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The question was: “Hey folks, Karen here. I have a question for you, guys and gals. Pete’s workload at work increased and he’s pretty tired when he comes back home, meaning that he mostly writes on weekends. Our current adventure is, so far, over 35+ pages long and, honestly, I don’t know how it’s gonna end. Sandra and I are having quite a good time and are not eager to let it go, right Sandra?…”
“Oh right… Anyway, so we urged Pete to continue and not cut it short.
So the question is: do you want to read our little adventure bit by bit when a part is ready, or you prefer to wait and read it as a whole? Put your choice below, please.
Thank you!”

The result:

“Seriously guys???”

“Three votes difference? No matter which one was “winning” half of it would be disappointed? How do you want Pete to deal with this??”

After a long discussion with Karen, this is what I will do.

First of all, you have to take into consideration that said story (called “At The Movies”) was never intended to be a multi-part story, and thus is not written as such. Also, I don’t want to have a 26 part story all over the place.

I will post a small part every week and update that SAME POST every time. I will reset the “published date”, so you will have to look at it to see if it has been updated or not. (see the red pseudo-circle on the left). I will also update the title with “Pt x”, where x will be the part number.

If the story is finished before the little part posting is completed, I will post the whole rest of the story at once. So, I would please both of you: the ones who wants it part by part and those who want it as a whole. When the full story will be posted, I will remove the “Pt x” from the title.

Meaning that those who will want to wait for the story to be fully completed before reading it will be able to figure it out easily.

Should post first part Monday.

Thank you for your cooperation. Really appreciated.

-Pete and Karen (Yes, I know, I should update my medication, I’m having a conversation with a fantasy character)

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