Sneak Peak: Dangerous Criminal


Story still in progress. Been reworking that story for over a week. Well, okay, I had a severe toothache that took my mind out of it for quite a few days (don’t start me on the crooks that are dentists), but still, no “release time frame” as we speak.

Phil removed his hands from the control screen, revealing that all the controls had been pushed to their maximum.

The different graphs were quickly raising up, going toward their red lines.

“Detective… I don’t suggest…”

“No. Leave it there, doctor. Ooo… Look at her!” he said.

On the wall, tightly held by the pulling chains, the woman’s body, covered in latex, twisted, her body convulsing from the electro-shocks the devices embedded in her crotch and in the suit wer sending through her body, through her mind.

Breath control was suffocating her. She was fighting her bonds, the latex creaking, the carbon fiber corset not allowing any more air.

“Yes, bitch!! YES! Suffer! SUFFER!!” yelled Phil, his face red, full of rage, or was it sadistic pleasure, watching that poor soul being almost ripped apart by the machine.

“Err… Detective?…” tried to intervene the doctor again, but Phil brushed it off with a gesture of the hand. 

“Let her suffer!” he said through his closed teeth, delighted by the twisting body in front of him.

The latex body jolted a few more times, as if her heart was giving the last push he could, then her body became limp, lifeless, as her head slowly slung down, her muscles released, and her breathing, still fast, was gradually slowing down.

“That was perfect!” said Phil. “How often can you knock her off from pain like that? Three? Five times a day? An hour?” he said, his eyes on fire.

“Err… See?… Err. Detective.” calmly said the doctor, “it’s just that… erm… she didn’t suffer. We don’t believe in pain to re-educate the mind, but with what is called… positive reinforcement.”

“She… She didn’t suffer?” asked Phil, wide eyes.

“No.. Not exactly.” said the doctor.

“Then, what the fuck just happened?”

Geesh… I wonder what happened there myself. Any idea. folks?

You know, with the 2.4 million years of evolution since the homo habilis, we’ve evolved a lot, getting bigger, smarter brains, adapting to different weather conditions, yet our fucking teeth are still connected with a network of sensitive nerves where the slightest disruption is wrapping half of your head in so much pain, you’re ready to tear your head off.

A simple toothache hurts more than cutting a finger off! (yes, I can tell the difference!). Please, oh “mighty creator”, explain that to me. (with the voice of Morgan Freeman, please.)

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9 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Dangerous Criminal

  1. About toothache! I used to be located in a deserted area because of my job! To hell with it, I got a toothache! I couldn’t go to the dentist right away, so I had to endure it for over 20 days! Then I saw the doctor and he said my nerves were killing me! Maybe you need to go to the dentist right away to stop this pain!

    1. Speculation about the story! Maybe Karen did something to discredit his detective career! Such a punishment was proposed by Karen! She wants to be permanently enclosed in a latex suit and secured in a cell for electroshock!

    2. Oh gawd! What a very satisfying answer */sarcasm.

      On a toothache a few years ago. Set an appointment, and I state “to have a tooth pulled out”. Get there, get examined. He offers a root canal I said no. Of course, he argued, but I stood firm: pull it out.
      “Well, just go by the desk and take an appointment to have it pulled out.”
      “Why? I took THIS appointment to have it pulled out. Can’t you do it?”
      “No, [some other doctor] is the one pulling the teeth, and he’s not here today”

      I was going to the USA for some technical training, which meant that I had to suffer that whole week because they couldn’t pull out a tooth out on the appointment I took to have a tooth pulled out…
      Of course, 2 visits, two charges…

      1. Well, every country is different! You don’t need to make an appointment to go to some private clinics for tooth extraction! Of course, some famous doctors or large hospitals need to make an appointment! Some small clinics can directly extract teeth. They usually have only one doctor responsible for tooth extraction, tooth filling and root canal treatment. I don’t understand that dentists in the United States must divide their work. Usually, one dentist here can be responsible for all treatment.

        1. Finally, I hope you can get rid of your toothache soon! Maybe do something you like to distract yourself!

          1. Oh, the toothache is gone, it was pulled out, which was the only solution, considering underlying problems… More to be done (read $$$). The pain started slightly on a Wednesday (sept21st to be exact). I was just reaction to cold/hot. I let it slide, thinking it would go over (did it before). The real pain came Friday evening, and the following weekend, when of course, clinics are closed. Barely slept the whole weekend. Pain killers, even “numbing gel” did nothing. Got taken care of the following Monday.

        2. I’m in Canada (not USA).
          The thing is that the “new trend” is for huge clinics with lots of assistants, dental hygienics, and lots of luxury stuff (like large leather sofa in the waiting room (??)) that they “charge you” for. The “new dentists” are not there to take care of your teeth, but to make money. A clinic I went to even have a dedicated person to take payments! Once you set your foot there, there’s no going out. They will find every possible treatment that you “need” to have you stay.

          My lower jaw is “forward”. I had to argue with one of them that I was fine with it. He was claiming that I surely was in lots of pain when eating and chewing, that breaking my jaw to put it at its proper place was the only solution to stop my migraines. I was repeating that I had NO PAIN whatsoever but he said I was lying that I needed that procedure. And they wonder why I stopped going to see dentists…

          They don’t want to pull out teeth, because they see the potential revenue go away, so they will do whatever they can to keep it there, because as long as it’s there, they can make money out of it.

          I found this “village dentist” not far from home. Charges half the prices of those fancy clinics. But, clinics or not, they rarely take walk-in emergencies. I was lucky, I got an appointment on the same day at that village dentist.

  2. Glad you got rid of it! I too had a lack of attention to my teeth causing me to already have 2 dentures!

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