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A reader, theseventhcode, made me aware of something I wasn’t. (sound kind of redundant, doesn’t it…)

There’s something called “RSS Feed” that can notify anyone with a RSS Feed Reader to be aware of any update on the site, without having to log-in every few days. This was apparently enabled on my site but unavailable, thanks to my spam filter.

Doing research, about what is RSS Feed (because I had no clue what it was) and how I could enable it through my spam filter, I was able to turn the feature on.

However, doing so, I might have opened the door for some bot crawling the site. I don’t know what that could bring. Spamming? sucking up e-mail addresses? (although I have no e-mail addresses or personal information on file, the reason why I don’t have a bulk e-mail app to send update notifications*)

In any case, if you want to try it, you just have to install a RSS Feed Reader (they’re free) and link to it, and depending of your choice of notification, you can be notified from new stuff to new comments.

If bot spamming becomes a problem, I will have to shut it down. If I do so, I will keep you informed.

Worth a try. Tell me what you think.

Thanks to theseventhcode.


*I looked into a mass-mailer app some time ago, to send newsletters, updates and such. However, firstly, that app cost money, and secondly, said app would store, on ITS OWN server, e-mail addresses of whoever subscribes to such mass mailer. And I was like “Nope. Now way I’m gonna ask my readers to give their e-mail addresses to some third party crap… I mean app.”

That RSS feed thingy might be the solution.

I’m using this opportunity to mention a few things about privacy on the site:

I don’t keep anything from any users. Yes, some people “register”, but since I have no member only section, there’s really no use for it. I don’t keep any e-mail on file on whoever writes to me, or other purposes.

Do people write to me “privately”? Yes. Do I answer: always (for as long as they give a valid e-mail address). Do I still exchange with them? Only if they want to. If they don’t answer back, after a (long) while, I delete their e-mail (and thus their address) and I go on with my life. I do have a few correspondents I regularly exchange with. How many of them? Are they are guys, gals or undecided? Where are they from? That is between me and them, and everything we exchange is private. I’m sure they could vouch for it, but that would give away their “privacy” of exchanging with me, so…

And if one of them, for any reason, stops corresponding, then I won’t chase that person. The “e-mail chain” will simply stop there. People have come and go.

The only private thing I can share of them, and I’m sure they won’t mind, is that they are living on The Earth…. I think… Anyways, no Jahana, Crom or Djahanel got in touch with me. 😉


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2 thoughts on “RSS Feed Enabled

  1. Yeah, please don’t go paying for that mass-mailer crap.

    RSS is cool and helpful – Thank You!

    Imho, the only reason it has fallen out of favor and is now mostly considered “legacy”, is that it does not support showing/embedding ads – i.e. it doesn’t help monetizing content, it’s from an era before all that shit… I’ve been using Feedbro on Firefox for a long time, if you like Firefox, you might want to have a look…

    Interestingly enough, the two newspapers I subscribe to offer RSS for subscribers – yup, it’s a monetization thing…

    1. Yes, seems quite useful.
      Of course, if someone can find a way to make money with it, it will, ahem… grow, or it will go down with the rest of the free stuff.

      We’ll see.

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