Karen – New Year Adventure


This is a direct sequel to: Karen – Christmas Adventure. Be sure to read that one first.

Karen stood there, staring at her phone, re-reading for the zillion times the last message Sandra sent her:

“I hope you have nothing special to do for the next 10 days”.

Her breaths were short. She could feel as well as hear the creaking of her latex corset resisting each and every expansion of her rib cage. She slowly bit on the lump of rubber filling her mouth.


Well, that’s what she said. What came out was an incomprehensible mumbled “huw”.

For a moment, she thought about her work schedule. She closed her eyes. She took a deep breath. Sort of. She let her arms down. She could feel the tight latex wrapping her arms. As her arms hit the corset, she could feel the rigidity of her torso. Her hand reached for the belt. She tried to pull it down. Nope. Nothing was moving.

She took a few steps, feeling the ballet boots, feeling the rubber pinch her buns. 

That was a weird feeling. She liked the boots. She liked the rubber sealing her. She liked the hood, how it squeezed her head. How it dampened the sounds around her. And the gag. All of which was isolating her. She liked the corset, feeling her waist crushed, the struggle to breathe. It was no longer a breathing reflex. She had to work on it. She liked to feel the restraints, their weight. Of course, she liked the steel belt. She was used to that one.

And she liked being stuck. No easy way out. Out of her control. Far, very far from self-bondage.

Her phone vibed again. She looked at it. Sandra was texting her more.

“Merry Christmas, Karen. Oh, did I mention that the toys are remote controlled?”

“WhauUUUUUU!!!!” managed to think Karen before her phone dropped off her hand.

She put both hands at her crotch, being denied access, thanks to the steel belt. She dropped on her knees. Those toys were devilish. A heck of a lot more powerful than any toys she ever put on. They BOTH were vibrating, stroking, twisting, knocking, on seemingly random patterns.

Kneeling led to laying down, on her back, hands at her crotch, knees bent. She was trying to reach the toys, but she only succeeded at rubbing her steel cuffs against the steel chastity belt, which only increased the pleasure.

The patterns of the toys were insane. She tried to scream, but nothing much came out. Damn,  that was so fun. Her total enclosement, all the weight of her steel restraints, the hood squishing her head, all seemed to amplify what she felt. The arousal quickly changed to an orgasm built up. The world around her seemed to disappear. All sounds seemed to vanish. She was floating. She could feel the energy building up inside her. She rocked her hips up and down, feeling the action move the toys, increasing the pleasure. Yes, the orgasm was building up. Strong. Powerful. When she was about to explode…. Everything became silent. Totally silent.

She stood there, laying on her back, hands at her crotch, like frozen in time. Waiting for the toys to start again. Or was she dreaming? Did she lose consciousness at just the right, or was it the wrong, moment?

She was panting. She was frustrated. What the hell was going on? Heck of a perfect timing for this thing to break down. Was she going to spend the next 10 days in total denial of any pleasure?

She heard the notification sound of her phone. She slowly turned on her side and reached to pick it up, looking at her shiny steel cuff, wrapping her shiny black rubber coated hand, pick it up, and bringing it to her face.

“Did I mention that the toys have an auto-sensing function where they shut down right as an orgasm is about to blow? Devilish, isn’t it. Oh, don’t worry, I can set-up a number of ‘tries’ and the  delays before the orgasm is allowed. And I’ve set it up to… NOT GONNA TELL YOU” wrote Sandra, followed by a series of devil’s head smilies.

Karen’s eyes went wide and she shouted “fuck you!” at Sandra’s message. Of course, nothing much really came out of her mouth.

She let herself drop down on her back on the floor, arms by her sides, legs extended. She tried to rock her hips up and down to revive the feeling, the sensation, but although she could feel the toys move, it was just a slight teasing. Good teasing but not enough.

Oh, well, that gave her the time to think. About revenge.

She gathered herself and stood up. She had nothing to do than go to bed, now. She strutted her way to her bedroom, stopped, picked up a combination lock then turned around and went to Sandra’s bed. She pulled off the comforter and was stunned by the sight: the bed was covered with red latex!

Amazed, surprised and aroused at the same time, she sat at the foot of the bed, sliding her latex gloved hands over the sleek red latex, feeling it, enjoying it. Slowly, enjoying every little struggle, every little sight of the shiny latex, she spread  her legs and linked her ankles to the chains already there, as if Sandra had left them there on purpose. Then, laying on her back, it was easy to reach and grab a chain on the headboard just above her head. She tested the access, put the padlock into the appropriate link, then stretched one arm to reach the bedside table lamp switch and turned it off, before returning to the awaiting lock over her head. She slipped the rings of the cuffs into the shackle of the padlock and with a slow gesture, like to extend the pleasure, she pushed the shackle in place, feeling and hearing the distinctive click.

Now, she wouldn’t be able to free herself before there was enough light for her to see the combination dials.

She closed her eyes. That had been quite a day. Her mind wandered, thinking, imagining. What would it be like to work like that? To be constantly and permanently encased in rubber.

She smiled. Something, a fantasy, to dream on.

She was about to doze off when the toys sprung back to life. Her immediate reflex was to reach her crotch with her hands, but those were nicely chained over her head. The first arousal!

The second arousal was her bound legs, spread wide open. She couldn’t close them. She could only play with the feeling by squishing her butt muscles.

Damn, that was devilish. It was as if… of course. She had done it on purpose. She expected Karen to go to bed and tie herself up. Sandra was a fetish devil!

The more she was aroused, the more she was pulling on her restraints, and the more aroused it made her. An endless loop. She was sure that, even if those toys stopped before she orgasmed, she would be able to continue, to reach it, to explode.

Oh yes, there it was. The edge. She was gathering momentum. She would do it. She would jump. She would… it stopped.

She pulled on her bonds, felt the restraint pinch her skin, her muscles strained against the pull of the chains. That was so good. Yes that was so… not enough. She tried, she jumped on the bed, linked with the chains, but. No. Everything was gone.

She screamed out of frustration. She was hating Sandra. Big time!

Her breathing was calming down. Her heartbeat was slowing down. And she wondered: does that devilish device also sense when she’s about to fall asleep and trigger the teasing at that moment? Should she try not to fall asleep?

She tried to stay awake but she was too exhausted and fell asleep. Of course, she was awakened some time later by the toys coming alive, and her first reflex was to get up, only to be stopped by the chains securing her to the bed.

Damn! That felt so good! Awaking in full bondage, tied up, encased in rubber… and vibed!

Oh yes. She liked it.

What she hated was the toys again stopping at the worst possible moment. For her, that is.

Two more times. Her night was cut two more times.

The sun was rising. There wasn’t enough light yet for her to see the numbers of the combination lock, so she couldn’t free herself. So, she squirmed in her bond, feeling the limits of her bondage, gently moving her hips up and down, feeling the rubber creak.

With each breath, she was fighting against the corset. She was chewing on her gag, pulling on her wrist cuffs, then the toys fired again.

But it was different. All the other times, they fired at apparently full blast. But now, it was gentle. First the dildo, very faint, for a few seconds. Followed by the butt plug. Different patterns. Different powers. It was gradual, almost as if their goal was to wake up gently.

And it worked. She woke up gently and was also aroused gently, the pleasure building up slowly. Again, she squirmed, turned her head from one side to the other, slowly, as she pulled on her restraints, as she tried to close her legs but couldn’t. She tried to pull herself up with her wrists, or down with her legs, but nothing much moved. That was fucking awesome!

The orgasm built, more powerful as the toy’s power also increased, their patterns switching to more aggressive functions, more humping, more knocking, more twisting.

She was panting heavily, each time fighting the corset, fighting the two small breathing holes of the face mask. She was reaching the point of no return, the Hi-Q point, and for an instant, she feared they would shut down, leaving her frustrated one more time. She held back, waiting for the dreaded silence, but the toys continued their work, pushing her farther into the orgasm.

She let go. She engulfed the feeling and she exploded. She was screaming. She was ganging her bed from side to side, up and down. She was feeling the bed actually move in the room and her body was taken by strong convulsions as her crotch was on fire, as her brain was becoming a shapeless mass of pleasure, as her whole body, every nerve termination was getting excited. She felt heat, cold, tingling, soft touch, hard grip, all at the same time, all over her body, as the flow of hormones fried her brain.

It lasted for a long time, eons, she could have taken it even longer, enjoying the orgasm like never before, but her mind had enough and it gradually shut down.

Everything became silent. Everything became black. Everything became soundless, as she drifted away in another world.

A world where she was heading for work in her full suit, completely sealed in rubber, corseted and bound,  her wrists linked to rings of her chastity belt, her feet restrained by a short hobble chain, she was struggling to get on the bus to head for work.

At the bus stop, there were regulars, Annie in a pewter latex catsuit so tight that it was squishing her ample breasts, leather armbinder, ankles linked by a short hobble chain, and she was gagged. There was, what was his name, was it Frank? In his classic very man-spreading pose, taking the whole bench by himself, in a bloody-red catsuit and high heels, always on his fucking phone. And there was Kate, in her latex flowery dress and as flowery thigh high boots, leaning against the wall. As usual, wearing this tight leather belt around her waist. Locked. She always wondered who was the key holder.

The passengers didn’t mind. At all. After all, they were all in latex themselves, all latex dolls going to work or shopping, standing in high heels, ballet boots, pony boots and the like, waist constricted with crushing corsets, head fully hidden under latex masks. Many were tied up in their seats.

Karen stayed up but as soon as the bus drove off, she felt something fondling at the back of her neck and she heard a click. Someone just linked her collar to one of the hanging chains. She smiled, of course, under her latex mask, but from the outside, she was still expressionless. She loved it. Almost half an hour, standing up, feeling the tug on her collar with each jerk of the bus, with each stop and go, fighting for her balance on her extreme heels, linked with that short hobble chain, unable to grab a hold of anything, thanks to her bound wrists at her waist.

Her stop was approaching. She stomped hard on the floor and someone unlinked her collar right after the bus stopped. She walked down and headed for the convenience store.

Derek was there, already in latex and high heels. Yes, he discovered the joy of wearing high heels some time before and was wearing some every day.

Suzy, a co-worker, was already there. She was dressed with a clear latex catsuit under a tight latex dress and walking on thigh-high ballet boots. Karen took place behind the cash register and waited for Derek to come by, unlinking her wrists from her chastity belt and linking them to the counter, and also linking her ankle cuffs to a ring on the floor. She would not get out of her working post before she was allowed.

The first customer arrived, dressed in a tight fitting leather catsuit and high heels. Her look was severe, like a mistress. She didn’t say a word. Karen scanned her items and bagged them, struggling with every one of the steps she had to take to do all of that. Enjoying them all.

A sound drew her attention. It was like a phone ringing. She looked around to find it. It was weird. It was as if her vision was getting blurred, the store, the customers, Derek were all disappearing, making way for some white fog as the ringing sound became louder, more intense. The store vanished, replaced by a rotating ceiling fan under a white ceiling. She raised her arms but they were held back.

Her brain picked up the reality: she was tied up on Sandra’s bed, encased in rubber, and it was her phone that was ringing. By that time, it had stopped and shortly after, some notification sounded that someone left a message.

Closing her eyes, she tried to get back to that strange rubber universe, going to work in lat… Oh shit! Uh… okay. It was Christmas morning. She didn’t have to work. Only tomorrow. Stuck in latex. Damn!

Now that the sun was fully up, she was able to see the combination lock and free herself. She rolled into the fetus position after she freed her ankles, enjoying the tightness of latex, the feeling of sliding lubed latex over latex on the bed. Slowly, she sat on the edge of the bed and got up, feeling at home in her ballet boots, not even noticing she was walking on them first thing in the morning.

She needed some coffee. Strong coffee. She made a whole put and while it brewed, she looked at her phone.

It was Derek. She listened to the message, just him wishing her a Merry Christmas.

Yeah. Derek. Work. How should she announce to him that, after all, she couldn’t come for work. Not like that anyway. He was counting on her. Hell, she took over shifts of other co-workers because they had family gatherings and she didn’t. Now, she would call off?

She decided to wait in the afternoon before texting him that she wasn’t feeling well and she would not come to work the next day.

He called back, but she quickly flushed the call and texted  him that she couldn’t talk because of… euh… a sore throat? Yeah, that could do it.

He said that he understood that he was disappointed and wished for the best.

All during the day, the toys would fire on and off, teasing her. She had two more orgasms. As the evening was closing to the end, Sandra sent another message.

“You have to recharge the belt and the toys. And no, the belt won’t release if it runs out of power.” she wrote, adding a devil smiley. “There’s a black pad on my desk. When laying on your back on the bed, place it under your buns and plug it. It’s a contactless charger. It will do the trick during the night.”

Of course, to make sure she wouldn’t move away from it, she would have to make sure she wouldn’t move at all. Oh, bummer. She would have to sleep tied up again… Such a burden, she thought, smiling.

She was gently awakened by the toys, leading her to an orgasm again, as powerful as the one the day before. But on that day, she felt guilty of enjoying an orgasm on the lie that she was sick and couldn’t go to work­. She daydreamed of doing it, tho. Maybe, one day, the world will convert to latex, she thought.

At around 9:30, there was a knock on the door.

Her heart raced. Who the hell could that be? She slowly walked to the door and looked at the peeping hole: Derek! Shit! What was he doing there?

“Karen? It’s Derek. Please, open up, I want to make sure you’re alright.” he said through the door, knocking again.

“Karen? I know you’re there, I saw your shadow move behind the window curtains as I walked in. Please, open the door.”

Karen was panicking. There was no way she would show herself like that. There was no way he would discover her predicament.

“Listen, Karen. If you don’t open the door, I will assume you’re too sick to come to the door and will ask the landlord to open it for me and the paramedics to check on you.” said Derek.

What? What the hell was that shit? He couldn’t do that. He wouldn’t do that. Won’t he?

“Okay. I’m getting the landlord.” he said, slowly walking away, then stopped as he heard the locks of the door being worked and the door opening slightly.

He walked back to it and gently pushed the door open.

“Karen? I’m coming in.” he said, pushing the door, peeking with his head, looking right and left, until he saw that… thing standing up, all black, all shiny, waist crushed, standing on ballet boots. “Uh… hi. I’m Derek. I was looking for Karen.” he said, looking at that strange woman with black hair.

Karen lowered her head and waved a small hello with her hand.

“Karen? Is that you?” he asked, getting fully inside the apartment, closing the door behind him. “I didn’t recognize you with your black hair and… your face looks  different too.” he said, puzzled and not sure if it was really Karen or not. “Are you really Karen?”

She nodded yes and pulled off the wig, revealing her latex facemask.

“Is that why you won’t come to work? Are you… stuck in this?”

Karen nodded yes, putting her wig back on.

“There must be a way to take it off,” he said.

Karen nodded no and pulled on the chastity belt.

“You’ve come to work with a chastity belt before. Just take the silly hood off and you’re good to go.” he said.

She looked around and walked to her nearby bag of school books and picked up a pen and a pad. He was amazed at how easy she appeared to move in this extreme outfit, and also how it looked, the shine, the reflection, the… noise.

She wrote:

“This the result of a prank from Sandra and my own wrongdoing. I’m stuck in this. I have to take the belt and the cuffs off before taking off anything and only Sandra has the key. She will be back only after New Year’s. Sorry, I can’t come to work dressed like that.”

She paused.

“I will fully understand if you fire me.” she wrote before putting the pen down.

“Well… I can get a grinder and we can cut you free.” he said.

Karen quickly reached for the pad.

“NO WAY!” she wrote. “I prefer to lose my job than destroy this.” she wrote, putting her hands on her hips in a ‘I stand by my decision’ kind of way.

“Oh. Wow.” he said. “Well… that settles it then. I guess I’ll send you your last paycheck through the mail. I’m really sorry to lose you, Karen. You were a good worker.” he said, heading for the door.

Karen understood the implication of her decision. Hell, those material things could easily be replaced. All that was needed was money. She could buy them back later. But the job would not necessarily be easy to find. She waved him to wait and she fetched some scissors, handing them to him and stretching the collar of the suit so he could cut it.

Not sure, he approached, getting closer to her face.

“Damn! That mask is so… life like. I was sure it was real skin until I got this close. You’re sure you want to go through with it? I  mean, you were willing to go jobless a few moments ago.”

Yes she was willing. No she wasn’t. Damn. She couldn’t answer. She loved it in there, but she needed that job.

“How much did all this cost?” he asked.

She wrote to the pad.

“It didn’t cost me anything because it was unclaimed merchandise but… here it is.” she said, grabbing the invoice from the box by the Christmas tree and handing it to him.

His eyes widened.

“Shit! I can’t even afford half of that.” he said, putting the scissors down, “you would never… okay never mind. Stay home until New Year and come back to work after that. I’m not firing you, but no more stunt like that, or I will fire you. Understood?”

Karen embraced him and hugged him hard. It was her first human contact in full latex and it was awesome. It was his first contact with a fully latex wrapped woman and it was weird, feeling the latex, the steel restraints against his body.

“Okay, okay, I get it. You’re happy.” he said, giggling. “Well… take care of yourself.” he said, walking out, evidently slightly disturbed.

Karen was relieved. She would have to work hard with Sandra so she would not pull stunts like that anymore.

As if it knew what just happened, the toys started their dance at that exact moment. She collapsed on the floor, having another powerful orgasm.

She had again that dream where she was going to work fully dressed, bound,  gagged, corseted, and everything was fine, until she was gently awakened, one more time, but the toys, as she was tightly secured on the latex covered bed. Damn. If only that dream could come true.

At around 10, her phone rang. It was Derek. She found it funny he would call since he knew she was fully gaged. She answered.

“Karen? Are you there? Knock on the phone twice.”

She did.

“Wow, okay. Listen. I’m in deep shit right now, I’m totally alone in the store and I need you,” he said, marking a pause to let it sink in. “Yes, I know how you’re set up but… listen. I would have never guessed that you were wearing a mask, I mean it’s so… lifelike. So, listen… I have this idea. You come in. Nobody will recognize you. I will make you a phony name tag and we’ll hand a sign around  your neck saying that you suffer from voice loss or something. You just have to wear, I don’t know, blue nitrile gloves over your latex fingers or something. I know it will pass on Covid and all will go well. You can even wear a breathing mask to hide your face further if you want. Come as you are… I mean with regular clothes over it, of course, but please come in. Please, tap twice to acknowledge. I… I really need you.” he said.

Karen was frozen. What the hell was going on here? Was it her dream come true? She was about to tap when Derek added more.

“I will pay you extra.”

She tapped twice.

“Oh, gawn. You’re my savior. Come as quickly as you can. Thank you, Karen.” he said before hanging up.

Karen was stunned and delighted at the same time. She ran into her bedroom to pick what she could wear. She knew she already had the extra-long jeans that would cover her boots. But what about her upper body? She found an old knitted long dress with a thick collar.

“It will have to do.” she thought as she put it on. That’s when she caught a glimpse of the chastity belt display and quickly grabbed her phone, texting to Sandra.

“IMPORTANT. I can’t give you the details right now but I’m going to WORK. Please TURN OFF the teasing until tonight.”

She was heading for the door when Sandra answered back.

“You’re fucking with me. You found a way to get out of the outfit, haven’t you?”

“No, and I’m going to work in full gear.” she said, snapping a selfie of herself fully dressed but with the facemask and the wig clearly visible and sent it.

“You’re nuts. I want all the details.” wrote back Sandra.

“Later. I have to go now… oh shit! How am I going to drive your stick shift car dressed like that?”

“LOL” was Sandra’s answer.  

“Yeah right. Laugh, bitch.” thought Karen. “You’ll pay for that.”

She quickly walked down the corridor and had some  hesitation when she reached the elevator as there were more people. 

“Well, that’s the best test,” she thought as she took place inside the elevator. 

There were three more students with her, two women and a man. They looked at her, but, not recognising her, they didn’t pay more attention. They apparently didn’t notice her rubbery face. That was some sort of relief.

Driving the car was a challenge. One hell of a challenge and she choked the engine a few times at traffic lights.

Finally, she reached her workplace. She entered and was shocked. The place was slammed and Derek was alone at the cash register.

“Ah, Karen. Please go put on your vest and open up another register quickly.” he said.

She proceeded, putting her vest then a pair of blue nitrile gloves before heading out. She quickly turned around at the door, found a piece of paper, writing something in it and, removing her nametag, she taped the piece of paper to her chest, and literally ran to the register. She was herself amazed at how she accomplished ballet heels, corset and stuff.

She was panting as she reached the register, the air whistling up her nose. By the time she logged in, there were already 10 people in line.

The first one came in, putting his items on the conveyor belt. Karen acknowledged him with a small bow.

“Hi, how ya doin’?” he asked. He frowned as Karen didn’t answer and simply nodded and was about to talk back when she pointed at her paper. “Oh, lost your voice, hey? How did that happen?” he asked, laughing.

But Karen could only shudder. Why ask a question to someone who just indicated that she couldn’t talk? He seemed to realize the silliness of the situation.

“Yeah, right. I’m sorry. That will be credit.” he added, blushing and sweeping his card into the reader.

Customers followed, one after the other. Almost everybody either tried to joke with her, with very few finding it rude not to talk, that having lost her voice was not an excuse.

All this time, she was moving, stretching her arms, grabbing stuff, feeling the weight of her restraints, feeling the small restriction of her collar, struggling to breathe against the tightness of the corset, moving her weight from one foot to the other and especially… feeling the toys work inside of her, twisting along, following the movement of her hips. She was getting aroused. Constantly aroused. Not enough to bring her to the edge, but enough to always feel teased and tormented. That was heaven and hell at the same time.

The tightness of the latex suit over her legs acted as a compression garment, helping her cope with standing up and her ballet heels? Well, they were taking their tolls.

Two hours in, the lines have died enough so that Derek could close his register and work somewhat on the floor. He came back shortly after with a stool he put down at Karen’s register.

“I guessed this would be welcome” he said with a wink, quickly getting back on the floor, helping customers.

Karen let out a sigh of relief as she leaned on it, feeling some relief over her aching feet and also feeling her chastity belt push the toys further in. For that, she had to be careful not to change her sigh into a yelp.

At lunch time, she grabbed a diet shake from the shelf and made herself one. After all, that’s what she ‘ate’ at home. Good thing herself and Sandra kept a box of those shakes in case of an emergency/quick meal.

And she was back at her register for the remainder of her shift. As Mary, her replacement, came in, she quickly grabbed her coat and walked out, minimizing the encounter. She waved her goodbye as she left but Mary looked puzzled. Who the heck was that tall woman with black hair? She was supposed to take over Karen.

When she asked Derek, he answered that it was indeed Karen, that she had a wig because of… err… bad hair day and couldn’t talk because she lost her voice.

That went well.

“Oh, well. We know how she loves partying.” said Mary, without anything to back up her claim.

Karen drove home. She was getting the hang of the stick shift transmission and it went much better on her way back. On her way, she heard her phone vibrate, but only looked at it once home. It was Derek.

“Well, it apparently turned out not so bad. So… coming to work, as scheduled, tomorrow?”

Oh shit! Yes, apparently she could work as is. And she couldn’t lie about not feeling well.

“I don’t really have a choice now.” she texted back.

She took off all her vanilla clothes, leaving them where they ended-up on the floor, walking, stumbling to the sofa and letting herself literally drop on it. She let herself drop on the sofa, taking a deep breath.

Then, as if it had been calculated to the second, her toys became alive. At the same time, Sandra sent her a message.

“I hope you didn’t work overtime. ;-)”

Karen let herself sink into the sofa, enjoying the teasing. After all, she had been aroused for close to eight hours non-stop. The orgasm built up quickly. She just hoped it wasn’t the teasing and stop setup. And it wasn’t.

She exploded, letting herself drop on her side on the sofa, squirming, hands at her crotch, blocked by the steel belt. She moaned. She growled. She screamed. The orgasm subsided and the toys didn’t stop there, forcing a second orgasm, then a third. She didn’t feel the fourth as she was already out.

It was the middle of the night when she was awakened by short bursts of the toys and a beeping sound. She looked at the belt. Was there a fault? Would it open? No. It was the ‘low batt’ warning. She dragged herself to the bedroom, stumbling, losing her balance, being half asleep on ballet heels. She managed to reach it, put the charging pad on the bed and laid over it.

She laid down and turned on her side. The beeps and the bursts started again: she wasn’t resting on the charging pad. To her dismay, she realized that she would have to tie herself up to stay on the pad. She grabbed the chains and linked her legs spread wide and linked her arms over her head with a simple link. Hopefully for her, she fell back asleep.

For the next three days, she worked as expected. Some customers were finding it weird she would be silent for so long, and also, her oily-like skin was drawing some attention. But she loved every minute of it, and by the end, she didn’t give a shit about people’s comments, including those who noticed her choice of footwear. She loved it. She would spend the rest of her life in it.

New Year’s eve. Apparently, Sandra made sure she would celebrate. She even revealed a little setup she had planned, as if she knew Karen would be stuck in the outfit.

On the wall of her bedroom, behind a poster and the dresser, there were a series of rings where one could stay, standing up, all stretched out. There were links for the ankles, also to link the belt to the wall, the collar and two very high rings for the wrists. One ring was attached to a magnetic puck. One could fix oneself to it then raise the last wrist to link the magnetic puck to the electro-magnet and be stuck there, until whoever controlled the magnet would release it.

Karen was ecstatic! Yes, she would love it. She would love to jump the year all tied up.

She quickly moved the furniture around and tied herself to the wall. One last breath. One last chance to back off. After that, it was all under Sandra’s control. Should she do it? Sandra was getting known as pranking.

Hell, no matter what the outcome would be, she knew she would like it. She raised her wrist and with a loud clunk, the puck stuck to the magnet. Oh, of course, she tested it. She tried to get free, but the magnet was too strong.

There were still two hours before midnight. All her toys were silent. She tried to stimulate herself, but thanks to the chastity belt, she felt nothing interesting. She was slowly dozing off.

A short bust woke her up.

“So what? That’s it? She thought. She looked at the clock: 23:50

There was another burst at 23:51.

“Ah, come on Sandra. This is lame,” she thought. 

Another burst at 23:52. 53…

“Fuck you, Sandra”.

She removed the links and walked to the living room where the usual end-of-year recap was playing. 

“This is lame, Sandra,” she texted her friend. No answer.

23:54… 55…

But there was another one at 23:55:30. Then, starting at 23:56, one every 15 seconds.

At 23:57, one every 10 seconds.

At 23:58, one every 5 seconds.

Karen was panting. This was devilish!

23:59. One burst every second! It was close to a continuous burst, but it felt more like a gatling gun shooting inside her.

She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t think. She kept moving, squirming, not knowing if she should lay down, sit down, stand up or jump in place. That was fucking her brain out.

She stumbled toward the bedroom. Shaking, she managed to fix her ankles to the chains and stretched herself on the bed.

Right wrist: fixed. Left wrist now.


The toys fired at full blast at the same time she heard the click of the quick hasp grab the ring of her cuff.

She screamed. She fought her bonds, which made her even hotter, hornier. It was as if she was getting electrocuted, all her cells, all her body was enjoying the teasing. The feeling of the latex, of the tight corset, of the chastity belt, the boots, the tug on her wrists and ankles by the steel cuffs. It was like the toys were sending signals to all of those, all at the same time. They were… doing something.

She raised her hips while screaming so loud that she would have been heard halfway around the globe. Thanks to the full gagging mask, nothing came out otherwise the whole police force would have been summoned by it.

She was floating. Her soul left her body. The world around her disappeared. She was floating. No, she was flying. She flew over the crowd gathered downtown for the big party. Everybody was wearing latex of different colors. The fireworks, the flares, all reflecting on countless shiny bodies. The world had changed. Everybody was in latex, corset, high heels… chastity belts. That was wonderful.

As she chanted with the group, the music fainted. The lights dimmed. Her body, her brain had enough and was tripping the breaker.

She was aching. Everywhere. As if she had been run over by a truck or something. She tried to move but was quickly stopped by the sound of chains holding her wrists, her legs in a wide stretched position. She had moved so much, she had fought her bounds so hard, that every muscle was sore.

Slowly, growling, she reached to free her left wrist, then the right, then her ankles.

She got up and stumbled forward, hitting the wall, her brain still foggy. She managed to reach the kitchen where she made herself a very strong cup of coffee, drinking it with a straw. She knew she had to be at the airport by 14:00 to pick up Sandra. She would be free in a couple of hours.

Yeah, free. She had mixed feelings. She reached for her belt and pushed it in, to feel the toys. They were silent. A quick look at the belt: of course. They were drained out, and with the battery so low, the belt wouldn’t release even with the key.

She finished her coffee and stumbled back to the bedroom, put the charging mat on the latex coated mattress and laid over it. It was not hard for her to doze up again.

A burst of the toys woke her up. She was sleeping, laying on her side, away from the charging mat. She managed to see that her charging was at 40%. That would be enough, unless Sandra had something in reserve for her. She looked at the time.

Yes, of course. That was Sandra’s warning that she needed to get going.

She walked to the car and got in, only to realize once she was driving off that she was still… naked. Well, okay, in full latex, without any vanilla clothes.

“The hell with it.” she said as she drove off.

She reached the train station, parked near the pick-up lane and waited, texting Sandra she was there. Ten minutes later, she saw her friend walk out with her suitcase in tow, tight leather jeans, long jacket hiding the bulge of her chastity belt. Karen got out of the car to open the trunk. Sandra came by, eyes wide.

“What the fuck??” she asked, smiling looking at Karen’s full latex outfit, “you forgot to… dress up or what?”

Karen shuddered, as if it was of no importance, closed the trunk, then noticed that Sandra was wearing ballet heels. She pointed at them.

“Yeah, I put them on in the train. They’re also locked on.” said Sandra getting on the passenger side. “However, I never drove in ballet heels and, well… seems you got the hang of it.” she said with a wink, taking the passenger’s seat, leaving the driving to Karen.

Karen was stunned for a moment then quickly took her driver’s place and drove off.

They were close to the highway. Sandra picked up her phone.

“How about some reward?” she said, punching on her phone.

A buzzing sound was heard at Karen’s seat, making her jerk, abruptly turning the wheel, sending the car almost crashing into another one.

“OH! Woah!… Okay, okay… Bad idea, BAD IDEA!” said Sandra punching on her phone, the sudden vibration noise coming from Karen’s seat dying off. “I guess I should wait for us to be home, right?”

Karen simply turned her head to face her. Her eyes were saying it all.

The drive was long. There was a traffic jam. Sandra had fun sending bursts of vibration to Karen. She was giggling. Karen wasn’t.

Finally, they reached the dormitory. She parked the car, opened the door then her knees folded and she had to grab a hold of the door. Sandra was by her side, holding her phone, laughing.

“Ha, ha! You should see yourself.” she said.

Karen regained her composure. It was difficult with the toys playing hard inside her. At first, she was to help Sandra by carrying her suitcase. Now? Screw her!”

She stumbled back to the apartment and quickly reached for the sofa, collapsing on it.

Sandra took pleasure in seeing her friend squirm for a few minutes, before shutting it down where she saw the belt battery indicator flash, indicating it was near a low-batt condition.

“Okay.” she said, giggling, undressing, showing she was wearing her beloved red latex catsuit and corset, locked by the chastity belt. “Time to free each-other. Where is my key?”

Karen blinked for a moment. The keys. The key she tried if they would fit inside the hollow dildo. The hollow dildo she was wearing, under her locked belt.

The silliness of the situation dawned on her.

She pointed to her crotch.

“Yes. The key to the chastity belt. MY chastity belt. Oh, I didn’t tell you. See? There’s a hole in one of my dildos and I put your key in it. So, you have to give me the key to my chastity belt so I can get the key to your chastity belt.

Karen pointed at Sandra then at her belt.

“Yes, I need the key to my belt to remove yours.” repeated Sandra, starting to get puzzled.

Karen got up and took a notepad, writing on it then giving them to Sandra.

Her eyes widened.

“You mean… you also have a hollow dildo and you put MY key in?”

“I tried to see if it would fit and… forgot it there. Silly, right?” she added to the notepad.

Sandra re-read the note, and looked at Karen, speechless.

Finally, she spoke up.

“Okay… What do we do now?”

“There must have been a spare key for my belt and you must have one for yours,” wrote Karen.

“Yes, I have a spare key. In a safe deposit box at the bank. Which is closed, and, come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing a spare key for your belt.” said Sandra.

“Perhaps Lynda has it.

“Yes, but the store is closed. I’m not supposed to but I have her private phone number.” said Sandra. “Well, after all, this is an emergency.” she said, picking up her phone.

“It’s ringing… Oh, hello Lynda. It’s Sandra. I hope I’m not disturbing you… Oh, really? On a cruise? That’s wonderful. Listen, we have a problem here. Karen is stuck in her chastity belt and we… misplaced the key. We didn’t find any spare key, do you happen to have it?… Yes, it is some kind of plastic block… yes, magnetic. You threw it away?? Uh… Oh, pfew! You got me worried here. Do you think I could get it? Really… Uh… Yes… I guess.” said Sandra, looking at Karen. “Okay, we’ll be right there.” she said as she hung up.

Karen was looking at her, perplexed.

“Yes, she has the key. She was coincidentally at the shop for 2 minutes and she looked it up.”

Karen showed two thumbs up.

“However…” added Sandra, slowly, “she’s closing the shop for the week as she’s getting on a cruise ship. We have to meet her at the port, like… now.”

Karen pointed at Sandra, as if she had to go, not herself.

“She said very clearly that we had BOTH to go. Come on.” said Sandra, opening the door and heading out.

Karen grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back. She pointed to herself and to Sandra then opened her arms.

“Oh… Well… You showed yourself in full latex at the train station, the port won’t be the worst. Quick. Let’s go.” she said, heading out. In full gear.

Half an hour later, they were parking the car and were rapidly walking where Lynda told her to meet her. People around her were giving weird looks. Even Lynda when she saw them, although she was drawing some eyes herself, was wearing a skimpy black leather skirt and a leather ribbon top with lace arms, standing on tall high heels. Not exactly the right outfit for a cruise.

“Wow. Better than expected.” she said, handing them… cruise tickets?

“What are those for? We only need the key.” said Sandra.

“The thing is that the key is in my luggage. My luggage is on-board.

The sirens of the ship were heard.

“Quick, we have to get in.” said Lynda, leading the way.

They presented their passes. The boarding agent didn’t seem to care about their outfit and within minutes, they were on board the small cruise ship (compared to those huge floating cities)… and looking everywhere, at people in leather and latex. Some were tied up to posts, others to devices.

“Did I mention it’s a kinky cruise? Come. My cabin is right there. You’ll have yours just next to mine.” she said leading them down a corridor “Or rather, next to ours. I believe you already met my boyfriend.” she said, opening the door.

Karen froze. Sandra was stunned.


© monsterp63

December 28, 2022

[One thing leading to another… Yes, to be continued. – Cruise Adventure]

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12 thoughts on “Karen – New Year Adventure

  1. Entschuldigung das ich auf deutsch schreibe, aber deine Seite kann ich nur mit Hilfe eines Übersetzer lesen.
    Ich wollte schon bei der vorherigen eine Nachricht hinterlassen. Ich weiß nicht wie du auf die vielen Ideen kommst, aber mach weiter so. Und was wichtig ist natürlich in deinem Tempo. Mit erzwingen wird es nur schlecht und deswegen hattest du ja eine Pause beim posten gemacht.
    Ich habe leider nur 2 Daumen aber beide hoch, sonst wären es noch mehr.

    MfG Jörg

    1. Vielen Dank Jörg. Beachten Sie, dass ich Google Translate verwendet habe, um dies zu schreiben …
      Woher bekomme ich solche Ideen? Ich weiß nicht. Sie erscheinen einfach in meinem Gehirn, oder im Fall dieser “Serie” hilft mir ein anderer deutscher Fan (chastitygirl90), der die grundlegende Handlung sowie einige interessante Ideen lieferte (die hohlen Dildos sind ihre Idee).
      Danke, dass du so ein toller Unterstützer bist!

      1. ^^ ich benutze zum lesen deiner auch diesen Übersetzter und daher kenne ich die Probleme .


        und bevor ich es vergesse ein frohes neues Jahr

        1. Danke Jörg. Dir auch ein tolles Jahr.

          Und dank dieser “Werkzeuge” können zwei Menschen auf quasi entgegengesetzten Seiten des Planeten mit völlig unterschiedlichen Sprachen kommunizieren und sich austauschen. Ist Technik nicht toll?

  2. Great continuation – thank you.
    I’m thrilled about the next part.

    Minor continuity issue: At the beginning fist part, it is mentioned that Sandra drives an electric car, then later in the first part, it mentions to pay for the gas not for recharging. And in thios part it mentions stick-shift, which also doesn’t apply to electric cars. Maybe change the one single “electric car” mention…

    1. Thank you.
      Yeah, while writing the stick-shift (because it’s more challenging in ballet boots than a boring electric car) I kept thinking that I’ve put electric in the previous part and always forgot to go look for it. I thought people wouldn’t notice… Apparently, not. 😉

  3. Wonderful sequel that seems to open to a third part. I like again how all was what I was expecting as plot (not the final) but how it was developed was a joy for the eyes and the reading. Thank you so much for such jewel the last day of the year.

  4. A small typo: After the picture of the girls and guy on the bus stop, you repeated twice the sentence about Kate. Maybe a “deja vu” Matrix style?

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