Wild Imagination, or I’m Just Weird?


I might have an imagination that is too fucked up.

*looks down at the story I’m currently writing and glance at the art being rendered…

Yeah. Anyways, I was at the Costco warehouse this afternoon after work. It is cold. Not chilly, fucking cold (-18C), so of course, people are fully winter clothed.

However, when you enter a store, you take some things off, like hat, gloves, you unzip or take off your coat and stuff.
So, I’m amidst the crowd, pushing my huge Costco-sized shopping kart, and I spot that young woman, rather slim with a defined waist, fully dressed, knitted hat, figure hugging coat closed with a belt, scarf wrapped around her neck, face half hidden by the mandatory mask, even her winter gloves were on. I was like “yeah, that’s a little extreme being in the middle of the warehouse store”. I thought. “at least, take the gloves off.” I said to myself.

She wasn’t wearing high heels but plain winter booties and very tight skinny jeans, from which I was seeing only the lower part of her leg, below the knee, because of her long winter coat. And let me tell you, they were tight.

Then, I had a thought: I wondered if she could be hiding a full latex catsuit with attached gloves, a corset, and why not, a chastity belt under all of this. A gag perhaps under her Covid mask?

I smiled.

I mean, that’s pretty much how I would dress-up Karen for a situation like this… Actually, that’s similar to how I’m dressing her in the story I’m currently writing. Say… what a coincidence…

I wish I could say that I went to her and asked her about it, or smelled the latex or noticed the bulge of the gag by walking close by, but that’s not how it goes in real life. I took my alley and she continued on a different alley. End of the story.

But as I walked away, I imagined…Perhaps, just perhaps… I met a real Fetish Karen…


p.s. Now, my imagination is really firing up. I imagine slipping one of my mp63.ca business card in her coat’s pocket (card I still have to make…), and she get in touch with me, and presents herself as Karen and… Oooooo. Quick! I have to write that down!

Wanna know how I get inspired for a story? You got it, right friggin’ there!. Yeah, I know, I’m nuts.

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12 thoughts on “Wild Imagination, or I’m Just Weird?

    1. And man, that thought, makes my brain boils…
      I regret not following her, you know, kind of to have a “clue”. Although living with my fantasy is a lot better than getting disappointed as seeing her takes her gloves off to see bare hands.

      1. I mean knowing there is a chance to meet Karen is the better option. I agree the moment you described earlier is really tough.

      2. That, my friend, is the dilemma. She could have been your Costco Karen; or she could have been a vanilla housewife doing her shopping … who then becomes threatened by some ‘creepy weirdo’ following her round the store, something no woman should have to put up with in 2022. Best stick with the fantasy and see where inspiration takes you. I’m looking forward to your new story.

        1. You absolutely got a point there, Nick. I’ll stick to my fantasy, hoping I won’t drool all over the shopping cart.
          Anyway, I wouldn’t be bold enough to start a conversation.

    1. I don’t know if it will be a long story but I’m at page 25 and I don’t know yet how it will end.
      The story could be a long one, or it could take a long time because I don’t write full time.
      Remember, writing those stories is a hobby, hence I do it for my pleasure, to get those silly scenarios out of my mind. If I have no fun imagining the setup and predicaments, it won’t be fun to read, so, I don’t write.

      I don’t know why but I’m not in my “best” to write at the moment. I write half a page and I get bored or fall asleep. Heck, I didn’t make any 3D art within the last two weeks or so. I put that on “Winter’s Blues”.

      The story will be ready when it will be completed, and I don’t pressure myself to finish it. And that is one of the reason I don’t go “pay-site”. No deadline.

      Thank you for your patience.

      1. Yes, it’s all free! Thank you for your creation for so many years. I’m happy whenever you update!

  1. Under my heavy winter coat, only I know what I’m wearing… Hopefully, I won’t have a heart attack/fall down stairs/get run over! I also have contemplated a captive maiden wearing say a chador and underneath, corset and chains/straps, and of course a gag – just the eyes visible. As for modern times, I’m not the only mental miscreant, as I have seen an advertisement for a face mask (as per covid), but, with a mouth-filling gag on the inside. I see quite a lot of people wearing a facemask these days, and am distracted by naughty ideas.

    Meanwhile, I’m trying to find again the story about Karen and the not-so-bright spaceship-commanding Queen and her cloned agents, that I’d like to re-read…

    1. Thank you, Nicky.
      There are probably more “hidden in plain sight” situations that we tend to believe: latex underwear, butt plugs, it’s all easy to conceal (been there, done that… what do you think?) so there might be that one in full latex, or chastity belt or cage, or corset and the like and we simply go by, not noticing.
      And yes, “under my heavy winter coat”, I’ve worn my latex catsuit and also a wetsuit on many occasions.

      Latex Invasion:
      The only story I can think of with a latex “not-so-bright” queen (and slaves…) is Latex Invasion, a story I’ve posted on Deviant Art.
      However, there’s not much left of said story. You can find it here:


      That’s all there is, with the explanation.

      Best regards,

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