Karen – HalloVader.


I had nothing planned for Halloween. I couldn’t find a scenario worth of a story. But ChastityGirl came up with a simple idea which fired-up my imagination.

So, here it is. Short story, 4 pages, no art, written within an hour.

She looked at all the items laying on the bed, carefully laid out by order of the sequence she needs to put them on.

First, her toys, both extra-large: a butt plug and a dildo. Both vibrating, both with ports for a tens unit.

Next is a pair of latex panties to hold them in place. Well, the first layer of it.

Then a latex bra, with tens pads inside which are circling her nipples.

It is followed by a neck entry leotard, with long sleeves. It is quite thick and very difficult to put on.

The next item is her corset, made out of heavy rubber, which will crush her waist by 12cm, the smallest she’s ever been. And she has no choice because the chastity belt she will put over it needs THAT corset to be fully closed as she bought it non-adjustable. The corset stops just below her breasts.

Following the corset, is her beloved black latex neck entry catsuit, which is very tight, pretty much too tight actually. She ordered it custom made and she purposely put smaller numbers. She shouldn’t have done it, but there she is. And she likes it anyway.

Of course, it’s very difficult to put on, and it adds a second layer of latex over her arms, making them difficult to bend. And oh, did I mention that the catsuit has attached toe socks and gloves?

Once the suit is in place, which pushes again on her crotch, she applies the chastity belt, locking the suit, the corset, the leotard and the plugs in. Of course, said belt also pushes on her toys, pushing them deeper and especially, preventing her from forcing them out. As if she wanted to in the first place. Her chastity bra is put over her breasts, squishing them, and applying pressure to the tens pads of her bra.

Then the latex hood. Or hoods. She likes it tight over her head. There is the first one, which has openings for eyes and mouth, and the second one, which has a built-in hard rubber gag, and dark lenses. She won’t make a sound.

Well, actually she will make a lot of noise, hopefully muffled by the gag. In part.

A locking, heavy rubber posture collar completes the upper body setup. For the feet, she has prepared her beloved ballet booties to which she will add a padlock on the top lacing holes.

An hour later, she’s all setup, all sealed in rubber, plugged, locked in, but everything is silent. There is more to come, because this is the basis of her costume. She would not appear on Halloween night simply dressed in rubber. Boring.

She walks to her closet, feeling the tight rubber pinch her butt. She feels the toys move inside her, arousing her. But she knows very well that, trying as she might, she would never achieve orgasm, not with them all dead like that.

The door is opened and right there, in all its beauty, her real costume: Darth Vador. Or is it Darthette Vader? She put on the padded suit, hiding her latex outfit, then the plastic chest piece and finally the gloves. She steps into specially made shoes, there to conceal her ballet boots, while appearing to wear the real boots. Of course, her ballet boots increase her height. Darth Vador is very tall after all.

Finally, the helmet, hiding everything else, and providing the heavy breathing sound that would cover whatever noise that could come out of her gagged mouth.

She turns on her Halloween lights and waits for the little monsters to come and get their candies.

The doorbell rings and Karen twitches. Yes, of course, her toys and the tens unit are all linked to the doorbell.

She receives her first jolt and her first taste of the extra large plugs filling her crotch. She never used them before, so it’s all new discoveries, and this first jolt, the shortest and the lowest of the settings, is already puzzling her. What will they do to her when, and mostly if, they reach the maximum settings?

She opens the door, the heavy breathing recording of her costume, welcoming the little critters. And the taller ones. Some are impressed, some are ‘meh’ and some find it boring, but Karen doesn’t give a damn.

She’s getting hotter and hotter by the minute as there are plenty of kids out for candies after the pandemic restrictions, and the power of her toys increases with every doorbell button press. Each time she walks to the door, she struggles in her ballet boots. She could feel the right rubber cling to her legs. She especially feels the toys move. She’s fighting to breathe. That corset was perhaps a little too tight, but when a fetishist has an idea, it always seems like a good idea…at the time. Nonetheless, she explodes, right between two visits, grabbing a hold of the door, and right on cue, another doorbell ring, sends her falling on her knees, screaming, her moanings converted into heavy breathing.

She didn’t answer the door fast enough: another ring. She exploded. She didn’t care about the kids. Her body was filled with pleasure hormones, sending her brain to another planet, filled with colorful plants and sceneries, pink, green, purple skies, each burst of color sending more pleasure waves up and down her spine.

Third ring.

She struggled to get back on her knees, then grabbed a hold of the door to open it. Two groups of kids were walking away, one of them complaining that the door didn’t open. As one parent turned around they saw Darth Vador, hanging by the door, panting, looking for air, the breathing sound hard and fast.

“Oh, Darth Vader is here! Look.” said the parent.

“Oh!! Awesome!!” Said one of the kids, wearing a stormtrooper suit.

One of the parents seemed concerned at Darth Vader’s breathing and especially as to why he was holding the door frame.

Instinctively, Karen pointed to her crotch, then realized her mistake. But the parents laugh.

“Oh, it’s okay kids. Darth Vader is out of breath because he had to rush… to take a pee.”

That made Karen laugh, which was not good for her toys. Well, it was good but not with the door opened… you know what I mean.

“Darth Vader has to pee?” asked the stormtrooper.

“Well, Vader has to pee and eat like everybody else.”

“But… it’s a machine!”

“Uh… Not completely.” began to explain the parents to the stormtrooper.

By the time her provisions of candies are almost gone, she’s had two more orgasms and was about to pass out. She was becoming more afraid of orgasming in front of the kids.

And, as far as she knew, those toys hadn’t reached their top settings!

But, as if she had calculated the candies needed to perfection, the last group of little monsters grabbed what was left. She turned off her Halloween night and collapsed on the sofa, hitting her chastity belt in the process. She rests for a few minutes before getting back up. She had to get out of this suit. The Darth Vader outfit was quite hot by itself. She couldn’t get out of her latex outfit before midnight, the time at which her timed box would release the key of the chastity belt.

The doorbell rang again. She screamed. She opened the door. It was the neighbor’s kids. She recognized them, and they were amidst the first ones to come. She simply took her empty candy bowl and showed it to them, then pointed out at her lights, which were turned off.

“Why don’t you talk?” asked the bratty one.

Karen gestured that she couldn’t speak behind the mask. She tried but only mumbling came out. Of course, they couldn’t understand gag-talk.

She closed the door. She was reaching her bedroom when the doorbell rang again, and she saw the bratty kid run away.

She resumed her way to the bathroom when the doorbell rang again. three times!

Her crotch was on fire. She collapsed on the bed, holding her crotch, raising her hips up and down, waiting for the burst of vibration and tens shocking to end, so she could take the costume off.

But apparently, the kids decided that it was fun to ring the doorbell again, and again and…

Karen exploded. Again. She figured that the toys were at their maximum by then, and the orgasm was really out of this world. Imperial strength, that’s what she thought. Her brain was melting. She was screaming her lungs out, throwing herself all over the bed, but she couldn’t stop it. She finally passed out.

When she finally awakened, the sun was up. Her toys were silent. Slowly, she took off the Darth Vader suit. She reached the timed box and retrieved the keys to free herself.

A pool of sweat poured out of her suit when she took it off. Removing the toys was almost painful. Everything was very, very sensitive to any kind of touch. She was still smiling, still having jolts of pleasure, just by taking the toys off.

She looked at herself in the mirror, her face all wrinkly, and a weird smile across it.

“You’re just a fetishistic pervert, Karen, you know that, girl?” she asked to herself, her body traversed by a shiver, remnant of the pleasure hormones. “Now, too bad there’s only one Halloween a year. What should I wear next year?” she said, still looking at herself, a devilish grin forming on her face. “Under the official costume, of course.”

© monsterp63

October 30, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Karen – HalloVader.

  1. Well, how I would love to be one off Karens latexstormtroopers, supporting Darth Vader against those nasty kids ringing the door all the time, or should I realy ?

    Love this story

    Thank you,

    1. Thanks to you.

      And it’s a mixed outcome. Those kids are “nasty” in the sense that they keep nagging her with the doorbell, but they don’t know that they are actually driving her insane on the sex toys.
      So, being nasty is… a good thing?
      LatexStormTroopers stopping them would cause her NOT to be aroused, and they would be… punished… for doing their jobs? And if they don’t, they get punished for not stopping the kids? Gheesh… The gears in my brain are making that really strange stuck noise now…
      Oh well, maybe the punishment is to be tied up to a Sybian for a day or two…

  2. God, I love these stories where extreme fetish outfits are hidden under “normal” clothes or costumes. There are also ones where there’s some kind of human looking mask involved which is worn over everything else, which is also amazing.

    I hope you do more of this “hidden” bondage/fetish stuff because it just hits the right spots for me.

    1. Thank you for the compliment and your “hint” is noted. my “hidden in plain sight” idea of fetish.
      “Bike Ride” is one I’m thinking of and another one, I don’t remember the title (Whut? You wrote 300+ stories and you don’t remember the titles of each and every one of them???) where Karen is hidden behind her full face and her leather suit, heading for a bus station to retrieve her keys.

      1. Just some of your works that come to mind about “hidden in plain sight”:
        — Karen – Autumn Walk
        — Karen – Latex Mate
        — Karen – Ski Trip
        — Karen – A Fetishist Knows

        Still, there are some other stories that go into that direction that are just as awesome. Something else I found a few months ago was the use of realistic looking silicone masks which are worn over rubber hoods or whatever. That makes something even better, as you can just hide whatever you want under it. Shmabahamoha has a few stories that go into that direction, as well as LatexCheeks with “Testing My New Drysuit”.

        There are just so many concepts and ideas that I can think of, but I just absolutely suck at writing any kind of coherent story.

        1. Wow!
          You might not be a “good story writer” but you know how to research!
          Funny that I never thought writing a story with those “face masks”. I should keep that in mind.

          Thank you!

          1. I hope you do something with that 😀

            And thanks, about the research, every once in a while I add something new to that archive as I treat is somewhat like a personal library or so.

  3. I hope you’ll possibly add art to this in the future. would love to visually see here in her costume! Hehe

    1. Thank you Fenris.

      I do not intend to add art to it. Here’s why:

      – She’s “covered” with a Darth Vader costume. Even her ballet boots are hidden inside Vader’s boots. So, everything any outsider would see is… Darth Vader. Nothing of her fetish outfit would transpire.

      – Darth Vader is a bulky costume. Yes, it will appear somewhat thinner, but the whole costume is still bulky.

      – To make the scene worthwhile, I would make the scene where she answers the door to the kid in Stormtrooper gear. It means that I have to include kid figures (which I don’t have) and the mentioned Halloween costumes. DAZ3D is a “dress-me-up” software: You get a figure and you put ready-made clothes and props on it.

      I would have to get kid figures, and kid clothes. All of that cost $$. (The “Kid Base” is $30, and I don’t think there’s even a kid stormtrooper costume for a DAZ Kid character – the stormtrooper costume prop I have is for a female, with high heel ST boots. Not to go on any kid.)

      Yes, I can do a scene where she’s looking at herself in the mirror in full fetish setup, which is like any other images of Karen in full latex gear. So, nothing new under the sun here. (or is it under the catsuit…)

      In short, I don’t see a way, within my limits of creativity* with DAZ Studio, to transpose that story into an image.

      *Also within my limits of what I judge proper. Doing a fetish image involving kids is a big NO for me.

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