I’m BaaAAAAaaack!


The “winter blues” seems to have worn off. Putting my mind into something else (namely an Arduino Project) seems to have clear it.

Of course, no immediate story. I had a half-written one that I now have to put my mind back into to finish it. That’s what I’m working on.

So, how “back” am I? What mood am I?

Just figure it out by yourself from this excerpt (written this morning) from said story:

The whole gas leak caused a traffic jam two blocks long. She got out of the car and ran, on her pointed boots, toward the police. A female officer, mouth agape, was looking at her run, getting closer, hints of shiny black legs peeking through the front opening of her long coat. Karen reached her.

“Hi. My name is Karen. I was called earlier, they believe the leak is from my flat… Hello?” said Karen as the officer was just staring at her, looking at her ballet booted feet.

“How… how the hell do you manage to even walk in those?” asked the officer.

“The same way you manage in those ugly flat boots of yours: by putting one foot in front of the other. Now remember? The gas leak? My flat? Can I go in?” asked Karen with a very firm tone, snapping her latex covered fingers, getting the officer out of her thoughts.

Feels like a reply Leslie Nielsen would give in Airplane or Naked Gun.

Five pages added in about an hour. Now I do have some house chores to attend to, like laundry. Unfortunately, I’m not wearing full latex to go to work that only needs a quick wipe-out every morning like Karen does… Oops. I think I revealed something from the story… Just un-read this then.


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2 thoughts on “I’m BaaAAAAaaack!

  1. Good to hear that it is going better,
    I’m not sure that using an Arduino to transfer your mind into a story is safe, could you get stuck.
    (Sorry bad joke referring back to the sketch “Brain Transplants Made Easy” by the Canadian gruppe ‘LoadingReadyRun’ in the early days, although they used a Dreamcast )

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