Calendar – January 2022


Yep. I’m doing the calendar this year. Available in 3 versions: Starting Sunday, Starting Monday and No calendar.

Images are 1920×1080. They can be used as background images or when printed landscape on “letter” sized paper (in N-America) or A4 (pretty much elsewhere in the world), it leaves a nice blank space at the bottom to write notes, reminders, appointments, punishments, etc.

And how about doing a “caption contest” this year? Each month, one winner takes it all: One FULL year of free membership to, access to all the archives and everything new for the next year. What dayya think? Leave your captions in the comment section. No limits!! Participate as often as you want.

Each next-month calendar will be posted a few days before the end of the current month.

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11 thoughts on “Calendar – January 2022

  1. Looks hot – but also looks very cold.

    Assuming “correct equipment”, the typical movements of cross-country skiing will provide a nice warm up experience in all the right places – but woe if she should every stop…


  2. My caption: Ah, thanks for the (red) corset, it could be dangerous skiing only in the (white) catsuit. Everything is so white.

    ideally with the words “red” and “white” omitted 🙂

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