Calendar: September 2022


See Calendar August 2022 for the start of this little “photo-story”.

Karen was stunned by Phil vanishing in front of her. She looked back and forth at the time machine and back where Phil was standing a few moments ago.

“Fuck you, Phil. Now I have to get that damn crystal back!!”

Holding her breath as if she was jumping into a lake, she jumped into the porthole,

She jumped arms first because she believed that she would land right were the crystal was, that she could grab it and quickly turn around and go through the porthole before it closes down. Come to think of it… how do you come back from time travel? She never used the machine before. She’ll figure it out.

However, the crystal had somewhat altered something because as she jumped, the time target had advanced one month.

It was now September 2022

She expected to fall arms first and roll on the ground but something strange happened. It was as if her body was vaporized, dismantled, and re-arranged back.

Her plunge was stopped. She was now standing. And she was unable to move. She felt stretched or something, her arms over her head. She was wearing some sort of helmet with yellow tinted eyeports. Two people were standing in front of her.

“… And Phil?” asked the blond woman. “Uh… What the…”

“Yeah, that blue flash again, but this time it seemed to come from… I dunno. Everywhere. You’re feeling alright?” answered a bald man with scars on his face.

“Yes. Strange. The same sort of flash that crippled Phil. So… how is he? she asked, concerned.

“I… I’m sorry to tell you he didn’t made it. The team tried all they could but his body was… deformed. It was as if he had duplicated himself.” he said, lowering his head. “I’m sure you understand what it means.”

“Oh damn.” she said.

“So now, you understand that we must protect Karen at all costs. We don’t know what could happen to her”

“Yes… Oh gosh.,, Yes, I understand, Mr. Thompson.” said the woman.

“She must never leave this laboratory.” he said with a very cold tone. “And she must be kept… in bondage, at all times. We… We don’t know what can happen.”

“Yes, I understand, sir.” said the woman. “It’s a matter of… National security.”

“Something like that.” he said. “Just take good care of her.” he added turning around and leaving. The woman turned to face Karen.

Karen squirmed. Tried to get free but the frame on which she was secured, didn’t move. She was feeling highly compressed, like something was squishing her waist. She also had some… intruders up her crotch, in both holes. She was feeling something strange over her skin, like rubber. She tried to speak, to scream, but something was filling her mouth and it was even going down her throat. Tubes seemed to be running up her nose. What the hell was going on? What happened?

The woman turned toward her and slowly approached. Karen struggled to turn her head, impaired by the bonds.

“Well, Karen, You’re in for the ride of your life… for the rest of your life.” she said with a grin.

As she approached, Karen noticed that she was wearing some sort of shiny pants and very high heels. Funny she noticed those things. Perhaps because she, herself, liked those. After all, she was working in the propulsion lab with the tightest and shiniest white suit she could find and high heel booties.

But she also noticed something else. Her eyes became wider!

There it was, the crystal. All she had to do is retrieve it and… find the porthole back. It was simple. Only if she could… Fight… Her… Way… Out… But nothing moved. Nothing let go. How to tell that woman?

Lynda was approaching the stretched, hung-up woman, squirming, fighting her bonds. She knew she liked it that way. She always loved bondage and latex, and especially struggling. Only an accident had her in her full fetish gear when that… flash occurred, locking her in, in unknown ways, although Phil got a totally different outcome.

She got closer, way closer, putting her hand over the gasmask in a soft and sexy gesture and producing a small remote from the other hand.

“Ready for a little trip down the orgasmic lane?” said the blond woman as she pressed a button.

Inside Karen’s crotch, things became alive, pounding, vibrating, twisting, even sending some small shocks. She squirmed. It was a mix of pleasure and fear. A mix of wanting to get out and staying in.

“I’m sure this will give your friend, the writer, a lot of inspiring thoughts…”

Karen squirmed and closed her eyes.

For a moment, she was back in her time period, at school, selecting “NO” to the 21st Century English class, taking fashion design instead. She’s regretting it now, as she didn’t comprehend a word they said.


This is NOT intended to be a continuing (although anything in possible) story. There’s no full text story associated to it and I don’t plan to write one. It is what it is. No more details.

Oh… right. The calendars. Duh!

p.s. Tune-in on September 1st for more news.

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3 thoughts on “Calendar: September 2022

  1. You did say there might be a sequel didn’t you? Glad you’re updating again with a great new story!

  2. We’\ere all going to have to wait until October! Dear Karen won’t be going anywhere, just wriggling a little in place. How will she occupy her days? Hummm…

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