Winter Blues


It might be the lack of sun, the cold weather of winter, family drama, work problems, Covid, little green men still not answering my request to visit or something else, but right now, I’m having “the blues”. It might be the winter blues or just a simple “feel down” period, but the fact is that I don’t feel to write or even create art.

I have the choice of “forcing it up” to create material, but it will be rushed, botched and probably awful to read.

Or I can chose to let the blues do its thing, get a lot of rest instead of staring at a blank screen, and in the end, create something worth the “quality” I usually produce.

I will take this awesome life inspirational quote who goes like “Love is like a fart. If you force it, it might be shit” and replace “love” by “art”. You get the picture 😉

It’s not like there’s nothing to read or look at on the site. Just revisit old stories. You might be surprise at how good (or bad…) they are and you can take that opportunity to rate them!

And, I know I’m repeating myself: this is a hobby, not a job, and a hobby is for pleasure. Although… sex is not a hobby and it is for pleasure. Or can it be a hobby?

Job application: List three of your hobbies

  • Sex
  • Writing (sex stories)
  • Creating art (sex themed)

Not sure it would go down well…

So, I’m not dead (at least, I’m not aware of it), just be patient.


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3 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. Now imagine a world where these hobbies are just one of any and many… “My hobbies is writing sex themed stories and having sex” – “That’s nice, some of mine are baking and hiking in the mountains”… 😉

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