Karen – Do Not Open Before Christmas (again…)


The living room was warm, thanks to the fire crackling in the fireplace, shedding its warmth as well as its orange glow on the white pants of the woman standing nearby, by the Christmas tree, looking down at the gifts.

She frowned.

“Say, Sandra, what is this large box? It wasn’t there this morning.”

“Geesh, I don’t know. We got a lot of gifts from admirers. That might be one of them. What does the label say?” she answered from the kitchen.

Karen bent to look at it, protruding her fit bums toward the warm fire, heating her white leather leggings.

“Hum… it says… To Sandra and Karen… from… Ah come on. Santa? Really?”

“Well, that’s a gift from Santa, then.”

“Yeah, right, as if he exists. And why this red tape with ‘do not open before Christmas’”?

“What are you talking about?” said Sandra, coming with two cups of hot cocoa.

“It says it right here: From Santa to Sandra and Karen, and here, do not open before Christmas.” repeated Karen.

“Well then. We’ll see who it’s from and what it is on Christmas.” she said, taking a sip of the hot beverage.

“But I want to know. That’s unfair. We don’t know who it is from.”

“Yes we do. It’s from Santa. It’s written right there.”

“Santa does not exist,” said Karen.

“That’s what you believe.” 

“I want to know. Just a little peek should be enough.” firmly said Karen.

“There’s a warning, Karen. You know better than that. But I’m taking no part of it.” she said, taking a few steps back.

Karen, with the smile of a kid about to cheat, kneeled and gently tore a little piece of the wrapping. There was a strange hum and she was engulfed by some sort of blue ribbons of lights.

“What the hell fuck?” she asked, Sandra taking a step back.

She was surrounded by blue ribbons of lights. The sounds of thousands little Christmas bells were heard, the light getting brighter and the sound louder by the second.

“You shouldn’t have touched it.” yelled Sandra to talk over the loud electrical noise filling the house.

In amazement, Sandra saw Karen slowly vanish, disappear, while something else was appearing. Something large and with something or… someone on it.

The glow and the noise faded before disappearing completely. What was left was a wooden stock holding a woman, wrapped in shiny Christmas wrapping paper… and it was no paper but some sort of very thick shiny rubber.

“Ka… Karen.?” asked Sandra, carefully approaching the woman bound to the frame, neck and wrists held by a large wooden frame, ankles wrapped in rubber cuffs and linked with steel rods to the post. She was awkwardly hanging half seated, half laying down while something could be heard vibrating. 

She was wearing a blindfold and a blow-up gag, the pump hanging in front of her.

“Well… Santa told you to wait… Oh there’s a tag here.”

Karen moaned while struggling to get out. This was not what she was expecting.

“The tag reads: To Sandra. Do not unwrap before Christmas.” she read, giggling.

Karen struggled hard, evidently asking to be set free.

“Sorry Karen, but seeing how you ended up by peeking at a gift, I’m definitely NOT going to unwrap you before Christmas.”

© monsterp63

December 20, 2021

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