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About The Djiahanel Prophecy:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story is SCIENCE-FICTION. It is not a fetish story. No ballet heels, no corset, no chastity belt, no latex catsuit (well, almost) or bondage. It has a sexy spice to it, but it’s not kinky.

As I stated in my “bio”, I’ve been writing for a long time, my first love being Science-Fiction.

I wrote many essays on the topic, about a dozen of them I’ve kept (all written in French) and I even got published once in a magazine… which is no longer published…

Anyways, I’ve started writing a story where a spacecraft was crashing on Earth and the pilot, a woman, took a guy from Earth and brought him back with her to save her world.

I don’t recall exactly when it was written but I have background documents describing that “universe”, dating back to 1996 detailing the war, so it may date way earlier than that, I suspect around 1992.

Anyhoo, I wrote that story and I was quite proud of it. However, as I re-read it to polish it, I kept thinking “There’s more to this story. Why that war in the first place? What led them to that? What led that girl to be chased?”

So, I began to write the “prelude” to it, and I felt like Georges Lucas… Yeah, dumb.

Anyway, I wrote that first part, so the original story became “part II” of it. Then, the end of Part II left an opening for a part III, a conclusion.

So, I set myself to it.

Now, I had to fit three stories together, because, as you’ll discover, each part 1 and part 2 are almost “stand alone” stories. Only part 3 is a real merge of all of them.

So I had to go back and forth within all parts, to change a plot here and there, add a detail that would be used later, change the description of a device so it would fit in the first part, and so forth.

I also had to find a way to blend all this together into one whole story, to glue it as a whole. At that time, my sister was reading a book called “The Andes Prophecy”. Although, to my point of view, this book is shitty, the “prophecy” thing stuck, and I devised one.

It worked. Daniel was morphed into Djiahanel, and The Prophecy was created

All in all, this whole project took twelve to twenty years to make. At one point, and that for three years, I was stuck, writing a part then erasing it, writing another one only to erase it. Then, suddenly, on a hot summer day, all clicked and I went on, to the dismay of my then girlfriend. Well… I preferred to spend time writing my story than spend time with her and her mother… Go figure…

More polishing, and a lot more work to make it fit all together, creating the Prophecy, I considered it completed around 2014.

However, in Quebec, there’s no publisher interested in Sci-Fi. So it lay there on my computer, only read by family and friends. Well, not really, they didn’t show interest when I offered it. (But that’s another topic)

And now, since I obviously will not become the next Crichton or Asimov, I decided to translate it to English, discovering at the same time, how bad of a writer and a proof reader I had been, as I found multiple errors, mix-up, inversion and so forth. I hope I catched them all in the English version.

Also, I had kept the original French version relatively lame in the “sexy” part, although it is not written with fetish in mind, I added a little more spice to it when I translated it. But it’s NOT a fetish story by any means.

I am sure there are still typos, errors, huge grammatical infractions, and probably a lot of mistakes, but that’s the best I can do. Been working on translating that thing for the past month or so, heck, the past year, even re-writing a good part of Part III because my timeline was all screwed up, thanks to my dyslexia.

So, after 30 years or so, I feel it’s done now. Nothing more to change.

Enjoy it or hate it. This is it.


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3 thoughts on “The Djiahanel Prophecy – About

  1. I just cannot encourage you too much to publish your stories. No matter what topic or what time they where born. I like one story more than another but is is just my personal oppinion and maybe it is also related to my special interests so another reader will have a different view on the same topic.

    I have to admit that I just like how you write and the realism and the huor you put into your stories. Please keep them going….

    Kind Regards,

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