When you’re waiting for the computer to give you your mean to escape your self-bondage session but it’s that day of the month. (Windows OS users will understand*)

And while you wait, you start to ponder…

“… How the hell am I going to dial the combination on the safe?”

No story associated with that. Just some images I had in mind.

*Windows 10 updates on the same day every month. Automatically. You can NOT remove the auto-update feature. I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but in my area, it’s the second Tuesday of the month. The number of times I started a render that would take a few hours, just before going to bed, only to wake up the next morning with “Windows has restarted to complete its update”, you wouldn’t believe.

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9 thoughts on “Updating…

  1. Maybe you can try the pirated system. It will not be updated frequently! I don’t know if your country has this kind of software! Because I hate the latest system that automatically updates it. In fact, it may not be easy to use. They will have bugs!

    1. Pirated software are available pretty much everywhere, thanks to Internet.
      But it also means, as you stated, potential bugs and no regular updates and there’s a lot of security features that gets updated each time.

      I try to stay on “legit” websites to minimize the risks. I would chose free software (like Gimp, Libre Office and stuff) to a pirated copy or a commercial one.

      I just wish (well, everybody wishes) that Windows would not restart the computer by itself but ASK. I don’t mind the update, just the auto-restart part of it.
      And yes, you can change the time period where you allow this auto-reboot, but, for my case, I can as well start a long render before going to bed or before going to work, which are on the opposite side of the clock.

  2. Obviously, one would dial the combination very carefully… Not being able to see behind your back where your hands are. Or perhaps the servant hiding under the desk (in the gloom, invisible, unseen and unappreciated by us) would be able to help – but how would they escape their own straps to reach? Ah, perhaps the chair is on rollers…

    It is not just wunduhs systems. On a Linux “mint 21” computer, the Dropbox file-sharing system, which declines to participate in the general Linux updating protocol (which you can initiate when ready), unstoppably updates itself at its whim, and recently tried four times (about 110MB each time) repeatedly attaining version 153.4.3932, in the process disrupting a data update (the whole point of using Dropbox) so that it consumed about 2GB of transfer over sixteen hours of intermittent activity, apparently re-starting the transfer with each update. Or something. The Dropbox system doesn’t bother explaining much about what it is doing – it is all supposedly working in the background, and is wonderful. I’d given up watching at at 6am.
    If you don’t keep an eye on a long-running computer process, it will take the opportunity to misbehave early on so as to maximise the no-production time.

    1. Just take note that she has a hood and a gasmask, which adds hearing and seeing difficulties. She’s elbow bound and has her legs tied together, plus she’s wearing a corset. The safe is sitting on the floor.
      She had to sit on the floor, then reach the dial with her hands in her back, turn the knob, figuring out where it is, then check if it’s at the right place to do the combination by moving away and turning around. Three times. Not impossible, but very difficult.

      AS for Linux, I’ve had a look many, many times at Ubuntu, even installing it as a dual boot. However, although some of the softwares I use have a Linux version, the ones I use most do not, and I have to use the emulator, sometimes with disastrous results. Plus having to enter the damn “sudo…” line everytime I need to add something… no. There was a time where this was no chore, no problem, but now? I prefer the “click and pray” method. (I worked on a UNIX based system, eons ago and I was fluent with the commands. Totally forgotten now.)

  3. 🙂
    Always have a backup way out, a backup person, and all that,
    and that is a problem if no one knows that it is some thing one does,
    and even the best laid plans will have single point of failure, there is a story (I may misremember) of richard feynman during manhattan project going to a facillety and the engineers showing him the drawings of the plant and telling him about the reduntencies “if those fails then this will take over” and after a bit of time feynman not really understanding the dwarings points to a random part and ask “what if this fails” and the engineers looks at it and goes quieted, and chance feynman had pointed to something that didn’t have a back up,

    sorry that ended up longer then thought it would be.
    as for windows backups, there is a couple of thing one can do, one I have used it discornecting the internet, as it can’t update if it can get the updates, now this only works if one has also disablede the download backups in the background.
    but still I have lost many hours of work cad programs and others thing, by going to bed, and waking up the next morning to find that it had rebooted and the last save was from early the day before.

    1. Hi.
      My webmaster kind of, sort of, might act as a backup, but I should entrust someone. Question is: who? There are not a lot of people physically around me to take that role, and the rest, well, it’s internet.

      As for the updates, there’s a lot of ways to “deal with it”, but the best way would be for Microfuck to simply pop-in a window stating that a reboot is required and wait for the user to do it. You can also, like I did a couple of times, change the “busy hours” to move around the auto-reboot time.

      1. Hi,
        there are a few valid ways to postpone the restart until the user agrees with it.
        The first one is the simplest method for any version of Windows 10:

        Open Settings > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Update Notifications
        Set “Show a notification …. ” On

        After Windows update is finished with updating a dialog box appears asking to restart now or later.

        The second one is more technical and you have to understand the workings of the OS,
        Using Group Policy (win 10 Pro) settings or registry keys. Using GPEdit (Group Policy Editor) has the advantage of help information for every setting.

        Search on the internet for a Microsoft document with the title “Manage device restarts after updates”.
        This document gives a lot of options to manage Windows Update, even to notify before download and installation starts.

        1. Hello HansvW.

          Thank you for the info.
          I don’t have W10-pro, so the second option is not possible. (and I have no problems playing in the registry or any other “core” setup. I know my way around a PC… Although I sometimes goof, like ripping off the mousepad ribbon cable socket when I replaced the hard drive (for a SSD) on my crappy Acer laptop.)

          I do have “God Mode” enabled, tho.
          I am already setup as you describe. The notification states “reboot required. System will reboot outside of busy hours.” – Restart Now – Restart later (out of busy hours).
          The busy hours are not when the CPU is busy, but when it’s within the time window YOU setup. By default, it’s at night.
          I changed the “reboot window” from night to day, so if I start a render at night, I’m “safe”, but if I start a render during the day I either have to remember to change the busy hours to night or it might reboot while rendering.
          I would prefer having a constant nagging pop-up to reboot, letting me chose when I want to, rather than this damn auto-reboot.
          After all, like all good PC user, I always have 2 to 5 apps opened at the same time. (Gimp, DAZ, 4 File Explorer windows, Google Docs…)

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