To 2023!


May 2023 bring you the best the Universe can give you. Blood-thirsty Aliens invaders? Uh…Oh! Money (lots of it), the love of your life, and especially a good health. – Pierre. Wishing “peace on Earth” is utopic.

Time to reflect what happened in the last 12 months.

  • 12 stories for 415 pages
  • 12 monthly Calendar / renders
  • 1 photo-story (August-Sept Calendar)
  • 146 3D-renders for the stories (Holy fuck!!!)
  • 9 miscellaneous 3D-renders
  • 1, three-parts Science-Fiction story, 194 pages, 38 renders. It wasn’t as popular as I had hoped, but this is a fetish site after all, not the place for people looking for Science-Fiction stories.
  • I lost count for the total life-time stories, but I would guess it’s over 350 now. stats

  • 46700 visits. That’s on average 250 visits/day – The top-5 are:
    • 21.8% Germany*
    • 21.4% USA*
    • 8.6% U.K.
    • 5.1% Canada
    • 4.4% Netherland

*Since May, the USA has surpassed Germany in the number of visits – USA  21.89% , Germany 21.70%. However, the year average puts Germany first.

 Instagram: (@monsterp63)

  • 397 posts.
  • Took me two and a half years to get to 300 followers, and 2 weeks to go from 300 to 750+. Go figure… Thanks to whoever shared the “right” image (1600+ likes so far, when I was usually getting 50 likes per image – not that it brings me anything…)
The image that “blew up” the number of followers

Again, I don’t make any money out of this site and I don’t want to add “ads” to the page. If you want to contribute, no matter what the amount, just drop me a line in the contact form. I take everything: Paypal, Amazon gift card, bondage gear, etc.

And don’t worry about your privacy. All the people who got in touch with me would vouch for it. Of course, if they vouch for it, they let go of their privacy so… you’ll never hear them vouch for me…

And now, let’s dive into 2023, well tied up and in latex, of course.

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