Calendar July 2022

8 thoughts on “Calendar July 2022

  1. Hello Pierre,

    Thank you for that the great art. It looks really nice.
    I just want to join them on there summer ride.


  2. Before I saw the pole behind Karen’s back I thought she was held in place by a very different set of poles… yeah probably not the safest option ever but it sure is the kinkier one.

  3. I find the new calendar image inspirational and sexy. I find this posture too extreme for my taste, but in a less strenous posture I would take the passenger seat and even some restraints. And would you allow me to wear a heavy motorcycle leather suit with matching boots, gloves and a helmet over the latex catsuit for my safety?

      1. Yeah, why not give it a try? In this case would go for a neoprene suit under the motorcycle leathers and choose the motorcycle leathers one size bigger to fit over it.
        And I would need an additional drinking bagpack to ensure hydration 😉

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