Karen – Locked up


She opened her eyes but all she could see was dark. She could feel the thick rubber blindfold pressing on her eyes, cutting all light.

She moaned. Well, tried to. No sound came out.That’s all she could do. Barely. The large inflated rubber gag was filling her mouth completely, even blowing her cheeks outward against the thick rubber hood covering her head.

With the little jaw movement she was allowed, she could feel the latex press against her face, fight, forcing her mouth shut against the gag, keeping the breathing tubes up her nostrils down to the back of her throat, and the feeding tube going down to her stomach.

And she wasn’t hearing much. Not only the thick layer  or latex over her ears was blocking a lot of sound, the earplugs filling them were cutting the rest of it. All she could hear, all she could feel was the sound of her heartbeat. Calm and steady, as was her breathing.

Nonetheless, the reflexes were there and she tried to find some sound, some sense she was somewhere. She turned her head only to be reminded of the heavy steel collar tightly wrapping her neck. She could also feel the heavy chain linking her neck to the wall behind her, brush against her back, through the thick latex catsuit she was wearing.

Moving her arms was out of the question, well restrained in the tight and thick latex straightjacket they were engulfed into.

She was half sitting on her legs, which were folded sideways. She was limited with the choices of position since her ankles and knees were linked with steel cuffs and short chains.

The chain linking her neck to the wall wasn’t long enough for her to lay down on the ground, so she had to either sit or get up. However, once up, the chain was so short that she had to back herself to the wall if she wanted to be standing straight, thanks to the ballet boots, forcing her feet straight down, she was wearing.

As she tried to unfold her legs and sit straight against the wall, she could feel them slide easily on the floor, her sleek latex catsuit helping in the process.

She felt the intruders firmly inserted into her lower orifices move, which wasn’t unpleasant. She could also feel the rigid steel belt holding them in place.

She would have taken a deep breath but the corset forbade it.Yeah, that tight leather corset, squishing her natural waist by at least 10cm, forcing very short breaths.

Short breaths meant faster breathing, means a quicker expansion and contraction of the lower belly, where her toys were.

In short, she loved it.

And she had nothing to do, nothing to see, nothing to think about. She was relaxing, plain and simple. RElaxing in her cocoon of tight latex, squishing every part of her body like a constant cuddling.

She liked it there.

But why was she in such a predicament? Oh, it was an accident. She broke her master’s favorite coffee mug. But to her master, there was no accident. Only mistakes, bad judgment and not taking the necessary precautions.

The fact that she was washing the dishes with her wrist cuffed together was no excuse. She should know by now, after all, this strong Master/slave relationship was going on for years.

It started by simple roleplay, a lowering of the head, some submissive postures. It grew gradually, starting with whatever he could find to restrict her, from many coils of package string to duct tape, to… steel cuffs and chains.

Now, she was restrained. All the time. Confined into her latex second skin which couldn’t be removed, permanently gagged and intubated.

As her legs were getting numb from the awkward position, she tried to push herself up, moving her linked ankles under her buns and pushing up, partly helped by the short chain preventing her from falling forward; she was actually using it as a lever. The collar pulled on the front of her neck where she could feel the feeding tube inside her throat.

She got up by sliding her back against the smooth tiled wall behind her, wall reminiscent of an old washroom located in the basement.

That was the perfect spot: smooth floor, sleek walls with minimum maintenance. Heck, she could even be hose down in there! The perfect dungeon.

That’s what happened at first, but as more stuff was acquired, it was all stored there. Now, it’s more a storage room than a dungeon although all that is stored there is dungeon equipment: steel bed, framed, stocks, even a wheelchair that was acquired when she spent four weeks in a total body fiberglass cast.

Her oiled suit easily slid on the tiled wall until she was fully on her feet, her back closed against the wall, limited by the chain linking her collar.

She sighed as she slowly balanced from one foot to the other, slightly rising one to help the blood flow back, limited by her short ankle chain, then switching to the other, feeling but hot hearing her heel clicking on the polished concrete that made the floor.

She felt like a flow of air against her rubber skin followed shortly after by a gentle touch on her shoulder. That was him, Derek, her lover. Her Master.

He gently brushed her head, feeling the tight latex confining it and lowered her hand over her ample breasts squished by the rubber, sliding his hand over her secured arm in the rubber straightjacket, down to her hips where he gently squeezed her inner thigh.

She jolted as her toys became alive with their soft humming. Just enough to tease her.

He reached for the straps on each side of her hood to remove the blindfold, revealing two dark lenses covering her eyes. Yes, she was completely sealed. 

He was smiling and, even though her face was all diformed thanks to the large gag filling her mouth, she smiled back. She loved to see him, her lover, especially molded in his own neck entry latex catsuit. He was stunning.

He snapped a leash on the front of her collar, reached to the back of her collar to remove the chain linking her to the wall, and gently pulled on the leash to have her walk out of her small cluttered room, toward the stairs, having to walk around many items like an obstacle course, to go to the stairs leading to the main floor of the old house.

He had her go forward, in front of him, ready to catch her if she was to fall because, yes, she would have to climb the steep stairs by herself, ankles linked with a hobble chain, and arms wrapped into the straightjacket.

She loved the challenge, and the fact that he was there for her. One step at a time, taking time to balance carefully between each step, enjoying the vibrating toys that were moving inside her with each step, she went up, and up, until she reached the main floor where she walked away from the stairs just enough to let him pass in front of her, to lead her by pulling on the leash.

He led her, hobbling, to the master bedroom, where he positioned her at the foot of the large bed, her back to it, then linked her collar to a chain hanging from the ceiling.

She was not to be free at any time. That was in their agreement.

Once she was secured, he kneeled and removed the chain linking her ankles as well as the link of her thigh cuffs, before slowly removing the straight jacket.

She rubbed and stretched her arms as he took care of storing the precious garment for future use.  He came back to her and unlocked the crotch strap of the chastity belt, leaving the waistband in place. Well, being welded there, he couldn’t take it off easily, even if he wanted to. The welded band also ensured her corset would not be removed, as if the crimped steel wire lacing were not enough.

Grabbing the leash, he unlinked the ceiling chain and gently helped her lay on her back on the soft rubber covered bed,  helping slide her up toward the head of the bed where he linked the rings on the side of her collar to chains ready to grab it from the headboard, only removing the leash after she was well secured there.

Gently, he grabbed one wrist and stretched her arm until it reached the corner of the bed where it was linked to another chain. The same was repeated with the other steel wrist cuff. Those steel cuffs, as well as all the other cuffs and collar, were all welded shut. Permanently.

He walked to the foot of the bed where he grabbed her ankle and stretched it as hard as he could before linking it to the corner, and did the same with the other ankle.

In the end, Karen was stretched, spread eagle, as taut as a bow string, on the bed.

He gently slid over her, his slick latex catsuit sliding over Karen’s own lubed catsuit. He gently reached for her crotch, opening the crotch zipper, revealing the toys inserted through latex sheaths inside her. The buttplug was locked in place, now too large to take out, which included all the necessary attachment for ennemas. He removed the still humming toy from her vagina, leaving the small urethra connector there. She squirmed. That was a fun feeling. She liked it, and she also knew that the next toy to enter would be his own manhood, hot, large and throbbing.

She squirmed at the sensation of the hot intruder instead of the cold steel one. She pulled on her bounds and tried to arch her hips forward as much as possible, as a welcome gesture. 

He began to softly touch her, just with the tips of his fingers, from her shoulders, down to her breasts, playing with them, twisting his fingers around her nipple, watching her reaction. She liked it. He knew it, and that was the reason the chastity bra was not installed. That one device was removable and was put on only for harsh punishment. Their agreement was for both of them to have fun, not to permanently punish someone by denying any sexual pleasure. It was the complete opposite: to have as much sexual pleasure as possible.

He loved having sex with his own living rubber doll. He loved to watch her move around, struggling in her predicament. He loved the sight of her shiny black skin. Of course, he would have loved to touch her skin, to feel her lips, but sometimes, the fetishes are just too strong, one has to make a choice. He chose the rubber lips.

He kissed her over the gag, over the feeding plug, blocking her nostril holes at the same time.

Her air suddenly blocked off, she struggled to breathe, which only aroused her as he gently inserted his manhood inside her body, and started to stroke, letting go of her mouth, freeing the nostril holes, allowing her to breath, while he grabbed her latex covered breasts with both hands and squeezed them. Hard.

She threw her head backward, gently rocking her hips, in sync with his movements.

He laid down back on her, grabbing her head in his powerful hands as he gently stroked her, feeling his orgasm build up.

Her orgasm at herself too was building up. Her butt toy still humming, feeling something real into her vagina, feeling the weight of her lover’s body over her rigid confinement, somewhat feeling his hot breath on her face through the latex, his movements became faster.

He reached for a remote and pressed a button, sending the butt plug into high power mode, stroking her harder, cutting her breathing. Everything was timed, felt, adjusted and synced so that, when they each reached their orgasm, it was at the same time.

He exploded within her, at the same time her crotch caught fire and the fireworks in her head lit up. She fought her bonds, her body taken by hard convulsions, amplified by her restraints, her corset, her stretched position, the tubing up her nose, down her throat, all of those things increased the power of her pleasure, which was transmitted to him through her vagina tightening against his manhood.

He let out a long and low growl, like an animal, as he bit her nipples through the latex. Danm! That was fucking good! Literally!!

The orgasm slowly subsided as he rolled off of  her, laying on his side, besides her stretched lover, panting, hips shaking, trying to enjoy the last of the pleasure hormones.

That felt so good! She wanted more! However, he was in control.

He licked her rubber covered breasts and gave her a passionate kiss over her latex gag, blocking her air intake once more. Heknew that she loved it.

He sat on the edge of the bed for a few moments, leaving time for Karen to lower her heartbeat, to catch her breath, then unlinked her neck and wrists from the headboard, snapped the leash back before unlinking her ankles.

A gentle tug and she knew she had to get up. But for what? For where? What was his next plan?

“I have a surprise for you,” he said. She mostly read his lips as her ears plugged as they were, she could barely hear.

He linked her wrist cuffs to the rings on the side of her steel belt and brought her to the other side of the bed when she saw the device. At first, she was puzzled then she realized what it was. Oh! She loved it, showing it by quickly  jumping in place.

Smiling, he placed her over the device, linking her ankles to the base of it, then gently raising the large steel rod until the attached dildo entered her vagina. Yes, a one-bar prison. She always wanted to try that.

He raised the bar as high as it would go and took a few steps back, admiring the sight. He could hear her buttplug humming through the prison bar and Karen gently squirming.

He brought two fingers to his lips, kissed them then applied the same  two fingers to Karen’s gag, transferring the kiss in a sensual manner.

“Going for a shower. Enjoy yourself.” he mouthed, leaving her.

A shower. Damn. It’s been so long since she felt water running down on her skin, And to think that, when it rains one tries to avoid receiving water, now she wanted to be out, naked, under the hot rain. Then again, no. She preferred the rubber. Feeling the rain through her rubber slijn was something else, more pleasurable.

It wasn’t long before another orgasm built up. Squirming as she might, she was totally unable to get out of that rod. Well, they didn’t call it the one-bar prison for nothing.

She exploded. That was weird. She wanted to squirm, but was denied. She could reach her crotch with her fingers, even reach her butt plug and push it in and out, increasing the pleasure. Damn! That felt soooo good.

She was jumping in place, enjoying every minute of it, eyes closed, into her own world, having an orgasm, then another, until she opened her eyes and startled.

He was there, standing in front of her, smiling, obviously enjoying the sight.

“Glad you like it.” he mouthed, “but you do have some chores to do.” he said, reaching for the remote and turning her buttplug off.

He had changed for a dress shirt and pants, all in latex of course. He lowered the rod, much to Karen’s disappointment and put back her original vaginal plug, turned off and locked the crotch steel band back on.

That was it for now. She had her dose of pleasure, now it was time to work.

Her ankle cuffs unlinked from the bar, they were linked back together with a short chain, her wrist cuffs linked to rings on the side of her chastity belt with longer chains and she was led to the kitchen.

Oh, she knew the drill. She was to make Derek a meal. She was his rubber slave, she was doing all the chores, from cooking to cleaning.

Her collar was linked to a hanging chain strategically located so that she could reach everything she could need inside the kitchen, although most of it was a stretch. But that’s the way she loved it.

She made the meal he suggested. It was not easy, unable to smell, unable to taste and seeing everything through dark lenses.

An hour later, she had filled a plate with a generous portion, and put a smaller portion down into the blender, reducing it to puree from which she filled a large syringe-like tube.

She took both, the syringe which had a long tube attached to it, and the plate for Derek on a serving tray, put it on the serving counter forcing her to pull on the neck chain at its maximum, and rang the bell indicating it was ready to serve.

Derek came in, pulling the dining room chain with him and exchanging it for the kitchen chain. She was still at the chain’s end but from the other side.

She grabbed the tray and hobbled her way to the dining table, putting it down and waiting for her Master to link her elbow cuffs and wrist cuffs and to sit her down on her chair, with more links making sure she would not get up before the meal was over. He then took the seat at the end of the table.

He took one bite, chewed and smiled. It was perfect. Karen was an outstanding cook, even impaired!

He took the tube of the syringe and plugged it to the connector of her feeding tube and pressed on the syringe plunger, sending some of the blended meal down her tube, to her stomach.

After every few bites he would take, he would press the syringe plunger a little. They were having their meal together! That was so romantic.

Of course, Karen had the chores of washing the dishes and stuff, enjoying every minute the struggles depending on how Derek set her up.

When all the chores were done, she was no longer needed, which means that she had to retire in her cupboard, a narrow cabinet where she would sit, all the cuffs linked to rings on the sides and back of the cabinet.

Of course, it was lined with foam rubber to make it comfortable and sound proof.

She took place. Her legs were spread to reach the sides of the narrow  cupboard, barely wide enough for her shoulders to fit in. Her ankles were linked to the plank. Rubber straps were tightened around  her knees. Her wrist and upper arm cuffs linked to rings on the armrests. Her chastity belt, collar were all linked to more links to the walls and the back.

Once in it, she couldn’t move much.

A tiny LED strip was providing some light until Derek closed the door, when all went dark and silent.

And that’s when her toys were put to work, teasing her. Not enough for her to orasm, but constantly keeping her, shall we say, entertained. And as secured as she was being held, that was a blast, even if no orgasm was achieved.

She had time to think. She would be released in a few hours to prepare dinner. What should she do? She thought about making a bad tasting meal. So bad that he would have to order take out. Oh, she would eat it, but since she didn’t taste anything, it was no big deal for her.

Yues, that’s what she would do. Which means she would get punished. She wondered what it would be this time? Inverted suspension? The vacbed? Mummification? What about mummified, in the vacbed and suspended head down?

She wondered. She was aroused. Damn, she could orgasm right then and there! Yes. Oh yes.

The End.

© monsterp63

March 19, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Karen – Locked up

  1. It’s a great story! I like wearing it forever! Just like the previous article! I’m glad you always update so fast! Every time I see your update, I’m very happy!

        1. Yeah, it “was”. But it’s going to slow down.
          1- I have less time.
          2- It’s becoming more and more a chore
          3- I’m really running out of original scenarios ideas.

          1. don’t worry! I will read the previous articles. They won’t be tired of reading them several times! So it doesn’t matter whether you update fast or slow!

  2. I really enjoy these “Karen lives with it” types of stories like my favorite story of yours “Boring Life”. They really get the imagination pumping.

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