Karen – Dangerous Criminal


Author’s note:

During my period of reflection of what I would do with the site (summer 2022), I had that recurrent dream, close to a nightmare, where I was chased by people I didn’t know. They were trying to harm me. In another version, I was taken hostage, and every time I tried to escape, I was brought back.

No, it wasn’t a fetish dream, there were no latex, sexy bondage, heels or dominatrix involved. The “chasers” were a mix of men and women.

I was waking up with a strange feeling, heart pounding, feeling bad. That was never a good wake up.

Of course, there could be interpretations of that dream, the most common being that there was something that was making me anxious and the hostage dream about feeling powerless. So I was feeling powerless about something that made me anxious.

Oh, that clears everything up now… /sarcasm.

Anyhoo, the idea for this story came with those dreams. It might seem dark, but it is what it is. Funny thing is that, after I put down the general storyline, even though I began to write it only about a month later, the dreams/nightmares stopped.

It also happened to be during my vacation, the moment I spent a full day in latex. (and took my new profile pic…)


Now, at first that story might not please everybody. Of course, those who are long time readers, (should) know that I’m a sucker for last minute plot twists. For those who are relatively new, you will learn soon enough. Please, give it a full read before making a judgment. Still a dark story, tho. Well, let’s call it a “grey” story.

To The (grey) Story.

She was getting down from her apartment building. As she was about to get out, she pulled her blue striped pullover hood over her head to cover her hair from the drizzle of that cold autumn day, turning away from the main door. As she turned around, the door swung open and someone entered in a hurry and bumped into her, pushing her against the mailboxes.

“Hey caref…” Karen began, but that person was already up the stairs, climbing them four by four. She shuddered and walked out, turning to her right on the sidewalk.

“Karen?” she heard behind her. She stopped.

She was about to turn around when she heard “NOW”  being shouted coming from behind her and before she could turn around, she was tackled to the ground, strong men jumping on her, quickly drawing her hands on her back.

“Hey! What the fuckmmff.” she tried to say but something round and large was stuffed in her mouth and tightly fastened at the back of her head.

“Yeah, gag her tight. She must not be able to say a word!” she heard someone.

In the meantime, someone was sitting on her back holding her down, almost choking her, while someone else was sitting on her legs as more cuffs were wrapped around her ankles.

She was pulled up on her feet. She struggled to get free. What the hell was going on here? She saw them, eight men. EIGHT! All wearing some sort of police uniforms, and one in civil clothes, looking straight at her.

“Fight all you want, Kerin, we got you this time.” said the man with a victory smile. “Bring her in.”

“Kerin?” thought Karen. “I must have misheard.”

A black van stopped by. Onlookers were looking from a distance as that slim, but fighting, woman, being dragged inside the police marked van. The side door was closed. She was put down on a seat, but that was, apparently, only the start of it.

Straps, ratchet straps, were pulled around her legs, linking them tightly against the bottom of the bench she was sitting on. Another strap linked her thighs to the seat, another her waist and a last one her upper chest to the side of the van.

The officers who were doing the work all had balaclavas and she could only see their eyes, but for some of them, they convey fear, while others looked more relaxed, like happy it was all over, but all of them were quickly turning their eyes away when she was looking at them. The man in civil clothes approached.

“Your crime days are over, Kerin. We got you this time.” said the man, pulling a blindfold over Karen’s eyes.

“Immff ooott ggheerrriiffnn” tried to say Karen.

“Oh, save whatever you want to say for the judge.” he said, giggling.

“You should read her Miranda rights.” she heard one say.

“Rights? Answered the voice of the man in civil clothes. “She has no rights.”

The ride was bumpy and it wasn’t the most comfortable way of travel, but she sure was secured on her feet. Her mind was a mess. What the hell was going on here? Why did they arrest her? Why all those restraints, although, having never been arrested before, these could very well by standard procedure. And why are they calling her Kerin? Or was it only bad pronunciation? And what was that strange feeling?

She’s had some nightmares, or was it dreams, of being kidnapped, or held hostage and being tied up at the mercy of some strangers, but it was not… all that bad?

The van stopped and backed up against some docking bay. The back door opened and she was released from her seat, but not before something was wrapped around her neck. She felt strongly held by her upper arms and put on her feet. She felt a tug on her neck and began to walk, but the chain of her ankle cuffs was short and she could only manage small steps on her wedge heel sneakers. She was still blindfolded and she could only follow the tugs on her neck or how she was pushed or pulled by the persons holding her arms.

Oh, yeah. That was probably a prank, which would explain the blindfold. She was brought to a surprise party or something but… for who? And for who is the surprise?

“Hey, nice catch, Phil. Be sure not to lose her… again.” she heard someone say.

“Don’t worry. I won’t get humiliated twice.” she heard the man in civil clothes answer. So. his name was Phil?

She struggled to walk. That feeling of helplessness, of letting herself be guided, things out of her control. No. She can’t like it. Too weird.

They took an elevator, apparently going down. She could hardly tell if the elevator was slow or if she was going deep, but it took a long time. She was dragged again.

“Oh! There she is. The famous Kerin, detective Phil?.” she heard the voice of a man say.

Karen struggles to get free, trying to say that her name was KArEn, but whoever was holding her only increased their grip. And again, that name, Phil. It didn’t ring a bell. She knew no one by that name.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you.” said the same voice. She felt something against her arm, something metallic. It was poking through the sleeve of her hoodie. She heard the sound: it was scissors, and they were cutting her sleeve off!

“Hey, you’re going to pay for that.” she tried to say, struggling to move away from the scissors. That prank was going too far. Destroying her clothes? Yeah, they’d better pay for it.

“Hold her still.” she heard the man say, before she felt a needle poking her skin. It lasted a few seconds.

“There. Should take about five minutes.” said the man.

Karen was dragged to some table and laid down on it. She fought, but the will was not there. She figured that if she cooperated, she might have a clue of what was going on. This was too elaborate to be a prank or a surprise. Something else was going on. She should be panicking, but… she wasn’t.

Not long after that, she felt all relaxed, even a little dizzy. She felt her restraints being removed. She tried to move her legs but… couldn! What the hell. She was ordering her knee to bend but nothing happened. It was like she was paralized.

Her handcuffs were removed and finally the blindfold.. She looked around, but only with her eyes. Her neck would not respond to her commands. She was in some sort of medical room, all white tiles with a bunch of medical looking equipment. She, herself, was lying on an examination table or something similar. The gag was removed and she could only drool. She tried to talk but it was some incomprehensible gibberish as she couldn’t form any word.

“Ha, ha.” she heard the man in civil clothes say, laughing. “Your little mental tricks won’t work now!” he said with a satisfied grin.

She was puzzled. What mental tricks?

They began to take her clothes off. No, not taking them off, but cutting them off. She felt violated. It was against her will.

What the fuck was going on!

She saw what she assumed was the doctor, surrounded by two nurses, all wearing classic hospital scrubs.

“I am sorry, Miss Kerin, but I have to warn you that the procedure will not be… comfortable.” said the doctor with a reassuring tone.

“Who cares”” said Phil. with a smirk. The doctor took some tubing and headed for her crotch while the man in civilian clothes was giggling.

Karen felt the tube going in, poking round,, then up her urethra, going to her bladder where something inflated, creating the sensation she needed to pee. A large plug was inserted into her rectum, all this was going on as tubes were inserted up her nose and down to the back of her throat, and finally, another large tube fed down her throat, down to her stomach, ending with a loose bag inside her mouth, which felt weird.

“What the hell was going on? Why was she intubated like that? Were they preparing her for some surgical operation? Why? What is it? Her eyes were frantically looking everywhere. Her brain was fighting the procedures. She wanted out.

She felt her legs being fed into something soft and cold. It was pulled up her legs. It looked very tight and somewhat thick.

“Sure you got the measurements right with this, doc?” asked Phil.

“Oh, it’s not really important. This thing has a lot of stretch. Besides, comfort is not what we’re looking for here, but protection.” he said, pulling harder on the very tight legs, 

Karen felt engulfed. Whatever was at her waist was very, very tight, like a strong elastic band, a strong tight legging made of an elastic band. They pulled it up her upper body, reaching her breasts. One of the nurses firmly took one of her arms and, folding it, inserted it inside the tight band of the suit, down a tube, a sleeve, lifting it up. For the first time, Karen could have a glimpse at what she was feeding her body into: rubber. Shiny black rubber. What the hell?

She had heard about neck entry latex catsuits, seen some while browsing the internet but never actually wore any latex before. What the hell was going on? Why? At least, she was almost certain it was nothing surgical, Her fingers were gently put inside the attached gloves, as were her toes into the attached toe socks. It felt strange, but once the suit slid in place, when both her arms were in and the tight band, which was the collar, took its place, it actually felt comfortable, almost cozy. But still… WHY?

A hood, made of the same stretchy material was pulled over her head. It was very tight and dampened her hearing, making it sound cavernous, and at the same time, somewhat amplified her breathing and her pounding heart.

Something was put over her feet, strange short boots, forcing her feet pointing down. Heavy leather cuffs were put around her wrists, placed on her stomach, and a chain was linked to them. Helped by some of the police officers who arrested her, she was raised on her feet. But… What the hell? Her ankles, her feet seemed jammed pointing down. Her wrists were linked to a chain hanging over her head and she was pulled up, raised until her feet barely touched the floor. Something heavy was wrapped around her waist and tightened. And tightened. What the hell was that? A corset or something?

It grew tighter and tighter, to the point where she asked if she was getting cut in half alive!

A wide and thick leather harness was wrapped around her waist and tightened, but she could barely feel it, ‘thanks’ to the corset. However, the crotch strap pulled tight between her legs, pushing the tubes and the buttplug up, that she noticed.

She was lowered and put down into a wheelchair, the leather cuffs quickly linked to the anchor points.  She could feel the corset biting her waist, the huge plug moving in her rectum, and the unpleasant feeling of the tube up her urethra.

She managed to have a look at her legs. Yes they were encased in the shiniest rubber she ever saw. Oh, she wore faux-leather leggings before, so she knew the look, but this was different. She could also see her feet, laced into ballet heel booties. What the hell was going on here? She was becoming some sort of fetish… object? By the police? Were those really police personnel?

A very wide leather collar was wrapped around her neck, forcing her head immobile, followed by a leather harness pulled over her head, grabbing the tubes from her mouth and nose, sort of holding them. That harness also had a flap over the eyes, blinding her. The last thing she saw was that officer, Phil, looking at her with a broad smile, like he was satisfied with the procedure.

Something was pulling her collar backward, linked to the chair, and her ankles were evidently linked to the footrests. More chains or straps pulled on her waist harness, pinning her down. She would not get off that chair. Shortly after, she felt being rolled out somewhere. She was in the elevator. Was it going up or down? It was hard to say, with her ears plugged, her eyes blind, encased in all that rubber, feeling the plugs, waist crushed, all her senses were overwhelmed at the same time. She tried to move, but her ankles as well as her wrists were well secured to the wheelchair, however, the tugg of the cuffs, the tightness of the corset, the tubes, the plugs, the rubber suit, all seemed to… aroused her?

Yeah, okay, she liked tight clothes, high heels, she had a weakness for faux-leather, vinyl, even PVC clothes, like her raincoat, but was she really that… is it weird? Fetish? Kinky?… herself?

She heard the sound of steel doors being worked on, the same sound she used to hear in TV shows when a cell door is opened, her only experience of prisons before these events.

The chair rolled again and stopped and she heard the steel door being worked again, like if they were all locked in the cell now. Her wrists were unlinked from the chair, one at a time, strong hands taking a grip of her arms, just to make sure she wouldn’t try something. What could she try anyway?

She was forced to bend forward by a strong push on her neck, the corset biting her hips, as her arms were drawn in her back and the wrist cuffs linked, before her neck released. She straightened as much as she could, her arms now between her back and the chair. They were working on her ankle cuffs now, and she felt strong hands grabbing her from the back under her armpits where more strong hands grabbed her ankles. She was easily lifted off the chair, after all, she was not very heavy. She could feel that her ankles were linked somehow.

She was lowered on the ground, which felt hard and cold, like concrete, and laid down on her side. She felt a sharp yank on her collar and like something was snapped to a ring, something heavy, like a chain..

“Don’t move.” she heard with a very firm tone.

The hands let go of her. She stood still, feeling the cold floor get to her. That suit provided no insulation whatsoever, She heard the cell gate being opened and closed again a short moment later.

She was panting. She couldn’t move much. Her head was leaning on the side to the limit of the collar, impairing her movements. She laid there, trying to figure out what happened, why she was there, why all these… procedures, like if she was one heck of a dangerous criminal.

“Don’t worry, Kerin,” she heard that Phil guy say. She assumed he was on the other side of the steel door she heard closing, “you won’t stay here long. The court trial has been expedited.”

Court trial? Damn! She knew she should have returned those overdue books.


She was feeling the breeze on her skin, hearing the birds singing. She was feeling something move in her crotch. She simply had to wiggle her hips, or gently rock them, and the pleasure was there. It was funny, she was seeing all these large fields, surrounded by large mountains, yet she couldn’t see herself, her body. It was as if she was only a spirit, yet she could feel her tight skin, her waist somewhat compressed by something. She moaned. Well, she figured she was moaning as she heard no sound. It felt so good. Another small move of her hips and it aroused her again. Then a loud, metallic noise.

She opened her eyes. Wait! Weren’t they already opened? Looking at that field, because right now, all she could see was black.

“Don’t fight back” she heard some man’s voice, “I’m going to put you into a seating position.” he said as her shoulders were grabbed and she was put up, her back against the cold wall.

“You… You’re sure there’s no danger?” she heard a woman’s voice ask.

“Perfectly safe.” he said, yanking at the chains.

She felt something touch her latex covered face, pull on the mouth tube. And then… something warm ran down the tube, filling her stomach. Damn, that felt good. Some food, water, or whatever that was. That was welcomed. She relaxed. At least, she knew she was being taken care of.

Something was plugged at her crotch and her bladder got the relief it needed.

The whole thing didn’t last very long, maybe a minute, before she heard the door being opened and closed again.

She was back alone, with her thoughts and questions.

She tried to get up. She was tired of either sitting or laying down. She pushed with her heels against her legs, slowly forcing her back to slide up the wall, crawling up with her hands, grabbing the chain linking her neck to the wall to pull herself up. It was not easy, her feet were barely able to get 10cm apart. But at least, she was able to do it. Once up, she was panting hard, but it felt good. She tried to figure out how long she had been there, alone in the dark, chained to… wherever that was. It was boring, however, again, that feeling that it felt good, sexually good. How could she be aroused in such a situation? Were they playing with her mind?

She remembered reading some stories from the internet, curiously enough, the main character shared her first name. She almost felt connected to her, getting aroused at what she experienced, but she never experienced it herself. Not like that.

Oh, that must be it. She had an accident, something she couldn’t remember. She was in a coma and was dreaming of that adventure, with that woman with the same name. This wasn’t real. That explained it all. Of course. She relaxed.

She tried to walk and she made just a few steps before being blocked by the neck chain having reached its maximum. She hobbled back until she felt the wall again. She quickly leaned back against it and slowly let herself down to lay on the floor. Geesh, she wished her fantasy would grow more than that.


She had no idea of the time. She had been fed and cleaned four more times. Was it once a day or four times within the same day? She heard the steel door being worked.

“Cooperate and all will go smoothly.” she heard Phil say as strong hands grabbed her. Her collar was unlinked and she was carried back into the wheelchair, being again all chained up then rolled off. This time, she was sure the elevator was going up, way up. She was rolled again. She could hear people expressing their surprise at seeing her. She sure would be surprised herself at seeing what she looked like.

One left turn. One right turn. Another right turn. Another left turn. Hell, this thing was a maze. She heard as if a large crowd was all reacting at the same time at her presence, first in awe, then in total silence.

She heard some wooden block being hit.

“This is the court trial of the Public against Kerin. You are accused of using some kind of mind trick, your eyes and/or your voices to take control of 23 people, ranging from 17 years old, to 63 years old, forcing them, against their will, to perform criminal activities, after which you plainly got rid of them by gruesome acts of butchery and even cannibalism. In short, 23 counts of manslaughter.”

Karen’s heart stopped! What the hell? She never did those. She was not a murdered. Well, technically, she was killing house flies by the dozen each year, sometimes having fun by pulling their wings off and laughing when they tried to fly again, but that does not count as killing people. Or is it?

“How do you plead?” she heard.

She nodded a frantic NO. In her head she was yelling NO, but her head barely moved. She was struggling to get free of the wheelchair, but she was too secured. This was a mistake. She was not Kerin by KAREN.

“Sir, my client pleads guilty.” she heard a man say.

“WHAT?? FUCKING NO! I’M NOT GUILTY”, shy tried to convey, rocking hard on her bondage, but it barely showed.

“Very well, then. You are hereby sentenced to life in prison. Too bad the death penalty isn’t allowed. Then again, death would be too easy of a sentence anyway. Following your deadly behavior and your level of dangerousness, you are hereby condemned to a new isolation procedure where you won’t be able to harm anyone for the rest of your life. And I have mixed feelings: should you have a long life or a short life after that?”

The gavel sound resonated in her head again.

“Take her out of my sight.”

She was rolled away. She was out of her mind. She was being sentenced for something she didn’t do, and she had no chance to defend herself. She was no lawyer, but this was NOT a fair trial.

It felt like a dream as she was put into the elevator again, and all the way to it, she was being yelled at. Some even managed to hit her head with something. She was crying. Sobbing. She wished she was dead. Or rather free and the right person in this spot.  Yeah, she heard about that Kerin thing, an aweful series of murders, the way she controlled those poor souls, and the way she dismembered them, some still very alive, before eating them!. A real sick-o. But that was Kerin. Not Karen.

She was still somewhat dazed off when she felt something being pushed in her feeding tube.

“This will take a little longer as it is ingested instead of being injected, but you already know the effects, Kerin.” she heard the doctor or whoever was saying.

The blindfold was removed. And there he was, that bastard who wrongly arrested her, that Phil, looking at her, smiling. She wished him dead. She wished him in her place. She tried to jump off the chair but she was still very well restrained, nonetheless, the chair moved a few cm toward him. For a moment he saw fear in his eyes, but he quickly put back that devilish smile.

“Don’t worry, Kerin. This won’t take long.” he said, fire in his eyes.

Some time later, they unlinked her from the chair. She tried to fight herself free, but she already knew the effect of that drug. She was hung up with her arms in the air, her feet barely touching the floor. The corset was removed, which was a relief, but she saw something else being applied, something rigid, giving the appearance of being made of carbon fiber or some sort of resin, and way longer, covering her from the hips to the armpits, engulfing her breasts. Ratchet straps were used to close it, and she realized at the same time that it was also way tighter. She struggled to breathe. She wanted to fight it, to keep her rib cage fully expanded, but the ratchet straps were simply too strong. She heard power tools as she was literally screwed in.

“There’s enough of four screws on each side?” Phil asked.

“It’s just to hold it together until the glue sets. We leave them because they will be stuck in the glue, but technically, they wouldn’t be needed afterwards.” said the doctor. “The same with her boots,” he added.

“Shit! This is serious stuff!” thought Karen.

At the same moment, someone took off the cuffs from her ankles and the boots. She saw those long carbon fiber tubes as they were taken off the box: they had no neel!

Her feet were encased in those rigid tubes, in two halves, then glued and screwed on. Now, her feet were rigid from the toes to below the knees, and her back from the hips to the armpits. That was quite restrictive already. As overwhelming as all this was, she felt… hot? No, Karen. Snap out of it. You’re being convicted for crimes you didn’t commit. You can’t be aroused by that. She tried to struggle, but it all happened only in her mind as her muscles didn’t respond.

From another box, heavy steel shackles were produced and wrapped around her ankles, over the knees and elbows, as well as a replacement for her leather collar.

She was untied from the wrist suspension and carried to a gynecology table, the leather wrist cuffs being replaced with steel shackles in the process.

The crotch of the suit was cut open while the butt plug was removed. A large plug, looking like an oversized dildo was pushed in. Oh! That she felt! She had fun with dildos before, but that was a stretch. Literally. And the butt plug she had prior to that, was a peanut compared to the size of that new one. They seemed to feed something up, like a ribbon, inside the suit, entering through the crotch opening and pulling it off at the base of the corset. A flap of rubber was put inside the crotch and the outer suit was glued over it.

They then approached with a large steel harness Karen recognized as seeing one or two before on the Internet: a chastity belt! It was wrapped tightly around her carbon fiber corseted waist, and the crotch strap pulled tight between her legs, pushing the large intruders even deeper. She moaned. That was actually… good? Could it be?

She was put back on the wheelchair. Another box was opened and some sort of mask produced. The leather head harness was removed and the doctor approached with a large syringe, looking more like a caulking gun, and put it on the side of the mouth tube.

Karen felt her mouth being filled. She was afraid to choke on whatever was pushed in as swallowing was difficult with the tube, but she then realized that the loose bag around that tube was inflating, filling her mouth, full… then a little too full. Then a LOT too full to be comfortable.

Then that mask, complete with its own hood, was pulled over her already latex covered head. It was a really tight fit and the doctor had a hard time aligning the hoses from her mouth and nose to it. It was pressing on her mouth, squishing the inflated bladder inside of it, which filled every little space inside her mouth, down to the back of her throat. She could only breathe through her nose tubes now!

She was frantically looking through the dark yellow tinted lenses of the mask, trying to cope with all that happened within the last few days, the last hours, and how she would get out of it, making them understand that there was a mistake on the person. That she was not Kerin.

She was secured on the wheelchair, as if she was into any way able to escape, and rolled out, along a corridor. She was leaving the medical section, or so it appeared to be. She was more into some industrial area, with pipes and ducts. She entered a room, or rather a maintenance shop. There stood a guy, who looked totally stunned at the sight appearing before him.

“Is… Is that… her?” he asked, pointing to Karen.

“Yes.” she heard Phil answer. “Get to it now, please.”

“Put her on that table.” he said, hurriedly cleaning off a large steel table from other pieces of metal.

They put Karen’s limp body on the table and the worker put on a welder’s helmet.

“What the fuck?” thought Karen.

He approached with a TIG welding torch and began to weld shut her steel shackles, including the chastity belt. Only then, did it dawn on Karen’s mind that she had no easy way back.

She was put back in the wheelchair, secured and rolled again, this time up one floor, and rolled to a very weird looking room, with all gray walls. Everything was gray, including the little bed next to a wall, also covered with soft foam rubber. Gray foam rubber.

From one wall, was hanging a whole array of chains. She was put down on the floor, which was also slightly padded with soft foam rubber, and the chains were linked to her shackles. One chain for each shackle, and one chain on each side of her chastity belt. And she was left there.

“When could we see it in action?” asked Phil to the Doctor.

“The drug should lose its effect in a few hours. She has to be able to control her limbs for the device to be fully effective. Let’s say, after lunch.”

“Perfect,” said Phil. “I want to be here.” he said, looking at Karen with those angry, fiery eyes.

Karen was left alone, resting on her side, feeling the weight of all this steel on her body, still wondering what the hell was going on, and how she could get out of it.


“So, Doctor, is she ready?” said Phil, walking slightly behind the man in the medical overall.

“She should be, Inspector.” he said, stopping by a door with an access panel. He swiped his access card and entered his PIN. The door slid open with minimum noise, revealing the medium sized room covered in gray foam rubber. The woman was there, in her black latex, her waist crushed by the carbon fiber corset and her feet encased in heel-less pointy boots. Her face could not be made out, hidden behind a gasmask. The polished steel of her cuffs were the only contrast on an otherwise black outfit. The door closed behind them, removing all traces it was there. From the inside, this was a seamless room. There weren’t even any corners as they had been rounded, same thing for the ceiling and the floor, removing all sense of depth.

The head of the woman moved slightly as the two men entered the room. Phil walked to the woman, laying down, putting his feet pretty much against her gas mask. She moved away, afraid he would kick her, for some reason.

“Do it. Do your stuff,” he said.

The Doctor walked to a nearby wall and by pressing on a hidden panel, revealed a computer screen the size of a tablet. The screen lit up with some controls. There were some vertical bar graphs-like controls on the right side of the screen with a bunch of switches, and some sort of trend graph and other buttons on the left side. For now, everything showed either gray or green colors.

The Doctor looked at Karen.

“Just let yourself go. Don’t fight it.” he said, then he punched a sequence of keys on the touch screen.

There was a whining noise and the chains retracted into the wall. Karen was pulled backward, the chains dragging her to the wall. She obviously tried to fight, to resist the dragging and pulling but the Doctor gestured to calm down. She was dragged, her arms high up in the air, then her legs forced spread open. She felt yanked up in the air by the chastity belt and her collar. The chains tightened up in the wall, putting her in a very stretched spread eagle position, pulling her against the foam rubber of the wall, actually indenting her in.

“Can’t you start the procedure already?” said Phil, evidently impatient.

The doctor sighed and moved a few controls. Karen began to squirm, gently. He pushed a few buttons, cranking some more controls.

“Oh, yes. More.” said Phil. “Increase the power,” he said, louder, his voice commanding.

The Doctor played with the controls.  Karen squirmed even more. It looked like she was trying to get away from it, wanting to escape.

“Yes! Yes!! Look at her squirm. Wonderful. Yes, More!” said Phil again.

The doctor moved another slider up a notch. On one trend graph, a line was climbing slowly, as other indicators were all still well into the green.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” said Phil, pushing the doctor aside, putting his fingers on the screen and moving all the cursors at their maximum.

The Doctor stood back in shock, looking at Karen strung on the wall. She was squirming hard, fighting her bonds. She was pulling on her ankles, twisting her legs, but the strong steel cuffs and the chains made it so that she would stay well in place.

“Yes! YES!!” said Phil, his eyes full of blood, a strange smirk on his face, enjoying Karen’s, or rather Kerin’s predicament. “YES BITCH! SUFFER!” he said louder.

“Err… Inspector…” tried to interject the Doctor but Phil wasn’t listening. He was almost drooling, a devilish grin across his face, his eyes full of rage.

Karen was squirming hard, her head moving from side to side, as if trying to get out. Her hands were closing into a tight fist and opening up as wide as it could, trying to grab something, to turn and grab the wall cover, her latex covered hands only slipping on the smooth material.

Her back arched as she definitely was trying to pull her crotch out of the wall, but the strong chains were doing their job.

On the computer monitors, many controls were now yellow or red, the trend graph had a couple of lines almost off the chart. Then, Karen’s struggles died down and her head leaned to the side, lifeless, her hands became limp, her whole body relaxed, only her chest, what was left of it that could move, rising and falling slower and slower.

On the monitor, most of the controls were slowly coming back to green.

Phil walked to the limp body, still secured on the wall and put his face next to Karen’s gasmask, murmuring something.

/// #### ///

She was still laying on her side. It was strange. She almost liked it there, feeling the tight rubber against her skin, those heavy steel shackles, her constricted waist, her strange booted feet. With each movement, she was reminded of her situation, of her restraints. She mainly hears her breathing through the vents of the gasmask, and her constantly yellowed vision makes her whole world… out of this world. So far, the light in her room had always been the same. No way to tell if it was day or night. No window. It was almost as if she was dreaming, with no end, always the same dream.

She had lost track of time. She was sure it wasn’t that long since she was put there, all chained up, but it could have been fifteen minutes or fifteen days. Who knows.

A door somewhat magically appeared into the overall gray wall, as if it created itself. Two men appeared. She recognized both of them. The Doctor and Phil. Her mind filled with rage. She wanted to strangle that man who put her into this situation, who accused her of something she didn’t do. He approached her, his feet inches from her gasmask covered face.

“Do it. Do your stuff,” he said.

The Doctor walked to a nearby wall and by pressing on a hidden panel, revealed a computer screen, the size of a tablet. The screen lit up with some controls. Karen could make out that there were some vertical bar graphs-like controls on the right side of the screen with a bunch of switches, and some sort of trend graph and other buttons on the left side., but couldn’t make out any of them.

The Doctor looked at Karen.

“Just let yourself go. Don’t fight it.” he calmly said, then he punched a sequence of keys on the touch screen.

There was a whining noise and the chains retracted into the wall. Karen was pulled backward, the chains dragging her to the wall. She tried to fight them but she saw the Doctor gesturing to calm down. She tried but it was counter-intuitive. She was dragged, her arms high up in the air, then her legs spread open. She felt yanked up in the air by the chastity belt and her collar. That was not comfortable at all. The chains tightened up in the wall, putting her in a very stretched spread eagle position, pulling her against the soft padding of the wall, some sort of foam rubber. She couldn’t move much. She tried, but nothing responded. For a short time, she was panicking. What the hell were they doing and why? And a short time later, she was… 

No, no way she was liking it. They must have drugged her, yet feeling all restrained like that was… good.

“Can’t you start the procedure already?” she heard Phil say, evidently impatient.

The Doctor sighed and pushed a few buttons, cranking a few of the vertical graphs controls.

Karen jolted and squirmed, fighting her bonds. She was definitely reacting to it.

“Oh, yes. More.” said Phil. “Increase the power,” he said, louder, his voice commanding.

The Doctor played with the controls.  Karen squirmed even more. The toys inside her, well, those, as she discovered, were not torture devices, were coming to life and they had a strong life. She couldn’t believe that, in the helpless situation she was, she could be sexually aroused.

“Yes! Yes!! Look at her squirm. Yes, More.” said Phil again.

The doctor moved another slider up a notch. On one trend graph, a line was climbing slowly, as other indicators were all well into the green.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” said Phil, pushing the doctor aside, putting his fingers on the screen and moving all the cursors at their maximum.

The Doctor stood back in shock, looking at Karen strung on the wall. She was squirming hard, fighting her bonds. She was pulling on her ankles, twisting her legs, but the strong steel cuffs and the chains made it so that she would stay well in place.

“Yes! YES!!” she heard Phil say, “YES BITCH! SUFFER!” he said louder.

“Err… Inspector…”  she heard the Doctor say before all hell broke loose.

The plugs in her crotch literally became alive, vibrating, twisting, humping, all at the same time or in sequence or out of sequence. She could even feel slightly annoying electrical shocks running in her belly. Her corset appeared to have grown hands, squishing her breasts, pinching her nipples.

Breathing was hard and it became harder when, suddenly, her air was cut off. Oh, just a few seconds but it was enough for her to panic, which… aroused her! Damn, what the hell was wrong with her brain.

Then, at her crotch, a small spike began to play with her pleasure button. The more she fought her chains, the more she felt the restraints, the more aroused she became. The orgasm came. Hard. Strong.

Karen’s body arched as much as it could within the limits of her bondage. She threw her head backward. They heard a strange noise, as if her lungs were screaming. She launched. She exploded. She became a supernova or the Big Bang. She didn’t know what it was. Pleasure hormones were overflowing, filling her brain, filling her body. Every fiber, every cell of her body was experiencing the most awesome pleasure they have ever felt. Her body was taken by strong convulsions as the orgasm died down, slowly, but this was already too much. Just her head felt limp and she slipped into a pleasurable darkness, she had one last thought. “Again.”

Phil approached the now limp body, putting his head as close as he could from her gasmask, close enough to see through the dark lenses, to see Karen’s eyes closed.

“Yes! That’s how you do it! You will pay for what you’ve done, and this is only the beginning.” he said with a low creepy voice.

“Err… Inspector?” said the Doctor.

“WHAT!” he sternly said, turning around. “What do you want?”

“She… she did not suffer,” he said, looking at his screens.

“What do you mean, she did not suffer?”

“Well, Inspector, we do not believe in punishing bad behavior but the other way around. We feel that by rewarding good behavior, we have a better chance of turning her into a good person. It’s called positive reinforcement.”

“Then what the hell just happened here?” asked an enraged Phil, pointing to Karen, still hanging on the wall.

“Judging by the response from the health sensors, I would say… an out of this world orgasm.”


When she came around, she was laying on the soft floor. She could feel the remnant of hormones of pleasure flowing in her blood, sending little jolts of pleasure back to her brain as they dissipated. Was it meant that way? Was she meant to experience such a level of pleasure, was it a mishap of the equipment, or was it a mishap of her brain, interpreting torture as pleasure? She began to doubt that she had a double personality, that maybe, she WAS that Kerin they were referring to, that heartless woman who killed and… ate people? Had she become the bad witch in the Hansel and Gretel story?

She crawled to the wall and sat on the bed, feeling the weight of all those chains she was carrying with her. She tried to find a way out of the room, but she saw no opening. Even if she remembered where the sliding door was, she couldn’t find it. It was perhaps a trick of her yellow tinted lenses.

She tried to feel her gasmak, feel something she could grip to take it off, but nothing. It was smooth and molded to the hood she had on. Of course, taking off welded steel cuffs was out of the question, but she tried nonetheless. Without success.

The door slid open. Karen got up, struggling with the weight of the steel on her, nevertheless, managed to stand up on her pointy boots, on the soft floor.

“Relax Kerin, everything’s fine,” said the Doctor. I was coming to talk to you. However, there are some… protocoles I have to follow.” he said, walking to the wall and uncovering the control monitors. “I’m sorry, but I have to do this.”

The whining noise started and her chains were drawn to the wall. She knew what to expect and backed up to it, awaiting the inevitable. Again, her wrists were stretched high and wide as she was pulled up, a few cm off the floor, her legs spread wide, pulled hard against the soft cushioning of the wall, unable to move.

“Good. Now,” he said, as he walked to her, feeling secure that she couldn’t attack him, “you probably figured out that this whole setup can be pleasurable.” he said, making a pause.

Karen nodded no. She was fully expecting that the same setup could also provide extreme pain, and it was now time for her to experience it.

“That… was not exactly planned, as I’m sure you realized. I’ve modified the interface so that it should not happen again. Unless the proper… protocol is followed.” he said with a nerdy smile. “Now, all of this is to retrain your mind, to become a good person, to rehabilitate you. Your sentence is for life, but, if this experiment works, you might be out of here in, I don’t know, ten to fifteen years.” he said with a broad gesture.

“Now, the whole process is simple. This room lighting will never change. You will never find out if it’s day or night. You will have no reference time frame for the time you spent here. From time to time, any time, not regular intervals, as well as it might very well be, you will be presented situations, and you will be asked to point if this is right or wrong. The wrong answers will lead you to… nothing. You will not be punished. You will be simply left there, in the void. However, if you give good answers, you will be rewarded. You understand what I’m saying, Kerin?”

She nodded yes. Good deeds get orgasm, bad deeds get nothing. Easy.

“Good. Myself, or one of my colleagues will come back, sometimes, with your first exercise.” he said getting up, going back to the monitor to hide it behind its panel, and walking out.

Only once he was out did the chains released her and allowed her to go back to the floor to wander around or sit / lay on her narrow bed. That’s all she had to do. That’s all she could do.

Some time later, she heard a bell. It rang three times for about two seconds each. She didn’t know what to make out of it. A little after that, the bell rang again. This time, two short bursts of about a second each. Again, a few moments later, the bell rang again, this time, for five seconds. Immediately after that, the chains were pulled in, and she struggled to take her place so that it would be as easy as possible. Since she was laying on the bed, she barely had time to get up before being dragged to the wall. 

Why? Why was she… punished or rewarded? There was nobody in the room to adjust the controls, unless it could be remote controlled. Anything was possible. Was she tested?

The door slid open and a young woman with long blond hair entered, wearing the standard greenish scrubs uniform, pushing a stainless steel cart with some instruments on it, including a very large syringe with a rubber tube attached to it. The door closed behind her, sealing her inside the room with Karen.

Karen tried to resist, to get free but couldn’t. The young woman seemed a little shocked by Karen’s reaction.

“Re… Relaxe, please. I’m here to help. My name is Lynda… Damn, you can’t do anything with this information anyway.” She said with a nervous giggle. “So, this is your food. Sort of.” she began, taking the large syringe, “and the rest is to, ahem, clean you. You know, your bladder, an enema for your colon, although since this food is low waste, it shouldn’t be too bad.” she said, looking at the shiny black coated woman, stretched on the wall in front of her, with strange eyes. Not fear, not rage. Was it envy?

She hooked the tip of the feeding syringe to a socket on the gasmask and pushed on the plunger. Like the first time, Karen felt the hot liquid fill her stomach. That felt good, but her stomach was being filled rather quickly. Well, with that tight corset, it didn’t have much room to expand.

Once that was done, she affixed a bag at her crotch and Karen felt her bladder being relieved. Another bag was hooked to her butt plug. This time, she felt something hot going up her colon. That felt weird. Lynda looked around to find where she should hook up the hot water enema pouch, and finally hung it from her left steel upper arm cuff. She stood back and, again, had a nervous giggle. She looked at her watch and at Karen, looking closely at her corset, at her suit. She was approaching, nervous.

Like if she was afraid to receive a shock or get bitten, she carefully approached her hand to Karen’s right thigh, touching slightly from the tip of her finger, smiling, giggling, looking up at Karen who was simply looking down at her.

Lynda gave another touch, stronger this time, her finger poking on the shiny rubber coating, making a small indentation, the light of the room creating a white circle. She giggled again, taking her finger off, and then gently putting her full hand on her thigh.

Karen felt the warmth of her hand over the suit. That was weird, and that was recomforting. A human touch. Sort of.

Lynda’s breath became shaky as she ran her hand down Karen’s thigh, sliding it over the smooth and silky latex. Karen reacted. That actually felt good. It was a mix of warm presence, soft pressure and tingling.

Lynda’s hand went back up, but skid on the inside her thigh. Karen closed her eyes. What should she do? This was weird but it felt good. The higher the hand went, the stronger the pleasure was. How could be sexually aroused in such a situation where everything was totally out of her control? Oh, fuck. Better live the moment. What else could she do anyway.

While one of Lynda’s hands was reaching almost her crotch, the other was feeling the tight carbon fiber corset. Karen didn’t feel anything there, but she did feel it when she knocked on it, again, giggling. If she didn’t know better, she would bet Lynda was getting quite aroused herself by the whole outfit.


Lynda startled and turned around. Karen opened her eyes. There, on the now opened sliding door, was standing the Doctor.

“I… I… I was just…” stuttered Lynda.

“No need to explain. I think I can understand.” he said. “Just be careful and remember that there are cameras in the room.” he said with a wink, a little smile, before walking away, the door closing behind him.

Lynda looked at the corner of the room where a dark sphere could be seen and had a disappointed grin.

She removed the enema bag, collected the waste and walked off, giving Karen a last look. If she didn’t know better, she would have bet that Lynda gave her a kiss. The door closed. The bell rang for two seconds, and she was released.


It could have been a week, a month or a year. She had no clue. What she knew is that she was… good. She received regular pleasure sessions, each one better than the last one. She never got a session as strong as her first one. She would have to build it up, to become better and more a good person, even tho, all her answers were correct. Always. After all, she had never been a bad girl. Sometimes the exercises were performed by the Doctor, but most of the time, it was Lynda, and she seemed to get aroused by it, or rather by Karen’s reactions.

Oh, she acted nasty once or twice, reaching the end of her chains and pulling hard on them, like trying to get free or to jump on whoever was visiting her, only to discover that that sharp yank triggered the chain retraction and she would be hanging there for hours without any stimulation. That was not a punishment but a complete denial of any stimulus. It felt like a punishment, though.

The bell rang only when she was to be fed. All the other times, the door would slide open and she would be dragged to the wall when the console would be activated. Then again, she never received pleasure sessions while fed or cleaned.

One time, Lynda came in and, once her feeding cart had been pushed near Karen, she took a few steps back, giving a frantic look at the camera, then slightly opened her scrubber’s blouse, revealing a shiny black material. Karen smiled and nodded yes. Of course, she was a latex fetishist, but wearing it at work, under her working clothes? That was bold.

Some time later, for one of her behavior sessions, where she wasn’t pulled to the wall as Lynda entered, she felt that Lynda was moving weirdly. Again, she gave the camera a frantic look and opened her blouse, revealing her black latex catsuit again, but there was something else. It was hard to make up. Karen pulled her head forward to see better but, although she wasn’t restrained to the wall, was afraid to move forward, as she did it once and as soon as she hit the end of the chains, she was pulled hard and fast to the wall.

It didn’t help, she couldn’t see better. However, Lynda understood the message and made a few steps forward, clearly mouthing something.

“Corset”. She mouthed, smiling, squishing her blouse to emphasize her newly thin waist, and of course her rigid torso, explaining her strange movements. All she was missing was high heels, although she began to show up to work wearing wedge sneakers.

That made Karen happy. She would be a good friend, a good companion… giving she would get out of there.

With time, she began to be eager to be tied up on that wall, spread, immobile, feeling the steel cuffs bite on her latex skin. She loved to fight the rigid corset, and she was standing up in her pointed heels more and more. She believed she could spend her whole life in those heels, in this corset, in this suit. She was not eager to get out. Wait. She wanted to get out. She was getting punished for something she hadn’t done. How many were like her, right now?

The door slid open. She sat from her laying down position on her bed. She knew this would be fun.


*14 months later.*

“Hey Phil!” someone yelled from the other side of the open office space.

“What is it, Brad?” he answered, annoyed.

“Chief wants to see you.”

“Yeah, be right there.” he said, closing his computer and walking down the corridor to the chief’s office.

The chief, a stern looking woman in her 50’s, who had replaced the previous chief who retired about a month ago, had him sit down and closed the door.

“So, Phil, how is that… hum… Kerin doing?”

“Kerin? That fucking piece of trash? She’s getting orgasmic sessions every day. That’s how she’s doing. That’s not punishment, that’s rewards. This is a fucking joke.” he said, his face red with anger.

“Okay. I understand your concerns.” she said with a calming tone.

“No you don’t.”

“Okay, I don’t. Anyways, recognize this?” she said, showing a few pictures.

“Shit! You discovered another one? I never seen those before and I knew every one of her horrid murders by heart. When was this?”

“This morning,” said the chief, still calmly.

“This morn… you mean you found the pictures this morning, right?”

“No, this scene was discovered this morning. The first estimate is that the woman was killed between 01:00 and 03:00 last night, in Gatburg, 300 km from here..

“So, they have a copycat.” he said, with a grin. “Want me to get her?”

“A copy cat or is Kerin still out there?”

“It has to be a copycat. Kerin is chained up being screwed up every day down there.” he said, pointing to someplace away from the police station.

“But, her modus operandi was never disclosed, and this, in every point, is exactly how Kerin would have done it. Just read the report.”

“It’s… it’s probably fake. Oh, I know. You’re playing a prank on me, right? Where are the cameras?” he said, getting up and looking around, lifting trophies and awards from the chief’s desk.

“This is no joke or prank, Phil, and looking at your file, you have quite a history.” she said, putting the file, about 1cm thick on her desk. “ Not exactly a procedure follower, right? I honestly don’t understand how you became an inspector and I don’t want to really know about it. Now, back to that Kerin, as I read your report, she was identified, you followed her and arrested her, right?”

“Yes. We were lucky she didn’t spot us.”

“Now, I’m looking here…” she said, browsing Kerin’s file, and I can’t find where you confirmed it was her.”

“What?” he said giggling, with a cocky attitude. “I identified her.”

“Did you ask if she was Kerin?”

“I didn’t need to…”

“Did you make a fingerprint check?”


“Did you read her Miranda rights upon arrest?”

“No, but…”

“At the trial, was she formally identified, or you rushed things up with the judge.. Who happens to share the same last name? Geesh, I think I’m beginning to see how you got promoted here..” 

“I… Well… she needed to be…”

“Now, please describe how you identified her?”

“Oh, that’s easy. I’ve been following her. I knew it was her from all the descriptions. She was at that restaurant. Myself and the arresting team were waiting for the right moment. We did not want to grab her in a public place, like a restaurant, so when she walked out, we followed her, and grabbed her.”

“And how was she dressed?”

“Quite plainly, a hoodie, jeans and sneakers.” he proudly said.

“I see. Now, look at this missing person report.” she said, showing the report of a woman named Karen reported missing. “She was reported missing the same day. Her name is Karen, which is close to Kerin, and she was wearing a blue striped hoodie, jeans and sneakers when she disappeared.”

“So what? There’s missing persons reports being filed every day.”

“Yes, but how many lived in the building where you arrested Kerin in front of, dressed like that and disappeared right within the timeframe of Kerin’s arrest?”

“Ah, come on, chief. Coincidences, you know?”

“I want the Kerin you arrested DNA tested and compared to the Kerin we have on file.”

“But… we don’t have her on file,” said Phil.

“Yes we do. Cold Creek police shot her down. She was caught literally… RED handed. Bloody red handed. She’s at the morgue.”


The door slid open. Karen got up, ready to be pulled against the wall. Ready for another orgasmic session. She had become addicted to it. She couldn’t tell if it was the final goal of the whole procedure, but that’s where she was, and she liked it that way. Well, she hoped, because her last session wasn’t a pleasure session.

She had been pulled against the wall, then a long flexible rod had been pushed up her breathing tubes, until she felt it at the back of her throat. It triggered her gag reflex, which was blocked by the feeding tube. That was awful. Now, she was hoping things would be back to normal, although she felt the time between her last pleasure session and now had been abnormally long. Even Lynda who came to feed her was acting strangely and seemed afraid or shy to look at her.

However, in addition to the Doctor and Lynda, entered the judge she recognized, along with a woman she didn’t know and Phil, looking down at the floor.

The judge approached, very straight and formally. He tried to look her in the eyes. He could barely see them behind her yellow tinted lenses. She was expecting to be pulled back to the wall, the normal procedure for any visitor, but the Doctor and the nurse just stayed behind, not even opening the console panel.

“Do you hear me fine?” asked the judge.

Karen nodded yes.

“I want a clear yes or no. Give me a clear yes.”

Karen was puzzled but she gave the clearest YES she could give with her head, limited by the steel collar.

“Now, give me a clear no.”

Karen complied again, which seemed to satisfy him.

“Good. Yes or no. Is your name Kerin. K.E.R.I.N.?” he asked, spelling it.

Karen immediately answered a clear NO.

“She’s lying,” said Phil. The woman with him, who seemed to be his superior, only looked at him with darts in her eyes, and he lowered his head.

“Is your name Karen. K.A.R.E.N.” asked the judge.

This time, Karen noded a very, very clear YES.

The woman handed him a piece of paper. He showed it to Karen. It was a missing person report. For her, filled by her boss, the same day she disappeared.

“Is this you?” asked the judge.

Karen nodded another very clear YES, pointed at the paper, making her chains rattle, then at herself, then doing two thumbs up.

The judge turned to the Doctor.

“Take her out of this… thing and bring her to my chambers. As for YOU,” he said, pointing directly at Phil, “I want to see you in my chambers NOW.”

“It’s… not that simple… Your Honor.” said the Doctor.

“Then make it simple.” coldly said the judge, “I want her in my chambers in two hours.” he barked,  walking out, Phil in tow.

Two hours later, there was a knock on the judge’s door.

“Enter.” he barked.

The door opened and the Doctor, the nurse and Karen entered.

“What the hell is that? I thought I told you to get her out of this thing!”

“That is part of the ‘not that simple’ comment I made earlier, your Honor.”

“Okay,” he said with a sigh, letting himself sink into his large leather chair. “What are those… problems?”

“The first point is that this… enclosure has been conceived for long term wear, meaning more than twenty five to thirty years. It cannot be removed easily. Her skin adapted to this sealed environment. If we take the suit off, the skin will go into shock, and god knows which bacteria or virus is going to attack it. It’s also abrasive resistant, cut resistant, acid resistant, I can’t simply cut her out of it. And finally, the carbon fiber components have been glued to the suit, so, you can imagine the whole problem. Of course, all this is theoretical since it has never been done before.”

“So. She’s… stuck in this suit for 30 years? And what about those shackles? Are they glued to the suit too?”

“No, your Honor, but they are made of the same alloy used to make rocket engines, which means very resistant. We could cut them off, but it would take something like 50 cutting blades, and a few hours, per cuff. Also, apparently, we induced some addiction to the treatment, to the reward. She wants to keep receiving it on a daily basis. For good behavior, of course.

The judge’s jaw fell on the floor.


The press room was filled with journalists and curious onlookers, all wanting to see the woman in rubber. She was presented to the world, with full excuses from the police department, the ministry of justice, the prime minister, everybody. She walked out, heading for a walk in the park, enjoying freedom for the first time in months!… surrounded by journalists, curious and fetishists. Many had put on full latex outfits, many inquired if they could be put in the suit themselves!

In a few weeks, or a few months, she would be nothing more than a forgotten curiosity. The novelty of the thing would wear off. But for now, she was enjoying the attention, the touch of the people wanting to feel her rubber skin. She loved to walk in her stiff boots on concrete, asphalt and grass. She liked the pinching feeling of the tight suit over her buns. She loved the struggle to breathe, to move.

She would work for the city. She can do many things, sealed as she was, from getting down the sewer system to entering highly toxic environments to help firefighters. 

That night, like any other night, she returned to her little room, for which now, only a few chosen people could enter. It was no longer a cell, but her bedroom. She walked to the computer and set the controls to the desired settings, generally as high as they would go. She then walks to the bed and affixes the chains to her different cuffs. The door opened and entered another woman, thin, tall with blond hair. She waved at Lynda, her new roommate. 

They both shared a secret with the Doctor.

He knew what the suit was doing. He knew what the toys, the bondage, the treatment was doing. After all, he had devised it himself. What people didn’t know is that he had a similar setup for his wife, at home. That’s where his expertise came from.

He also knew that these treatments could be stopped at any time without complications. He also knew that Karen was a closet fetishist, and that she came to like it in there. Was it an addiction? Some could argue yes. Medically speaking, it was just a fetish. A very strong fetish. Knowing how his wife talked about it, he asked Karen. There was a possibility. That might work, but all should agree on the same details, including Lynda.

Now, he said to the judge that the suit couldn’t be simply cut off, which was true. The modified rubber was very abrasive and cut resistant, and a sharp knife was only slipping over it without even leaving a scratch mark.

However, the suit was put on by stretching it. Nothing prevented it from stretching it again to get Karen out of it.

Her skin would go into shock. Yes, absolutely. She’s been sealed from the outside air for quite a while, so yes, the skin would go into shock and will need time to rebuild its natural defenses, time during which Karen would have to spend in a clean room, but it was feasible.

Karen made it clear that she liked it in the suit. Not being locked in a cell with nothing to do, but being encased in rubber was fun, and those bondage and stimulation sessions were simply a blast! She wanted to be kept in.

Now, Kerin has been sentenced for 30 years to life. They have told everybody that the suit couldn’t be taken off before 30 years. They couldn’t simply take Karen out of it. They had to keep that ‘lie’ active. At the same time, it gave Karen some timeframe to really decide if she was to go on or not with it. Who knows, after a few months in the real world, she could get bored and want out. Yeah, right. Not Karen…

And if at any time Karen wanted out, they could make up some medical reason and discover that the suit could, in fact, be taken off, and remove it. It was for her to decide.

People were not lied to. It was simply that not all the informations were given. Yeah, except for that 30 years story, of course, but that lie wasn’t on Karen but on Kerin..

 Lynda was there for the same reasons as Karen: to get an out of this world orgasm. However she couldn’t keep her full suit all the time, although she was hiding a simpler suit under her civilian clothes from time to time.

She set up her own configuration on the computer screen and sat on a bed on the adjacent wall, and removed her scrubs, revealing a tight fitting black latex catsuit, hiding a crushing corset. She put on ballet heel booties and added a latex hood with an attached gasmask. She tightly fastened wide leather cuffs to her ankles, knees, elbows and wrists as well as a wide leather collar. She linked the chains to her cuffs and stood up. The only major difference with Karen was that she wasn’t intubated, but she was fully plugged, and the gasmask included an attached inflatable gag. That was as close a setup she could achieve.

Unbeknown to Karen, she had begun talks with the Doctor, to be enclosed, like Karen. With her medical expertise, she would be better off to report what it felt like. That’s what she was trying to sell to the City anyway. Things were looking good, apparently. Well, technically, she was voluntarily submitting to the same treatment every night to learn more about the process. Officially, that is.

A swift yank of her chains and Karen was pulled back against the wall. The modification was that, instead of staying silent, it now triggered the pleasure session. That’s how she was sleeping now. Every night.

And for a moment, before the toys fired into action, she remembered Phil. Well, she was seeing him now and then, mainly at the park, picking up garbage, wearing this bright orange prisoner’s suit, his ankles shackled. Yes, he had been sent to prison, with an open sentence. He would stay in prison for as long as Karen was in her suit.

If only he knew. She almost wishes he knew.

© monsterp63

September 2022

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11 thoughts on “Karen – Dangerous Criminal

  1. I really like the story of the permanent suit fantastic! This time Karen is no longer alone she has a companion! I’m sorry I didn’t see Karen walking in the park with the permanent suit closed to Linda on the final art image!

    1. I mean I didn’t see the last park Karen and Linda two people walking together (actually want to see Linda and Karen wearing the same clothes walking together)

      1. For one: there’s no description in the story where Karen and Lynda are walking side by side in full latex, outside. Nowhere is it even suggested that Lynda is going out in full latex, so I had no use to make such an image.

        For two: this is the worst way to ask for something.

        Final answer: nope. Not gonna happen.

  2. Wow, what can I say?
    This story, which I just stumbled apon this morning, is wired, strange, mind blowing, lovely, fantastic and I … I am lost for words. My mind is simply filled with all these brilliant pictureds, with theses fantastic ideas. You describe something I did not know I was deaming of having fantasies about?
    I am realy happy, I have found your page.

    Thank you so much for this.


  3. I really appreciate your stories. I wonder where you find the inspiration and also where you find the time for write them!

    1. Thank you very much, Alex.

      Inspiration comes from everywhere, from seeing a day-to day activity and wondering “what if Karen…”. Sometimes it’s an image, a scene on some TV show or a movie, a newspaper header or a thought that cross my mind, pretty much anything can trigger an idea.
      The rest writes itself.

      Where do I find the time? By cutting on doing something else, and by having a pretty boring life… I also type 100 words a minute, so…
      This “lost time”, I’m trying to get it back, that’s why stories will be posted less frequently.
      Also, I’ve been writing fetish stories for close to 25 years, so… in that amount of time, a lot can be written.


  4. I really like how Karen developed as a character over time in this story. From being terrified, to thinking it is all a misunderstanding, and how she copes with her imprisonment. Throw in amazing rubber bondage and this all ends up as a very, very, good story.

    1. Thank you very much catsun.
      I know I’m repeating myself but it’s getting more and more tedious to write something “original”, so when people praise it, I’m very honored.

      Thank you again.


  5. [quote] She linked the chains to her cuffs and stood up. The only major difference with Karen was that she wasn’t intubated, but she was fully plugged, and the gasmask included an attached inflatable gag. That was as close a setup she could achieve. [/quote]

    Unless I’m reading this wrong shouldn’t ‘Karen’ be ‘Lynda?’ Karen is intubated but Lynda isn’t.
    It was a good story. I enjoy reading all of the Karen stories. My favorite is Summer Job. Wrong house is an easy second.

    1. Thanks.
      The way I read it, this is right. Lynda is doing all the action. The whole paragraph is about Lynda.
      “She” set herself up, “she” put ballet boots on, “she” put the cuffs on, etc, so “she” is Lynda,

      So I read it as “The only difference with Karen was that she (herself/Lynda) was not intubated.”

      I might be wrong, tho.

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