“I don’t like Halloween”


To the one who left me a feedback and a rating of 2 on Halloween Delivery, stating “Not interested in what I call ‘American Rubbish'”.

Well, don’t fucking read stories labeled Halloween, and then rate it 2, you dick head.
I won’t rate Batman movies 2stars because I don’t like Batman. I simply won’t go see it and not talk about it.

It’s the same as going to an Indian restaurant and then rate it 2 because all it offers is Indian dishes.

Like that moron who rated something 1star on Amazon, with the critic “not what I wanted”. It wasn’t a bad product, he was just too stupid to order the right thing, yet he downgraded the item.

Just send me your e-mail address (because you wrote it anonymously, of course), and I’ll give you a full refund of your membership.

Oh… Right…..

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2 thoughts on ““I don’t like Halloween”

  1. As you usually do, you took my remarks in entirely the wrong way. I read the story because I enjoy reading your stuff and, as somebody who writes stories myself, fully appreciate the effort taken. The fact that I did not enjoy it as much as most because of the content should not mean you virtually insulting me for commenting. I shall continue to read your stories but will no longer rate or make comment on them.

    If you wish to comment further privately my e-mail is nyenor@optusnet.com.au

    1. “As you usually do, you took my remarks in the entirely the wrong way”.
      Maybe because you have the habit of writing it the wrong way? How should I interpret “Not interested in what I call American Rubbish”?? followed by a rating of 2?
      This is exactly going to an Indian restaurant and complaining that it’s Indian food.

      You would have said that the story was too long, too short, that the intro is too long, that the ending seemed rushed, incomplete, or whatever, that the setups are badly explained/written, not enough predicaments, or on the positive side, that you liked this setup or how that thing is described, ANYTHING with the storytelling, and begin your comment with “Although I’m not a fan of Halloween stories”, and I would have been proud or would have swallow the pill and noted it. Your remark only pissed me off because there was none of the above mentioned items, only of your dislike of “American Bullshit”. I’m Canadian, so the USA culture spreads on us.

      I regularly upvote, downvote and NOvote videos on YouTube. If the video is “as advertized”, that it’s not a clickbait, that the content is good, I will upvote. If I realize that it’s not something I’m interested in, I will NOvote, and if’s a clickbait, that the title is misleading or it’s, although the subject interests me, it really a shitty made video, I will downvote.

      Ever heard of “constructive criticism”? Try it. You may like it. I know I would.

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