Karen – The Break-up (Updated)


May 15 – The story is missing some art (yeah, 19 images is not enough…). I have ideas for more but lacking time to do them all, so instead of blocking the story posting, I post it with what I have and I’ll update the story when all the images will be there.

May 23 – Updated, improved, better tasting, with more images AND more story!

This story is cursed… The more I add to it, the more I add to it… Creating the missing images had me go deeper in it. So, it’s just not only 11 more 3D renders than you get, but about 10 pages more of story. I re-wrote the ending… No, I didn’t re-write it, I wrote it, giving details on how Karen became what she is. So, it’s all new about 11 pages before the end. Look for the separator and the “UPDATE” mention. I hope I don’t make anyone mad…

They were riding on this low traffic, secondary road on that sunny morning. They liked it better than the highway because it was more relaxed and less boring than a straight line. There were a lot of curves where they had to lean to one side, then the other, keeping the motorcycle ride fun.

They were chatting through a helmet to helmet intercom as Karen was riding at the back, holding tight her lover by wrapping her hands around his waist.

She loved how her tight leather rider suit felt against his own rider leather suit.

“… so, when I saw Sandy’s tattoo, I went like, wow! Awesome! And…”

“Whoa, wait. Sandy’s tattoo? She has that thing right next to her crotch. How did you see it? The only way for anyone to see it is for her to get naked.” said Karen.

“I… Uh… Well, you know… when I saw her in that bikini at the pool, I mean, I’m a man, and, well, one thing led to another and…”

“You cheated on me with Sandy?” asked Karen, pissed off.

“Well, that’s not exactly cheating. I mean, we just had sex.” he answered.

“Just had sex?… What the fuck is cheating if it isn’t just having sex with someone else than your girlfriend?”

“Hey, relax, it was just this one time. It’s not like I’ve done it 20 times or so.”

“Twenty times or so? How many times is cheating, Phil?”

“Come on, babe. What if I do it on occasion. I’m still respectful to you.”

“Fuck! You fucking bastard. You’re just a fucking moron…” began to yell Karen, hitting on her boyfriend’s back, then  hitting his helmet.

“Hey! Woh bitch! I’m driving the bike here… Ouch. Stop that! What the fuck are you doing?” he said, quickly stopping by the side of the road.

Karen quickly got off the bike, still throwing expletives at him and hitting him.

“You cheated! It’s NOT okay. You’re just a fucking moron. That’s it, we’re through. I hate you!” she yelled, still hitting him.

He tried to protect himself the best he could but enough was enough.

“Hey! It’s not like you owe me, you know? I can do whatever the fuck I want. I don’t fucking need a bitch like you to control me.” he said, riding off, his back wheel spinning, spending dirt and gravel at Karen.

Enraged, she stomped on the ground, her high heel boots hitting hard on the asphalt. She made a few steps in one direction, then a few steps in the other direction, pissed off, raging, looking both ways, suddenly realizing that she was stranded in the middle of a low traffic road, in the middle of nowhere.

“Fuck…” she said to herself, taking her full face helmet off. One look at her phone: no service.

She looked to her right, to her left and wondered which direction to go.

She chose the left so she would face traffic and started walking.

It took almost half an hour for a vehicle to come by. She waved at him, urging it to stop. It was a courier delivery van.

“Can I help you, miss? Do you want me to call a tow truck or something?” asked the driver, looking around for a motorcycle.

“A tow…? No… I… I had a fight with my boyfriend… Well, ex-boyfriend and he dumped me here… I just need to go to the nearest bus stop or train station. Can you give me a ride or something?”

“Geesh. I’m not supposed to take passengers, company policy.” he said.

“Oh, come on, can’t you make an exception? You’re the only vehicle that came up on this road in the last half hour. Please?” she said, making pleading eyes.

“Well, it’s a fact that this is not a very driven road, and well, you’re stranded. It’s not like I’m taking a hitchhiker. Okay, hop in.” he said, unlocking the door.

“Thank you.” said Karen, getting on, her leather suit creaking as she took place.

“The nearest town is about 20 minutes away. I can drop you at their bus station, but I have no clue of the bus schedules.” he said as he drove away.

“That’s okay. At least, they might have a phone I can use. I have no signal.” she said as she looked again at her phone.

“Yeah, the cell phone coverage isn’t that great around here. The mountains are to blame”.

“Whatever the reason, that sucks.” she said

“Yeah.” he said, turning to the left on an even narrower road.

They did a little bit of small talk to fill the void, but Karen was deep into her thoughts, realizing that now, she even had no place to stay as she was living with Phil, and with the low-pay job she had, she couldn’t afford an apartment by herself.

Before she realized it, they had reached the village and he had stopped in front of the bus stop, the main store of the small village.

He got up and walked to the back of the truck to retrieve a few packages.

“I have a delivery. That’s my job, after all.” he said, smiling.

They entered the store, he delivered the packages, wished her good lock and went away. The cashier looked at her, puzzled. It was not everyday that someone would come in dressed in full biker leather… on foot.

“May I help you, miss?” he asked.

“Yes, when is the next bus for Metropolis?” (Hey, I had to put a town name…)

“For Metropolis? It’s tomorrow.” he said, picking up a schedule.

“Tomorrow?” asked a shocked Karen. “How about the next bus for… anywhere?”

“We only have one bus per day, and they’re talking about only two a week as there’s rarely anyone who gets in or out here.

“Oh darn… Oh well. Is there a place I can get a room for the night around here?”

The young cashier blushed up.

“Well… there’s only one place to have a room in this rat hole, and it’s not exactly a… hotel.”

“What do you mean?” asked Karen, puzzled. “It’s a brothel or something?”

“Err, no. Not exactly a brothel. It’s a… pleasure house. It’s called the Love Mansion. It’s a large house on a large property for people in love to have a… romantic night, if you catch my drift” he said, raising his eyebrows a few times. “It’s mainly tourists who go there, although…” he said, lowering his voice and getting closer to Karen, “I’ve heard that Mrs Thompson goes there quite often and… not with her husband.” he said with a smirk, looking at the other side of the street.

“Oh… I see. Well… I don’t have much of a choice, do I? Where is that Love Mansion?”

“About a 15 minutes walk to the East. You’ll see a long driveway with forged steel gates. You can’t miss it.”

Karen thanked him with a sigh and walked away in the direction indicated. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, because of the break-up, because of the situation she was in, because of the stress. And she could also hear the leather of her tight biker suit creak and her heels clicking hard on the pavement. That was not part of the holiday plans. Over twenty minutes of high heel walking later, she reached the gate. 

“Howly fuck!” she exclaimed as she saw the huge mansion on an extremely large lot, the mountain chain behind it. “This place is worth a fortune”.

With some hesitation, she pressed the intercom button.

“Yes?” said a woman’s voice.

“Err… Hi. My  name is Karen. I was told I could have a room for the night here.”

“Do you have a reservation?”

“No, I don’t.” she said, explaining her situation.

“Uh… well, this is not a regular hotel. People usually come here as couples… or more.” she said. “And the rooms are $500 a night.”.

“Five hun…? Fuck… Yeah, I figured that, but can’t you make an exception? I mean, I’m exhausted, I’m hungry and I only need a room for one night because the next bus is only tomorrow.”

“No, I’m sorry

There was only silence.

“I mean, I’m willing to sleep on a couch for all I care.” added Karen.

She heard a long sigh.

“No, sorry. We’re fully booked.”

“Oh… Alright then.” said Karen. “That was expected.” she mumbled, looking at the rich mansion.

She let herself drop to sit on the ground, her back against one of the brick posts of the gate, wondering what she could do. She took her cellphone. The signal was very weak. She tried to go on the Internet to find something but she kept having connection errors.

She had been sitting there for about 20 minutes when she heard the intercom come back to life.

“You’re still there, em… miss?” she heard the voice of the woman.

“Yes.” said Karen, hoping but not getting her hopes too high. She might as well tell her to scram off her property.

“Can… Do you cook?” 

Karen was surprised by the question.

“Yeah, I can cook. I’m rather good at it.” answered Karen, puzzled.

“Okay, come in, I’ll see what I can do.” said the woman as the gate opened.

Still puzzled, Karen walked along the paved pathway, her heels clicking hard, and reached the mansion which was rather huge! A woman dressed in a black leather dress, her left arm into a wrist cast, opened the door for her.

“Hello, my name is Lynda. I’m your host. Please, come in.” she said, inviting Karen inside. “Okay, here’s the deal I can offer you. My cook just called out sick. I have full rooms and, well…” she said, looking down at her arm, “I’m currently impaired. Stupid horse accident. Anyways, you think you can cook for… 16 people or so?”

“Yeah, I can do that, I took cooking classes and worked in a restaurant for a while.” said Karen, smiling, then she got cautious. “Will that give me a room for the night?”.

“Yes, the cook has a small room to be there early for breakfasts. It’s kind of last minute for lunch so if you can whip up something quick and we’ll talk about the menu for dinner, if you don’t mind. And the room will be free and you’ll even get paid. Do you think that can work out?”

“Yes, absolutely!.” said Karen, all smiles. “Where is the kitchen?”

Lynda showed Karen the very well equipped kitchen and the pantry full of ingredients, as well as a full freezer.

“Any allergies? Special requests, vegans, etc? How many guests do you have for lunch? Twenty?”

“Oh, eight, actually. The rest will check-in this afternoon. Plus the two of us. And for this group, I have no special demands from anyone.”

“Okay… How much time do I have… Oh… not a lot.” she said, looking at the clock. “hum… I can quickly make pizza burgers, or… hum… chicken-caesar salad wrap. Quick and light for lunch and I’ll see what I can come up with for dinner as I discover more of the ingredients you have available.”

Lynda was evidently very happy. Karen quickly grabbed an apron hanging on a nearby hook and wrapped it around her leather catsuit.

“Well, sorry, I didn’t bring my cooking attire.” she said as Lynda looked at her puzzled.

“Oh, yeah.” said Lynda. “We… We’ll deal with that after lunch. It’s already getting late.”

Karen went on. It was weird to cook in leather, but she actually liked it. Weird. Being imparired by the thick leather, struggling to bend her arms, was actually… fun? Hearing the leather creak, feeling her high heel booties click on the tiled floor was fun. It may become her trademark. Nah, no restaurant would go for it. A ‘biker cook’ doesn’t sound good.

As all the prep was done for either one of the menus, she heard people gathering in the dining room. Lynda was there, asking for their choices of pizza burger or the wrap and came into the kitchen with the order.

Karen quickly made the dishes which looked marvelous and fit for such an expensive looking mansion. Without thinking, after all, she had been working in her leathers for close to an hour, she got out of the kitchen with the trays of small pizzas in full leather and heels.

The guests looked at her, puzzled at first, then all seemed fine. Karen did a little bit the same. She was not expecting the guests to have these looks. At the same time, Lynda entered.

“Hello everybody. Well, for those who knew Annie, she called in sick at the last minute, so Karen here accepted to take her place on the fly. We hope you’ll appreciate those last minute choices of lunch.”

The guests seemed to be okay with it, and it’s at that moment that Karen realized in what kind of place she was, what was this Love Mansion.

One couple was plain naked. Another one was in silk pajamas. Another one was fully dressed ready to go to a black tie event and the last couple was dressed in shiny material Karen recognized as latex, as she remembered her friend Sandra wearing some tight latex dress to a party a few months back. The couple in pajamas just got up or didn’t sleep at all as the woman ordered coffee first and the man was slumping over his plate.

Once the lunch was over, she gathered all the dishes and put them into the industrial dishwasher as she cleaned the kitchen and began to think about the evening’s menu.

Lynda came in, holding a rather large box and set it down on the kitchen counter.

“We have to get you out of this leather suit.” she said, pointing at Karen’s leathers. “Ever wore latex?” she asked, picking up a thick plastic bag filled with something pink, and another bag with something looking amber.

“I sort of know what it is, but I never wore anything latex, if it’s your question.” answered Karen, picking the first envelope.

“No allergies you know of?”

“No… But why? Why latex?”

“Well, you know this is a… special mansion as I’m sure you noticed how the guests were dressed… or undressed,” said Lynda.

“Yeah, I noticed.”

“So, usually, the personnels is asked to wear something appropriate: spandex, leather, PVC,  latex.” she said, as she opened her arms to emphasis that she herself was wearing a leather dress. “I got this cooking outfit for Annie. It’s brand new, it is a replacement for her old one she wore off… I’m sure it will fit you fine… if you don’t mind.”

“I… I dunno. I should give it a try, I guess.”

“Come with me in the bedroom.” said Lynda, indicating a door at the back of the kitchen.

It was indeed a small bedroom. But that was way enough. After all, whoever ‘lived’ there also had access to the whole mansion. Lynda grabbed the first bag, the one with the amber looking rubber in it and also a bottle of lubricant.

“The suit is already lubricated and should be easy to put on, but I suggest you apply a good coating of silicone oil over your body first.” she said, taking the garment out of the bag and unfolding it, revealing a full body catsuit made out of relatively clear latex. “Now, this is called a neck entry catsuit.” she said, stretching the neck as Karen’s eyes widened. “Yes, you get in it through the neck opening. Don’t worry. Just put your feet in first and work it up. If you need any help, I’ll be right outside.” added Lynda. “This will give you a shiny latex skin. Then you can put the cooking outfit over it, which is also made of latex. And since you came in with high heel boots on, I assume you don’t mind keeping high heels.” she said, picking platform heels sandals from the box. “Again, if you need any help, just call me.” she said, smiling, leaving the room, leaving Karen with those strange… devices.

Karen proceeded. She felt strange. She slowly peeled away her tight leather suit, almost relieved to get out of that now sweaty suit, then took the bottle of lubricant and began to apply it over her naked body. That oil was rather sticky, almost like sunscreen..

After putting a coat everywhere she was able to reach, she stretched the collar of the neck entry catsuit, finding it hard to believe she would fit into this thing. She wondered if there weren’t hidden cameras where the tenants of the mansion were looking at her, having a good laugh.

She fed one leg down the suit. The latex felt cold to the touch and she shivered.

“Geesh, I hope this thing will keep me warm… somehow” she said as she pulled the clear latex over her leg, clearing the wrinkles along the way, pushing her feet down the attached toe sock.

“Feels weird.” she thought as her toes entered their individual pockets.

With the suit gathered between her knee and ankle, she proceeded to put her other foot in it, stretching the collar.

Once in place, she carefully pulled it up, afraid it would rip at any moment.

The crotch had some sort of thick opaque padding hiding her privates, which she liked, with an access zipper.. She wouldn’t want to walk naked, or show naked. That wasn’t her. She was way more private than that.

The suit reached her waist and by then, she began to feel the latex warm up over her legs as it tightly encased them.

“How the fuck do you put the arms iside this?” she said, struggling to feed her arm inside, entering the collar elbow first, then slid the arm into the sleeve down to the attached glove.

The other arm was next and as soon as she pulled it in, the suit rose up, the collar taking its place, pulling on her crotch.

She muffled a surprised yelp.

She rubbed her hands on her arms, feeling the slick material under her latex coated fingers, her breath shivering.

“That feels so strange.” she said, surprised at the tremor in her voice.

She rubbed her hands over her body, starting at her hips, going down on her thighs, then going back up, passing quickly over her crotch, at the back to feel the tightly encased buns, around her waist, then up to her latex covered breasts, squishing them a little. It was strange to see her skin and at the same time not being able to actually touch it.

“I might come to like this thing.” she said.

“Is everything okay in there, Karen?” she heard from the other side of the door with a gentle knock on it.

“Yes… I’m fine. The catsuit is on. I’m about to put on the shirt and the rest now.

“Okay. Just get out when you’re ready.” said Lynda.

“Will do.” said Karen, picking the pink and white cooking shirt and putting it on. It was strange to put on latex, over latex, and fastening the buttons with latex gloves. Then was the striped white and pink skirt, followed by the white and black apron. All the latex slid easily over her owned latex lubed skin and fell in place, adding more layer over her bodysuit, squeezing it.

She liked it. Well, she liked tight clothes, tight jeans and her biker suit was a wee bit tighter than it should have been, but that was the way she liked it.

She smoothed the wrinkles off the outfit and put the final touch: the platform sandals.

She was used to wearing heels. Heck, she loved to wear heels. After all, she was riding a bike in leather and high heels… makes you wonder if she was a fetishist… Nah. Can’t be. Karen? No way…

Okay, back to our story. She stood in them, almost welcoming the feeling of the high heels. She just loved it. She nervously opened the door and walked into the kitchen. After all, it was the first time she was wearing latex, and the first time she was showing herself in latex to anyone else.

Lynda smiled as she saw her new cook.

“Fantastic! Turn around… You look splendid!!” said Lynda. So, what do you have in mind for dinner? I would like three choices, if possible.

Karen suggested a few items, from grilled salmon to parmesan chicken, an entree and a dessert.

“That’s a fantastic choice! I’ll put these choices down on the board and the guests will choose. You should have all the quantities about two hours before dinner. Will that be alright?”

“Oh, yes. Perfect! I’ll get right on the dessert.” she said.

As she began to work, she felt strange. After all, it was her first time moving in latex. She could feel the material stretch but also restrain, pulling her limbs back in place. She had to work her lungs to breathe as the latex was squishing her chest, and seeing her shiny arms everytime she was picking something was a strange sight that she actually… liked.

She was hearing some creaking and the sound of her heels on the tiled floor. The latex didn’t feel cold anymore. In fact she was quite warm, if not hot, feeling beads of sweat run down her spine.

On a few occasions, she surprised herself with her fingers down her crotch.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, Karen?” she mumbled to herself when she realized what she was doing.

One thing she liked is… wiping off splashes of sauce on it: this latex suit should be mandatory in any kitchen! Time flew and dinner was ready to be served. She did the service with Lynda, and again, she was more or less surprised at the dressing code for the dress.

The couples from lunch had kept their outfits (for those who had one, that is), and in the dinner, Karen was puzzled by that couple where they were both wearing black latex, but the woman was also wearing a full hood, leaving only her eyes, her mouth being filled with a harness ball gag. Her waist was heavily constricted by a rubber corset, and her hands restrained by leather cuffs linked with chains. Even her neck was held straight by a wide collar, making the simplest of tasks difficult as she couldn’t bend her neck to look at her plate.

Her boyfriend or husband of whatever, ate his full plate before removing the ball gag of the woman and allowing her to eat. That plate must have been disgustingly cold, thought Karen, but it was their choice.

Karen got praised for the tasty food, which delighted Lynda. 

The rubber couple had a change of behavior once the woman ate, as the man waited for her to finish the main course before ordering dessert and they both ate at the same time, smiling at each other. They were often glancing at Karen. Well, she was in full latex. She thought that it might be it.

Then was the chores of cleaning the kitchen.

“I usually give a hand but… you know…” said Lynda, showing her wrist cast. She nonetheless helped with storing pots and pans as much as she could.

“Well, I have nothing else for you this evening.” said Lynda as she put the last pan on the shelf. “You’re free to take the latex suit off if you want, although I suggest you keep it on, after all, you would need it to make breakfast tomorrow morning. Annie should be back for lunch.”

“Oh… well, the thing is that the bus is leaving at 08:00. Unless the breakfast is way early, I don’t think I’ll be able to cook it.” said Karen.

“My… Geesh.” said Lynda, suddenly looking distressed. “I… I’m sorry to ask but… couldn’t you stay for breakfast and take your bus the day after? As I said, Annie would be back for lunch so she will be there for the next day’s breakfast. That would really help me. I will pay you for the whole day and, who knows, you may help Annie during the day.”

“That’s a nice offer, but… you know…. I’ll be glad to be back at my place… well, not exactly my place but Phil’s place… well… to get my stuff and get out and go… where the fuck will I go next?” she said, realizing her situation: no place to stay. She could call a friend and squat there for a few days.

“Think about it, please? That would really help me.” said Lynda, smiling and if Karen didn’t know better, she would have bet that Lynda was making her distressed puppy eyes.

“I… I’ll think about it.” she said.

“Thank you Karen. Well, gotta go get that.” she said as the reception’s phone was ringing.

Karen walked to the small bedroom and let herself drop on the bed, laying on her back, looking at the ceiling.

She took her cell phone. Somehow, she managed to see she had 15 messages, all from Phil, trying to find excuses, from that he would not do it again to calling her a fucking bitch because she wouldn’t answer.

“Yeah, a great way to boost my confidence in our relationship,” said Karen, letting her arms drop on the bed, by her sides, the latex sliding against more latex. She liked the feeling. She began to gently rub her thighs, under the rubber skirt, with her hands, moving her fingers, her breath becoming faster.

There was a gentle knock at the door, startling Karen, quickly removing her hand as if she had burned her fingers and quickly sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Excuse-me, Karen. May I come in?” she heard Lynda.

“It’s opened.” answered Karen.

Lynda entered, slowly and fidgeting with her fingers as if she had something embarrassing to say or to ask.

“Geesh, I’m really sorry to ask this but… I have to.”

“Go on.” said Karen with a sigh. Everything around her was falling apart, being kicked out of the mansion wasn’t going to change much.

“I… I have a request from the people in room 1B, the kink room. That’s the couple in latex with the woman tied up at the table.”

Karen raised an eyebrow. “Yes…?”

“They would like a… latex slave for their play this evening, and, usually, Annie play the part or I can fill in for her, but well…” she said, showing her cast.

“A latex slave? Nah, sorry. I’m not a hooker or something.” dryly cut in Karen. That was it. She was walking out.

“No, it’s not a sex slave.” quickly intervene Lynda. “A latex slave is just to hang around, holding stuff or bringing toys to the Master, or helping tying up his sub or something. There’s no sexual intercourse.”

“I… it’s not really my stuff, you know?” said Karen.

“It’s $200 an hour and you keep it all.”

Damn! Considering her situation, that could help her a lot.

“Two hundred dollars an hour? And… how long do they request those latex slaves usually?” she asked.

“It depends, but it’s rarely less than 3 hours. Anyways, there’s a $500 fee minimum.”

“I… I’ll give it a try.” said Karen, getting up. “Do I simply go in like that?”

“Oh, no. You have to wear a full black latex catsuit.” said Lynda, walking to the small closet on the other side of the bed and opening it, revealing a few latex items. She picked a black latex catsuit on a hanger along with more stuff on shelves. “… And a corset and… erm…” she added while picking something off the floor, “… ever wore ballet boots? I’m sure you’ll be fine with it.”

“And… if I’m not?” asked Karen, taking the extreme booties in her hands.

“Then we’ll go with regular heels. They’ll understand, I’m sure. So… Do I understand that this is a yes?”

“Like I said, I’ll give it a try. So, I have to take this suit off before putting that one on?” asked Karen, trying to pinch her clear latex catsuit off her arm, but just couldn’t. It was so tight and was now literally glued on her skin.

“Yes, you can, but it will be easier if you keep it. Latex on latex slides easily. Just take off the cooking outfit first.” she said with a wink.

“Yeah, I figured,” said Karen. “That corset looks awfully small.” she added.

“Well, again, it was made to measure for Annie, who is skinnier than you are. But no need to fully close it. Stop when you can’t take it anymore. It’s for show anyways.

“Ah… Okay.” said Karen, taking off the apron.

“If you need help, just call me,” said Lynda. “Once ready, just go to the room and knock. The rest is up to you.”

“One last question,” said Karen as she was picking up the catsuit. “Do you know them? Do they come here often? Just to be on the safe side.” said Karen.

“Oh yes, Emma and Ben are pretty much regulars, almost every six weeks or so. They are very good and very nice people. He comes here from Germany for business purposes and always stays here. His wife is kept in constant latex and bondage while he’s gone for the day. He’s the one who needs his breakfast by 06:30… if you get the hint.” she said with a wink.

“Oh… Yes. I get the hint.” said Karen, putting her feet inside the narrow neck opening.

“Anyways, again, if there’s anything, just call me.” said Lynda, leaving.

Karen had mixed feelings. She proceeded with the suit, which proved very easy to pull on thanks to her already lubed latex skin. However, as the suit rose up, one thing came out: either Annie was very skinny or she liked the suit very tight. It was squeezing her body everywhere, and especially at the waist. Then again, if the size of the corset was any hint of her waist size, it explained a lot.

Feeling that second skin of latex engulf her was a very arousing experience. She liked that layering thing apparently. And the way it slid over her base suit was creating very sensitive sensations.

As she fed her last arm into the tight sleeve, down to the attached glove, the suit rose up, expelling the last pockets of air, taking its place, squishing Karen’s body all over. Her breath shook. She closed her eyes, running her fingers up and down her smooth slick skin, hardly feeling anything with her fingers now encased into two layers of rubber. She reached her crotch and frowned.

“What the…?” she asked as she felt two lump of rubber hanging out. She was quick to figure out that they were some kind of pouch for sex activities. “Annie is more eager than me.” she said, stuffing the latex sheaths inside the crotch of the suit and closing the zipper.

She wrapped the corset around her waist and began to tighten it. It was not easy, especially since she never put one before. It wasn’t long before the lacing was all entangled.

“The fuck with it.” she said, tying the lacing as best as she could, the corset barely drawn tight, and the laces too entangled to loosen it and take it off working in her back, not seeing what she was doing. “Now, those boots.” she said with a sigh, picking up the leather booties.

She put them on, lacing them tightly and then, the first experimentation. She slowly got up, keeping a firm grip on the bed, then on the nearby dresser as she cautiously rose herself up.

“Damn… that’s extreme… and I can’t believe I’m actually standing in them.” she said to herself.

She walked to the mirror, unsteady but getting more agile with every step.

“Wow!” she said, looking at her reflection.  She rubbed her hand over her body. “Cool… Now the hood.” she added, bending on the bed to pick the latex item and pulled her arms out, which pulled the suits over her crotch. She bit her lips. Damn, those suits were devilish just by wearing them.

She fondled with the hood, to find the right side to put it on and slid it over her head, hiding her hair. She placed the large yoke under the collar of the suit. She disappeared. Well, her face, her identity disappeared. She wasn’t Karen anymore. She was some anonymous latex coated woman with extremely long shiny legs.

It was as if she was hiding in plain sight. She knew who she was, under that shiny skin, but she was totally hidden. She wasn’t seeing herself. She was seeing a… rubber doll. That kind of helped her. She would be anonymous. She would feel anonymous. Nobody would recognize her if something happened. She liked it, and she found it weird at the same time.

She slowly opened the door, still shy of going out in public like that, but again, she was hiding, her face was hidden, her body was hidden. Only her eyes and mouth were showing and then so little of it.

She made her way to room 1B, getting steadier on her extreme heels on every step, and gently knocked on the door. After a moment, the woman opened the door, smiling. She was wearing a black latex hood with blue ‘hair’, a purple latex catsuit, a red corset and high heel boots. There was also a set of leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles

“Hello Annie. Please, come in.”

Karen made a step in and was shocked by what she saw: the room was very dark. All the walls were dark gray and the moldings dark red. Even the light had an amber reddish color to it. There was what she identified as torture devices everywhere, even cages. Chains were hanging from the ceiling. She had no real idea what a kinky room would like but that was not it. Her eyes were wandering everywhere.

“Oh, I’m not…” began Karen, but Emma cut her off.

“Shush! You know you can’t talk, right.”

“I… Well, it’s just…”

“den Mund halten… I said shush. And I know what you want.” she said, turning around and grabbing a bunch of leather straps with a large leather flap. She quickly wrapped it over Karen’s latex covered head.

“No, but… I Hgrrmmff..” said Karen, as the large gag embedded inside the leather flap was pushed into her mouth.

“You really want it hard tonight, Annie, don’t you? Wunderbar!”

Karen wanted to stop her, to take the head harness off, to tell her she wasn’t Annie, but somehow, her brain froze. She just stood there, letting Emma fasten the straps way tighter than she would have thought was comfortable.

Emma took a piece of what looked like something quite rigid and wrapped it around Karen’s neck, forcing it high and rendering it pretty much rigid itself.

“Yeah, your favorite,” she said with a devilish smile as she fastened it. “There, now… what’s wrong with your corset?… Of course, Lynda couldn’t give you a hand with it with her broken wrist. Turn around. Oh damn! Look at those knots. What have you done? Yeah… punishments, my dear. Bestafung” said Emma.

It frightened Karen and at the same time… aroused her? No way. She couldn’t feel hot with the fact that the rubber slave she was, was going to be punished. Whatever that is. She tried to repress the feeling but it was strong, and it felt awkward to repress it, as if she was trying to deny she loved dark chocolate.

Emma began to pull the lacing but as it got tighter and more difficult to pull, she called Bob over.

He was in total latex himself, catsuit, hood and all. And even more! He was walking proudly and apparently unimpaired, in high heels boots! ‘A man in heels! Awesome!’ thought Karen. They look like motorcycle boots. She thought she should ask where he got them. She would look great in a pair like that.

But his business, at the moment, was not fashion. He took care of the corset, yanking hard, putting Karen off balance in the process.

The corset was getting tighter. Way tighter than her tightest jeans. Yes, she liked tight clothes, her too small leather biker suit was a prime example, but that tight? With each pull, she felt she was being crushed in half.

“Wow. You put on a little bit of weight here since the last time, or you indulge yourself into a double serving of the wonderful leftover braised salmon Karen made us for dinner, or was it that tasty lemon pie?” said Ben as he yanked harder.

She tried to stop him, but Emma quickly put steel cuffs on her wrists and linked them in front of her.

While Ben was still tightening the corset, Emma crouched down and added steel cuffs to Karen’s ankles, linking them with a short chain.

“There. Just the way you like it, Annie.” said Emma.

Karen was stunned. She was afraid yet at the same time, eager to try it. Wait, try it? All she could see was leather straps, chains, loops, eyebolts, furniture with too many straps or attachment points.

What the hell did she get herself into. Her brain was all messed up. So messed up, she barely noticed that the corset had been fastened and that Ben was wrapping a steel belt around her waist. She got out of her trance when she felt something moving at her crotch. She looked down, impaired by the rigid collar. She partly saw Emma, kneeling, hands at her crotch.

“What the… Oh! You have a second suit underneath this! Double layer! A first, Annie. Good choice.” said Emma while working to pull the zipper of the clear catsuit while grabbing it with the black latex pouch.

Karen didn’t react. She was feeling so hot right now that she wasn’t afraid of what Emma was about to do, she was almost eager to find out. Soon, she felt large plugs being pushed in, one in each hole. She didn’t resist, instead, relaxing to allow them to enter more easily. What was happening to her? What was going on  here?

Well, for sure, this wasn’t sexual intercourse. Technically, but still…

She yelped as Emma pulled the crotch strap firmly against her crotch to allow Ben to grab it and yank it tighter to link with the waist strap, trapping the toys inside.

They both took a few steps back.

“Fantastisch!” said Ben. “Now, your turn, my dear.” he said, turning to his wife, already in full rubber and corset and cuffs.

Ben approached with a purple ball gag and fastened it to hasps attached to her hood. As soon as it was on, her behavior changed. She switched from being the easy going, equal to Ben women and became totally submissive, lowering her head, putting her hands in her back. She had become his sub.

Karen was shocked at the sudden transformation and realized that she still had a lot to learn about all of this. He led Emma to a curved bench where she laid face first. He stretched her arms to the corners, linking her cuffs to the bench, then did the same with her ankles. He gave her a good slap on her latex buns and she twitched. It was a mix of pain and pleasure.

He walked to a table and picked a tray with whips, paddles and other toys Karen didn’t know the use of, and approached Karen with it. At first, she took a step back, thinking it was for her.

“Hold this tray,” he said, snapping a leash on Karen’s collar.

Karen complied, using her bound hands to hold the tray and followed the tug on the leash, hobbling on her restrained ballet toed feet. It was challenging, especially with the short practice time she had on ballet heels.

He led her to the whipping bench and had her stand there by the side. He took the first paddle and began to gently hit Emma, which seemed to, again, feel pain and pleasure at the same time. She wondered how things like that could be. Would it hurt or be fun? How can it be both? How can pain be pleasure? How can pleasure be pain?

At the same time, she was slowly balancing on her toe boots, from one foot to the other. She was feeling very well the double layer of latex moving on her body, squishing it. And also, the rubber hood, covering her head. It was dampening the sounds, and at the same time, amplifying her breathing noise to her ears. She tried to close her jaw, but the large gag prevented it. She was feeling her restraints, how she was limited in everything: position, mouth, speech, hearing and feeling. Only her eyes were somewhat unrestrained.

During this time, she witnessed Ben hitting Emma, harder and harder. Sometimes, she would jolt, pulling against her bonds, and sometimes she would relax, almost as if she was passing out, or… falling asleep This happened merely everytime he began to ease the spankin He would change tool, from a wooden paddle, to a riding crop, to a leather paddle or some sort of whip with a lot of smaller whips attached to it.

Then, on one occasion, as he was hitting her, he reached for her mouth and put his hand over it, blocking her ariflow. She struggled to breathe, but he held his hand tight over Emma’s gagged mouth, his latex covered fingers offered a perfect seal.

She jolted, reacted, struggled to get out of her bonds, as he hit her butt with his hand, not necessarily hard, but what seemed to be very precise hits, precisely to the right points.

Karen heard a high pitch noise. It was almost like an animal, and Emma’s body was taken by strong convulsions. He removed his hand.

“She’s having a seizure.” thought Karen, ready to intervene, even making a small step, but she soon realized she was wrong, that she had to accept what had just happened. Yes, Emma had orgasmed. Sealed in rubber, tied up on a bench and spanked. What the hell? And what sort of orgasm was that? She felt orgasm before but never so violently.

Ben retreated, leaving Emma to live her experience, to embrace the orgasm. She was fighting her bonds, and the more she fought them, the more she seemed… aroused.

Karen was puzzled, even though she wasn’t realizing it at the moment, but the incomfort of the sweaty suit, the aching of her jaw held open by the gag, her struggle with her ballet booted feet, all of that, she liked it. It was at the same time uncomfortable and pleasurable.

Ben put the last spanking item back on the tray and began to unlink Emma from the bench. He struggled to get her up. She was more or less limp. Ben stopped and stared at Karen.

“Annie? Help! Now!” he ordered.

Karen snapped out of her stunned state and hobbled her way to the desk struggling a little to put the tray down, impaired by the corset, the collar and her bound wrists. As she bent, the toys inside her moved with the chastity belt. Ooo… interesting.

She went to the other side and grabbed Emma’s arm to help lift her up. She didn’t know exactly what to do, and grabbing a slippery latex coated woman with slippery latex coated hands was not easy. You guessed it, it was… slippery.

Ben had to tell her a few times to get her grip elsewhere and they gently got Emma up on her feet, sort of as Emma took a hold, one arm wrapped around Karen’s neck.

They gently lowered Emma on the latex covered bed. She slid easily and took a spread eagled pose, as if she knew what was coming up and was eager for it. Strange.

Ben took her wrists and attached them to quick links on each top corner of the bed, while gently rubbing her arms, sliding his arms down to Emma’s breasts and gently squishing them. He then easily slid on the lubed bed sheets to her feet, where he grabbed each ankle and pulled on it as hard as he could, stretching Emma, before fastening them to more links on the foot corners of the beed.

There she was, totally spread out on the bed, a black body against a bright red latex bed. She was squirming, or rather, trying to. Not much was moving.

Ben stood up and looked at Karen.

“I have no use for you right now, Annie, and you’ve not been up to your usual standards. Get on the X frame, now.” he said with a harsh tone, pointing to the padded frame.

Karen looked at it, puzzled. What did he mean?  She quickly figured it out as he gave a strong pull on her leash, leading to the X frame. She nodded no.

“Yeah, right, as if you have anything to say about it.” he grinned.

One part of her wanted to resist, to pull away, to run out of this strange room and bizarre couple, but another part of her wanted to go on, to try it, that it was arousing. Fuck! What the hell was going on in her brain? Why would she want to be tied up?

Something switched inside her and she made a decisive step toward the frame, forgetting she had a hobble chain. She stumbled forward, Ben catching her.

“Oh, hey. Easy. You wouldn’t want to hurt yourself. Okay, here we go. Turn around.” he said, while reaching to her ankles and taking off the hobble chain and then the wrist chains.

She figured she had to get on the frame, but with her collar, looking down at her feet wasn’t easy. Apparently Ben knew that and helped her along the way, putting her feet on some foot holder before linking her ankle cuff to a ring on the frame, going up, tightening a strap around her corseted waist and pulling it very tight, and finally, stretch her arms to the tip of the X branches to link her cuffs to more rings. She could smell his latex as he was moving close to her face. She liked it. She liked the look of it.

Once tied up, he gently let his hands slide over her latex covered arm, slowly going down, to her head, her neck. He was gently rubbing them, feeling the rubber, the sleek rubber. On her side of the suit, she was feeling the pressure of his fingers, the warmth of his hand. Funny how heat was passing through the latex layers, she thought.

He, very gently, looking at her eyes, had a s hort puzzled look before bringing his hands over her breasts and gently rubbed them, softly squeezing them, awaiting for an approval or a denial sign, but judging by Karen’s eyes,  half closed, almost flipping over, he got the message that it was okay.

Karen had mixed feelings. Damn, it felt good, but at the same time, it felt wrong. He was abusing her. She was tied up. She couldn’t get away from him. She couldn’t protect herself, and at the same time, that is what aroused her, that is what made the touch of latex more powerful. She wasn’t feeling the touch, yet she was feeling it. Fucking weird.

After a few times massaging her breasts, he moved down over her corset, her hips, getting down, rubbing one leg down to the ankle, going back up, going over the chastity belt, then down the other leg before slowly going back up.

Karen’s breath was shaking. As she pulled on her wrists, feeling the restraints, she… liked it. What?

He pinched her nose, cutting the airflow. Karen struggled to breathe. Damn! He was choking her. She struggled pulling on her restraints, feeling them, the full extent of her predicament fully registering in her brain. She tried to turn her head, but he held his pinching strong, and at the same time, he was pinching her breasts with his other hand. Karen was panicking, realizing  how helpless she was. He could abuse her, even kill her, right then, right there, and she couldn’t do anything about it. 

Oh fuck! That was so good!!

He let her breathe again. She was panting hard as he sensually massaged her breasts as if he wanted to calm her down. After rubbing his hands from her breasts to her tightly constricted waist a few more times as Karen’s breathing relaxed, he took a swing and gave her a hard slap on the upper thigh. Karen twitched. That hurt… and she liked it. Duh… what?

He smiled and winked, returning to her partner who was languorously squirming on the bed, making inviting sounds. He slowly climbed on the bed, even over her, to reach some kind of touch panel on the wall by the bed. He punched it a few times and a large blue bar appeared. He then returned his attention to her lover, taking place, running his hands up and down her latex covered body. She was squirming harder, pushing her hips forward. He reached for the crotch zipper and opened it. Karen didn’t see skin, Emma’s private parts, but rather a bright red pouch. He unzipped his suit, taking out his manhood which, again, was not skin but latex coated.

Gheesh, thought Karen. Talk about double protection.

He was having fun, as well as Emma. Apparently. Karen just stood there, doing nothing, held secured on that frame, unable to move much. She squirmed, trying to pull something off, but everything was well sturdy.

Something seemed to flash on the control panel. The blue bar had changed to yellow and it was shorter than before. It was some kind of countdown. But for what? What will happen when it will reach the end.

Emma was moaning as Ben seemed to trigger some very sensitive points, squishing her breasts as he was gently stroking her.

Karen’s attention was switching from the couple to the control panel, to figure out what would happen. Was it the time limit Ben had set-up to screw Emma? The bar changed to red. It was almost out now. Then it disappeared, replaced by some kind of graph.

That’s when, for Karen, all hell broke loose. What the fuck? Yes, she had played with toys before but not in her buthole. But now, both toys became alive, vibrating, twisting, and pulsing.. She fought her bonds. She wanted them to stop, or to move, or to do something, but she was helpless. She couldn’t do anything. And the more she struggled, the more she… Liked it… Loved it. Damn, this was so arousing.

But no. She was not about to have an orgasm tied up, wrapped in latex, in a strange couple’s room in a mansion she didn’t even know. Now way. That was so good. Yes, she wanted more. She liked it. Oh, that last jolt was good. No, she was not having an orgasm. She was fighting the wonderful feeling of being helplessly sexually stimulated, against her will. Yeah, against her will. No she would stop the good feeling, engulfing her lower belly, stimulating her whole inside, her breath shaking, her heart pounding. She was repressing all of it. And the more she tried to repress it, the more it was coming back even stronger. The more she fought to get away from it, the more she felt the steel cuffs bite into her wrists, and the more she liked it. The more she tried to close her legs, the more she felt the ankle cuffs holding her back, the more she felt the steel belt pushing the dancing intruders inside.

It came from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. She heard the sound. It was out of this world. How it came out of her gagged mouth, she didn’t know, but one thing for sure, that sound came out at the same time her brain exploded into a firework. At the exact same moment, her crotch sent her feelings she never felt before, on another level, on another intensity. It was as if thousands of fingers were stimulating her at the same time. She was fighting it. Well, actually, No. She was trying to fly off the X frame but the restraints were holding her firmly on, which made her orgasm even more powerful. She jolted on the frame. Damn the whole earth was turning in all directions. She closed her eyes and she was spinning like the inside of a tornado, her body being run over by hormones of pleasure. She never thought such hormones existed. She had orgasms before but… damn, that was powerful, and it lasted a long time.

Even though her toys had fallen silent, she was still enjoying their feeling, the last bit of pleasure, the last jolt of energy.

Panting hard, her breath whistling through the gag and her nose, she opened her eyes.

What the hell?

In front of her, on the bed, Bob was laying by Emma’s side, and were both staring at her as if she had just got out of a flying saucer.

“Mmmm?” asked Karen, puzzled, unable to produce a simple sound, thanks to the gag.

They simply looked at each other, Emma still spread eagled on the bed, only able to slightly raise her head.

“I.. we thought you were about to rip the frame out of the mansion! Darn. I never saw you react this strongly before. That was good, I assume?”

Karen wasn’t sure how to respond. It did feel astounding, but she wasn’t struggling that much. It was all in her mind. Or was it? She just leaned her head from side to side in a ‘meh’ manner.

Ben got up and got her out of the cross. As she tried to stand up, she collapsed and Ben grabbed just in time.

“Careful, Annie. Looks like your legs are gone. I wonder why.” he said, helping her to turn around and sit on the bed, between Emma’s spread legs.

Karen reached for the head harness and tried to remove it. Ben helped her and a large pool of drool poured out of her mouth. She took a long full breath.

“You’re okay, Annie?” he asked, concerned.

“I… I think so. But I’m not Annie”

“Mfffaattpp? / What?” They both answer at the same time. “What do you mean? Who are you? We asked for Annie.” said Ben.

“I’m Karen.”

“The one who made us dinner? I thought you were only replacing Annie for the meal.” said Ben.

Emma struggled and moaned.

“Yeah, right…” said Ben, reaching for Emma’s harness gag and taking it off.

“Well, good thing you are kinky too.” said Emma after working her jaw once her ball gag was removed.

“I’m not. I mean, I didn’t think I was.”  said Karen with a weak voice.

“Say what?” asked Ben. “You… never did before?”

“Actually, it’s my… first time in latex, first time in a corset, first time in… well, everything.”

“Oh, geesh! I’m really sorry. Why didn’t you say so?” asked Emma.

“I tried.” said Karen, smiling, “but you shush me off before gagging me.” said Karen.

Emma looked shocked.

“oh scheiße…”

“Nah, don’t worry. That was… awesome.” said Karen, smiling, eyes half closed, reliving some of the moments.

“Ya, Im Ernst!, looked like it was.” said Emma with a wink. “So… what’s next? If you want to stop there, I, we, have no problem with it.” she said, looking at Ben who acknowledged. “Usually, we lay out the rules, the limits. We knew Annie’s limits, but… what are yours? Assuming you want to go on. The night is still young.” she said with a smirk.

Karen’s mind was blank. She didn’t know what to think.

“Well, better stop here.” said Ben reaching for Karen’s wrist cuffs. “Uh… however, there seems to be a small problem.”

“What is it?” asked Karen, puzzled, thinking that she would not want to pay for her services since she wasn’t Annie after all. Oh well, the emotions she lived were well compensated for.

“It’s that… I can’t get you out of the cuffs. They’re locked and the keys are in the timed safe, which will open only tomorrow by 08:30. It’s never a problem with Annie as she loves to be locked in for long periods and she actually spends most of her days here restrained, wearing spandex, latex or PVC. Since we thought you were Annie…”

“Yeah… I understand.” said Karen, looking at her shiny arm, at the steel cuff, reaching for her neck and feeling the heavy steel collar wrapping it, looking down at her shiny thighs, her extreme boots and of course the belt, locking everything in place. “That’s… cool. I guess.” she said, making a pause, Emma and Ben awaiting for the rest. “I… I’d like to go on, if you don’t mind. I can’t deny that I… liked it up there,” she said pointing at the X frame, “so… what would Annie do next?”

They explained that it was pretty much the spur of the moment. Annie/Karen was there to help around and would be stored / tied-up when not needed.

“Okay, let’s have a try.” said Karen.

“Okay. The gag goes back,” he said, picking the harness up and approaching Karen’s head. ”You… you don’t have a problem with it, right?” asked Ben, stopping midway.

“No. In fact… you said that all the keys are in the timed safe? Does that include those padlocks there?” she asked, pointing to a bunch of small padlocks on a nearby table.

“Yes. They are for Emma’s final setup before the night. Why?”

“Can… can you lock it up?” asked Karen, not believing herself what she was asking.

“You’re sure?” asked Emma. “We’re talking about 10 hours of wearing until 08:30 tomorrow morning. That could be a long time for a first timer. I don’t suggest it.”

Karen closed her eyes. In her mind, in her body, everywhere, she could feel that she wanted it, that she wanted to feel helpless, even uncomfortable, that it was, would be, awesome.

“Yes. I want it.” she firmly said.

Ben and Emma looked at each other, stunned and puzzled, then Ben put the harness over Karen’s head, tightening the straps then reaching for the padlocks. When he returned to Karen, she was unfastening the straps.

“Change of mind?” asked Ben.

“No, not tight enough.” she garbled over the loose gag as she tightened the straps, even tighter than they were the first time.

“That’s really tight.” said Ben. 

“Yeah, I can see it from here.” added Emma. “I strongly suggest you wait before locking it. You may want to adjust it a little later.”

Karen thought for a moment and accepted Emma’s suggestion. Once fully gagged, she raised her wrists and banged her steel cuffs together: she was asking to be restrained. Darn.

Ben linked them together then led Karen to a nearby hanging chain.

“I still don’t have any use for you right now. I’m kind of… not done with Emma. You know… someone sort of… distracted us… So, as I said, you are to be ‘stored’.” he said, grabbing her wrists and linking them to the hanging chain, stretching them over her head.

Karen shivered. She liked it. She was standing on the tip of her ballet boots, unable to go anywhere, feeling her arms stretched. She wondered how long she could cope with this setup. She knew she would be okay in regular high heels, but in ballet boots? She wondered.

However, Ben kneeled down and worked on her ankle cuffs, then he spread her legs. That lowered her, putting more strain on her wrist cuffs. The last thing she knew, her legs were far apart and were being held by a spreader bar. Now, most of her weight was being carried by  her wrists. She was feeling the stretch, and the double-layer suit pulled her crotch up, pushing the toys. That stretch also lessens the compression of the corset over her waist.

“You’re okay?” asked Ben.

Karen nodded a very clear yes. He smiled. He caressed her latex covered head, going over her shoulders, squishing her breasts while going down, over her corset with his apparently expert hands, reaching her hips, going for her buns where he squeezed them hard, sliding his hands to the inside of her thighs.

Everything he did, every place he touched, had Karen react, moaning, closing her eyes. Yes, she liked it. No, she loved it. The restriction, the helplessness, the touch, the feeling, the straining. She jolted when he gave a hard slap on the chastity belt crotch strap, making her open her eyes wide. That was disturbing and arousing at the same time.

Ben smiled and turned his back to her, walking to the bed to the awaiting Emma. He put her gag back in place and they were back at their playtime, while Karen stood hanging, watching.

She was seeing how she was touched by Ben, how she reacted. A rub here, a pinch there, a play of the fingers inside her crotch, blocking her breath. Damn! That looked so good, so sensual. She wanted to live it, but there she was, denied. Even her toys were silent. She fought her bonds, raised her legs, trying to feel something.

Ben heard her move, struggle.

“Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, that’s your punishment for cutting us off half-way when you were on the X-frame. SUFFER!” he said with a smile, returning his attention to Emma.

That made Karen even hotter! She was being punished, denied, teased and tormented, but in her brain only! How the hell could that happen? How could she be screwed in her mind?

The more she struggled, the more painful her position was becoming, and the more aroused she became. She managed to work her butt muscles, her thighs muscles to have some sort of feeling from the huge intruders locked inside her.

Eyes closed, each time she was opening them, she wished she wouldn’t see anything, she wished she was blindfolded, so she would keep her mind into her own fantasy instead of coming back to reality every time.

Her breathing grew faster.

The most frustrating part was her legs, and the fact that she couldn’t close them, that she couldn’t squeeze her thighs in, that it limited the ‘work’ she could do with her toys. That was frustrating, and that same frustration was arousing.

Teasing and denial. She always thought that it meant being teased and just before exploding, being denied of it. Now, she was leaving them both at the same time.

Her brain was melting.

She felt someone near her. Funny how one, as sealed to the exterior world as she was, could feel presence. She opened her eyes. Ben was there, smiling. Emma looked asleep on the bed, unrestrained. Without a word, he approached something up her head, up her eyes and… it was darkness. Her eyesight had been removed.

Now, all her other senses seemed to become stronger. She felt a hand brush against her arm, going up and down. Then another hand, going up and down her other arm. She moaned. She squirmed, gently, her movements limited by hitting what she assumed was Ben standing in front of her.

The hands, emitting a warm presence, gently slid down, to her breasts, massaging them, gently squishing them. They were dancing over her upper body, from her waist to her shoulders, sometimes getting up her arms, over her head, caressing it, squeezing it. Blocking her breathing air, which made her hold.

Damn, that was good.

She felt something at her ankles. Someone, something was moving the spreader bar. She figured it was Ben, moving it with his feet. She tried to move it but she suddenly couldn’t. The bar has been linked to the floor. Now, she couldn’t raise her legs up.

Ben let go of her body and she heard a winding noise. At the same time, she felt her feet leave the ground. Stretching as she might, she was now being lifted up in the air, until she felt a strong pull at her ankles, and on her wrists.

She tried to move her legs, to feel the floor, but she could only feel the void. She was now suspended, but not only suspended, stretched, as taut as a bow string. Damn, that felt so good.

The expert hands were back at her breasts, at her shoulders, then another set of hands begane groping her at the thighs, inner thighs, outer thighs. There was something metallic banging against her chastity belt. She could feel it on her toys. Damn, that was so exciting, arousing, but not enough for her to jump the fence. 

It was nothing more than teasing.

It was nothing less than teasing.

It was devilish.

She was panting hard. She opened her eyes numerous times, but all she saw was dark. She couldn’t make out anything, what they were up to, who was there, what would be the next step.

And then, her brain became a mushy mess as the toys started their own dances of vibration, humping, kicking and twisting. She was being groped and screwed and fucket at the same time.

She suddenly was looking for air. She arched her body. Well, I tried to. She was so stretched that it barely  moved. She tried to scream, to move away from whatever was cutting her air but she couldn’t, her head held rigid by the stiff posture collar and her shoulders stretched up against it.

She couldn’t breathe. She was suffocating. She was about to pass out when the blockage was removed, and as her lungs filled with air, her crotch exploded.

She twisted and squirmed as if she was bathing in a tub of boiling oil, her body ran from the toes to her fingertips by electrical shockwaves. All the best songs she ever heard were all playing at the same time in her mind, filling her head with emotions and pleasure while her crotch, her breasts, hell, every part of her sensitive skin was on fire. It felt like every part of her skin was having its own firework explosion. Suddenly, something came loose and she felt as if she was falling, like non-stop, falling from the sky into the sky itself, falling and floating at the same time. And there wasn’t any sky. It was a sky filled with pleasure. Pure pleasure. The best pleasure she ever had.

And everything slowly faded away as she felt the ground on her back, softly cushioning her fall, as if carried by soft and comfy clouds.

She was riding the clouds. It was a pleasure like no other, felt by her whole body, wave after wave, after wave.

The sound of an alarm clock woke her up.

She opened her eyes. She wasn’t in her room. Where the hell was she? And why couldn’t she close her mouth, and what was this thing stuffed inside her mouth.

Panicking, she tried to take it off, her fingers slipped… What was wrong with her fingers? She was wearing gloves? In bed? Why? That the heck was going on. Why couldn’t she breathe and… what was this steel belt around her waist? Why couldn’t she move her hands independently, as if they were linked somehow.

As if she received an electrical jolt, her brain finally engaged and she recalled the events of… last night? What the hell… what time was it? 06:00? What… How??? Damn! Didn’t she have to make breakfast or something?

She was trying hard to keep her mind running. Getting up was a thought, but doing it was another matter. Her ankles were linked by a short chain. The corset prevented her from bending at the waist, so all movements were to come only from her hips. The rigid posture collar was not allowing her to look down, where she could put down her feet, still encased in those extreme heels.

She struggled, stumbled, grabbing a hold of whatever she could, to get up. She was panting hard, only breathing through her nose.

She steadied herself, but her head was spinning. She made one step, then another. Slowly, the feeling got back into her legs and she remembered how to walk. Silly.

She opened the door of her bedroom, which led directly to the kitchen.

Yes… she was the cook. Well, not exactly. She would go back to her normal life soon. She would get on that bus and head back for Metropolis, to her… to what exactly.

She heard noise coming from the dining room. Someone was walking in, even approaching. The door opened and a man came in. He was wearing a very well pressed business suit, shirt, tie, jacket. He looked like a rich businessman.

“Oh, hello Karen. I wasn’t sure you’d be making breakfast this morning, not after the night you had… and what a night.” he said with a wink.

Karen was puzzled. Then she recognized the voice: it was Ben. It had to be. She mumbled something and grabbed one of the small padlocks securing her harness gag, pulling on it.

“Nope, can’t do, remember? The keys will be released only at 08:30.”

08:30? But her bus was at 08:00. Fuck! Maybe she could quickly unlock herself and run for the bus, hoping it’s a little late? But she would be in latex. Perhaps she can quickly put on something else… hell, the only ‘something’ else she got was her biker leather jumpsuit, and it is so tight, it takes her almost 10 minutes to put it on. Then she remembered. She remembered Lynda asking her to stay longer. She never gave her the answer.

“Hello? Can I still get my breakfast, please? Two scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, toasts and Canadian bacon. I just love those Canadian style breakfasts, which are a change from the German ones. And oh, some coffee as soon as it’s ready.” he said, looking at the empty coffee maker, before walking out, giggling. “Yeah…what a night.”

Damn! If only she could remember all of it, but it was a blur, starting at her being hung up by the wrists. That’s where her mind went blank.

She took a long breath. Well, she wished, but the corset stopped her from doing it. She went on to make some coffee. It wasn’t easy with her wrists linked together. Everything had to be done one step at a time, instead of having one hand toing one thing and the other doing something else. Ghen walking to the refrigerator, getting what she needed, bending down to get the pans and pots she needed, hobbling, impaired by her pointed toe boots, the corset, the collar, the gag. Damn! That was so… arousing? 

What? No way. She can’t get aroused by all of it. That was so weird. Well, she still had the toys locked inside her. They were silent but they were still there, disturbingly moving while she moved, or were they rigid and she only was moving. Nonetheless, that was… No way. It couldn’t be.

She poured a cup of coffee. Damn, that smell. How much she wanted one. It would help to jolt her brain back in action, but the gag prevented it. She was denied a simple pleasure of life: having coffee. She hobbled her way to the dining room. She stopped. No kidding! Ben had chosen the table as far away as possible from the kitchen!

She walked, reaching the end of her small hobble chain with every step, feeling the restraint. It was the longest walk she did in ballet boots AND being restrained. By the time she reached Ben’s table, she was panting, the air whistling through her nose.

He did nothing to help her. He simply looked at her, smiling, but a smile that meant more, as if he knew what she was going through, the struggle but also the pleasure. Yes, she liked it. Now, the act of bending down, holding a tray was simple, but with the corset, the ballet boots, her linked wrists, all became more difficult.

She had to find the right position, the right angle to put the tray down without spilling anything, grabbing the cup, the creamer, the sugar and putting it on the table, one at a time.

She did spilled a little coffee. Her mistake was filling the cup almost to the brim.

“Hum… that should earn you some punishment, Karen.” said Ben with a wink, to which Karen answered with a grunt.

“Oh! Another punishment for talking back. You really want it, don’t you?”

Karen froze. Was this real? Would she get punished? No, no way. She would be out of this mansion before noon as Annie was coming back. Taking her place. Throwing Karen out. And she would have missed her bus. Fuck! Her thoughts were so messed up.

She hobbled her way back to the kitchen and by the time the breakfast was ready, she had forgotten the way she set up. She was living it as if it was normal. Weird. 

She took the tray with everything on it and walked with more assurance to bring the plates to her customer. She put everything down and waited to make sure everything was up to spec. After all, she couldn’t taste anything.

Ben took his time then gave his approval. Karen hobbled back to the kitchen and began to clean it. She had a bus to take and Annie should be there soon… Then she remembered Lynda telling her that Annie would be back for lunch and she asked her to stay for breakfast, and that she would think about it.

So, in the end, everything was fine? Not exactly. She would have to cook most of the breakfast in full latex and bondage? The latex, she didn’t really mind, but the restraints?

By 07:00, Ben had finished and left. She was grabbing the plates to bring them back to the kitchen when guests arrived. Damn! Thought Karen.

They looked at her, puzzled at first, then went on as if everything was fine. Karen brought the dirty dishes to the kitchen and walked back to them, sitting pretty much in the middle of the dining room, took their orders and walked back to make it. It was weird. She was actually liking it. The constant teasing of the toys, the struggle of the restraints, even the gag. What was wrong with her?

Orders of eggs, pancakes, sausages and more kept coming in as more and more guests were coming in, almost one after the other. As soon as one order was served, another one was coming in. It’s as if they had timed their arrival so that she wouldn’t get any rest.

08:00 rolled by unnoticed. By 08:30, the last guest was leaving the dining room. She would get free. Then she heard high heels clicking, approaching. She hoped it was Lynda but it was a dark haired woman. She had long black hair and was wearing a short latex dress. She looked around and took a seat. Karen let go of the plates she was gathering and walked to her for her order. The sooner the better.

The woman’s face looked strange. A little wrinkly and with some marks, one would call pillow marks, on her face. But they looked strange, like straps or something. The woman looked at Karen and winked.

“Hello Karen. I would guess you’re ready to get out of this.” she said, pointing at her general setup, holding a keyring in her hand.

“Emma?” thought Karen. She then realized that she was wearing a clear latex catsuit under her latex dress.

Karen nodded a definitive YES.

“Well, first, I’ll take just some pancakes and a good, strong coffee.” she said with a smile. “Nope, you’re not getting out of it that fast. My breakfast first.” she said with another smile, but that one, more devilish.

Karen grunt as she turned around.

“I hear that”. Said Emma, giggling.

Karen made the pancakes and checked on Emma quite often, not as much as to offer the best of services but to see when she would be done eating.

However, Emma had more torture for her. Or was it teasing? Once her meal was finished, she wiped her lips with the little napkin.

“That was awesome, Karen. You’re a very good cook for someone in your… situation. So, as soon as you’re ready, meaning your chores done, you wouldn’t leave a dirty kitchen behind you, wouldn’t you? So, when it’s all done, just come see me in my room. I’ll take you out of it.” she said, graciously getting up and walking away, almost dancing, evidently enjoying what she had just done.

Karen let out a sigh and went to work, getting pissed off, annoyed, teased and horny at the same time.

Finally, she hobbled her way to Emma’s room and knocked on the door. The door opened and she rediscovered the kinky room, with all its equipment, now bathing into the rising sunlight, instead of the red eerie atmosphere of the night before.

“That was quite a night, yesterday. Do you remember it all?” asked Emma as she began to unlock the different items, including the harness gag.

Again, a large pool of drool dripped off as the large gag was removed.

“Ah… Fuck!…” said Karen, working her jaw. “That was evil, Emma.” she said, fire in her eyes. “I…I remember it until I was hung up by the wrists.” she said, glancing at the chain still hanging from the ceiling, reliving the events in her mind, “after that, it’s pretty much a blur.” she said.

“Yeah, it was pretty intense.” said Emma, giggling. “You were unconscious when we brought you back to your room.” she said, getting the belt off and pulling the toys out.

Karen moaned. It was a mix of pleasure, pain and relief.

“Now, this is going to hurt a little.” said Emma as she began to lose the corset lacing.

“Oh… shit.” said Karen, wide eyes as the pressure on her waist slowly decreased. “Stop… Keep it on. For now.” she said.

“As you wish” said Emma, yanking tight the slack and tying the knot. “But you realize that you won’t be able to take off the latex catsuit, right?”

Karen hadn’t thought of that and it raised a question. Does she want to take the latex off at all? She sort of liked it in there. What? Fuck! No way. There’s no way she would like the latex… that much. What the hell was wrong with her?

“Anyway,” continued Emma, “the rest is up to you. Now if you excuse me, I have to set myself up for the rest of the morning,” she said, putting leather cuffs on her wrists, “otherwise, I’ll be punished.”

She picked a large piece of metal which had some sort of link to it and hooked her wrist cuffs to it. She then backed up to the wall, raised her hands in the air, over her head, and the steel plate snapped with a sharp slap sound on another steel plate fixed to the wall.

“What the hell is that?” asked Karen, approaching.

“An electro-magnet. Ben can control it from his phone while he watches me.”

“Watch you? How?” asked Karen.

Emma simply pointed at the wall on the other side of the room where Karen easily spotted the camera.

“He’s really watching you?”

“Yes.” said Emma. “And he can see you too, assuming he’s watching right now. I have no way to tell. He might be in the middle of a meeting or just sitting and watching me, making sure I followed his orders.

“And… you follow his… orders? All the time?”

“That’s part of the fun, Karen. The fun of being a submissive. I take joy at being a sub, following his orders, getting punished when it’s not up to what he wanted. Sometimes, he tricks me, forcing me to make a mistake so he can do something that would make my day difficult. But I enjoy all of it. It’s hard to explain. Even so, it’s difficult to find a punishment. I mean, being tied up, like this, should be a punishment, but I enjoy it. The more restrained, the more I enjoy it. In fact, being totally free and out of latex, IS  my ultimate punishment.

“Does he do that often?”

“That’s the problem. Seeing me out of latex is a turn off for him, so by punishing me, he punishes himself at the same time. Funny how life works out sometimes.” said Emma.

“So, hum… You can’t get out of this, right? You can’t pull on the magnet and get free. No matter how hard you try, right?”

“Absolutely, Karen. These magnets can hold half a ton. I’m pretty secure.” she said.

“Ah…” said Karen, getting closer, walking slowly. “It means that  you can’t defend yourself.” she said.

“What… What do you mean, Karen? You know you are being recorded. This is not only a live view, but it’s also recording.” said Emma, suddenly a little afraid. She had no clue of Karen’s intentions. She realized at the same time that they had no clue about who Karen really was. Perhaps, she was a violent convict. A serial killer. All they knew is the little Lynda told them that she was stranded from an apparent break-up with her boyfriend. Who knows? She  might have very well killed him.

Now, there she was, alone with her, restrained, unable to defend herself.

At least, her legs were free. She was ready to kick her away. Her muscles were tightening, ready to spring into action. She was ready to scream.

Karen approached, an evil look on her face. Emma was scared. Her First reflex was to back up, but she was already against the wall.

“Karen… Be careful about what you’re planning to do.” said Emma, her voice trembling.

“Oh, I will, Emma. I will.” she said, her voice low, becoming like wind, blowing on Emma’s face as she got closer.

Karen grabbed Emma’s breasts with her gloved hands and gently squeezed it. Emma was still tense but was quickly relaxing. She wasn’t about to hurt her, she was… oh darn.

Karen’s hot mouth was slowly approaching Emma’s, ready to kiss. She was getting hot. Karen was getting hot. Their hot breaths were dancing together. Karen’s arms let go of the breasts and rose up, following Emma’s arms, latex sliding over latex. Their tongues met, softly touching, their tips slowly turning around one another. Karen’s hands slid down, over Emma’s arms, then shoulders, along her thin waist, the dress revealing that she was wearing a corset underneath it. The hands reach lower, to her bottom.

Karen pulled on Emma’s butt, forcing her hips forward while the two mouths interlocked with a passionate kiss.

Karen thrust Emma’s crotch against her only to startled.

“What the…” said Karen, putting a hand over Emma’s crotch.

“Yeah.” said Emma with a whispery voice. “I’m locked in. What did you expect?” she said with a wink.

Karen raised the short dress to reveal a shiny steel chastity belt.

“You can’t do anything, Karen. Ben has the remote app.” said Emma with a mix of resignation and sadness.

“Oh, but I know what can be done without the remote.” said Karen, letting go of Emma to look around the room.

“Ah! There.” she said, pointing to the cheminee, on the mantle, where she took the magic wand. She checked the battery indicator.

“Great! Full charge. Let’s have some fun.” she said, heading toward Emma with a devilish smile.

“I… I dunno, Karen. I’m locked in so I won’t stimulate myself while my Master is gone. That would… be wrong.” said Emma.

“I find you talk way too much.” said Karen, grabbing a leather face mask with a ball gag she happened to notice on her way back and quickly pushed it inside Emma’s mouth, tightening all the straps tightly, like she had to suffer when Emma put something similar on herself.

“You teased and tormented me to exhaustion last night. It’s my turn.” 

The loud humming sound of the magic wand getting in action, at full power on the steel belt echoed inside the room, as well as Emma’s muffled screams.

Oh yes, it was awesome. Karen was actually enjoying it. She had control She was inflicting… pleasure? Can someone inflict pleasure?

She liked it. Could… could she be a Dom and not a sub?

She pushed hard on the magic wand, forcing the vibration through the belt, up to Emma’s toys. She squirmed in her bonds, her back against the wall. She could only move her feet, but Karen was blocking them with her own latex coated legs.

Emma’s breathing became faster. Her eyes closed as the orgasm engulfed her.

Damn, that was good. It was a mix of emotions for her: she was a sub, but with another Master, but said Master wasn’t authorized by her real Master. That an unauthorized forced orgasm. What will happen? Will she get punished?

She had no real choice, she was tied up. She could only suffer. Suffer the joy of an orgasm. Suffer the guilt of going against her Master’s orders of not masturbating.

Oh, wait. She wasn’t masturbating. Someone else was manipulating the toys. Someone else was forcing her. She wasn’t acting against her Master’s orders. She was getting abused. Against her will. Well, okay, not exactly against her will, but against her wishes? Even that wasn’t holding the road. Oh fuck.

She tried to repress it. She tried to think of something else. It partly succeeded, until Karen pinched one of her nipples. Oh gawd! If only Karen knew how to trigger an orgasm… no, wait. She shouldn’t know . All of this was wrong. But it was so good.

Karen pinched one ofher nippels again. It was a rather soft pinch, her nipple coated with two layers of latex, and Karen’s fingers also coated with two layers of latex, but she liked it. She liked that little pain.

She wanted to fight her bonds, but only her arms were tied. She wrapped her legs around one of Karen’s legs, closing her thighs at the same time over the magic wand, squishing it between her own legs and Karen’s thighs.

“Oh, wonderful. Hands free!” said Karen as she let go of the vibrating toy. With both her hands free, she pinched both of Emma’s nipples.She moaned loudly. To shut her up, Karen kissed her, over the ball gag. She pushed hard and with her head still covered with the latex hood, it created a seal over Emma’s mouth and nose.

Emma was suddenly out of air. She was out of breath, her crotch vibrated, her nipples pinched and forced suffocated. And all of that done by pretty much a stranger!

Her eyes flipped over and she exploded. Her body was run over by strange convulsions, traveling like waves. Karen felt it. She knew what it was, and she wished she could, one day, experience it. She hold Tight on Emma, pressing the vibrating wand on her crotch, pinching her hnippels, blocking her air, and when she finally released, she let go of everything: the kiss, the nipples and the crotch, which ended Emma’s adventure with an abrupt stop.

That sudden stop, in the middle of an orgasm was frustrating as hell, and arousing as hell at the same time.

She was pissed off and glad at the same time. That was pleasure and punishment at the same time.

Karen took a step back to watch Emma’s shaking body.

“Well, Annie should be here any moment now. I better get out of this latex so she can put it on. After all, she is the real cook here. She said with a grin. “Well, catch you at dinner, I guess?” she added, walking to the door.

Then she noticed the wand on a pedestal.

“Oh! What do we have here?” she asked, getting closer. “Should I… Nah. I shouldn’t.” said Karen turning back, then looking at Emma’s pleading eyes that were definitely saying ‘NO!”, she smiled.

“What the heck! Why not.” she said, grabbing the stand and putting it in front of Emma, aligning the vibrator so it would press firmly on her crotch.

But the problem was that Emma’s feet were free. She can move away from the vibrator. Damn. Which one would be more devilish: free to move close or far, or not free at all and having to suffer the vibrations again and again… and again? That’s when she noticed the ring on the floor to which was attached a short chain, right below Emma’s feet.

She got back up, feeling the latex pinch her crotch as she did so. She put a hand there. Oh yeah, she was hot. She liked it. She browsed around and found a carabiner. She was quickly back on her knees, pulling up on the chain and down on Emma’s ankle cuffs so the link would be taut.

“There. How does it feel?” she asked as she raised up, looking at Emma’s eyes.

Her eyes were shooting daggers. Yes, she could move away from the vibrating head, but it would pull on her bonds. That was devilish.

“Have fun.” said Karen, turning the vibrator on.

Emma twitched and immediately tried to get away from it. She was not to masturbate, but Karen put the vibrator there for exactly that purpose. Her brain was confused. Would she get punished for it? That situation has never happened before. Karen slowly walked to the door, her latex skin creaking. She stopped, looked puzzled and bent down to pick a piece of leather.

She slowly walked back to Emma, getting closer, as if she was ready to kiss her and snapped a blindfold on.

Emma moaned. Then she felt Karen’s hot breath through her nose as she was kissed over her panel gag. The last thing she heard was the door being closed.

Then all was silent. Sort of. The humming of the vibrator, put on some random setting was wreaking havoc, even through her chastity belt. It wasn’t as powerful as when Karen pushed hard the magic wand, but she could feel it.

The base holding it was quite heavy and if she pushed on it, it barely moved. It would tilt backward a little but now slide away. She had only one way to stay out of touch, and that was by backing her buns to the wall, but with her feet linked away from the wall, it made her pull on her wrist cuffs and created a quite uncomfortable position.

Damn! She hated Karen.

Damn! She liked Karen.

Karen walked back to the kitchen. She had a special liking for those boots. She might get a pair. She momentarily brushed her latex coated butt, feeling it but mostly, worked the hood to take it off, pulling it from under the catsuits where it had literally fused with her damp skin. It popped off with a layer of sweat, her damp hairs falling on her shoulders, dripping sweat running down her chest, her breasts. She felt the small droplets slide down.

For the first time in hours, she was feeling the air on her skin, on her face. It felt weird. She took a long breath and as she entered her room, grabbed a towel and dried her face and hair.

She heard some noise.

“Karen? Are you there?” she heard Lynda.

“Yes, I’m here. Be right there.” said Karen, getting out of the bedroom into the kitchen.

“Oh my… your face.” said Lynda, giggling. “Well, latex does that to you.”

“What do you mean… oh” said Karen as she saw herself in the small mirror, her face all pinkish and wrinkly. “I… I just took it off. Emma just unlocked me from last night’s setup.” she said, still holding the latex hood.

“Yes, I heard about it.” said Lynda, pouring herself a cup of coffee and putting two slices of bread in the toaster. “Just toasts and meat spread. I can manage it. You can go take the suit off and take a shower.” said Lynda.

Karen stood there. Not moving.

“Something wrong? Oh, need help to take off the corset?”

“No… No… It’s not that. It’s… I don’t know.” said Karen, looking down at herself, at her shiny arm. 

“Well, Annie is going to need it, remember? For the cooking outfit? At least the clear catsuit.”

“Oh, right.” said Karen, almost disappointed. “It’s funny. I kind of feel relieved to take it off, but it also means that I’ll be going home… sort of.”

“Well, yeah. Sorry about that, but, well, that’s life.” said Lynda, and that’s your choices.”

“And…” added Karen. “I kind of like it there.” she said, rubbing her latex coated arms.

“You can always get yourself one.” said Lynda, “and wear it home… wherever you’ll end-up.”

On that, someone entered. A young blond woman. She was wearing extremely tight red leather jeans, a leather jacket and high heels sandals. Karen almost saw herself in that woman. They shared a passion for similar outfits.

“Speaking of the devil,” said Lynda. “Hey, Annie! How are you today? Feeling better?”

Annie looked puzzled, staring at Karen for a moment, before turning her attention back to Lynda.

“Can… Can I talk to you in private?” she said, a worried expression in her eyes.

“Shit… Yes, Annie. Come to my office. I’ll see you later, Karen. In the meantime, just take your latex off so that it will be ready for Annie.” said Lynda.

“Karen?” said Annie. “So, you’re the one who filled in for me? I heard about you.”

“Really? How? I…”

“Ben phoned me to tell me about last night’s… adventures. We had a good laugh. Apparently, you were quite good.”

“Well… I don’t know… Anyway, better take this off now that you’re back.” said Karen.

“No, don’t take it off. I mean… not now. Wait.” said Annie with a strange smile heading off for Lynda’s office.

“What the hell, Annie? What’s going on?” asked Lynda as she rushed to reach Annie, who had taken some lead.”

Karen stood there, stunned. Why not take the suits off? The only reason she could think is that she would be making lunch. No big deal. She could take the outer suit off and keep just the clear one, putting the cook outfit over it, like it should.

About fifteen minutes later, while Karen was cleaning the kitchen, Annie walked past behind her and into the bedroom, to get out a few moments later with a small bag.

“Well, Karen, The job is open, and it’s yours if you want it. Apparently, you fit in well.”

“What?” asked a stunned Karen. “Wait. What for? Is it because of me? What did I do? How about dinner?”

“Sorry,” said Annie, smiling. “You have to take care of it. I’m already out of time. I have to go. I’ll see you… probably.” she said as she rushed out.

As she left the kitchen like a wind gust, Lynda was coming in.

“Okay, sorry to… see you go… damn, she literally ran out.” said Lynda.

“What’s the fuss? What’s going on?” asked Karen. “Is she pissed off because I filled in for her?” she asked, distressed, afraid to have done a bad thing.

“Oh, no. Not at all. In fact she was happy to see someone doing her job and in full latex. The thing is that she always wanted to become a doctor. She applied at medical school in Metropolis but the groups were full, so she was to wait another year. However, she got a call that someone dropped off and since the classes only began 2 weeks ago, she was asked to join it, but it had to be right now, as she has two weeks to catch up. That’s why she’s leaving in such a hurry. She’s currently missing classes.”

“Oh… Well, good for her, then.” said Karen.

“And bad for me. I just lost my cook… unless.” said Lynda with doggy eyes. “I mean, you said that you were on vacation. Maybe, you can take your vacations here… and be paid for it. It will give me time to find someone else.” she said. “Someone with the competences and the… you know… to do it all isn’t going to be easy.”

“Uh… well…” said Karen. “I’ll think about it.”

“Yeah… hum… so… since you’re already here and the next bus is tomorrow morning, you think, you know… lunch and dinner?”

“Yeah. I’ll take care of it. I think.” said Karren, her mind elsewhere.

“Uh… okay… Erm… I’ll let you to… whatever you need to do.” said Lynda.

Karen finished her chores and walked to the bedroom, laying on the bed.

Now what? Taking her whole two weeks of vacation here? Getting paid? Not a bad idea. And with the money she could make playing the rubber slave, it can give her enouth to walk out of Phil’s apartment and find her own, find a better paying job. And that would give her time to think about what she would do once her vacations were over.

After some time, she got up. She had to fix lunch after all. She began to prepare the menu, the food, but something was missing. She unknotted the corset and pulled it tighter. However, she was not strong enough to fully close it, but it would have to do. She looked around kind of searching for… cuffs. Whay? No way. Well, she liked to be impaired, restrained while doing her work.

No. Can’t be.

Yet, the more she worked, the more she was missing the cuffs, the restraints, the limitation.

Maybe if she asked Emma.

Yeah, right. The way she left her she wouldn’t be allowed in that room ever again.

At least, she could serve lunch in full latex. She struggled but she managed to put the hood back on. She welcomed the feeling of latex against her face, the restriction it gave to her jaw, always pulling it close, the dampening of the sound. She wished there could be more. Yeah. Weird, she wished she was in handcuffs, her feet hobblin, struggling to reach the pots, the pans, the spices, even getting the eggs out of the refrigerator. Everything that was easy to do, she wished it had been difficult, challenging, that she would had to find a way to grab the large bowl, get the parsley closer. Everything.

She surprised herself at humming, enjoying every little pinch her double layer of latex were offering her, how clumsy her fingers felt, how not feeling the texture of the food was arousing.

She nevertheless prepared a wonderful menu for the guests, and she had to serve it. The guests were delighted and many thanked Annie. Karen didn’t correct them. She didn’t care. She was happy doing it.

Her concerns were for Emma. She was especially waiting for her to come have lunch. She wanted to see her eyes, how she coped with the little challenge she gave her, but as people were leaving and the dining room was getting empty, Emma’s table remained lifeless. She waited longer, but Emma never came.

She felt bad. What if she went too hard on her? What if she was stuck? Hell, no, Ben was watching her through the camera. Anyway, all she did was link her ankles to the floor and put a vibrator in her crotch.

Should she go have a look at her? Was she alright?

She creaked her latex along the way to the room and gently knocked on the door. No answer. Slowly, almost with fear, she turned the knob, but.. It didn’t. It was locked. She was sad and happy at the same time. The door was unlocked when she walked out, meaning that if it was now locked, it meant that Emma did it. All was fine. Just Emma not showing up for lunch was puzzling.

She went back to the kitchen, to her room, passing Lynda’s office along the way.

“Hey, Karen. How is it going? Still in full latex gear, I see?”

“Yes, Lynda. I’m doing fine and I sort of… like it. I may get myself one when I’ll be back home.” she said, gently rubbing her thighs with her gloved hands.

“Of course, you will. Oh, I wanted to pass the comment: many guests sort of… complained about the lunch you served.” she said with a smirk.

“Complained?” asked Karen, shocked.

“Yeah… They said it was too good for the price they paid.” said Lynda with a wink. “I may have to update my price list.” she added, smiling.

Karen let out a long sigh.

“Uh! You got me going there! Thank you. Lynda.”

“No, thanks to you. I know you’re just out of the lunch menu but any idea for dinner? Do you need anything?”

That put Karen back to her job, to her idea.

“Oh, as a matter of fact, yes.” she said, walking closer on her ballet boots as if she was barefooted. She had almost forgotten about them, then sat in the leather chair, her rubber creaking as it semi-stuck to the fine leather. “I had this idea…” she began, explaining the menus for the rest of the week, which pleased Lynda because with it, she knew Karen would stay over the weekend.

Dinner came. Karen rushed in the kitchen, often pulling at her corset, wishing it was tighter. Her idea was good but she might have not thought it through considering she was alone, and she realized she wouldn’t have been able to pull it off if she had been in bondage.

Nonetheless, service was done but no Emma nor Ben. She was getting really worried. When the last guest left the dining room, Lynda walked in with a long face.

“Geesh, what’s up? Emma? Ben? Is there a problem?” asked Karen.

“Well, you tell me. Ben just called and he seemed dry. He wants their dinner delivered to their room. We usually don’t do that, but I will make an exception this time. Can you take care of it? You’ll do the cleaning later.” said Lynda, evidently concerned.

“Oh… shit. Yes, yes. I’ll be right on it.” she said hurry to get to the kitchen and prepare huge plates, about two portions each and a generous dessert. She put all that in a tray and struggled to bring it to the room.

She knocked.

“Yes?” she heard Ben ask from the other side.

“It’s Karen with your dinner, Sir.”

“It’s open,” he answered.

Damn. The tray was almost too heavy to be held with one hand, yet she had to use one to turn the doorknob. A little bit of the main sauce dripped into the dessert dishes as she leaned the tray too much to the right, but she managed to open the door and grab the tray back. She entered the room.

Emma was there, sitting in a straight wooden chair. Her arms tightly tied to the armrests of the chair by wide leather straps at the wrists, forearm and upper arm. Her legs were tied into a similar manner with leather straps wrapping them tightly, individually, at the hip, upper leg, below the knee and ankle. More straps were wrapped around her waist, below her breasts and just under the arms. Her head was held by a large strap around her neck and another tight one over her forehead. She was blindfolded and gagged.

Karen wanted to comment but she remembered that she had to keep her mouth shut when Ben was there, unless allowed to.

“Put the tray on the table.” said Ben with a dry tone. No thank you, no please. It was an order. Plain and simple.

Karen lowered her head and walked to the small table to carefully put down the tray, immediately taking a napkin and wiping off the sauce that had spilled on the dessert.

Ben approached her and turned her around to access the corset lacing. He then proceeded to lace it close. Completely. Although Karen had loved for the corset to be tighter, it now felt way too tight, but she was not to complain. Deep inside, she liked her sudden shortening of breath, the rigidity, the encasement, the hug provided by the corset, even if it was unyielding.

He walked away to come back with a few items, but since he was staying behind Karen, she couldn’t see what it was. The first item was, without surprise, a ball gag which was tightly put on, forced deep inside her mouth. Well, she deserved it. Then steel cuffs were added, locked on her wrists, but her arms were let free. Next, he wrapped something around her neck. That thing was rather large and very heavy and very… constrictive.

It rested on her shoulders and tightly wrapped her neck, going up behind her head and under her jaw, pushing it up, forcing her head rigid. And it got tighter. And tighter. She thought it was some kind of neck corset. Silly. A neck corset isn’t a thing.

Swallowing became difficult. This thing was really tight, and rigid when she finally felt him knotting up the lacing. AS he let go, she quickly put her hands on that extreme thing, feeling it, how rigid it was. Damn, she couldn’t do anything with her head or her neck. Her whole upper body was rigid, by the corset and the extreme collar. She couldn’t turn her head nor look down, or up for that matter. That felt strange and a little bit scary. That was really restricting her without impairing her way to walk or run away, but try to run, or even walk, looking up.

Ben kneeled and opened Karen’s crotch zipper. Her breath was shaking. She wasn’t afraid. She was even eager to have the wonderful toys stuffed inside her. She didn’t offer resistance. However, the toys felt a lot larger and a lot heavier than in her memories. The zipper was then closed. She was expecting the chastity belt. Well, she was hoping for the chastity belt, to keep the toys locked and fully inserted, but instead, Ben approached a chair, put it straight in front of Emma and had Karen sit on it.

She moaned as she sat, because the hardwood of the chair pushed her toys up. It was also weird to sit with her upper body totally straight.

Ben kneeled by the chair and took some lengths of rope, tying Karen’s ankles to the leg of the chair with multiple coils of rope, making sure she couldn’t get away from the chair by any means. He then wrapped a few coils around her waist and asked her to get up. He seemed to take some measurements or tie something to the back of the coil before instructing her to sit back down. She almost heard the clank of her steel toys against the chair. She moaned again.

He finally linked her wrists cuffs together. Totally together. She could barely pull her wrists apart. He took one of the plates of food and placed it on Emma’s lap, pushing Karen’s chair closer, before taking Emma’s gag off, which let out a large pool of drool that Ben quickly wiped off.

“Feed her.” said Ben. Pure and simple. No please, no thank you, just a plain, direct order.

And that’s when the predicament dawned on Karen. She couldn’t look down, or barely, to take the fork and grab some food in it.

She had to get up to reach Emma’s mouth who couldn’t move the width of a hair from the chair. And when she tried to get up, she realized that Ben had linked the waist rope to the back of the chair with not enough length for her to stand up completely.

Struggling to get half up, standing on her toe boots, legs spread on the sides of the chair, unable to bend her neck to have a clear look at what she was doing, trying to find Emma’s mouth which, herself, could barely open because of the tightness of her own latex hood. This would make a mess. One hell of a mess.

And she realized how devilish the heavy toys were. No, they weren’t vibrating or anything, but each time she would sit, they would be pushed in, slightly, but still. And everytime she would get upp, they would fall out a little. Just enough to play, just enough to toy with her. Just enough to barely tease. Just enough to prove extremely annoying.

Each time she would sit down, she would moan. Half the food did not reach Emma’s mouth but fell somewhere on her suit.

During that time, Ben was sitting nearby, eating his plate of food, looking at the show and smiling.

And Karen fully understood what being a punished latex slave meant.

And she liked it.

Unbeknownst to her, this was just the start of the evening.

After maybe half an hour of struggling and dropping food everywhere, after Ben had finished his plate and almost licked it (it was that good!), he took the plate from Emma’s lap, had Karen off the chair, standing up, waiting.

He untied Emma from the chair, removing her blindfold. As she got up, all the food that was on her suit either fell on the floor, on which she walked, inadvertently or not, or smeared down her shiny purple latex skin.

‘That will be easy to wipe off’ thought Karen.

Emma walked to Karen, looking at her with daggers in her eyes. Yes, she was pissed off, and it was understandable. She got punished for something she didn’t do… or wanted in the first place.

She walked away and came back with more steel cuffs, wrapping them around Karen’s ankles and linking them with a very short chain. She removed the coils of rope around Karen’s waist and put the chastity belt on, pushing the steel toys deep inside. To Karen’s relief, she removed the dreadful neck corset but replaced it by the same posture collar she had on their first session, then linked her wrists to it with a rather short chain.

She walked away, coming back with a bucket of water and a towel, put it down and stood in front of Karen. All this time, she was walking on the fallen food bits, squishing them and spreading them all over the room. She pointed to the floor, to her own suit then to the bucket of water.

“Clean your mess.” said Emma in a dry tone. Damn, that tone was cold. Karen never thought she could be that cold, that… dominant?

The first challenge came to get down on the floor, to kneel. It’s relatively easy when your feet are laying flat on the ground and you can spread your legs, but her feet were pointing down in her ballet boots and her ankles were linked pretty much together.

She struggled and fell to her side. Emma stayed of ice. Ben was watching. She could almost see a smile on his face. He was liking it.

Karen struggled to get back up on her knees, then with both hands tied together, and linked to her neck, reached for the bucket. She had to crawl on her knees to reach it, then crawl again on her knees to get to Emma and clean her suit, having to raise her body because of the limits of the reach of her wrist chain, then crawl again to the bucket.

She repeated it over and over again until Emma seemed satisfied. Emma turned around and lifted her booted feet. Yeah, of course, clean the sole of the boot. More struggles. When she was happy, she walked away, of course, still stepping a little over the spilled food, and sat beside Ben, watching Karen struggle to clean the mess.

It was hard, exhausting, and especially difficult since all that constant crawling, bending and stuff, simply moved her steel toys. Quite a few times, she tried to reach them, only to be blocked by the steel chastity belt. Damn. Fuck! That was hellish.

It took a long time and when she was finally done, she collapsed on the floor, on her side, panting. She was ready to go to rest, to go to sleep or whatever, but no more chores. Please.

Her pleading eyes were very clear on that matter.

“Oh, no worries.” said Ben, “you’re going to rest. A lot.”

Karen looked at Emma who was smiling. She was afraid. What the hell had they in store for her? Anyhoo, no matter what they had planned, she couldn’t resist. She was out of energy.

They laid out a large foam mattress on the floor and covered it with some sort of latex sheet inside a steel frame. They removed Karen’s steel cuffs but left the posture collar and helped her crawl inside the rubber bag.

She wasn’t sure what to make of it. Should she be afraid? A rubber bag is not exactly a sleeping bag.

As her head was about to go in, Ben removed the ball gag and replaced it with some surgical breathing mask, covering her nose and mouth. Karen realized that the breathing tube of the mask in question was going through the top layer of the rubber bag.

And the bag itself was stretched over that tubular frame. What was going on? Will she be simply kept inside this thing?

The rubber was closed over her and everything became black. All she could hear was the noise of her breathing through the breathing tube. And her heart, pounding hard.

“Take a relaxed position. You’re going to be keeping said position for the next… oh… 8 hours?”

Eight hours? Eight hours in this thing? Take a relaxed position? What the hell was he talking about? She was not about to spend…

With a loud whooshing noise, her world collapsed around her. She felt being engulfed, wrapped, enveloped by the latex bag, pinning her down. She tried to move. She managed, barely, before she was glued in place, unable to move.

No, wait. She could move. She could bring her legs toward one another, or even bend her knee, squeeze her hand to make a fist. Not completely. Only partially. And with great effort. But as soon as she was releasing the grasp, her limb, her finger was drawn back to its original position. That was so weird. She was restrained and she wasn’t at the same time. She fought it. She tried to get free, but she only managed to exhaust herself.

But that feeling! Damn. She loved it.

The whooshing noise stopped. She thought she was getting released but no. Everything stayed the same as if the latex sheets were glued to her. Oh darn! She hoped not. Glued in this, stuck in it for the rest of her life!

Somehow, the thought made her hot.

“It’s called a vacbed.” she heard Emma say through the two layers of latex her head was covered with. “You can fight it all you want, you will never get out until I release you.” she said with a very sadistic tone in her voice. “Now, let’s have some fun.”

Then all was silent. All was black. She couldn’t see through the latex layer. Then she felt something, a touch. It felt weird, disconnected. She could feel the pressure but not what it is. She assumed it was Emma’s finger. The touch moved, going from her neck down to her left breast where it made a few circles around her erected nipple, then back up to her neck and down to her right breast where it did the same little dance before going back up to her neck and go down, between her breasts, down to her belly, over the corset where she lost the feeling, only to find it back at her crotch where, again, it began to make some circles around her vagina, going to the inside of her thighs, back to her crotch, then down her left leg, and back up and the same thing to her right leg before going back up, to her crotch, over her corset, between her breasts and to her neck where the pressure disappeared.

It reappeared shortly after but it was different. Can it be?… Yes, it was cold. Cold as ice. She was feeling that cold finger, or whatever it was, doing the same dance as the first touch. It was arousing. It was chilling and hot at the same time. Her breath was shaking now, as one cold touch point was playing around her breasts, another point, feeling like sharp spikes, began to play around her crotch. It was as if the claws of kittens were walking over her crotch, lower belly and her hips.

She tried to close her legs, fighting against the invisible forcefield holding them opened. She barely managed to close them, only managed to get tired. Damn!

That was so awesome. She tried to move her head. Yes she could, slightly move it from side to side but she was quickly forced back straight up, as when this vacbed thing was turned on.

She was a prisoner of an invisible force field. She felt no pulling at the ankles or the wrist. No pressure point from rope or anything else. She was just being held in place by a force of Nature. Everywhere! Her whole body!

The feeling points changed, from cold to hot to sharp to… damn, she could swear that hundreds of little critters were crawling over her! And it was so good, especially when a vibrating head was applied to her crotch, to her steel plugs, making them vibrate. And the pressure on the vibrator held. There was o release, no relief. She couldn’t get away from it, nor get closer.

Everything else became silent. No more touch, no more cold, no more hot. Only the relentless vibration of that thing over her steel plugs.

The orgasm was building. It was long and frustrating. Just a bad breath, a wrong struggle and the vibrating head was loosing contact and she had to start form scratch, building the orgasm.

It grew over a long period of time. So long that she thought of letting go, of just getting teased, but no. She had to have it. She had to explode.

And explode she did! From the outside, the vacbeed was about to rise off the floor. Emma and Ben were watching, comfortably installed in the bed, savoring Karen’s dessert, then kissing each other, enlacing each other, making love, while there was someone else, encased in their black latex vacbed, being tortured at their feet.

She saw planets. She saw stars. She saw galaxies. She flew out of this world as the hormones ran back and forth along her body releasing their pleasure bits to every nerve endings of her body. Yes, it was a total body orgasm. It’s even as if every one of her tiny hair follicle were dancing with the orgasm.

That was very intense. So intense in fact that she felt floating, as if she was leaving her body, her world. Wait! Did something went wrong and she was dying? Damn, if death was this wonderful, she was welcoming it. And she would welcome it again.

She was floating, on a sort of featureless cloud. She was floating on a sea of rubber, carrying her along the way, every wave, every splash was bringing pleasure. She was floating away, being carried by the sea of pleasure, her mind slowly shut down, overwhelmed, overloaded by all those sensations of pleasure. She peacefully went to sleep.

She startled.

She tried to move but couldn’t. What the hell? She tried to reach her nose, her mouth, but she couldn’t move her arm, her hand. Yes, she could move her fingers, but it felt like she was dipped into some kind of rubbery goo, feeling like she was inside a tube of bad glue, not liquid but half set.

Her brain slowly engaged. She remembered feeding Emma, the bondage, the… vacbed, the trip… Damn! She never got so high on weed. She smiled. She wish she would welcome another one but whatever was vibrating at that time was now silent.

She moaned and waited. She moaned again. Where was she? Was she still in the Kinky room? Was Ben and Emma still there? Were they watching her or… were they sound asleep? What time was it?

She tried to stretch. Her limbs held into their pose were starting to ache, to cramp. She wanted to move them, and the little play the vacbed allowed wasn’t sufficient. She tried to get up, but you guessed it, she got no conclusive results.

She tried to relax and to go back to sleep. It would have helped if she had an idea of how long she still had to undergo that bondage. One our, two? More… Hopefully not four!

She had a revealing thought. This wasn’t supposed to be a joy ride after all. She had left Emma tied up and teased for many hours without any regrets. This was her punishment. This was Emma’s revenge. She would have to suffer the consequences of her actions.

Actions = consequences.

She remembered hearing that somewhere.

She barely found any sleep after that. Perhaps a few times where she lost track of time. How long were those time lapses? Five minutes? Fifteen?

She couldn’t tell but it was more than four hours later that she felt her universe expand again, the pressure releasing around her body, allowing her to move.

She felt a rush of fresh air when the latex envelope was opened and strong hands grabbed her shoulders and slid her out of the bag.

The hands let her go when she was extracted down to her knees. Ben was there, in full classic business suit. On his side, Emma, in a clear latex catsuit and latex T-Shirt and shorts, gagged.

“Sorry to disturb your sleep, Karen but I’d like to have the breakfast I paid for, please. I’ll be downstairs in twenty minutes.” he said, walking away, followed by Emma.

Karen was just trying to get some blood up her brain. They didn’t help her get up. They didn’t help her steady herself on her ballet boots. Karen had to do it by herself, and honestly, the steel plugs didn’t help!

Stumbling, getting a hold of a piece of furniture here and there, she managed to reach the door and walked out, making her way in the corridor.

“Maybe we… you should have gone a little less harder on her.” whispered Ben.

Emma nodded a definitive NO. She had to pay.

Karen stood there, looking at the kitchen stove like it was some alien artifact. Her brain had difficulties concentrating, deciding what to do.

“Oh… yeah. Breakfast. Coffee. YES COFFEE!” she said, preparing a batch. She thought,, well she hoped that a strong coffee would jump start her brain.

She was working more or less like a zombie but managed to make a decent breakfast which was ready when Ben entered the dining room. She served him, her black latex skin shining from the early sun peeking through the windows.

Ben ate without a word. When he was about to leave, he went to the kitchen where Karen was prepping for the breakfast rush that should start in half an hour.

“You realized you were punished for what you did to Emma, right?”

“Yes. I do. I am sorry.” said Karen.

“It’s not to me you have to ask forgiveness, it’s to Emma. I can tell you that she’s over it this morning. She should be here for breakfast once she’s freed for her night bondage, around 08:30. Have a nice day, Karen.

And he walked away, leaving Karen to her work.

It was when it was time to serve the first customer that it dawned on Karen that she was still in full latex gear, in ballet heels, with the corset fully closed, even with the latex hood and posture collar on and… it didn’t bother her at all! She could feel the steel toys inside her, which were pleasurable, like wearing your favorite shoes.

In fact, she liked it. She served the customers, enjoying the tight latex wrapping her arms, walking on her toes, waist crushed and rigid, which restrained her movements and the posture collar limiting her head movements!

And she wasn’t eager to take it off. To take anything off, for that matter. And yes, she was missing something: the restraints, cuffs linking her wrists together, chains limiting her strolls. Was she becoming a rubber bondage junkie?

She put a hand at her crotch, feeling the toys. She moaned. She would have to be put on chastity control, otherwise she would play with herself. She… she should see Emma with it.

When Lynda came to check on her, she was surprised to see Karen in full gear, acting as if everything was normal as she leaned on the kitchen door frame, watching Karen work.

“Oh, hi. I haven’t heard you enter.” said Karen.

“Yeah, a latex hood has a way to dampen sounds.You seem to really… like it.” said Lynda, making a broad gesture to Karen’s outfit.

“Silly, isn’t it? It’s weird but… yes, I do like it… Excuse me.” she said as she had to cut in front of Lynda to deliver some plates.

Lynda watched her walk away, her butt tightly encased in shiny latex, showing their perfect shape. Her long legs, made longer by the ballet boots, moved like liquid tar rods as she walked. She bent down, which looked awkward but it was forced by her rigid corset and her posture collar, her arms tightly wrapped in rubber shining under the rays of sunlight now flooding the room stretched to carefully put down the plates, cups of coffee or tea, or glasses of water, juice or whatever the customer ordered.

“Customers are talking about you, you know? And it’s been only a few days.” said Lynda as Karen walked back to the kitchen.

“Oh? Really?” said Karen, expecting bad comments. “And… What do they say? That I’m a weirdo? That I’m out of place?”

“No, far from it. First of all, they are all totally spellbound by your food! I seriously will have to update my price list if you stay for a while, and they are amazed at your… way of working, in latex, tied up. It pushed a few of them to try latex and even bondage. So, in short, I have only good words for you.”

“However?… Come on, say it. There’s always a ‘but’ following compliments.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but no, there’s not. Then again…”

“Yeah, I knew it. Spit it out.” said Karen with a sigh, sure it was a comment from Ben or Emma. What she did was wrong. She shouldn’t have taken Emma’s predicament into her own hands. Just for that, she didn’t deserve to be there, to…”

“Come on, it’s not a complaint or anything, just that… I’m sad to know that you’ll leave next week. That’s all. You’re welcome to stay. Finding someone to replace Annie isn’t easy and you… fit the bill perfectly.”

“Oh… thanks.” said Karen, balancing her hands in a ‘I don’t know what to do now’, brushing them against her latex body, creating funny shuffling noises.

“Well… I believe you have customers to attend to. I’ll leave you to it.”

“Thanks.” said Karen, heading out to see if there was a table to clean up.

Lynda walked away then stopped and turned around like to add something but continued, leaving Karen to her duties.

When she arrived in the dining room, she spotted her, at the back, their usual table, in a clear latex catsuit, covering her completely except for her head. She had latex jeans and a halter top.

Karen approached her, humble, looking down. How will she react? How should SHE react?

“He… Hello Miss Emma. What can I get you this morning? Would you like to start with a coffee?” asked Karen with her usual spiel.

Hello Karen. I’ll take a coffee for sure, and a simple order of toast with cheese, and one orange, please.” she said, smiling, as if nothing happened. It sort of relieved Karen. Apparently, no hard feeling, or was it just a game?

Karen walked back to the kitchen, bringing her coffee right away, always feeling the toys play inside her, feeling the latex cling to her body, the corset, the hood. Damn, she loved everything. She prepared the orange, peeling it for Emma, making a twisting nest with the skin. She brought the plate and lay them down on Emma’s table.

“It’s not the same when you’re not tied up, isn’t it?” asked Emma. “Want it?” she said, showing a bag on the floor. She slightly opened it to show the steel cuffs and the chastity belt… with the vibrating plugs.

Karen just stared at it, not sure what to do. Hell, yes, she wanted them. But… what will happen once she gets them on? What will happen when she leaves in a week, leaving all of this behind?

Emma seemed to know the answer just by looking at Karen’s eyes, by her body expressions.

“Good, then. I’ll meet you in the kitchen once the breakfast is over, and since I’m the last one here, it shouldn’t be long.” she said, taking a bite of her toast, smiling.

Karen was fighting her feelings. It felt so wrong, yet so good. How can something feel wrong and good at the same time… Except for chocolate, but still. What the hell was going on in her mind?

“T… Thank you, Emma.” she managed to stutter, leaving Emma to her meal.

She was nervous. She kept pacing back and forth. Oh, she could have begun the cleaning, the dishes, but no, she wanted to wait, to be restrained, to be impaired. What the fuck was wrong with her? The hell with it, she liked it. That was it.

For her, it felt like an eternity of waiting but, finally, Emma came into the kitchen.

“Still willing to go with it?” she asked.

“Yes.” said Karen. “It’s weird, but… I miss it. I want to be restrained. Feels so weird.”

“It’s not weird. It’s who you are. Does having a favorite shirt make someone weird? Same for this.” said Emma, picking up the chastity belt from her bag. “Ready? Here we go.”

Emma opened the crotch zipper and removed the steel plugs from the latex sheaths inserted in Karen’s lower orifices. Karen grunt. It was a nice feeling to not having those huge plugs there anymore, and also a sense of loss, for the same reasons.

“Now, I have to warn you,” she added as she wrapped the waistband of the chastity belt around Karen’s tiny waist, holding the small brass padlock in her clear latex gloved hands. “Ben is out of town and won’t be back forTWO days” she said, making a two symbol with her fingers to emphasize it. “ The keys to your freedom… and mine,” she said, showing that she had her chastity belt under her jeans, “are with him. You, and I, won’t get released until he comes back two days from now, at the end of the day.”

Karen stood still, trying to add things up.

“That’s about sixty hours without being able to take anything off. You would be locked in your belt, in your corset, in your suit, in your boots for sixty hours… If all goes well, his trip may extend for another 24 hours. Do I make myself clear, Karen? Do you really want to go through it?” asked Emma, looking Karen straight in the eyes, as if she could read her mind.

Three days of being locked, without any release. That was nuts!. Even one day was nuts. Just thinking of it, she became hot, her breath began to shake. Three days of bondage. Three days of… CLICK!

Karen went wide-eyed. She was locked, without giving an answer.

“I read your body language, Karen, and whatever your brain was telling you, THIS is what you wanted.” said Emma, gently pushing the attached dildos of the crotch band inside Karen’s orifices. “Now, take a deep breath, those are huge.” she said, gently but firmly pushing them inside.

Karen moaned, very loudly, grabbing a hold of the nearby counter as Emma pushed hard on the huge plugs to get them to enter. Karen was panting, her hands close to her crotch, hesitating between forcing them in or pulling them out.

Some strange feeling of relief as the largest portions were through and Emma yanked the strap up to meet the waistband where she snapped another padlock.

“Feeling okay?” asked Emma.

“Yes… I think.” was able to tell Karen, overwhelmed by the sensation of the belt. She missed. Wait, what?

The cuffs were on, locked and linked before Karen realized that they were all on.

“Well, gotta go now. Of course, I want to set myself up too, you know. I’m a kinky sicko myself.” she said with a smile.

She walked away. Karen stood still for a long moment before realizing that she had chores to do: the dishes weren’t about to clean themselves. She went to work, impaired by the short hobble chain, struggling with her wrists almost linked together, with her corset, with her collar, with her toys. Damn, she loved it.

The guests looked hardly surprised when they saw her in full steel bondage, serving the plates. They were amazed at her cooking, impaired as she was, and many believed that she was just a front, that someone else was cooking for her, including Lynda who spent a good time of the dinner preparation just watching Karen in awe. Yes, she was doing it all. Restrained.

Once Ben was back, she didn’t ask to be released. On the contrary, she asked for more restraints, adding elbow cuffs, knee cuffs. The only thing she complained about was the gag.

“I can wear one, but I have to take it off when eating and depending on the gag, for example a ball gag, I can’t cook because I drool all over the place. I wish there was a way to be gagged and be able to eat while gagged, or an easy way to go to the bathroom and stuff.” she said after a bondage session where she and Emma were tied to each other, or rather entangled with each other.

“Well,” said Ben, “We’re heading back to Germany tomorrow but I should be back in a month or so. Maybe we can work something out. I have friends with… ideas.”

“That would be great!” said Karen.

“Does that mean that you’re officially taking over Annie? I mean, aren’t you supposed to go back to your place next Sunday, in three days?”

Karen was speechless. She had completely lost track of time, lost track of her duties, lost track of her life.

“Shit…” was all she could answer.

She left them, wishing for a safe trip back to Germany and walked to her room, laying on the bed, thinking. “What do I do now, Karen?”

On that Sunday morning, she was sitting on the edge of her bed, rubbing her rubber hands over her rubber thighs, thinking, looking at the clock. If she was to leave, she had to get out of her rubber skin now. All the keys to her freedom were there, on the desk, by her side. She had to make the decision. She had waited until the last minute, the last second. In her mind, there was no turning back. She was either staying or leaving. She was living a life of latex or not at all. She would not buy a latex catsuit, corsets and stuff on her own. To do what? To hide at home to dress up? No. She was embracing the rubber doll life or she wasn’t. There was no in-between.

She let out a sigh. She was not a rubber doll. Being a rubber doll, or a rubber cook is not a life. It’s a fantasy. She had to go back to reality, go back to city life, go back to find a job. She was pondering everything that was waiting for her, having to meet her now ex-boyfriend to get her stuff, all while working the locks, the first lock, the chastity belt. She was struggling with the key, her mind wandering, thinking, not paying attention and then… Damn! The key broke! Inside the lock!!

Now she had no way out of it unless she used some kind of power tool to cut the lock.

She looked up and took it as an omen. Someone, somewhere was telling her something. She would stay.

She would stay and eagerly await news from Ben and Emma.


Time went on. Obviously, she had to have the chastity belt lock looked over by some locksmith to take the belt off. The face on that man when he saw the lock in question! Priceless.

The job was done within a minute and she was able to take the belt off, but she was eager to get back in, in latex, in ballet boots, in corset, in restraints. She just loved it.

She had to go get the few personal items she had at Phil’s apartment. For the first time in weeks, she had to dress… appropriately. The thing was that the only street-savvy garment she had of her own was her biker’s suit.

She smiled. Why not? She put her biker suit back on. It was weird. It was so loose. She missed the corset. Could she?…

A few minutes later, she was tightly wrapped in her corset, stuffed inside her tight leather biker’s suit, trying to find her balance on her 10cm high heel boots. Yeah, that was weird, after so many weeks in ballet boots to have… proper footwear.

“You’re sure about that?” asked Lynda. “I know I’m shorter than you, but I can lend you some spandex tights or a skirt instead of having to stuff yourself inside this thick and restrictive leather suit… Ah, yeah. I get it.” she said, with a grin.

“Call me whatever you want. That’s the way I like it, and if I could spend the rest of my life in latex and constantly restained, I would be happy.

“Yeah… That’s weird.”

Karen raised an eyebrow.

“No, not that you like it, but the change in your behavior. From a total newbie of latex and bondage to a total junkie.” she said with a laugh.

“Yeah, I wonder that myself. Well, gotta go now. See you for dinner.”

Karen walked away, leather creaking, taking quite a few steps to get adjusted to the high heels. She reached Lynda’s car, and realized that she would have to sit in that small economy car stuffed inside a tight and thick leather suit, high heels, and waist impaired by a corset.

She struggled and she had to actually pull on her legs with her hands to get them through the door opening, having to adjust the seat to its farthest position so she could breathe and work the pedals of the stick-shift car with her heels…

And she loved the challenges. The challenge of shifting gears impaired by the tight leather, of turning the steering wheel, and once home, getting up-stairs, on the 5th floor. And she chose the stairs. Why not have some more fun.

Phil was stunned seeing her in her leathers.

“Well, that’s all I had to wear for the past weeks. I was finally able to find a car and come to get my stuff. Jerk!” she said as she grabbed the boxes he had already packed, before driving back home, happy to have this part of her life over, turning the page.

Oh, he tried to win her back, excusing himself for his behavior, promising it would never happen again, but Karen had none of it. She quickly got out, smiling. She was happy.

Once back at the Mansion, she put the few cases she had in the barn and was quickly back in latex, plugs, cuffs and restriction, making the dinner for the guests.

Two months later, Emma and Ben were back for another two weeks. After a long, restrictive and really enjoyable session, they were discussing over a cup of tea.

“I… I had this dream,” said Karen, “well, it’s mainly from reading some fetish stories from some guy on the Internet (Geesh… I wonder who…) and he has those stories where the woman is encased in latex, with tubes for feeding and stuff, and some sort of carbon fiber for corsets.

“Yes, I read those stories.” said Emma, “That author is popular in Germany.” she added. “But I don’t think that’s possible, right Ben?”

He kept wondering, like looking in some void in front of him.

“Ben?” asked Emma, again.

“Ya… Verzeihung… I… I was thinking. Maybe…” he began to say, then looked at Karen. “I’ll get back to you on that.” he said with a smile.

Over a year later after Emma and Ben many visits, she had a call from him.

“Well, Karen,” he began after the formal presentations, “are you really serious about being encased in rubber, or is it just some fetish fantasy. That’s one hell of a commitment.” he said.

“Well, yeah I would like it.” she said, looking at herself in her shiny rubber suit. “I think so. I guess… I need a new suit anyway, this one is so worned out that it’s about to fall apart. I mean, it has already been patched six times.”

“Well, Karen. You think about it, and if you’re really, and I mean really serious, I may have something for you. Take your time, and send me an e-mail when ready.

That night, Karen fantasized, being encased in tight rubber, unable to take it off, waist crushed by a rigid corset, feet permanently posed en-pointe, constant chastity. She was hot. She was touching herself, squishing her breast while playing at her crotch, only to be blocked by the chastity belt.

She had wonderful dreams or controlled orgasmes, of course, controlled by someone else, of struggling to do the basic tasks, and loving every second of it.

Six months later, at the off-season where Lynda could take care of everything, Karen took two weeks off, her first vacation in over a year. She didn’t tell Lynda where she was going. She got out of her latex skin and it felt weird to feel the breeze on her skin. She missed the corset but replaced it by a pair of extremely tight jeans. Not the same, but it would have to do. Well, to be honest, these were the requests from Ben. She then took a shared ride to the airport, where she had to meet some friends.

When she arrived, she was surprised to see the private jet waiting for her. She was expecting Emma to come by commercial airlines. After all, all their trips were booked on commercial airlines. Or were they? She would have to ask Emma.

As she reached the small Learjet, someone appeared on top of the stairs, through the door. Emma! She was wearing her now usual clear latex skin, under a black spandex dress. She had leather cuffs already locked around her wrists, upper arms, knees and ankles. It was obvious that her waist, under the dress, was crushed by a corset. She was waiting for Karen, holding a pair of steel cuffs linked with a short chain.

“Welcome abort Bondage Airlines.” said Emma with a smile. “Let me put those on your ankles.” she said, bending down as Karen reached inside the airplane, locking the cuffs on Karen’s ankles.

“Wow… Well, hello. I was not expecting a private jet.” said Karen.

“Oh, we don’t… publicize it. We always say that we fly commercial. It looks less pretentious.” she said with a wink. “Of course, very strict bondage is mandatory on board.” she said, pointing to a flight attendant, wearing an old-fashion uniform made out of hot pink and white latex. She was waiting with what Karen recognized as a leather armbinder.

“Oh, cool.” said Karen, turning around, offering her arms. Any restriction was welcomed.

The flight attendant tightens the armbinder around Karen’s arms, leaving absolutely no play. When Karen turned around, Emma was in her seat, fastening a leather facemask on her face, the same one Karen used to tie her to the wall many months ago.

“Really?” said Karen.

“Mandatory. Gagged and blindfolded.” said Emma, “and of course, well restrained.” she said, taking position so the flight attendant had to link all her cuffs to rings embedded in her seat, including pinning her ankles down to the floor.

“If you would please take a seat.” said the woman, indicating the seat on the opposite side of the aisle to Karen.

“And to think I was eager to have a conversation with Emma for the trip,” said Karen with a grin.

A few moments later, she was also wearing a facemask, with an embedded gag and a blindfold, a collar linked to the back of the seat, as well as her feet linked to the floor.

“Well, if you need anything, just ask for me,” said the flight attendant with a laugh.

Karen grunted. Emma giggled.

The  many hours flight was awesome. The only thing missing was being covered in latex. She felt relieved and sad at the same time when she was released from the seat and all the cuffs removed. A car was waiting for them. Emma Took place and the driver was quick to fix her numerous cuffs to links ready for her.

“You always travel that way?” asked Karen.

“Always.” said Emma, smiling.

They drove to what, to Karen, looked like a very  high-tech building, very modern. She had to undergo a lot of security checks, all cleared by Emma, walking around in full fetish gear as if everything was normal.

“People wandering around in latex here do not get finger-pointed like in North America.” said Emma. “People don’t make a fuss about it, and also, here, they are used to seeing me.”

They took an elevator, some more corridors, before arriving in a white tiled room, from the floor to the ceiling. There was a classic medical room exam table as well as a huge, sci-fi looking bed in the opposite corner. It was almost scary.

Ben was there, in a classic business suit, along with a woman who looked like a nurse in standard scrubs.

“Hello Karen, how was your trip?” he asked as he gave her a hug.

“It was… interesting.” she said, her face still showing the marks left by the tight facemask.

She was invited to sit on the exam table and after a few formalities, Ben got some folder out of a briefcase and handed it to her.

Okay, Karen, we have to be very careful here. The procedures you want to undergo are invasive. There might be some side effects, some unwanted consequences. You have to make sure, and I mean, really sure you want to go through with this. There’s not a lot of history on how those procedures turn out in the long term. In fact, there are zero. You would be the first one. Nobody can predict what will happen. Are you willing to go through?

It sank on Karen that this was a no turning back proposition. Or was it? She closed her eyes and thought. What if? What would? What can?

She opened her eyes and looked straight into Ben’s eyes.

“Yes. I want to go through with it.”

“Okay, that is settled verbally. Take those forms and read them carefully. Scratch off everything you don’t want and highlight the things you want. I’ll be back in half an hour. If you have any questions, nurse Sandra here will help you out.”

Nurse Sandra was a short but smiley woman.

“Take all the time you need. I believe you received the same documents through email a few weeks ago, right? So this shouldn’t be news to it. But just in case you missed something, I suggest you re-read them carefully before signing.

Kren looked at the documents. Yes, she had received said documents about two months before. There had even been a few back and forth for explanation and some re-phrasing of the conditions, but it was the same documents.

She took the pen, her hand shaking. She closed her eyes, thinking. Was she signing her Eden life or her Hell sentence?

She took a few deep breaths and looked at her hand. It had stopped shaking. She took it as her own body accepting it. She signed.

“Can’t wait to see the end results.” said Sandra with a smile and a strong German accent, putting the documents off Karen’s hand and laying them on the desk. “Now, we have some… hair removal procedures to undergo,” she said, inviting Karen to the nearby bathroom.

Some time later, Karen walked out, totally hairless. The small breeze of the ventilation system felt strange on her naked scalp.

“Just lay on your back, please.” said Sandra, pointing to the exam table.

Karen laid on it while Nurse Sandra proceeded with the intubing. It felt strange, weird, feeling said tube going up her urethra and suddenly having the urge to urinate as the catheter reached into her bladder.

“Don’t worry. After some time, you won’t notice it anymore.”

Then a huge plug was pushed inside her vagina, clogging it.

“Don’t worry, it’s vibrating.” said Sandra with a smirk.

“Uh-hu…” was all Karen was able to answer. It felt so usual, nothing uncommon for Nurse Sandra that she wondered if she was really the first one to undergo such procedures.

A large plug was inserted into her rectum and she was asked to lay on her back.

“This is not going to be pleasant.” said Nurse Sandra as she approached with narrow tubes, aiming for her nostrils. “They will go up your nostrils and down the back of your throat. Again, in time, you will get used to them.”

Then she approached with a larger tube.

“Anything to say before I put that one in? Because from then on, you will be mute.” said Sandra.

“Hum… Am… Am I really the first one to undergo this procedure?”

“Well, part of it, yes. The intubing, of course, no, you’re not the first one. Sealed in rubber, again not the first one. But it’s usually for a few days or a few weeks. Not for… life. That you’re the first one.” she said. “I went through it myself a few times.” she added with a wink. “I wish I would be allowed to wear latex scrubs and heels, but apparently, for some insurance reasons, I can’t.”


“If you have any doubt, you can back up. In fact, you have about three months to back up from it. After that… Who knows what will happen. Open wide and swallow.” said Sandra, pushing the tube down Karen’s throat.

It wasn’t a nice experience. She panicked but Sandra’s reassuring tone and smile made it easier. Once the tube was inserted, she slid a loose rubber bag over the hose and fed it into Karen’s mouth.

“This will get… inflated later, as well as the catheter in your bladder.” she added.

Sandra walked to a nearby desk and picked a clear plastic envelope. She opened it and took out, unfolding it, an amber rubber-looking catsuit.

“This is your base suit. This is also your three-months undo button. After that, it would have probably fused or melted or whatever with your body. That’s the part we don’t know much about. This layer will make sure your skin stays healthy under the latex. We tested it for six months in a laboratory setup. It did its job but… You do understand, right?”

Karen nodded a sharp yes, feeling the tube down her throat bend with it. That was strange.

“Okay, I believe you know the drill.” said Sandra, handing her a bottle of lube.

Karen proceeded. It was weird to breathe through her nose through tubes. Swallowing was very difficult and she found herself drooling all over. Nurse Sandra didn’ seem to bother, wiping the drool from time to time.

The suit was thin and rather stretchy, which made it easy to put on. It was made to follow every little cranny, wrapping each toe individually. Even the tubes at her crotch seemed to poke through and the material wrapped itself around them, creating a perfect seam. It was almost as if it was… alive. It didn’t exactly feel like latex either, more like a gel. A very resistant gel, tho. Sandra added a hood of the same material, leaving holes only for her eyes, the nose tubes and the mouth tube. She felt it contour her ears, even going slightly inside them!

“It should begin to stick to your skin in a few minutes. That will prevent it from riding up when we will add the first latex catsuit over it.” said Sandra.

Karen stood there, feeling this strange material almost move itself over her body while Sandra fetched another plastic bag, this one filled with a more standard looking latex catsuit, although a little dull-looking.

“Okay, time for the first latex suit.” she said, taking away the first lubricant bottle and replacing with another one, which was more gooey.

“This one is glue,” said Sandra with a smile.

She helped Karen spread the glue everywhere, making sure no spot was missed, then helped her out with the first catsuit. That fit was very tight. They didn’t want any pockets of air.

Karen liked the sensation, feeling the suit tightly wrap itself around her body. She had been missing it for the past day or so, when she had put on her vanilly clothes for the trip. Damn, that felt so good. The hood was added, which contains clear lenses over her eyes. She felt something poke in her ears, even breaking the first suit layer. She knew this was to be expected. Nonetheless, that made her almost deaf.

Then another layer of glue and a second one was put on. That one being very shiny and even thicker and tighter than the first one.

Karen’s breath was shaking. It felt so good. She could feel the squeeze of the latex over her stomach, her legs, her arms. Each breath required effort to stretch the three layers of suits. She moved her arms, her legs, feeling the rubber strain, stretching with every movement. Even her neck was starting to get stiff with the layers.

She was barely able to move her jaw, that latest hood holding it shut tight around the rigid tubing going through her lips. Already, the tubes going down her throat and nose were not bothering her. She could breathe freely.

Sandra made sure that no winkle was left, smoothing the suit everywhere, then went to the table, actually behind it, to retrieve three rather large boxes. She opened the first one and got out a large semi-rigid garment.

“Wunderbar! That is one complete corset, Karen. You like restrictions a lot.” she said.

Karen nodded yes. Well, that was true, but that garment looked a lot more intimidating in real life than in her imagination.

Sandra approached and opened the garment so that Karen could put her feet in it. It was a mix of a corset and a bodysuit, the panty section acting as a built-in chastity belt. She would not access her toys. EVER. And her waist will be crushed by the corset-sized garment, as well as cover her breasts. On one hand she will have extreme stimulation and on the other hand, total denial.

The corset was made of carbon fiber. It fit rather loose over her body and Karen was a lot saddened by the fit. She tried to show her disappointment to Sandra.

“Oh, nothing to worry about. It has to be loose so it can fit over your body. Once you’ll get exposed, it will revert to its intended shape. Believe me.” she said with a wink. “You’ll love it.” she said, making sure the tubes at her crotch were through their respective holes at the crotch.

Sandra closed the corset on the back by simply pressing the two edges together, sticking like play-doe. 

The next box contained the boots. Long, sleek, going over the knees and with pointed feet, without any heels. They too were made out of carbon fiber compounds. The foot was rather rigid, allowing her to somewhat stand up.

“Wow. I didn’t realize that these were going over the knees. You won’t be able to bend them at all? That will be weird to walk.” said Sandra.

Karen nodded no. She didn’t want her knees to be stiff. That was a mistake, an error. She tried to pull her feet off.

“What’s wrong?” asked Sandra, puzzled. “Not what you wanted? Let me double-check.” she said, going over the folder. “Oh, I got it here. The knees are flexible. Not totally, it won’t bend more than 90 degrees, but you will be able to bend them.” she said. “Is THAT what you wanted.?”

Karen nodded yes and relaxed, pulling the strange material up her leg, feeling it engulf her feet, her calf, her shin. She liked it and couldn’t wait for them to really get tighter.

The last box revealed a quite complicated garment, a mix between a hood and a gasmask. Sandra approached and linked the breathing and feeding tubes to ports on the mask before flipping it over and pulling down the carbon fiber hood over Karen’s head and neck, going down almost to her shoulders.

“You do realize that when that will be cured, almost no head movements will be possible, right? You will be able to turn it and bend it somewhat, but only from the very base of your neck. That’s what you wanted, right? Just double checking.” said Sandra.

Karen nodded yes. That’s what she wanted. The hood was smoothed. That last layer completely blocked the sounds to her ears, and the dark tinted lenses greatly reduced her eyesight. She knew that all would be controlled later.

“Very good. All is set I believe. Do you recall if I forgot something about your setup? Asked Sandra, looking straight at Karen’s face, articulating clearly knowing that Karen couldn’t hear much now.

Karen thought for a moment. Everything was there: the latex suits, the corset, the ballet boots, the hood, the gasmask. She nodded no.

“Very good. Please lay on your back on the V.F.P.W.G. machine.” (Variable Frequency Pulsed Wavelengths Generator – I had to come up with a name for that thing…)

“Oh, I almost forgot. Emma asked if she could witness the procedure. She’s very interested in it. Who knows, she might be next.” she said with a wink.

Karen nodded yes. Of course Emma was welcomed to witness the procedure.

She didn’t hear Emma’s high heels clicking on the tiled floor as she approached the device, but she saw her taking place, standing by.

Sandra asked Karen for two thumbs up, which she gave.

The top portion of the device lowered over Karen and a blue glow appeared.

For Karen, she became warm and she felt her world was shrinking. The first noticeable was her head getting squeezed by the already tight hood, followed by her legs. Then it was the body suit, getting tighter… and tighter. Squishing her waist more and more. She felt her breath become shorter. She welcomed the feeling. She missed it. She just loved her waist, her hips, her chest to be tightly constrained inside a rigid corset. It was getting tighter and more stiff, rigid.

Geesh, that was tight. Too tight. Something was wrong. It wasn’t supposed to be that tight. She was about to flag Sandra when everything stopped.

She laid there, panting, assimilating everything. Her body was still warm from the fusing of the latex layers with the base layer. The top portion of the devices was lifted. Sandra and Emma helped her to sit. That was not easy with her head almost locked into position and her whole upper body stiff as a plank, only able to bend at the hips. She heard a crackling noise in her ears.

“Do you hear me, Karen?” she heard Sandra’s voice. “In both ears?”

She nodded yes as best as she could and raised two thumbs up.

“Perfect. Now…” said Sandra, punching more keys on a large remote looking like a tablet. “Seeing anything?”.

Karen’s gasmask eye lenses became totally dark. She nodded no.

“Well, everything seems to be in order,” said Sandra.

“Not quite.” said Emma, picking the remote from Sandra’s hands, scrolling through some pages.

Karen put her hands at her crotch.

“Yes, now we know everything is working.” she said as she stopped the toys from vibrating.

From Karen’s perspective, that had been awesome. Awesomely devilish. Just enough to tease her, but not enough to really feel it. It was the first time she was wearing those toys, mixed with the tubes. She was eager to try them fully.

They helped Karen stand up. Walking was a new challenge with her ankles held rigid, her torso held rigid and her neck held rigid. She couldn’t look down to see where she was walking. It was all part of the challenges she wanted. She loved it.

Sandra phoned Ben who came in a few moments later, looking in amazement at Karen.

“Is all this really what you wanted?” he asked.

Karen nodded a very frank yes.

“Gut, gut. Perfekt.” he said. “Well, we still have to conduct some tests over the next few days before sending you back to Lynda. You do understand that taking you out of it will be very difficult as of now and in a few months, it might be totally impossible, right?”

Again, a full approval from Karen.

“Well, then. Get accustomed to it, we’ll start running the tests tomorrow.”

About a week later, Lynda had a package delivered, a rather large wooden box. Puzzled, she opened it and removed the foam packing peanuts protecting the content. She jumped, startled, laughed then smiled, still removing the foam packing revealing a black shiny body, tightly screwed to the bottom of the crate with two dozens of steel straps, some documents attached to her collar.

She read the documents. She knew it was Karen, Ben keeping her aware of it although Karen wanted it to be kept a secret.

She helped her get out of the crate, a shiny woman with long pointed legs, without any heels, an incredibly thin and rigid torso as well as a face hidden by a permanently attached gasmask. 

She was already fitted with leather cuffs, ready to be tied up somewhere, or to her tasks. Those removable cuffs allowed her to be restrained in different ways rather than only by the cuffs.

She had a look at it. The boots, the corset, the cuffs, the chastity belt, all of it were made of carbon fibers and molded on Karen’s body. There was no way to take them off. At all. Especially since they had been reinforced with a steel mesh.

The gasmask featured a special hole where food, that went through a blender, could be pushed in with the provided large syringe as she was intubated for everything, from feeding to cleaning.There was also a remote control, which allowed the user to darken completely the mask lenses, to activate or not the toys embedded within the suit, even to control what she heard.

She pressed the button to make the lenses clear enough so she could see the eyes. The bright, happy eyes.

Karen had found her happy place: fully enclosed, rigidly restrained and having a task to do. She had to prepare dinner for the awaiting guests.

She made a few steps out of the box, hobbling on a short chain, arms tied in her back in a touching elbow tie.

Lynda took a key from the provided keyring and unlocked her arms. She kept her ankles linked together with the short chain that was on within the shipping crate.

“You do have a mess to clean out.” said Lynda pointing at the mountain of foam packing peanuts.

Karen turned around and struggled to kneel on the floor, with her ankles linked as well as her knees and began to fill back the crate Lynda had lowered on the floor, with the packing stuff.

Once all done, she knew what she had to do: get to the kitchen.

She walked away, feeling her new latex skin, thicker and tighter than her previous one, so she would never forget she was wearing latex. She couldn’t wait for Ben and Emma’s next visit. They promised her things. She was eager to live it.

The End.

© monsterp63

12th of May, 2022

Revised and extended by 10 pages or so.

23rd of May 2022

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17 thoughts on “Karen – The Break-up (Updated)

  1. Great story! Unfortunately, you didn’t describe Karen’s last permanent upgrade in detail! I like this part best! But it’s still one of your best stories!

    1. Thank you.
      I admit that the ending is a little “rushed out”. We’re having the earliest heat wave* in history here and I was seriously not in the mood to write a two-pages detailed description of the setup, especially since I wrote such setups a hundred of times already, and that an image will also “describe” it.
      That heat wave also explains why the rest of the art isn’t done.

      * In two days, we switched from a spring that wasn’t coming (from freezing to +10C) to 25C+ (over 30C for the last few days) for a week. Something that has never been seen in May in “weather recorded history”

  2. I like the story very much. It is so long that you can read it over a few days and think about it at night, it has 4 different characters, not everything is harmonious and straightforward – very well written.
    And: happy birthday number 59!

  3. I’m really happy and excited! I didn’t expect you to meet my little wish! You actually wrote the process of Karen’s ultimate costume! Although you said you had written it countless times before, you wrote it for me. It’s really fun. My heart has been beating wildly. I want to say thank you!

    1. Well, you can take it “like that” if you want, but I did not write it “for you”. I wrote it because I felt the story needed, the ending was too short. I’ve written it in the middle of a heatwave and I was fed up with dragging on with the story.
      The last image (#29) was originally named #27. As I wrote Karen’s departure in the airplane, I felt I should include Karen’s setup. So, #27 was renamed #28, then finally #29.

      But if you like it, you’re welcome!

      1. Yes, I like it! Like all your stories, it describes in detail the process of Karen’s every equipment! This is what I am familiar with! It’s great!

      2. Heat Wave? Maybe you can prepare an air conditioner. I personally think the effect is very good!

    1. Thanks.
      Unfortunately, I have been strongly encouraged (the details of the method used are classified) to signed a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with the company that provides encasement procedures which does not allow me to confirm or deny if said company is the same for the two adventures or any adventures that I have written whatsoever. Of course, the same NDA prohibits me to reveal, hint or imply the real name of said company. Thus, all company names hereby included in adventures are purely fictional and may or may not be the work of said company.

      Gheesh… I should have become a laywer… 😉

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