Images Behind The New Image (edited)


You might (or not) have noticed a new image for “news”, and recently “3-D Art” icons.

EDIT: Created new “Story and 3D Art” icon. See Below

Since I felt rejuvenated, I decided to revamp the site, with new images and new icons. The layout isn’t changed (waaaay too much work and the current one is just fine).

So, here are, in larger format, the images of the New Image of

Post Categories

“3D Art” thumbnail: That one was fun to make: a “3-d printed model” of Karen, shown to Karen… No, I do not own a 3D printer, and DAZ images can only be printed by their partner (at a ludicrous price). It is impossible to export/import D3D files to a standard 3D printer. Bummer… That would have justified the cost of getting one…
“Science Fiction” thumbnail image. Yes, more S-F stories will be posted… probably
“News and Update” thumbnail. Of course, the journalist is talking about the whole gang, so…
“New Story” (only) thumbnail.
“Story and Art” thumbnail. Yeah, the inspiration dropped there. Might update it.

This one is better:

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6 thoughts on “Images Behind The New Image (edited)

  1. Nice pictures and they look great to get the sections differentiated!

    What is the fileformat for DAZ that can be saved? Maybe there is a converter for this fileformat to .stl or other formats that can be used with 3D printers.

    1. Thanks.
      Unfortunately, DAZ format is “proprietary”. There’s no way to export or convert DAZ format into anything directly printable on a 3D printer because, at the root, it’s not a 3-D printer ready format. The ONLY way is to go through a DAZ partner, who will print it for you, of course, considering a quite hefty fee…

      Oh, I just checked and there’s apparently a way now to do it, but it requires a lots of steps because, as stated, DAZ format is not 3d-print ready.

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