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Teaser#3 below, with more details

Synopsis: Karen is riding with her boyfriend on his motorcycle when a discussion leads to her dumping him. He drives off, leaving her…

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On a deserted road… Far from everything… Oops. She didn’t thought of that.

She seeks refuge and find this mansion. She’s invited in but has to cook for the guests to “pay for her stay” as the next bus to get out of this place is only the next day. And she also discovers that this “Love Mansion” has very weird guests and strange rules.


Karen proceeded. She felt strange. She slowly peeled away her tight leather suit, almost relieved to get out of that now sweaty suit, then took the bottle of lubricant and began to apply it over her naked body. That oil was rather sticky, almost like sunscreen..

After putting a coat everywhere she was able to reach, she stretched the collar of the neck entry catsuit, finding it hard to believe she would fit into this thing. She wondered if there weren’t hidden cameras where the tenants of the mansion were looking at her, having a good laugh.

She fed one leg down the suit. The latex felt cold to the touch and she shivered.

“Geesh, I hope this thing will keep me warm… somehow” she said as she pulled the clear latex over her leg, clearing the wrinkles along the way, pushing her feet down the attached toe sock.

“Feels weird.” she thought as her toes entered their individual pockets.

With the suit gathered between her knee and ankle, she proceeded to put her other foot in it, stretching the collar.

Once in place, she carefully pulled it up, afraid it would rip at any moment.

The crotch had some sort of thick opaque padding hiding her privates, which she liked, with an access zipper.. She wouldn’t want to walk naked, or show naked. That wasn’t her. She was way more private than that.

The suit reached her waist and by then, she began to feel the latex warm up over her legs as it tightly encased them.

“How the fuck do you put the arms iside this?” she said, struggling to find her arm, entering the collar elbow first, then slid the arm into the sleeve down to the attached glove.

The other arm was next and as soon as she pulled it in, the suit rose up, the collar taking its place, pulling on her crotch.

She muffled a surprised yelp.

She rubbed her hands on her arms, feeling the slick material under her latex coated fingers, her breath shivering.

“That feels so strange.” she said, surprised at the tremor in her voice.

She rubbed her hands over her body, starting at her hips, going down on her thighs, then going back up, passing quickly over her crotch, around her waist, then up to her latex covered breasts, squishing them a little. It was strange to see her skin and at the same time not being able to actually touch it.

“I might come to like this thing.” she said.

“Is everything okay in there, Karen?” she heard from the other side of the door with a gentle knock on it.

“Yes… I’m fine. The catsuit is on. I’m about to put on the shirt and the rest now.

“Okay. Just get out when you’re ready.” said Lynda.

“Will do.” said Karen, picking the pink and white cooking shirt and putting it on. It was strange to put on latex, over latex and fastening the buttons with latex gloves. Then was the striped white and pink skirt, followed by the white and black apron. All the latex slid easily over her owned latex lubed skin and fell in place, adding more layer over her bodysuit, squeezing it.

She liked it. Well, she liked tight clothes, tight jeans and her biker suit was a wee bit tighter than it should have been, but that was the way she liked it.

She smoothed the wrinkles off the outfit and put the final touch: the platform sandals.

She was used to wearing heels. Heck, she loved to wear heels. After all, she was riding a bike in leather and high heels… makes you wonder if she was a fetishist… Nah. Can’t be. Karen? No way…

Okay, back to our story. She stood in them, almost welcoming the feeling of the high heels. She just loved it. She nervously opened the door and walked into the kitchen. After all, it was the first time she was wearing latex, and the first time she was showing herself in latex to anyone else.

Full Res image with the completed story

Lynda smiled as she saw her new cook.

“Fantastic! Turn around… You look splendid!!” said Lynda. So, what do you have in mind for dinner? I would like three choices, if possible.

Teaser #2

I don’t think the story will be ready this weekend (May 1st), After all, I did delete about 5 pages to re-write them because I had a better idea for a scene. In the meantime, enjoy this other teaser.

He, very gently, looking at her eyes, had a short puzzled look before bringing his hands over her breasts and gently rubbed them, softly squeezing them, awaiting for an approval or a denial sign, but judging by Karen’s eyes,  half closed, almost flipping over, he got the message that it was okay.

Karen had mixed feelings. Damn, it felt good, but at the same time, it felt wrong. He was abusing her. She was tied up. She couldn’t get away from him. She couldn’t protect herself, and at the same time, that is what aroused her, that is what made the touch of latex more powerful. She wasn’t feeling the touch, yet she was feeling it. Fucking weird.

After a few times massaging her breasts, he moved down over her corset, her hips, getting down, rubbing one leg down to the ankle, going back up, going over the chastity belt, then down the other leg before slowly going back up.

Karen’s breath was shaking. As she pulled on her wrists, feeling the restraints, she… liked it. What?

He pinched her nose, cutting the airflow. Karen struggled to breathe. Damn! He was choking her. She struggled pulling on her restraints, feeling them, the full extent of her predicament fully registering in her brain. She tried to turn her head, but he held his pinching strong, and at the same time, he was pinching her breasts with his other hand. Karen was panicking, realizing  how helpless she was. He could abuse her, even kill her, right then, right there, and she couldn’t do anything about it. 

Oh fuck! That was so good!!

He let her breathe again. She was panting hard as he sensually massaged her breasts as if he wanted to calm her down. After rubbing his hands from her breasts to her tightly constricted waist a few more times as Karen’s breathing relaxed, he took a swing and gave her a hard slap on the upper thigh. Karen twitched. That hurt… and she liked it. Duh… what?

He smiled and winked, returning to her partner who was languorously squirming on the bed, making inviting sounds. He slowly climbed over her, taking place, running his hands up and down her latex covered body. She was squirming harder, pushing her hips forward. He reached for the crotch zipper and opened it. Karen didn’t see skin, Emma’s private parts, but rather a bright red pouch. He unzipped his suit, taking out his manhood which, again, was not skin but latex coated.

Gheesh, thought Karen. Talk about double protection.

“Oh… You shouldn’t be left out.” said Ben, looking at Karen spread eagle on the X frame. He reached for one of the tables near the bed and took some sort of remote and…

For Karen, all hell broke loose. What the fuck? Yes, she had played with toys before but not in her buthole. But now, both toys became alive, vibrating, twisting, and pulsing.. She fought her bonds. She wanted them to stop, or to move, or to do something, but she was helpless. She couldn’t do anything. And the more she struggled, the more she… Liked it… Loved it. Damn, this was so arousing.

But no. She was not about to have an orgasm tied up, wrapped in latex, in a strange couple’s room in a mansion she didn’t even know. Now way. That was so good. Yes, she wanted more. She liked it. Oh, that last jolt was good. No, she was not having an orgasm. She was fighting the wonderful feeling of being helplessly sexually stimulated, against her will. Yeah, against her will. No she would stop the good feeling, engulfing her lower belly, stimulating her whole inside, her breath shaking, her heart pounding. She was repressing all of it. And the more she tried to repress it, the more it was coming back even stronger. The more she fought to get away from it, the more she felt the steel cuffs bite into her wrists, and the more she liked it. The more she tried to close her legs, the more she felt the ankle cuffs holding her back, the more she felt the steel belt pushing the dancing intruders inside.

It came from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. She heard the sound. It was out of this world. How it came out of her gagged mouth, she didn’t know, but one thing for sure, that sound came out at the same time her brain exploded into a firework. At the exact same moment, her crotch sent her feelings she never felt before, on another level, on another intensity. It was as if thousands of fingers were stimulating her at the same time. She was fighting it. Well, actually, No. She was trying to fly off the X frame but the restraints were holding her firmly on, which made her orgasm even more powerful. She jolted on the frame. Damn the whole earth was turning in all directions. She closed her eyes and she was spinning like the inside of a tornado, her body being run over by hormones of pleasure. She never thought such hormones existed. She had orgasms before but… damn, that was powerful, and it lasted a long time.

Even though her toys had fallen silent, she was still enjoying their feeling, the last bit of pleasure, the last jolt of energy.

Panting hard, her breath whistling through the gag and her nose, she opened her eyes.

What the hell?

Teaser #3

May 7

Yeah, I know, I’m “pushing” the release date further down the line (although no date is actually set). The reason is simple: I’m having problems with the story.

No, I’m in no dead end, stuck, lack imagination/ideas. It’s the other way around… I was at 36 pages or so and was ready to write the end. I knew how it would end from the start, but I wanted to re-read the story to get the right flow so that the ending will not look rushed or anything.

Then I went “Humm… I could add a detail here that would make this scene hotter.” So, I added the details, which prompt “I could add a scene here. Oh yeah! That would be great” and I added the scene, then I thought “If I add this here, I can modify that part there and could add another scene and change a little bit the timeline, which would give me room to add…

Anyhoo, I guess you get where this is going, right?. I’m at 40 pages and I have quite a few highlighted notes here and there to add more scenes, details, etc. In short, the problems is that I have too many ideas.

And the ending isn’t written (still no change on said ending – just the road to get there).

In the meantime, here’s another excerpt. Note, those “teasers” are not necessarily in-orders… just to mess with you, guys and gals!

She made her way to room 1B, getting steadier on her extreme heels on every step, and gently knocked on the door. After a moment, the woman opened the door, smiling. She was wearing a black latex hood with blue ‘hair’, a purple latex catsuit, a red corset and high heel boots. There was also a set of leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles as well as a tight leather collar with steel rings.

“Hello Annie. Please, come in.”

Karen made a step in and was shocked by what she saw: the room was very dark. All the walls were dark gray and the moldings dark red. Even the light had an amber reddish color to it. There was what she identified as torture devices everywhere, even cages. Chains were hanging from the ceiling. She had no real idea what a kinky room would like but that was not it. Her eyes were wandering everywhere.

Full res with the story

“Oh, I’m not…” began Karen, but Emma cut her off.

“Shush! You know you can’t talk, right.”

“I… Well, it’s just…”

“I said shush. And I know what you want.” she said, turning around and grabbing a bunch of leather straps with a large leather flap. She quickly wrapped it over Karen’s latex covered head.

“No, but… I Hgrrmmff..” said Karen, as the large gag embedded inside the leather flap was pushed into her mouth.

“You really want it hard tonight, Annie, don’t you?”

Karen wanted to stop her, to take the head harness off, to tell her she wasn’t Annie, but somehow, her brain froze. She just stood there, letting Emma fasten the straps way tighter than she would have thought was comfortable.

Emma took a piece of what looked like something quite rigid and wrapped it around Karen’s neck, forcing it high and rendering it pretty much rigid itself.

“Yeah, your favorite,” she said with a devilish smile as she fastened it. “There, now… what’s wrong with your corset?… Of course, Lynda couldn’t give you a hand with it with her broken wrist. Turn around. Oh damn! Look at those knots. What have you done? Yeah… punishments, my dear.” said Emma.

It frightened Karen and at the same time… aroused her? No way. She couldn’t feel hot with the fact that the rubber slave she was was going to be punished. Whatever that is. She tried to repress the feeling but it was strong, and it felt awkward to repress it, as if she was trying to deny she loved dark chocolate.

Emma began to pull the lacing but as it got tighter and more difficult to pull, she called Bob over.

He was in total latex himself, catsuit, hood and all. And even more! He was walking proudly and apparently unimpaired, in high heels boots! ‘A man in heels! Awesome!’ thought Karen. They look like motorcycle boots. She thought she should ask where he got them. She would look great in a pair like that.

But his business, at the moment, was not fashion. He took care of the corset, yanking hard, putting Karen off balance in the process.

The corset was getting tighter. Way tighter than her tightest jeans. Yes, she liked tight clothes, her too small leather biker suit was a prime example, but that tight? With each pull, she felt she was being crushed in half.

“Wow. You put on a little bit of weight here since the last time, or you indulge yourself into a double serving of the wonderful leftover braised salmon Karen made us for dinner, or was it that tasty lemon pie?” said Ben as he yanked harder.

She tried to stop him, but Emma quickly put steel cuffs on her wrists and linked them in front of her.

While Ben was still tightening the corset, Emma crouched down and added steel cuffs to Karen’s ankles, linking them with a short chain.

“There. Just the way you like it, Annie.” said Emma.

Karen was stunned. She was afraid yet at the same time, eager to try it. Wait, try it? All she could see was leather straps, chains, loops, eyebolts, furniture with too many straps or attachment points.

What the hell did she get herself into. Her brain was all messed up. So messed up, she barely noticed that the corset had been fastened and that Ben was wrapping a steel belt around her waist. She got out of her trance when she felt something moving at her crotch. She looked down, impaired by the rigid collar. She partly saw Emma, kneeling, hands at her crotch.

“What the… Oh! You have a second suit underneath this! Double layer! A first, Annie. Good choice.” said Emma while working to pull the zipper of the clear catsuit while grabbing it with the black latex pouch.

Karen didn’t react. She was feeling so hot right now that she wasn’t afraid of what Emma was about to do, she was almost eager to find out. Soon, she felt large plugs being pushed in, one in each hole. She didn’t resist, instead, relaxing to allow them to enter more easily. What was happening to her? What was going on  here?

Well, for sure, this wasn’t sexual intercourse. Technically, but still…

I (still) don’t have a “post date” in mind. It will be posted when ready. (Currently at page 15 27 41… and counting.)

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  1. oh woah.
    What an announcement, i hope it turns out as good as your last announced story.

    Do you plan on releasing them part by part again?

    1. Thanks, Sandra.

      “as good as your last announced story”: well, only the readers will tell.
      And no, it won’t be extensive enough to release part by part.

  2. I’m looking forward to whether Karen’s equipment will be upgraded, such as wearing several layers of thick latex and chastity belt, which is similar to the forensic Karen’s fully armed and permanent dress! Of course, no matter how you write, I believe the ending will be great!

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