Karen – Christmas Adventure


(Story idea by chastitygirl90)

The brown haired woman was sitting at the dining table of the small university provided apartment. She was slowly rubbing her hand on her thigh, tightly encased in denim leggings, while reading the latest university gossip on Fakebook.

Her ear was attracted by a strange sound coming from the door, as if someone was trying to work the lock, like… picking it? What the hell?

She got up, silent on her wedge sneakers, walking to the door to look at the peeping hole.

All she saw was the backpack of someone bent over the lock. She took a deep breath, grabbed the lock and the door knob and in a swift move, operated the deadbolt and turned the knob to open the door.

In fell a short blond haired woman, face first, landing on her chest, the large backpack flipping over the head, with a soft thud.

“Shit!” said the stranger. She got a hold on her elbows and turned her head around, pushing the backpack off her head in the process, and stared at the wedge sneakers, centimeters off her nose. “Euh…”

“Can I help you?” asked the stern brunette.

The woman on the floor turned on her side, the backpack falling off, dragging her with it almost rolling her on her back. She gently gathered her legs in tight shiny black faux-leather pants toward her.

“Uh.. Oh, hi. You must be, hum… Karen, right? I’m Sandra, your assigned roommate.” she said smiling. “Unless I’m in the wrong room.”

“If you’re my assigned roommate, what the hell were you doing with the lock?” asked Karen, hands on her hips.

“The… key wouldn’t go in properly, so I was trying to giggle it a little.” she said, slowly getting up, letting her rather heavy backpack fall on the ground, handing the key to Karen.

“Well, that’s the right room number stamped on it. Let me check.” she said, trying to get the key into the keyhole. “What the fu… OKAY!” she yelled in the corridor of the dorm, “WHO’S THE SMART ASS THAT PUT CHEWING GUM INTO THE KEYHOLE?”

Laughs were heard from a few doors down.

“THIS IS NOT OVER, PHIL” she yelled back, then noticing the large duffel bag on the floor, grabbed it to get in inside before she closed the door. “He’s a jerk. He did this to pretty much all the girls’ rooms in the dorm. Fuck! What is in that bag? Must weigh a ton!”

“Uh… just some… personal stuff.” giggled back Sandra. “Which is my room?”

“The last one.” said Karen, pointing in the direction.

Sandra grabbed her backpack and threw it over her shoulder, then grabbed the duffel bag and stumbled to her room, Karen following. She  threw the backpack on the bed and tried to do the same with the duffel bag but instead, she collapsed on the bed, tired.

“I should have gotten a dolly.” she said.

“Let me help you.” said Karen, picking the bag with both hands, yanking it to pull it up.

There was a dreadful ripping sound, followed by metal noises hitting the floor. Both stood there, staring at the spilled content, one obviously embarrassed, the other, curious.

“It’s… it’s… it’s for…” stuttered Sandra.

“Bondage. It’s called bondage.” said Karen, smiling, staring at the leather cuffs, collars, padlocks and chains spewing off the teared up bag.

“Don’t worry. It’s, it’s… for my own personal use. “

“Oh, I don’t worry, and I think we’ll fit quite well as roommates.” said Karen, raising her sweatshirt covering her thighs, revealing her skinny jeans, and also a strange bulge. She pulled on the leggings waistband to get it slightly down, revealing a steel belt with a crotch strap.

“Oh fuck!” said Sandra, eyes wide. “Cool! So… you got your own… set?” she said, opening the nearby drawer and stuffing her bondage gear in.

“Not that much.” said Karen. “I have the chastity belt, a set of police cuffs and some rope. I wish I had more but money is tight.

“Cool. I guess it also means that… you won’t mind.” said Sandra, taking off the turtleneck shirt she had on, revealing a gleaming red latex catsuit, with no apparent zipper.

“No shit!” said Karen. “Is that?… “ she asked, approaching with a shaking hand.

“Neck entry latex catsuit.” said Sandra, smiling. “Go ahead, you can touch it. It won’t bite… neither will I… unless you ask for it.” she added with a devilish smile.

Karen was speechless. She touched the slick latex, feeling the warmth of Sandra’s body, but not feeling her skin. The fit was perfect. No wrinkles. She wondered how it would feel to be IN one, all covered in rubber, slowly rubbing Sandra’s arm who was just smiling while looking at Karen. She suddenly snapped out of her day dream.

“Uh… Oh! Sorry. I… I’ll let you unpack your things. I’ll go… get that chewing gum out of the lock” she said, backing away.

“Oh… right.” said Sandra giggling. “Thank you, I’ll be fine.” she said, opening her backpack, revealing more normal clothes.

Karen walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. Her mind was a mess. Was it a dream come true or a nightmare? In any case, that was the strangest first interaction she had with anyone.


It was the next Friday morning. Karen was sitting in the kitchen, getting ready for school when Sandra walked in, took a plastic container, dropped something hard in it, filled it with water and put it in the freezer.

“What’s that for?” asked Karen.

“Uh… oh, well… it’s for my… erm… weekend… thing” stuttered Sandra.

“Key in ice, right?” asked Karen.

“Uh… yes… You know the… of course you know.” pointing to Karen, knowing that she was hiding her chastity belt under baggy clothes… to… GO TO SCHOOL!

“Yes, I know the purpose, I used it myself although I now prefer a timed locked box.”

“Oh, yes, of course. I’m old fashioned.” said Sandra with a smile.

“Well, we can both upgrade… each one taking care of the keys of the other.”

“I only known you for a week, and… you know…” said Sandra.

“Yes, I know, trust is something to be earned. What do you say we’ll work on that during the weekend? Just get your water out of the freezer.”

With a smile, Sandra removed the container and dropped the water, leaving the key on the counter.

“Yes, we’ll work it out during the weekend.” she said before leaving for the day.

Karen looked at her go, dressed in a  fancy business-looking outfit and black pumps, then looked down at herself, in a large sleeveless shirt and baggy jeans.

“We’re not from the same world.” she said, following Sandra’s footsteps not long after that, but her mind was not in school work. Her mind was for the upcoming weekend, inventing scenarios, fantasizing about setups. What should she do? What should she ask? Will Sandra go for it? Will she go for it? She was getting more and more aroused and for the first time in eons, she was pissed off she had belted herself. Damn! She couldn’t even play with her fingers under the desk! So arousing!!

There were a few classes she shared with Sandra. On this particular occasion, Sandra took place right behind her, slightly to the side.

“I just want to know if I can see.” said Sandra, bending toward Karen, whispering.

“Know if you can see what?” asked Karen, then made wide eyes. “No… you’re not.”

“Don’t worry, Karen. I won’t reveal anything. I know what I’m looking for. If I can find clues, I may be able to find the same clues on other people, to, you know, discover their secrets.”

“Other people?”

“Come on, Karen. There’s fifteen thousand people on this campus. There’s bound to be someone else wearing a chastity belt… or latex.” she said, slightly opening her dress shirt, revealing a white latex layer. She winked. “Full catsuit. Just act normal”, she said before taking back her seat.

“You are nuts,” said Karen.

“Yes! Aint-it great?” said Sandra, laughing, before sitting back down.

And then and there, Karen heard it. The sound. The hint. The clue. She glanced at Sandra who only winked.

Having someone staring at her, trying to figure out if she could see what she was wearing was disturbing. Especially that, for her, Friday was known as Fetish Friday, which meant that she had… toys locked in. Plain steel plugs, but she had toys nonetheless. That would, for sure, change the way she would normally sit and move.

It was disturbing. It was getting her horny, especially knowing that Sandra was wearing one too. She recognized the noise but would a stranger, someone not listening for it would find out? That only fired up more scenarios for the weekend. ‘What if’, she thought.

Of course, she had to move. One doesn’t sit still for an hour. Did it show? Did Sandra notice anything? She wanted to turn around to ask her but that would only make her move, and perhaps give exactly the clue Sandra was looking for, or attract suspicion on herself. On them.

When the lecture ended, she quickly turned around to ask Sandra, but she was already up and leaving. She tried to catch up with her but she had disappeared in the crowd. She wanted to know. She HAD to know. Was she giving out easy clues? Were there many people who noticed she was wearing a belt? Would she notice Sandra had one? And why were all those questions making her horny?

Her last class was after lunch. She knew Sandra wouldn’t be back at the apartment before the end of the afternoon. She entered the apartment and she saw them, right where Sandra left them: her keys. What should she do?

She took the keys and walked to her room.

Sandra came back only in the evening, after going out with some friends, while Karen was watching some TV.

“I’m going to bed.” said Sandra, heading straight for her room.

“Good night!” answered back Karen.

And that was it. Some hours later, Karen headed for her room. 

She was awakened, early the next morning, by strange sounds, clicking sounds, like chain rattling, and some stomping, accompanied with muffled moanings.

There was then a series of soft thud on her door, followed by moanings, almost like… someone was knocking on it using its head.

Grumpy, she got up breasts naked, and dragged her feet to the door to open it.

“Whauuuut?” she exclaimed, working hard to get blood to her brain.

In front of her was standing obviously Sandra, in a red latex catsuit, a chastity belt tightly wrapped around her waist, a huge harness ball gag stuffed in her mouth while her head was wrapped into a red latex hood leaving only her eyes to see, standing on ballet boots, ankles linked by a short chain, and her arms in her back, her wrists locked together, hands also coated in latex.


“Say what?” said Karen.


“Oh!” said Karen, walking to her bedside table, picking something, “looking for these?” she said, dangling the keys she grabbed from the counter the day before.

“Efffff.” said Sandra, turning around, showing her cuffed wrists.

“Well… Let’s see.” said Karen, walking out of the room, Sandra hobbling behind her. “You’ve been here a week. You have… dirty dishes on the counter, left-over pizza still on the dining table, you have a pair of jeans laying on the floor by the sofa, the laundry basket is on the floor and when you came in yesterday, you dropped your textbooks bag, as usual, by the door, where we have to move them to open it. What are you going to do about it?” she said, staring at Sandra.

Sandra’s eyes widened. She frantically looked around then turned her back to Karen to show her bound wrists.

“Not my problem. You want those keys? Clean your mess. I’m going back to bed.” she said, walking to her room and closing the door. She heard Sandra grunt but it only made her smile.

“Just one fucking week and the flat is already a mess.” she mumbled to herself, slipping under the still hot bedsheets.

She tried to go back to sleep but of course couldn’t. She could hear Sandra struggle. She could hear her curse, or what she believed the sounds she was making was cursing. She could hear her hobble, probably having a hard time on her extreme footwear. 

She reached for her crotch, safely locked behind the chastity belt, the key in the timed lock with still over 12 hours on it. That belt was doing its thing: keeping her horny.

She heard a glass shatter on the floor, obviously. Then there was a loud thud and everything fell silent. After a few moments, this made her worried. Did Sandra fall and knock herself unconscious? Or worse?

She jumped out of the bed and out of the room. Sandra was laying on the floor, near the entrance door. She obviously had tried to grab the books but slipped and fell and she was simply laying there, panting. When she saw Karen, she rolled on her stomach showing her bound wrists and evidently asking to be released.

“Yeah.” said Karen. “Not the best position, but I hope you learned your lesson.” she said, walking back to and from her bedroom with the keys. “I hope it will serve you as a lesson.” she said, taking place over Sandra’s legs and then gently lowering herself over her, chastity belt over chastity belt, making a loud clunk.

They both reacted. Karen lifts herself up then back down a few times, to tease Sandra and to tease herself at the same time. Of course, Sandra “protested”, but Karen grabbed her cuffed arms and folded them back into a reverse prayer position. This way, she could fully apply her weight on Sandra’s waist, banging the chastity belts again… and again.

Soon, they were both moaning, both getting teased, and both knowing that it wouldn’t go farther than that: teasing.

After a few moments, Karen took the keys and released the locks while keeping a firm grip holding Sandra. Lifting her weight from her just enough, she had her turn around on her back.

She quickly grabbed her wrists and, dragging her arms upward on the floor, over, she gradually lowered herself over Sandra, her naked skin touching the latex coating. She gathered her legs and slowly brought them over Sandra’s legs, feeling the latex with her thighs, her knees, feeling the leather boots and the cuffs with her feet, her toes, then she slowly let her upper body down while stroking her hips up and down, feeling the chastity belts clang together, once, twice. She slowly lowered her chest over Sandra’s.

Her face was now centimeters away from Sandra’s latex skin, from her gagged mouth. She had an urge, but she didn’t know if she could. Was Sandra okay with it? They never discussed it before.

Sandra’s eyes were closed. She was herself, gently rocking her hips, helping Karen in her teasing moves. Karen approached her lips to Sandra’s, feeling her hot breath whistling around the ball gag. She lowered her lips, opening her mouth wide to fit over the ball, gently kissing her, her lips reaching the latex. That was a strange sensation.

Her grips holding Sandra’s arms loosened and she tried to get free, but Karen quickly fought back. That made her, that made them, even hotter, hornier, naked breasts crushing the latex enclosed breasts, their body heat felt through the latex.

They moaned. Karen loosen her grip again on Sandra’s arms, which stayed there, like abandoned. She gathered her arms and reached for Sandra’s latex coated breasts, gently squishing them, feeling the hot latex in her hands and knowing what was underneath, without actually feeling them. That was strange, yet arousing. It was like playing with a toy still in its wrapping.

She felt latex hands over her back, then down over her butt, squishing her buns, slightly forcing her to rock the chastity belts forward and backward.

Instinctively, Karen tried to stick her tongue into Sandra’s mouth, but was blocked by the ball gag. Suddenly, she felt ball-gagged herself. What a strange feeling. She didn’t dislike it at all.

Their body rolled on the side, Karen’s legs wrapping tightly Sandra’s bound legs, then rolled again, this time, Sandra was on top. She gently raised herself up, pressing on Karen’s breasts with her gloved hands to raise her upper body, sliding her bound legs between Karen’s now opened legs, kneeling.

Gagged, she couldn’t talk much, but she gently rubbed her breasts, then went over her belted crotch, gently knocked on Karen’s own belted crotch then snapped her wrist cuffs together in a “we can’t do anything more now. Are you going to free me or not?”.

Karen smiled. She fondled around her to find the small padlock and linked Sandra’s wrists back together. By the look on Sandra’s eyes, it was perhaps not what she expected. She got up and helped Sandra to get up.

She didn’t know what to do. That had been so spontaneous, so… natural. So arousing.

“Err…. Hum… Clean that mess.” she stuttered. I’m… I’m going back to bed…. and… try not to break anything else” she said, trying to sound dominant while stumbling to her room, closing the door.

She laid on her back, on the bed, playing with her fingers on and around her chastity belt, getting  hornier and hornier. The love-hate relationship with her belt increasing by the minute.

“Twelve hours.” she mumbled to herself.

In the kitchen, Sandra was struggling with the tasks. She was sweating profusely inside her latex outfit, struggling to walk with her hobble chain, working hard to grab anything with her bound wrists. And her extreme drooling, thanks to the ball gag, didn’t help clean the kitchen counter or the table as she was drooling on it while cleaning it.

But she was hot. Very hot. Her body was hot and her crotch was hot. What happened there was unexpected. Since she mainly did self-bondage, she never had any interaction with anyone while in bondage, while in latex. She liked it. But Karen had decided to keep her bound. She would have to pay. She had to think of something, of revenge.

Hobbling, her thighs rubbing against each other, easily sliding in the confines of the lubed latex, she was ready to explode, but she was denied, thanks to the belt and the almost silent toys inserted under it. Almost silent, as they were hollow but with a steel ball in them, which was just enough to keep her entertained. She was panting. She was drooling. But at least, the tasks were done. The kitchen was spotless, all she had let out had been stored.

She should be more careful. It wasn’t her home after all, but something she shared. Something she shared with someone like-minded. Yeah… She should be more… careful, she thought with a devilish smile.

She walked to Karen’s bedroom and gently knocked on the door. No answer. She carefully opened it. Karen was there, sleeping. On her stomach, her head turned away.

Making as little noise as possible, which was not easy with a hobble chain and ballet boots, and a gag, she managed to get close enough to the bed table to see the key. She gently bent, her rubber creaking, she extended her rubber coated hands, grabbed the keys and ‘silently’ walked out.

On the bed, Karen wasn’t moving, breathing in a regular, slow pattern, as if she was sleeping… eyes wide opened and smiling. The weekend suddenly looked a lot more interesting than she had envisioned it.

She was riding her bicycle, heading to class. There was a wall of fog that seemed to have appeared from nowhere. She rode into it. It didn’t feel like fog, but like sheets of rubber, curtains of white latex dancing around her, rubbing against her naked skin. Wait. She was going to school naked? But that fog, that strange silky latex was taking care of it, wrapping her in its cold yet hot embrace. She liked the smell.

And the ground appeared to be moving, like a wave, but a strange wave, only from one side of her body. She tried to look through the fog, to see her feet, but all she could see was… no feet. She had no legs. Just long pointed toes, going down and down.

The wave hit again, slowly. The fog disappeared, her feet vanished and she saw something pink with flowers. She blinked a few times. Yes, there was something flowery and something more rigid, larger, shiny, red. She tried to move but something was holding her back.

“Whu… Whut… What the… huh?” she managed to say, slowly clearing the fog in her head, coming back to reality, stepping out of her dreamy state. And she was dreamy, eyes little, getting hurt by the bright sunlight entering the room.

Oh, she had fallen asleep alright. Deep sleep, only to be awakened by… Sandra? What was she doing over her?

The woman, coated in latex from heat do toe, was kneeling over Karen, pinning her down under the bedsheets. She had taken off the ball gag, and also the cuffs… the same cuffs she was dangling over Karen’s face.

“I think it’s your turn, sweety.” said Sandra with a devilish smile.

“But… I… What… Euh…” stuttered Karen as Sandra gently took her right wrist and wrapped the leather cuff around it, fastening it tightly.

It was a strange feeling, feeling the soft leather getting tighter around her wrist, grabbing a firm  hold. It was soft to the touch, yet felt firm and unyielding. Then the sound of the little padlock, the “click” of no return. She was locked in. Sensually, Sandra wrapped the other cuff to her left wrist, as tight as the first one. 

Karen was looking at her, as if she was hypnotized. She didn’t resist. She let her wrap those heavy leather cuffs around her wrists, then gently get off of her, slowly sliding the bedsheets and the comforter off the bed, revealing her chastity belt and her long naked legs.

Sandra gently ran her latex coated hand down Karen’s legs, to her ankles, where she wrapped another set of leather cuffs, again tightly fastened around her ankles. And again, the feeling was similar, although it seemed more powerful, more comfortable on the ankles. That was weird.

Sandra quickly added a padlock, linking her ankles together with minimum play room before gently rolling Karen on her stomach, softly grabbing her wrists and drawing them together. Another padlock, another click, and she was set. 

There. Her arms were on her back. Locked. 

Oh damn! For the first time, she really felt what bondage was like. She had no control. She had no way out.

“Do yorgghhhmfff” Karen began to say, her speech cut short by the same harness ball gag She had saw on Sandra earlier. It tasted weird, like… mouthwash.”

“Don’t worry, I cleaned it.” whispered Sandra as she tightened the straps, forcing the gag deeper and deeper in Karen’s mouth, pinning her tongue down, while forcing her mouth wide open.

Then, something around her neck. A collar, of course. Rather wide. It was like a strong soft hand was wrapping itself around her neck, tightening her grip, forcing her head up. She heard more clicks and realized that the grip would not loosen.

Sandra stepped off from the bed and took a few steps back, looking at her work, smiling. She helped her sit on the edge of the bed before snapping a leash on the front ring of the collar. She gave a sharp tug on it.

“Come on. Get up. You have some work to do… Your turn.” said Sandra, smiling.

Karen got up, struggling to keep her balance on her bound feet. She made a step, then another one, taking care to maintain her balance, while looking at Sandra, in her gleaming red latex catsuit and ballet toe boots, moving as if she was barefooted.

Slowly, she led her to the kitchen, then let go of the leash.

“Well. It’s noon. Make us some lunch.” said Sandra, taking place at the dining table, grabbing a fork and a knife, ready to eat.

Kren stood there. Shocked. Oh, yes, of course, she could fix some lunch, but… naked? And with her arms tied in her back?

She mumbled, she tried to show her bound hands, to indicate that she couldn’t do much.

“Well, that didn’t stop you from telling me to clean my mess this morning, instead of taking me off the bondage.”

Ah, yes of course. Revenge. Well, Karen was in no position to argue. She did that, and now she was receiving the same treatment.

She looked around and thought. She could make a salad, maybe throw a sandwich together. Yes, that would be easier than starting to cut a lot of veggies. So the bread. It’s already on the counter. All she has to do is cut four slices.

With her back at the counter, she stretched her arms, but there was a snag: her body wasn’t exactly made to bend backward and her arms backward-upward at the same time. So she had to bend forward, which was pulling her hands away from the bread.

She grunted. But at the same time, the challenge made her hot.

After a few moments looking at Karen struggle,  Sandra casually walked to the living room, taking place on the sofa, her latex catsuit creaking as she took place. She grabbed the remote control and turned on the TV.

“You’ll be fine. Just take your time.” she said, giggling.

Karen worked hard, trying to hold the bread and cut it, while her hands were both linked together. The bread was ripped more than cut. Then she had to get the filling. To the refrigerator she went. Pulling the door open was not easy. Since she had to bend forward, she was banging the door on her butt, or rather on her chastity belt to work it out. That was fun and frustrating at the same time. 

The mayo was in a pocket of the door. Easy reach.

She thought.

She grabbed it but barely by the lid. She got it out and oh shit! It slipped away and fell on the floor, the glass jar breaking on impact, sending mayo, but most importantly, shards of broken glass everywhere.

She was barefooted!

She screamed, but Sandra was already up, looking at the mess, laughing.

“Oooo! That’s going to be fun to clean.” she said, but Karen wasn’t finding it funny.

“Okay, don’t move. There’s broken glass everywhere. Hum… Err…” said Sandra, trying to figure out how to get Sandra out of the broken glass while she was bound. She couldn’t make any large steps, she couldn’t get a hold of anything.

She positioned herself against Karen, spreading her legs out of the mess area, and grabbed her firmly by the waist.

“Okay, as soon as I have you, bend your knees to raise your feet and I’ll get you out of this.” 

Karen felt Sandra’s warm latex body against her naked one. Their belts clinked together. They both looked each-other briefly in the eyes, then Sandra tightened her grip and gently raised Karen, who bent her knees. Now, Sandra was holding Karen in mid-air, legs spread over a splash of mayo. In ballet boots.

She was good, but not that good. She tried to move her legs, to bring them closer, to turn around. Of course, the tip of her boot grabbed a little bit of mayo, and when she put her foot down, it slipped, sending herself, and Karen, into a stumbling dance. One step, one turn, leaning on her back, and away they went, falling down on the floor, Sandra under Karen, still firmly holding her.

Karen couldn’t do much. She had wide eyes, evidently asking Sandra if she was alright, to which she answered by giggling.

Sandra released her grip, but Karen couldn’t move out of the way by herself, she had no way to get a grip anywhere with her arms tied in her back and her feet tied together.

She liked the feeling of latex against her skin. She had that urge, again, to kiss Sandra, but this time, she was the one tied up and gagged.

Evidently, Sandra had the same idea. She grabbed Karen’s head with her latex gloved hand and slowly but firmly brought it to her face, kissing her, opening her mouth to fit around the ball gag filling Karen’s mouth, moaning, gently rocking her hip up and down, naked skin against latex skin, chastity belt against chastity belt.

Again they could only tease each other. After the passionate kiss, Sandra gently rolled Karen off of her, then put her on her stomach to access the padlock. She unlocked the wrists and turned Karen on her back.

Karen knew what was going to happen and she didn’t resist, even bringing her wrists together in front of her.

“Good girl.” said Sandra, snapping back the padlock. “I guess you know what you have to do.”

Karen knew. She rolled on her knees and got herself back up, hobbling a few centimeters at a time, getting towels, while Sandra grabbed the broken glass, knowing that, all bound up, this could be a serious hazard to Karen.

That was a tough job. She was drooling, the drool falling on her naked breasts. That made her shiver. She was naked after all, save for her chastity belt, as if steel was a heat insulator.

“Do you have a catsuit of any kind or something you can wear, you know…” said Sandra, showing herself, showing her latex outfit. 

Karen nodded no and pointed to her chastity belt, indicating that it was the only thing she had.

“Okay. I’ll clean the rest of the mess. Go take a shower because, well… you’re pretty much coated with mayo, and we’ll go do some shopping. My treat.” said Sandra, removing the cuffs.

“Thank you, Sandra,” said Karen, once the gag was removed, “but you don’t have to do that. It’s your money. It’s not your fault I’m poor.”

“And it’s not my fault I got lucky, had wealthy parents and landed well-paying summer jobs, but especially, end-up with a kinky roommate.. Come on. We don’t have all day.” she said with a devilish smile.

Some time later, Karen walked out of her room wearing baggy jeans and a hooded sweater.

“I can’t take my belt off, the key is in the timed-box… what are you doing? You’re not going shopping like that, don’t you?” asked Karen.

Sandra was dressed up, in high heels booties, but one could easily see her red latex catsuit under her vanilla clothes.

“What’s wrong with it? Come on.” said Sandra, leading the way.

They got into Sandra’s electric car and drove off.

“So, where are we going? You know I don’t have a lot of money… Shit. I still have to find a job if I want to be able to pay my part of the rent.” said Karen, looking down.

Sandra didn’t answer. She was having a lot less financial struggles than Karen. She had wealthy parents that helped her, and had a job that paid so well the prior summer that she didn’t have to find part-time work while in school. She was not rolling in money but it was not a big concern.

“Well… My treat.” calmly said Sandra. “This time.” she added with a smile.

They headed downtown, in a narrow street, where she stopped in front of a sex shop.

“You’re not serious, Sandra. I can’t afford a latex catsuit.” said Karen.

“There’s more than latex, in here, and we’ll be sure it’s quality stuff. Come on.” she said, getting out of the car, “and they won’t mind seeing you in your belt or me in latex.” she added with a wink.

That wasn’t false. They entered the boutique and Karen’s nose was struck by the strong latex scent. That place seemed to be specialized in latex. She extended a hand, touching the first garment of the first rack she walked by. It sent her shivers down her spine. Good shivers. Pleasure shivers.

“One day… perhaps…” she  mumbled.

“Say what?” asked Sandra.

“Oh, uh… great color.” she said, pulling a set of pewter latex lingerie, bra and panties.

“Bring them over,” said Sandra.

“What? Uh… No, no, I mean…”

“I said, bring them over.” she said with a firmer tone.

Karen kind of snapped, as a robot given orders. She took the hanger and brought it close to her and walked to Sandra.

What the fuck happened there? It was as if she had an urge to follow Sandra’s orders, that she was compelled to obey. She felt so strange and at the same time… she liked it. Even Sandra seemed a little surprised by Karen’s response.

“Okay, put that on the counter… Oh, hi Lynda.” said Sandra to the sales assistant.

“Hey, hi Sandra. It’s been a while.” said the tall blond woman, dressed in a purple latex dress and thigh high, high heel boots.

“Well, I just got back for another year. Oh, this is Karen, my roommate.”

“Hello Karen,” said Lynda with a warm voice, “can I help you with anything in particular? Oh, nice choice of lingerie.” she added, pointing to the pewter latex garments on the counter.

“Err… yes… Not sure if…” stuttered Karen.

“Karen, I said it was my treat. Actually, Lynda,” said Sandra, turning to the sales lady, “Karen is a newbie, well, sort of since she already has a chastity belt, and…”

“You don’t have to tell her!” said Karen, blushing.

Sandra brushed it off.

“Karen, we’re in a sex-shop. They SELL those things.” she said, pointing at a glass display case with chastity belts as well as men’s chastity devices. “So, as I was saying,” she continued, giving her attention back to Lynda, “we’re looking for her first catsuit. Do you have something for a low-budget? I mean, it’s my treat but, I mean, I don’t have J.K. Rowling’s budget.”

“Of course, well, the thing I have that is the closest to the latex feel is this faux-leather catsuit.” she said, heading to a rack with semi-shiny garments. “It’s very stretchy and has that rubbery feeling although it’s polyurethane coated spandex, both being very tight.” she said, looking at Karen, then flipping to a few suits. “There. This one should be perfect. Care to try it?”

“Uh… I… I don’t know.” said Karen, blushing. “I mean… I have…” she said, looking frantically at Sandra who simply smiled. As she opened her mouth, Karen was quick to intervene “… Nooo”, but it didn’t stop Sandra.

“She’s shy because she’s wearing her belt at the moment.”

“You didn’t have to tell her.” said Karen, fire in her eyes, loudly whispering at Sandra as if Lynda, right in front of her, couldn’t hear.

“It’s okay, Karen,” said Lynda with a warm reassuring voice, “if you don’t want to try it, it’s fine. It’s stretchy and it should fit you. Just be aware that I don’t mind whatever you’re wearing.” she added, opening her arms. “I mean… look at me and look around  you.” she said, holding the catsuit at arm’s length for Karen to pick it up.

Karen was frozen. Her brain was a mess. It was so weird to be suddenly so open about all this. She has been secretive all her life about her strange feelings whenever she saw someone wearing tight clothes, especially shiny ones, or in movies when someone was being tied up. Every time she had those strange goosebumps, where she wished to be that character, being tied up. Not the torture, but the restriction, the ropes, the chains, and more if it was a woman in high heels.

“Okay then,” said Lynda, turning around and walking to put it on the counter. “You know you have to try it with underwear, otherwise it’s non-returnable, right?” she added, looking at Sandra.

“I… I’ll try it.” said Karen, suddenly snapping off her comatose state, taking it before it touched the counter. “Where…?”.

“Just there.” said Lynda, pointing at the changing room. “ And take these. You might be wearing a belt but, you know… juice…” she said, handing her a plastic bag with something like a thin adult diaper in it.

Blushing, shaking, Karen took the bag and headed for the changing room. Shivering, she took off her wedge sneakers, then her jeans and her sweatshirt, put on the disposable diaper and began to feed her leg into the rubbery-feeling garment. It was warm to the touch and slid up easily and tightly. She felt it stretch and wrap  her legs. Her breath began to shake as it engulfed her legs, her hips, her stomach. She put her arms into the sleeves, which were also quite tight. She wondered if Lynda sized her correctly.

She pulled her shoulders in. The suit stretched over her shoulders, the zipper, feeling the crotch slightly pull on her chastity belt.

She zipped it shut. She actually had to bring together each side of the zipper to pull it up. It was gently squishing her body, squishing her breasts. Once fully zipped, she ran her hands up and down the rubbery feeling suit, feeling it. She liked it. She couldn’t repress a smile. She gently squeezed her breasts through the suit with one hand while the other ran down to her crotch, feeling the hard cold steel through the suit, denying touching. She bit her lower lip. She was getting horny. She liked that touch. She liked feeling the tightness of the suit when she bent her arm or flexed her leg.

“Are you okay in there?” she heard Lynda ask, which took her out of her daydream.

“Uh… yes. I think. Feels a little tight.” said Karen, opening the door and walking out.

Both Sandra and Lynda raised their eyebrows.

“That is perfect,” said Sandra.

“Hum… “ said Lynda, looking around, especially at the seams. “Yes, it looks good. Tight but the seams are not being pulled too far apart. Maybe a little at the waist as those suits are made with a very small waist, nothing a corset wouldn’t take care of.” she said with a wink, looking at Karen.

“Co… corset? I… No…” she said, looking frantically at Sandra.

She had mixed feelings. On one hand, she would love to try a corset. She had been alway attracted by those constricted waist, how rigid the torso appeared to be, but at the same time, she was afraid, afraid it would be too constricting, afraid she would… want more.

“Nah, we’ll skip on the corset. Not exactly in my budget.” said Sandra. “And we couldn’t try it over the belt anyway.”

“Yes, of course,” said Lynda. “So? You keep the suit?”

“Yes, we’ll keep the suit,” said Sandra, answering Karen’s silent question.

“Perfect! Anything else?” 

“No, I don’t think… wait. Say, Karen, apart from your sneakers, do you have any high heels?”

“Uh… What?…” she said, getting out of her thoughts of feeling the suit, “Err… No. Those are my only high heels. Heck, they’re my only shoes.”

“Oh..” said Sandra, “then… Yes, we have something else to check-out.” she said with a smile.

“Of course,” said Lynda, “what are you looking for? Shoes? Boots? Platforms? Extreme?”

“What? Wait! Heels? I… Geesh, I never really worn any, I mean those wedges are already a killer.”

Sandra raised her eyebrows.

“What? Those? Killer heels? Come on, Karen, they are barely what, 6, 7cm? No, that won’t do. Let’s see…” she said, browsing the nearby shoe rack with her eyes. “Ah, yes, those are nice.” she said pointing at a pair.

“And they’re 50% off today.” added Lynda.

“Great. What size are you?” said Sandra, looking at Karen.

“I… What? No. That’s way too high, but…”

“Got it.” said Lynda, putting down one of Karen’s wedge sneakers after looking at the size value. “Yes… here, try those.”

“Oh… wow. No, really those…”

“Try them.” dryly said Sandra.

Again, Karen felt compelled to obey Sandra. What the hell? Was she… No, she wasn’t a sub. She could make her own decisions, and she will take her own decisions. Right after trying those shoes.

She sat on a bench and put on the first of the strappy high heel shoes, closing the heel zipper, then put on the other one. She put both feet straight on the floor, already feeling the position. She got up, stumbled while trying to steady herself, to find her balance. She grabbed Lynda’s arm while Sandra held  her elbow.

“Wow! That’s really high.” she said, smiling before trying to make her first step.

It was a short step, then followed by a second one. She let go of her grip on Lynda, making more steps, her flapping arms becoming more calm, moving th her body sides. She was getting more assurance, making more firm steps. She stopped looking down and looked straight ahead, walking forward to the end of the store, then turning around, walking confidently back. She put a hand down at her crotch, feeling her steel belt  under the catsuit.

“That… hum…”

“Yes, heels make you move your hips differently. It has… side effects.” said Sandra, winking at Lynda who knew too well what she meant.

“Wow… Err, you’re sure you want to buy me all of this, Sandra?”

“Yes, I’m sure. It’s settled then. Here.” she said, handing her credit card to Lynda.

“Hum… Okay. I’ll go take them off now.” said Karen.


“To go home. I can’t go home like that.” said Karen.

Lynda showed her red catsuit under her shirt, her shiny red hands, her own heels.

“Put your vanilly clothes over it, if you want, but keep it. It’s much more fun that way.”

She had mixed feelings. Yes, she went in public while wearing her belt countless times, but this was more extreme, a full catsuit, and high heels. What if someone recognizes her?

“I know what you’re thinking, Karen,” said Lynda, “but think about it. I’m sure you saw someone at the University in tight shiny leggings, in high heels, or leather pants, or anything else than mainstream. What did you think?”

Yes she had seen that. She had seen girls in tight vinyl leggings and high heel boots, wearing a tight leather jacket, walk along to go to classes. She had seen sports buffs, men and women, running around the campus in very tight fitting shiny spandex gear. She saw guys in skinny jeans that weren’t hiding anything.  She even wondered if that girl, the other day, was wearing very shiny PVC leggings or if they were latex. And there was that one guy she was sure was hiding high heels under his extra-long pants.

“Well… when you put it that way…” she said, grabbing her clothes and putting them over her faux-leather catsuit.

She walked out, feeling weird. She took place in Sandra’s car and they drove off.

“Hum… where are we going?” asked Karen, knowing that they were not heading back to the dorm.

“To the park, of course. We have time to take a little walk.”

“Oh… I should have put my sneakers back on, then.”

“Nonsense! You need practice in heels. You’ll be fine.” said Sandra with a smile that was hiding something else.

A few moments later, she was stopping by the park. Sandra got up and opened the trunk of her car, then took off her jacket, her shirt and pulled down her pants, revealing her whole outfit to the world.

“What the fuck are you doing?” asked Karen, frantically looking around.

“Getting ready to take a walk. Do you imagine how hot I will be if I walk all dressed up over my latex catsuit? You should do the same. Faux-leather doesn’t breathe.”

“I… I can’t do it. What if someone sees me?”

“Look around. Everybody can see me.” said Sandra.

People were walking by, glimpsing the red shiny woman, and continuing their walk with a smile.

“What are they going to say? What will they do? I’m not naked. I’m not breaking any law. You see all the time people in spandex running and cycling around and nobody gives a damn. Come on, drop your clothes.”


“But what, Karen? Are you from this city? Is there any family member you can come across who might find it unacceptable for some reason, as if it’s his or her business?”

“Err… no… but… At the Uni…”

“They’re fellow students.” said Sandra, nicely folding her jeans and putting them in the trunk. “Well, there’s two solutions here: we get stared at because one is in full latex while the other is fully clothed, or we get stared at because we’re both sexy looking. And believe me, your face, and mine, is the last thing they will be looking at.” she said with a wink.

Nervous, shaking,, she took off her baggy jeans and her jacket. She felt naked. She was very conscious of what she looked like. She was trying to figure out what the passersby were thinking, were saying, but most glanced, smiled and went on.

Sandra closed the trunk. She had no choice now.

“Come on.” she said, taking the lead.

Karen followed, heels clicking. She could feel her tight suit rubbing against her thighs, pinching her buns. She could feel very well, the intruders held tight inside her thanks to the chastity belt, dancing around. She couldn’t forget she had those hollow plugs with loose steel balls in them. Those were creating their own little dances, some very much new dances she was not used to, thanks to her heels, making her move in new ways.

The spandex layer and the polyurethane layer exerted a pressure, a force over her limb. She had to apply force to bend her knee, to move her hips. She couldn’t forget she was wearing it. Same thing over her chest where taking a breath asked for some effort. Even balancing her arms made her feel the suit.

She loved it, every minute, every second of it. The sun shining on her black suit was also in the equation. She could feel the heat, and she liked it. It actually loosened the material, making it more flexible.

And the heels. She suddenly realized that she was walking on those extreme heels. Except for the sound they were making, she could have been wearing her sneakers. The feeling was good. She liked it. She had to walk differently to maintain her balance. That change of position, of how her legs moved,  had an effect on her belt, on her crotch.

Damn, there were so many things wanting her attention at the same time, so many parts of her body were responding to this whole new environment, she didn’t realize that she was half-way across the park. She hadn’t noticed the people walking by. Sandra was there, alongside of her, walking, happily enjoying the sunlight, and she seemed to especially like the stares she got for her shiny chastity belt.

Kren focused on these persons. They were looking at herself, but their eyes were quickly drawn to the shiny red woman walking with her, to her belt. Some were making disgusting grins, others were not reacting at all or raising an eyebrow, and some, yes, some definitely liked it. She could see it in their eyes, in their smiles. And there was more than one here and there.

“Damn, we’re surrounded by fetishists.” thought Karen. “Maybe that’s why they don’t give much of a damn.”

And she thought about herself. What would she do if, walking in the park, she came along someone in latex, chastity belt, high heels… with a corset perhaps. What about cuffs? Collars? She daydreamed. What would be her reaction? What would be her thoughts?

That’s when she began to open up, to let go of what people would think and enjoy the moment.

“So, “ asked Karen, “are we heading for someplace in particular?”

“Not really,” said Sandra “I just love to tease people.” she said with a broad smile.

At one point, they passed near a grocery store. Karen stopped and looked at a poster on the display window. HELP WANTED.

“It will just take a minute.” said Karen, entering the store, completely forgetting how she was dressed.

There were a few customers inside, who looked in her direction. Well, who wouldn’t. She went to the service desk.

“May I help you?” asked a woman, glancing at Karen, then at the shiny red woman just behind her.

“Yes, I saw your help wanted poster and I would like to apply. I have prior experience as a cashier.” said Karen. “Do you have a job application form or something I can fill out?”

“Yeah.” said the woman, frowning, not knowing if it was serious or just a prank.

People getting in and out of the store were stopping a few moments to look at the women. Karen didn’t seem to care and Sandra was enjoying the attention, even moving her butt or taking slightly sexier poses. Nobody was looking at their faces.

The woman put a bad photocopied form on the counter. Karen took it then realized she didn’t have any pockets or purse. 

“Err… Excuse me, miss” Karen asked the woman. “Do you have a pen I can borrow? I will fill it here.” she asked.

The woman sighed and gave her her pen.

She was half-way into filling the application when she heard a man’s voice behind her.

“Can I help you with anything specific, ladies?”

Karen turned around. He was wearing a grocery store jacket and had a ‘manager’ pin.

“Oh, yes, Hi. I would like to apply for the cashier’s job. I have previous experience.” happily said Karen, extending a hand to offer the filled-out form.

“I see…” he said, looking at the form. “You say you’re a good cashier? Could you, erm…” he said, looking around, “there, take over Julia with this customer?” he said pointing at the check-out of the service desk.

“Oh, sure.” said Karen, happily getting behind the counter.

“If you don’t mind, sir, I’ll give you a 10% rebate for the trouble.” he said to the man waiting at the register.

“Euh…. no… No problem.” said the man, jaws wide open, looking at that woman in a tight leather-like catsuit and high heels, taking place, and quickly scanning his items.

Karen was feeling like in a dream. She saw her faux-leather covered arm moving the different items at the scanner, punching keys. It was easy, the place where she worked as a cashier before had the same system. She entered the codes when needed, scanned everything, feeling the suit tug on her hips, feeling the strain on her high heeled feet, all feelings she loved.

“There you go, sir, would that be cash, debit or credit?” she asked, smiling.

“Duh… What?” asked the man, his brain obviously drained of any blood.

“Cash, debit or credit, sir?” asked Karen again, still smiling.

“Oh… cashbit… err… Debit…” stuttered the man.

By this short time, a short line had formed behind the man, more men waiting, eyeing the sexy cashier.

As  soon as the man was away, she picked the items of the next customer and began to scan it.

“Hello, welcome to…” she said, then stopped, frowned, and turned toward the smiling manager. “I’m sorry…” she said, almost whispering, “what is the name of this place?”

The manager laughed and gestured to the official cashier to take back her place.

“You pass the test, hum… Karen.” he said, looking back at the form. “I’ll keep this in file and I will call you if we need your help. Thank you for applying.” he said, gently inviting Karen and Sandra to head for the exit.

At that same time, the line at that register dramatically shortened. The show was over. They walked out of the store.

“What the fuck just happened back there? What the hell did you just do?” asked Sandra, her shoulders down. “Even I don’t have the guts to pull out a stunt like that. What were you thinking?”

“Funny…” said Karen, “I was thinking of… nothing. Just to do the job he asked me to do.”

“But…  your suit and …”

“That was actually fun. Too bad that won’t be approved as a regular uniform.” she said with a wink.

“Woah, stop right there, missy. Did you listen to yourself? Really? What the fuck is happening here? A few hours ago, you were too shy to TRY OUT a catsuit, and now, you’re cashiering in one and it’s no problem? Are you toying with me?” asked Sandra, almost pissed off.

“I… I… I…” stuttered Karen, not knowing what to answer, and then suddenly blushing. “Oh shit… I… I really did it, haven’t I?” she asked.

“What do you mean? YES you fucking DID IT! Why? You didn’t think it was a dream, didn’t you?”

“I… Ugh… Shit… When we were walking, I imagined myself in a world of latex and bondage and…”

Sandra’s stern look changed for a puzzled look then a broad smile and she started to laugh, louder and louder. A genuine laugh, a contagious laugh. Karen began to giggle at her turn, then to laugh.”

“Fuck!” said Karen, “I better forget about that job.” she said, alternating between laughing and coughing with shame. “The… car is that way, right?” she said, pointing at the parking lot.

Sandra nodded, still laughing.

“I want to go home now… and hide myself under the bed for the rest of my life.” she said to Sandra “… properly tied up, of course so I wouldn’t do something that stupid again.” she said, lowering her voice.

Sandra followed, still laughing.

They drove home. Sandra was giggling all the way. Karen was in her own thoughts, looking down at her thighs, rubbing her tightly encased arms.

“If at least it had been latex.” she said as she got out of the car heading to their apartment.

“Yeah, one day,” said Sandra.

“I had the perfect job opportunity and I blew it. Now I’ll never be able to afford a latex catsuit like yours, you know, with the corset, a made to measure chastity belt and…”

“Hey, hey. Come here” said Sandra as she closed the door of the apartment behind us, and opened her arms, ready to give Karen a strong hug.

They hugged. Body against body. Latex against faux-leather. The touch, the feeling, the smell. The hug turned into a slow rubbing, their breathing became faster. Their faces touched. Soft moanings were heard.

Sandra gently guided Karen to her room, smiling, to the bed.

Karen let herself be led. She would follow. Sandra gently put her down on the bed, then climbed over her, kneeling against her stomach, bending over, putting her latex encased breasts over Karen’s face.

Karen liked the feeling, feeling the latex touch her face, rub against it, not really noticing that Sandra was spreading her arms to the corner of the bed, into attached leather cuffs.

One cuff was wrapped tightly over Karen’s right wrist. She gave a soft pull on it, feeling the restraint. Her breathing began to shake when Sandra wrapped her left wrist the same manner, spreading her arms on both corners of the large bed.

Then Sandra slowly slid down off Sandra’s body, down to her legs that Karen had already opened, spread out, like asking to be tied up and spread eagle.

Sandra kneeled at the foot of the bed, grabbing Karen’s right ankle, wrapping a leather cuff around it and pulling as hard as she could on it before linking it to the chain attached to the bed.

She did the same on the other ankle, Karen gently squirming and moaning, eyes closed.

Then nothing. She opened her eyes and couldn’t see Sandra. That was it? She would be left there, tied up, and with nothing to do but wait? Even that thought made her hot: tied up and deprived, yet excited. She closed her eyes back. She lost track of time, lost in her own dream. Some time later, she felt a touch, a hand rubbing her stomach, sliding to her breasts where her erected nipples could be clearly seen even through the thick fabric.

She opened her eyes and startled for a moment. That seemed to be Sandra, but she couldn’t see her face anymore as her whole head was covered with a red latex hood, leaving only eyes and mouth holes. She had herself, added leather cuffs and a collar, and changed her high heel booties for dominant-like thigh high boots. She had even added a black leather corset and put her chastity belt over it. The whole setup gave her a very dominant  look.

“I expect you to make a lot of noise.” said Sandra with a devilish smile. “Better prevent that.” she added, showing Karen a ball gag.

As if she was silently ordered, Karen opened her mouth, ready to be gagged, accepting her fate. Sandra inserted the large red hard rubber ball into Karen’s mouth and tightened the single strap behind her head, pushing the gag deeper, forcing her mouth to stay open.

Fuck, it felt so good! She pulled on her bonds, testing the limits of her freedom, which was not much. She squirmed, she moaned. Sandra climbed back over her and began to gently massage her breasts. She had somehow lubed her gloves, said lubricant spreading over her faux-leather suit, making the hands slide easily, creating a weird sensation she wasn’t used to but she liked. Very much.

Sandra pinched her nipples through the suit, making her throw her head backward, moaning. It was painful and pleasurable at the same time. The pinching changed for a squeeze of her whole breast, of both breasts, as Sandra slowly leaned over her, approaching her latex covered head, and gently rubbed it against Karen’s face. Their mouths found each other. Electricity flows through. The moaning intensifies.

She laid down over her, gently stroking her belt against her belt. With Karen’S belt under the suit, it dampened the metal to metal sounds, but the feeling was there. Very much there.

While massaging Karen’s breasts with one hand, Sandra reached for her bedside table and took a magic wand. She gently rolled off Karen, fired the magic wand and gently applied it to her breasts, circling it around them in an 8 pattern, then going down on her stomach, to her belt, to her crotch, pushing on it.

Karen reacted. Her first reflex was to close down her legs, but… damn. Those restraints were so much amplifying the experience!

Sandra noticed the sudden jerk of the legs. She saw them tense against the restraints. She pushed the magic wand harder, setting the power one notch higher.

Karen moaned harder. She tried to close her legs. She tried to bring her hands to it. Nope. But the feeling of the bondage, of the restraints, how those cuffs were holding her wrists, her ankles, the gag forcing her mouth open, filling it at the same time, preventing her from saying anything audible, all was just plain awesome.

Sandra gently released the pressure on the magic wand.

“No, no, no!” was thinking Karen as she moaned louder.

She thrusted her hips forward, trying to keep in contact with the want, but Sandra knew what she was doing, pulling on the wand at the same time.

Fuck! That was frustrating but hot as hell at the same time.

Karen was straining to keep her hip up. Her thighs muscles, her butt muscles began to shake and she had to let it go.

Sandra pushed the wand harder against the belt, putting it at its maximum power.

Karen lost it! It was as if the vibrations had hit the resonant frequency of her plugs, and especially the steel balls in them. Her head suddenly fills with fog, but a strange, pink, blue, orange, heck, rainbow colored fog, filling her with pleasure.

She didn’t know where she was. She was suddenly in another universe, unable to move, only able to ‘suffer’ the relentless pleasure waves created in the center of her body and radiating everywhere, from the tip of her toes to her fingernails.

In a fiery explosion of colors, her crotch exploded, followed by her mind. She felt a pleasure like she never felt before, filling her body. Overflowing to only re-enter.

The more she was pulling on her bonds, the more intense was the pleasure. She was moaning. It changed to a scream, then to something primal before it subsided, slowly.

Her breathing calmed down. Her eyes were still closed.

Sandra gently lowered the settings of the wand, still hardly pressed on Karen’s crotch, as if not to disconnect the pleasure too abruptly, before turning it off.

Karen was out. That first real bondage and fetish session has been overwhelming. Sandra cuddled on Karen’s sides, keeping her tied up, resting her head on Karen’s arm. She turned back on the magic wand, put it between her thighs, right against her own belt and set it on the lowest power. It would be teasing. It would be pleasurable. She closed her eyes.

Sandra awakened some time later as Karen’s arm began to move. She was pulling on her bonds, slightly moaning.

“Nope. You need to learn what real bondage is. I’ll free you tomorrow morning.” said Sandra.

Karen made wide eyes.

“You could go without dinner, I’m sure of it. I’m not even that hungry myself, so. See you tomorrow morning. I hope you won’t mind me sleeping in your bed.”

Karen fought her bounds, nodding no, asking to be released, but they were too strong and Sandra just stood there, smiling.

The night was weird. Half sleeping, half awake. Her limbs were hurting. She wanted to move them, but the very fact that she was denied made her hot. She moved her hips, but she could do nothing more than a slight tease. That was frustrating and arousing at the same time. What the fuck was that?

It was very early the next morning when Sandra untied her. Karen wrapped her arms around Sandra.

“Thank you, that was wonderful. Never felt anything like that before and… you might think I’m weird, but… I want to repeat the experience.”

Sandra smiled.

“That was actually what I was hoping for. But… You need to do me first. I mean, you’re not the only one who deserved that pleasure” she said with a devilish smile.

And that’s how their relationship started. Just a week or so after they first met, they were already fetish and bondage partners.

They were pranking each other.

One day, Karen didn’t have classes while Sandra had early classes. Karen was now sleeping in her faux-leather catsuit,chastity belt and high heel shoes, to which they discovered that the heel zipper could be locked, meaning that Karen was locked into her suit simply by the shoes: the suit was so tight that it couldn’t go past her feet if she was wearing those heels.

She had her hands in her handcuffs, the key into her timed box.

The sun was up when she heard the mechanism release the lid. Yawning, she got up, the first few steps in heels were wobbly as her mind was still sleepy. She stumbled to the box to retrieve the handcuff key and free herself.

She headed for the kitchen. She needed something strong. She made some coffee, and as she was almost done, her phone rang. She looked at it but didn’t recognize the number.

“Hello?” she said, still half sleepy.

“Hello. Am I speaking with Karen?”

“Yes, you are. May I help you with anything?” she carefully asked, thinking it was another fraudulent call.

“Yes, actually. I’m Derek, the manager of the grocery store? You filled up a job application some time ago and I was wondering if you were still interested.”

Karen startled. That was the place she demonstrated her skills in full catsuit.

“Err… yes, I remember, and yes, I’m still interested.” she cautionelly answered.

“Perfect. Listen, I have something very weird to ask you: could you come up for work, like… right now? One of my cashiers got involved in a small car accident. She’s okay, but she can’t come and I’m short on personnel. Are you available?”

Karen smiled.

“Yes, I can. Coincidentally, I don’t have any classes today.”

“Perfect. How soon can you get here?” he asked. “We will go over the hiring process quickly and you’ll be cashiering ASAP.”

“Gheesh… Not sure with the bus schedules.” said Karen, “Half an hour give or take? Would that be alright?”

“I’ll be waiting. Thank you, Karen. And oh… please… don’t take me wrong but… wear something, ahem… appropriate.”

Karen giggled with embarrassment.

“Yes, sir. No problem.”

She hung up and looked down at herself.

“Yeah. Better get out of this.” she said, clicking her way to the bedroom, at her bedside table to get the… “Where the hell?” she said, frantically looking around. “No, no, no. Sandra. You didn’t do this. I need to get out of this. Now. Where the fuck are the keys?” she said, looking again, on her desk, going to Sandra’s room, looking at the desks, the tables.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” she said, calling her, but she reached her voicemail on the first ring, meaning that her phone was off. “Shit” she said, remembering that she had some project which would last most of the day.

“No, no, no. Not today. Of all days… not today, please.” the more she panicked the more she was simply running around in circles. She tried to pull on her belt through the suit, but of course, it didn’t released.

“Shit! I’m out of time.” she said, running to her closet and grabbing a turtleneck shirt and jeans. As she was putting her jeans on, she realized that she would be spending most of her day in heels, standing up behind a cash register. “Oh gawd… There goes my job… Again…” she said as she left the apartment in a hurry.

She had to run to catch the bus, which was surprisingly easy in heels as she barely noticed until a fellow passenger made the remark, asking how she managed to run like that in heels.

“I don’t know.” was her answer, which was true.

She got to the grocery store, where Derek was waiting by the service desk. She recognized him.

“Got here as fast as I could.” she said, smiling, clicking her way along.

“Perfect.” he said, putting papers in front of her, going over them quickly but thoroughly, discussing her position, the salary and stuff. She signed them 

“Wonderful.” he said, “The employee’s locker room is right there.” he said, pointing at a door behind him. “You’ll be able to take off your jacket and your heels. I’ll get you a vest and a nametag.

“Uh… Yes, of course.” she said, heading for the room. She picked an opened empty locker and put her jacket in it and walked back to the service desk.

“You’re not working in heels, don’t you? I asked you to wear appropriate clothes.”

“Yes, sir, and I find this appropriate.” she said. Wait. What did she say? Where that decisive tone came from. Well she had to accept the fact that she was stuck in heels. Good thing he didn’t ask her to take off her turtleneck.

“That’s… very unusual. Remember that you’re still on probation. This is not a stunt show”

“No, sir. This is not a stunt.” said Karen, putting on the vest. “Where do I go?” she said, trying to quickly go on with her day.

He pointed to a register and, since she knew the procedures, quickly went on with her job. Derek was watching her. She was working quickly and seemed efficient. He nodded.

“She won’t last until lunch in those shoes.” he said to himself, disappointed. “Too bad, she seemed like a good employee.”

Karen went on. Standing on her heels, moving her body to scan the merchandise, bag it, with every move, every turn, she could feel her belt slightly preventing her from a full movement. She could also feel her tight and thick suit pull along her arms, shoulders, chest, even gently massaging her breasts. Each time she was bending a knee, she was feeling the tight fabric resisting.

There were a few moments, between clients, where she could rest. She had no place to sit, but she could lean against the counter, which was pushing on her chastity belt, moving the attached dildos.

She would gently swing against the counter, creating small but pleasurable waves. Her mind drifted away, and she imagined herself, in full gear, latex, corset, ballet boots, bound and gagged, chained to the counter. Oh, yes, that felt so good. This was so arousing, that…


She snapped out of it and opened her eyes. A customer, a middle aged lady, was there, waiting, staring at  her.

“Oh… I’m sorry. I think I… zoned out for a moment here.” said Karen, quickly scanning the customer’s items.

“Well, that’s what happens when one goes to school and work at the same time.”

“Oh, yes… Sleep deprivation. I’m really sorry.” said Karen, quickly taking on with the already-made excuse.

As she was extending her hand to give her the receipt, the woman bent forward with a smirk.

“Just try to hide that you’re enjoying yourself better. Some might not be as forgiving as I am.” she said with a wink, then grabbed her bag and walked out.

Karen quickly blushed and was speechless as she looked at her go, that tall woman, walking on incredibly high heels and jeans so tight the seams looked ready to give up.

She tried not to do that again. That made her even hornier.

She was eager for lunch break to arrive. Her feet were starting to hurt, but it wasn’t that bad. She was even amazed at how long she had been standing in them for a little over two hours now.

Derek showed up.

“How is it going?” he asked.

“Quite good, actually. I’m searching for some things but the setup is pretty standard, so, so far, I’m good. It’s been close to two hours, I believe I’m entitled to a break?” she asked.

“Eager to get off those heels, hey?” he said with a wink. “Listen, I called you late and it’s almost time for your half-hour lunch break. Would you mind doing another fifteen to twenty minutes then take a 45 minute lunch break instead?

Karen managed to wait a little longer but she was eager to get some rest. She entered the break room with the other personnel there, mainly women. She sat, or rather let herself drop on the plastic chair. There was a loud clunk. Karen let out a yelp and immediately, the other employee turned toward her.

“What the heck was that?” asked  one of the stockroom men.

Karen blushed.

“It’s… Geesh. I hope it’s not broken.” she said, getting the attention away from her, quickly reaching for her phone and looking at it. “Ooof. Apparently it’s fine.” she said, unlocking the screen and seeing a text message from Sandra, replying to her voicemail.

“I don’t have the keys. They were on your bedside table. I think. But I didn’t take them.”

Karen answered that she looked at it four times, even cleaning it, but never saw the keys.

“Did you look behind it? It may have fallen between the table and the wall.”

How dumb of her. She never thought of that. She looked ON the table. .Not around it.

“Shit!” she texted back. “Can you do me a favor and get them to me, with my pair of sneakers? I still have about four hours to go, and I don’t think I’ll be able to do them in heels.”

“Oh, sorry. My project team and I are meeting this afternoon. I’ll try to get out as soon as I can, but I don’t expect to be free before 15:30. Sorry. Sure you can’t ask to end early?”

“Well, he specifically asked me to come dressed properly… and look at me. Well, okay, imagine what I look like.” she texted back.


“That helps. Thanks.” texted Karen, with a tongue out emoji.

Feet rested, she went back to work, but her feet were already ‘damaged’ by the long hours standing up, and she still had four more to go.

When Derek came by to tell her to go on her break, she was almost in tears, walking with great difficulties.

“Would you mind coming through my office instead? I think we need to talk.”

Karen followed. “Yeah, that’s it.” she figured out. She would be sent home. Words would probably spread and she will never work as a cashier in this town.

He didn’t offer a seat but she took it, letting herself drop, letting out a moan of pain, spreading her legs, resting her feet.

“Okay, what sort of game are you playing?” he asked, bluntly.

“I’m sorry, sir. It won’t happen again.”

“Why the hell did you come here in heels and why do you keep them on? I should have known better than to give you a chance after that stunt the other day. You better have a good explanation, otherwise, we’re through, right here, right now.”

Karen began to sob.

“It’s… Please, give me another chance. It’s not a prank, or a bet or anything like that. It’s an… incident.”

“An incident? Please explain.” he said, leaning forward on his desk.

She raised her turtleneck shirt, revealing her faux-leather catsuit underneath.

“What the hell? And this is an explanation?” he said, puzzled.

“Well, sir… You may have guessed it by now but… I’m a… well… a… fetishist.” she said. 

Yes, that was she was. She never said it out loud. She never affirmed it. Now, she was doing it. Affirming it. Owning it. Suddenly, a weight lifted from her shoulders. Her mind cleared up.

“Good for you. But if it prevents you from doing your job…”

“Like I said sir,” she cut in,  “it was an incident. See? Those shoes closed with a zipper on the  heel. That zipper has an embedded lock. With the zipper locked, I can’t take them off. With the shoes on, I can’t take the suit off. Now, I… sleep like this. My roommate and I are pranking each other. Today I didn’t have classes so I didn’t mind being locked in for the day. However, the keys were on my bedside table. When you called, it wasn’t a problem, I just had to unlock myself and all was fine, but…”

“Your roommate took the keys,” he intervened.

“I thought she did. I couldn’t get in touch with her because she was at the university. She texted me during lunch time that she didn’t have them. I assume they may have fallen behind the table but in my panic state this morning, I didn’t see them and… well…”

“Hum… okay. I’m not sure I can buy that but I will give you another chance, with the condition that you finish your current shift first,” he said very seriously.

Karen thought for a moment. The pain she was in. She was sweating hard inside her faux-leather suit, which was absorbing all of it. Her belt was creating some rash.

“Well, if I want this job, that’s what I have to do, don’t I?” she said. “I’ll do it.”

She got back up. Just that little rest seemed to have helped her feet, and she strutted her way back to her register.

By the end of the day, she was a wreck. Sandra was waiting for her and she could see the pain in Karen’s walking.

“Hell of a day, right?”

“Hell of a day. Let’s go home so I can take this off.”

“Here. You can at least take off your shoes.” said Sandra handing her the keys. “They were behind your bedside table.” she said with a grin.

Of course, the next time she was cashiering, she was not in heels, not in a catsuit and not in a chastity belt. However, she would go to and from work in heels when the weather permitted it. When snow began to fall, she had to wear her flat sole snow boots.

She got herself an extra-long pair of pants to hide her heels and she began to wear her heels at work, part of the day, changing for shorter pants and her sneakers when her feet began to hurt. It would go unnoticed. Her goal was to work a full day in heels. That was so fun. And of course, on colder days, she added the full catsuit. And the belt was there very often, however, since it was a cheap one, it was creating a bad rash when it was getting too warm and she had to wear them without the suit..

Oh, she got caught by Derek. One day, he was just behind her, arms crossed, simply looking at her in the eyes, then down at her feet, back to her eyes, at her feet, with a severe grin. She simply made a thumb’s up. As long as she was performing, he had nothing to say. By December, she could manage them a full day without problem.

With Sandra, the pranks and the challenges got more and more extreme. She had been severely tied up with rope on her bed, almost mummified in rope, while she mummified Sandra in plastic wrap and duct tape, leaving her there for a full twenty-four hours.

She hadn’t bought anything new kinky-wise. She was waiting. She knew what cheap stuff was like, and she also knew, thanks to Sandra, what high quality stuff was like, and she was aiming for that: buy once for a lifetime, instead of buying every few months.

It was about a week before Christmas. They were sitting at the dining table, Sandra in full latex gear and leather cuffs, and Karen in her faux-leather catsuit, which was beginning to show signs of wear and tear, hands in police cuffs, eating her breakfast.

“What are you doing for the Holidays?” asked Sandra. “Still spending your time alone, here?”

“Yes, I’ll be staying here. I will work at the store for a few days. I don’t really have any family to visit. I’ll just stay here and enjoy myself… if the suit holds.” she said, trying to pull together a small section of seam on her rm that was pulling apart. “Still going to your family?”

“Yes.” said Sandra. “With the snowstorm they forecast for the day I should leave and stuff, I’m thinking of taking the train instead of driving. That way, I will also be able to go bold.” she said with a devilish smile.

“I hear you, girl.” said Karen, smiling.

“All you’ll have to do is drive me to the train station. You will have access to the car to go to work, if you want to.” said Sandra. “Just pay for the gas.”

“That would be neat,” said Karen, taking a sip of tea, already daydreaming of riding the car in heels… Wait. I don’t have any high heel boots, she thought.

“Well, I have to go. Some more shopping to do now that I KNOW that I will take the train.” she said with a wink. “Coming?”

“No, I don’t want to be too tempted and splurge on impulse buying.”

“Okay. Don’t wait for me for lunch. I’ll be back for dinner.”

Sandra left Karen to her daydreams and drove to the fetish shop, half-hiding her latex catsuit under her vanilla clothes. She only had removed the hood she had in the morning..

“Hey, hi Sandra.” said Lynda, greeting her in a leather catsuit and high heel booties. “Can I help you with anything?”

“Yes and no,” said Sandra. “I don’t even know what I’m looking for. I want something that would lock closed… say, do you have a lockable dildo?”

“A lockable dildo?”

“Yeah, something you can’t get off without a key.”

“Don’t you have your chastity belt for that?” asked Sandra, getting intrigued.

“It would be for a little game. Like, I have the key to free Karen on me, but to get it, she has to unlock me. You know, like a secret pocket on a cuff or something, where I could hide the key for her own cuffs. So, if she wants to get free, she has to free me first, putting an end to a session. I know, it sounds totally silly.” said Sandra.

“Hidden pockets. I think I have a corset with that kind of hidden pouch… Oh, wait! We just received those.” she said, walking to the toy section, picking up a rather large purple silicone dildo. She flipped it over, revealing a screw cap “It’s been out for a while but the boss only ordered it last week. It is partly hollow, and there’s a hole especially for that sort of things.”

“That would do the trick, I think… ” said Sandra, evidently planning a scenario in her mind. “…Yes, it might just work. I’ll take it.” And I also need a new set of PVC panties, you know those shiny pink ones? And a red and a black pair.”.

Lynda grabbed all the items and put them to the counter, but she had to move aside a rather large box.

“What is in there?” asked Sandra, curious, “New stuff that just got in? Can I see it?”

Actually no, It’s pretty much a year old.”

“You’re buying stuff a year old?” asked Sandra, puzzled.

“No. These items have been ordered a year ago. They’ve all been paid for. However, the customer never came to get them. I tried to reach them every few days at first, then every week. I tried again last month and the number has been disconnected. I can’t honestly put them up for sale, since they’ve already been paid for, and I can’t simply throw them away, or give them to the local homeless shelter.” she added with a grin.

“Really? Well… what is in there?” asked Sandra, opening the box. “Wow! Catsuit, cuffs, even a chastity belt!”.

“Yes, and all high-end, very expensive products.”

“Can I have it?” she asked with a large smile. “I’m a good customer?”

“Yeah right. You already have all of that.”

“Well, not the knee high ballet boots. I only have booties.”

“What about Karen? It all depends on the size, right?”

They found the packing list.

“Shit, everything has been custom made. Even the corset.” said Sandra, looking at the descriptions.

“Yes. I told you it was hi-end stuff.”

“And… it wouldn’t fit me, but it would fit Karen. Pretty sure of that.” said Sandra. “She’s working hard to save money to get herself something nice. That would be a very good Christmas gift. Sent by… Santa himself!” she said with a large smile. “Oh! You’re fucking kidding me.” she said, picking a well steel-made cuff. “It’s already engraved with the letter K. IT IS for Karen.”

A few moments later, she was bringing the large box into the trunk of her car, and the little bag of her shopping.

“Well, you need a large roll of Christmas wrapping paper, Sandra.” she said to herself, taking place in the car and driving off.

She was able to smuggle the box into her room the next day, while Karen was at school and she had a little “free time”. She opened the box to have a serious look at all that was in there, getting more and more jealous of Karen’s gear.

“You will no longer have the best stuff. She will. Lucky Karen.” she said, frowning, at the cuffs and the chastity belt. She smiled. A plan was forming. A devilish plan.

She carefully wrapped the box and hid it in her closet. She would put it at the base of their little tree the day she would depart.

The day.

Sandra started by inserting a large buttplug as well her new hollow dildo, making sure it contained the right item. She dressed up with her beloved red latex catsuit. She wrapped her waist in her leather corset, locking it on with the chastity belt. She put on her ballet booties. Since she wasn’t driving, she had no problem wearing them on the train. She added the leather cuffs at her wrists and ankles, plus a leather collar and locked them all on. She covered everything with jeans, a sweater and put her winter coat over it. The only thing red showing was her hands, which she covered with black leather gloves.

She took the large wrapped box and walked out of the room to put it down under their small Christmas tree.

“What the heck is that?” asked Karen, already dressed to drive Sandra.

“It’s your gift.” said Sandra, all happy.

“What? We said no gifts. You know I can’t afford to give you anything. Now I feel bad.”  said Karen.

“It’s not from me,” said Sandra, “It’s from… Santa.”

“Not funny,” said Karren.

“Listen, Karen. I swear on my honor that I didn’t spend a penny on that. Well, okay, I did have to buy the wrapping paper, but that’s it. Everything in this has already been paid for.”

“By who? Lynda at the sex shop? Oh! I know. You put it on credit and since you didn’t pay anything yet, you can swear you didn’t spent a penny on it. No, Sandra. Take it back.”

Sandra sighed.

“Okay, it’s… No. I can’t tell you. You will discover it when you’ll open it, at Christmas. Not before. Promise me.”

“Fuck… okay.”

“No, I’m dead serious, Karen. Okay, enough arguing. It’s time to go. Come.”

Karen followed Sandra to her car, amazed at how she could walk so easily in ballet heels, even on snow covered sidewalks.

They got to the train station and Sandra got her suitcase from the trunk, then handed Karen the car keys, plus another set of keys she recognized. Karen made wide eyes.

“Are you fucking serious? Fourteen days?”

“Yes, Karen. You hold to this key like your life depends on it because if you don’t have it when I’ll get back…”

“I’ll be in deep trouble. Don’t worry. Just the thought that I’ll have the key to your freedom in my possession will make me horny as hell,” said Karen. “Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself.” she added with a devilish smile.

“Very funny.” said Sandra, “but you do know I will. And remember: do NOT open that box before Christmas, and once you have seen all that’s in it, you have to call me. Understood?” she said, her expression serious.

“Yes, I understand.” answered Karen like a kid being punished. “Well, have a nice trip.”

They waved each other goodbye and Sandra disappeared, melting in the flow of people filling the train station.

Karen drove home. She was eager to put her suit on, her belt on, her heels on, everything. She  had a feeling that it would probably be one of the last times she would wear that suit worn-out. With the surplus pay she will make over the holidays, she will be able to get her own latex catsuit.

She put her catsuit on and then the chastity belt over it, and finally the shoes. She locked everything and put the keys into her timed box for 12 hours.

She was laying in the living room, trying to watch some TV, while teasing herself. She couldn’t stop staring at the large box, wrapped in that colorful Christmas paper, teasing her, whispering  her “open me… open me”.

“Bah! She would not know it anyway.” she said, kneeling by the box, feeling her dildos move inside her, feeling the little pinch of her belt.

She carefully removed the paper, being very careful not to rip it. Why? She had no clue. Noneteless, it was making the pleasure, the torture last longer, and it was also arousing as hell.

She opened the box, and there was a hand written note on it.

Okay. I owe you the truth, Karen. All that is in that box was ordered by someone over a year ago at the fetish shop, but the order has never been picked up. Lynda tried to get in touch with them but got no answer and their phone number is now disconnected. It has been paid for in advance. I looked at the packing slip and, although it was a custom made order, surprisingly, it’s exactly your size, perhaps even a little tighter, the way you like it. So… Consider that a really free gift from Santa. 

BUT WAIT. I know and fully understand that you want to put it all on right there, right now. But there are things that YOU NEED to know first. So, call me. I know it’s midnight, but I’m up already, getting my own gifts.


Then… Enjoy it.

Karen was wide eyed. She quickly browsed the box. She found the packing slip with all the notes, all the times Lynda tried to get in touch with the customer, the dates, the times, the message she left. Everything was detailed and very reassuring. Lynda even added “Well, I guess it’s Karen’s gift, now. – Merry Christmas” at the bottom of the packing slip.

She was speechless. She looked at all the goods she had spread over the floor: a latex catsuit, a hood, a corset, sets of steel cuffs and collar, ballet boots, pleasure toys and a top of the line electronically controlled chastity belt.

Hands shaking, she took the black latex catsuit out of the bag. It had attached feet and gloves. The latex was thick and except for a relief zipper, nothing else. She would be completely engulfed in latex.

She was fighting with herself. This was a Christmas gift. Sandra asked her to put it on only on Christmas, but it was only two days before Christmas. Now, Sandra’s note stated that she had to call her before putting anything on. If she does, she would admit that she opened the box before Christmas.

What bad could happen? She would be trapped in it? Unable to take anything off? Like the suit glued to her skin or some other silly scenario she read on-line? Yeah, right. As if those things happen.

Oh, what the hell. In a flash, she was naked, right there in the living room and, having seen the procedure from Sandra, she quickly coated herself with some silicone lubricant, then proceeded with the suit, stretching the neck and feeding it over her feet.

Oh! The feeling. She was shivering. The latex was cold to the touch, but it was quickly warming up. She felt it wrap her legs as she gently pulled it up, then worked to feed her feet into the attached toe socks. The feeling was awesome, individually wrapping her toes. She looked at them shining under the warm lights of the Christmas tree as she wiggled them. She pulled the suit higher over her legs, reaching her thighs, her hips, then working it over her already thin waist, up her stomach, stopping just below her breasts.

“The tricky part now.” she mumbled as she tried to stretch the collar enough to put her arm into the suit, elbow first. It took her four tries as the sleek latex kept slipping off her fingers. There! One arm was in. She pushed it down the tight sleeve, through the narrow wrist portion, and into the attached gloves. Getting the other arm in was easier and as soon as the collar passed her shoulder, the suit fell in place with a funny sound of the last air pockets exiting.

Damn! She could now feel the smooth warm latex all over her body, wrapping her, embracing her, slightly squishing her breasts. She moved her arms over her head to stretch the suit, to help slide in place, feeling the crotch pull against her very hot crotch.

She bit her lower lip as she ran her fingers down there, sliding against the smooth latex, down to the crotch, dancing over the latex before reaching for the zipper and opening it. Her fingers quickly found what they were looking for and made her moan.

“Not so fast, Karen. You have toys!” she said, removing her hand as if it had been burned and kneeled by the goods, picking the large buttplug. It seemed quite ordinary. She lubed it and gently pushed it inside, even played with it a little, pushing it in, pulling it out, all while smiling. She picked the other toy and took it off her brand new package.

“What is that?” she asked as some kind of plug fell off. The dildo seemed to have a small hollow cavity to hide something. She took the packaging and learned that it was there to hide some items, were it a key or a note with a password or something, making it so that the wearer of the plug would have to take it out to access it.

With a devilish smile, she walked to her bedroom, into her bedside table and took the key Sandra gave her, just to see if it would fit. It did. She thought that could be a good place to hide the key one of those days.

Her phone rang. It was Derek. She picked it up.

“Hey, Karen, how are you doing?”

“Very good.” she said, gently rubbing her latex body. “What can I do for you?” she asked, hoping she was not about to get called in, like, now, because she just put on her latex suit and she wanted to enjoy it a little.

“Okay, listen. I know you’re not scheduled to work tomorrow but it’s currently more busy than usual today and I expect tomorrow, the last day before Christmas, to be even worse. Would you be able to come in?”

“Oh… Errr…” she said, thinking fast. She had nothing in mind for that day. That was BEFORE finding out about her gift. Now she would like to spend as much time as possible in her new outfit. Also, she didn’t need that work all that bad, now that she had all she ever wished for in front of her. On the other hand, Derek helped her and allowed her some fetish experiments on the job.

“You’ll get overtime pay,” he added. That made the decision easier. With  more money, she could buy more stuff, and since she now had the basics, it meant more toys, more shoes, more of everything. 

“Yeah. I can be available.” she said.

“Good. See you tomorrow, then.”

She hung up.

“Well, you have about… hum… 20 hours ahead of you. Better have fun.” she said, continuing the procedure. She lubed both intruders and slowly pushed them in, moaning of pleasure at each insertion. These were huge and had some sort of ribbed texture to it which rendered them completely… wow.

She closed the crotch zipper, which tightened the crotch of the suit, gently pushing the toys in. She moaned again. Oh yes. That was a good feeling.

What should it be next? The corset? The belt? The boots? The cuffs? The hood? She took the belt and wrapped it around her waist.

“Shit! It doesn’t fit. It’s way too small… uh. Wait a minute.” she said, picking up the corset and wrapping the belt around it. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s made to be worn over the corset… now… what’s the size of this thing?… No fucking way! That would make a squeeze of…” she said, counting in her head, “… 12cm? Well. I guess I won’t be wearing that belt anytime soon.” she said, putting the belt and the dark red rubber corset down. 

She picked up the ballet boots and sat on a kitchen chair to put them on. They were closed by a long side zipper. She slipped her feet in them, feeling her foot take the dreadful position, fully extended. The boots appeared to be a perfect fit. The zipper was slightly hard to close, creating a perfect tight fit over her leg, almost as if they had been made for her, like the suit. Too perfect to be a coincidence. But she loved it.

“Okay Karen. You can do it.” she said as she took a hold of the table, slowly getting up. At first, her knees were binding. That was a new feeling. Standard high heels were one thing, but at least, she had some of her weight on the heel. But those? All her weight was on her toes, the heel was simply for balance.

Shaking, she let go of the table, looked up and aimed for the sofa. Air flapping in the air, she made her first step. Then another one. She quickly turned around and grabbed the chair, using it as a safety measure, she resumed her walk, dragging the chair along. One step. Two steps. After a few more steps, she reached the sofa and let herself drop on it, smiling.

“You did it!  Your first steps in ballet heels! Wonderful. Now… go back. Come on, girl, you can do it.” she said, pepping herself. She got up, held the chair, made one step before letting go of the chair, standing up by herself, straightening her upper body. One step. Two, three. In no time, she reached the dining table, turned around and walked all the way to the end of the living room, and back. The more she walked, the more smooth she was, the more confident she was.

“Those feel really, really wonderful. I love them.” she said, walking back and forth again and again. “I wonder if I should go for a walk.” she said, putting a hand at her crotch and feeling the toys teasing them. “Hum… maybe not.” she said with a devilish smile.

Now, what about those cuffs? She said, looking at the steel cuffs. There were no apparent locks. Just a tab and a slot with a small release button.

She sat and wrapped one over her ankle, over the boot. She pushed the tab into the slot. It clicked but it didn’t locked. She pushed the small button and it released.

“So much for bondage. Oh well, those are probably just jewel-like accessories. They do look good.” she said, thinking it was no big deal, she could get new ones with the money she had put aside.

She put the cuffs on both ankles and on both wrists. She loved the look. She loved the weight.

“Now… how about that hood?” she said, picking up the rather large latex garment. “What the hell?” she said as a black hair wig fell off the bag.

As she unfolded it, she realized that it was a face mask, skin tones, with eye makeup, red lips and even false eyebrows! There were small tubes going up the nose apparently, and another tube, between the smiling lips, probably for drinking, But also, it was a whole upper torso, that she would have to feed her arms through shoulder holes, meaning she had to wear it over her catsuit or under. To put it under, she would have to take the top of the suit off first.

Nope. She was comfy now. Bah, it will be for next time. That hood looked quite severe and… very appealing. “I may even go in public with that thing.” she thought.

The corset, the belt were her only disappointment.

“Oh… I know I’m daydreaming but… what the hell.” she said as she picked up the corset and wrapped it around her waist. She could feel the large gap in her back. She began to pull the lacing, getting it tighter and tighter. Her breath became shallower. But the crushing feeling on her waist. Damn! A hundred times better than her tightest jeans! She loved it, and the more she pulled on the lacing, the shakier her breath was becoming with anticipation.

It was getting hard to pull. She felt with her fingers.

“Damn! Three cm or so? Maybe that’s enough for the belt.” she said, picking up the steel item but her hopes were crushed. She needed it fully closed.

She remembered Sandra taking a break between tightening the corset, ‘to let the organs take their new places’, she was saying. She figured, why not.

So she used that free time to tidy-up the apartment a little. She had completely forgotten she was standing in ballet heels and found it weird that some stuff were suddenly much lower than before before she realized the reason.

“Sow. Now I understand why Sandra is in her ballet boots as often as she is.”

After half an hour of house chores, her waist felt… loose. She grabbed the laces and was able to pull it closer, but not quite. Then she remembered reading something about putting the laces around something, like a doorknob and walking away. She walked to her room and did exactly that. Now, she wasn’t pulling with her arms, but with her whole weight. That corset squeezed her and closed completely in a matter of a few seconds. She quickly knotted the lacing and smiled, rubbing her hands along the tight shiny dark red rubber corset, feeling the constriction, feeling the restriction. Damn! That felt so good!

But the goal of the corset was the chastity belt. She quickly grabbed the steel garment and put it on. It fits like a glove. A tight glove. She closed it and… nothing. Like the cuffs, there was a simple release button and when pressing on it, it would release the belt.

“Ah, come on! That’s not a chastity belt if I can take it off at will.” she said, disappointed. She looked around to see if she had forgotten anything and saw the collar.

“Oh well. No harm since it won’t lock either.” she said, putting the rather tight collar around her neck.

As she pushed the tab into the slot, she heard and felt a little click. Everywhere! On the collar and on all the cuffs. She reached for her cuff and a little red light was lit. Pressing the release button yielded nothing.

“Uh! That’s how it works. Once everything is on, it locks but… how do I get out of it, now?” she said, looking around, when she saw some sort of display on her belt. “12” was displayed.

“Twelve… what? Minutes? Hours?… DAYS? Twelve what, damn it?” she said, frantically looking inside the box, trying to find some instruction manual, but found nothing.

“Well, Karen. You put yourself into one of those locked in situations, babe.” she said to herself, giggling.

But, since she was all locked in, why not enjoy it.

She went to Sandra’s room. After all, she was the one with the bed with all the bondage attachments, chains, rope and stuff.

She took place on the bed and linked her new ankle cuffs to the rings on each corner. She took a chain from the middle of the headboard and linked it to her collar, pulling hard on it. She couldn’t move much, except for her arms.

Taking a quick link, she linked her wrist cuffs and grabbed the magic want, applying it to her chastity belt.

Damn! That felt so good! The belt seemed to be conveying all the vibrations to the toys, and the size of those toys made it so that the pleasure was tenfold what she normally felt.

She began to moan and regretted not having gagged herself. But it was too late. She was not to stop in the middle of a pleasure session to gag herself. She closed her eyes. Each time she tried to close her legs, she felt the ankle cuffs forbidding it. Everytime she moved her hips forward, she would feel the latex  around her thighs, around her butt. She loved the crushing feeling of the corset, her shallow breathing, her gloved hands, feeling the right ru bber all around her arms, all over her body. She loved it all.

The orgasm quickly built and as she tugged at her collar,, merely strangling herself, the orgasm exploded, powerful. She screamed. It made her shake on her bonds, each time feeling her ankle restraints, her collar pulling,  her corset limiting her chest expansion, everything that would send her even higher.

The pleasure hormones ran through her body like fire. She was burning. Burning with pleasure.

Her hands dropped the magic wand and her orgasm subsided. She let her arms fall on the side of her body but… they didn’t, linked with the wrist cuffs. That gave her another jolt. Damn! It felt so good. She longs for Sandra’s return where she could be properly tied up, unable to move, unable to escape. She peacefully fell asleep.

She awakened some time later. She tried to get up but a yank on her neck prevented it. Ah, yes. She was still tied up to the bed. She tried to stretch but thanks to her bound limbs, couldn’t do much. She did love the sensation as she woke up, feeling the tight latex covering her body, the crushing corset, the bondage. Yes. That was the good life.

She unlinked the collar and got up. She catched a glimpse of her chastity belt on the dresser’s mirror. She frowned. The number had changed from 12 to 10. She looked at the clock. Ah,  yes. So, that’s hours. She was relieved, meaning that she would be free to go to work the next day.

She kept everything, even after the time was up, sleeping in them, wrists tied up in her back and ankles linked together. When she woke up, the next morning, the first steps in ballet heels were awkward, but she just liked the challenge.

With some sadness, she stripped everything off, took a long shower and dressed up vanilla before going to work.

It was a rough busy day at work and she longed to get some rest. As she entered her bedroom, she saw all the goodies there, nicely folded, waiting for her.

“Another 12 hours wouldn’t be that bad,” she thought with a smirk.

She started with the plugs. She looked at the hollow cavity in the dildo.

“Well, I have to know if it fits.” she said, taking Sandra’s belt key and putting it inside the dildo before screwing the hole cap and inserting the plug.

Soon, she was back into her catsuit, but before putting her arms in it, she took the hood. A small paper fell out of it when she flipped it inside-out to look at the lump at the mouth which was some sort of large semi-oval block. The small paper was instructions for the gag. It stated to soak the block into very hot water, then put it inside the mouth and bite in it, so it would take the shape of the wearer’s teeth. It was a one-time operation.  

Still with the hood inside-out, she did exactly that. The block was smooth but as she squeezed her teeth in it, the center of it expanded, filling her mouth. With that on, she wouldn’t be able to produce the slightest sound. That felt amazing. Once the procedure was done, she put it back right side in and put it on.

There was no zipper, so it was a really tight fit. She slid it over her head, crushing her nose to the point it was hurting to get the tight collar portion down. Then the mouthpiece squashed her nose too before entering her mouth, forcing it slightly open and filling it. She liked the feeling. The perfect, comfortable gag.

When the hood fell in place, she roughly aligned the eyeholes and then fed her arms into the arm holes, following by putting the top of the catsuit.

Oh, the feeling. No air at all. She was completely engulfed in rubber. She walked to a mirror and looked at her face. Now that it was fully stretched, the skin-toned latex face looked very real. The holes were just wide enough for her eyes to poke through, giving it a realistic appearance. She placed the small nose hoses up her nostrils, giving her ample air. She could still breathe through the mouth. The tube wasn’t visible. She had to part aside the false lips to access it.

Yes, that hood was perfectly believable. She could go out in public wearing it. The thought made her  horny: going out in public, completely sealed in rubber, without an easy way to get out, the people around her totally oblivious to that fact. Damn! She was so aroused!

She added the boots, the corset and finally wrist cuffs and the collar. Now was the time for the belt.

She placed it, pushing on the huge intruders. She moaned. In her head anyway since no sound came out. And she could barely hear any either. Shit! That felt so good. Sensory deprivation. She read about it but it was so awesome. Just her eyes to block and she would be out of this world.

She put the tab inside the slot and felt the different locks click. She tried to look at the display but the added stiffness created by the thick hood prevented her from seeing. She walked to a mirror and looked, expecting to see 12. But what she saw was “–”.

What the heck does that mean?

At first, she panicked, but then she thought: of course, it’s a secret timer, meaning she wouldn’t know when she will be released until it happens. Very clever. She wonders how to set those different timers. She would have to contact Lynda about it.

“Well, as long as I’m free of it in 3 days.” she thought.

She enjoyed her suit, her corset, her heels. When the time to eat came, she was stuck. She couldn’t eat anything solid. Good thing they had a food blender so she made a paste and fed it through the mouth tube. It was not easy, but it worked. In any case, she couldn’t eat that much with her waist crushed as it was.

The time passed. Midnight. She was watching some Christmas movie when her phone rang. It was a little past midnight. It was Sandra.

Oh fuck! How should she answer? She was supposed to call her BEFORE putting anything on. Now she couldn’t even lie that she didn’t have it on because, well… she couldn’t talk.

She flushed the call and texted her back.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Why don’t you answer? Oh, let me guess… You didn’t wait, you opened your gift earlier and you already have everything on, right?”

“Well… yes.” she texted back. She couldn’t hide it.

“Now, there’s a catch I have to warn you about. When did you put the suit on?” Sandra asked.

“A few hours ago.” lied Karen.

“Okay, so you noticed a display lighting up with 12 when you locked it, right?”


“Now it should show you the amount of time, in hours, left before being released, right?”

Karen thought. Should she told her that it was actually displaying “–” because it was her second time in the belt. She decided to lie.

“Yes, it displays 9 now.”

“So, in 9 hours, you’ll be released. Now, here’s the catch. The next setup programmed will display “–”.

“Oh, a mystery setup! I like that”. Quickly texted back Karen.

“No. It’s not a mystery setup. It’s a no time limit mode. I have the key to unlock it with me.” she texted with a devil’s face emoji. “So, you’ll get a taste of it for 12 hours, and the next time you put it on, just choose your time correctly because you won’t get free before I get back after New Years Day.

There was a long delay before Karen answered as the reality of her situation sinked in. She had to work for three days between Christmas and New Year! She couldn’t go like that.

“Karen, are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m fine. It’s noted.” she texted back.

“Yeah, don’t try to fool me, Karen. You have already put it on more than once and the display currently shows “–” right?”

Karen didn’t answer.

“Right???” texted again Sandra.

“LOL” texted again Sandra “I hope you have nothing special to do for the next 10 days.”

(The face you make when you realize the extent of your predicament, but the latex facemask hides all facial expressions…)

To Be Continued.

© monsterp63

17 December, 2022

Look for “Karen – New Year Adventure”.

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14 thoughts on “Karen – Christmas Adventure

  1. excellent! This time you added new content! A simulated latex mask, which is unprecedented in previous articles, is an innovation! I think I will see the sequels of two stories next year, both of which are long stories!

    1. Thank you.
      A reader asked for it. If I can put other’s fetishes into the stories, that gives me more “action” to write.
      I’m not exactly happy about the results. Looks more like shiny skin than a latex mask, but I’ll work on it.

      1. Don’t care! My country sells this latex mask! They are very lifelike! There are even silica gel conjoined ones that can make men pretend to be women! I know what you want to express! So I believe that everyone who reads your article can understand the meaning of your artistic images! Everyone has been exposed to this mask!

  2. Oh woah the story is really awesome.

    I like the art, special the two pieces at the end of the story, they look so great.
    Oh and the idea with the latex mask was really genius.

    Thank you for writing it.
    I hope you had some fun too.
    Sandra aka chastitygirl

  3. Wonderful story, setup and the right time to stop to keep me totally waiting the sequel. i love how all is fine, sweet and again believable. I love the way you write, how you present the characters and the plot is predictable (well, we know where it will go no?) but again always a pleasure to discover the steps and the parts that let me feel in need to go on again and again.

    1. Thank you very much, Alessan… wait! What? My plots are predictable???
      Oh, damn!! And nobody told me that before? Gheesh! And I thought I was original!

      So, if you already know where it will go, does that means that I don’t need to write the sequel?

      All joking aside, thank you very much Alessandro for all your kind comments. They are really appreciated.

      So? No need for a sequel. Right?

  4. Excellent story (as always) – thank you!

    SO I guess Canada is one of those countries where cashiers do not get a chair to sit on while working?
    Never understood that – sitting all day isn’t good for the back – but standing for hours on end isn’t nice, either…

    1. Thank you.

      Standing up: many large stores in Canada are chains from the USA and with the same setup. There’s often not enough room to put up a stool or a chair.
      But in many places, there is a stool/chair. although I never really paid attention.
      However, story-wise, if she had been seated for the whole time, where would have been the “struggle” in heels?

      Where I work, in an industrial plant, 90% of the workforce is working standing up. The few stools/bench the workers uses when they have “free time” are makeshift items, beat-up chairs taken from the trash and repaired with tape or something. The company will NOT provide any seating. That in itself, I find totally unacceptable, but I’m not management, so I have no say in it. (USA-Owned company)

  5. I truly love your story’s! This is as well as many others a really great one <3
    I hope you’ll continue writing!

    I wish you a Happy new year,

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