Choose Wiseley


Blue pill or Red pill? How do you want the rest of your life to be?.

Blue: wealth, any car, huge mansion by the beach, airplanes, trips, in short, anything money can buy, but no kink at all. Pure Vanilla and Vanilla ONLY.

Red: No money but 100% kinks (NO vanilla at all) totally under the control of someone else (the wealthy one perhaps??)

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13 thoughts on “Choose Wiseley

  1. I’ll tangle, but maybe I can buy the best latex clothes and create the best permanent latex prison. For example, in your article, I can hire someone to take care of myself on a rainy night. I’m tangled, but red is also great. Well, I’d better choose blue and wear the best permanent latex according to my own ideas

    1. That’s the “drawback”: Blue pill comes with all the money you can want, but Pure Vanilla only. NO KINK (latex, bondage, sex toys, etc).
      So, it’s no kink at all or only kink.
      Makes me think: I’ll add “vanilla” to the description.

  2. Well, I mean, if I choose blue, I can wear the best permanent latex and the strictest restraint as in your article “rainy night”, and hire someone to take care of myself.

  3. what about having a purple pill then i can have the money of the blue pill and control over who ever takes a red pill

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