fear of tipping over and ending up in a worse situation, and that’s when, out of the blue, totally unexpected, she… liked it!

Suddenly the very bondage she disliked, she liked. The fact that it was totally out of her control, was a pleasure rush. The tightness of the suit, the feeling of the latex, the gag in her mouth, the constricted waist, the cold steel belt, feeling her neck held down, unable to move her legs, her arms were… arousing.


Her struggles, without her even noticing, changed from a harsh, panic-like struggle, to a sensual one, with her body moving in waves, twisting, curving, following some invisible stimuli. A twist of the left hip, a pull of her right shoulder, forcing her neck up against the steel band, hearing the steel padlock clink, pulling on her right wrist. All that was arousing. It would not put her over the edge, but that was…

“Looks like you’re having fun in there.” said Sandra, startling Karen who had to snap out of her dream. Wait, what?

Karen shook her head and her struggles became back meaning “let me out”.

“Calm down, Karen. I’m not leaving you here, but that was Lynda, a very good friend and we  haven’t seen each other for a long time and…”

Karen grunted and fought her bounds.

“Yeah, right… Sorry.” said Sandra, taking a few more pictures.

“Oh, these ones are way better than the first ones. You’re a natural, Karen.”

“Yeah right.” she thought, harshly, but as the pleasure came again as she slowly squirmed, she was puzzled and not sure anymore. Was this really torture?”

“Okay, this is good.” said Sandra, unlocking the padlock. “What next… oh, how about the chair. Come on.” 

Karen was unhooked from the bench and led to the bondage chair where her legs were spread open and her arms also held wide open. Sandra added a collar she linked to a D-link on the headrest, and finally, linked her chastity belt to another ring on the back rest.

Karen squirmed to get comfortable. This position was easier to cope with than the previous position and she liked it better. Damn, she liked it.

“You look gorgeous, sweety.” said Sandra, standing behind her, patting her on the head.

She pulled on her arms trying to rip the rings off, but it was just too sturdy. She tried to get up but the ring on her collar and on her belt prevented it. She was sitting with her feet floating just over the floor. She tried to wiggle her legs out of their shackles but it yielded nothing. She was, once again, secured in place, unable to escape.

It aroused her. She couldn’t believe it was happening.

At first, she tried to repress the feeling, saying to herself that she shouldn’t but it was just too strong.

Once again, right in the middle of the photoshoot, her phone rang again.

“Hi again, Lynda… Yes, I have a few minutes.” she said, leaving Karen to have fun, and she didn’t waste a minute. Immediately, she began to fight her bondage, to try to get free, and each time she was trying, each time she was restrained, each time, the pleasure grew stronger. She began to wish there would be more cuffs, more restraints, that she would be held more imobile.

Her breath was faster. Heavier.

Damn, she wanted too much to climax, but somehow, something was missing. Being tied up, restrained, unable to move was a heck of a strong stimuli, but not enough to reach the top.

She was wiggling in her confinement, eyes closed, when Sandra walked back, stopped and looked at her.

“Having some fun on the job, I can see?” said Sandra.

Karen stopped dead on her track, like a kid caught with his hand into the cookie jar.

“Relax, this is what those things are for. If you enjoy it, the better. Okay, a few more shots here…” she said, picking up her camera and continuing the shoot as if nothing happened.

She removed Karen from the chair.

“Okay, change of setup here. Take off the gas mask, we’ll change it for a harness bit gag and a blindfold. And we’ll replace the corset too.” said Sandra, going amidst the rack of accessories and coming back with a long and heavy red leather corset.

Karen removed the gasmask, taking a deep breath once the gag was out, a pool of drool dripping on her latex breasts. By reflex, she tried to wipe it off with her hand, but the latex gloves only smeared the drool around.

Sandra came back and giggled seeing Karen trying to wipe the drool with her water repellent second skin, quickly handing her a towel.

She then took the heavy leather corset and handed it to Karen.

“Okay, we have to act quickly here. Your organs have moved by now and will only want to go back where they belong. So, to make it easy, try to keep your stomach sucked in. I will undo the lacing as fast as possible then you hand me this one and we tighten it back.”

“Okay, sure.” said Karen, realising that Sandra was right and that the corset was not as uncomfortable as it was at first. She was breathing more normally.

The lacing was quickly removed and the leather corset wrapped around her waist and tightened.

“Seems tighter.” said Karen, feeling it compress her stomach.

“Yeah, maybe just by one centimeter. I know you can do it. One more pull… There we go.” she said, tying the knot, securing the corset in place.

Now for the harness gag, open your mouth, please.” she said, putting the harness over Karen’s face, then aligning the horse bit gag in her mouth before tightening the straps, forcing it deep inside Karen’s mouth, stretching her lips.

She fastened the buckles of the jaw, then the head, before fastening the chin strap, preventing Karen from openingher lower jaw.

“There. What do you think?” she asked.

“Gook pbaagff.”

“Yeah, not bad. I’ll wait for the blindfold so that you will see what’s going on.” she said, heading for the X frame. “Here. Hop on those stands while I fix you up.” she said.

Karen got up, surprisingly stable on her ballet heels while Sandra linked the wide cuffs to the wrists and then spread Karen’s legs and fixed them, wide apart, on the bottom  half of the frame. All her weight was supported by those cuffs.

Sandra took a few steps back, pondering.

“Hum… something’s not right… Let’s see.” she said, going to the shelves, picking a rather severe looking posture collar and walking back to Karen. She took off the collar she had on and put the posture collar, forcing Karen’s head up.

“Yes, that’s better looking. She said, stepping back for a second look. “Yes, it’s better this way.” she said, smiling.

The blindfold was put on. At first, she panicked a little. Her only direct contact with the world had been removed. That was disorienting.

Sandra was back handling her camera and taking pictures from every possible angle.

Karen was straining. Her body was only supported by the cuffs, the bulk of it on her ankle cuffs, her wrist cuffs only stretching her so that she would not ‘buckle’ or twist too much.

Nonetheless, this was quite arousing, and the new gag offered different feelings. However, the fact that she was blind added another dimension to it. She had no idea where Sandra was. If she was still taking pictures or if she was gone. That added a little sense of insecurity. Would she be playing a joke on her and leave her there?

She slowly squirmed and heard Sandra approving of the new pose. But she was not squirming for the poses. She was squirming from the strain and from the pleasure. The chastity belt was gone and she was actually missing it. Weird. She was less aroused without the belt than with it, as if having something pressing against her crotch was… No. It couldn’t.. She moaned. It was frustrating. There she was, her mind ready to get aroused, but her body was not responding. It was trying to fuck a block of ice. Damn!!

She felt her lower right leg being touched, then the hand slowly slid upward, passed her knee, rubbed her outside thigh, then slowly, when reaching the corset, slid on the inside, gently rubbing her crotch.

She moaned and squirmed. That felt good. The hand played again on her crotch, making circles, gently tapping, then went down on her inside thigh, down to her ankle.

Then the same play began on her left leg, with the hand going up from the outside of the leg, to play with her crotch then slowly slid down from the inside leg.

Damn! She was squirming more. She liked it and the fact she was tied up, unable to press her leg against that hand, or to see where it would go next was pure torture. Pure pleasure torture.

Then as she hoped, both hands began their little dance, going upward slowly on the outside of the leg. It was strange. She could feel the pressure through the latex. She could feel the heat of the hand through the latex, but she couldn’t actually feel the hand. Only her brain figured, or extrapolated, that it was a hand. A… human hand. Was it? Was it Sandra?

The hands reached her crotch and began their little dance, pushing against the tight rubber molding her labia, almost going in, but touching her clitoris, teasing her. The feeling was so weird.

Suddenly, the hands retracted rapidly, going down her inner thighs, down to her ankles before vanishing.

Karen wanted more. She squirmed, she moaned, thrusting her hips forward, asking for more. That was devilish!

“Don’t leave me like that” she was thinking. “Make me climax!”

“Are you alright, Karen?” She heard Sandra coming from far away, getting closer. “Sorry, I had to hit the bathroom. I didn’t think it would be that long. I should have gotten you down, but, well, you know how women’s things can arrive by surprise.” she said with a wink Karen didn’t see, ‘cause, you know… blindfold.

As soon as her hands were free, Karen reached for the blindfold and the gag practically ripping them off.

“That was unfair Sandra. Why did you do that?” she asked..

“Woah! I said I was sorry, that I should have gotten you off the frame, but you know we can’t control our periods, right?”

“I’m not talking about your period, I’m talking about your teasing, your little play with your fingers on my crotch… Oh fuck! That was so good.” she said, playing with her own fingers.

“What do you mean, finger play? I didn’t play with you. I told you: I was in the bathroom, having my period. What the hell are you talking about?”

Karen was stunned.

“Then who the hell else is here?”

“Nobody. We are alone.

“Then who did it?”

“Who did what, Karen. Finger play with you? I… I don’t know…” said Sandra, puzzled, looking around. “Hello? Anybody else here?” she asked, quickly walking around, looking, going in the backstore, checking that all the doors were closed and locked. 

“I don’t get it, Karen. Maybe you… Could you have dreamed it?”

“No… Well, it seemed so real and it disappeared as you got closer…” she said, trailing off. “Damn, this whole thing is playing tricks with my mind. I’m sorry, Sandra. I…”

Maybe you should take a little bit of rest. It was rather harsh to put you into these devices, all at once for a first time. We’ll take a break. I’ll go make some coffee, or do you prefer tea?”

A few minutes later, Sandra was back with the hot beverages. Karen sat, or rather leaned against the first bench she had been tied up to, flexing her legs, wiggling her feet.

“Are your feet aching?” asked Sandra.

“Well, they’re getting numb.” she said, balancing from one foot to the other, flexing the knees, trying to get the blood going.

“We should probably change the footwear.” said Sandra, going to a shelf “How about those Harley Quinn boots?” she asked.

“Oh! I love them. Yes.” said Karen, already removing the ballet heels, letting out a relief shigh.

She walked around in her latex socks for a few moments before putting the new boots on.

“Very comfy.” she said. “Quality stuff.”

“Glad you like them. They’re quite rare now and very expensive. When you’ll be ready, I’ll set you up on…. that one. What do you think?” she said pointing to another frame as she went to it and raised part of the frame,  went got on it herself to show how she would be tied up.

“Uh…” said Karen, blushing.

“Come on. I know you want it.” said Sandra.

With one last gulp, Karen drank the last of her drink and walked to the frame with a devilish smile.

A few moments later, she was secured in the frame, blindfolded, the horse bit gag replaced by a ring gag. The frame was made so that she was partly resting on her crotch. Well, the only way to relieve the tension on her neck, held by a stock like frame, was to rest on her crotch, which would be… awesome!

The frame was quite close to the wall and Sandra didn’t have a lot of room to walk behind. As she did, after fastening Karen’s ring gag, she giggled and grabbed Karen’s butt.

“Nice firm butt you got here! I like it.” she said, squeezing them hard, which only made Karen moan and squirm. Well, she liked that too.

Sandra began to take the pictures, but Karen didn’t wait. She began to rub her crotch on the support, feeling the pressure, feeling the rubbing, getting aroused. She was moaning and drooling hard with her mouth forced wide open.

“Damn! I’m gonna sell a zillion of frames with those pictures!” said Sandra, taking pictures after pictures.

“Ah, fuck, memory card full. I will have to download it. Should take 10 to 15 minutes. Can you cope with it or should I take you down?” she asked.

She got a distinctive NO and more rubbing. Karen would stay there.

Sandra disappeared in the backstore and Karen squirmed within the limits of the frame, and it was a very good thing it was screwed on the floor. Damn! That was so arousing, so wonderful.

Then, hands grabbed her butt. Firm, hot hands, squishing them hard, then playing at her crotch, over her butt hole, poking the latex over it. The hands then ran upward, grabbing her breasts, squishing them.

“AAaaammmgaaa” yelled Karen, calling Sandra’s name, expecting her to be right there, but the voice came from a distance.

“Yes, Karen. In a minute. My damn computer froze and I had to reboot.”

Under her blindfold, she made wide eyes! Who the hell was groping her? Now, she had one hand squishing one breast, and one hand squishing one bun, in sync with her own rubbing against the crotch post.

“Hang in there, Karen. I’ll be right there!” she heard Sandra from afar.

The hands that were groping her disappeared and she heard Sandra’s footsteps getting closer. If it was a trick, it was a really good one.

Nevertheless, Karen was hot as hell and rubbing her crotch up, down, right and left, trying to get the most out of it, but for some reason, the orgasm never materialized.

“Wonderful, Karen. Turn your head to the left a little. Yes! Perfect. Push on your legs, lift your crotch from the bar! Like that!  Yes! Awesome. I’ll get you out, now.” she said, removing the link holding Karen’s ankles to the spreader bar so she could put her feet on the floor.

But she wasn’t ready. She began to rub her crotch on the post, trying to feel it, trying to orgasm. Damn, she was so hot, so worked out, she just HAD to do it.

Sandra laughed.

“Well, look who’s horny as hell being tied up.” she said.

That stopped Karen dead on her track. She was alone in her mind, but… she was still in Sandra’s showroom!

Still laughing, Sandra removed Karen from the rack and took off the ring gag and the blindfold.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t like it.” she said.

“I…” said Karen, evidently blushing. “Well, yes. Damn, I was getting so hot, so aroused, but couldn’t orgasm.” she said, surprising herself at how bold and opened she suddenly was about her sexuality. “Geesh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said something like that.”

“Karen,” calmly said Sandra, making a broad gesture to include the whole store. “Again, you’re in a sex shop.”

Karen laughed, releasing the last tension she had on.

“Say, I’m pretty much done here, these were the ones I wanted pictures from but, there’s a new stand I received this morning. Perhaps you would like to model it?”

“Well… Depends.” said Karen with an obviously horny look in her eyes.

“Give me a hand, then.”

They went to the backstore to retrieve a rather heavy box they struggled to bring back in the main area. Sandra opened it and began to read the assembly instructions then fetched a power screwdriver and began to screw the holding plate on the floor, then assemble the rest of the stand.

It was a straight pole, ending with a triangular padded saddle. From the back of that saddle, another steel tube was running horizontally then curving upward vertically, where her wrist cuffs would be attached.

A spreader bar would keep her feet… off the ground, meaning that all her weight would be on that narrow triangular edge.

Karen was hot as hell and drooling at the experience.

“Yes, I can do… no, I WANT to do it!” she exclaimed.

Sandra fetched a few boxes to raise Karen then adjusted the saddle so that it was snug on her crotch, then removed the box.

Karen yelped. Damn! That was something. Her whole weight was being supported by the crotch.

Sandra then quickly fixed Karen’s wrist in her back and her feet on the end of the spreader bar. She would not get out of it easily.

Karen was moaning loudly. Sandra pulled down the blindfold and was about to put the ring gag in place when she stopped.

“You will probably be so loud that the neighbors will call the police… Give me a minute.” she said with an obvious joyful tone in her voice.

“You probably won’t like it… then again… Keep your head high” she said as she wrapped the candy pink neck corset around Karen’s neck, lacing it tighter and tighter. It was a very extreme neck corset, engulfing her lower jaw, jamming it upward against her upper jaw, covering her mouth, effectively gagging her, while pushing at the back of her head at the same time, locking it in place, in an awkward pose where her chin was up in the air.

Karen didn’t like it, but, yes, she liked it. It was a strange feeling. The restriction was not comfortable, but said incomfort was arousing.

She didn’t care about the pictures Sandra had to take, that she would take the right poses to end-up in Sandra’s catalog or something. No, she was thinking about herself, about her pleasure, about the orgasm she wanted to get as she was squirming on the saddle, rubbing her crotch forward and backward, moaning.

It didn’t take long. She was fighting her arm restraints, which only put more pressure on the saddle, and she added even more pressure by trying to flex her legs! She was screwing herself up and down, imagining what it would look like, or rather feel like if she had, you know, toys inside her. Damn. Just the thought, just the possibility, just…

Her latex catsuit was creaking under the strain and she could feel the beads of sweat running down her spine. This seems to only add to the whole sensation overload.

She exploded, shaking the post in all directions, actually loosening the screws holding it onto the floor.

She orgasmed, the convulsions lasting for a good minute.

Sandra was standing nearby, arms crossed, smiling.

Finally, when Karen calmed down, she took a few pictures before she would collapse. You couldn’t get more real!

“Want to get out, now?” she asked the bound rubber clad woman, barely hanging on the post.

“Yes” she nodded.

Karen was taken out and Sandra helped her lay on the floor. She was still rocking her hips up and down, feeling the last squirt of hormone through her body, panting. Sandra was laughing.

“You know, I’ve had models having a good time on those things but you surpass them all!” she said, giggling, removing Karen’s blindfold and loosening the neck corset, then turning her on her stomach as she loosened the red leather corset.

“I’m going back to the computer now. You can just go to the bathroom and change and clean yourself. Sorry, I don’t have a shower here.” she added with a wink.

It took all of what was left of her energy to reach the bathroom and undress. Removing the tight fitting latex catsuit was just too hard and she had to ask Sandra, but for the rest, it was a slow and tedious process. She kept having those bursts of orgasm all along.

Finally, she stumbled forward, back on her jeans and sneakers to the backstore, to the computer where Sandra was.

“Here’s your paycheck, Karen. Worth every penny.” she said, smiling, handing her a bunch of cash.

“T… Thanks.” said Karen, taking the money and counting it. “Th… There’s too much in this.” she said, taking a couple of bills and handing them back to Sandra.

“Well… Consider that as a tip, as an appreciation for your behavior.”

“Geesh… Thanks.” said Karen, slowly walking away, then stopping by the door.

“How… How much is a suit like what I wore?” she asked.

“Quite expensive.” said Sandra, giving her a quote. “But I don’t sell them. Lynda does.”

Karen looked at her money, counting it again, then made a sad grin.

“Well, I’d like to get one but… keeping a ceiling above my head and food on the table is sort of my priorities right now.” she said, putting the money in her small purse. “In any case, if you ever need a model…”

“I’ll call you, for sure! Take care of yourself, Karen. It was nice working with you.” 

A few days later, she was browsing the ads again, looking for another modeling gig, when she stumbled on an ad she would have passed over a few days earlier but this time, it kept her interested.

‘The Kink’s Convention. This weekend only. 69 booths for all your kinky sexual fantasies.’

She looked at the date. It was opening that same day. Hey, why not have a look.

In one of the booths, Sandra was putting the last touch on her setup, showing many of her bondage furniture, with huge posters of someone tied up in them, when her phone rang with the name of the main security.

“Hello… Who?… Oh, Karen… Well, yes, she works for me. Let her in. Yes, sorry, I forgot to put her on the list. Won’t happen again.” she said.

A few minutes later a wide eyed woman Sandra immediately recognized, arrived.

“What the hell was all that about, Karen?”

“Well… I thought the entrance fee was a little too steep for my budget so I said that I was working for you and…”

“That was risky but. Well, you can work for me. I’m sure you can help me sell some of those.” she said, tapping on one of the furniture as she showed the posters hanging everywhere, showing HER on the devices.

“D… Damn!” said Karen, blushing.

“Don’t worry, nobody will recognise you,” said Sandra.

“Recognize who?” said a blond woman entering the booth.

“Oh, Hi Lynda. Well, Karen, my wonderful model.” said Sandra, showing the posters again.

“So, that’s YOU there! Awesome! I’m Lynda. I own the fetish clothing booth just next door.” she said, shaking Karen’s hand. “So, which one are you gonna model?” she asked.

“Whut???… No… I… No, I won’t get into one.” stuttered Karen, literally walking backward, away from Lynda and Sandra.

“That’s a good idea!” said Sandra.

“No way… I mean… People will recognize me and…”

“Not if you’re properly suited,” said Lynda. “We can make a joint venture, Sandra. She would promote my suit with your furniture!” she said, all smiling.

“No… No way… Not in public. No I’m not…” stuttered again Karen while trying to figure out if they were serious or joking.

“Ten percent,” said Lynda.

“Fifteen!” quickly added Sandra.

“Fifteen??? Are you… okay, fifteen but she gets the whole gig.” replied Lynda

“Deal” said Sandra. “Coming, Karen? I have to get you suited up.” said Lynda, heading back to her booth.

“Woah! Wait! What the hell was all that about?” asked a puzzled Karen.

“We will give you 15% of the sales you make,” said Sandra. “That’s a good deal, and all you have to do is… be yourself.”

“I… I don’t know.” said Karen, blushing, her brain in a mess, trying to merge the thoughts of being in latex, tied up, orgasming and… in public. “But… But… What will people think?”

“Karen. This is a kinky convention, you know, the sex part…?” asked Lynda while mimicking a ‘are you dumb?” gesture.

“Yeah… well…”

Lynda grabbed Karen’s arm and dragged her toward her booth. She looked back at Sandra who was all smiling and giving quick claps, encouraging her.

“Okay,” said Lynda, “I want you to model my top of the line…” she said, browsing her racks. “Humm…. There! This one. Oh, no… that one.” she said, picking up a black latex catsuit that looked quite thick.

“I’m gonna need a lot of lube and a lot of help to put you into that one. It’s extra thick and with.. well, you will find out.” she said with a devilish grin, “and, yes, ballet boots, oh, this corset and that hood. See? No eye holes and not even a mouth hole. Nobody will recognize you. Come quick before the crowd begins to show.” she said, pointing to a changing booth. “I’m gonna call Sandra for some help.”

Sandra? For help? What kind of catsuit was that? But when she took it in her hands and felt how heavy it was, she wondered how she would get in there!

The three of them squeezed themselves into the small changing booth, instructing Karen to get naked.

At first, she was reluctant, but she remembered how the latex slid on her skin and how crazy the feeling was.

However, as they proceeded with her feet inside the small neck opening, Karen wondered if she would fit in: Sandra and Lynda were both pulling like crazy on the neck opening to stretch it enough to go over her legs and hips, while Karen was tugging on the thick rubber to get her legs in.

It was tight and it was awfully thick!

Panting and sweating, they got it high enough that the crotch was reaching its place.

“Oh, wait. There’s something in there.” said Karen.

“Of course, there is: they’re dildos and THEY ARE GOING IN.” said Lynda with a dry, ordering voice.

Karen swallowed hard. She felt she couldn’t ignore that command from Lynda.

She had mixed feelings. She wanted to experience dildos with the suit and the bondage, but they seemed HUGE!

She poured a lot of lube on her hands and squeezed them in the neck opening to lube the large plugs as Lynda pushed them forward with a slow but a firm push.

Karen moaned and even let go a yelp when they fell in place.

Her arms were already in the suit so it was only a matter of squeezing them upward to reach the sleeves, still as thick and as tight.

As her arms slid down the sleeves, the suit rose up, pushing the dildos even deeper. Karen let out a high pitch muffled scream. The suit would keep them very well in place, and it was only the beginning.

They walked out of the changing booth for a breath of fresh air, so to speak.

The unforgiving tight suit was squishing her waist so much she felt she didn’t needed a corset, but that was not enough for Lynda who added a brown leather corset which she tightly laced. Karen’s breath was getting shorter and shorter. She felt a few tug on her back as Lynda was knotting the lacing and she heard a click sound.

“What did you do?” she said, fondling with her gloved arms, feeling a hard steel block. “What? You… padlocked me in?” she said, stunned.

“Yeah, just a little insurance,” said Sandra with a devilish smile.

“Okay, open wide. This hood has an attached gasmask and a large gag.” said Lynda pulling the heavy garment over Karen’s head.

That was hurting, pulling her hairs and the gag was squishing her nose as it went down. She opened her mouth to receive it more to relieve the pain on her face than to actually be gagged.

Like the suit, it was thick and tight and it pretty much molded her face once in place. They both stretched the suit collar, putting the large yoke of the hood under the collar of the suit, and capping it off with a large collar, which was also locked.

The lenses were very dark, almost black. She could hardly hear as the hood seemed to include some sorts of ear plugs and it seemed even thicker over the ears. And of course, the gag was rendering her mute.

Karen was too stunned with all the new sensations, overwhelmed by the tightness of the suit all over her body, the crushing corset, the collar, the hood, the gas mask. She flexed her arms and she could feel the thickness of that suit, almost feeling like one of those neoprene rubber she once wore when she went rafting.

She was rubbing her gloved hands over her corset when Sandra came up with knee high ballet boots.

“I believe you know what these are, don’t you?” she asked as she kneeled in front of Karen. “Leg up!” she ordered.

Karen proceeded, taking a hold on a nearby rack while Lyunda put the extreme footwear on her feet. It was closed by a zipper, which was held up by a strap, itself held in place by a small padlock. She would be locked into the boots too! Damn!

Finally, she recognized the steel chastity belt. She softly moaned as she felt the rigid steel press against her crotch, which would put a stop to her temptations to play with the huge dildos, because, after the shock of having those huge things in, she wanted them to move. She wanted to play with them.

Sandra, giggling, dragged her back to her booth, making a show of it, pulling on her with a leash. Once arrived, she was quickly fitted with wide ankle cuffs and shown a bench she hadn’t modeled so far. She had to kneel on some supporting boards. Her head and wrists would go into stock-style holds and her stomach would be supported by a padded beam. Her chastity belt was linked with chains to the support legs, preventing her from raising her butt off the beam. Her ankles were linked to the boards.

She couldn’t move much. She could wiggle her hands, move her head around but that was about it.

She just stood there, softly moaning, trying to wiggle her butt on the crotch beam, but she only managed to make her chastity belt slide on it, which only sent very small vibrations to the dildos. That was frustrating and she wondered if she had made the right decision. How will this help sell anything?

A few potential customers came to see, admiring her predicament. Some are touching her shoulders, her head, her thighs.

She liked that. The touch of a hand, of a stranger while being unable to move away. Strange feeling.

Then from behind, she felt two hands reach out and grab her breasts, squishing them, then as one hand let go, the other grabbed her butt and squashed it.

Karen went wide-eyed! She knew that touch. It was… whoever it was, who touched her in the photoshoot. But Sandra was right there, on her side, leaning against the saddle, looking at her with a devilish smile.

Karen tried to turn her head backward, to see who it was, but she couldn’t, too much restrained by the collar and the stock-like bondage device. She moaned. A voice spoke close to her ear.

“Recognize me? Well, here’s a little secret.” she said, moving so that Karen could see her. Fuck, it was Lynda.

“I was there, Karen.” she continued with a soft voice.” The first time I called Sandra, was to inform her that I was at the door. I then asked her to keep my presence secret, to act as if I wasn’t there. I know how much you liked it, Karen, how much the bondage enhanced the pleasure, how much you liked the gag… although this one has a surprise.” she said, producing a small remote.

On the push of a button, the gag began to inflate, filling her mouth, pushing her cheeks outward against the gas mask. She moaned. She moaned of surprise and she moaned of pleasure.

As the gag was getting bigger, she was squirming on her device, and it was not a squirming to get out, more to increase the power of her orgasm.

More customers, hearing the small moan, got closer, still touching her and looking at the merchandise, some bargaining, some paying cash. Things were selling.

“Well, things are going well here,” said Lynda. “I should go check the slave manning my booth. But don’t worry, my dear Karen. There’s more in store for you.” she said, pressing another button on the remote before walking away.

Karen twitched! Both dildos became alive, vibrating, twisting, humping. Damn!

It kicked reflexes she wanted to get away from all that sexual stimulation but each time she tried, the chains pulled her back.

The orgasm exploded without warning. She was shaking the bondage horse around. The visitors were in awe, surprised. Some were laughing, some obviously wishing it was THEY were that woman.

It was genuine. It was true. The orgasm increased the sales of the furniture, but also of Lynda’s stuff: corset, gasmask, heels and especially the catsuit.

Karen stayed there, on that horse, being sexually stimulated and tortured until her head simply gave up, which happened around lunch break.

She was untied and put in a chair under the applause of quite a lot of visitors.

The batteries of the toys had drained out but the gag was still fully inflated. Lynda was there, holding the remote in her hand, ready to push the deflate button.

She looked at them and rubbed her fingers in the “money” gesture.

“Oh yes, you will have a substantial paycheck by the end of the day,” said Sandra.

Karen nodded no then stood up, gesturing “money, now.”

“No, Karen. Only at the end of the day.” said Lynda.

Karen nodded a firm no again.

“Well, you’re not getting out of that suit before the end of the day. My booth is full of customers right now.

Karen gestured, pointing at her, at the different parts of the outfit:

“This whole suit is MINE. I keep it.”

“Yeah, right. You would have a lot more sales to do to reach that value, Karen.” said Lynda.

Karen gave her the finger and walked out.

Sandra and Lynda looked at each other, smiling.

“She’s all locked up, right?”

“Yes she is. No way to drink, eat or take a leak.”

“She’ll be back.”

“Yes, she will. Which rack should we put her on next?”

“Oh, any one. In the course of the next three days, she’ll ride them all.”

© monsterp63

October 22, 2021

For those interested to know how I came up with this story idea, which also gives a glimpse of my thought process, there’s a little “making of” of it here.

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4 thoughts on “Karen – Furniture Model.

  1. I really like that story line. How Karen was introduced into Bonditure, how she teams up and how the story is developed in general. Thumbs Up!

    I really felt like being in the show room with Karen to see how she reacts to the job and to her feelings and later at the Convention to see how she gets prepared to model the Furniture again…


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