And Now, For Something Different…


Some… Science-Fetish, perhaps.

I took a membership to a “science stream” (curiosity stream – go have a look, if you’re into that), and in one of the program, was some fantasies about what having the Moon colonized could look like.

That gave me some ideas…

Classic, contemporary.
Vintage, 50’s style
Modern (and a little bit fetishy) – Take note, Elon Musk.
Fetishistic… Dystopian.

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5 thoughts on “And Now, For Something Different…

  1. I’ve wondered. Would a jell to prevent evaporation and mechanical compression instead of a pressurized spacesuit work? The only place that would need air pressure would be the face mask from eyes to mouth. Piezoelectricity threads in the suit to relax the compression when in atmosphere or to take it off. Thick enough for insulation with heating and cooling methods. I see the suited astronaut looking a lot like a Bane.

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