Karen – The Pool


Grunting, she picked up the large duffel bag from the trunk of her car and put it down in the parking lot. She reached again in her trunk and pulled out an air tank, put it down, closed the trunk then picked up the duffel bag again, swinging the large heavy bag over her shoulder, holding it with one hand then picking the air tank from the other and began walking toward the sports center.

She struggled to pass the entrance doors but once inside, she knew the way and headed straight for the pool building. She was eager to get back into water after the harsh cold winter. It was time for some warm up in the pool, in full gear, to check her equipment, adjust and fine tune everything, but mostly, to get into her wetsuit.

Oh, of course, she could wear it at home, but turning around in the house is not like moving freely in the water or on the beach.

She reached the locker rooms, picked a locker and dropped everything in front of it with a sigh. She was smiling. She was early, probably the first one there. She wanted it that way: less witnesses. After all, this was a group dive.

She took off her jacket and her skinny jeans, revealing that she was already wearing a very tight fitting one piece spandex swimsuit. She hung her clothes in the locker, took her duffel bag and put it on the bench, opening the long zipper and taking a good breath of it. She just loved the smell of neoprene, of rubber, but not exactly the smell itself, but what it represents: hours of feeling tightly squeezed, hugged, and living fantasies.

She plunged her hand into the bag, squishing the suit, feeling it, gently rubbing the smoothskin finish and slowly pulled out the roll garment. She took it by the shoulders and stretched her arms up, allowing it to unroll, spreading its smell around her, revealing the shiny neoprene under the harsh lights of the locker room.

She smiled. She liked it. She liked the anticipation before putting it on. Especially THAT suit.

She turned it around and pulled down the strong back zipper, flipping the upper portion inside out to clear the way for the leg openings.

She sat on the bench and proceeded to slip her right foot into the leg. In the meantime, another early bird entered the locker room with her diving equipment and settled not far from Karen.

She was pretty much alone. That’s how early she was.

She struggled with her leg to push it down, having to manually stretch the ankle opening with her hands to allow her foot to go through. Already, feeling the neoprene on her skin gave her the shivers. That was so arousing.

She had to use the same procedure for the other foot before pulling on the suit to get it up her legs, each time having to drag it with her fingers to smooth it up, to pull it on because, frankly, the suit was a wee bit too small. Okay, a large bit too small.

She got up, pulling hard on the tight neoprene, feeling it engulf her legs, compress it. It was stretchy but with a lot of resistance, putting pressure all around her legs.

She pulled hard to have the crotch portion in place, pulling on the thighs, getting all the wrinkles out, looking at her shiny legs and liking what she was seeing.

“Geesh, that suit looks tight.” said the woman beside her. It was someone new she never saw before. “Oh, I’m Nicole. It’s my first time here, I took diving lessons last winter.” she said, extending a hand.

“I’m Karen. Yes, it’s a little bit tight, but it’s okay.” she answered with a warm smile, shaking her hand.

“Yeah, but… what’s the use? I mean, doesn’t it impair your movements? Your breathing?” asked Nicole.

“Nah, not really.” answered Karen. 

She smiled. She had a lot of answers ready for that question, some real sounding, like ‘Oh, I was really skinny and put on a little weight over the winter’ or ‘it’s an old suit that I wear only for training’ or again ‘it’s on purpose so it’s hard in training but in my loose fitting suit, it becomes more easy’, or, would she dare to say ‘it’s to make sure my toys stays in place’, or plainly ‘because I like it that way’. She juggled for a moment as to what to answer.

She lowered her voice.

“In fact, it’s to keep my toys in place.” she said, raising and lowering her eyebrows three times.

For a moment, Nicole was puzzled then her eyes widened and she opened her mouth in surprise and shock.

Karen laughed

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry. My diving buddies are used to my wicked sense of humor. The real reason is a mix of reasons. It’s an old suit that doesn’t quite fit me anymore but instead of selling it, I wear it sometimes because it does impair my movements, so when I’m into my regular suit, I feel more free to move because I’m used to tight my suit, you know, like runners who would strap weight on their ankles and wrists for training so that when they run the real race, they feels lighter.”

Nicole smiled, somewhat relieved.

“Oh, right. You got me there. Good one, I must remember it.” she said, starting to put on her own suit which appeared to be as tight as, if not tighter than Karen’s. Karen only raised her eyebrows but kept the comments to herself.

“It’s to keep my toys in place” whispered Nicole with a devilish grin.

Karen laughed. Yeah, she got owned there.

She got up and put her arms into the tight sleeve, stretching them over her head to force them into the too small sleeves, having to pull one with the fingers of the other hand stuck inside the sleeve. When finally her hand popped up, she grabbed the other sleeve and pulled it up, removing all the wrinkles, smoothing it over her arm, liking the tight feeling and also liking how it felt to touch the smoothskin surface of the neoprene.

She wiggled her shoulders, bent down, and up, everything to move the suit in place, resting firmly on her crotch.

“Now the fun part.” she said, more to herself but Nicole heard too, as she took the long drawstring of the back zipper, stretching it over her head with one arm while she struggled to close the large gap of the too small suit with her other hand while pulling on the strap to close it.

It went up little by little, cm by cm. Often, her zipper would appear to be stuck and she would have to pull it down more than she gained the last time.

She was starting to sweat in the thick neoprene suit, but it was part of the fun. Of course, it would be more fun if it was easy to do it, but  you can’t have the best of both worlds at the same time.

“Here, I’ll give you a hand if you give me a hand.” said Nicole as she grabbed the sides of the suit and pulled them close as Karen pulled on the drawstring easily closing the suit, feeling it squish her stomach, her chest, her breasts into its rubbery, tight yet stretchy embrace. Her breath shakes a little as she feels the neoprene close on her, sealing her in.

“Oh, wait!” said Karen, quickly bending and picking up the dive hood. “Better tuck this inside.” she said, quickly pulling the hood over her head. In an instant, she switched from a world of freedom to a world of dampened sounds. The last thing that needed squeezing was her head and there she was. She wished diving hoods were like those fetish latex hoods with only eye and mouth holes instead of an open face.

Nicole pulled the hood yoke in place, under the collar of the suit, as Karen did the same at the front, then yanked the zipper shut, putting the final step by tightly wrapping the velcro-strap over the zipper.

“There you go.” said Nicole. “My turn now.”

Karen turned around and startled for a moment. She had been busy putting on her suit, she hadn’t noticed Nicole’s and she realized that it was as tight as hers if not tighter. It was all jumbled up at her waist and she was ready to put her arms in.

Karen gladly helped her. And it was a struggle. Yes, Nicole’s suit was definitely tighter than her own.

“I thought mine was tight. This looks even tighter… What’s your real reason” asked Karen, whispering in her ear.

“Simple. I like it that way.” plainly answered Nicole.

Karen pulled hard on the sides of the zipper closure as Nicole pulled the drawstring, her breath also shaking a little as the suit grew tighter over her body. As the zipper reached the shoulder blades, Karen stopped and waited for Nicole to put on her own dive hood before finishing it up.

They looked at themselves as if they were looking in a mirror, both women, tightly encased in shiny smoothskin neoprene, and evidently loving it.

They both sat down at the same time, like synchronized swimmers to put on the neoprene socks, then picked the rest of the gear to head for the pool, not talking, not saying a word, but very well knowing what was going through each other’s mind.

Karen loved the feeling of her buns getting squeezed with each step, feeling the neoprene almost bite her buttocks, rub at her crotch, having to struggle to take a deep breath. She wished there could be a way to embed a corset in this thing without showing.

She reached the pool, put on her fins, and got in the water, to have the feel, to welcome the feel of the water around her. She loved her tight neoprene wetsuit but she also loved to be in water.

She heard a splash behind her as Nicole did the same. Karen didn’t bother with her. She was there for her own pleasure. The suit was making her float and she “stood” there, with only the top of her shoulders out of the water, slightly waving her feet to stay afloat, enjoying feeling the water sip through the porous neoprene, finding it way through the suit, creating the insulation layer to keep her warm, although she didn’t really needed in the heated pool.

As she turned around, she spotted Nicole, doing something similar, floating on her back, simply enjoying being tossed around by the small waves.

“Damn, I could spend my life like that.” said Nicole.

“Yeah,” said Karen, “I know the feeling.” she added, letting herself float while waiting for the bulk of the other divers coming to this practice session which she recognized as a few of them peeking at the pool on their way to the locker room.

When they began to enter the pool area, Karen got out to put her heavy gear on, the vest and the air tank, the weights. Without asking, Nicole did the job of her diving buddy, checking her gear to make sure everything was correct. As a return gesture, Karen did the same to her.

Then they waited for the instructor to give his usual recommendations and they all headed into the water for a few common exercises.

As she entered the water again, the feeling of being almost weightless was welcomed. She loved it. Slowly, she went underwater, testing her gear, the water seals, her air, then slowly dive down to the bottom of the deep pool, slightly turning in a circle once down there, feeling the tight neoprene massaging her hands, liking the effort she had to apply to move her arms over her head, stretching the suit.

She catched the sight of Nicole who seemed to be doing the same, with the same results. “I should get in touch with her. That might be fun.” thought Karen.

The ‘mandatory’ exercises were completed. It was free diving time. Many simply swam back and forth the full length of the pool a few times before getting out. Karen mostly floated around, not moving much. It wasn’t long before the pool began to clear. Those doing full laps were quickly exhausting their oxygen tanks and also, well, diving in a pool is not diving in a lake, so they quickly left.

Their time reserved for the diving was now expired but Karen stayed put. The watchman came over to her, asking her to get out.

“I’m not swimming. In fact, all I want to do is simply sink to the bottom and enjoy some weightlessness for a while, actually, until my air tank is empty, about 20 minutes. Can I do that, please?”

She did it a few times before and it was always allowed.

“I… I’ll go check.” he said, heading for the office. He came back a few moments later.

“The director says it’s okay as long as you don’t start to move too much. Apparently, you’ve done it before, I was told?”

“Yes, I do it all the time. Thank you. Of course, if you see the bubbles stop, come for me.” she said with a smile, which looked more like a grimace, her face wet, wrinkled, compressed by the neoprene hood and sandwiched between it and the large diving goggles.

“Can I do the same?” asked someone behind Karen.

She quickly turned around: Nicole!

“I… Well… I don’t see why not.” said the puzzled watchman.

“You want to simply stay there?” asked Karen.

“Why not. You like it, others might like it too, don’t you think? Also, we can be each-other’s watch buddy. I mean, even though we know that the watchman is keeping an eye, we’re always a little bit insecure.”

“Oh… Well, yeah, something like that. But… I would like to spend the whole 20 minutes I have left doing it, not doing half and watching you the other half, if you don’t mind.” said Karen.

“I have an idea: I do the watch buddy this time and you do it for the next one. Deal?”

“Yeah, why not.” answered Karen after thinking for a moment, not knowing when ‘the next one’ would be.

“Cool! Just dive in. I have something to grab out of my bag and I’ll be right back.” said Nicole, getting out of the pool and walking away with her fins on, looking silly.

Karen repressed from laughing while putting her regulator back in her mouth.

As she dived down, she wondered if a gag felt similar to her mouthpiece. She took place near the bottom. People were out of the pool, she was the only one in.

She simply stood there, floating between two waters, eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of being isolated. Ther sounds were dampened and distorted by the water. Mostly, all she heard was the air bubbles exiting her regulator, and her heart pounding hard in her chest. She was in her own little bubble universe. Damn, she would have stayed there a long time.

She heard the sound of someone diving in. She slightly opened her eyes. It was Nicole. She gave the universal OK sign of making a “O” with her thumb and index with the other fingers straight up, and Nicole answered by the same, followed by a “perfect” gesture.

Karen went back into her world of dreams, but it was different. She wasn’t having any anxiety as more and more people dove in, mainly children. Nicole would keep them away from her. She could concentrate on her feelings, on her thoughts.

She felt the slight brushing as if Nicole was swimming by, touching her feet. She was dreaming, almost falling asleep.

Slowly, she reached into a pocket of her vest and fondled inside for a few moments before she twitched a little.

Yeah. She had been telling the truth: the tight wetsuit was to keep her toys in place. Remote control toys.

She gently squirmed, trying not to swim up doing so. Damn, that felt good. If only she could orgasm, but those vibrations were doing nothing but to tease her. She loved it, but she wished… But then, suddenly…

There was a yank. Someone was pulling on her feet. Heck, they were being forced together and she was dragged downward, to the bottom of the pool.

What the heck?

She tried to fight, turned around only to see Nicole with a long strap wrapped around her feet, the other end passing through the suction vent at the bottom of the pool. 

Nicole was on the pool floor, yanking the strap hard, forcing Karen Down, attaching her to the bottom grill.

What the hell? Did she want to drown her or what?

She fought, but with the dildos vibrating, it only aroused her.

Nicole was quick to face her and to gesture to calm down, then extended a hand, pointing at Karen’s hand… holding the remote.

Karen’s wide eyes could be seen through the dive mask. She was stunned. How?… Why?… She couldn’t believe it.

Reluctantly, she handed the remote. Nicole showed another strap and gently grabbed Karen’s wrist, bringing them together in her back, tying them there. Not very tightly, but enough so that she couldn’t use them.

She took Karen’s instruments in her hand, looked at the air tank reserve then gave two thumbs up, looking at the remote and pushing the buttons for the highest possible setting.

She was laughing, Karen could tell it. But what about herself? What was going on? She was now tied up at the bottom of the pool.

Oh shit. The thought! Totally impaired, unable to move, compressed by her tight neoprene wetsuit, isolated into her own world of sound and air, yet not feeling any danger.

It took some time. She kept opening her eyes to search for Nicole but she was always there. Always watching, nearby. but she managed to let herself go, to live the moment, to feel the compression, the water, the pressure, the air, the toys, getting stronger and lower as Nicole was evidently playing with the controls.

She began to squirm, more and more heavily, breathing hard, creating a lot of air bubbles, much to the fun of the kids swimming above her: passing through air bubbles in the water was fun after all, and they were totally unaware of the drama taking place below them.

The orgasm almost came as a surprise, like jumping the last step and she exploded. She screamed, enjoying the sudden wave of pleasure running through her whole body, something she never felt before as she never lived such a situation before. Oh, she dreamed about it a lot, very often, especially when she was spending the night in her wetsuit, just because she could wear it.. Bound up underwater. What a fantasy.

Suddenly, there was a drop in her air supply, just as she was orgasming. That sent her over the edge in a flash. Fuck! What the hell was going on? Oh, her reserve!

Although her hands were tied in the back, the rod to open the reserve valve was within reach and she pulled on it, releasing a fresh supply of air into her lungs, releasing the last handle holding back the full extent of the orgasm. She squirmed and twisted like a fish at the end of a fishing line, screaming.

Her toys went silent and the orgasm slowly subsided.

As she was regaining her composure, eyes closed, she felt Nicole untie her wrists then released her ankles.

They slowly raised to the surface, side by side.

When they reached the surface, they headed for the side of the pool, resting with their arms crossed on the edge, removing their mouthpieces, Karen let out a long grunt as Nicole laughed.

“That was something to watch.” she said.

“How… How did you know?” asked Karen.

“You think you’re the only wetsuit fetishist out there? And hiding stuff in plain sight is the best way to hide it. When you told me that the tight suit was to hide your toys, I knew it was the truth. I mean, who would come up with that excuse unless one already thought about it, and if one thought about it…”

“…Might as well do it. You’re smart.” Said Karen.

“And you’re a pervert.” said Nicole, giggling.

“As if you aren’t.” said Karen, getting out of the pool, exhausted but quite satisfied. Very satisfied.

They grabbed their gear and headed for the lockers.

They entered the showers, rinsing their suits from the chlorinated water, rubbing it.

As if their mind were in sync, they both looked at the entrance at the same time, then around. They were alone. They turned to each other and began to rub each other’s suit. At first, it was a rough rub to get the chlorine water out, but it soon turned into a more soft rub, more sensual, more aimed at specific parts of the body: buns, breasts, crotch.

They got closer, rubbing their bodies against each other, all the while quickly glancing at the entrance, in case someone was approaching. But it was the start of the new session in the pool, so people were getting in the water, not out, and the diving club was long gone.

Things heated, and it wasn’t coming from the water. They found themselves passionately kissing each other while rubbing their body, their suits squeaking under the water. They both, almost subconsciously, raised on their toes, as if they were wearing high heels.

As Nicole grabbed Karen’s butt and squished it hard, Karen moaned and put a hand on Nicole’s crotch, pushing hard with her finger, then startled.

“You… you have something in there”! 

Nicole smiled. “Yeah, who would have thought, right?”

“Say,” said Karen with a soft, sultry voice, “They have private saunas here, for 2 to 4 people. If there’s a free one, do you think…”

“I’m on it.” said Nicole, eyes wide, leaving Karen there, hot and… humid, in the middle of a quite pleasurable moment.

She came back a few moments later.

“All set. Shall we?”

They headed for the sauna… IN FULL WETSUITS!

The room was already warm when they entered and locked the door behind them. The humid heat was felt immediately on their head but their suit insulated them from it. For the time being. It was full of water after all, and it would provide a nice insulation layer.

They didn’t sit. They got close to each other to continue where they left off in the shower room, Nicole slowly pushing Karen back, toward the wall. Once her back was firmly against it, Nicole raised a knee to push on Karen’s crotch, making her moan, then she grabbed her arms, getting them on the wall, lifting them over her head.

Quickly, Nicole grabbed her wrists, brought them together and before Karen could react, too much involved into what she was feeling at her crotch, her arms were tied up, over her head, on a high hook. She tried to take the rope off the hook but it was too high.

“What are you doing?” asked Karen, puzzled.

“Giving you what you’re asking for.” said Nicole, groping Karen’s breasts while kissing her passionately.

Soon, Karen was thrown into her own world again, a world of hot, moist body, sweating under her thick and shiny neoprene suit, restrained, unable to resist the stimulation of her toys, the squishing of her breasts, feeling strange hands rub her body, her waist, her hips, her thighs, fondling at her crotch.

She moaned, louder and louder. Nicole has to keep her noise down so… She kissed her, but at the same time, held her breath, blocking her nose.

Karen jolted. That’s what she needed. That’s what she liked. Her body fought for air, but Nicole was pushing it hard against the wall as the orgasm engulfed her, her body shivering, shaking, her legs flapping, hitting the wall to the point where Nicole had to find a way to press against them to stop them banging, attracting attention.

That added restraints simply sent her to the moon, moaning, groaning, fighting to breathe, to move. 

In a quick move, Nicole let go of everything, which seemed to release every held-back hormone which ran through Karen’s body like fire ants… but from the inside.

She let out a low pitch grunt as someone banged on the door.

“We have complaints of noise and someone banging on the wall. Are you alright” asked the attendant.

Nicole quickly got Karen off the hook and helped her sit down as the banging on the door continued.

“Open now!” she heard and she heard the noise of keys being worked on the lock. “I’m coming in.”

Nicole unlocked it before the attendant had time. He froze when he saw the two women in wetsuits.

“What the h… We’ve had complains of screaming and banging as if someone was… having sex. You know sexual intercourse is forbiden anywhere in the sports complex.” he said with a stern look.

Nicole giggled.

“You really expect us to be having… sexual intercourse?… Dressed like that?” she said, opening her arms.”

“We… I heard banging.” said the attendant, looking more and more puzzled. “And why the hell are you in diving gear inside a sauna?”

“For once, she slipped, and for two, is there a rule against wearing a wetsuit to the sauna?”

“Well… no… but…”

“It makes a sauna inside a sauna. Now, I paid for half an hour. Can I have the rest of the time I paid for undisturbed?” asked Nicole.

The attendant looked at Karen who was looking back at him with a weird smile and gesturing she was okay.

“Uh… Yes. Just… Just be careful.” he said, walking away, some curious people looking shocked at seeing two women in wetsuit in the sauna, as Nicole closed the door back.

She turned to Karen and they both started laughing.

“Fuck… Never felt anything like that before.” said Karen.

“And I’m eager to try it myself,” said Nicole.

“Err… sure. Just… take place?” said Karen, half dazed off, holding the piece of rope in her hand.

“Yeah, I’d love to but… we will have to find a way to make less noise.” she said with a devilish grin. “And we’re too short in time.” she said, simply rubbing Karen’s slippery suit.

Karen did the same fondling at Nicole’s crotch, making her close her eyes and moan as she slowly laid down on the bench, squishing her own breasts, refraining from moaning too loudly.

When they got out and headed for the shower, there were already people there, so they kept their inhibitions to themselves as they rinsed off their suits before taking them off, helping each other, then back to the locker room where they put back their civilian clothes and carried their gear to their car.

Coincidentally, they were parked side by side.

“So?…” asked Karen, trailing off.

“Well, you owe me one.” said Nicole, smiling.

“This was all part of your plan, wasn’t it?” said Karen with a smirk.

“Not my plan because, let’s face it, what were the odds? But let’s face it. That was nice.” said Nicole with a large smile. “So… Same time, next week?”

“Err… would there be diving training we can join?” asked Karen, puzzled.

“No, but we can come here one or two hours before it opens.”

“What? How come?”

“My uncle is the director.”

“Oh… OHH!” said Karen, realizing the implications.

“And I’ll have the sauna… properly equipped.”

Karen was speechless.

“So?… Is that a deal?”

Karen smiled.

© monsterp63

16th of April, 2022

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4 thoughts on “Karen – The Pool

  1. What I like at this story is that you wrote a “normal” story about a swimming pool training with so many twists that I like so much.
    I am glad that you took your time to develop the scenario, introduce Nicole and Karen to your readers and develop that story thoughtfully and gentle. I often could feel with the actors as I have experienced wearing a wetsuit in a public pool from first perspective.
    You have a fine feeling about what/how Karen reacts and behaves and Nicole reacts and behaves. It felt as I really was at the training session, thanks to the detailled descriptions and scenario layout you have drawn.
    And as with every good story there is that certain point I cannot name when reality turns into fiction… I really took the whole story for granted and I was proud of how easy and serious Nicole and Karen ask for extra time in the pool or explain why they do what they do, i.e. wear their wetsuits to the sauna or get dressed in the locker room.

    1. Thank you very much Nicole.
      For me, it was a fictional story from the start so… no problem there 😉
      But I can surely understand where a true scuba diver sees fiction take over reality.

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