Karen & Sandra – At The Movies (Complete)


Karen was lounging in the living room, half laying down, half sitting, reading a book, on the verge of falling asleep when her phone rang with the notification sound.

“New post on mp63.ca”

Suddenly, life was filling her smile and she eagerly clicked the link.

“New story coming up soon. Get ready. Will be posted at midnight” said the post, with a very erotic image of his heroine, to which she shared the same name, was tightly clad in latex, corset, heels, and was fixed to some metal frame with another one he named Sandra at the control.

“Funny,” she thought, “that I am named Karen and my best friend is named Sandra. If only Sandra was that kinky. Now, midnight HIS time zone is somewhere around 06:00 here, meaning I won’t read this story until tomorrow morning.” she said to herself.

She got up.

“Well, Karen, you’re already horny, better make sure you won’t do anything drastic before you read that story.” she said as she walked to her bedroom and opened her closet. “Hum… yes… this” she said as she took her beloved chastity belt, “and… why not.” she said, smiling, taking a black latex catsuit with attached gloves and socks.

She grabbed the bottle of lubricant and, after undressing herself completely, rubbed it as if it was suncream. Everything to help the tight fitting neck entry catsuit from Fantastic Rubber to glide on easily.

She sat on the small chair by her bed and proceeded to feed her feet through the narrow,  yet expanding, neck hole, feeding the latex up her legs, up to her thighs, packing it up as sher feet reached the toe socks where she carefully inserted each toe into its own compartment. Then, she wiggled them. Feeling them glide over each other was a very nice feeling.

Expertly, she grabbed the suit and pulled it up, over her hops, down to the smallest part of her stomach, and again, working the legs up, removing all wrinkles, things made easier by the fac that the suit was tighter than a second skin. She fudged her measurements to have it tight, although she had the feeling she altered them a little too much. But she liked it tight, so it wasn’t that bad.

She squirmed to get the suit past her breasts then used her flexibility to get one arm down through the neck and into the sleeve, sliding it down, until it reached the attached gloves, fitting each finger into it’s little home. Getting the last arm inside the suit was now easy, and the suit’s collar rose up, expelling what was left of the air between the latex and her skin in the process.

She wiggled her shoulders, lifting and moving her legs, so the suit would take it’s place. It was always a very enjoyable pleasure to feel the latex cling to every part of her body, engulfing her, sealing her. No tugging, no pulling anywhere.

She rubbed her hands along her body, starting at her neck, down to her breasts where she rubbed them in circles, down to her ribcage, her tiny waist, then to her hips, where she ran her legs from the front to the back,, wrapping her buns before going forward again, reaching her crotch where she played with the zipper handle, teasing herself, then continued her rubbing inside her thighs, down to her knees, and going on the exterior side of her legs, slowly sliding her gloved hands over the slick latex thighs, to her hips, to her waist, and again heading down to her crotch where she slowly opened the zipper.

Two latex pouches dangled down and she inserted her fingers into the first one, the vaginal one, and inserted it into her vagina, going as deep as her fingers would go before doing the same with her rectum pouch.

She took small black leather booties and slid over her feet, forcing them into an en-pointe position, laced them tightly and applied a small lock on the top lacing holes, locking them in place. She added steel cuffs over each ankle, over her wrists and a collar, all locked on.

She then took a large red latex garment and wrapped it around her already tiny waist, pulling the back lacing, tightening the corset again and again. She had to do it, her next item only fitted over her corseted waist.

She sucked in her stomach as she expertly drew the lacing tighter and tighter until the gap at the back of the corset was no more. She quickly knotted the lacing and rubbed her hands over her new small waist as she walked to her dresser, walking on her ballet boots as if they were slippers and opened a drawer where she retrieved two plugs, both rather large. One dildo and one butt plug.

She looked at the back of them and pushed a button. Both lit-up but nothing more.

She looked at herself in the dresser’s mirror and bit her lips. She was a naughy girl. She liked it.

She gently took the butplug and firmly ineserted it into its sleeve, moaning a little as her rectum was stretched to its limit, then as the sphincter took back it’s appropriate shape, she inserted the long and large dildo, quickly closing the zipper

“Hurry up before you change your mind.” she said to herself, almost singing, as she grabbed her chastity belt and quickly put it on, locking it in place, at the same time, pushing the plugs deeper into her body.

Humming a happy song, she reached her timed box, set the timer for eight hours, put the keys of the different locks in, closed the lid and pressed the button.

“That should keep you… horny until morning.” she said, smiling. There. She was set for the rest of the evening and the night ahead.


On the other side of town, Sandra was living a similar fantasy, her too having received the notification about Monsterp63’s new story and she had a similar idea. However, she wasn’t as strong a fetishist as Karen. 

She smiled as she inserted her vibrating dildo into her crotch, then covered it with a pair of red latex panties before locking it with her black steel chastity belt, the only piece of latex she owned.

“Eight hours should be enough to keep you on the edge.” she said to herself, taking the timed box, putting the key inside, placing the lid and… nothing. The display was blank.

“What the damn? Probably the batteries” she said, happily walking to the kitchen, feeling her tight and rigid chastity belt rub against her waist, her hips, her crotch. She searched through a few drawers before finding the desired batteries, then walked back on her tiptoes to her bedroom to insert the batteries. To her delight, the display lit.

“So, I was saying… eight hours.” she said as she turned the knob, adjusting the time, then making sure the release key was in the box, putting the lid down and pressing the button, looking with a devilish smile at the display countdown her last chance to change her mind.

As it turned on and she heard the mechanism engage, she noticed the display.

“Wha… How… Why is it displaying 24 hours?” she said, looking at it in disbelief. “No… No… Not 24 hours, I wanted eight hours, you stupid box.” she said, turning the button, but there was nothing that could be done. “23  hours, 58 minutes” was now displayed.

“Well, I can live with that for a day. It’s not like I never did it before but… I didn’t have one of Pete’s stories to read.” she said, then looked up and catched herself in the dresser mirror. “Consider this your punishment.” she said, smiling.

She tried to resume her book but her thoughts were elsewhere. Using her phone, she logged into mp63.ca and read a story at random. That proved to be a bad idea, especially locked as she was.

For both of then, the night was agitated, filled with strange sexy dreams of being subjected to ereotic teasing and torture, both enjoying it, each in her very own setup, one much more elaborate than the other.

In the morning, Karen removed the chains linking her neck and feet to the bed. Well, she was not to sleep unrestrained, especially on a day off, then walked her way to her computer, wiggling her butt balancing on her extreme heels. Yes, she had slept with them on.

She sat, which pushed the dildos deeper. Yes, the new story was there. She took her phone and logged into her double troublemakers: they were bluetooth controlled through her phone. She put them on a random pattern and began to read.

By the end of the story she was hot as hell but the timed box still needed about an hour before the release. She laid on her back, teasing herself with the remote app, bringing herself to the verge of orgasm but never succeeding. She would have to remove the chastity belt. Well, it wasn’t called that for nothing.

Sandra was going through a similar mayhem, getting teased and tormented from the phone app, teasing herself to the limit with her remote controlled dildo, always kept on the edge before going back down. That was frustrating as hell, but she wouldn’t be allowed to remove the belt before at least 16 hours again. She hated her setup as much as she liked it.

Her phone notification got her out of her daydream and fantasy.

“Hey, girls,” was saying Lynda, a mutual friend, in a group chat with Karen and Sandra. “Wanna go see that new movie with Ryan Reynolds at the cinema this afternoon?” she was asking.

“Absolutely!” quickly answered Karen.

Sandra took longer to answer, turning off her dildo before typing anything because it would be rubbish, which gave her some time to think: she was stuck in her belt, meaning that she would have to go wearing her belt and the dildo, hopefully, turned off, but still.

“I’m not sure.” finally wrote Sandra.

“What? Reynolds is one of your favorites! And you repeated non-stop last week that you wanted to see that movie.”

She couldn’t lie… Well, it depended on the lie, but Reynolds was one of her favorites and she’s been saying to whoever wanted to hear it, that she was eager to see that movie. How can she back off from it?

Maybe she could hide the belt under loose fitting jeans, and if not, perhaps, canceling at the last minute under a pretext she would have to find would pass.

“Oh… You mean that movie.” she said “Sorry, I was doing something else at the same time, didn’t read this right. Of course I’m going. See you at the door?”

“Deal!” answered both of her friends. “Let’s meet there at 14:00.”

She searched her closet for the right clothes. Every one of them seemed to show the belt. Then again, she knew what to look for. Perhaps, she hoped, casual passersby wouldn’t notice.

Karen heard the locking mechanism of the locking box activate, meaning that it has unlocked. She was in no hurry to get off her gear, she liked it there. In fact, she would gladly spend her whole life setup like that than change to some vanilla clothes to please the society.

She made herself some breakfast, enjoying feeling the weight of her steel cuffs, as well as the shine of the morning sun reflecting on her shiny arms and body. The struggle with the ballet boots? What struggle? She was so used to wearing them she barely noticed. In fact, she was now so used to her new height inside the house that she was feeling strange when she was not wearing them and had to stretch higher than usual to reach stuff.

She tried to take a deep breath but the tight corset prevented it. She liked being reminded how constrained she was. She sat at the table then took two quick links that were laying there from a previous activity and linked her ankles together as well as her wrists, forcing her to use both arms each time she wanted to have a sip of coffee or grab a bite of her breakfast, looking at her shiny arms, shiny clad fingers, and hearing the latex creak with every movement.

She did her chores in full gear, washing the dishes, cleaning the table, dusting a little, impaired by the links and savoring every second of each struggle. She even took the time to gag herself with a large red ball gag to stop making annoying sounds. Well, she did fire up the plugs, after all.

Sandra ate a small breakfast and washed the dishes, enjoying feeling her chastity belt doing so. She liked it, and the plug, she had kept off because she would have stopped too many times doing her chores to enjoy it, was nonetheless teasing and arousing her, but she knew she wouldn’t get released and relieved before the end of the day, which seemed to make her even hotter.

The time to leave for the cinema was approaching. Nervous, she checked again in the mirror if anything showed. She had put on quite baggy clothes and she hoped that the winter coat and loose wool shirt would help hide everything.

“Well, better get out of this.” said Karen, rubbing her latex covered body, hobbling her way to her bedroom, smiling, enjoying her predicament. She grabbed the locking box, but with her wrists linked and her oily fingers, the box slipped. She tried to catch it, almost grabbing it a few times. She was more or less juggling with it, laughing in the process, so much that she didn’t hear the beeping sound of the countdown starting. As the box finally hit the carpeted floor, she heard the locking mechanism operate.

“What the…” she said, as she crouched down to retrieve the box. She struggled with her restraints to pick it up. She tried to open it but it was locked. A look at the display: 8h: 23m.

Oh shit! Now she is really stuck and won’t be able to get out before the evening!

She looked at the timed box with wide eyes, in disbelief. Her old one, she could break it open, but not this one. She had this one made after she broke open her last one, made out of plastic, after chickening out of a setup, so she had this one made out of steel. There was no way out except with a power drill or a saw or a blowtorch.

She looked at herself in the long mirror, fully clad in latex with only her head free, steel cuffs and ballet boots.

After a few moments for the situation to sink in, she took off the quick links and grabbed her phone, and texted that something came up and she wouldn’t be able to join them at the cinema. However, when it was time to hit ‘send’, she hesitated, looked at herself again in the mirror and tried to imagine what it would be like to go as is, with everything hidden under normal clothes. Hidden in plain sight.

She erased the message and walked to her closet, humming. A devilish plan was forming. She would enjoy that movie like no other.

The ride on the bus was strange. Oh  yes, she did it before. It wasn’t the first time she was out with her chastity belt hidden under her city clothes, but with toys inside, it was. And each bump, each stop and go was making them move. She tried to sit down, to stand up, one was not better than the other so she was glad when she finally reached her destination. Stepping down of the bus was also a challenge. The rigidity of the belt and the toys were not making the best of mix for getting down stairs.

Lynda was there. They hugged each other, hoping that Lynda wouldn’t put her hand too low and discover her secret.

“Where is Karen?” asked Sandra. I usually either see her on my bus or she’s already here.

“Dunno, yes, she’s usually always the first,“ said Lynda. “I’ll ask.” she said, picking up her phone.

“No need, there she is… At least, I think it’s her.” she said, pointing to where another transit bus let down some people.

And there was this very tall woman, brown hair floating over her shoulders, wearing a mid-thigh length heavy winter coat, turtleneck shirt and winter gloves on her hands, walking strangely, almost as if she was floating, and with very, very long legs.

Her jeans seemed to be tight from the hidden waist down to the knees when they slightly flared up going down, pretty much to the ground, hiding her feet. But something was odd.

“Hi Karen. Are you okay?” asked Lynda as she reached the group.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” said Karen with her soft voice.

“Your feet look strange…” said Sandra, pretty much figuring out what she was wearing. After all, she was a fetishist herself. She knew that Karen was often wearing high heel footwear, very tight jeans, and on some occasion, openly wearing a corset, but… then again, ballet boots are a slight stretch to her usual high heels.

“Oh, new boots.” said Karen. “Very high heels. Just getting used to it.” she said with a smile. “Going in? We’re gonna be late.” she said, heading the way.

They followed, got to the ticket counter and bought their ticket, then headed for their assigned places, Lynda being between the two of them.

Sandra and Lynda removed their winter coats but Karen kept everything.

“You’re gonna be hot with all this on.” said Lynda.

“Well, dunno if I’m about to get a cold or what, but I’m shivering. I’ll keep them on for now.” she said.

She sat immediately, getting comfy, but Sandra took her time. Her toy had to move the right way, and she had to position herself according to the limits of her chastity belt.

She noticed that Karen seemed to have a similar problem although her waist seemed a lot stiffer. ‘Probably wearing a corset’  thought Sandra. ‘I wonder how she does it.’

They both settled down. Fortunately, Lynda didn’t seem to notice anything. Then the inevitable ads began and from the corner of her eye, Sandra noticed that Karen was struggling with her phone, partly hiding her screen, struggling to operate it with her winter on, although it was a ‘modern’ glove with a touch-screen patch on the tip of the index finger. Although her finger was hidden, it seemed strange. Then again, the dim light of the cinema didn’t help and Sandra was two seats away.

Then the phone slipped her hands. She juggled a little to grab it but it fell, hitting the floor.

At the same time, both Karen and Sandra jolted, letting out a muffled yelp. Ingrin also had a reaction to the phone hitting the floor but different.

“You should store that phone,” said Lynda.

“Yes, yes. I will.” said Karen.

Sandra was stunned. What the hell just happened? First the jolt when the phone touched down and now, as they both spoke, her toy became alive?

Sandra was quick to whip out her phone, making sure that the app controlling her dildo was off. It was, but every sound of the ads were… felt. Slightly panicking, she turned off her phone, expecting her toy to stop teasing her any moment, but as the screen went black, it was still vibrating.

“Fuck, it’s stuck on.” she mumbled, but the vibrations modulated according to the noise, to the sound, and as the movie began and the lights dimmed, she glanced at Karen who seemed to be reacting too but evidently enjoying it.

The movie was good, with a lot of calm scenes but also a lot of action. Explosions proved to be the worst. Sandra was squirming in her seat, often grabbing both armrests and pretty much lifting herself off the seat. Karen seemed to have similar reactions, but either her toys were less powerful, or she was controlling her reactions a lot better than Sandra was able to.

Action scene: car chase, gunfire, explosions. One jolt, another, a long vibration, jagged short pulses, long vibration, powerful jolt, rectum, vagina, Karen didn’t know what to think ,what to do. 

She thought it would have been fun, but now it was plainly a torture. A  heavenly torture.

She was fighting hard the urge to orgasm, but the toys had the final control.

When the last explosion occurred, where everything was flying everywhere, Karen flew too, literally rising herself off the seat without using the arms rest, letting out a hard and high pitch yelp.

She noticed that Sandra had a similar reaction and Lynda, sitting between them, was puzzled by such a reaction. Even the people sitting behind them commented about their over-reaction, giggling.

Yes, it was a good scene, a powerful one, where the hero neutralized the bad guys, but it was just a movie. Nothing to get all crazy about.

Sandra was crossing her legs, biting her tongue, trying hard not to scream. Hopefully, everything calmed down as the last love scene of the movie and the end credits scrolled on.

Sandra was panting hard. She glanced at Karen who was having a similar situation but breathing fast, really fast, as if she couldn’t breath.

“You girls okay?” asked Lynda.

“Oh, yes, I’m fiiine.” said Sandra, eyes floating.

“That… was a good… movie.” managed to say Karen between two shorth breaths.

“Did you had sex during the movie or what?” asked Lynda. “You should have invited me.” she said, looking at one then the other in sequence a few times.

Karen and Lynda giggled, looking at each other, puzzled. What the heck happened?

Karen took out her phone, fondled it and suddenly, Sandra’s toys became totally silent. What the…

“Well, I don’t know about you, girls, but I need to pee.” said Lynda, getting up and out of the row, followed by Karen and Sandra, who looked at each other, each one asking the same silent question.

While they waited for Lynda to get out of the bathroom, Karen went to Sandra.

“What the heck?” she asked giggling. “You’re wearing a bluetooth toy too?”

Sandra was stunned at Karen’s question but, after all, she had the same reaction.

“Y… yes.”

Karen giggled.

“What a coincidence. And you decided to activate the sound function too?” asked Karen.

“That’s the odd thing. Mine was off. I didn’t plan to have it on for the movie. I…” began to say Sandra but she stopped. Should she tell the truth? “I… turned my phone off. I don’t get it.”

“What? Oh… wait.” said Karen, flipping her phone.

Sandra yelped.

“Stop it. Fuck! You logged into mine? How?”

“I don’t know, it seems I’m controlling both at the same time.” she said with a devilish smile. “As far as I can tell, I’m logged into only one: mine.”

Knowing what to listen to, and with the height difference putting Sandra’s ear closer to Karen’s crotch, she heard the distinctive hum of the toy, which was loud and…

“Do you have two toys in there?” she asked.”And I knew you love high heels but why ballet boots? And why today?” asked Sandra, pointing at Karen’s feet.

“None of that was planned,” whispered Karen. “See, I have this timed lock box and…” she began to say but Lynda walked out of the bathroom.

“Okay, all set. I won’t have another tea right before a movie. What do we do now, girls? How about going to the mall?” asked Lynda.

“Oh… I’m… I’m out. “Said Sandra, quickly glancing at Karen. “I don’t feel too well.” she said, rubbing her stomach.

“Oh… Okay, then. How about you, Karen? Coming along?”

“I would, but those new boots are hurting. I should take them off, so I’m heading back home. Sorry. How about tomorrow?”

“Uh… Oh… okay…” said Lynda, disappointed and looking at Sandra then Karen then Sandra then Karen, trying to figure out if they had plans and she was not part of it.

As if right on cue, the bus arrived and Karen followed Sandra in, leaving Lynda behind, living on the other side of town.

As the bus drove off, they were both standing up. Sandra was trying to concentrate. The bumps were not helping. She was aroused like hell and needed relief. A look at her watch: a little bit over four more hours to go. Then her toy became alive.

“What the f…” she said, turning around and seeing Karen, holding her phone. She recognized the app interface. “What the hell are you doing?”

“What do you mean? If I want my toys on, it’s my choice.” said Karen, puzzled.

“Then, leave mine off.” whispered Sandra between her teeth as people around were looking at them.”

“What the hell do you mean? I didn’t… oh, wait…” said Karen, punching at her phone and looking at Sandra dead in the eyes. She saw her pupils widen. “Well… I can’t explain how it came to be but we are… connected, somehow.”

Sandra got her phone out, which was still powered off. She turned it on, started the app, and there it was: her toy was on and she could see the slider move as Karen was moving her slider.

She changed the setup. Her toy responded and apparently, Karen’s toys too.

“What the hell is going on here?” asked Sandra.

“I don’t know, but it’s fun!” said Karen with a devilish smile and cranking up the power.

Sandra immediately turned it down, trying to log-off, turn it off, but She couldn’t. It quickly turned into a friendly fight, especially when Sandra realized that she did have control over BOTH of Karen’s toys. She was glad to have only one tho.

As they were giggling and squirming, and sometimes, putting a hand down there, people around them in the bus were getting puzzled, some younger ones realizing what was going on, smiling that weird sexy smile.

Finally, Sandra’s bus stop arrived and she was eager to step down. She hoped she would get far enough from Karen to cut the link. After all, bluetooth is only for close-by devices. But to her dismay, Karen followed.

“If you think you’re about to cut our fun short, you’re in for a surprise.” she said. “I’m following you home.” said Karen as she quickly reached Sandra, even if she was in ballet boots. It was like she was in sneakers. “So, you were saying something about some time-lock box?”

At first, she hesitated but seeing that Karen was a similar setup, Sandra recalled her story, the mishap and how she was locked with her chastity belt until mid-evening.

“That’s silly.” said Karen, smiling.

“Yeah, make fun of me,” said Sandra.

“No, I mean, it is really silly.” she said, then telling her side of the predicament. By then, they had reached Sandra’s apartment.

“Nah. Too unbelievable.” said Sandra as she opened the door and let Karen in.”You’re making this up.”

“Really?” said Karen, pushing the door closed and quickly throwing her gloves away, removing her winter coat, pulling her turtleneck sweater off and letting her pants down. “You really think I would have gone out to the cinema like that?”

Sandra was speechless. Karen was standing in front of her, balancing on ballet boots, her body covered by a sleek, tight and shiny layer of latex, waist compressed by an incredibly tight corset, chastity belt locked on and the obvious hum of toys. She could see the steel collar and the steel cuffs, locking everything else on.

“Oh shit!” she managed to say, getting closer, extending a hand, wanting to touch the rubbery skin, but pulling it back as if it was fire, then extending her arm again, stretching her fingers, hesitating.

Karen stood there, smiling. Not pushing anything, leaving Sandra to live her moment. She felt her tiny fingers touch her upper left arm, the touch becoming firmer, then the fingers gently sliding down along her arm, to the level of her waist where said fingers jumped from her arm to the tight rubber corset, touching her steel belt, down to her upper thigh as Sandra slowly got closer and closer.

Now, Sandra was slowly getting her left hand closer, touching Karen’s right shoulder. The touch was firmer as she slid her hand down, but not on Karen’s arm, but toward the breast, the tightly latex encased breasts. She applied her full palm over the large and firm breast, feeling its warmth, gently squishing it.

Her breath became heavy. Both their breathing became heavier as they slowly embraced. It was strange for Sandra to feel Karen’s latex skin.

With sultry moves, she took off her hoodie and her T-shift and a few seconds later, her jeans were on the ground, revealing her slim body, her crotch encased in latex and black steel.

When she touched Karen, all she could feel was latex, and when Karen was touching her, all she could also feel was a latex touch.

It was strange. Sexy, arousing. She loved latex. She never wore a catsuit before, just panties but that felt good. She wondered how it would be to be both of them in latex, not feeling skin at all, only feeling latex.

Their bodies enlaced, discovering new sensations, new feelings. Their lips locked. Hot, moist. They wanted more.

Sandra reached for her phone and between two sensual rubbing, managed to turn her bluetooth speaker on, with loud and rhythmic music, putting the toys in sound mode.

“You seem to have the hang of it.” said Karen between two kisses.

A few moments later, they were laying on the thick faux-fur carpet of the living room, embracing each other, rolling over one another, their chastity belts banging against one another, these jerking effects adding to the vibrating toys playing inside them.

 They were hot, they were aroused but totally denied.

There were a few HDMI cables laying nearby. While Karen was slowly squirming over Sandra, she reached and grabbed them. Sandra didn’t notice Karen’s moves nor did she anticipate anything when she slowly had her turn on her stomach, sitting on her legs and grabbing her hands. She drew them on her back and using one of the cables, tied them together.

Suddenly, Sandra realized that she was tied up. She wasn’t free to do what she wanted anymore, and it was more powerful than having her belt locked on without access to the key.

Karen flipped herself around, now sitting on Sandra’s lower back, pinching her hands down and using another cable, tied her ankles together. She softly let herself slide off Sandra and turned her on her side, then on her back, gently getting over her again.

Sandra couldn’t move. Her arms were tied up in her back and, damn, she couldn’t open her legs anymore.

Karen took place, gently lowering herself over Sandra, mating both chastity belts together and reaching for her phone, cutting the sound option off and putting them in manual… at full blast!

Sandra screamed and laughed at the same time, Karen quickly put her latex covered hand over Sandra’s mouth.

The feeling of latex, pressed against her naked body and suddenly blocking her mouth was arousing and as Karen put all her weight over her belt, the vibration of all the toys added themselves together, producing an out of this world harmonic result and, against all odds, sent them both over the hedge, over the fence, hell in orbit.

They orgasmed, screaming hard, a scream that was right out of a horror movie or someone being ripped open alive, except that he was immediately followed by giggles, which made them jump, screwing them again and off they were for a second launch.

This time, Karen tried to block Sandra’s scream, putting her gloved hand over her mouth again, but accidentally covering her nose, blocking her breathing.

Oh damn! That made for an even more powerful orgasm for Sandra, and even if she was a lot smaller than Karen, she managed to throw her off by her squirming, fighting her bonds, rolling on her stomach, and pounding the floor to the point where she was glad she was living on the first floor! No downstairs neighbors to bang on the ceiling because she would have launched again

Frantically, Karen reaches for her phone to turn the toys off, and they both sigh loudly, catching their breaths, giggling and laughing.

“That was…. Oh my…” tried to say Karen.

“Yes… That was oh my…” answered Sandra who had rolled back on her back giggling, slowly moving her hips up and down, her arms fully clamped behind her back. 

They both catch their breaths in silence, closing their eyes, savoring the last bit of pleasure hormones still flowing through their veins. Finally, Sandra slowly rolled on her right side and moved her bound wrists.

“Do you mind?” she asked, looking at Karen.

“Uh… As a matter of fact… I do.”

Sandra frowned.

“You don’t have anything more… purpose filled around? Rope, chains, belts.”

At first, Sandra didn’t understand but she quickly figured out that Karen wanted to keep her in bondage. She was eager and afraid at the same time. She would do self-bondage from time to time, but to have someone ELSE having control, and she meant TOTAL control, was new. Should she tell her? Was it a fantasy becoming real? She thrusted Karen. What wrong could happen, right?

“Err… yes.” she answered with a soft voice, almost shy to admit it to herself. Well, she was admitting it out loud, exposing her fetishes to someone else… hell, she was currently naked except for a steel chastity bra, joy plugged and tied up. All her shyness disappeared. “Yes.” she said again but this time, it was more firm, more assumed. “My bedroom, the dresser, bottom right drawer. All I have is there.”

Karen looked at her with devilish eyes and happily hopped to the bedroom.

“Oh my goodness! That’s awesome!” she said as Sandra heard stuff being shuffled around, then the sound of the metal quick links and chains she had. “That thing is a treasure chest.” she said, walking back, hands full of goodies.

Sandra looked at her with mixed feelings: anticipation, fear, and the guilt of having her secret stash discovered.

“You had help with this a few times, I’m sure,” said Karen, untangling a leather harness.

“Actually… no.”

“What do you mean, no?”

“Self-bondage only. I’ve never been tied up or under the control of someone else before.” said Sandra, suddenly blushing.

“What? Oh, perfect timing, then. I’m taking control as of now.” said Karren, producing a white leather head harness with a large purple ball gag. “Open wide.” she said, smiling. She knew what she was doing.

Sandra complied, closing her eyes and opening her mouth wide. For the first time, she wasn’t the one pushing the large rubber ball in. She wasn’t the one tightening the straps, she wasn’t the one choosing how tight to draw them, and she wasn’t the one putting the locks… and that’s when it really dawned on her.

She was not in control. She was not a passive observer either. She was it. She was the one being controlled. Dominated.

Her breath became shaky as white leather cuffs were wrapped around her upper arms, drawing her elbows closer, and closer. She figured that at one point, it would stop but she felt her arm, her shoulders twisting and following the pull, without strain, without any pain, until she heard the sound of padlock. Three times.

“Wow: Elbow tie! Impressive.” said Karen.

Sandra moved her arms and felt her elbows very close to one another.

“Mooowmmfff.” she mumbled through her gagged mouth, but then realized that something was wrong. Really wrong, but it was too late. She couldn’t do anything about it. Oh well.

Karen continued, replacing the HDMI cable at the wrists with leather cuffs, locking her wrists together. She crouched down, her latex catsuit creaking with the process, to put leather cuffs around her ankles, linking them with a short chain, and over her knees, again with a shorter chain. That would allow her to take small, hobbling steps.

Sandra was in some kind of trans. For one, feeling herself being restrained where she had no control, and for two, seeing that latex covered body, shimmering under lights. The sight was amazing. She could see the rubber stretch when she moved. She could see the struggle with the corset. She liked the smell. She wanted to touch, to feel, to rub, to… wear.

And her heels! How could she act as normal as that with such extreme footwear? Karen was standing on her toes, crouching, kneeling, getting back up as if she was barefooted.

“Okay, this part is all set. Where do you keep your heels?” she asked as she got up.

Sandra frowned and nodded no.

“Oh, yes, you’re going to wear heels. This setup screams for heels.” said Karen, putting her closed fists on her hips.

Sandra nodded no again. She tried to raise her shoulders at the same time, but it was difficult, tied as she was.

“Why no? What do you mean?… Oh! You don’t have any?”

Sandra nodded NO.

“Oh, I see. Well, that’s something that’s gonna have to change. Okay then, get up.” she said, still keeping her pose with her hands on her hips.

Sandra wasn’t moving.

“I. Said. Get. Up.” said Karen, firmly. “If you did self-bondage, you ought to be able to get up without any  help.”

Sandra grunted and squirmed. Yes, she did self-bondage, but she was never elbow-tied. She managed to get her feet under her thighs and gave herself a few swings. She was able to get up, but lost balance going forward, trying hard, legs impaired by the short chains, fighting to find her balance without falling face first.

Karen grabbed her.

“Yeah. You need practice. In good time.” she said.

“In good time”? Thought Sandra. 

“Good. Now come closer” she said, not moving. “It would have been better if I had found a collar but, I think that piece of rope should do.”

Sandra froze for a moment. Yes, she had a collar and she realized she was lucky to not have put it on before her stunt because she would be stuck in it.

A rope around the neck was crude but the collar… Her eyes betrayed her as they quickly looked at the bedroom before looking down at the floor.

“Oh? You do have a collar. Show it to me.” said Karen, taking her by the shoulder and dragging her along, rather fast compared to the hobble steps she had to make. At least, she wasn’t wearing high heels.

Hesitantly, Karen walked to the bedside table and stopped. Karen smiled, opened the drawer and went ecstatic.

“Now you’re talking.” she said with the high pitch voice of someone genuinely surprised, crouching, picking up the heavy chrome steel collar with a front ring and with the attached opened lock. She was almost dancing, the dim light of the bedroom reflecting over her shiny breasts as she stretched her shiny arms and wrapped the heavy silver steel collar around Sandra’s neck, then worked the lock which made itself disappear within the design of the collar, leaving one smooth silver finish.

Sandra felt the weight of the collar on her shoulder. She worked her neck to have it fall in place, although it never seems to get in place. That thing was heavy and a wee bit on the small side.

“You look wonderful. Compliment that with a nice shiny catsuit and high heels and you would be stunning to see with all this black steel! You… you don’t have matching cuffs, do you?”

Sandra nodded no and struggling to get her hands in sight, she rubbed her index finger with her thumb, making the well known gesture for ‘expensive’.

“Yeah, I bet they are. In due time.” said Karen, smiling, snapping a leash she had found with the collar on the front large ring and gently pulling on it. “Come. I need a drink.” she said, leading her back to the living room, to the shelf containing some alcohol bottles… and the timed box.

“Oh, lookee here.” said Karen. “This is where your chastity belt key is, right? And all the locks I found had no keys.” she said, picking the box and shaking it, hearing the sound she was looking for. “And they are in it, and there’ still… Oh my… over six more hours to go! Awesome.” she said as she took a glass and poured herself some wine. “Want some?” she said, then laughing, knowing perfectly that Sandra couldn’t drink anything.

“Ah… now, what to do?” she asked out loud, looking around Sandra’s apartment.

Well, of course, impaired as she was, Sandra couldn’t do much. Karen turned in a circle in the living room before letting herself drop on the sofa, taking a suggesting pose. Sandra was amazed at Karen’s apparent ease of movement with her corset and high heel boots, but especially at the latex catsuit. Seeing one in images and seeing one in real was totally different. She was eager to try one. Wait, could she be thinking right? A small flow of cold air made her shiver. Karen noticed.

“Oh my. Yeah, you’re not very… clothed, and with everything locked on, I can’t put any clothes on you.. Do you have a blanket or something I can use?”

Sandra pointed to the utility room.

“Yes, of course.” said Karen, getting up from the sofa, latex creaking with each move, and heading for the utility room. Sandra heard the different doors of her linen cabinet. “Oh! Yes!! Absolutely and do you have… Marvelous!!” she heard Karen say, then she returned holding a small nylon bag and a pack of duct tape.

“I found your camping gear.” said Karen, pulling the sleeping bag out of its little compressed bag, unrolling it, revealing a mummy style sleeping bag. “Even better!” she exclaimed, laying it on the floor and opening it in two.

Sandra was too shocked to respond. She was mixed between apprehension and eagerness.

“Ah, come on! I’m sure you’ll like it, and if not, well, at least, you’ll be warm.” said Karen, pulling on Sandra’s shoulder to have her hobble to the bag, then helped her get down on her knees, then on her back, where she had to crawled sideway like a worm to enter the soft nylon lined bag.

Sandra had a thought, or was it a fantasy, where the inside of the bag was lined in latex. No. That can’t be. She couldn’t really think of that, but as Karen zipped up the bag, the thought was there, the wish was there, the fantasy was there, filling her. She closed her eyes and rocked her hips gently forward.

“Geesh. Already liking it? And I’m not even done yet.” said Karen, picking the first roll of duct tape, proceeding to wrap Sandra’s feet tightly.

Sandra’s breath became shakier as the tape drew the soft nylon liner close to her skin, followed by the tightness of the tape as it was wrapped along her calves, her knees, her thighs.

Karen stopped and placed Sandra so that her feet would be resting against the living room table.

“Now, work with me here. Do the plank. Raise your butt up so I can wrap yourself properly.”

Sandra complied, getting herself rigid from her heels to almost her shoulders. She was not resisting the wrapping, becoming a mummy, she was welcoming it. The higher it went, the tighter it was, the stiffer she became, was all arousing, and especially when she tightly wrapped her hips, squeezing her dildo between her thighs, she moaned. Of course, Karen noticed

For the next step, Karen slide her on the living room table, leaving only her upper torso and her hand hanging over the edge and continued the wrapping, making sure her head was fully covered with the sleeping bag, rendering her half deaf, sealing it in, wrapping her ball gag, pushing it deeper, locking it inside her mouth, leaving only a hole for her breathing through her nose and a slit for her eyes. She then carefully lowered her on the floor.

Sandra tried to move but couldn’t. She could only rock her body slightly from side to side helped with the pivoting point her arms in her back were providing. She could bend her knees but barely, Karen had made sure there was enough tape there to limit her movements, the same with her hips.

Her breath was short. It was as if she was corseted. The rigidity of her whole cocoon was something she never experienced before. It was frightening and arousing at the same time. She saw Karen approach with a piece of tape, on which she had fixed two cotton balls. She saw her lowering it slowly over her eyes, smiling. The light of the room disappeared. She felt Karen gently raise her head off the floor and something was wrapped again over her eyes: more tape, which also covered her ears again. By then, she was blind, mute except for some moanings, and deaf. All she could hear was her heart pounding.

She slowly squirmed. In her head, she was moving a lot, but from Karen’s point of view she was barely moving. She loved the result of the shiny silver mummy laying on the floor at her feet. She bit her lips. She wished she was in it. Hell, she wanted to be next. She had a secret agenda since discovering Sandra’s kinky side: I do you, you do me. She should clear her agenda for next weekend.

Sandra’s squirming had calmed down. Her breath, although short thanks to the tight tape wrapping her chest, was regular. She was relaxed, enjoying her sensory deprivation. She was drifting somewhere. She didn’t know where it was but she wasn’t in her living room anymore. She was almost floating. Yes, she liked it. She could spend her life in it. Well, maybe not.

Suddenly, she was aware of one thing. One and only thing: her crotch was alive! She screamed but only a muffled yelp came out. She struggled, she tried to open her legs, to move her hips, her thighs to do something but it stayed the same. Her crotch was still on fire, getting vibed, stroked, fingered by her toy that apparently Karen had turned on. She wondered how it would feel to be double-toyed.

Karen was sitting on the sofa, one leg up the backrest, the other one on the floor, resting on the tip of her heel, trying to slip a finger between her too tight chastity belt with one hand while holding her phone with the other. The good thing was that, if Sandra was having fun, she would have fun too.

She rocked her hips forward and backward, her double toys wreaking havoc inside her belly, sending waves and waves of pleasure. From the side of her eyes, she saw Sandra squirmed in her cocoon. Of course she was feeling something similar. Only one toy, but totally unable to do anything about it. She was hot in every sense of the word, feeling sweat around her body.

Sandra began to tap her heels on the ground, hard enough to get her butt off the ground, again, and again, and again, humping herself to the ultimate orgasm where her body was ran by an electric wave that didn’t produced pain but extreme pleasure, and the more she struggled, the more powerful that wave became, exploding in her crotch, fucking her brain. She was imagining herself being propelled across the floor, like a silver bullet, going through furniture, through walls, through buildings, through mountains, circling the globe once, twice, oh what the hell, why  not a few more turns.

She felt something heavy lay on her, which brought her back to semi-reality. It was probably Karen, wanting to share the orgasm. She wished she could be able to run her fingers along Karen’s latex wrapped body, to feel the tight and warm rubber, to smell it, but each time she thought about moving anything, she was reminded that she couldn’t, that she was totally immobile.

Karen had gently taken position over the silver mummy,  resting crotch against crotch. She rubbed her latex fingers over the silver tape, feeling it, how tense, how tight it was, how rigid the whole cocoon was and imagining being in it, stuck, unable to move, only able to suffer the wreckage caused by her toys. She exploded, her body literally humping the silver cocoon, as pleasure waves after pleasure waves ran through her body, from the tip of her ballet feet to the top of her hair, again and again, until, although the toys were still dancing, there was nothing more to stimulate.

Panting, she reached for her phone and turned them off. She heard Sandra let out a long sigh. Side to side, Karen’s arm wrapped around Sandra’s chest, they fell asleep.

It felt almost like her chest popped open, suddenly able to expand. She opened her eyes but everything was black. She took a deep breath, feeling her chest filling with air, almost ripping itself out of the tight cocoon she had been imprisoned for… damn, how long has it been?

The pressure along her body was gradually released as her cocoon was opened. Only her head was still tightly wrapped. She  moved her legs, feeling them get out of the cocoon, cold air rushing in against her wet body. She pushed herself, trying to roll on her side but she was pushed back as the pressure around her head was getting released. She saw light, she could breath from around the ball gag. Shivering, she felt the cold air wrap her head.

A warm blanket was wrapped around her damp body.

“Well, I guess I owe you a new sleeping bag,” said Karen, “I couldn’t get the tape off without tearing it, so I cut it open.”

Sandra blinked a few times. The sleeping bag? Oh… That sleeping bag. Well it was an expensive one but, damn, what she just experienced was well worth-it.

“..’kay…” mumbled Sandra through the ball gag, slightly shivering.

“A latex catsuit would prevent that. You sweat would stay inside.” said Karen, giggling. “Okay. What should we do next… what now?” as her phone rang. “The police?” she asked, puzzled as she took it up. “Yes… I am… Yes… Oh my… Y…. Yes.” she said, eyes wide “… yes, I’ll be there in about 30 minutes… The bus, yes… Uh… Okay.. I’ll try a cab or something…” she said, then looked at the phone as if it was something she never saw before.

“Mffaatt?” mumbled Sandra.

“Well, there was an accident in front of my flat. The fire hydrant got busted and the water is rushing against my front window, has broken it, and is now pouring inside my flat, and somehow, it has apparently sprung a gas leak! Since I’m obviously not there, they’re going to ram the door… I have 10 minutes to get there. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” she said, picking her long coat, forgetting about her pants and shirt, quickly putting it on and running out the door, searching her phone app for a nearby ride sharing offer, leaving Sandra there.



On the floor.


“Fuck” thought Sandra as the door of her flat closed behind Karen.

It was nothing more than a game of self bondage, now. She tried to relax and enjoy her situation. She never had been bound that way before. Her arms secured in her back with her elbows touch… Oh shit!

The fire raged inside her. She was hotter than she has ever been. She was totally helpless. No way to get out until Karen showed up. Oh, yes, she could remove her wrists cuffs and maybe if she’s flexible enough, her ankle cuffs, all the rest, the knee cuffs, the ball gag, the heavy collar, the chastity belt, the corset, all of it would stay on until Karen returns. Whenever that would be.

She got aroused. She couldn’t believe she could be aroused in such an extreme situation, but there she was, rocking her hips up and down, trying to pull on her chastity belt with her fingers, trying to work her toys.

She was so hot that even these little wiggles of her belt were enough. Her breath was short, saliva was drooling from around her ball gag, stretching down her cheeks. She rolled on her side, then on her stomach.

Damn! She shouldn’t have done it. She launched, banging her feet on the floor, squishing her breasts while balancing back her forth from her chest to her knees. She wished she was in a hogtie. The thought made her do a second launch. She screamed, muffled by the gag, eyes closed, looking at all the colors of the universe as waves after waves of electrical impulses ran through her brain, fucking her out of this world.

Exhaustion, orgasm, getting to SubSpace, nonetheless, she blacked out. Happy. Smiling.

She woke up. Dizzy, disoriented at first, then quickly figuring out her predicament. What time was it? As if on cue, she heard the small motors of her lock box working, unlocking it. She could struggle and try to get the keys, but for what? Better wait for Karen. Anyway, she liked it there, she thought, as she softly squirmed, feeling her bound legs, her bound arms, her corset, the heavy collar, chewing on her ball gag. Yes. She liked it. She tried to imagine being covered in rubber. Hot thoughts.

Only once she had sat in the share ride car and looked down at herself, at her shiny outfit, at her shiny legs pouring out of opened coat that she realized why the driver was staring at her.

“Please, hurry up, I’ll double the payment if I get there in 10 minutes.” she said, wrapping her coat around her body.

The whole gas leak caused a traffic jam two blocks long. She got out of the car and ran, on her pointed boots, toward the police. A female officer, mouth agape, was looking at her run, getting closer, hints of shiny black legs peeking through the front opening of her long coat. Karen reached her.

“Hi. My name is Karen. I was called earlier, they believe the leak is from my flat… Hello?” said Karen as the officer was just staring at her, looking at her ballet booted feet.

“How… how the hell do you manage to even walk in those?” asked the officer.

“The same way you manage in those ugly flat boots of yours: by putting one foot in front of the other. Now remember? Water? The gas leak? My flat? Can I go in?” asked Karen with a very firm tone, snapping her latex covered fingers, getting the officer out of her thoughts.

“Oh… Uh…” she said, talking through her radio. “Okay, see that man there, raising a hand toward us? Go see him.” said the officer, staring at Karen as she passed through the roadblock and, again, ran, feeling her latex catsuit slide on her body, her corset fighting her lungs wanting to expand, the rigid band of the chastity belt between her thighs, and especially her toys. Yeah, by running, she was actually screwing herself but she was in no mood for it, so it was more annoying than pleasurable.

After a quick puzzled look at her feet, the next officer explained the situation. She handed him the keys to her flat and had to stay back as they carefully entered.

The main line had been shut down, but there was still gas in the air. About an hour later, as she was sitting at the back of a squad car, waiting, the officer came back.

“They found the leak. It’s from a part that should have been replaced by the gas company a long time ago. They’re replacing it as we speak.”

“Cool. It means I will be able to get back in tonight?”

“Oh, no. With all the gas still lingering around, it wouldn’t be safe. I would suggest a few days. Do you have a place you can stay in the meantime?”

“I… Yeah, I can find something, but can I go in to grab something?”

“Depends. Is it a pet or something?”

“No, it’s a box.”

“Then, no. I can’t allow it. Sorry.”

“Uh…” she said, looking down, then smiling. “It’s gonna be okay. I’ll go to San… oh shit!” she said, realizing how she left Sandra.

She got up, took her phone and called a ride share.

As if it was arranged, the same car she came in was there. He was still stuck in traffic but almost out of it. She knew she didn’t have much other choice. Calling another one would take longer because of said traffic jam.

She hopped back in, obviously to the delight of the driver.

“Back where we started, and same deal as before,” said Karen. She didn’t tried to hide her latex covered legs although she felt the driver was looking way more often at his center mirror, aimed much too low to see through the back window, then at the road.

Her mind was racing. She was realizing she had left Sandra all tied up, unattended, but also that she was stuck in her outfit for some time.

Yes. She was locked in, confined, unable to take it off, prisoner of her outfit. Prisoner. Forced to wear it. Forced to be plugged. Forced to be corseted. Forced to never feel the wind on her skin.

She bid hre lips. Hard. She had to get her mind out of it because she would have an orgasm right there, at the back of her ride. Oh, the driver wouldn’t mind, in fact would be quite interested, but doing so, he would surely have an accident.

She moaned, trying to muffled as much as she could.

The driving didn’t help. The driver was going fast, passing one car, then the other, jerking the car sideways to the left, the right, the left again, breaking, accelerating. Sending Karen to bang on the door or stretch the chest seatbelt, each time giving it a yank, increasing her arousal with this pseudo bondage rig. She was getting horny. Very horny.

“Uh Ho.” said the driver.

“What’s wrong?” asked Karen, suddenly able to get her arousal out of her mind, stretching her head to look forward.

“I thought it would have been a shortcut but… road construction.”

“Can you go through or there’s a detour?”

“Well… Technically, I think I would have to go around it but the work seemed to have pissed quite a few residents as the roadblocks are moved and cars are passing through, but it looks like a bumpy ride.”

“Go for it.” said Karen, thinking about getting early. Not about what could… would happen.

And she was soon brought back to reality. The reality of a sudden bumpy ride, with lots of holes, and hard bumps. She was being shaken and… screwed.

All that banging made her swing on her seat, moving the plugs, and thanks to the seat belt, when she was about to fly off, she was restrained, compressing her thigh, moving the belt, moving the toys.

She grabbed a hold of the door  handle and she stuck her booted feet  under the front seat to try to… well, she didn’t know what she was trying to. All she knew is that all of that simply made her explode.

She grunted, trying to muffle it. While driving, the driver quickly looked back at her.

“Are you okay?” he asked in a rush.

And as if on cue, he was out of the construction zone, but getting out of said zone meant a hard step then the calm of a perfectly paved road.

But that last step, that last bump, that last jolt sent her out flying.

She grabbed the headrest of the seat in front of her as she screamed. But it wasn’t a scream. It came from her stomach. It was a growl, a grunt, a groan.

“Oh man! Don’t be sick in my car, please, Open the door and puk… oh… OH!” he said, realizing what Karen just went through.

The honk of a passing car snapped him out of it and he put his mind on the road.

“Was that?…” he asked, looking at her in the mirror.

Karen was catching her breath, smiling and grinning at the same time. That had been sudden, weird and strange. She only nodded. Feeling shy, ashamed and horny at the same time.

“N… Nothing. Just startled by that last bump.”

“Yeah… and I’m Albert Einstein,” he said.

They reached Sandra’s place in silence. Karen paid with the app, more than doubling the fare. She reached for him, for his face, and gently approached her latex gloved hand from his face, looking at him, smiling, her face still a little red from the experience. She slowly rub the side of his jaw.

“This will stay between us,” she said with a sultry voice, before her tone changed to a hard, cold dominating one “right?” she added, as she lowered her  head and looked at him from the top of her eyes.

“Ah… yes… Of course. Who would believe me anyway.” he said with a grin. “If you ever need another ride…”

“Yes. Noted. Thank you.” said Karen, getting out and closing the door. She waited for him to drive away before getting her composure back, breathing in some fresh cold air as her mind snapped back to reality: Sandra!

She tried to open the door of Sandra’s flat but it was locked. Of course, it locks automatically. She knocked, at the same time realizing that Sandra was in no easy position to come answer the door.

“Sandra! It’s me. Karen. Open the door.” she said loudly.

Sandra, who was half dozing off, half off  this other world, into a world of pleasure, of extreme sensations, squirming under the warm blanket, startled.


She struggled and squirmed, trying to move, to crawl to the door. The heavy and wide collar was not helping, adding more restriction.

Panting, huffing, she managed to get on her knees and then slowly moved toward the sofa where using her bound hands, she grabbed it and got herself sitting on it.

There. One step done. Now, getting up.

Slowly, while Karen was still knocking, her voice getting more and more panicking by the minute, she managed to get up, finding her balance, then slowly hobbled her way to the door. 

That hobbling just teased her. Damn! The steel crotch belt was rubbing her inner thighs, but also made the toy move just slightly, just enough to be felt. With her arms in her back, it pushed her breasts forward.

Slowly, step by step, she approached the door, but the teasing was becoming quite strong. It wasn’t just the teasing, it was the mix of all of what she was feeling, how restrained she was and also the quite dramatic situation she was in. She NEEDED to reach the door to let Karen in, because only Karen could get her out of her predicament. The struggle was not just playing now. It was not some order she had to follow. Some fantasy she was living. It was real. And it was really all of that: she had to answer Karen’s order to unlock the door, but at the same time, it was herself saving herself. She had to execute to get free. Or was it? 

She suddenly had doubts. Oh, not about needing Karen to get free, but if she WANTED to get free. As she was reaching the door, all of that, the stress, the struggle, the bondage, the rubbing, her heavy breath, the weight of the collar, she experienced another orgasm. Not as powerful as the previous ones, but enough to have her stop hobbling and just shake in place, savoring the moment, tasting the pleasure hormones while hearing Karen’s frantic  knocking, which sounded like in a dream.

She reached the door, exhausted, panting, and leaned her shoulder on it.

“Sandra Is that you?” she heard from the other side.

She tried to bang on the door with her shoulder but it was too soft. She couldn’t use her feet either. She turned so her hands, in her back, were on the door and she used the side of her fist to bang on it three times, to signal that she was there.

“Oh gosh! Thank you, you’re okay.” said Karen. “Can… Can you open it?” she asked.

Sandra against the door and tried to reach the deadbolt, but with her arms elbow tied, it was not easy. She had to bend down to raise her arms. Struggling, she grabbed the knob with the tip of her fingers. First try: they slipped. Second try, she succeeded. Karen heard it unlock, she quickly turned the handle and pushed the door open, not realizing that Sandra was still there, her butt up against it.

She bumped Sandra with the door, on her butt, banging her chastity belt, and sending her crashing head first on the floor.

Sandra was shaking. Karen quickly knelt beside her and turned to her side, only to realize that her shaking was because she was laughing hard.

“You’re okay?” asked Karen, brushing her latex covered fingers through Sandra’s hair.

Sandra nodded yes and raised her locked wrist. 


“Oh, yes, the keys.” said Karen, getting up, latex creaking, her booted feet passing right in front of Sandra’s stunned eyes. She would have to try that.

A short time later, Sandra’s restraints were removed and they were sitting at the dining table, of course, Karen in her full gear and Sandra wearing a flannel bathrobe over her latex underwear she kept on, sipping some tea while Karen recalled the events of the evening.

“So, you mean you’re… stuck in your outfit for a couple of days? You want me to find some bolt cutters or something?” asked Sandra.

“Nah. I’ll be fine.”

“But… you do work Monday, right? Or are you calling in sick?”

“Nah, I don’t think so.”

“You’re… you’re not coming to work dressed like that. You’ll cover it up or something?”

“That’s something I was thinking about. Do I or do I not?”

Sandra stopped mid-sipping her tea.

“You’re joking, right?”

Karen only smiled, obviously thinking, imagining things.

“Right? But…”

“But what? I work in the office. The only dress code is no short dress. I am fully covered. The only patch of visible skin is my face. H.R. Can’t do anything about it.

“Well… it’s your choice. But I wouldn’t take the risk of finding myself out of a job for it. Anyhoo, it’s late. I’m going to bed. And like I said, I don’t have any spare room, so you’re gonna sleep with me.”

Sandra removed her belt, the toys, not without some moaning and took a shower before heading for the bed, where Karen was already installed. She slipped herself under the satin sheets, turning her back to Karen so as not to be disturbed by the latex clad woman and tried to find sleep.

Karen moved toward her and wrapped her latex arm around Sandra’s hot body. Karen grunted but she figured the best way was to ignore her. As she was dozing off, she felt something rub, crawl at her crotch, over her latex panties, like a spider or something. She reached with her hand only to find latex fingers.

“Shit, Karen. Would you stop it?”

“Well, you’re sleeping without any protection and you have one horny roommate in the same bed.” whispered Karen with a sultry voice.

Sandra let out a long sigh, threw the bedsheet off and got up, grabbing her chastity belt. Within a few minutes, she was back in it, fully locked. She made a theatrical gesture of putting the keys inside the locking box.

“There! Neither can you access them. Now, can I fucking sleep?” said Sandra, getting back in the bed, with Karen giggling.

The next morning, when Sandra woke up, Karen was already up. Sleepy, she stumbled her way to the bathroom, only to realize that she had forgotten she was wearing her chastity belt. She walked back to the bathroom, to the locked box, only to find the time expired, the box open and… no key.

“KAREN??” she yelled, waiting at the bedroom door, a hand at her hip.

“Yes?” said Karen, creaking her way to the bedroom door, sporting a pink apron over her shiny black latex catsuit, holding a bowl, her shiny arms slightly covered with some white powder.

“Where… what the hell are you doing?” asked Sandra, forgetting her first question.

“Pancakes. Want some? It’s almost ready. It’s my mother’s recipe. I owe you that for keeping me for the night.”

“I… Yes… Thanks.” stuttered Sandra.

“Good. It will be ready in a few minutes. The coffee is ready.” said Karen, turning around.

“No, wait!” quickly said Sandra, snapping out of her daze. “Where is my belt key?”

“What belt key? I haven’t seen any belt key.” said Karen, still heading for the kitchen, rubber creaking, heels clicking.

Sandra followed, stomping.

“Not, funny, Karen. I know you took it. Now, where is it?” asked Sandra, again, as Karen worked the stove.

“Oh? Geesh. You’re sure? Well, I seem to have a memory lapse. It might come back later, after a good pancake and some shopping.” she said, pouring the first batch of batter in the pan.

“What shopping?” asked Sandra, getting closer.

“Well, you know… you  need a latex catsuit and some heels. That could trigger my memory. You know, I had quite a shock last night. I mean, my flat is soaked, I lost my clothes, my furniture… I might need some help with memory.” she said, flipping the pancake. “Better get ready, it’s almost done.”

Sandra stood there, in shock.

“Better put something over those boobs, unless you want them to soak in maple syrup. Then again, that might be fun.” said Karen giggling.

Sandra grunt and put on a sweater over her naked breasts before coming back to the dining room where her plate was already there with a few pancakes and the bottle of maple syrup ready by the side.

It was weird, looking at Karen eat, her shiny arm, her shiny fingers taking the fork and bringing the food to her mouth. It was like she was made out of liquid tar. And the shiny steel cuff, with its D-ring clicking every time she moved it, her tight collar, so tight, that it seemed to make it difficult for her to swallow her chew. Yes, she wanted it. She wanted to try it. She wanted to feel how it was to be wrapped in rubber.

“So… what’s the name of that store?” asked Sandra between two mouthfuls, pouring more maple syrup on her pancakes.

Karen giggled.

“Yeah, as if you’re really interested in it. You’ll see when we get there.” she said with a devilish smile.

Once they were done, they put all the dirty dishes in the sink. Karen turned to Sandra.

“Well, I made the meal. I think it’s just fair you clean the dishes, right?”

“Oh, yes, of course.” said Sandra, getting to work.

“Wait a minute.” said Karen, rushing to the bedroom to come back with cuffs. “Better do it properly.” she said, snapping the cuffs with a short length of chain on Sandra’s wrists and ankles, adding the large and heavy steel collar, locking them all on. “Now you can do the dishes.” she said, smiling.

Sandra complied. It was a different experience. She used to put one plate away with one hand while picking another one from the other side of the sink with the other hand. Now she couldn’t. It was one plate at a time. Picking up, washing, rincing, and putting in the dip tray. Then for drying, again, one plate at a time. And she had to break everything she was doing in single steps. She couldn’t hold the plates with one hand and open the cabinet with the other. She had to put the plates down on the counter, then, although using only one hand, the other had to follow to open the cabinet door, then putting the plates in place. Same thing with the cups, the utensils, and then to clean the sink, counter, table. Everything had to be done with both hands, one step at a time, and she had to often bend her whole upper body, either forward or backward to look down or up, thanks to her collar.

It was restrictive, it was taking longer. It was a lovely feeling. Oh, it wasn’t new, she did it before in self bondage, but now, she wasn’t in charge. Karen was. She couldn’t decide that it’s too difficult, not efficient enough and take off the linking chain or the cuffs and do it as she would do it naturally. She HAD to do it while impaired. It was another level of challenge. Another level of pleasure.

Yes, she was eager to see that boutique. She had some money put aside. She was willing to… go far, even if it meant canceling the cruise she had planned for the summer.

Karen removed the chain links but left the cuffs and collar.

“Okay, get dressed, or you can come as is if you want.” said Karen, picking up only her long coat. It was still chilly after all.

“But… the cuffs?” asked Sandra. “I can’t try anything with those.” she said, rubbing her wrist cuffs and pulling on her chastity belt.

“All in good time.” said Karen, showing that she was putting the keys into her coat pocket.

She was not as bold as Karen, to go out in public in full gear, so she hid everything under long and baggy clothes and added her hoodie, then followed her out, Karen having already called a ride share. The driver, a woman, was first shocked then smiled. After all, she knew where they were going.

“That looks like a nice catsuit.” said the driver looking at Karen through her rear-view mirror.

“Thanks.” simply answered Karen, smiling.

“It’s quite bold of you to go out in public like that, especially with the ballet boots.”

“Well, I don’t exactly have a choice.” began to explain Karen with the events of the previous night.

“You could have put on your jeans and the turtleneck shirt, like you did at the cinema.” cut in Sandra.

“Wait! You went out like that at the cinema?” asked the driver, smiling. “Cool.”

“Are you a fetishist yourself?” asked Sandra.

“Not as bold as any of you two, but you give me some inspiration.” she said as she pulled over. “Here we are. Have fun shopping.”

Both girls got out, Karen evidently unimpaired at all by her corset, belt and ballet boots. Sandra was much more unease, even though her full setup was well hidden. They entered the boutique. The owner of the place, Peter, smiled as he saw them.

“Hello Karen. How are you my dear?” he asked, giving her kisses on the cheeks. “And this must be your friend Sandra, isn’t it?” he said looking at the short woman, noticing her blushing. “Ah, come on, Sandra isn’t it, come on. You’re at the right place. Here, give me your coat, you’ll be more at ease to browse around. Looking for a catsuit, right?”

Karen eagerly gave him her coat, revealing her full setup, while Sandra kept everything. She was in some kind of daze, overwhelmed by the smell of latex and leather filling the boutique, and seeing all those suits, pants, jackets, gloves, corsets, even hoods and heels. So much stuff going directly from her eyes to her crotch.

Peter showed them a rack of catsuits.

“This gives you an idea of the choice of colors. I’m not sure I have something in stock in your size, Sandra. You’re quite petite… no. wait…” he said, opening his eyes wide and storming at the back of the store to come back a few moments later with a bag he ripped open.

“This is a canceled order I got from a few months ago.” he said, picking up a heavy bag which was holding the catsuit as well as another smaller bag with a red latex hood. “I think…” he continued, pulling the shiny red latex suit out of the bag and unfolding it, holding up by the shoulder next to Sandra, “… this should fit. Let me take a few measurements.” he said, picking up his measuring tape.

He hummed as he took the measurements, spreading the measuring tape across her shoulder, crotch to shoulder, breast to breast, arm length, etc, sometimes making a positive sounding grunt, sometimes making a negative one, then he got back up from measuring her leg length.

“Well, latex does stretch. It might be a wee bit on the small side. Lengthwise it’s perfect, but on the limb size, it might be a little tight, especially on the chest and the waist. Do you want to try it on?”

Sandra was nervous, slightly shaking. She was trying to answer, but the words choked in her throat. What if it doesn’t fit? What if it does? What if she likes it? What if she doesn’t? Does she prefer living in a dream or knowing for real? Karen answered for her, taking the suit off Peter’s  hands.

“Of course she does… Geesh, this is thick latex.” she said.

“Yeah, thicker than the standard. Might need help to put it on AND take off. That’s something to think about if you go for it.”

Sandra was too stunned to react. Karen pulled Sandra’s hoodie off then was reaching for the jeans button when Sandra finally snapped out of it and took her jeans and sneakers off, keeping only her shirt to cover her breasts while Karen produced the keyring and proceeded to remove the cuffs and chastity belt.

Peter led them to the changing booth, gave them a bottle of lubricant and waited, smiling as he heard grunting, shighs, some slapping sounds followed by expletives, giggles and some moaning before the door opened again.

There stood in front of him, this short woman, gleaming in shiny red latex, covering her from the molded toe socks, to the tip of her attached gloved hands up to her neck. The suit was tight, leaving absolutely no wrinkles whatsoever.

“I know it looks fantastic. How does it feel?” he asked.

“It’s really tight.” began to say Sandra.

“Yeah, we might have to go custom made.”

“NO!” she exclaimed. “I… I mean, it’s okay. I kind of like it. I like how tight it is, how it squeezes my body.” she said, rubbing her crushed breasts and down to her waist, even squishing it with her hands.

“Do I sense…” began to say Peter, but Karen cut in quickly.

“Corset. You do sense a corset. What do you have, Peter?”

“Well, I’d say I will have to go again to that canceled order to have something of the proper size in stock.” he said, going again at the back, returning with a pink corset. “Let’s put this on.” he said, expertly wrapping the long heavy and rigid rubber garment around Sandra’s waist and pulling on the lacing, tighter and tighter.

Sandra was speechless. First the tight latex covering her entire body, the smell, the feeling, then that corset, squishing her body, rendering her torso rigid, and again, it was all out of her control. Damn, she was hot and she wished her toys filled the latex pouches embedded in the crotch of the suit. She was rubbing her gloved hands on the side of the garment as it was getting tighter, almost pushing it, helping it.

She sucked in her stomach without Peter having to ask. Anyway, he was so strong she couldn’t offer much resistance, but she liked it. It was getting tight. Yes, that was just tight enough, but he went tighter.

“It feels quite tight now.” she softly said, hinting shat the tightening should stop.

“Yes, we can stop it for now.” said Peter, knotting the laces.

“For… now?” she asked, puzzled, breath shaking.

“Yes, we have to give time for your organs to settle in their new places.” he softly said, yanking hard on the knot to make sure it wouldn’t undo itself.

“And it will give me time to re-adjust your belt to fit over the corset. Can I borrow some of your tools, Peter?” asked Karen, holding the belt in her hand.

“But of course, Karen. Just go at the back, you’ll see the bench there. In the meantime, Sandra, do you care for some high heels, or you’re not into that.

“She will take some heels!” yelled Karen from the back of the store.

Sandra lowered her head.

“Yes… I mean, I wanted to try some. Never worn any before.”

“Well, on the rack, over here, I have a small assortment of different heights…”

“Peter! I can’t find the small Allen wrench. Where is it?” Karen yelled from the back.

“Have a look, Sandra, I’ll be right back.” said Peter as he headed for the back.

Sandra browsed the rack, picking a platform sandal with a towering heel, then moved to an ankle boot. Down on the floor, were thigh highs, with tall thin heels. She took one, her breath shaking. Could she? Would she be bold enough? She put the thigh high boot down and picked up another one, knee high, made of fine leather with a zipper on the side. At that time, Peter was back from helping Karen.

“Okay, I’m back, did you find… oh my… You’re serious?” he asked as Sandra was holding the pair of high heel boots in her hands, smiling.

“These always fascinated me. I want to try it.” she said with her soft voice.

“Sure, if that’s what you want, but don’t be ashamed if you can’t stand up in them. We will go lower, that’s all. There’s no right or wrong, you know?”

“Oh, I know. It’s okay.” she said, walking to a little bench to try them on.

Peter helped her put them on and pulled on the zipper. He then held Karen’s hand as she tried to get up, unsteady, finding her balance and making her first tentative step.

“Geesh! And you said you never wore heels before?” asked Peter, puzzled.

“Only in my fantasies.” she answered giggling. “My highest heels are wedge sneakers with a 4cm heel.” she said, letting go of Peter’s hand and making a few steps on her own, getting more secure, more confident with each step.

“There! All done.” Karen said, getting back from the back of the store. “This should be jus… what the fucking hell? Sandra? Seriously?” she said, stopping dead in her tracks, completely stunned, looking at Sandra happily walking on ballet boots.

“Well, she’s a natural.” said Peter, scratching his head. “Never seen anything like that before. I bet she’s lying about her high heel experience, isn’t she?”

“I… Euh… I don’t think so, Peter. I mean I’ve known her for many years and I NEVER saw  her in heels. Then again, I never saw her in a chastity belt before yesterday, but, I mean, I looked everywhere in her house and didn’t find any heels. I’m as puzzled as you are”

“Well, if she wanted to prank us, she succeeded,” said Peter.

“I’m not pranking anyone.” said Sandra. ”I swear, it’s my first time in high heels, and those are simply awesome!” she said, making longer steps, very confident and quite at ease.

“Damn! It took me two months, two hours a day, every day, to achieve this level. Fuck you, Sandra.” said Karen, giggling.

“So, do I take it that you keep them?” asked Peter.

“I think so.” said Sandra, walking slowly, looking at her feet, finding it weird not seeing her toes.

“Okay then, time to tighten that corset and put the chastity belt on.” firmly said Karen.

Peter grabbed the corset lacing, undid the knot and yanked hard on it. Sandra was surprised that the corset didn’t feel as tight by then, but now, as Peter tightened it, her breathing became shallower. As she was about to call it quits, she felt the knot being tightened. She let out a sigh of relief. A very small shigh. Karen quickly wrapped the steel belt around her corseted waist.

“Fantastic! It fits perfectly.” she said as she yanked the crotch strap to snap it in place, but only to remove it and open the crotch zipper, revealing the latex sheaths.

She produced two toys. Sandra recognized one, but not the other but before she could react Karen had stuffed them in and quickly drew the crotch strap and locked everything on.

Sandra was speechless, shocked, overwhelmed by the sensory overload: the tight latex catsuit, the crushing corset, the ballet boots, and now, her beloved chastity belt back in place, locking her in with dildos. That was not foreseen, that was not expected, yet… pleasurable.

“I recharged your toy and… got a new one for you.” she said.

Locking her in. The thought had another meaning. Not being able to remove her latex panties was one thing, but now, she couldn’t remove her catsuit or the corset or … oh, yeah, she could remove the boots.

“Excuse-me, is it possible to put the ankle cuffs back on?” she softly asked, not believing it herself that she was actually asking that. “I mean… I can’t take off anything except the boots. We have to secure those on before I change my mind.” she said with a devilish smile.

Karen took a moment to come out of her daze, stunned by Sandra’s sudden change in behavior.

“Oh… Yes, I can.” she said, producing the leather cuffs but dropping the steel collar while doing so. Peter grabbed it.

“That’s a nice collar. Do you have matching cuffs?”

“No, I don’t”, said Sandra, “you know, that thing called money?”

“Yes, of course. I understand.” said Peter. “So, will that be all?” he asked, looking in turn at Sandra and Karen.

“I think so.” said Sandra. “I don’t know what else can be added.”

“Well, a hood.” said Karen, picking one. “I have the same one. This one will fit you perfectly.” she said, picking the hood and placing it on the counter.

“Uh… Okay… I think.” said Sandra. “How much do I owe you?”

“Let me add this up for you. Since the catsuit and the corset were a canceled custom order and that the deposit had been kept, you get quite a discount right here, adding the boots for which I’ll give you my special Karen discount and… this is the total.” he said, showing the screen to Sandra.

“Uh. That’s barely okay with my budget.” said Sandra, mixed between being happy and being sad.

“And how much if you add the matching cuffs?” intervened Karen.

“What? No. If I add the cuffs, I will have to cancel my cruise this summer, and I don’t want to.”

Peter added the cuffs and showed the new total.

“No, I can’t,” said Sandra.

“Who said you were paying for it?” said Karen. “You’re gonna have to shelter me for the time my place is cleaned up. This should cover my part, right?”

“Oh… Err… Yes. I didn’t think about it, I mean, you’re a friend in need of a place to stay, I wasn’t about to charge you anything for it.”

“But I insist,” said Karen, putting her card on the counter.

“So, for the cuffs, the amount is…”

“No, for all of it.” said Karen, pushing aside the card Sandra had just placed on the counter.

“The… the whole thing? That’s way too much. I can’t accept that. I will feel that I owe you something.” said Sandra.

Karen looked at her with a devilish smile.

“Yes, you will owe me something: your freedom while you’re in the house.”

“But… Oh… I… Ugh… Wh…” said Sandra, stunned, trying to figure out what was just happening.

Karen pushed her card forward while Sandra was speechless in some kind of daze.

“Now, give me those cuffs. You’re wearing them now.”

Sandra complied, mixed between acceptance, fear, reluctance, submission? What the hell was going on here?

She felt the weight of the heavy cuffs put on her wrists and ankles. Karen grabbed her coat and Sandra followed her to the door, half dreaming.

“Miss Sandra, aren’t you forgetting something?” said Peter, pointing to a pile of clothes. Her clothes. Her vanilla clothes. Without thinking, she was about to go out in public in full catsuit, corset, belt, and cuffs.

“Oh f…” exclaimed Sandra, turning around and struggling to put on her jeans while fighting the restriction of the corset, then putting on her hoodie, which the sleeves were somewhat tight for the huge fixed D rings of the wrist cuffs, making bulges.

The jeans were loose. Well, her waist had shrunk quite many centimeters with the corset and she had no belt. Laughing, Peter provided her with a piece of rope to hold it in place.

“You’re gonna need a new wardrobe.” said Karen, giggling. “Ready? Coming?”

Sandra was staying still, looking down, well as much as the heavy collar and the corset allowed, at her ballet booted feet.

“I…” she hesitated, then looked at Karen, wearing only her coat over her latex covered legs, showing perfectly her steel cuffs and her ballet boot, not concerned at all.

Blushing, she grabbed her sneakers in her hands and followed Karen outside.

++++ The rest for those who read it part by part, starts here +++++

She felt the cold air on her latex covered fingers and it was also riding up the legs of her now too short jeans. It felt weird. She could feel the temperature of the air, but not the air itself. She couldn’t feel her pants around her waist, thanks to the corset, so she kept going under her hoodie to pull them up, letting cold air get in, with the same strange feeling: she would feel the temperature but not the air itself. She could feel something rub against her latex coated legs, but can’t tell what it was, although she knew it was her jeans. Weird. She liked it.

She felt as if it wasn’t her who was in this situation. That was strange. She got into the rideshare car and sat, feeling the full extent of her predicament, the restrictions added by the corset, the collar, the rubber stretching, pulling on her shoulders, on her knees, and especially the double dildos moving in. She felt everything but was detached at the same time. Was she dreaming?

She put her hands on her knees, feeling the weight of the heavy cuffs while Karen sat by her side as if everything was normal.

As it was the same rideshare that got them there, the driver smiled, looking at Sandra.

“I bet she’s fully rigged, now, isn’t she?”

Sandra was only staring in the void. Karen giggled.

“Yes she is.”

“Okay,” said the driver, looking at her phone hanging by the steering wheel to confirm the destination. “Here we go.” she said, smiling.

The car moved in the traffic, hitting bumps, and rather a lot of them, each time, the driver was looking in the mirror, as if done on purpose. She could see that both of her passengers seemed to appreciate it, especially Sandra who was biting her lips hard and repressing a moan from time to time. At one point, Sandra sort of snapped out of her daydream.

“Hey! Where are you leading us? That’s not the way home.” she said.

“I’m only following the directions for the destination I was given,” said the driver.

“What…where?” asked Sandra, looking at Karen.

“It’s a nice sunny day, I thought a walk at Schlossplatz would be fun.”

“Euh… G… I… Whut??? N… No, I… No. Just no.” stuttred Sandra.

Karen and the driver laughed.

“It will be fine. No worries.” said Karen.

“No… I mean, I’m wearing a corset and ballet heels and latex and…” she said looking at Karen who gently let her long coat slip off her shiny legs.

“So what?”

“Well, here we are.” said the driver as she stopped the car. “Just call me when you want to get picked up. I want to know how it went!!. By the way, I’m Valerie” she said with a large smile.

Karen opened the door and got out, then bent forward, looking inside the car.

“Come on. Don’t worry, people won’t look at you.” said Karen, her shiny legs showing.

Hesitantly, Sandra got out of the car and slowly walked, hands on her thighs, very well aware of what she was wearing hiding under her plain looking clothes.

They walked, side by side, Karen enjoying the late morning fresh air, the view, the gentle rubbing of the latex over her skin, the dildos moving. Somehow, she didn’t mind what people would think. She was kept aroused and she liked it. The ballet boots seemed to be a breeze to walk in, like she was born with them on. Some people were looking at them with a puzzled look, others were smiling, and Sandra realized that Karen was right on one count: people were not looking at herself but at Karen. 

She concentrated on her feelings. That wasn’t very difficult: they were quite powerful. She could hear her heels clicking on the stone pathway, and she could somewhat hear the latex stretching, squeaking as she moved, as well as the corset creaking under the strain. She was aroused and hot and needed to cool down.

“Say, Karen, care for some pretzels and some tea?” she asked. “My treat.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea.” said Karen, heading to a vendor, Sandra realizing that she had purposely picked the one at the far end, forcing her to walk way longer than what she had hoped to achieve. By the time they reached the vendor, Sandra was red, blushing, working hard to repress the orgasm that was building.

Panting, she struggled to order the food, and when it was time to pay, she reached for her phone to pay with the app and it’s only then that she realized that her fingers were all covered in latex. She froze, phone in hand, halfway to the point of sale device.

“Miss? The payment?” said the vendor, looking at the shiny red hand with a puzzled look.

Karen giggled, picked the pretzels with her black shiny fingers while she let Sandra bring the teas. They sat on a nearby bench, sitting down at pretty much the same time, both feeling the chastity belt pushing on their toys at the same time, both of them moaning at the same time. They looked at each other and giggled, exchanged a pretzel for a tea and took a bite, while looking away, at the crowd walking by. Some were totally oblivious to them, others noticing Karen’s shiny legs protruding through her open coat or their pointed feet, or that they were holding their food and drink with gloved hands.

Sandra was eating and each time, she looked at her shiny red fingers. She liked the look, she liked the sight, she liked the feeling of touching and not touching at the same time. That’s when she came to the realization that her heavy cuffs with their large rings were all but hidden and that was probably why people were glancing at her, especially her high collar, not hidden at all.

“You know,” said Karen between two bites, “the sun’s heat is coming up strong. I guess I’m gonna rent one of those storage lockers they put on and get rid of my coat. What do you think?”

“You… what? But your suit will be fully exposed.” said a stunned Sandra.

“Yes. Well, they see my legs and I’ve been walking with my coat wide open for the past half hour, so, no big deal.”

“Well… wow. I wish I had your guts.” said Sandra, sipping some tea.

“There’s nothing to it, really and people don’t look at your face, but at your… well, whatever attracts them.” she said with a devilish smile, shaking her ample breasts.

Taking their last bites and drinking their last gulp of tea, they headed toward the lockers. Karen opened one, put her coat in it, added the coins and took the key, stuffing it inside her corset.

“There, all set. Ready to go?” she asked, turning to walk away.

Sandra was standing there, not moving.

“Sandra? Hello? Anybody in there?” asked Karen, waving her hand in front of Sandra’s face, giggling.

“Ugh… yes. I…” she said, turning around to look at the lockers, then down at her clothes.

“You can do it, Sandra. No big deal.”

After a few moments, with a decisive move, she quickly pulled her hoodie off over from her head, then stopped, like thinking “there’s it’s done. The ice is broken”. She stood there a few moments, looking around, feeling the mix of cool air with the hot sun rays on her rubber skin, transferring the temperature but not the air. She stuffed her hoodie into one of the lockers, then untied the knot  holding the jeans in place, which fell down easily over her rubber coated legs. She stepped out of them, one foot at a time, looking at the sight of her knee high ballet boots getting up and down firmly on the ground, before crouching down to grab the jeans and quickly putting them inside the locker, closing it, putting the needed coins and grabbing the keys.

She looked at the key for a few moments, was about to stuff it in her corset, like Karen did, but instead, extended her arm toward Karen.

“Here, you keep it before I change my mind,” said Sandra.

Karen giggled and put the key inside her corset, turned around and casually walked away, back into the full sun, totally ignoring people staring at her, staring at them, two women, tightly encased in latex, corseted, a steel belt around their waist and crotch and sporting steel cuffs.

Sandra followed, trying to look casual, looking away, trying to lure the other people to stare away from her. That helped her concentrate on what she was doing, on what she was feeling: a total attention seeker… Fuck

She trotted a few steps to reach Karen who was a few steps ahead of her, looking all happy, enjoying everything.

“This feels so good, right? So liberating. Don’t you think?” asked Karen.

“Well… I… People are looking.”

“So? Let them look. When you wear this pair of pants, or this shirt, do you say to yourself ‘that’s what I want the people to see’ or do you think ‘that’s the look that I like, that’s what I feel good in’?”.

“I think of what people will think of what I look like. I follow the fashion.” said Sandra, hesitating.

“Really Sandra? The trend for quite a few years has been jeggings, skinny jeans and stuff. How many pairs do you own?”

“I… Well, I prefer loose fitting jeans.” she answered, realizing that she was exactly following the pattern who would draw attention: being different.

“Ugh… I hate you.” said Sandra, walking silently, trying to concentrate on her feelings, on how the latex under the sun was heating, how she could feel the sweat built between her red latex shell and her skin, how the dildos were constantly arousing her, how she felt the corset constrict her waist, feeling the extreme weight of her extra-thick steel cuffs and collar. Karen giggled.

“What? Why?” said Sandra, looking down at her setup, looking for something odd.

“See that guy in the red jacket walking away from us? Well, I admit we don’t walk that fast but we barely covered over a quarter of the path around the plaza and it’s the fourth time he passed us. He’s a fan. Oh, look. He’s cutting the path, going back, looking at us from the side of his eyes. He’s in for another pass.” she said, quickly glancing behind them to see if there were many… sightseers just admiring the view. “He’s coming in.” she said, suddenly changing the way she was walking, making it more sexy, more arousing, moving her hips, arching her back while pushing her breasts out.

Sandra giggled but did the same. They tried to act as nothing special was happening but their weird smiles betrayed her.

And the guy had a definite hard on inside his jeans. He was passing them, looking at them from the side of his eyes, not seeing the bench in front of him and…

“Ouch!” said Sandra as she was cringing, and went over to him. Are you alright?” she asked, helping him get back up, grabbing his hand with her latex gloved fingers.

“I’m… I’m okay.” he quickly said and at the same time, stared at her tightly squeezed breasts. He put his hand on her shoulder. “Th… Thank you.” he quickly added, brushed down his clothes and resumed his walk, red faced, and now walking with a limp. [author’s note: that would so much be me…]

Karen and Sandra repressed a giggle and continued her walk, completing the path around the plaza.

“I think we should go back home,” said Sandra. “I’m getting the chills.” she said, rubbing her arms, “latex is hot but it’s not warm.”

It was strange, feeling her latex fingers slide on her shiny latex upper arm as she rubbed them. She liked it.

Karen agreed, informed her ride sharing driver that they were ready to leave and walked back to the lockers to pick up their clothes. No need to put them back on. They were out in the open for quite a while now, and they would be riding in a car.

They grabbed their stuff and turned around at the same time, bumping into another person.

“Oh! I’m terribly sorry,” quickly apologized Sandra, “I didn’t… Lynda????”

“Karen???” asked the stunned woman, looking at both of them.

“Uh… Hi Lynda.” said Karen, switching from looking at Lynda to Sandra. That was unexpected.

Lynda was standing there, stunned, in a business suit.

“So, now I see why you didn’t want me at your little party after the movie yesterday.” she said, looking a little pissed off. 

“It’s not what you think.” quickly said Sandra.

“Oh… because both of you wearing those silly latex catsuits, corset, chastity belts… and I didn’t know you wore high heels, Sandra.”

“Me neither.” said Sandra with a snort laugh. “It’s actually my first time.”

“Yeah, right, in such high heels for the first time. And I’m Santa Claus.” harshly said Lynda.

“May I ask what you’re doing here yourself?” Asked Sandra.

“Taking a walk, duh.” said Lynda, preparing to leave. “Anyways, I …”

“Taking a casual walk in a business suit?” asked Karen.

“A… Anyway, I’ll leave you two to do whatever you’re doing.” she said, aiming to leave in a hurry.

“No wait. We are not leaving each other in such a mood.” said Karen, stretching to grab Lynda by the dress jacket, yanking it off her shoulder, making her stumble in a strange way. “What the…??”

“Leave me.” said Lynda, pulling her jacket back, blushing.

“No, you wait here.” said Karen, grabbing Lynda’s arm firmly, bringing her closer and pulling her jacket revealing a smooth rubber-like catsuit underneath her dress shirt. “Going diving somewhere?”

Sandra looked, puzzled.

“A wetsuit? You’re wearing a wetsuit to take a walk?” she asked.

Lynda simply raised her eyebrows and looked down at Sandra.

“… Yeah… Right,” said Sandra, “but the question remains.”

“Well… I… it’s complicated,” stuttered Lynda.

“Yes, of course,” said Karen, “the same way it’s complicated to explain why we are dressed like that, I mean, because we like it, is complicated to say.”

Karen’s phone made a sound.

“Our ride share is here. Wanna come with us to Sandra’s place?”

“I…  Oh… I don’t know…”

“Come on. It will be fun.” said Sandra.

“Uh… okay. I guess.” she said, turning around to join them.

“Nah, han.” said Karen. “You get rid of your city clothes first.”

“What? No… Not in public.” said Lynda, on the verge of panic. “You go alone, then.”

“What are you afraid of, Lynda? Look at us.” said Sandra, more and more at ease with her fetishes out in the open.

“Well… I guess… I can…” said Lynda, slowly taking off her jacket and her shirt, revealing a shiny smoothskin wetsuit, very tight fitting without a single wrinkle and removing her pants, revealing her shoes.

“Hey, I haven’t noticed it before because of my obvious change of height, but… those are wedge high heel sandals. How come? I thought you despised high heels.” said Sandra.

“And I thought the same about you.” said Lynda, pointing to Sandra’s ballet boots with her eyes.

“I deserved that.” said Sandra, giggling. “Okay, come on. Where is the ride, Karen?”

“Should be waiting for us right over there.” she said, pointing to a curb nearby.

They walked to it, all three of them smiling, all three of them attracting a lot of stares.

As they approached the ride share, the driver got out, wearing a loose fitting jumpsuit.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” she said as they got closer. “You’re fucking kidding me, right?” she said, quickly walking to the trunk.

Karen and Sandra looked at each other with a stunned expression. She knew of their latex outfit and it hadn’t seemed to bother her before. What was different now? Lynda’s wetsuit?”

“What’s wrong, Valerie?” asked a puzzled Karen, as they got closer.

Valerie didn’t answer. Hidden from their view, she did something then closed the tailgate, walking to the side of the car facing them and taking a striking pose.

“Oh shit!” said Sandra and Karen at the same time.

Valerie stood there, wearing a tight fitting very short purple latex dress with long sleeves and knee high leather high heel boots.. 

“Geesh.” said Valerie. “You had me go for it under my clothes. I did a few rides with it on and it was awesome, and now… you’re all out? And even with a new friends in a wetsuit? The hell with it! I’m going all out myself. Come on, hop in!” she said as she opened both the front passenger and the back door for her guests.

Karen took place on the front passenger seat while Sandra and Lynda took place at the back, their latex suits squeaking against the leather seats of the SUV as they slid in place.

They all laughed and started to openly talk about their fetishes, what they liked, how it began, etc.

At a right light, Karen gestured to Valerie to make a right into a parking lot.

“Where are we going?” asked Sandra.

“To the hardware store. You’re missing a lot of stuff.” said Karen.

“Oooo. I like that.” said Lynda, surprising everybody.

“It shouldn’t be long. Can you wait for us?” asked Karen to Valerie.

“Wait for you? Hell, I’m going IN with you.”

She parked the vehicle and all four shiny dressed women entered the store like a motorcycle gang, side by side, attracting a lot of attention. And apparently, Valerie knew the place as she directed them to the appropriate hardware section.

Sandra was shy at first, but seeing the other very confident, she went along. After all, she wasn’t naked, none of them were, although Valerie’s short dress was on the limit of appropriate.

Walking had been one thing, but this was a more regular life. Shopping. Taking a shopping basket, walking the aisles, looking for stuff, picking them with her gloved hands and putting them in the basket with said basket rub against her thighs, feeling it, hearing it, struggling against her corset as she reached down for the lower shelves, extending her arm, fighting her wide steel collar, and seeing her friends do the same, seeing their shiny suits shimmer under the harsh light of the store.

And it was pretty much the first time she was close to someone wearing a wetsuit, and it was a shiny one, as if it had been coated in varnish or something. She could see  how thick the suit was by the thick wrinkles it was making when Lynda was bending down, which showed at the same time how tight it was as the wrinkles disappeared as soon as she was getting back up. And the smell of it, different from the latex. She liked it. She liked both.

At one point, they crouched down at the same time, heading for the same bin and their suits rubbed against each other, which made Sandra, perched on her extreme heels, lose her balance. She quickly grabbed the nearest support, which was Lynda’s thigh.

“Oops, sorry.” she said, squeezing her hand over the soft and mushy neoprene. “Squishy and tight! I should try something like that sometimes.” she softly said.

Lynda only smiled.

They could hear mumbling from other shoppers. Some even whistled, but they tried hard not to react, to act as if all was normal, that it wasn’t a stunt they were doing. After all, it wasn’t. They were just there to buy some hardware.

An associate approached.

“May I help you, ladies?” asked the man, smiling and obviously enjoying the sight (Hell, I would!). Need some… more hardware?” He asked with a grin, looking at the steel wearing ladies.

“Yeah but we’re fine.” said Sandra, adding some more links to her basket.

The associate looked at them then looked around with a puzzled look.

“Something wrong?” asked Valerie who had taken just a few items.

“Well, I…  we thought it was some sort of stunt for social media, but… I don’t see anyone filming… Well, yes, there are,” as he quickly gazes around a man half-hiding behind a row of shelves with his phone out, obviously filming them who quickly put his phone down, “but… what exactly are you doing this for?”

Lynda, being closer to him, noticed ‘manager’ written on his nametag.

“Oh, it’s no stunt, sir,” she said “we’re only shopping.”

“Yes… right.”

“Well, I’m done,” said Karen.

“Yep, me too, “said Sandra,”I can’t think of anything else. Oh… we seem to have a lot of things in common. Maybe we don’t need all of it.”

“There’s never enough of this stuff.” cut in Lynda.

Karen laughed. “Yes, you’re right. Okay, let’s get going.” she said, leading the bunch at the cash register.

“Hey, Sandra. Any power tools at your place?” asked Lynda.

“N… No. Not really.” said Sandra.

“Oh… Okay.”

They all made a line for the same register, making a line of shiny rubber clad women. All the other customers pretty much stopped and looked at them. The manager, unsure at first, realized that they were really buying and it amounted to quite a large sum, so he let them go.

Valerie had gone first since she had the fewest items, and she was the driver. She was out of the store in no time, by her vehicle of which she opened the tailgate to receive the bags of goods.

One after the other, the girls followed, put their shopping bags in the trunk and took their seat. And they were back on the road.

“Geesh. That was so much fun.” said Lynda. “We should do that more often.” 

“Yeah…” trailed off Sandra, blushing. “I… I don’t think I would do it again. I mean, not alone.”

“Why not?” asked Karen as she turned around to face her.

“In a group, it’s more… supportive. I don’t think I would be able to have all the people staring at me, being the center of attraction.”

They all thought about it and realized that, once alone, they probably wouldn’t do it.

“Anyways, if you ever plan to do something like that again, alone or in a group, just call me for the ride!” said Valerie.

A few more streets and they were at Sandra’s place. They were parked a good twenty minutes in front of Sandra’s place while they continued to have a very enjoyable discussion. All bridges were opened. All taboos were down. Valerie had to leave because she had another ride.

“Changing back?” asked Lynda.

“Hell no. I’m staying as is.” said Valerie with a smile, driving off.

They entered Sandra’s home, putting their bags of hardware and other shopping by the door. Lynda noticed the torn sleeping bag, the duct tape, the pieces of rope laying on the floor of the living room.

“Hum… Someone needs some discipline about keeping her house tidy.” she said, putting her hands on her hips in a dominating pose, “and since it is your house, you should… no, you WILL do it, Sandra, and since I had to tell you, there’s punishment associated with it.” she said, walking to the pile of shopping bags and crouching down amidst them to plunge her hand into hers, picking a few quick-links from it. As she was about to get back up, she smiled as she saw something in one of Sandra’s shopping bags.

“Oh! What’s this?” she said, plunging her hand in it and getting out a shiny plastic with a red latex hood. “Is that yours, Sandra?”

“What? Oh, yes. It came with the suit, but I hadn’t tried it on yet.”

“So, perfect time.” said Lynda, approaching Sandra and snapping the quick links on her cuffs, forcing them about 10cm apart, and doing the same with her ankle steel cuffs.

She then grabbed the hood from the bag, stretched it and pulled it over Sandra’s head, tucking it under the steel collar before pulling the zipper. She almost strangled Sandra as she forced the handle through the collar.

“Arrghh… you’re strangling me.” said Sandra.

“Sorry, but I…. have to… pass this… through… There!” she said as the zipper made its exit at the bottom of the collar. “I’m afraid you won’t be able to take it off with the collar on, tho. How does it feel?” she asked.

“Weird… It’s my first time with a latex hood. But I like it.” she said, smiling through the mouth opening.

She was hot at the thought. In full latex, in full steel, bound and not under her control or wishes.

While she was kneeling on the floor, impaired by her bounds and her heavy collar, trying to gather the pieces of tape, rope, and what was left of the sleeping bag, the rest of the gang disappeared into the bedroom. She heard some power tools in action and she realized that Lynda bought some. Then a few moments later, through her hood which changed the sounds, she heard what sounded like chains rattling. She turned to look toward the bedroom.

“That is simply wonderful!” she heard Lynda say. “Now, I would gladly take some hot tea.” She added, as Sandra witnessed Karen walking out of the room, wrists cuffs linked together in front of her as well as her ankles, forcing  her to walk with itsy bitsy tiny steps. And she was gagged! Sandra was sure she would be next. Well, actually, she hoped. This was starting to be arousing.

Struggling, she managed to clear the mess and put everything in the garbage bin, outside, forcing her to walk out in full fetish gear and tied up. That was arousing as hell, especially feeling the air, or rather not feeling the air on her head.

Karen was having a hard time preparing the tea. Her wrists cuffed together greatly impaired her as she could only make one move at time. We don’t think about it but if we need to take a cup out of the cupboard, we open the door with one hand and pick the cup with the other then as we bring down the cup, we close the door.

But not this time. She had to pull open the door with both hands together, then take the cups, one at a time and bring them down before closing the door, then reaching for the tea, again always one item at a time. One action at a time.

She loved it. She loved feeling the sweat building up around her body, on her head. For Karen too, being bound out of her control was something she wished and aimed for. She had hoped that Sandra and herself would switch sides from time to time but as apparently, Lynda was a sleeping Dominatrix, it solved the problem: they would be both latex slaves.

Latex slaves. The thought made her hot.

As Sandra walked in from her third trip to the trash bin, Lynda was waiting for her with a long chain and more snap links. She removed the link from her wrists and replaced it by a large steel ring she fixed to the cuffs with padlocks. She attached one end of the chain to her collar, fed it through the ring between her wrist cuffs and locked the other end to the front of her chastity belt. That way, Sandra’s arms were limited by the path of the chain. She could move her arms up and down at will from her waist to her neck, but only extend it so much. She then went to the ankles, where she removed the quick link only to replace it by a straight padlock, bringing her feet close together.

“Okay, Karen made the tea, you serve it.” said Lynda, picking her bag from the floor and puttin it on the kitchen table. “Karen, come over here.” said Lynda, pulling a chair off the kitchen table, sinking her hand in her bag to retrieve more chains and links.

Karen complied, hobbling her way to the chain and sitting in it. Lynda proceeded to secure her to the chair using rope, chains, anything. When she was done, Karen couldn’t move at all.

During that time, Sandra struggled to bring the first cup of tea. Karen had filled all of them to the brim. Whether on purpose or not, or from a command Lynda might have given her, it was now impossible to carry them without spilling tea everywhere on the floor and even on the table.

As she was approaching the table with the first one, dropping a little along the way, she was pesting.

“Damn it, Karen. Why did you fill them up too full? Look at that mess. I… Fuck. Again.” she said as she had to jerk to counterbalance her small steps.

Lynda disappeared in the bedroom to return shortly after holding the white and purple leather head harness ball gag.

“You talk too much and ask too many questions.” she said, proceeding to put the harness while Sandra was mid-course with the tea.

This jerked on Sandra which spilled more tea. She could feel the hot liquid on her fingers and some of it dropping on her thighs. It was a strange sensation to feel those hot drops slide down her legs.

“There. This should take care of your complaining and… oh my. Look at that mess. You should be more careful, Sandra. Consequences. Consequences.” said Lynda, laughing, taking her place.

Grunting, Sandra put down the cup and had her first good look at Karen’s setup. How the hell is she going to drink her tea? Even her neck was held to the back of the chair and her arms were tied on her.

She nonetheless hobbled her way back to the kitchen counter to get the other cup of tea. Her thighs were rubbing together, which means that her toys were getting rubbed too. It made her horny as hell, but she couldn’t do anything other than moan.

Making those small steps was plainly exhausting and she was panting hard when she reached the counter. She leaned against it, pussing on her chastity belt. Damn, that felt good. She began to gently bump repeatedly on the counter, stroking her belt which struck, although very slightly, on her toys. She had closed her eyes, softly moaning. She was in her own world.

She could almost feel the latex catsuit getting tighter around her body. She could feel it gently slide over the thin layer of silicone oil. The struggle to breathe with the corset felt awesome, and each time she would move her arms, the wrist ring rubbing against the chain would send vibrations of her belt, which in turn, sent them to the toys. Damn, that was good. She would not orgasm, that wasn’t powerful enough, but she was getting aroused and it felt good. She was banging her belt against the counter harder and harder, feeling it stronger, moaning louder with every bang until… she felt a hand on her shoulder.

She stopped dead on her track and froze as if she was trying to hide.

“I was wondering what was taking so long and what was that banging noise I kept hearing. So? Having fun, Sandra?” asked Lynda.

Sandra didn’t answer. She had been caught masturbating in plain sight!

“Ah… Consequences, consequences. Now, bring that cup of tea to the table before it gets cold, and oh, for the record, the first cup was missing 34mm of tea. Try to do better with that one.” she said with a devilish smile followed with a devilish laugh as she walked away, her neoprene suit creaking.

Sandra tried to do better, however her wide steel collar prevented her to lower head enough to look at the cup held close to her body because of her chain. She was pretty much “tea blind”…

Panting, grunting, struggling to keep her balance, which she lost quite a few times, not easy to walk on ballet heels with both feet linked together, she reached the dining table. By the feeling of the hot tea on her thighs, she knew she dropped quite a lot of it.

She managed to put the cup down on the table.

“Good, no go get the last one.” ordered Lynda, producing a ruler and taking a measurement. “24mm. Slightly better. Ah… consequences, consequences…” repeated Lynda.

Sandra did the third trip. By this time, she was exhausted and didn’t really care. If she was to get consequences anyway, why bother. She reached the table in record time but Lynda gasped when she put the tea cup down.

“What the hell?” she said as she measured with the ruler “40mm. That cup is half empty! Ah, consequences, consequences… Okay not help Karen drink her tea.”

Sandra looked at Karen, tightly tied on her chair, then at Lynda, sort of asking how she would do it.

“Come on, Sandra. It’s easy. You take the cup and bring it to her lips for her to have a sip. It’s that simple.”

Even Karen was looking at Lynda with a puzzled look. Sandra walked to the other side of the table where Karen was and struggled to pick the cup. She raised it at about Karen’s mouth and approached her as much as she could, sort of looking at Lynda at the same time, asking ‘how the fuck do you want her to drink it’?

“Come on, Sandra. Use your imagination. Get closer. Karen, you can turn your head… that’s it.” she sort of encouraged them as the cup of tea approached Karen’s gag. “There you go. Tilt the cup over the gag, Karen will sip it in.” she said, laughing at the two of them struggling to drink the tea. “I’m having so much fun here. I hope you have too.”

Of course, Sandra made a mess and Karen barely tasted it.

Lynda emptied her cup and got up.

“Well, I do have some work to do here, if you don’t mind.” she said, picking up the different bags of hardware and the power tool, leaving Karen and Sandra.

As Sandra was more dripping tea everywhere than doing anything else, she saw her flat being transformed into a steel ring emporium as Lynda added rings on the walls, ceiling and floor of the living room, kitchen and she even disappeared in the bedroom before coming back to the dining room where she added more rings to the table as well as on the floor and on the chairs.

By this time, Sandra had emptied Karen’s tea all over and she was sitting in front of her full cup. She was in no mood to have any tea by then. It was cold anyway.

“Oh my, what a mess you made, Sandra.” said Lynda.

Sandra mumbled an apology through her gag.

“You don’t apologize, Sandra. You take responsibility for your actions. Oddly enough, Karen has a part of it: if she had behaved, she wouldn’t have been tied up and gagged and would have been able to take the tea, but, oh well. And Sandra, you sat down without permission?”

Sandra looked puzzled. She needed permission to sit down? In her own home? She protested with a low pitch grunt.

“Yeah, right, you don’t know your place yet.” she said smiling, then her attitude switched to severe and commanding as she placed herself under a hanging chain from the celing she had installed a few moments before. “ Come over here.” she said, pointing down at her feet.

Sandra nodded no as Karen watched with wide eyes.

“Do I need to remind you that I have the keys to all your locks? I said come here.”

Sandra complied and slowly hobbled her way to the hanging chain, expecting that she would be linked to it. Lynda did exactly that, linking the chain to the ring on top of her head harness, making sure her neck was stretched.

“There. That should teach you to stand up until given the permission to sit down.” said Lynda, slowly turning around her, then softly approaching her, firmly grabbing Sandra’s latex covered breasts and squeezing them, getting her face closer to Sandra, to the point where her lips were almost touching her gag.

Sandra, who could still move her hands up and down along the neck to crotch chain, raised them to reach Lynda’s neoprene encased breasts and gently squeezed them, feeling the tight and thick neoprene squish under her latex clad fingers, making creaking sounds.

Lynda pushed herself away.

“Uh, no, no, no. You have no say in this.” she said, staying very close to Sandra, almost rubbing her body against hers while unlocking her arms from the front chain and quickly linking them in the back, forcing herself against Sandra’s latex body, putting her face in between the latex breasts, giggling. “Hmmm, comfy.” she whispered before slowly pulling herself away, leaving Sandra hanging there, in the middle of the living room, to sexily walk back to Karen.

She untied her from the chair, linked her wrists in front of her with a chain linking it to her collar.

“Get the mop and clear that mess.” she ordered.

Problem was, this wasn’t Karen’s flat and she didn’t know if Sandra even had a bucket and a mop, but she guessed it would be in the laundry room. She hobbled her way there feeling her toys play inside her, her thighs rubbing against each other on her lubed suit as she struggled to reach the room. She found the bucket and the mop and struggled to bring them to the bathroom to fill the bucket with some water. She had to carry each of the items separately from the bathroom to the dining room.

Sandra could only witness Karen’s struggles and the mess she was making by spreading the pool of tea instead of removing it, putting too much water, not squeezing the mop enough, thanks to her linked wrists and ankles.

Lynda was just laughing. Sandra began to figure she would have to take revenge. After all, she will be the one who will be dealing with cleaning it properly once the games are over.

Karen, although she had lived in a couple of situations where she was in real bondage, never lived a situation like that where she had to do heavy chores impaired. That was new. If she had been in self bondage, she would have either quit and waited, or either used her chicken escape / safety escape to clear the mess before it damages the floor. But now, she had no choice. She had to follow orders.

She knew she was making one hell of a mess. She knew it could damage Sandra’s floor, but Lynda didn’t seem to mind.

“Okay, that’s enough. Give me that.” said Lynda, taking the mop from Karen’s hand and quickly using the right way, cleaning the mess in no time.

“Yeah, that was funny but I don’t want to damage Sandra’s floor. Ah… consequences, consequences.” she said, again laughing., “I’m having a ball here. How about you?” she asked, then laughed even louder as both of her ‘slaves’ were well gagged and couldn’t answer.

She’s enjoying herself a little too much. thought Karen.

Sandra’s feet were starting to hurt. After all, it was her first time in ballet heels and she did spend a lot of time either walking or, like right now, standing in them. She was slowly balancing from one foot to the other, bending the knee of the free one while moaning, trying to pass on the message that her feet were hurting.

She realized that, with all the sudden latest events, they never setup a safeword or something. It just came on as it went.

“Aammfh!… mooook” yelled Sandra, as loud as she could.

“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. You are saying?” said Lynda approaching, a devilish smile crossing her face.

“PffAaafpPf MoookKPp” tried to say Sandra, again.

“Sorry, I can’t understand gagtalk.” said Lynda looking at her and noticing her eyes, her pleading eyes.

“Oh…” she said, removing the gag. “Something wrong?”

“Yes!” said Sandra. “`Safe Word! We never setup any and you have to get me out of this, or at least, get me to lay down. My feet are killing me. I can’t stand it anymore.” she said, almost crying.

“Oh… Shit. It never occured to me… I’m so sorry.” said Lynda, quickly releasing Sandra off the hook and putting her down on the sofa.

Karen was already sitting.

“Do… Do you need something too?” asked Lynda.

Karen nodded yes and the gag was removed.

“Water!” said Karen.

“Me too!” said Sandra “And… a trip to the bathroom.”

That put a rather abrupt end to their games and they all sat at the dining table, still in full gear, Sandra having locked her toys and her belt back on. Well, she liked it! She was still in her ballet boots but enjoyed sitting to rest her feet.

“Geesh.” said Sandra after drinking a whole large glass of water in one shot, “I never knew you were such a dominatrix.” 

“I… I didn’t know myself.” said Lynda, giggling. “It came on like… naturally… I was too harsh, wasn’t I?”

“Yeah, a little bit. Perhaps having some scenarios for the next time would be nice, I mean it was impossible for me to drink anything with the gag and the tea was dangerously hot.” said Karen.

They continued to chat, recalling experiences and stories from bondage sessions, discovering that all three of them liked bondage, although Lynda was more of a Dom. She liked latex and had a suit once but she ripped it quite early and she switched to neoprene because it was a lot more sturdy and also felt a lot tighter on the body. 

“You should try double or triple layers of latex,” said Karen. “I’m sure it will meet your criterias.”

“Yeah, I might but, you know, it’s expensive.

To that, they all agreed.

“But so much… I dunno. Can’t find the right word.” said Sandra, rubbing her gloved fingers over her latex coated arm.

“Yeah, that… whatever the word is,” said Karen.

“Oh, gheesh! Look at the time! We should be having dinner by now. I propose we call some deliveries. What do you think? My treat.” said Lynda.

“Nah, not really.” said Sandra, “I do have enough stuff to make ourselves something nice, like a salad or some pasta with tomato sauce.

“Ooo. Tomato sauce”. Said Karen.

They looked at her puzzled.

“Oh… I… I like tomato sauce.”

They all agreed to pitch in and help. Sandra grabbed everything and laid it out on the counter and they all went to work on it, three rubber/neoprene clad women, in heels, working alongside, latex suits, arms, brushing against each other, steel cuffs clicking.

Karen and Sandra looked at each other.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Karen.

“I think so.” said Sandra, banging her wrist steel cuffs against each other.

Karen smiled and they both turned toward Lynda.

“Mistress.” said Karen, “We feel too free to work. We don’t deserve it.” she said, banging her wrist cuffs together, immediately copied by Sandra.

“You’re fucking serious? Oh well, who am I to argue. I am THE Mistress after all.” she said, leaving to quickly return with snap links leaving them with about 10cm of play between their cuffs. “But wait, there’s more.” she said, reaching for their collars and linking their collars together with a longer chain but too short for comfort.

 When one would move one way, the other would have to follow.

“That will be fun to watch.” said Lynda, taking a chair and sitting down, picking her phone. “Oh, shoot, my phone is dead. Do you mind if I take yours, Karen? What’s the password?”

Karen happily gave her the password while she was giggling, playing some game of tug and pull with Sandra with the collar chain, making her drop a spoon on the floor. However, to bend down to retrieve it, Karen also had to bend down.

“Oops. Didn’t prepare for that one.” she said, laughing.

As she was getting back up Sandra yelped, dropped the spoon once again and put her hands at her crotch, turning to Karen, then to Lynda.

“What the…” Sandra began to say, then noticed Lynda smiling while holding Karen’s phone.

“That’s fun! Hey!! How come only Sandra is responding… and why Sandra? Isn’t this Karen’s phone?”

Karen explained the weird cross-over on their toys and what happened to the cinema and the situation with her apartment.

“Oh… I see. Anything I can do to help?” asked Lynda.

“Not unless you’re a locksmith,” said Karen.

“Uh… nope. Sorry.”

“Great. Now… Can you turn this off, please? I’m trying to use a knife here…without cutting my fingers.” giggled Sandra.

When the food was ready and served and they all sat down, the collar link was removed, Lynda replaced it with a chain from their collar to the back of the chair, limiting their movements as they were facing each other. They  made a mess, but giggled about it all the way. Sandra made the most mess. Probably because Lynda kept sending bursts to her toys. She was getting horny again but was concentrating on her plate.

Karen was feeling more playful. She put a piece of pasta with a lot of tomato sauce on her fork and, pulling the fork backward with one hand while pushing with the other, she let go, the pasta and sauce flying off to hit Sandra on her breasts.

She startled. She hadn’t seen it coming as she was looking at her plate.

“What the fu…” she said, making a devilish grin and loading her fork with pasta and sauce, to shoot it at Karen.

And that’s how a war of tomato sauce and pasta started. Sandra had an advantage with her hood protecting her hair, but Karen didn’t, and it was getting messy.

“Hey! What are you doing? Stop that.” ordered Lynda, but the two latex clad women seemed to have a ball throwing their food at each other. It wasn’t long before bread, salad and other stuff went flying.

“I said stoArrghkk.” tried to say Lynda but she received a piece of pasta in her mouth.

She put Sandra’s toy at the maximum.

“That’s not fair!” said Sandra, twisting on her chair while Karen was still firing food at her. 

Lynda quickly took the plates of food and the utensils out of reach from the two brats, bringing them to the kitchen.

“Well, that’s one thing we won’t have to do.” said Sandra, laughing.

“Good thinking.” replied Karen.

“What are you two blabbing about?” asked Lynda as she walked back in.

“Nothing Mistress.” they answered, on cue, at the same time.

Lynda was speechless.

“Did you practice that or something?” she asked.

“No Mistress.” said Sandra. “It just… came out that way. I’m sorry.” she said, lowering her head in shame.

“I’m sorry too, Mistress.” added Karen, also lowering her head in shame.

But it was clear they were laughing, their jumping shoulders giving them away.

Although Karen was sitting still, Sandra was squirming on the chair, eyes closed. The hard humming of the toys could clearly be heard. Lynda turned them off and Sandcra opened her eyes, looking up, disappointed, but seeing that Karen was still looking down, still giggling, she did the same and couldn’t repress starting to giggle too.

“Damn.” said Lynda. “What now? What should I do?” she asked as much as to herself as to her friends. She was a first-time Dom after all. And they were first-time slaves.

The punishment she came up with was to gag them both and have them wash the dishes, still impaired and linked to one another but in a weird way: they were put side to side and their close wrists were linked together and their far wrists were linked with a long chain. 

Their ankles were linked with a long rigid bar, but their close-ankles were linked together.

That made the whole ordeal of the simple task of washing the dishes a nightmare. A nightmare of pleasure as they constantly had to brush against each other, their rubber suit sliding, rubbing, their steel hardware clanking. 

At one point, once the dishes were done, they started to rub each other, to squish each other’s breasts. After all, all they could do was get closer.

“I think I’ll have to rethink that punishment,” said Lynda, removing the links and the gags. “Anyhoo, it’s getting late and I should get back to my place. I guess I won’t see you tomorrow at work, Karen. What will you do? Call in sick?”

“What? hell no. I’m going in.”

“But… you’re all in latex and your belt and…” said Sandra.

“So what? We were out in broad daylight, at the park and nobody complained. I’m going as is. There’s no dress code. I’m completely covered. And it’s not my fault. Well, not completely”

Lynda stared at her for a few moments.

“You’re nuts. Anyway, good night, girls! See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I think I’ll hit the bed quite early tonight. This has been a rough day.” said Sandra.

“No problems. I’ll fix you up.” said Karen.

“Fix me up? No… Ha ha. No way. I’m SLEEPING tonight.”

“Ah, come on. You’ll sleep better all set up. Believe me. Anyways, I’m the one who has the keys.” she said with a devilish smile. “Your house, my rules.”

“The… what? That’s not how the saying goes.”

“Who cares.” she said, grabbing Sandra and pushing her firmly toward the bedroom.

She fixed her with her wrists over her head to the top of the bed and her ankles together to the foot of the bed.

“There. You should sleep well like that, and if you ever snore, I’m gagging you.”

“That’s not fair,” said Sandra. “You’re free and I’m not.”

“Oh, don’t worry about me”, said Karen, taking place beside her, “I’ll be quite fine.”

She bent forward, linking her ankles to a chain at the foot of the bed and her arms over her head to the top of the bed, like Sandra. The only difference is that she had access to the link to set herself free.

“Nighty night.”

Karen slept like a baby. She was used to such a setup. In fact, it was rather mild to how she usually set herself up for the night. For Sandra, the sleep was light. She wasn’t used to being restrained like that. At many occasions, she reached the limit of her chains. She would have loved to take the fetus position. Oh well… She loved the experience.

The sun is shining through the window. The alarm clock is buzzing. However, Sandra can’t turn it off as she’s still tied up on the bed. She felt someone move. Karen, grunting like pretty much anybody in the morning, frees herself and stumbles on her ballet boots to reach the alarm clock and turn it off. She then let herself fall, sitting on the bed, next to Sandra, yawning.

“Good morning, sweety.” said Karen.

Sandra smiled. It was weird still feeling the latex clinging to her face. Then her eyes went wide.

“Oh shit.” she said. “I usually have just enough time to take a shower, grab a bite before I have to head for the bus to go to work. Quick, untie me. I have to get out of this suit in a hurry.”

“Oh, yeah. Right. Work… Well, all I have to do is wipe myself with a damp cloth.” said Karen, smiling as she removed Sandra from her bounds.

Sandra got up and fell back on the bed.

“Damn… getting up in ballet heels is not easy.” she said, giving it another shot, grabbing a hold of Karen’s shoulder who was still sitting on the bed.

Struggling to find her balance, she headed for the bathroom, then turned around, looked at the bed tables, then on the desk. Grunting, she walked to the living room, looking everywhere, getting more panicked by the minute.

“What’s wrong?” asked Karen. “Missing something?”

“Yes.” said Sandra, standing up straight. “THE KEYS! Where the fuck are they?”

“The keys? I… They were just here.” she said, walking to the bookshelf. “Oh, wait. Lynda took them when she changed our setup for the dishes. They might be in the kitchen.” said Karen, leading the way.

But they couldn’t find anything.

Sandra’s phone rang. It was Lynda!

“Hi Sandra. Did I wake you up?”

“Where are the keys, Lynda?” asked Sandra without any more formalities.

“Hum… ha, ha, you won’t believe it. I apparently put them in my purse. Believe me, that was NOT intentional. Is that a problem? You have the duplicates, right?”

Ah, yes. The duplicates. The safety net. Her last resort.

“Well…” began Sandra, looking down at the floor like a kid caught red handed eating forbidden candy, “to make the story short, I… lost them. I wanted to make new copies but it always slipped my mind, and…”

“No!” said Lynda, almost laughing. “It mean that you are REALLY stuck in your outfit, steel cuffs, belt, hood and all?”

“Yes!” said firmly Sandra. “So, I would appreciate it if you would hurry up and come bring them to me or I’ll have to call in sick.”

She hung up the phone and there was a knock on the door.

“What now…” said Sandra as she looked at Karen.

“Hey, it’s me.” they heard Lynda through the door.

Sandra rushed to open it and there she was, Lynda, in full wetsuit, high heels, even a corset, standing, smiling, holding a key ring at eye level.

“Looking for this?”

Sandra was speechless.

“What the fuck?” said Karen, approaching, smiling. “That’s nice. Are you planning to take the day off too?”

“Well, there’s two possibilities.” said Lynda, snapping the key ring back as Sandra tried to grab it. “We all take the day off and play and then it’s over or we all go in as is and have fun for the rest of our lives.”

Sandra then noticed that behind Lynda, parked on the street, the white SUV with Valerie leaning on it in full latex and heels, smiling.

“I like that second option.” said Karen.

“Are… Are you fucking kidding me?” asked Sandra.

Lynda moved aside, Karen walked to the SUV where Valerie had opened both the front and back passenger doors for her, and turned around, looking at Sandra. Lynda had already walked to the passenger front door.


Sandra thought about how she felt in her catsuit. How she felt locked into her steel belt and cuffs. How she liked the heavy collar. How the hood wrapping her head made it all fit together, how she would feel she was missing something with all of this off, how she just loved to walk in ballet heels.

“Well… Okay, fine then. But we have to stop so I can grab my coffee first.”

“Coffee shop it is.” said Valerie, taking the driver seat and driving off.

© monsterp63

March 12, 2022

Author’s note 1: “The best way to stop digging yourself into a hole is to let go of the shovel.”

Now, I know this ending might seem abrupt and leave a lot of opportunities. The fact is that, after something like THREE MONTHS working on this story (I started writing this in mid-January), I’m starting to get fed up with it as I have other scenarios in my mind for other stories. That’s reason one. 

Reason two is that with three (or is it four) fetish characters, it becomes too complicated to write scenes, describing either everyone’s feeling or letting out some of the characters. (for me, that is. Too many people to account for.) One fetish character is easy. One fetish and one Dom is easy. Two fetish characters get complicated. Three fetish with one of them Dom is becoming really difficult. Add a fourth one and it’s now impossible.

Reason three is that the next “scenes” would be copy-paste of many stories I’ve written before: the people shocked at work, their acceptance – with some reluctance – times three characters, the adaptation, the pleasure of doing their work in fetish gear – repeat for three characters – and probably another skit about Valerie and her joy of driving her customers in latex.

Can there be sequels? Can those “scenes” be written as stand-alone stories, linked to this one? It’s possible. I have nothing planned for it, tho. I WILL NOT ANSWER TO ANY INQUIRY ABOUT SEQUELS.

Author’s note 2: I KNOW the background images for the scenes at Schlossplatz are not of Stuttgart. I couldn’t find any HDRI / background images for Stuttgart. No, not true: I actually found one, that I had to buy, but even to know the price, one had to inquire. I did. Never got a response. So, I took the HDRIs I had : Dresden Square and Binnenalster.

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14 thoughts on “Karen & Sandra – At The Movies (Complete)

  1. As story look long,
    would be nice to have a little table to go directly to given parts, or have sign to know a part start (“*****” or “*****PT3”).

    1. Yes, it looks the story is going to be quite long.
      And you’re right, I should put something to separate the “parts”. However, when it’s tone and fully posted, those “parts” will be gone as it is not a “multi-part” story but just posted bit by bit as I write it.

      I’ll see to that.

  2. oh, poor Sandra ;).
    Left alone tied and gagged by Karen. well at least she’s having a good time. Unlike Karen, I mean the keys are so close and yet so far away. I’m excited to see how these two continue.

    But this is a really great story.

    I love it😍

  3. Another wonderfull read 🙂
    a Great way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon 😉
    Thank you so much !

  4. This was a wondeful and creative story. I really liked how you wrote about Sandra’s internal thoughts and feelings about being bound.

  5. I very much enjoyed the story (this one I had in my todo list – finally got around to reading it).

    There’s however several instances throughout where the use of “Karen” and “Sandra” seem to have been mixed up. The intent and plot is always clear, though.

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