What the Heck, Instagram?


On March 13, 2020, I created my first post on Instagram (monsterp63, for those who are curious… Yeah, pretty inventive).

I’ve been “struggling” to get watchers/viewers, but they were scarce. I stayed many months below 100 watchers, then I jumped to 101, then 150, and it hit a plateau. I was gaining, I was loosing.

I mean, I’m not surprised. Many “influencers” only follows you in the hope you will follow back, then removes their following. (How can someone with 4 posts get 12000 followers? Yeah, I know, these could be bought…) Well, sorry, but I don’t follow for the sake of following. If you have something that interests me, I will follow, otherwise… forget it.

I also got a lot (and I mean A LOT) of pseudo-mistresses and pseudo-doms following me (why? I don’t know) anyways, those were in the group that would unfollow me soon after (probably because I didn’t follow them)

I mean, It’s OBVIOUS that some accounts are fake or simple bots. I mean, I have a “goddess” follower, with a private account, 12 posts, 1500 followers and she herself (well, the bot…) follows 3100+ accounts.

3000 accounts! I mean, I’m following 127 accounts and I spend sometimes many minutes just scrolling down because many posts are “meh” mainly those “I-don’t-create-I-simply-repost-stuff” accounts. I can’t imagine the feed someone would have to go through following 3000 accounts.

But I digress from what this post was supposed to be about.

Like I was saying, I wasn’t very successful on IG, but hey, it doesn’t cost a penny and it’s some “publicity”, and I know that some of you take the hint there that something new has been posted on mp63.ca. (because, that’s mainly my posts: updates (and teasers).

So, I’ve been hovering with about 280-295 watchers for a few months. Also, my posts generally get between 20 and 40 likes. So, 30 likes for 300 follower is, well… 10%.

Then, I posted this image:

And that’s where things went wild.

Obviously, someone(s) re-posted it, and it had the snowball effect. Look at that number of likes: 132. Fuck! I never went over 80 in the past (almost) 3 years!

And the followers? I’m up to 334 (as of this writing) and the image is now at 143 likes. Oh, and I got ONE comment, something I rarely get. (Thank you catsuitmodel)

I have no clue who to thank for it, but, well… if you read this: thank you. And that’s the ONLY image. I also posted the image where Karen is kissing Lynda (with her knee up) and I have a much more “regular” 47 likes (What I usually see…)

So… yeah… I’m happy and weirded-out at the same time.

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9 thoughts on “What the Heck, Instagram?

  1. Social media is always weird. At some random weird point, a post is gonna go up and get a ton of attention. After that, sometimes this continues; otherwise it’ll just go down to how it was previously.

    1. Yes, it happened before. I usually got (at that time) 20 “likes” or so per image. Then, one image reached 84 likes (I just checked, it’s up to 141 now). Then all the next images received 20 or so likes, as before. I never understood why that image was so liked. Also, there were no sudden raise of followers.
      This time, yes. The image is now over 300 likes and I’ve gained closed to 70 watchers in 4 days. I know this number will go down, it always do.
      I’ll see how it goes, but it brings me nothing ($$). It’s just watchers and likes…

  2. I wanted to ask you If I can have a 3d model in Corset, Balletboots … From one of your Stories…. Anyway If you Like or need to make Money out of your Hobby…
    Have you thougt about selling your 3D Models for 3D Printing? Eg. On Cults3D.

    1. Hello Latexmaze82.

      DAZ is a proprietary software, and for printing a 3D model out of it, there’s two solutions:
      – Go through their official partners and pay top price for it
      – Go through about 12 painstakingly tedious steps to export/import the mesh (which will fuck-up the mesh) and then clean it, to make a printable file because DAZ does NOT support any standard export format for 3D printing. I know because if it would have been possible/easy, I would have bought myself a 3D printer and would already have a shitload of model printed.

      And finally, NO, I will not share my models. There’s already people stripping my copyright watermark out of it and using it for their own purpose, I will not have people start printing/selling my models for their own profit.


      1. OK. Thats a pity. You wouldn’t share your Models in the meaning someone could use it for their own Renderings. The
        STL Format is a relative dumb Fileformat. And you could sell it. But ist was Just an Idea. Thougt perhaps you use Blender. And it is easy to Export. But… Then No figurine of Karen would be printed …
        I appriciate your Work man.

        1. Thank you for your understanding.
          People being honest, that would be a different situation. Alas…

          And people are NOT willing to pay for anything. I just suggested I would go “pay site” for a miserable $2/month ($25/year) and I was bombarded with angry messages.
          I once had a donation button. NOBODY clicked it.

  3. If I’d known you had an Instagram, I’d have folllowed you long ago! Rectified now. (Apologies if I just totally missed it here previously.)

    1. Welcome aboard!
      I often announce my updates there and some odds and ends.

      Honestly, I was certain I had an IG icon on the main menu and I was about to point it out to you, but apparently… it’s not there.

      Will have to check that.

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