Karen – Roommate


Author’s note:

Sandra, AKA ChastityGirl in the comments, is a follower who began to write to me a while ago, and we developed a friendship. She helped me quite often when my inspiration was down by giving me some scenario ideas.

To thank her, I made “her” the star of that story. Karen is just there to help… and tease, and torment and …

Note: In the renderings, Sandra is a petite woman. She is as the real Sandra described herself, height, size etc, “to scale” compared to Karen.


She heard the door of the apartment she shared with Karen open, and she heard things being dragged, fabric tearing and heavy things falling on the floor.

“Fuck!” she heard from behind the closed door of her room.

High heels stomping were heard as Karen made her way in the corridor to reach the broom closet, passing in front of Sandra’s door. On the way back, Karen stopped, and although the door was closed, a clear rule that states ‘do not disturb’, she opened it.

“You can get off your butt and give me a fucking hand with the groc… What the hell?”

Sandra quickly covered her legs with the comforter of the bed, blushing.

“N… Nothing. I’m sorry, I was caught up with something. I’ll be there in a moment.” quickly answered Sandra, hushing Karen away with a gesture of her arm, something dangling off her wrist.

Karen stood there for a moment before turning back for the kitchen, leaving the bedroom door opened.

Sandra quickly removed the comforter and continued her struggle with an apparently stuck knot holding the rope cinching her thighs together. Once that knot was finally removed, she quickly loosened and removed the ropes above and below her knees and at her ankles, securing her legs together, and quickly ran out of the room to help Karen, the rope on her wrist falling down..

Being only in her underwear was not a problem. They have seen each other naked and they were often sitting together in their underwear to watch television on hot summer nights when the air conditioning was not coping.

She quickly helped Karen with cleaning the mess, mainly the broken egg carton, as well as the many cans of food that fell and rolled on the floor, putting them in their right place in the cabinets.

Karen did a quick glance at her roommate, frowning and smiling at the same time.

Storing the groceries was done and they were folding the reusable shopping bags, except the one that tore off, when Karen finally spoke up.

“So, was it fun?” she asked.

“What are you talking about?” blushed Sandra.

“Come on. I can see the rope marks on your legs and wrists, and your panties are wet.” said Karen. “Trying kinky stuff, now?”

Karen had never hidden her liking for kinky stuff. She was always in high heels, very tight jeans, even wore a corset a few times, always had a set of handcuffs in her purse and constantly hinted to her possible love makers that she would love to be tied up with something like ‘well, if I scream too loud or move too much, you can always gag me and tie me up.’

“I… I…” stuttered Sandra.

“Come on, Sandra. You know me better than that. Do you want to try a real bondage session?”

“Bondage? That sounds a little harsh, don’t you think?”


“Just look at the rope marks on your legs, Sandra. These ropes were tight. You were in bondage. How was it?”

“Well… okay…  I guess.” she said, blushing.

“Anyways.” said Karen, struggling to take off her too tight leather jacket, “if you need any help, you know where to find me.” she said, strutting her way to her room, her heels clicking.

Sandra walked back to her room and sat on her bed, gently rubbing the rope marks still visible on her legs, taking pleasure at feeling the small indentations it made on her skin, almost feeling sad as they were fading away. She let herself drop on her back, then spread her legs toward the corners of the bed, spreading her arms upward, slowly rocking her hips up and down, trying to imagine what it would feel to be like that, tied up, unable to move. One hand reached her crotch.

“Need any help?”

Karen was there, in the wide opened door frame with a coil of rope in her hand.

Sandra froze. What should she do? What should she answer? Say yes and admit, mostly to herself, that she really liked bondage?

She didn’t answer. She didn’t say a word, only let go of her crotch and put that hand high toward the corner of the bed. Smiling, Karen entered, crouching down at her feet and expertly wrapping a rope on her left ankle and loosely linking it to the leg of the bed. She did the same with the right ankle before moving up to the right wrist, wrapping it inside a multi coiled rope linked to the headboard. Slowly, she walked to the other side and bound her left wrist the same manner, before going back to the ankle ropes and pulling them tighter and tighter as Sandra slowly squirmed, getting more comfortable, giving any possible slack to Karen expert hands at the ropes.

Sandra slowly squirmed, often stopping and opening her eyes, like she was trying to enjoy, and at the same time, not ready to show she liked it. All her kinky sessions have been done privately, now someone else was watching, hell, someone else was in charge!

It was an electric shock when Karen gently touched her thigh. Not that she was literally shocked, but the fact that someone was touching her, and she suddenly realized that she couldn’t do anything about it. Karen’s caressing hand rode lower to her knee before slowly sliding back upward, toward her thigh, her hip, caressing her belly, going to her breasts covered with her bra, squishing it, squishing them as Karen began to use both her hands.

While one hand was squishing her breasts, the other one hand rode down to her stomach, down to her crotch where her fingers began to dance.

Sandra moaned, rather loudly. Karen giggled.

“If you go any louder, we might have to take care of it, otherwise neighbors… you know.”

Sandra blushed. She didn’t know she could be that vocal, then again, she never experienced anything like that before. In self-bondage, there’s always one free hand and mostly, the brain knows what’s going to happen, can order to move away, contrary to now, she had no knowledge before it happened and had no control where the next touch would be.

Karen’s fingers hit exactly the right place and Sandra let out a very high pitch yelp.

“Hey!! Quiet down, down there!!” they heard their grumpy upstairs neighbor yell through the floor.

Sandra giggled and Karen walked out of the bedroom to come back a few moments later with a leather harness she applied around Sandra’s head, silencing her with a muzzle gag, climbing on the bed, sitting kneeling over Sandra’s thighs. She applied the harness and fastened it tightly.

Sandra didn’t know too much what to think of it. Those wide and heavy leather straps wrapping her head, the huge ball filling her mouth, held in place by that leather panel. The smell of the leather, her immediate drooling. The fact that she couldn’t produce much sound, and the feeling of the coils of rope on her wrists and ankles…

“There.” said Karen with a sultry, almost creepy voice. “Now we can go where we… YOU want to go.” she said, resuming her teasing.

Sandra fought back but the more she fought, the more she pulled on the ropes, the more she strained against the restraints, the hotter she got, the more aroused she became, the louder she screamed, hopefully very well muffled by the gag.

She was climbing her way to climax on a steady slope, getting higher, then as she reached the point of no return, Karen stopped, leaving her frustrated, only to start again, and stop, keeping her on the edge, again and again.

She was pulling like crazy on the ropes securing her wrists and ankles, thrusting her hips forward, trying to reach those off limit fingers. The bed was creaking under the strain. Her brain was boiling over the frustration.

Laughing, Karen got off from her and left the room, leaving her there, panting, all aroused and not liberated at all from the orgasm. She grunted, almost (trying to) ordering Karen to come back, to finish the job.

Karen came back with something in her hand. A large microph… oh shit! A magic wand!

She applied it to Sandra’s crotch. At first, she tried to get away from it. She was so sensitive from the teasing that it was like shock therapy, but soon, very soon, she wanted it, she wanted more, she wanted Karen to press it hard against her crotch. Harder! No, higher… To the right… To the left.

She was trying to move her crotch, her hips to get it where she wanted it to be, but Karen moved it the other way every time, frustrating her.

As she was reaching her breaking point, Karen gave it all, thrusting the hard vibrating head forward, crushing it against Sandra’s sensitive crotch. She threw her head backward.

The orgasm engulfed her, consumed her, shook her like a tree caught in hurricane force winds, the rope of her left wrist giving up, sending her hand flying in the air, hitting Karen’s face, making her leg go of the magic wand.

Sandra quickly grabbed it and stuffed it back on her crotch, pressing it hard as her brain melted and she became more or less numb, high on hormones, low on energy, and very satisfied.

Panting, she dropped the magic wand which rolled on the floor, still vibrating, almost humping itself.

Karen grabbed it, turned it off and put it on the night table before untying Sandra’s ankles and her right hand. She took the comforter which had been thrown on the floor and covered the almost unconscious Sandra with it, letting her enjoy the hormones still running through her body.

She walked out of the room, closing the door with one hand, holding her cheek with the other.

Half an hour later, the door of the room opened and out came a stumbling woman, wearing a simple bathrobe, walking as if she was drunk. Karen was sitting at the kitchen table, holding a bag of frozen peas over her right eye.

“What are you doing?” she asked, half dizzy.

Karen removed the bag to show a well bruised black eye.

“Oh shit! What hap… Don’t tell me I did this to you?”

“Who else?” asked Karen, trying to look seriously pissed off, but bursting out laughing. “Fuck! You gave one hell of a show there!”

“I… I did?”

“Well, yeah!” said Karen, showing her bruised eye. “What do you remember?”

“I… Not sure. It was… fantastic. No. Yes… I… I can’t find the words. It was frustrating, then arousing, then frustrating like hell, then everything exploded at once, it was as if a fireworks show was happening in my head and each colorful explosion was spreading throughout my whole body. I remember feeling like I was falling, then hitting something with my hand and… Oh… OH!” she said, realizing what had happened. “But I was tied up!… I think” she added, turning her head to the side, searching her memory.

“Yes you were, you broke the fucking rope!” said Karen, smiling. “Now, don’t EVER tell me you don’t like bondage again.”

Sandra thought for a moment.

“I could lie to you but I couldn’t lie to myself.” she said, putting her hands at her crotch. “Thank you. And sorry.” she said, pointing at Karen’s eye.

“It was worthed.” she said.

Sandra walked to the living room and poured herself a strong drink.

“Damn that was something.” she said after taking a large gulp, on hand holding the glass, the other reaching for her crotch and poking it through the bathrobe.

“Still horny? We’re gonna have to take care of that!” said Karen, letting go of her frozen pea bag and quickly walking to her bedroom.

Sandra heard some shuffling, things falling, Karen cursing before she finally walked out, holding a velvet bag in her hand which seemed rather heavy.

“Yes! I still got them.” she said, walking to the kitchen and dropping the bag on the table, which made a metallic clunk.

Smiling, she got out a bunch of steel straps with a large leather piece.

“That should keep you under control” she said with a devilish grin.

“What the hell is that?” asked a puzzled Sandra.

“A chastity belt, of course.”

“A chastity… You gotta be kidding me.”

“It’s an old one that doesn’t fit anymore, as I have… ahem… expanded with time.” she said with a smirk. “Come on, let’s try it on.” she said, taking off Sandra’s bathrobe, revealing wet panties.

She wrapped a strap around Sandra’s waist but it was evidently a no fit.

“Ohhh. Too small.” said Sandra, emphasizing her false disappointment expression.

“Not to worry, I have the solution.” said Karen, holding the leather garment in her hand.

“A corset? No way.” said Sandra.

“Well, you have to be controlled. And, you have to admit it, it turns you on: more bondage.” said Karen with a devilish smile.

Just that word, bondage, had a strange effect on Sandra. She looked at the corset, imagining how restricted her waist would be, compressed by the device, then at the chastity belt, thinking of the steel straps which would lock the corset in, strap she would feel going under her crotch. Constant bondage thoughts.

She shook her head to snap out of it, that was not… right, but Karen was smiling, holding the devices in front of her eyes.

“We… I think that, maybe, we… I… could have a try.” finally said Sandra, almost as if she was trying to hold back what she said, but her brain, her libido was too strong for it.

Karen quickly wrapped the corset around Sandra’s waist and began to tighten it. Sandra was quick to put her hands on the sides.

“Geesh, that’s tight. Feels good.” she said, trying to hint Karen to stop, but she wasn’t stopping but rather pulling harder.

“I told you it was tight. I mean, you can stop.” added Sandra.

“I can’t .This thing has to be fully closed for the chastity belt to fit over it.” said Karen.

“Reall… lly?” said Sandra, gasping for air. “Well then, I would guess it’s a no  fit.” she said. “Oooof. How much tighter do you have to go?”

“Oh, not a lot, about 2 cm.”

“Two centimeters? That’s not going to…”

“It will if you stop talking, purge your lungs and suck in your stomach.” cut in Karen, pulling harder, putting her knee up Sandra’s lower back to get some pulling strength. “Almost there… Aaaannndddd… There.” she said, quickly tying the knot.

Sandra’s eyes were wide open, her brain coping with the new feeling. Damn, it actually felt good.

Karen wrapped the steel strap around Sandra’s waist, adding a little lock to keep it in place, then pulled her wet panties down before taking a jar of lube and getting a handful of it.

“What the hell are you doing?” asked Sandra.

“Lubing the plugs, of course. You wouldn’t want them to go in dry, wouldn’t you?”

“Plugs? What for?”

“To… plug the holes, what else?” answered Karen, giggling.

Sandra could have walked away. She could have stopped Karen. She could have said no. At no time, Karen forced anything on her. She could have backed off anytime, but she didn’t. She just stood there, shocked and hot as hell as Karen gently pushed two large dildos up her crotch, filling her rectum, filling her vagina, before yanking the crotch strap upward, pushing the dildos deeper inside as she locked the front belt with the waist belt.

The click of the padlock, sealing her fate (for the time being), hit like a hammer in her brain. No, not like a hammer, but a… magic wand. That made her instantaneously hot and she reached for her crotch, only to have any access denied, only feeling the cold steel. She tried to push and pull on the belt, to have the dildos move even slightly, but nothing moved, and she realized the severity of her predicament, looking at Karen with wide eyes, mouth opened.

Karen dangled the keys in the air, right in front of Sandra.

“So, what do you say… How does twenty-four hours sounds?” asked Karen.

“I…. I… I….” stuttered Sandra, her brain fighting the tightness of the corset, the cold steel of the belt between her legs, the huge intruders stuffed inside her, liking and hating everything at the same time. “I… I have classes tomorrow. I can’t go like that?” she said.

“Why not? Nobody will know. Except you and me, of course. You’ll be sitting for lectures all day long. What could happen? Plus, you’ll be safe from touching yourself.”

“What… What will I wear? I have to hide this.” she said.

“Anything: a skirt, sweatpants, loose fitting jeans, whatever you want. People may comment on your thin waist, some might even recognize that you’re wearing a corset, but I mean, nothing of that is illegal or morally unacceptable. Yeah, okay, maybe the plugs, but nobody has to know.”

“Anyways,” added Karen. “time to prepare some dinner. Can you give me a hand? You can prepare the vegetables.”, leaving off the twenty-four hour deal..

“Err… Yes. Of course.” said Sandra, putting her bathrobe on, but almost immediately, one end of the bathroom belt fell on some juice so she went back to her room to come back a short time later wearing tight spandex leggings. Each time she was getting close to the counter, she could feel and hear the steel chastity belt hit the counter, sending small vibrations to her dildos, making her moan.

Note: Yes, I know, Sandra is supposed to be into a corset. I forgot. Oh well…

“You’re sure it’s called a CHASTITY belt, because, to date, I call that more an annoyance belt.”

“Well, technically, it is a chastity belt when there’s no plugs in,” said Karen, giggling.

All went more or less well for Sandra, until she sat, when she let out a muffled yelp through her closed lips, looking at Karen with pleading eyes. Karen giggled while taking her first bite.

After dinner, they washed the dishes, Sandra moaning more than once as each time her belt was hitting the counter, getting her more and more aroused, yet totally denying access.

“Want to cool off by watching some TV?” asked Karen.

“Yeah… I think.” said Sandra but it didn’t take long after they were seated that Sandra’s hand reached for her crotch, and simply stroked her finger up and down over her spandex leggings, rubbing her chastity belt up and down. She could feel it through the steel, the slight touch, the slight vibration. It was taking her off watching the shows. Karen noticed it and without a word got up during a commercial break to go to her bedroom again, to come back with leather cuffs.

“Bend forward.” she pretty much ordered Sandra.

Again, she could have said no, but she complied, putting her hands on her back, knowing, almost expecting Karen to link her wrist, to bind her. Once her arms were tied up, she added more cuffs to Sandra’s knees and ankles, linking them together, rendering Sandra unable to play with her plugs by opening and closing her legs. The final touch was a collar tightly wrapped around her neck. She couldn’t forget its presence.

“Now, can we resume watching? Good.”  said Karen, giggling. She was definitely enjoying her friend’s struggles.

Sandra was floating between states of love, hate and arousal. She was tied up, which was arousing, yet not under her control, which induced some anxiety, she was plugged, which was arousing, yet she was not used to it, which induced more anxiety. She loved the setup and hated it at the same time.

It was the same thing for the chastity belt. The rigid and unyielding belt was annoying, but those very same things aroused her. She loved being impaired mixed with the panic of not knowing when she’ll get out of it… or IF.

As she squirmed in her bonds, trying to find the right position, feeling the tight collar every time she swallowed, she was constantly making noises with her mouth, grunting, sighing, snapping her lips. That was getting on Karen’s nerves who, at the next comercial break, fetched the panel gag again.

“No, please no. That’s not…” began Sandra, then searching for the right word. Uncomfortable? Annoying? Disgusting? And the more she thought about it, the more she remembered how it felt when she was orgasming, the more, again, the very thing that made her not wanting it, made her wanting it.

As Karen approached, awaiting for Sandra’s final no, Sandra opened her mouth, welcoming the hard rubber gag, then the leather flap as Karen tightened the belts.

She closed her eyes and slightly squirmed, enjoying fighting her bonds. Enjoying her total helplessness. She didn’t care about the TV show. She was in her own world, and almost as if Karen had read her mind, she applied a blindfold.

“Well, it seems you’re not watching TV anymore. Better protect your eyes, then.” she said as she tightened the strap, putting Sandra in total darkness, although her brain was fully lit. With the sound of the TV as a background noise, her brain drifted out of reality into a fantasy world of bondage and sexual teasing. Was she falling asleep or was it something else? She asked herself as she seemed to drift in and out of the present, until Karen fondled with her ankle cuffs.

“Pretty much time to go to bed, now. Let me guide you.” said Karen, helping Sandra to get up, fully bound, fully blindfolded and gagged, her arms and knees linked with only her ankles free.

She struggled to walk and wondered  how it would feel to be in… high heels. What? No. She hated high heels. She often commented to Karen how unhealthy it was for her feet and now… she wanted to walk on her toes, she wanted her heel raised, unable to lay her foot flat. What the hell was happening to her? Did Karen drug her?

In a sense, yes. Karen drugged her. With leather cuffs and a steel belt.

She hobbled her way, following Karen’s directions, to her bedroom where Karen gently sat her on the bed.

“Okay, big question here, Sandra,” said Karen. “How do you want to sleep now?”

Sandra was puzzled by the question and tilted her head sideways to show it.

“Yeah, right, lying down, I get that. What I mean is do you want to get out of all this to sleep or do you want me to keep you all tied up or even partially? If tied up, like that or spread eagle?”

The question shocked Sandra. What? Sleeping tied up? That was… totally… out of… she suddenly felt hot. The thought of sleeping tied up, unable to move, and mostly, unable to satisfy herself, in complete denial. 

What the hell was she thinking? No, absolutely not. She wanted to sleep, not spend the night aroused and denied. Or did she?

“Okay, I’ll let you think it over while I go get my pajamas on.” said Karen, walking out of the room, heels clicking.

Sandra was puzzled as Karen’s pajamas were a tight faux-leather catsuit. A few moments later, the creaking sounds of the fabric as well as the clicking of her high heel slippers, pumps, in fact, took her out of her meditation.

“So, what is it going to be?” asked Karen.

On Sandra’s lack of reaction, she reached for the panel gag straps but Sandra jerked away, leaning on her side and clamping her ankles together.

“So… All tied up it will be.” said Karen, linking the ankles cuffs together, then tying a rope from the ankle cuffs to the center of the bed. She did the same from the head harness, although leaving a lot of slack. “This is to make sure you won’t fall off the bed, not to bind you on it. That’s why it’s so loose.” she said, then waited for approval of a definitive sign she wanted out.

Sandra stood still for a moment then gently squirmed, taking place, finding the pillow and letting out a long and soft sigh.

“Good night, then.” said Karen, leaving the room, keeping the light on. If something was wrong, she wanted to see it instantly, and with the blindfold, Sandra wasn’t bothered by the light anyway.

Karen slept very lightly, always on alert mode for Sandra, but everything went well. The next morning, Karen freed Sandra, from all the cuffs and the chastity belt. She went to the bathroom and came out, with a camisole and shorts, blushing and rubbing her face.

“Damn! I have classes this morning and look at all those strap marks. I… I can’t go like that. Do you know of a way to make them disappear?” she asked Karen.

“Hum, not really. They will disappear in an hour or two, depending on your skin.” answered Karen, leaning against the kitchen counter, munching on some leftover muffins.

“But… People will ask questions.” said Sandra.

“Well, you can say you were sleeping with a CPAP, you know, that thing for sleep apnea?”

“Oh, that mask thing? Is that the imprints Karl has on his face every morning?”

Karen nodded.

“Oh then. Well, that’s a good excuse. I’ll go on with it.” she said, all smiling.

She sat at the breakfast table to eat her breakfast, one of her hands slipping under the table. Karen looked at her.

“Are you playing with yourself already? Half an hour out of the chastity belt and you’re at it?” asked Karen.

Sandra pulled her hand out as if it had touched fire.

“What? No… No.” she lied, then touched the strap marks on her face, feeling them. 

Karen frowned but didn’t say anything.

“I… Damn, this is so cool, and it was so awesome to be all tied up, feeling the plugs but not being able to do anything, and now I would like… you know… release, but touching just teases me. I would like to be tied up again and… “  mumbled Sandra then she saw Karen’s face. “Shit. Was I thinking that out loud?” asked Sandra, realizing what she had just said.

“Oh yes.” said Karen, getting up. “You’re going back in the belt otherwise, you won’t concentrate on the lectures.”

“What? No! I… I can’t wear the belt to the university. People will know and… Well, I…” Said Sandra, fighting with herself.

During that mental fight, Karen had fetched the belt.

“Just wear one of your baggy pants you’re so fond of, or a skirt. It won’t show.” said Karen, holding the belt in her hand.

“I… No… Well…” stuttered Sandra.

Again, she was fighting with herself. She could say no anytime. She didn’t have to let Karen force anything on her. She was just strongly suggesting.

“That… It might be a good idea…. After all, I’m all… horny.” she said, blushing, pulling her shorts down, clearly indicating that she wanted the belt.

It was as if she received an electrical shock the first time the cold steel touched her skin as Karen wrapped the belt around her waist as Karen forced the belt closed.

“But… Shouldn’t I be wearing the corset for it to close?” she asked, putting her hands on the steel waist belt which was very tight but not as much as the corset.

“Those things are adjustable.” giggled Karen. “I can adjust it like it was yesterday and then, you will have to get the corset too. Is that what you want?”

For a moment, Sandra was caught. The corset? To class? That would be aw… awso… awful! Standing still, chasing her breath with the tight corset, feeling the cold steel of the belt pushing on her crotch… Hell, she wanted it… No she didn’t..

“There, all set.” said Karen, snapping Sandra out of her day dream. “Is everything alright?” she asked, as Sandra seemed to be zoned out.

“Err… Yes. I was just thinking about… Never mind.” she said. “Now, I  have to find something to wear.” she said, walking to her closet, a hand on the belt, feeling, almost tasting it.

Karen smiled and walked out. She changed from her pajamas to a more streetwise outfit… tight pants, shirt and heels.

Sandra was juggling with her choices. They all seemed to show the belt. She settled on a loose fitting pleated dress and loose shirt.

“There. What do you think? Does it show?” asked Sandra to have a confirmation of her choices.

“No it doesn’t.” said Karen smiling. “

“Anyways, it’s just for this morning. You’ll take me out of it this afternoon, right? Neither you or I have any classes then.” asked Sandra.

“Sure. No problem.” 

They finished their breakfasts, and cleaned the dishes, Sandra banging her belt a few times on the counter and muffling some little yelps. Every time, Sandra could see Karen’s little smirk as if she knew something Sandra didn’t.

Sandra added flip flops to her outfit and they both walked out together. As always, they were contrasting, Karen always in tight fitting outfits and high heels, Sandra with loose fitting outfits and flats.

As they hopped into the bus, Sandra seemed to get behind.

“Something wrong?” asked Karen as she sat down, Sandra standing up and holding on to a pole.

“That’s… disturbing.” she whispered. “The walk, especially the stairs.” she said, her hand reaching down but immediately retracting, realizing that people would see.

“You’ll be fine. Don’t worry. Say, about yesterday’s lecture…” said Karen, trying to help Sandra focusing on something else.

They talked about the classes, some of then being the same for both of them, for the rest of the trip. They each entered a different building once at the University and thus parted ways.

Sandra was walking carefully. She was feeling the steel belt very well, and she was getting hot and… wet.

“Fuck! I should have put on a pad or something.” she mumbled. As she entered the bathroom. She tried to stuff some toilet paper between her panties and the belt but it wouldn’t stay much. She would have to put the paper between the belt and her skin, but it was way too tight, she could barely force her fingers in, although as she tried, she only managed to arouse herself.

“You’re not helping, Sandra.” she membled.

“You’re talking to yourself now, Sandra?”

“Oh… was that so loud? I’m sorry… Uh… hey, Kerstin… any pad you can spare?” she asked, feeling herself turn red in embarrassment.

“Shit… Yes.” said the other woman. “Here.” she said, handing a pad under the door.

“You’re a lifesaver. Thanks.” said Sandra, putting the pad on the belt, already feeling safer.

She walked out, smiling and they both walked to the class.

“Why are you walking like that?” asked Kerstin.

“Like what?” asked Sandra.

“Like you’re wearing a full diaper.” she said giggling.

“Oh, really… I…” said Sandra, trying to correct her stance while laughing nervously. The belt might not show but she was…

As she sat in class, the belt made a rather loud clunk on the wooden chair.

“What the hell was that sound?” asked Kerstin. “Are you wearing steel underwear or something?”

“What? No! Why would I… It must be the chair.” she said, getting up and down a few times, making sure she was sitting on her bun to muffled to sound.

Things were not going well. She would have to be more careful and prepared. A lot more careful and prepared. Then again, that might be the only time she would do that stunt. Too risky.

As the class went on, she began to squirm on the chair. Every movement made the steel belt rub against her labia, teasing her.

“How is this called a chastity belt, and at the same time, tease you like hell.” she said to herself, making sure she was not thinking out loud this time.

She was getting hot as hell, at one point, barely listening to the lecturer, biting her lower lip, fighting the urge to reach her crotch with her hand.

Finally, it was over. Kerstin walked by her.

“I hate it too when it itches.” she whispered, and went on.

And it was on for the next class: a laboratory where she had to sit and get up repeatedly from a stool times while performing some experiment.

She had to be careful, although quite a few times, the clank of her belt attracted attention.

By the end of the morning, she was pinching her lips, squeezing her legs and praying to get to the apartment on time before she burst out of frustration.

On the bus she was dancing from one foot to the other. Other passengers were sure she was about to pee and were keeping their distance from the inevitable splash of yellow liquid, but nothing happened.

Once in the apartment, she almost tore the skirt off and jumped in the bed, on her back, reaching for the magic wand in her drawer and began to vibe herself, moaning, grunting, getting aroused, teased, tormented and totally… denied.

“Fuck! Karen better be here soon or I’ll commit murder!” she mumbled as she let go of the magic wand, still vibrating, letting herself down in frustration on the bed.

As time went on, she became more frustrated and worried. Karen should have been back hours ago. Finally, by the end of the afternoon, Karen entered, pesting.

“Damn…” she said, slamming a few books on the table.

“About time!” said Sandra harshly as she walked to the living room wearing nothing else than her bra and the belt, strangely walking on her toes. “What took you so long?”

“That bitch threw a group project on us. I had to stay.” she said, then looking at Sandra, she made a devilish smile. “How did it go?”

“That damn belt. I’m so horny right now and unable to do anything. Take this off now!” she ordered.

“Well, isn’t that the goal of a chastity belt?” she said, walking to the kitchen, opening the utensils drawer and picking the key. 


“Well, yeah.” said Karen.

“And you didn’t tell me??”

“Why would I? It would have defeated the purpose of bondage. And why are you walking on your toes?”

“I… Geesh, I don’t know. It sort of came… naturally. It seems to ease the rubbing of the belt. I think.”

“Meaning, you need some high heels,” said Karen, smiling.

“What? No. I can’t stand high heels.”

“Everybody can change.” said Karen going to her bedroom and coming back with a box.

“I got this mixed with an order, so… I think it’s right your size.”

“No. I just want the belt off.” said Sandra.

“Just try it. Two more minutes in the belt won’t kill you.” said Karen.

Sandra reluctantly opened the box and tried on the high heel shoes. Her first few steps were wobbly but she quickly adjusted.

“Weird. It’s like you’re right. The heels ease the rubbing of the belt… No. Shit! Take it off, I can’t stand it anymore.” said Sandra, fetching the keys.

Laughing, Karen let her out of it and Sandra ran, still in heels, to her bedroom and slammed the door shut. She heard a couple of cursing words, getting louder and louder, and about fifteen minutes later, out came a naked woman, red faced and in heels.

“I… I can’t mmg mnnd.” she mumbled.

“Say again?” asked Karen

Sandra took a deep breath.

“I can’t do it… What the fuck did you do to me?”

“What did I do to you? What do you mean, you can’t do it?”

“That… bondage thing. I can’t do it unless I’m all tied up… Apparently. All I think about is not being able to move, but I can move, so…”

“So, in short, you’re asking me to tie you up. That’s it?”

“YES! Is that so hard to understand?” said Sandra, evidently very frustrated. Sexually frustrated, that is.

“Okay.” said Karen, laughing, “But if you really want to go down this road, you may want to add more stuff.”

“More stuff? Don’t I have enough stuff already?”

Karen went back to her bedroom while Sandra was talking away to come out with another box.

“That wrong order I received was, I should say, complete. I had ordered a pair of shoes. The box it came in was rather large, and when I opened it, there were my shoes, and a bunch of other stuff. No order forms, no invoice, no nothing. It was something like 3 years ago before we even met. Anyways, I got in touch with the store but since there was no waybill associated with it or any invoice, they couldn’t trace the order. They were supposed to send me a prepaid shipping label but I never got it. I ended-up at the bottom of my closet, and my memory, until you made it pop back into my mind.” she said, opening the box and retrieving long leather tubes ending with an incredible high heel, a bag with something red, soft and heavy, as well as a few other bags, containing leather and steel cuffs. “I estimated that there is close to a thousand Euros worth of stuff in this box.”

Sandra approached cautiously, both intrigued and afraid, like a cat, ready to jump out. She picked the leather tubes.

“Is this what they call ballet boots?… and  yeah, they are my size.” she said, putting them down, then picking the soft bag. “And what is that? Looks like rubber.”

“It’s a neck entry latex catsuit, and a latex hood.”

“A latex catsuit?” said Sandra, her voice shaking.

She opened the bag and unfolded the garment and held it in front of her, touching her very sensitive nipples. The coldness of the rubber made her twitch, but the texture, the smell, the feeling all seemed to arouse her. While holding the top portion over her chest with one hand, she pressed it against her body at the waist with the other hand, feeling the rubber cling to her skin.

“Seems a little small… and it has attached gloves and… socks. Damn. I…… How the fuck do you put this on?” she asked.

“Through the neck. Want to try it?”

“I… I don’t know.” she said while at the same time, stepping off the high heel shoes she was wearing.

Karen took the bottle of lubricant from the box and gave it to Sandra.

“Here. Spread a good amount of that oil all over your body.”

Sandra executed, hands shaking, breath unsteady, then Karen had her sit and she stretched the neck and had Sandra put one foot in it, then the other one. As she was working the suit up Sandra’s legs, she began to shiver. Not from cold but from emotions. That latex thing was weird. She felt the shiny material wrap each individual toe, then her foot, then gradually go up her legs as Karen worked it out, smoothing it, removing all the wrinkles as it went up.

She pulled the suit’s neck from Sandra’s knees to her waist, again pulling the suit gently, wrapping the knees and the thighs. Then the neck was pulled up again, over Sandra’s small breasts.

“Okay. Now, I’m gonna stretch the neck and you’re to feed your arm into the sleeve. Ready? Go.” said Karen as she stretched the neck opening. 

Sandra was sure it was going to snap, to tear off, but it remained intact and she felt her arm being engulfed by the cold latex, coating her arm down to the fingertips, quickly warming up. The process was repeated for the other arm and the suit took its place, wrapping her chest, her shoulders, the large collar wrapping around her neck, the last pockets of air rushing out through it.

She felt the latex suddenly cling to every parcel of her skin, tightening, sealing her. She flexed her arms, her legs, rubbing her hands along her body, from the thighs to her neck, spending some time over her now smooth covered breasts, down to her waist getting gently squished by the suit who had evidently a small waist, down to her crotch, where she had to bite her lips for not letting out a loud yelp. She looked down and all she could see was a shiny red latex coated body. Her body.

She didn’t say a thing. She didn’t have to. Her body language spoke. Loudly. Very loudly.

“Wanna try the hood?” asked Karen, showing the garment which had eyes and mouth holes.

“I… I don’t know.” answered Sandra, voice shaking. Again, her body language spoke for her.

“Yes, you do.” said Karen, stretching the hood over Sandra’s head, pulling the heavy latex garment down, fastening the back zipper.

Sandra felt the pressure increase on her head, on her face, but it was as if it had been molded fher her. The sounds of the room around her deafened as she found herself within her own universe.

It was a strange feeling. She could see clearly but her hearing was impaired. She could feel the heat of the breeze coming from the window, but did not feel the wind itself. She had to work the tight latex with each latex filled breath, which squeezed her breasts, pinched her sensitive nipples, but it was all over her body. Raising her arms, hell, every movement, pulled on the suit, gently rubbing her crotch, teasing her. She was feeling something yet at the same time, she wasn’t. It was almost as if half of her sensory sensors had stopped working, while the other half had doubled in sensitivity.

She just stood there, her mind, her body drinking the feelings, the sensations. Karen smiled.

“I know how you feel. Been there, done that. Do you want to try the boots?” she asked, snapping Sandra out of her day dream.

“The what? The ballet boots? Are you nuts? I can’t wear those silly things.” she said.

“Why don’t you give it a try? For someone who never wore heels before, you were quite fast to adapt to those.” she said, pointing to the shoes laying on the floor, picking up the boots and kneeling at Sandra’s feet.

She sat, hands on her thigh, gently rubbing them inside and out, going up her crotch, softly moaning. The feeling of the latex, the sliding of her latex coated hands over her latex coated thighs were sending small tinglings, like electrical shocks that were not electric, but felt like it. It was so weird. So… arousing.

She felt her foot being encased into the leather tube and the lacing done tightly, forcing her foot straight down. She put it down while Karen laced the other one in, getting a feeling of how extreme this would be, how extreme it would be.

“There. All done.” said Karen, getting up and approaching another chair, backrest first. “Here, take a hold of this and slowly get up. I’ll help you.” she instructed.

Karen took place behind Sandra and quickly removed the chair, grabbing her from the back just below her rib cage, steadying her as she took a hold of the chair and gradually put all her weight on her foot, on the boots, getting higher, straighter, until she was fully standing.

“How is it?” asked Karen, walking away, to have a global glance.

“Weird, but… manageable. I think.” said Sandra, slowly putting her weight on one foot, lifting the other off the floor, and doing the other one.

She turned sideways, holding the chair from her left hand and made her first tentative step, then another one, letting go of the chair, followed by a third one. Before she realized it, she was halfway to the living room. She turned around as if she had done it a thousand times.

“That’s amazing!” said Karen. “It took me about a week of practice to achieve this skill level.”

“Well, I had ballet training when I was a teenager. I never thought that it would come handy for… this.” she said, nervously laughing. “Oh shoot.” she said, putting her hands at her crotch. “Even laughing makes me hot in this thing, and the boots seem to enhance it even more.”

“Does that mean that you want the chastity belt too?” asked Karen with a devilish grin.

“Oh… Yes! I do!” she said, quickly walking back to the living room and snatching the belt, handing it to Karen.

She took the pose and as Karen was wrapping the waist band, she grabbed it.

“No… The corset. I want the corset first.” said Sandra.

“Really? Okay then.” said Karen, getting the corset and wrapping the tight garment around Sandra’s waist and pulling the laces tighter and tighter.

Sandra’s breath began to shake again. She put her hands on her sides, pressing against the corset as she expelled, trying to get it as tight as possible as Karen worked on the laces. Then a series of tugs.

“Is… is it fully closed?” she asked, puzzled.

“Yes. Can’t go any tighter. Why?”

“It almost feels… loose.”

“Believe me, it’s tight. I don’t think your body can take a smaller corset than that.” said Karen, picking the belt and changing the necessary adjustments before wrapping the waist band around Sandra’s corseted torso.

Sandra stopped her as she was about to close the crotch strap.

“Wait. The plugs. I want the toys.”

“Seriously?… yeah, right.” said Karen, getting the toys, opening the crotch zipper and stuffing them in.

But she didn’t just stuff them in. She played with them, pushing and pulling, twisting, jerking. She was having fun at Sandra’s expense, although Sandra was not complaining. Her brain was gone to some other world as she was squishing her latex covered breasts while Karen was playing. Finally, she pushed the plugs fully in and fastened the crotch strap, tightly, even tighter than needed, pushing the dildos deeper inside and definitely denying any access. Darn, a sheet of paper wouldn’t go between the belt and Sandra’s crotch.

As soon as it was locked on, Sandra’s hands slid from her breasts, to her corseted waist down to her crotch where she tried to play with the belt, to move the toys, but she was totally denied.

“Should we make sure you won’t try to rip it off?” said Karen, picking one of the leather and steel cuffs.

Sandra let out an out of this world grunt, almost scary. The thought of being denied any touch was simply mind blowing.

Karen took the self-locking leather lined steel cuffs and wrapped them tightly around her wrists and upper arms, before going down and closed a set over her knees then at the ankles, ending with the collar one, preventing access to the hood zipper. Sandra was securely locked in.

Her eyes were closed, her mouth wide opened and making eerie sounds. Karen got the harness panel gag again and when she tried to put it on, instead of the closed mouth she was expecting, Sandra opened wide. While rubbing her breasts and trying to get past the chastity belt. She wanted it, and the tighter, the deeper, the better!

Karen turned her around and gook small padlocks and linked her wrist cuffs together then gently tried to pull her elbows closer and closer… until they touched! Sne quickly added another padlock.

That arm position forced Sandra’s breasts outward, against the latex suit, against the cups of the corset. Fuck it! That was so damn arousing. She was already out.

From Sandra’s point of view, she was daydreaming. The sensation of the latex catsuit, her waist crushed, the toys inside her , the rigid belt, the extreme position of her feet, and now the cuffs, the collar, the deep gag, and their arms in her back was simply mind blowing.

Getting teased and aroused were weak words. She was having an orgasm without having one. This was pure pleasure.

She felt a tug and followed it, eyes half opened. Karen was leading her to the bedroom, then gently had her sit on the bed, before laying down on her back. Her legs were forced closed together while Karen applied more padlocks, which increased the pressure on her toys, on the chastity belt. She moaned. In her head, she was screaming, but thanks to the gag, the neighbors wouldn’t know that her brain was on the verge of melting. Well, was it her brain, her crotch or her whole body?

Something was applied over her eyes and when she opened it, it was dark. The blindfold simply closed the door to the outside world. She was in her own world now, a world of lust and sexual pleasure. And bondage. And latex. And corsets. And…

She felt being pulled by the head harness then stretched being pulled by the ankles, as Karen secured her on the bed. She squirmed, or rather tried to. She could barely move.

Something was pressed against her thighs, against her chastity belt, then her thighs were wrapped together, tighter, forcing whatever was between her thighs even deeper in.

Karen took a few steps back, looking at the shiny red latex enclosed body, tightly bound and secured on the bed. She was safe. She wouldn’t fall down, unless she was able to destroy the bed frame. Around her upper thighs, elastic bandages were holding the magic wand in place. With a devilish smile, she reached for it and turned it on.

All hell broke loose in Sandra’s head. The sudden vibrations were transmitted through the belt to the dildos, screwing her, fucking her. She was already so aroused, so on the edge that she orgasmed immediately. A long, powerful relieving orgasm. An orgasm she had been wanting since the morning, back in the classroom. An orgasm that was finally released, filling her brain, her whole body with hormones as she almost passed out from the pleasure.

She never felt anything like that. For an instant, she feared she had become some kind of monster, a weirdo needing to be tied up in latex to have sex, but at the same time, she didn’t mind. She liked it. She loved it, because as the first orgasm wound down, another was building up as the magic wand was not taking any rest.

And she was up again, and again, until she passed out from exhaustion almost at the same time the magic wand ran out of power.

She was drifting out and in the real world. Then again, what was the real world? The one where she was sealed in rubber, in constant bondage, chasticized yet orgasming over and over, or the one where she was wearing a full body latex catsuit, locked into a chastity belt and corset, tied up on hre bed? Which one was real? Both of them were appealing.

She felt some pressure decrease from the world where she was tied up on her bed, then the darkness, the fantasy was replaced by the harsh light of the sun, although blocked by the heavy drapes by the window.

“Hello there.” Said Karen to a still dizzy looking woman, although all she could see was her eyes. “Wanna get out?” asked the brown faux-leather clad woman.

Sandra mumbled as Karen took off the gag.

“Not really…”

Karen giggled. 

“That was to be expected, but not that heavy, and not on your first night. Damn. I barely slept. All I was hearing was the ropes and bed frame creaking. I was sure you would break it apart.

“Oh… really? Well… better reinforce it then…” she said with a smile.

“Okay, turn around, I’ll free your arms,” said Karen.

A few minutes later, Karen left the room, leaving Sandra sitting on the edge of the bed, face resting on her hands.

“I’ll make some coffee. Just come out when you’re ready.”

Karen saw Sandra stumble her way in her ballet boots to the bathroom where she spent quite a long time. All the keys to everything were there. She heard the shower turn on and she began to be puzzled by the fact that Sandra didn’t ask for help to take the suit off. Well, she could have managed to do it alone. She was flexible and she could well figure it out, but when she finally came out of the bathroom, she was still fully suited, cuffed and belted.

“You put it all back on?” asked a puzzled Karen.


“What do you mean no? You’re all equipped as… you didn’t take anything off?”

“Nope. Managed to do all I had to do with everything on. Will keep them for the time being since I only have classes this afternoon.”

“Uh. Really?” asked Karen, stunned. “Well… I’m honestly stunned. From a girl that would only wear flats to… this.”

“Yeah, I’m stunning myself too.” said Sandra, taking a sip of coffee.

Karen’s phone rang.

“Yes?… What?… No…. NO… I told  him that… Ah fuck. I’ll be right there” she said. hanging up. “Shit. That group thing again. That jerk is already fucking things up.” she said, rushing to her bedroom to come back dressed as usual with tight fitting clothes and heels. “See you later… rubber freak.”

Sandra laughed.

“Yeah, right.”

She finished her coffee and walked to the bedroom, laid down and took the magic wand. The dead magic wand. She cursed and plugged it to be recharged. She tried to play with her fingers but it was no use. It was only teasing her. A good teasing tho.

When Karen came back, it was the middle of the afternoon. She was anxious. Was Sandra able to get out of the latex catsuit or did she skip classes.

Almost on cue, entered a woman wearing long pants and a turtleneck sweater, looking pissed in 30 degrees weather.

“Oh shit!” said Karen. “I’m really sorry, Sandra. I should have called to ask you if you needed help, but I figured that you would have called too, I mean…”

“Fuck it, Karen. Why did you hide the key and mostly WHERE?” said Sandra, taking off the sweater revealing she was still in full gear, minus the hood. “Luckily I was able to pull the hood off, otherwise I would have had to go to class with it.” she said, pissed off.

“Whut… what? The keys are right there, in the bathroom, on the counter.” she said, walking hastily to the bathroom. “See? They’re right th… They WERE there… Where the hell are they?”

“Yeah, I was asking myself the same question.”

“But… They were there. I came in, prepped myself, took off my pajamas and left… uh?” said Karen, rushing to her bedroom, taking the faux-leather catsuit laying on the bed and shaking it. There was a metallic clunk on the floor and there they were: the keys. “Shit! They must have stuck to the suit… I’m really sorry, Sandra. I didn’t mean to.” she said.

“I… well… I didn’t think of that either.”

“You could have skipped the class.”

“Nope. Exam. Although I had weird looks it was awesome! Wearing latex in class, having to walk, take the bus in those boots, knowing all the locked gear on me. That was such a rush… It should be ready now.” she said, walking to her bedroom, getting rid of her pants in the way in, laying on the bed and taking the magic wand, pressing it hard against her belted crotch at full power.

She threw her head backward and let out a long guttural moan.

Karen nodded.

“What the hell did I turn yourself into?” she asked.

“I dunno, but I like it.” said Sandra before closing her eyes, and forcing her mouth to clamp shut as the orgasm quickly built up.

She was getting her tight jacket off when she heard a murderous scream coming from the bedroom. She rushed to it and saw a red faced Sandra, letting the magic wand drop on the floor.

“That’s a relief.” said Sandra, smiling ear to ear.

“Want to get out now?”

“Hell no.” she said, getting up. She looked outside from the living room window. “I’m going for a walk.” she added, heading for the door, hesitating a moment, looking down at herself then walking out.

Karen simply stood there, totally stunned.

When she came back close to dinner time, she was all smiling.

“How did it go?” asked Karen.

“Actually, quite good. I got a lot of stares, a few questions but people generally didn’t gave a shit. I think I may stay that way.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Not sure… yet.”

They prepared food together. Karen knew latex and she liked it, but for fetish parties, not all the time, and she would certainly not lock herself in a chastity belt for that long.

“You know you still have all the keys to get out.” said Karen during the meal, looking at Sandra’s shiny red arms reflecting the lights, and being almost turned on when she licked her latex coated fingers.

“Yeah. That’s the weak point of it. I mean, although I’m locked in, I can get out anytime.”

“Want me to keep them? To hide them?” asked Karen.

“That’s an idea.” 

For the rest of the meal, the subjects were about their classes, some they shared and needed to compare notes, but Sandra wouldn’t have it… normally. She wanted to be hooded, gagged and tied up, even if it meant having her wrists bound in front of her to point at notes or write, instead of talking.

She spent the night, again, all tied up, but in a hogtie this time, and she loved it.

The next morning, as they were having breakfast, Sandra asked for the keys.

“Sure, here they are.” said Karen handing Sandra the keys.

“See? That’s the problem.” said Sandra. “I don’t have access to the keys but as soon as I ask for them, you hand them over.”

“What do you want me to do, Sandra. Say no? When should I say no and when should I say yes? Maybe we could set up rules, I dunno, once a week or… no, what if you have to take them off in a hurry?”

“Yeah, I see your point and I see the problem.” said Sandra.

Karen’s phone made a sound. She looked at the text message.

“Fuck! Not again… I have to go. I… I’m leaving the keys here. You probably would want to take it off before going to class, and the trick to remove the neck entry catsuit alone is to use the shower to fill it with water. It helps.” she said, hurriedly getting dressed and running out.

Sandra looked at the keys, took them in her hands, then played a little with the padlocks and looked at the auto-locking mechanism of the cuffs.

This had been a full day of classes and Karen returned to the apartment by the end of the day. Sandra happened to walk in just a few minutes after Karen, all smiling, all shining in her bright red latex catsuit, complete with the hood and all the shiny steel cuffs and chastity belt without anything hiding it.

“Back from another little walk?” asked Karen, stunned.

“No, actually, from the University… and the hardware store.” as she put down a rather heavy shopping bag.

“What? You went on… like that?” asked Karen.

“Yes, and I will go again like that for a long time.”

“What do you mean for a long time?” asked Karen.

Sandra dropped a handful of little padlocks on the dining table.

“I went to the Advanced Material Lab this afternoon.” she said, extending an arm to show the wrist cuff. “I had the lock filled with an experimental material that expanded and hardened at the same time. Those things are totally impossible to take off now. Well, with a blowtorch perhaps, but I’m not very fond of the idea.”

“The wrist cuffs?” asked Karen, looking at the filled keyhole. In fact, there was no longer any keyhole.

“ALL the cuffs,” proudly said Sandra, “including the now glued hood zipper. And look at the corset.” she said, turning around, showing that the lacing had been replaced by a steel wire.

“But the belt?” asked Karen. “I mean, just plugging the padlocks leaves an easy solution with a heavy pair of pliers, right?”

“Nope.” said Sandra, pointing at the pile of padlocks on the table. “Welded shut, now.”

“Welded shut?”

“Yes, all of it. Can’t take anything off, not even those wonderful ballet boots.”

Karen stood there, amazed, stunned and almost speechless.

“Want to help me set up these things?” she said, picking up the heavy bag. Asked Sandra.

“What’s in it?” asked Karen.

“Hardware, screws, rings, chain links, you know, stuff to keep me well tied up in my room because there’s a new rule now in this home: I have to be kept tied up and I can’t sleep without being severely restrained, otherwise all I will do is climax.” she said, smiling wide under her hood. “And gagged… And blindfolded.”

“I’ve created a monster.” managed to say Karen, still totally stunned.

“No. You haven’t created anything, Karen. You only showed me stuff, and I liked it. This is me and I’ve even officially changed my name. My name is now Sandra. Sandra ChastityGirl.”

© monstrep63

November 13, 2021

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