Karen – Halloween Delivery


Every 18 to 19 years, the full moon coincides with Halloween. History recalls that, somewhere around the world, something weird happens on those occasions.

There is no full moon on Halloween 2021, but… there was one just last year, in 2020. That might explain a lot. Spooky, isn’t it?

I’ve heard from a secure and thoroughly check source on Fakebook and confirmed by a Yutube specialist who recorded a video from his car, that this story factually happened on Halloween 2020, although I have no proofs of what I’m affirming.

I’m telling you…



“NO. WAY!  I will NOT go back there!” said the young man, throwing a large pizza on the counter of the restaurant.

“What’s going on, Phil?”

“That place is… haunted.” he said, wide eyed, filled with fear. “I’m Not. Going. Back.”

“Ah, come on, Phil. This is Halloween night. There’s bound to get a few haunted houses setups and crazy creatures. It’s for play.” said Karen.

“No. Not THAT place.” he said, gesturing in a direction. “If you want to have it delivered, you do it yourself. I’m not. Fire me if you want, but I’m not going back.”

“Well, then, you will have to pay for the pizza,” said Karen. She wasn’t very strict with her employees of her pizza joint, but she was not to pay for everything.

“No way! I will not… say. You deliver it. If you do, then you will take the value of the pizza out of my paycheck. If you don’t deliver, I owe you nothing.”

“Okay.” she said with a sigh, grabbing the pizza box. “And if they complain that it’s cold, it’s all their fault and they will pay for it anyway.” she added, stomping to the back door and hopping into her car.

She drove to that place, going over the speed limit, until she reached this narrow and dark stretch of road. That house was located at the end of a road. It wasn’t exactly a road, more of a barely used trail. There haven’t been a lot of cars who drove by for a long while. Branches were scraping the sides of the car, making eerie sounds. The whole surrounding was only lit by the clear, cold, full moon, adding to the eerie scenery on this Halloween night.

She reached the house. Only a few dim and dancing lights, like it was only lit by candles. Well, she doubted this old house, falling apart, was still getting electricity. Looks like someone decided to hold a Halloween party squatting an abandoned house, which was perfectly suited for it.

There were a few lights upstairs of the two story victorian style house, but none on the first floor. She walked to the door, feeling her tight jeans move with her buns. Walking was easy on her high heeled wedge sneakers. She reached the door and  knocked. The light seemed to flow from the upper floor to the first floor in a flash.

“Damn good special lighting effects they got there.” she mumbled.

The door opened. There was nobody. Only what looked like swirls of white filaments, like glowing. Karen smiled.

“Cool! Now, I have a pizza here for some Irena?” she said, very loudly.

The filaments of lights seemed to wrap around her, feeling her buns, wrapping around her head like a ghostly fog.

“Yes, she is.” she heard a voice whispering. She could hardly tell if it was a male or a female voice.

“Indeed, she is. She is one of us.”

“Yes, one of us.”

“You must come in.”

“Yes, come join us.”

The whispers were coming from all over the place. She couldn’t figure out how many of those voices were there. She figured that there were a dozen or so speakers to create the effect.

“Cool effects guys, but I’m here to deliver a Pizza? Is Irena here? I’m not interested in your Halloween setup, so if you would just pay so I can go on with my other deliveries, that would be nice.” she said, again, very loudly.”

“Leave? No. You must stay.”

“Yes, stay, you must. You’re one of us.”

“One of us. You have to come.”

She felt pushed. She turned around, expecting, hoping to see Irena or whoever was manipulating those filaments, but there was no one. But it made her do the few steps for the door to slam shut. She rushed to it, tried to open it but couldn’t.

“Let me go!” she yelled, jerking the door. “This is not funny.” she said, dropping the pizza box.

“No. You have to come with us.”

“Yes, you’re one of us. You have to come.”

“No. I… Stop. Let me go!!” she yelled as she felt the filaments wrap themselves around her wrists, her body, her legs, lifting her off the floor and carrying her inside the house.

She fought them, but it led to nothing. She was approaching a wall. Not a door, a fucking wall!

“Stop. STOP! There’s a wall there! STO… Shit.” she said, as she passed through the wall, entering another room, again lit only by candles.

“Where the fuck am I?” she said, looking at the arrey of crosses, X frames, cages, tables, all looking like they were just out of the latest spanish inquisition torture chambers, with chains and steel cuffs.

“No! Let me … what the hell are  you doing? Who are you?” she yelled as she witnessed her clothes being taken off, the buttons, the zippers being undone as she saw nobody touch it, as if the filaments were doing it. In an instant, she was naked, then what looked like a floating black garbage bag approached.

Karen panicked. She was getting abducted! She was getting stuffed into a garbage bag. White slavery or something.

She fought her … whatever was holding her, but she didn’t move at all. She just stayed there. The bag reached her feet and began to wrap them. She then realized that it was not a garbage bag, but some kind of suit, made out of rubber.

She knew what latex clothes were. Never owned any, but she knew what it was, and this thing looked just like a latex catsuit.

“No. I don’t want to play your game. Let me gomfffmmfm!!” she said, but a rubber hood was pulled over her head. It had dark lenses and included some kind of large rubbery ball which was stuffed into her  mouth, gagging her, stopping her complaints.

She fought but the suit relentlessly rose up her body, engulfing her. In an instant, she was completely covered in shiny black latex, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes, being held by some strange hands in mid-air. Strange leather boots appeared on her feet, keeping them pointed, like a ballet dancer, then steel cuffs appeared around her ankles and wrists. Tight, thick and heavy.

She was led to a rack, a slanted X-Frame where she was put on, steel devices with handles linking to her steel cuffs, then she felt her stomach being crushed, as if something tight was getting wrapped around it.

It was getting tighter and tighter, reaching from her hips to just below her breasts. Her breath became shorter as the corset tightened around her body until she was about to pass out. At the same time, she felt stretched, as the handles on each end of the steel devices holding her were turning, wrapping the chains around a wooden post, pulling them away from her, pulling on her limbs as the strange fibrous things let go of her.

She fought. She screamed, but nothing came out of it. She couldn’t move.

Then another fibrous form approached, holding some fuzzy things, which became more defined, as if they were created right there, in front of her: dildos. Getting bigger and bigger. The fog creature approached Karen, aimed at her crotch and… Oh shit!

Those things were huge and forced up her butt, up her vagina. She was disgusted and, no, it couldn’t be, she couldn’t be aroused at the same time. Not now. Not in this situation.

She liked tight jeans but latex? And corsets? And being tied up? And being stuffed and…

She threw her head backward as the intruders became alive, twistng, pounding inside her.

She felt something push on it, as if some kind of steel strap was going between her legs, pushing them deeper and preventing her from pushing them out.

The fibrous creatures gathered around her. She felt ther arms, or whatever that was, all over her body, tickling her, groping her, rubbing her. It was overwhelming.

She was in distress, held against her will, but yet, there it was, an orgasm was building up. She struggled, rejected it, tried to set her mind to something else, but it was just too strong, too powerful.

She still could hear the vapors whispering all around her, and was totally unable to tell which one was talking.

“She’s one of us.”

“Yes, you were right.”

“One of us. Welcome to your world.”

“Yes, welcome.

“Welcome. Don’t reject what you’re feeling.”

“Yes, one of us. Accept it.”

“Just accept it.”

“Come join us.”

“Welcome. You’re home.”

Her brain short-circuited as she was engulfed in a powerful orgasm. The very fact that she was restrained, that she couldn’t do anything about it, she couldn’t move away from the hurricane swirling in her crotch, as well as the constant groping of her breasts. Damn! She wanted it to stop, and at the same time to continue, to go on.

The orgasm hit hard, and long. She was almost out of breath when it finally subsided, slowly as the foggy entities seemed to enjoy it.

“Feel that? She’s one of us for sure”.

“Yes, that was wonderful.”

“Can we get more?”

“Of course. She’s one of us.

“Yes, one of us.”

“She will give back.”

“Yes, give back.”

“One of us. Always.”

“Always. Forever.”

Her brain was a mess. She felt she was freed, but her mind was too weak to fight then, to try to flee. Then again, why flee such a wonderful, no, out of this world, feeling?

She was taken again by the strange vapors, lifted and moved to another device, a table, where her feet were held against the table and her arms pulled from chains, again, pulling her taut, unable to move.

The ghosts, the best explanation Karen had come up with, were all around her, continuously groping her, as the devices inside her began their dances again, initiating another arousal.

“No… Not again.” she tried to mumbles through her gag, but nothing could stop it. And it appeared that the tighter she was stretched, the more aroused she was. Feeling her limbs being stretched, rendering her unable to move was arousing.

‘What the hell is going on with me?’ she asked herself.

“Nothing is wrong.” answered one of the whispers.

“You’re one of us.” said another one.

“Yes, nothing wrong. One of us.”

“One of us.”

She didn’t have time to think more. The orgasm engulfed her. For an instant she lost track of the room. She was in a void, or was she? All she could feel was how much her limbs were stretched out, how much the touch of her tight latex skin was arousing, how much she liked having her waist crushed, and she even wanted it tighter, yes, tighter, as if it would increase even more the mayhem occurring in her crotch.

Her breasts were pinched, her breath was cut off and she launched again, her body straining, convulsing. Her brain gave up and everything went black, although she was feeling so relaxed, so full of pleasure, full of joy.

The blackout didn’t last long. As soon as the rush of hormones was gone, she was back in reality… whatever that was. Perhaps, this was the dream and the blackout the return to reality? What happened to her? Did she trip and hit her head while delivering the pizza?

She didn’t know but right now, what she knew, what that she was no longer into the stretching frame. She was floating somewhat. Not exactly flying. Something or someone was supporting her, grabbing her at the neck, shoulders, waist, and legs. It was as if her unconscious soul had been repurposed and she was doing something else.

Something was getting wrapped around her right leg, growing, getting higher as it ‘grew’ upward, toward her crotch. Then the same thing happened to her other legs  and then they merged, they pushed on her vibrating plugs as they began to wrap her hips, her stomach, getting tighter.

At the same time, her arms were also being wrapped, engulfing it in its tight embrace.

That felt weird. That felt good. She liked it. She wasn’t standing up, nor laying down. She was… Hell, she couldn’t even tell.

It wrapped her waist, getting very tight, so tight that breathing became difficult. Oh gosh! That rush. She liked it.  Yes.

The wrapping grew upward, wrapping her chest, wrapping her breasts, squishing them, unrelentlessly. Her breath was shaking as she felt… mummified!. Yes, that’s it. She was getting mummified!

“Oh yes, she likes it.” said the whisper.

“She’s one of us.”

“One of us.” were repeating relentlessly the foggy creatures as her head was getting tightly wrapped.

The wrapping of the head was not over that her legs were brought together, and she felt something forcing them to stay like that. Like a force field or something. It wasn’t wrapping her. It was more like an…envelope. Yes, that’s it. As the tightness reached her hips, she figured that she was getting put into some kind of bag. A very stretchy, but also very tight bag. 

Her arms were brought along her body as the bag was fed upward, engulfing them, forcing them against the sides of her body, keeping them there, forbidding them to go where she wanted them to go: to her crotch.

Her breath was short as the bag enveloped her wrapped head, sealing her.

She was put on something, a table probably, then the dance of her intruders resumed, sending vibrating waves throughout her whole body. She tisted and moved like a wet worm under the moonlight, her black cocoon shimmering as she slowly squirmed, trying to follow the wave, the beat of the intruders as the orgasm built rapidly.

She felt hands, or something touch her, grope her, squish her breasts, although they couldn’t be squished more. She tried to scream but no sound came out, her mouth held shut by the tight bandages of the mummification and the tight cocooning bag she was in.

She thrusted her hips forward, feeling the tight wrapping, the tight cocoon pressing against it even harder, pushing the pleasure waves deeper inside her belly, inside her brain.

This was what the orgasm needed to explode, helped by the constant touch, the constant groping, the constant hands sliding over her body, or was it inside her body.

“You’re one of us.”

“Yes one of us.”


She felt something being wrapped around her legs, around her waist, straps. Damn! That felt good. The feeling of becoming more and more restrained. Where will that pleasure stop?

“Tighter.” she whispered.

“Say what? Did she say tighter?” asked the puzzled woman as she stopped tightening the strap.

“Not sure. Tighter or too tight?” asked the man.

“Tigh… What the hell?” said Karen, opening her eyes, blinking, greeted by the harsh flashing lights of emergency vehicles, two paramedics, a man and a woman, putting her into a stretcher, the woman tightening the straps securing her in.

“Oh… shit. What?…”

“Welcome back, Miss Karen. Don’t worry. We’re paramedics. You were found laying on the ground near this abandoned house. We’ll bring you to the hospital now, for a check up.”

“I… I was delivering a pizza, and…”

“That must have been a prank.” said the woman EMT. “This house is in ruins. Nobody could have called to have anything delivered. Best guess is you tripped on some old plank and hit your head… Although I see no bumps.” she said, searching Karen’s skull for evidence of a trauma. “The pizza box is there, flipped over on the ground.” she added.

“I… There were lights, euh… upstairs, and they came to open the door.”

“Err… Miss Karen… There’s no… upstairs.” said the male EMT, moving out of the way to show that all was left from whatever was there. It was just three partial stone walls with nothing else. No floor, no roof and no second floor, no fourth wall.

“But… Ah, Phil is here! He will tell you, right Phil? You saw the lights, you saw the building, right? You came here, right Phil?” asked Karen, almost pleading Phil to agree with her as she was loaded into the ambulance.

“I… I didn’t see the house, Karen. I didn’t get past the two large trees there. The…” he said, lowering his voice, “the ghosts prevented me to.” he added, a scary look in his eyes… then smiled.

“Fuck you, Phil. If this was a prank, you’re going to pay back, I promise.” she said as he walked away, laughing.

She was loaded and the woman EMT hopped along with her.

“So… What happened here last night?”.

“I…” then she heard whispers, again.

“You’re one of us.”

“Yes, one of us.”

“We’ll be back.”

“Yes, you will be back.”

“Back with us.”

“Yes, back with us.”

“Every year”

“On that night”

“Yes, every year, on that night.”

“Until the next Full Moon Halloween.”

“You are one of us.”

Suddenly, she felt all cozy, all encased in rubber, all restrained, all tied up, all… stimulated.

“What the…” she heard the EMT say.

In a flash, she was back in the ambulance.

“Mmmm??” asked Karen. “Gees, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” She giggled.

“I… Weird… For an instant, I saw… you looked… like if you were… your skin was… Never mind.” she said.

“I am one of you.” she mumbled.

“You are one of us” they answered.

© monsterp63

October 9, 2021

Note: For those who don’t know the reference for the image of the little girl facing the TV saying “They’re Here”, I suggest you look up the movie Poltergeist. Damn! I was 19 when it came out and I still have nightmares about it (especially the steak crawling on the counter and what happens next). Sublime Spielberg!

Believe me, when you’re 19 and you see this scene on the big screen, it literally crawls on you.

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