Karen – Another Wrong House (FINAL – Complete)


This is a sequel to “Wrong House”. Be sure to read that one first.

Feb 20: Done!! 51 pages. I hope it was worth the wait!

She had made her decision about what the rest of her life would be. Oh, yes, sure, she could always walk back, get out of it at any time, but at what cost? Psychologically speaking. She had all the choices in the world, from a simple latex outfit she could change out of at any time, to a fully sealed, permanent setup, and anything in between.

The night was almost restless. She was twisting and turning, only held by the restraints, otherwise she would have probably fallen off. Funny to think that for her last ‘free night’ was restrained in her bed. Well, she chose it.

In the three weeks she had taken to make her decision, she had practiced walking on ballet boots and she was now wearing them 24 hours a day, same thing for her extra-tight corset. The gag, the biggest she could fit into her mouth, she was keeping all the time except for feeding.

She stretched on the latex covered bed, her suit easily slipping on the lubed bed. That was fun. She felt almost weightless. She squirmed and turned a few times, enjoying the slippery feeling.

The magnetic lock released, giving her back her freedom. She put her hands at her crotch but was denied, of course, by the chastity belt. That thing was serving its purposes.

She finally sat on the edge of the bed and thought for a moment what she would wear for the morning. She chose a hobble chain and to cuff her hands in front of her. She walked out of the room, tiny steps in ballet boots. She loved it. She reached the main area and headed for the patio door. Maybe a last look with her full eyes. Her vision would never be the same after that day. She knew it. 

Nothing would be the same.

She walked back inside and headed for the dining room, her heels clicking on the tiled floor, her pewter catsuit shimmering in the sunlight. She took place and chose some breakfast. This would be the last time she would taste anything, the last time she would chew anything. Probably even the last time she would smell anything either.

That made for a weird breakfast. All sorts of thoughts ran through her mind, all sorts of doubts. Was she making the right decision?

Nicole and Joan sat with her, in silence. They had made their choices, which was non-permanent. It was their choices and they were not there to influence Karen, but to support her. Surely, Karen’s choices made them reconsider their own choices.

Breakfast was over.

“Well, I guess it’s time,” she said, with her voice. One of the last times she would hear it. Probably.

She got up and walked to Sandra’s office, gently knocking from her latex covered hand.

“Come in.” she heard.

“Ah, Karen. Please, sit down.” said Sandra as she picked a few papers. “This is the form you signed. Please, take time to re-read carefully each and every option that is there. You can  reconsider any of them. You can change them at will until we start the procedure. You can ask for more time to think about it, it’s all your choices, all voluntary. Your decision. There is no chickening out or being brave. We do not judge.” she said putting the documents in front of Karen. “I’ll be back in half an hour.” he said, getting up and walking out, closing the door behind her, leaving Karen alone. Alone with her thoughts, her choices.

As she re-read the papers, she began to squirm on her chair. Her breath was shaking. Her  hands were trembling. Without her noticing, one of her hands reached for her thigh, for her inner thigh and for her chastity belt, gently scratching it, even tapping on it.

No, she wouldn’t change anything, and she was eager to live it. 

The last line of the form stated: “I have been given time to change my mind before the final decision. All of this is my choice of my own free will, without any inside or outside pressure.”

She checked the box, signed the form and put them back on Sandra’s desk. And waited.

When the half-hour was done, Sandra came back.

“So? Any change of thoughts?” she asked.

“No.” firmly said Karen. “This is the way I really want it.” she said, her voice shaking from anticipation, from anxiety, from nervosity. Her mind was a mess.

“Very well,” said Sandra with a warm tone, “we’re ready. Come.” she said, going to another door to exit her office.

There they entered what Karen could only describe as a medical examination room. Everything was made out white tiles, from the ground to the ceiling. ‘This place could be washed off with a power washer!’ thought Karen.

In the middle of it, a standard medical examination table and behind it, two nurses, clad in white latex catsuits with red crosses, standing on thigh high red and white high heeled boots, were already waiting, like standing at attention, each having her name printed on the suits: Annie and Annah.

She was asked to take off her current latex catsuit. Stepping off her ballet heels was weird. The first time she had laid her heel on the ground for quite some time, now. Of course, she had to take them off each time she needed her skin to breathe, but she  managed to always wear some other pair of high heels slippers so her heels would never touch the ground, but this time, it was different. There was no ‘support heel’.

Then feeling the air on her skin. Always something weird. She loved being sealed and each time she had to take the suit off for the obligatory skin-breathing pauses, she was feeling a loss. She knew it would be the last time.

Sandra handed Karen a bottle Karen recognized.

“That’s the moment to say goodbye to my lock of hair, right?”

“If you still want the setup you signed for, yes.” said Sandra with a smirk.

Karen headed for the shower booth and applied the hair removing cream per the instructions, all over her body then rinsed them off. She walked back to the preparation room.

“Feels funny.” she said.

“Of course it does.” said Sandra.

“Yeah, but also the thought that, for the first time, I can feel the breeze of the air on my scalp and at the same time, I feel it for the last time.”

“Well, there will be a lot of first and last in the coming hours,” said Sandra. “Now, the first line of business is intubation. This will NOT be a pleasant procedure,” she said, presenting a long black tube.

The nurses took over and began the procedure. And it wasn’t pleasant. She hated the feeling of the tube going in her mouth, at the back of her throat and down to her stomach. She wanted to swallow it. It felt like she had something stuck in her throat and she wanted to spit it out. But the nurses were gentle and spoke very softly, explaining each step and describing with precision what she would feel and mostly, what she should do.

It was weird and pleasurable to feel their latex hands touch her skin, her face. She liked the touch, the feeling. She would have sucked their latex coated fingers if they weren’t working to feed the tube in her mouth.

“You’ll get used to it eventually, same for the nose tubes.” said Sandra as they proceeded with the insertion of the tubes, going up her nostrils. Fuck! The damn Covid test swabs were not that annoying after all. She felt the tube go down her sinuses and stop at the back of her throat.

But she could breathe easily, although she kept trying to swallow the tube. That was not off to a good start. Of course, she could always call it off. Any time.

They moved to her crotch and inserted the first tube up her urethra. That wasn’t a pleasure either, feeling the tube go up her urinary tract, and then feeling as if she wanted to pee. She was overwhelmed when they inserted the large plug sealing off her vulva with only the urethral tube poking out. There was a series of small metallic golden plates in the middle of the surface of the end plug as well as gold metallic rings around the shaft of the plug, but those, she didn’t see. Then the butt plug. Large, Impressive. Uncomfortable. But she chose the size. She wanted it to be… annoying. And she got what she wanted. The inside of it had a hollow tube for enema procedures.

Once those tubes and plugs were inserted, she was asked to sit on the table. Damn, those crotch plugs, especially the butt plug seemed even larger than in her thoughts. Should she back off? She knew she had time to call it off. If needed. Not if she wanted because she wanted not.

Two black rubber triangles patches were placed over her breasts, held by a soft glue. As they were applying them, she noticed small gold metal plates going around her nipples and below the breasts. She knew what they were for since she asked for it. She was asked to stand up and a pair of latex panties were pulled on. Small metallic plates matched with the metallic plates of her crotch plugs. A really thin wire was running from each of the rubber patches and panties, to her back where they ended in the small of it. Another thicker black rubber patch was applied to her skin and the thin wires linked to it.

While Annie was picking something from one of the numerous boxes laying around, Annah and Sandra were applying some thick lubricant over Karen’s skin.

“This is a hair growth inhibitor as well as a skin conditioner,” explained Sandra. “This first layer”, she said, pointing to the rather thick foggy-transparent clear suit Annie was unfolding from the box, is the skin breathing layer. Don’t worry, it is thick but once the latex layer is applied, it will shrink and you will not feel it anymore.”

The suit, a neck entry style, was put on. It felt loose, like thick wet spandex. It was easy to put on, tho and she welcomed the feeling of being sealed from the air. The hood was tighter and incorporated some sort of tinted lens over her eyes, but very close to the cornea.

While Sandra and Annah were removing the wrinkles from the suit, Annie took another box, this time revealing a much thicker gray latex catsuit that had a somewhat dull finish. They asked Karen to sit on the examination table and proceeded to feed it on her legs. They had to use all their strength to stretch the narrow neck opening. Although it was easily gliding over her base layer suit, it was a very, very tight fit. And Karen could feel it as it heavily squished her legs as it was pulled up.

“You know,” said Sandra, “this thing is very thick and very tight. You’re sure you want to go with it? It might be better if you go one or even two sizes up, you know?”

“I can always change my mind later,” gestured Karen.

“Technically, yes,” answered Sandra “about a week, but after the first 24 hours or so, the fusion process has begun and it’s starting to get difficult to take off and it’s a lot of work for us.” she said while pulling hard on the collar to pass it over Karen’s hips.

Karen looked at the two nurses who were struggling with it.

“What do you suggest?” asked Karen.

“I would go at least one size up,” said Annah.

“I love it that way and I would choose the same if I were in your place.” said Annie.

“Geesh girls, that helps.” gestured Karen. “I stand behind my decision” she replied to Sandra.

Once her legs were all engulfed into the thick and tight latex and it had reached her abdomen and she was standing up again, she had second thoughts. Already, breathing was difficult and the suit wasn’t even fully on.

Sandra took a hold of Karen’s right arm, while Annie pulled hard on the collar and Annah helped  Karen put her left arm through the collar and down the sleeve. She had sudden doubts as her hand got stuck close to the narrow wrist area.

“Just keep your hand as relaxed as possible.” said Annie as she and Annah changed their roles, this time Annah pulling on the collar while Annie fed the arm through the sleeve.

They let go of the suit which engulfed Karen’s body, tightly circling her neck. She pushed with her arms, down the sleeves, literally fighting against the suit. Her left had popped down first, her fingers finding their individual sleeves. Then her right hand did the same.

She stretched her arms, bent down to pull the suit up against her crotch.

She had to think to breathe, to work her chest muscles. She had to fight for every breath. She could feel the hgh compression of the suit over her legs, her arms and her waist, squishing it she liked it, perfectly knowing that the corset would be the next item. Damn, she just loved it! She was smiling although her face was somewhat stuck with that weird grin made by the feeding tube.

The attached hood was pulled up. It was engulfing her head except for the face. It squished her jaw even tighter against the feeding tube. She could barely open her mouth now.

“Still okay in there?” asked Sandra. “Okay, we’ll let you get accustomed to it for a few moments. It will be the BEST TIME to change your mind then. You understand?” asked Sandra, clearly.

Karen noded a very obvious YES and raised two thumbs up and they walked out of the room, leaving Karen alone.

She sat on the exam table. That put pressure on her crotch plugs. She moaned. That felt good. She laid down, her hands gently rubbing the smooth latex from her hips to her breasts, feeling them being compressed by the thick rubber, then down again to her hips, reaching her crotch, gently playing with it as she raised one leg, bending it at the knee, feeling the rubber resist the movement. She let go of the play at her crotch and stood up. The suit was made for high heels and her feet were more comfortable if she was standing on her toes. She tried a few flexions, bending down to touch her toes, stretching her arms, bending sideways. For each movement she had to fight the suit. It was as if zillions of little rubber bands were trying to put her back into the original shape of the suit. She felt that it was feeling like a thick neoprene wetsuit, although feeling much tighter.

She liked it. She loved it. Even if she had to struggle to do anything, she would keep it that way. It was being in boundage without being bound.

She figured fifteen minutes or so had passed when Sandra and the nurses came back.

“So, Karen? What do we do? Do we get you out of it?” asked Sandra, pretty sure of the answer and ready to pull her hood off.

“No, it stays.” answered Karen.

All three women were stunned.

“Really?” asked Annie. “We watched you from the other room and you were struggling to move!”.

“Yes,” said Karen, “and that’s the way I like it. We continue as is.” she said, making two thumbs up.

“Uh… Okay, then.” said Annah, picking a rather large box. She opened it and revealed a carbon fiber corset, in two halves. “Time to get squeezed even more.” she added as Annie was wrapping leather cuffs around her wrists..

Karen stood up and raised her arms. She knew the drill. Sandra operated a winch equipped with a spreader bar and then the bar was low enough, Annie snapped one wrist cuff to each end before Sandra raised the winch, pulling Karen up until she could barely touch the floor from the tip of her latex encased toes.

Annah approached with the halves of the corset and handed one to Annie who removed some protective plastic from the edges and pressed the corset halve against Karen’s stomach while Annah was doing the same thing with the back panel. Sandra wrapped a ratchet strap between the two halves and she began to gently operate it, getting the halves closer together with each click of the ratchet strap.

Karen closed her eyes. This rigid corset was engulfing her from the hips to over her breasts, providing a very rigid torso. She wouldn’t be able to turn her waist, bend at the waist. That would greatly impair her movements, her mobility. Damn, that made her hot!

Her breath was shaking as each lungful was getting shorter and shorter, and the pressure on her torso, on her waist, on her rib cage increased. Eyes closed, she pulled on her wrists, feeling the restraints, loving every minute of it.

It was torture and it was pleasure. She could also feel some of her organs being forced to find a new place to live downward, pushing against her uterus, her intestines, her colon, pushing them against the huge toys filling her lower orifices, increasing the pressure. Increasing the pleasure.

She softly moaned and gently squeezed her lower stomach, which actually helped with the corset tightening.

“Okay, there’s about 2cm left on each side. We’ll let it settle and work on the mask-hood in the meantime.” said Sandra, giving a head nod to Annie to get it out of the box.

It was a half rigid, half semi-rigid hood and mask combination. It also had a long yoke covering her shoulders. There was no zipper. Nothing to help put it on.

“But first: the paste.” said Sandra, picking up what looked like a small grease gun, with a long tube, ending with a 3mm wide needle.

She approached Karen’s face, bending the feeding tube to the side a little and finding the access hole, she gently pushed the needle inside, then began to gently squeeze the handle of the gun, carefully looking at Karen’s eyes, at her face, at her mouth.

Karen felt the bladder around the feeding tube inflate. She worked it around with her tongue, helping the paste to spread evenly, as it grew bigger and bigger. It wasn’t long before her tongue was pinned down and she couldn’t move it anymore. The pressure increased with Sandra carefully watching the cheeks expand.

“There, that should be enou… what are you doing?” said Sandra as Karen grabbed a hold of the pump and began to add more.

“Just remember, Karen, that there’s no way back. Be careful. I strongly suggest you stop it there.” said Sandra.

Karen shuddered and kept pushing.

“It’s your choice and only YOU will live with the consequences.” said Sandra, simply waiting for Karen to hand her the pump back.

Karen injected a little more paste into her over inflated gag. She wanted to feel it go everywhere, around every gum, almost around every tooth. Yes, that was enough. She handed the pump to Sandra who removed the needle.

Some of the paste oozed back out because it was simply too much pressure. Sandra didn’t mention it to Karen who couldn’t see/feel it. It was best that way. She simply waited for the paste to stop coming out before wiping it off.

A coat of gel was applied all over her head then Sandra and Annie both took the hood, one in front, one in the back and pulled hard to stretch it open and slowly slid it down over Karen’s head.

Karen felt it going down, tight, squishing her nose although her two helpers were using all of their strength to pull it open. As it went down, covering her face, they gently let it go. Karen felt the pressure increase around her head, her hearing being cut-off. Her face was forced into position inside the molded face of the mask. That molded face was rigid except for the lips and integrated dark lenses over her eyes. The room suddenly became a lot darker and as she became almost blind and deaf, she felt the world disappear around her.

The back of the hood was flexible. Somewhat. The pressure around her head was immense. Immensely pleasurable. Damn, she just loved it. The only doubt she had was about her gag. Maybe adding more paste wasn’t such a good idea after all, although she liked the pressure. Now, her tongue couldn’t move at all. Hell, her whole face was totally rigid. She could only move her eyes.

Annah approached. The feeding tube was protruding through the soft black lips of the mask. She gently pulled them apart revealing two layers of black rubber, and cut the feeding tube flush with the inner layer, then pushed a steel flange on the tube which would allow the quick connection of the nutrient tube. She removed her fingers and the soft lips closed, leaving a warm smile. A shiny black warm rubber smile. She finally cut the nose breathing tubes flush with the nose openings, making them disappear into the mask, and made a few steps back, admiring her work.

“Fantastic!” said Sandra. “Perfect job as always, Annah and Annie.”

“Thank you” said both of the white latex clad medics at the same time.

“Okay, time to tighten up that corset, girls. Ready?” said Sandra.

They proceeded to tighten the straps. Karen was feeling alright but that was way more tighter than she had figured out when she put down the measurements she wanted to achieve. She heard the clicks of the one way hooks mating with each other as the corset closed. Contact glue would activate permanently holding the corset shut.

The strap was removed and her brain had to cope with the fact that THIS would be as loose as it would.

She loved it!

“Okay, a small coat of gel and we’re up for the last layer.” said Sandra as she was released from the ceiling semi-suspension.

She brought one hand to her face, touching it, feeling… nothing. Oh, with her fingers, she was able to feel the bumps of the lips, the nose, but from her face, she felt nothing. Complete sensory deprivation!

Her other hand reached for her crushed waist, only feeling the rigid corset. She couldn’t squeeze it. She even gently taps on it, feeling nothing on the other side. That was so weird.

Annah and Annie proceeded with coating her with the cement gel before proceeding with the last layer, a much thinner catsuit, black and very shiny. It was a wear layer, designed with special polymers to be very resistant. With good care, it should last a lifetime. It nonetheless applied a third layer of tightness over her body, which was great. At first any way.

They then cleaned the examination table from the empty boxes and Annie brought another rather long box. She opened it revealing the boots. She picked them out to admire the shine and was puzzled.

“No heels?” asked Annie.

“That’s what she asked,” said Sandra. “No-heel ballet boots. That’s what you want, Karen, right?” she said, directing her voice to Karen while adding the sign language.

Karen looked at the boots and gave two thumbs up while nodding accordingly.

“Very fine then. The fabric looks strange.” said Annah.

“Yes,” joined Sandra. “We haven’t had a lot of people ask for those but they are some sort of rubber compound that is semi-rigid and very abrasive resistant. There should be a can of polymer spray in the box also.”

“Hum… Oh, yes. Here it is. Perma-fix?” asked Annie, looking at Sandra, puzzled.

“Yes. Those boots, as you can see, are laced on. Once the laces have been tightened, you spray them with a few thin coats of this stuff. It’s a glue-coating polymer. It will glue and coat the opening of the boot shut, and by coating the lacing, it will protect it. It will be very difficult to cut. The boots become as difficult to take off as the rest of the suit.”

“Oh. Never seen that one before… Uh. It says to wear protective gloves.” said Annie, picking a box of purple nitrile gloves, getting a few off and handing a pair to Annah. “Better follow the instructions.” she said as she put on the shiny purple gloves.

Karen was instructed to sit on the table and lift her right leg. Annah took the spray can and applied a thin layer over the latex coated legs then picked the right boot and gently slid it over the Perma-Fix coating, adding a little more over the knee where the boot was ending. It was a tight fit, even unlaced. And the boot was in itself, quite heavy, especially with the steel sole. That thing would not bend!

As she laced it carefully and tightly, Annie proceeded with the other leg. Karen felt her legs being engulfed into the thick material, forcing her feet straight, pointing, without much room to bend. She liked the feeling when the boot got tighter and tighter around her leg. She could not forget their presence.

Annah took the can of Perma-Fix, read the instructions and shook the can before pressing the button a few times, directing the jet into the boot box to make sure it was functioning correctly, then applied a thin coat over the left boot.

She did one thorough coat, making sure it was getting into the overlapping gap between the sides of the opening and the tongue of the boot, and of course the lacing. She waited a few moments then added another layer. She stood back, looking at the boot and made a grin.

“Better to be safe than sorry.” she said, adding still another coat, this one thicker.

“Wanna do the other one, Annie?” she asked as she offered the can.

“Absolutely, Annah.” said the blond woman.

Having watched carefully what Annah did, she repeated the same gestures, including the added layer.

“Shit! Just be careful with this stuff. It’s really sticky.” said Annah while trying to rub-off a Perma-Fix off the palm of her left hand glove.

Karen had the feeling that it was pulling the boot even tighter. She couldn’t really tell if it was just in her mind or if it was real, but she liked it. Yes, the tighter, the better. Her whole legs were becoming fused into seamless ballet boots.

After a few minutes, Annie touched the last leg with her gloved index finger.

“Yes, it’s dry to the touch. I think you can walk around now without risking having too much dust sticking to it.” she said. “Want help getting up?” she added, offering an arm to Karen while Annah was doing the same.

Karen gently slid off the table, putting her feet down for the first time with those boots. She had worn ballet boots before but this was new and the fact that she had no going back, that she couldn’t go back, inserted a different feeling.

She put her feet down, or rather her toes down, feeling them touch the floor, then gently applied her weight on it, slowly raising up, helped by the nurses. She let go of the table, knees bending, leaning forward. Damn, that rigid corset was changing the whole dynamic of keeping her balance.

Shaking, she let go of the nurses who kept by her side as a precaution. She made one step. Oh boy, she liked it. She straightened her body, taking a more reassured, confident pose. Her head high, she looked forward at the door and made one step. And another one.

Now, everything was being added together: the tight latex layers, the crushing corset, the engulfed head, the extreme feet position, and the toys.

Mostly isolated from any external stimulus, everything she felt seemed enhanced, amplified. As she reached the door, she was already in her own little world. And she fucking loved it! As far as she can tell, she didn’t regret a single one of her decisions.

Sandra looked at her smiling. Annie and Annah looked at her impressed.

“That is the most extreme setup I’ve ever seen,” said Annie.

“Yes,” added Annah, “That is extreme. You like it in there?”

Karen nodded an unmistakable and resounding YES!

She rubbed her hands from her thighs, to her constricted waist up to her breasts, to her neck, her enclosed head, her rigid face, that was overwhelmingly good.

“According to your list, you have only one other permanent device and, encased as you are, it’s more of a decorative item than a purpose filled one: the chastity belt.” said Sandra. “Annah, if you please?”

Annah reached for the last box and retrieved the shiny black metal belt, taking her high in her hand to admire it as well as to show it around. Karen approached and spread her legs slightly to make the belt positioning easier. She loved how taking that simple pose pulled on the latex over her hips, feeling it fight back to close her legs. She would never forget the rubber layers.

Annah walked behind Karen while Annie kneeled in front of her to grab the end belt Annah was giving her. It had been made for her waist size but without the rubber layers, which made the belt a little bit tighter. She couldn’t feel it of course through her corset, but the nurses had to fight it to close it.

“Oh wait. I have an idea.” said Annie, grabbing the belt while taking it off.

“What are you doing?” asked Annah.

Annie reached for the Perma-Fix can.

“We should coat the inside of the belt with this stuff. Even with a key, she would not take it off. What do you say?” she asked, proud of her extreme idea.

“Uh, I don’t know. It’s for her to decide. After all, all of this is her choice. We can’t force anything against her choices.” quickly interrupted Sandra. “Karen, what do you think? With or without the Perma-Fix?”

She thought about it for a moment. She was already sealed into three layers of latex and polymers and glue and stuff. Her toys were deeply inserted and impossible to reach. Why not?

She pointed to the Perma-Fix can, then to the inside of the belt and nodded yes.

“You’re nuts,” said Sandra, “I’ve never seen a setup so extreme, especially for a beginner.”

Karen shuddered. Yes, she was. And she liked it that way.

The belt was actually easier to put on, the thin layer of Perma-Fix acting as a little coat of lubricant. Nonetheless, the corset was still not giving and they struggled to close the belt. She finally heard a faint click she didn’t feel, thanks to the corset insulating her from her feelings.

When the crotch strap was pulled up, THAT she felt, pushing her tubes, her toys deeper inside her. She moaned. Well, she tried but no sound came out. Total silence, although her mind welcomed the sensation.

She could feel the narrow steel band between her buttcheeks, she could feel the wider strap between her legs, pressing against her labia, her lower stomach, before disappearing over the corset.

“The fit looks perfect, girls.” said Sandra, looking from behind as the nurses were adjusting it, closing the padlocks, which were more looks than functionality now that the belt was glued on,  and setting up the electronic control.

She felt a click through the crotch strap as the last lock was snapped in place. A one-way lock. No turning back. No way to take that belt off without cutting it, and as tight as it was, that would be no easy feat without risking hurting her.

Annie and Annah made a few steps back, staring at Karen, admiring the view.

“That’s a really nice setup,” said Annah.

“I totally agree.” added Annie.

“How do you feel?” asked Sandra.

With one hand over the belt, feeling the rigid steel circling her corseted waist, the tight and rigid band going through her crotch, she nodded yes and did a thumb’s up with her other hand.

“You know that, now that you put the Pema-Fix around your belt, the curing time of the suit is irrelevant. You have about 3 minutes to change your mind.” said Sandra.

That came as a little shock. Karen hadn’t foreseen that. It was a change of plans. What should she do? Keep it or bail out. Taking the belt now will for sure damage the suit, leaving a ripped off layer of perma-fix on it.

What were the odds she would need to take it off?

What were the odds she would WANT to take it off?

She raised two thumbs up. She was accepting her choices. Her fate was literally… sealed.

“Hum… Okay. The last description states that you don’t want any permanent cuffs or collar, but you do want to be constantly in bondage in some way. Do I read that right?” asked Sandra.

“Yes,” gestured Karen. “I want to be always tied up but I want to be able to change the cuffs or the setup, you know, so I don’t get bored.”

“Understood. Well, ladies,” said Sandra looking at the nurses, “what do you suggest we do with her?”

Annah and Annie looked at each other with a devilish smile.

“We’ll think of something,” they both said in unison.

They both disappeared out of the room. Karen stood there, puzzled. Sandra was smiling. She knew something Karen didn’t.

They came back, laughing, their hands full and dropped the content on the examination table. Karen wanted to have a look but Annie was quick to turn her around.

“No peeking!”

Karen turned around and faced Sandra.

“You asked for it. Live with it.” she simply said.

Karen stood there, waiting. Something passed over her head, in front of her face and down to her neck. It was white and looked very tall. Her head was forced up as the rigid device was wrapped around her neck and tightened, forcing her head up and immobile. While Annah was fastening that thing in the back, Annie was adjusting… a screw? What the hell was this thing? She felt her neck becoming more and more rigid. She was unable to bend it, forward, backward, sideways, nothing moved. And unable to turn it either. Of her upper body, her only mobile articulation was now her shoulders.

Shit! That felt so great.

She reached for it with her hands but Annah gave her a slap in the wrists.

“No touching! We’ll take care of those now.” she said, grabbing her arms and folding them in her back into a box tie. They were inserted into a dark red leather bag and the bag strapped to her shoulders, tightly.

Now, her whole upper body was stiff. She couldn’t move her head, her neck, her shoulders and her torso was one rigid fiberglass tube down to her hips. She was so hot she began to gently squirm, to feel her toys. But Annah and Annie were not over yet.

She took leather cuffs and with each nurse taking a leg, they wrapped one over the knees and the other one over the ankles, all of them so tight that they wouldn’t slide over her boot, then added rigid spreader bars, keeping Karen’s legs slightly apart so that she could stand and walk. Sort of.

“How do you like it?” asked Annah.

“Not too extreme, I hope?” added Annie.

They both giggled.

“Honestly, girls, I think Wikipedia should update their definition of extreme. This is the most extreme basic setup I’ve ever witnessed and this bondage? Simply perfect for it.” said Sandra. “Job very well done, girls.” she said, making a small bow toward them, the nurses doing a ‘high-five’ behind Karen.. “And now, Karen, I suspect you would like a… breath of fresh air?”

Actually, she didn’t know what she wanted. At that very moment, all her senses were overloaded: the tightness of suit, the crushing corset, her engulfed head, the tubes, the ballet boots and now her almost rigid body and strict bondage. Damn! That was a lot to cope with all at once.

“Karen? Are you alright?” asked a puzzled Sandra at Karen’s lack of reaction.

She wanted to answer yes. She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t gesture. She couldn’t nod. She had to bend her whole upper body to answer. She did it twice, the second time making her lose her balance and she stumbled forward, really feeling for the first time the restriction on her legs.

“Well, obviously you need practice to move in those. Annie, Annah, just stays by her side in case she loses it. We’re going out on the deck.” said Sandra, leading the way.

Karen followed. Walking with her ankles and knees rigidly held was not easy. Her stiff upper body didn’t help and with that extreme posture collar forcing her to look up, she couldn’t see where she was putting her feet. Fuck! She was so hot!

She felt her toys move inside with every small step. She was panting, her breath intake limited by the crushing corset. She couldn’t help with her balance with her arms, firmly boxed in her back. The heelless boots offered a new way of walking. Small step by small step, she exited the preparation room, then down a small corridor to the main area where other girls witnessed the sight of the struggling woman completely sealed in rubber and severely tied up.

“K…Karen? Is that Karen?” asked Suzy.

“Yep.” said Sandra. “She got what she asked for… and maybe a little more.” she said with a smile.

“Oh… wow! I… I have to know how it feels.” said Joan.

Karen could see the lips move but could barely hear. Right now, her ears, her head was filled with the sound of her pounding heart and whistling breathing through the nose tubes. She was having second thoughts about her setup.

The bright light of the sun got dimmed by her dark lenses as she walked past the large patio door. She could feel the sun hitting her black skin, warming it quickly. She took a deep breath, but could smell nothing but rubber. She didn’t realize that it would do that. All her senses were impacted: eyesight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. Everything. She couldn’t produce the smallest of sound.

She was led into a shaded area in the middle of the forest, following a concrete slab path, under a large wooden frame. Hanging chains were linked to the shoulder straps of her box-tie harness, holding her up. She was not suspended. She had some weight on her ballet boots, meaning that she would fatigue with time. But for now, all of it was so overwhelming, she didn’t care.

“Don’t worry. Someone will be watching over you and you’ll get out of it at the slightest distress. Are you okay here?” asked Sandra.

How to answer? She couldn’t move now.

“Ah, yes…” said Sandra, realizing the communication problem. “M’kay… lift your right leg as high as you can for yes, and dance from one leg to the other for no.”

Karen lifted her right leg as high as it would go, about 2cm… and held it there for a good five seconds before putting it back down.

“I take that as a clear yes. Well, I have paperwork to do. I’m leaving you in the good care of the other residents.” she said, then kneeled down to link Karen’s ankle cuffs to rings on the ground. She wouldn’t move much, if at all. Smiling, she wiggled a goodbye and walked off.

She could feel the breeze gently pushing her. She could feel the heat of the sun, although not directly on her, warm her suit. She couldn’t hear the wind. All the colors of the mountains were rather grayish, part of the deal with those special lenses to filter most colors, putting her world in black and white-ish. 

The was fully realizing the setup, the limitations, the struggles. It was a fantasy, now it was a reality. Maybe it should have stayed a fantasy.

She was exhausted. This whole process had been tiring and constantly fighting the tight suit and corset was proving to be quite a workout.

She was about to doze off, letting her body be hung by the shoulder straps when she received a jolt at her crotch. She opened her eyes. Nicole was there in front of her, holding a tablet.

“Why?… we got no instructions NOT to try your toys.” said Nicole with a devilish smile, making a show of getting her index finger up in the air and slowly aiming for the tablet in a large motion. As it touched the tablet, she realized the full extent of her predicament.

Her vaginal plug began to buzz. Faintly at first, doing some bursts at higher power before going back down to slowly hum, just to tease her. Just enough to be annoying. Then she felt as if her butt plug was kicking inside her rectum. Kick… kick… kick. She felt a buzz on her nipples. Wait, what? She didn’t ask for that function… but who was she to complain.

Then a little electric zap on her nipples. That she asked for and for a moment, she wondered if the vibration was part of the device or a defect.

As she received a similar small zap on her crotch, her mind switched thoughts. She squirmed. In her mind she was squirming a lot. Her body, her muscles were telling them that she was squirming a lot, but from Nicole’s point of view, there was barely any movement, maybe a small trimmer of her right leg as the link to the ground got tight.

Oh yes. She was definitely working her legs, trying to close them. Of course, she wanted to increase the pressure on her crotch by closing her thighs but the rigid rods prevented it. She was totally helpless as Nicole, with a devilish smile, played with the controls on her tablet.

A vibration, a kick, a small shock. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing, and it was working Karen up big time.

The world has disappeared around her, replaced by swirls of colors, sunrises after sunsets, zap, zap, buzz, buzz, kick, kick, the sequence was non-stop, alternating. Was it getting stronger or she was getting more aroused? She squirmed in her bonds which only increased her frustration and pleasure. She could do nothing against it. She could do nothing to enhance it. She could do nothing but suffer the consequences, and oh! Those were beautiful consequences!

Her crotch was on fire. The toys seemed to be inflating and deflating while vibrating. She was struggling to breath through the tiny nostril tubes, giving her some sort of breath control feeling. She couldn’t move her head, couldn’t move her arms, she would have love to squeeze her breasts, or to someone do it, although tightly encased under the carbon fiber corset, they were permanently chastised,

She squirmed. She screamed. Nicole was looking at the silent black gleaming body half-suspended before her, barely moving, but she knew, well she could imagine, what was going on through Karen’s mind at that very moment: orgasmic pleasure and frustration.

Should she? Nah… Better tease her some more. She knew her mind was already a mess right now but she wanted to make her life the most powerful experience she’s ever had. She was perhaps projecting her own fantasies on Karen, that deep down, she wanted a setup as extreme as Karen’s but was afraid to ask… or to reveal it.

One more notch on the controls. She could hear Karen’s rapid breathing, and although nothing much moved apart her legs that were slightly moving, she knew that inside this tight cocoon, she was slamming her body all around.

One last jolt, one last kick, one last zap of her breasts and In Karen’s mind, all hell broke loose. Her body disappeared. She was floating into a swirl of colors, still getting zapped, vibrated, humped, and unable to move. She was seeing herself tumble down into infinity, every cell of her body experiencing joy, pleasure at a level she didn’t even know was possible. Her mind was swirling endlessly while her body reported complete immobility. It made her dizzy, which only added to the pleasure of helplessness. She was moaning. She was yelling. She was screaming. All silently.

Nicole was watching her tensed body carefully, somewhat sharing her pleasure, imagining she was the one all encased like that, being submitted to this unrelentless pleasure treatment. She risked a touch of the hot latex, placing her fingers on Karen’s corseted waist, only to feel the rigid carbon fiber wall crushing her. Her fingers went down, leaving the corset and reaching the thigh. She could feel the warmth emanating from the body. Karen felt that touch too, like an angel touch coming out of nowhere, inside these swirling colors, to touch her. A contact that she was not alone that reassured her. She was alive. Somehow, but in which Universe was she.

The more she squirmed, the more she felt the limitation of her bondage, the more powerful the orgasm grew, until it overwhelmed her, and all the swirling colors slowly faded.

Nicole noticed the sudden change in her breathing, from rapid panting-like breaths to a more slower, calm breathing. Yes, she had passed out. Shit, passing out of orgasmic pleasure. She HAS to try that!

She turned off the devices from the tablet and walked back, her own latex suit creaking as she took place in the long chair, still looking, still monitoring the Extreme Girl.

It was strange. She was floating upward in an ocean of colorful flowers. She was happy. The sun was shining bright and she could feel the heat of her skin, but she couldn’t see her skin. She tried to look down, to lift her arm but it was as if the flowers were holding her there. She was desperately trying to smell them but all she could smell was… rubber? That was so strange. The flower ocean became more dense, the flowers getting closer and closer, engulfing her, almost as if they were quicksand. Quicksand flowers. Quicksand rubber flowers. Her breath was short but she could manage. She tried to move her legs, her arms, but couldn’t. But she wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, she liked it. She liked the tight embrace of the quicksand flowers. They were hugging her, tightly. She felt her slowly dancing with the smooth waves. The flowers, the ocean softly disappeared into a blur. 

She blinked a few times. She was in a forest, standing up although her feet didn’t touch the ground. There was someone laying not far from her, reading a book or something. She tried to move. She tried to call her but something was stuck down her throat. Then her brain revved up and she fully realized where she was and… how she was.

She was still suspended on the wooden frame in the middle of the lush forest of the Special Witness Relocation Program Center.

She slowly squirmed her arms, tightly held into that box tie in her back. Her neck was still very much held high and rigid by the extreme neck corset. She could feel the restriction of her crushing corset.

So, it wasn’t a dream. She really did it. She really went on with this procedure. She really went on with this extreme setup. Shit. That was a fantasy. She thought she was dreaming all of it but it was… real?

She squirmed harder, trying to attract Nicole’s attention. She was ready to get out  of the suspension, of the box tie, of her latex skin. She  had had her out of this world orgasm and she wanted to get out.

She squeezed her legs, well, tried to. Her squirming changed to struggling. That only awakened her toys. OIh, damn! Was it… Oh… yes. That felt so good., she thought as she stopped struggling and began to gently squirm again, feeling the tight latex over her legs, the corset, her encased head. Yeah.. it wasn’t that bad after all… What? No! She wanted to get out. She struggled and Nicole noticed her.

“Yeah, coming. Wow! You were  hout for half an hour! How do you feel?” asked Nicole. “Ah, yes, right. You’re mute.” she said, giggling, gently getting her out of her suspension.

Her feet touched the ground. She could feel the rigidity of the knee-high ballet boots, and the rigidity of her corset as Nicole removed the ankle and knee restraints. She made a few steps, guided by Nicole.

“There’s a bench over here where you could sit. I’ll get out of that neck corset and arm binder.” she said, helping Karen to sit down.

That was not easy. Only her hops were bending. Her torso had no play at all.

She felt the collar being loosened and in a few moments, her neck was free, her head falling forward, like heavy. She was relieved. That was one extreme collar. Next came the box-tie armbinder. Her arms hurt as they regain their freedom. She gently rubbed them. She actually liked the feeling of her thick latex covered fingers rubbing against her thick latex covered arm.

She had mixed feelings. She knew she asked for all this but… was it too extreme? Yes it was. She just had to get used to it. But she realized at the same time, the difference between a fantasy and real life. Now she had a real life fantasy.

She took a deep breath, smelling nothing.

“I need a drink.” she gestured to Nicole.

“Don’t move, I’ll get you a lemonade,” said Nicole getting up.

“No, not a limonade, I want a Malibu Sunset.” said Karen.

“No you’re not. It’s a formal rule here: no alcohol for the next three days, the time you get accustomed to your setup. I’ll get you a Shirley Temple.” said Nicole, getting up, cutting the argument.

She came back with the drink a few moments later. Karen took a sip. She didn’t taste any of it. She took another longer sip. She had a little bit of taste when it hit her stomach but nothing much.

“That’s exactly why there’s the no alcohol rule: when intubated, you don’t taste much, no sense of smell, no burning throat and you only know you’ve had enough by the buzz. You have to get used to it first.

“So… You seem to know a lot. How long have you been here?” asked Karen to make small talk, looking at her glass and knowing she would never taste it and realizing she would never taste anything again.

“I would say… close to two years, now.”

“Two years? How come? Nobody is… getting you?” asked Karen, puzzled.

“No, I haven’t been posted on the list yet. Complicated story but let’s say that the crook I’m getting protected from has very long arms and I’m not safe anywhere… except here. So for the time being, I simply enjoy my stay here and I help Sandra.”

“That is a beautiful place to stay,” said Karen.

“Yeah… I’m in no hurry to leave. I mean I do live my latex and fetish fantasies.”

“What the hell is going on here?”

Karen and Nicole turned toward the voice. They haven’t heard anyone coming. It was Sandra, arms crossed, looking quite pissed.

“I… Well… We are just…” began to answer Nicole, stuttering, “… you know… chatting. Don’t worry, I didn’t reveal anything dangerous to me and…”

“I’m not talking about what you said, I’m talking about HER!” said Sandra, pointing at Karen.

“She’s fine. I took her out of the suspension a few moments ago and…” said Nicole.

“She’s free! She can’t be free! It’s in her wishes: to be restrained AT ALL TIMES. Didn’t you read it?”

“Well, uh… yes, I did.” said Nicole, “but, I thought that she was already quite… encased and…”

“That’s no good. She needs to be restrained. Give me those straps over there and go get the spreader bars you took off.” ordered Sandra.

Karen was puzzled at the sudden change of behavior. Sandra had been kind and soft since she got there and now, seeing her stern and almost acting dominatrix was such a change.

“What’s wrong if I’m not tied up for a while?” asked Karen.

“We obey the specifics of any subject written down by the beneficiary to the dot on the i. You said that you wanted to be restrained in some way at all times, you’re gonna get restrained all the time. When a caretaker adopts you, said caretaker will decide to follow your wishes or not, but they usually do.”

“Well, I may have overreacted a little bit when I wrote those. Having a break from time to time isn’t that… wrong, you know?” signaled Karen.

“No, it’s not wrong but it’s against the rules YOU wrote.”

“Well, I’m changing them,” said Karen.

“Ha, ha. Nice try. You didn’t read the fine print, didn’t you: medical emergencies are treated immediately, meaning that if, for example, you develop a rash or a fever from some reaction to the encasement, you’re taken off of it. One of your limbs is getting numb because something is too tight? Whatever is causing the problem is taken off, if it’s the suit, then the suit is off. But for change of thoughts about setups, like ‘oh, finally, I don’t want to be tied up all the time’, then those are allowed only once a week for the first 2 months, then only once a year, so that someone might go ‘I want a gasmask all the time’ then a week later, after being bored by it changes it to ‘oh well, only once a month’. So, you’ll have an opportunity to change that rule in a week. In the meantime, let’s get you properly fixed.” said Sandra as Nicole was coming back with the spreader bars.

“Put them back on her,” said Sandra, “and link the ankles to the foot of the chair,” she added as she took Karen’s wrists, added some cuffs and linked them to the side of the chair. She added a leather collar and linked it to the top of the chair. And finally, she linked the side rings of the chastity belt to the sides of the chair.

“There. That should keep you… restrained for the time being.” said Sandra.

“Wow. That’s a nice setup.” said nicole. “Well, I should go now.” she said, turning around.

“Not so fast, lady. First of all, you didn’t follow the procedures, meaning that there are consequences for you too, and secondly, she needs to be looked upon. Come here.” said Sandra, producing a pair of handcuffs.

She cuffed Nicole’s hands in her back, then adding a steel collar, she pulled her arms up into a reverse prayer position and linked them to the collar. More steel cuffs and chains were added at her ankles and the finishing touch was a nice ball gag to keep her silent.

“There. That should do it.” said Sandra, picking up the tablet and punching a few keys.

Karen twitched. Her toys became alive, but… barely. Just a small hum. Constant. No pattern change, no vibration, just a small hum. Just enough to get her excited but never enough to make her orgasm.

“Fuck you, Sandra!” yelled Karen, but her face showed nothing and no sound was heard, although, apparently, her body language conveyed the message.

“Yeah, fuck you too!” said Sandra, smiling then turned around and walked away, knowing that tied like she was, Nicole couldn’t do anything to help Karen.

Karen just laid there (what else could she do? Duh!!) looking at Nicole, pacing back and forth with small steps for a moment before trying to sit back down in the suspended chair. She let herself drop in the chair which started to swing. Apparently, she liked her predicament.

Karen closed her eyes. What else could she do? She squirmed but quickly found the limits of her restraints. Damn, she liked it. But she would change her contract, allowing some freedom. She couldn’t change much else, unless it was a medical issue. Actually, she wished she wouldn’t change anything on her setup. She loved the squeezing feeling of ehr suit, the rigidity of the corset and the extreme position of her feet. The intubating was not so much a pleasure, but if she wanted to have a total seal feeling, she had to live with it.

The toys went along, vibrating on low power. It kept her interested. She would doze off, but each time she would wake up, she would squeeze her buns to try to get a little more feeling. She wished she could close her legs. That would have at least helped a little, but Sandra was too clever. She apparently knew how to build a setup to tease and torment someone.

Nicole had also found a way to sleep somehow, laying on her side in the egg-shape chair. The sun was getting low on the horizon. She tried to get off the chair. Easier said than done. Finally, stumbling forward, she managed and looked at Sandra who gave her a thumb up, before walking away toward the center. They both needed to be freed and fed.

About half an hour later, Nicole hobbled her way back to Karen, followed by Joan and Ingrid. Joan approached Karen with some sort of large syringe while Ingrid was following Nicole to the  hanging chair.

“Sandra told us that the both of you were going to spend the night here, so I’ll just give you something to eat here.” said Joah, parting Karen’s lips and linking the flexible tube of the syringe to Karen’s feeding tube and pressing on the syringe plunger.

Karen felt her stomach being filled as Joan kept a careful look at some indicators on the syringe. When Karen felt full, Joan unplugged the tube.

“There. All set. The enema will be for tomorrow morning.” she said to Karen before turning to look at Ingrid who had just finished setting up Nicole in the chair, well chained to the bars.

“Well, good night. Both of you.” said Ingrid before giggling and walking back toward the center with Joan.

Joan grunted. Karen made the finger. They could at least either turn-off the toys or push them to their maximum, but no, they had to leave it there, at the lowest power setup. Damn them. Damn Sandra.

She could see Nicole was struggling. They’ve added a collar and chained it to the top of the chair, preventing her from laying down. She would have to sit. The whole night. Who knows. Maybe that’s what she liked.

Karen managed to sleep, from time to time. Actually, it was her first night in her new ‘skin’. Everything was new and it wasn’t exactly a restful night. She had to get accustomed to everything. For example, the pressure of the extra-tight catsuit was nice during the day but seemed to amplify at night. Same with the corset, the hood. The tube down her throat was getting annoying. She had a month to make her decisions. Although with the glued suit and chastity belt, changing her mind won’t be easy nor painless.

Ingrid and Joan came back in the morning with Sandra who simply watched while the two women freed Karen and Nicole.

Nicole was all smiles when they released her. Obviously, she enjoyed her night. Karen always made the same expressionless black rubber face.

Nicole was let go while Karen was equipped with a hobble chain, wrists tied in her back and led with a leash to the main building for some nutrients and her first enema.

Days and nights went by. Karen was kept constantly, as her written wishes were, in restraints. Sometimes it was simply her hands handcuffed in front of her, other times she was completely immobile on a rack, a chair, a bed, ball-tied, suspended, she pretty much tasted them all.

The first seven days. Karen was waiting for someone asking if she would go on like that, but nobody approached her. Maybe the day she was encased wasn’t counting, so she waited for the next day, and same thing: nobody asked her. By evening, she went to see Sandra’s office. She was sitting at her desk, filling out some paperwork.

“Did you forget it had been seven days and I can ask for changes in my setup?” signaled Karen.

“Actually, that was yesterday. No, I didn’t forget. Did you?” asked Sandra.

“No. I’ve been waiting the whole day for someone to come to me for it.”

“Well, nobody will come to you asking you if you want to change something. If you do want to change something, you have to come forward and ask.” said Sandra with a grin.

“Well, I didn’t know and I want to remove the mandatory restraints.” said Karen, making the signs abruptly, obviously pissed off. “I didn’t know that rule, so I want it put down today.”

“Karen,” said Sandra, putting her pen down, “does your car shop call you to know if you want something done on your car? Does your grocer call you to know if you want to change something in your diet? No. Everybody waits for YOU to call them or change your habits. It’s the same thing here. I don’t have the time to follow everybody and inquire about their changes. The day is past, come see me in six days.” she said, picking her pen back and looking down at her paperwork, totally ignoring Karen.

Frustrated, she got back up, her hobble chain making its usual noise, and walked out. Sandra smiled. “Babies. They are all babies.” she mumbled, getting back to work.

Six days later, she was knocking on Sandra’s office door. She hobbled her way in and sat, putting her chained hands on her knees. And waited.

“Yes, Karen? What can I do for you? You want to change something?” said Sandra, punching keys on her keyboard, the printer expelling a sheet of paper she picked up and put on her desk. “Okay, what do you want to change? You don’t have a lot of options left since you’re all sealed and glued in.”

Karen stared at the form. She could write anything, but what? Permanent cuffs? No, she wanted to be able to change cuff styles. Blindfold? Don’t be silly, her eyesight was already impaired with the dark lenses. Gasmask? No, not permanent anyway. The only thing she could really change is to be or not in constant restraints. She looked at her chaines wrists, her chained ankles and knees. What if she was free? What would that change? She would want to be tied up for the nights, that’s was an absolute necessity to sleep in full bondage, so what.

After a time, she answered.

“No. Nothing to change.” she said, getting back up and leaving.

“Babies. They’re all babies.” mumbled Sandra, putting the form in the recycle bin.

Three weeks have passed since she had been encased. She had adapted quite well to her new lifestyle and she loved being kept in constant bondage. Her fantasy was not that wrong after all. Sandra walked to her.

“Can you come to my office, please? Something came up.”

Karen followed. She only had her knees tied together and her left wrist tied to her chastity belt. Once in Sandra’s office, her wrist was released. She would need both hands to communicate. She took place on the latex covered chair while Sandra walked to her side of the desk.

“Well, Karen, we received an offer for you, “ said Sandra. “It’s for a Lieutenant from the same police service as Derek, but on the other side of the city in a completely different suburb. He’s been inquiring about adopting a beneficiary for about a year and he apparently made his choice on you. He doesn’t know who you really are or what you’ve done, as these details are not disclosed. Everything checks out, so… you would be shipped tomorrow.”

Karen was stunned. This was so… unexpected.

“What? So soon? Are you sure? What if…” began frantically signaling Karen.

Sandra raised her hands in an appeasing gesture.

“Calm down, Karen. A thorough background check is made to everybody applying and he is checked out. This is a witness relocation program, not a holiday leisure hotel. People come and go. Everything will be fine.” said Sandra with a warm smile. “Enjoy your last day here the best you can as you’ll never come back.”

More to come.


Enjoying her last day. Easier said than done. It was like her last day before moving to a new city. Her last day of vacation before going back to school but to a new school. Her last day where she knew the environment before something totally new: a new friend, a new house, a new setup?

She walked to the nearby pond and sat to watch the little falls. Yes, she could spend the day there, relaxing by water.

She didn’t hear anyone coming but Nicole appeared by her side and sat down.

“I’ve heard the good news,” said Nicole.

“I don’t know if it’s good news. I mean, I’m leaving all of this” said Karen.

“Yeah, but you can leave. You can travel, you can do a lot of things that I, confined here, can’t. Even if it’s for my own safety.” Said Nicole.

“We should keep in contact.”

“Yeah, but it’s against the rules. We each have to go our own ways and forget each other, again, for safety reasons, you know… something about being found and killed” she said with a grin.

“Yeah. You’re right” said Karen, turning to face the falls.

“So, what did you plan for your last day?”

Karen shuddered and pointed at the falls.

“Yeah, that’s something we never get tired of looking at. So, looking at the falls it is.” said Nicole, turning her head around without Karen noticing.

Karen was lost in her thoughts when she felt grabbed by the shoulders and pulled backward. At first, she tried to fight but saw Nicole with Joan and Ingrid. She saw ropes flying as they quickly overpowered her to roll her on her stomach, joining her arms in her back with lots of rope, elbow touching, linked her knees together as well as her ankles, then bent her knees backward, linking them to the shoulder ropes, putting her into a tight hogtie.

A leather harness with a muzzle gag was put over her head and a rope linked the top ring with her ankle cuffs, forcing her head up.

They lifted her off the ground and placed her on top of a large boulder so that she would face the falls.

Yeah, she would be looking at the falls. She could look nowhere else. She tried to wiggle but couldn’t move much. That hogtie was TIGHT!

“We’ll let you relax for a few moments here, the time to really feel your bondage, then don’t worry, we will come back to… entertain you.” said Nicole, wiggling her goodbye and walking away, giggling with Joan and Ingrid.

Karen made the finger, but either they didn’t see it, or they didn’t care. Well, she said she would enjoy the falls. She would.

The hogtie was very tight and she could wiggle her fingers and her ankles. That was about it. Her head was yanked back to its maximum. She had no ‘play room’. The good side was that it kind of eased the constant pressure she felt from the feeding tube. Thanks to the rigid corset, she didn’t feel more crushed than usual. In fact, it was providing a very comfortable cushion-like feeling as she was laying on top of an uneven rock.

However, it also meant that, trying as she might, she couldn’t get anything out of her dildos.

She was daydreaming. Trying to imagine her new life to come. Of course, her imagination was based on what she knew of what it can be, the life with Lynda and Derek. She imagined herself doing simple house chores with limited movements as she would be restrained, she tried to imagine a dungeon and how she would set herself up for auto-punishment after breaking a glass. She imagined how she would be spending every night.

She imagined going on holiday trips, all tied up, perhaps ‘smuggled’ as luggage, well confined into some kind of chest.

She didn’t hear the high heels approaching her from behind. She only noticed some kind of shadow, but sun and clouds do that. Anyway, she couldn’t turn her head to have a look, but she had the confirmation that there was someone near her when her dildos started to hum.

“The girls told me you were here.” she recognized Sandra’s voice saying. “They said they were waiting for me to… start the ball rolling.” she added, moving in front of Karen.

Yes, she was holding the pad.

“Sorry it took so long, I was preparing your shipping container. He’s either overkilled or you’re in for a bumpy ride because he asked for a lot of padding. Very, very restrictive!” she added with a devilish smile. “You’ll love it.”

Karen tried to make a thumb’s up but with her hands stuck between her butt and her calves, it wasn’t easy, but apparently, it was enough for Sandra.

“Good. So… I’ll start the ball rolling slowly, you know… just to keep things interesting. The girls will take care of the rest. Have a nice day.” she said, wiggling her red rubber gloved fingers in a goodbye gesture and walked away.

Karen tried to wiggle, to feel more, but Sandra put the toys on the very low setting, just to have her aware of them.

However, the more she wiggled, the more she felt how severely tied up she was, and the more aroused she became.

Yes, she simply loved being tied up. In bondage. Unable to move. She found it silly. She wondered why… Why was she like that? She tried to figure out what in her youth made her like being tied up, but couldn’t. Could she have  been… born like that? Can you be born a bondage fetishist? Well, why not?

She worked her hips, her butt muscles and moaned. Oh yes, that was good. That was teasing.

She went back to her daydream of her new life. Who knows? Perhaps her new caretaker lives in a mansion. Maybe he has a large land with horses and… oh horses! How interesting would it be to ride a horse in latex, with the toys, with the chastity belt. Oh, the fantasy.

Yes, that was it. She was sitting high on a horse, arms elbow tied, her feet tied to the stirrups and her chastity belt linked to the saddle. She couldn’t fall off. She couldn’t direct the horse either. He was on his own. The horse was standing still but then began to slowly walk, rocking Karen’s latex clad body from side to side, front to back, and oh, yes, her belt was linked to the saddle but also her toys! When she was moving over the saddle, her toys weren’t. Oh shoot! That was good.

Every so often, she would feel an electrical jolt given by some sort of shock sensor, so depending on how the horse would move, she would feel no jolt, a small or a powerful jolt.That was screwing up her mind because she couldn’t build on it. That was devilish. Enjoyably devilish.

But as of now, the horse was only slowly walking in the vast prairie, keeping her aroused. Just that. 

“Oh, come on, Horse, do something.” thought Karen, hoping the horse would read her mind.

Instead, it stopped and bent its neck down to eat some grass, pulling Karen forward! The chains of her belt prevented her from falling down but the feeling? Oh shit! Awesome, because it also pulled her toys out a little, changing the vibration location. She moaned and closed her eyes, trying to experience the most of it. But that was it. She wanted more. Fuck, this was getting frustrating.

She blinked and opened her eyes. There was no horse, only the waterfall and she was still very well hogtied. Are they going to keep her like that all day?

Another ‘shadow’ happened to pass over her. She couldn’t see who it was, but there was a change. The vibrations changed. More powerful and with some alternating patterns. Oh, yes. That would be good.

She closed her eyes again. She wanted to go back to that fantasy world, riding a horse. She let her mind wander. She was seeing the sky, the trees were… rushing by? What the hell? Oh… her horse had been replaced by an iron horse.

The motorcycle was riding down the road, sending its hard vibrations through her chastity belt, to her toys. That’s what made the patterns seem to change. One bump, one turn, one hill up and down. She could feel the wind. Sort of. She could feel the flow of air, but not the wind. She looked at her hands, holding the bike handles. They were like fused to it, wrapped in a smooth rubber mitten. She couldn’t take them out. Her feet? They were held on the small platforms with chains giving her just enough play to operate the pedals. And of course, her chastity belt was linked to the motorcycle. She couldn’t get up.

She turned the handle. The motorcycle accelerated. The rush! The adrenaline! Yes, that felt good. Perhaps her new caretaker will own a motorcycle and she would spend her time traveling, well secured to the bike, feeling every little bump, or she will have her own bike, like that one, where she would have to use her brain to limit the teasing. She wondered how she would react if she was to be driving fast while orgasming!

She was feeling more pressure on her head, thanks to the full face helmet. She tried to squeeze her hips, her buns, anything to increase the pleasure of her vibrating toys, but it seems that she would be riding that road for a long time before anything would happen. She was seeing potholes. She was aiming for them. But it was as if the bike was simply flying over them. No hard bump. No jolt.

There, in front of her, a hill. She accelerated. Could she jump up? What would it feel like? She climbed it. Somehow, her toys became more powerful. Oh yes, she was getting more speed. She reached the top of the hill and the motorcycle left the road. She prepared for the landing but… it kept climbing up, in the sky. She looked around and she was no longer riding her motorcycle, but flying an airplane. The jolts became more powerful. The vibrations more insistent. She was feeling bumps as the toys were humping her, even kicking her. Her seatbelt was her chastity belt linked to the plane. Not the seat, the actual frame of the plane. It was jerking her around. She made a left turn, a right turn, climbed higher, put the plane into a nosedive, getting more speed. When she pulled up, she was crushed against the seat, pushing her dildos inward, and the plane accelerated, changing from a prop plane to a jet fighter.

She was getting high. She could feel the power of the engine like her toys were linked directly to it. She received electrical shocks on her nipples, at her crotch with every looping, every sharp turn, every barrel roll. She was reaching the edge of the atmosphere. She could see the curvature of the Earth (Sorry, flat-earthers…), she was launching, heading for the moon! The plane morphed into a rocket.

Yes, she was aiming for the moon. That was awesome. She was getting there fast, but she wasn’t controlling anything. She was heavily strapped down into the pilot seat, straps holding her firmly on, including her arms, her legs, her head! She couldn’t move. She was heading to crash on the moon where she would explode into a zillion of particles, engulfed by the increasing pleasure waves.

Oh! That will be wonderful. She was yelling, she was screaming. That was good. She was about to reach the surface of the moon. Just a few more seconds. Just a few more! Just… as the moon disappeared, the rocket disappeared. She was falling back to earth. She desperately tried to grab a hold of something. She was feeling nothing. Her toys were silent. She fell through the sky, through the clouds which seemed to slow her down, to pick her into a soft embrace. She rolled. She was on her stomach now. The clouds disappeared. She blinked.

In front of her, the waterfall and… Joan. Smiling ear to ear, holding the pad.

“Oh! Were you about to orgasm when I, hum… accidentally… hem… hit the stop button?”

Karen grunted but no sound came out. She wiggled as hard as she could within the confines of her hogtie. She was frustrated. She was pissed off. She wanted to smack her in the face! That was rude. That was devilish. That was no fun.

“Well,” continued Joan, “Sandra gave us the permission to use the pad, but forbid us to make you orgasm until she said so.”

Karen squirmed.

“Yeah, it’s devilish, but she didn’t forbid us to have fun at your expense. We will never see each other again, so… you will never have your revenge!” she said, making an exaggerated  theatrical gesture of raising her arm high in the air, making a pointing finger and slowly lowering it to the pad, re-starting the dildos in low power mode.

“Fuck you.” yelled Karen as hard as her brain could muster.

Joan laughed and walked away, leaving Karen very well worked up and totally frustrated.

After long moments of frustration where she tried to get back the feelings, the rush, she abandoned and even managed to doze off in the now late afternoon sun. She was awakened by a small electrical shock on her breasts. Followed by another one at her crotch. Then the toys took a second life, getting more powerful. She squirmed. She moaned. Yes that was good, but at the same time, she feared being left out at just the right, or is it wrong, moment. Depends of the point of view, of course.

But that was good. The toys were doing their work, getting her increasingly more aroused. Her heartbeat increased. She was panting hard. Each time she tried to squirm, she was reminded that she was severely tied up, that she couldn’t move, and that all restrained feeling is what drove her upward. Yes, she loved being totally restrained. The more, the better.

And the body reacted. Her brain shifted dimension and she let it all in, enjoying every second of it, every little pull of her wrist, her elbow, the pull on her head, how her knees and ankles wouldn’t separate.

Oh shit! That was so good. So wonderful.

Her crotch was on fire. Her butt hole was on fire. Her mouth was on fire. Her brain was exploding, and all hell broke loose.

The more she struggled, the more she felt her bondage, the more powerful the orgasm became. It was already extremely powerful and it was growing. She was seeing colors of lights pass in front of her. She was floating. She couldn’t hear anything but her own beating heart and heavy breathing. She was alone in her own pleasure capsule, flying through countless dimensions, each one giving more pleasure than the other. All the fibers of her body were experiencing pleasure, enhanced by her tight rubber skin, by the rigid corset, by her compressed head, even chewing on the lump of rubber filling her mouth was arousing.

She orgasmed but the toys didn’t give up. As soon as she was recuperating from the orgasm, another built. Forced orgasms? Hell no. She welcomed them. She wanted them. Again and again.

And again.

Until her body and her mind called it quits. Only then did her body relaxed and the toys slowly came to a calm stop, leaving her to enjoy the rush of hormones that were still rummaging through her bloodstream, making every cell of her body happy.

She was happy. Damn,, they kept the good stuff for the end, didn’t they, she thought.

She was released from her hogtie by a smiling group of women. She was half-there, like on high drugs. They linked her wrists together as well as her ankles and left her there, on the rock. She was to be restrained in some way at all times after all.

She dozed off only to awaken when the sun was setting down. Struggling with her bound hands and feet, she managed to get back up and hobbled her way to the main building. They were all there, in the main living area, and they applauded as she entered. The standard goodbye.

She would never see any one of them again. Ever. Too bad. She really liked Nicole.

The night was uneventful and she slept, as usual, tied up on the bed. The next morning, she had a light breakfast and a clean-up before being packaged.

She was led to the same white tiled room. The examination table had been removed, replaced by a wood base over which was some blue heavy gel-like mattress.

Karen pointed at it with her cuffed hands, looking at Sandra.

“Yes, that’s the base of the crate. Your caretaker wanted the smallest crate possible, so… it means that you’ll be cramped into a ball-tie. Not exactly the most comfortable way to travel, but we can’t question the caretaker for his reasons. Just kneel in the center of it.” said Sandra, pointing toward the gel pad, “so we can fix you down.”

Karen complied, kneeling and sitting on her ankles.

Annie and Annah were there too. They have traded their nurses outfits for funkier outfits, Annah sporting a leopard print catsuit as Annie was wearing a tiger printed catsuit. Even though Karen couldn’t show any facial expressions, they obviously ‘detected’ her stunned look and giggled.

“Well, they kept saying that we are the wild beasts of packaging so… we decided to be wild beasts.” said Annah.

“It’s the first time. Do you like it?” asked Annie.

Sandra was still looking at them with a weird look, but Karen gave two thumbs up. They looked… savage!

She was asked to stand straight on her knees while her ankles were strapped together to the bottom of the frame with packaging plastic straps and crimped in place. Already she could feel this would be some extreme bondage. She already loved it.

Her lower knees were strapped the same way, firmly holding her to the bottom of the frame. She couldn’t move much, just some little play, thanks to the gel padding, then she was asked to sit on her knees. Two more straps were added, one at over the knees and the other at her thighs, gripping the whole legs into one package. She couldn’t move from there. Her legs were firmly restrained. Damn, this was getting better and better.

Her hands were uncuffed and moved to her back. Again, the strapping machine was used to secure her elbows together as well as her wrists.

A gasmask was put over her head, making sure her breathing was non-restricted, then she was bent over her knees. However, with the dark lenses of her facemask, plus the dark lenses of the gasmask, she couldn’t see anything anymore. But she could feel it! Three more straps were added, wrapping her completely, passing below her legs and circling around her wrists, middle back and shoulders.

She was cramped into a very tight package. The only thing that could slightly move was her head and her fingers.

She had the strange feeling that this would be taken care of shortly.

A large plastic bag was put over her, the breathing tube of her gasmask being fed through a small opening, then the main section of the crate was put over her, with only the lid off. It was linked to the base with screws. Lots of screws.

She couldn’t move much, and all this cramped position put even more pressure on her toys, which was not something she disliked.

The tip of some gun or something was put in front of her face and she felt something being oosed out of it.

“It’s expanding foam. It will force its way everywhere it can. It takes about 15 minutes to fully expand. As soon as there’s enough of it, we will screw the lid and the foam will fill the rest.” she heard Sandra explain.

Effectively, she felt engulfed more and more. Her living space being diminished by the second, as if, tied up as she was, its size was really relevant.

She lost the little light she had as the foam reached her gasmask. At first, she was panicking, being engulfed, almost buried alive, but a small pump was pushing fresh air through her gasmask and she was breathing fine. In very short gasps, her waist crushed by the corset and the extremely tight position, but she was okay with it. She’s had some practice after all.

The foam expanded and compressed her more and more. She tried to move, to squirm, but only her fingers were moving and they were being slowly crushed in place by the expanding foam. She loved the feeling. She felt very well protected. Surely, her new caretaker will take good care of her, if he wanted so much protection just for her delivery!

Everything was silent. She was alone in the dark with her feelings, and she could only feel the compression of her setup. Her toys were… dead.

Outside, Sandra was putting into a small pocket an electronic device with a small LCD display, indicating Karen’s status. If anything goes wrong, an alarm will sound and she will be taken care of immediately.

Annie took the pallet mover and grabbed the pallet, then helped Annah, they rolled the pallet out of the prep room to some shipping room where it sat for less than an hour before being picked up.

Karen could feel being moved, the bumps of the road leading to the airport out of the island. She was unloaded and everything was silent.

So, that was it? Her transport was flat and dull? Not even a counterweight in her toys to entertain her? She was downright pissed off.

Having nothing to do (no kidding!) and dozed off (no kidding!!), all tied up and crammed into this tight package.

She was awakened as her package was picked up again to be loaded on the plane. She felt the plane accelerate and leave the ground as the ride became smooth.

Wait, what was that? Did she feel something move inside her? Did she feel a little jolt on her nipples? As the plane was getting higher and higher, the toys were becoming alive.

Fuck! They were linked on some sort of altitude control?

Now she had something to do: focus on her pleasure. This was literally a joy ride, although not enough to make her orgasm. Well, she is to be delivered to her new caretaker. If she arrives already exhausted by countless orgasms, that would not be very good, wouldn’t it. But it was devilish to be kept on the edge like that for so long.

The plane trip lasted a long time. Then another plane trip. Some more waiting at a warehouse or something. 

The devilish setup was that if the crate wasn’t moving, she wasn’t being stimulated. 

She was loaded again and this time, although the trip started smoothly, it became very, and very rough. She had a hard time figuring out if she was leaning to one side or the other because of her position with her head down, but she had the distinctive feeling that they were getting up a mountain.

She started to dream of a large mansion on a large property on top of a mountain, with, why not, horses and the like, perhaps a large prairie, or perhaps, it would be overlooking the ocean. She had no way to tell if all this travel time was real if she had just turned in circles to go back to the next island.

All finally came to a stop. She felt carried but it was unsteady, as if it was done by hand. Finally, she was put down, or rather dropped down. She heard power tools. She felt the cold air touch her rubber skin as the foam was ripped off the plastic bag protecting her. Then sudden reliefs as the multiple straps were cut.

There were a lot of people around her but couldn’t hardly make anything out. She was still wearing her gasmask over her face mask after all, rendering her pretty much blind.

She was helped to stand up. She could hear the stunned expressions of some people around her. She was not alone with her new caretaker. She seemed to be within a group of people.

“What the hell is that?” she heard someone say from afar.

“It’s a gift I got from you. When I entered the Captain’s office the other week to get the information you wanted from his computer, a webpage with a choice of… rubber slaves was opened. It seemed to be free for the Force Brass. There was a list and I saw that one, so I ordered it for you.

“You… ordered it for me? You put in your information and…”

“No, boss. I’m not that stupid. I ordered it in his name. I mean I had all the credentials right there in front of my eyes: social security number, employee number etc. I had the package delivered to a warehouse then I picked it up from there. No way they could trace her back here.”

“And one more question: why the fuck did you order that… rubber thing for me?” asked the man.

“Because her name was Karen. I thought you would like it.” he said, as he removed the gasmask.

Karen could suddenly see. She was in some sort of large wooden cabin. From what she could see from the windows, she was in the middle of the forest. Six or seven people were there, all looking at her with stunned eyes.

And there was this one. The boss, looking at her with a puzzled grin.

“Karen…” he said with a lifeless voice. “Why the fuck do you think, I would care for a Karen?” he said.

But Karen was also screaming a name in her head: PHIL!

“I don’t get it.” said Phil.

“Her name is Karen. She’s a… rubber… something… like. I thought you could, you know… take revenge or have fun with the one who sent you to jail.”

“So, because the name of this… thing is Karen, you thought it would make me happy?”

“Well… boss… you know… I thought…”

“What does she look like under this?” he asked, getting closer. Karen’s heart was pounding. She was ready to run out of there. She wasn’t in restraints, so she could run, but…where? She didn’t even know where the heck she was? Well, no, not exactly. She was in Phil’s Hideout…

He put his hand on her head and she had the reflex of backing up.

“Hey, don’t move, I just want to take this thing off… how do you take that off?”

Karen gently but firmly grabbed his hands and pulled them off, nodding no, then started to talk in ASL but obviously Phil didn’t understand.

“Hey, woah, I don’t talk this sign shit.”  he said.

Karen looked around for a moment and mimicked writing on something. The jerk who acquired her grabbed a nearby pen and paper and handed it to Karen who started to write:

“I am sealed in this suit. It can’t be taken off without the proper methods. Trying to pull it off will be like scorching me alive.” and handed it to Phil who read it.

“What’s the deal? Why do this? Who are you, really? I don’t get it. I mean, you can’t even have sex with this steel thing between your legs” he said, trying to pull it off.

“Fuck! It’s glued on too? Damn!” he said looking at Karl. “I can’t fuck that thing and she can’t suck me. What the fuck is that good for me?”

“Well… Boss… I… I…”

“Yeah, you… you… you didn’t think, as usual. Get this fucking thing out of here.” he barked before walking away to meed other people.

“Well, boss… I mean… what should I do with it?”

“You ordered it. You deal with it.” yelled Phil back without turning around.

Karl was standing there, looking at Karen, not knowing what to do. Karen made a few steps toward the crate, took a book as well as the syringe needed to feed her and handed them both to Karl. He took them and looked at Karen.

“What the fuck do you want me to do with this?” he asked.

Karen simply pointed firmly at the book. She was pissed. That was NOT what she had signed for. Fuck… she was back with Phil. She would have to find a way to get in touch with Sandra or Derek. Shit… She was in the middle of nowhere…

“Through a blender? Do you know we have no electricity here, so no blender?” said Karl, looking at Karen as if he wanted a solution.

She gestured something interpreted as “Geesh, totally slipped my mind when I was shipped out”.

Rummaging through the packaging, he found a set of cuffs and some chains. There was a note attached to it:

“Don’t forget to keep her restrained at all times.”

He looked around then walked out. Karen heard some banging against the exterior wall, then Karl came back, grabbed her by the arm and led her at the back of the cabin, had her kneel on the ground and linked her collar to the cabin with a chain.

“Well… ah… sorry. I’ll take care of you later.” he said, walking away.

Karen let herself drop on the ground, kneeling on the soft soil, trying to make sense of all of this.

The worst thing? She sort of… liked it. She was totally dependent on someone else, but she was very well protected into her latex skin. She was tied up. She was outside. She was kneeling on the ground, unable to do much else. She could feel the restriction of her tight corset, the particular position of her feet, forcing her to move in very specific ways to achieve anything. Real life challenges. Totally the opposite of the well paved pathways and hard tiles floors of the WRP center.

After some time, she was thirsty and she wondered if Karl even thought about it. She got up. She looked at how she was restrained to the wall. She tried to pull on it. Yeah. With enough work, she could unscrew that really badly screwed ring and get free. But for what?

She didn’t know where she was, but most importantly, where to go. She couldn’t take care of herself, she needed assistance, devices, machinery to turn anything into a slurry she could drink, things she didn’t have.

She walked back and forth on the soft soil until she reached the end of her chain, then walked back. That’s all she could do.

Evening came then the night came. Nobody came for her. Some came to look at her, after all, she was a sight to see, but nobody took care of her. Karl didn’t even come back.

Fortunately, it was a warm night but she could hardly find any sleep, but by morning, she had enough. She figured that she would have better chances by herself than staying there, so she began to yank on the chain. Hard. It made a lot of noise but she could see the screw holding the ring slightly pulling out.

Yes, a few more pulls… Almost there…

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she heard. 

She turned around to see Karl. She gestured pointing at her mouth.

“Yeah, right. Food. I’ll see what I can do.” he said, picking a hammer and pinning the screw into the wood.

He came back a few  moments later with the provided syringe filled with some murky stuff.

“Well, I made an omelet and I scrambled it as much as I could… How does this thing work?” he asked, looking at the flexible tube and at Karen, without seeing anything to put it through. Karen took her fingers to part her rubber lips and show the feeding tube.

He hooked the syringe up and pushed on the plunger. It was hard. The omelet was thick, but Karen felt it finally going to her stomach.

“Do… do you even taste that stuff?” he asked, to which she nodded no.

He filled the syringe with water and pushed what was in the tube down with it. Karen grabbed the syringe when she had enough and made two thumbs up as a thank you gesture. At least, he was taking care of her. For now.

And she was left there, again. The weather was cloudy and a soft drizzle began to fall down. Karen looked in amazement at how the water formed those little drops on her suit, how she could see the water but not feel it at all. As soon as she moved her arms, those droplets ran down her arm. She could feel them. That was so weird. In all the time she spent at the center, there hadn’t been any rain while she was out, so this was her first real experience.

Strangely enough, this aroused her. Damn! She wished her toys would be alive! She tried to move, to twist, but it didn’t do much.

The drizzle changed to rain. It was now flowing over her lenses. That was so cool! She could see the rain, she could feel the rain, but at the same time, she wasn’t feeling the rain,, isolated in her rubber cocoon.

There was the sound of thunder in the distance. A storm was rolling it? Well, she was coated in rubber, but held with a metallic chain… What will this do to a lightning strike? She figured out that her safest place was low and close to the cabin.

But it seemed that the thunder was rolling non-stop. That was weird. Then again, her hearing was impaired by all the rubber layers.

Then she saw it. Or them. Choppers, homing in. She saw Phil and his men getting out of the cabin and looking up, seeing the choppers. Some quickly jumped into pick-up trucks and fled the scene. Others started to shoot on the choppers and the team getting off of them by sliding down ropes because there was no place the choppers could land.

Then more sounds coming from the pick-up trucks that were turning back, followed by SWAT SUVs and police pick-up trucks!

The occupants of the cabin screamed as they fled. Gun fire was  heard, a lot of screaming and shooting. However, apparently the police force were using taser guns and some other gun which seems to shoot some liquids.

Karen noticed a man in assault gear and wearing a balaclava, getting off one of the Police pick-up trucks that was looking around, searching for something. He saw Karen. He stopped dead in its tracks, shouted something she couldn’t understand and pointed directly at her before resuming his search, aiming his taser gun away and firing, running after whoever he shot.

From the passenger door of the truck, a woman’s figure emerged. She was thin, was standing on ballet boots, and was obviously wearing a corset. Her face was completely hidden by a hood and a gasmask and she was sporting a camouflage patterned latex catsuit! She was holding a rather heavy looking rifle.

She looked around to make sure the path was clear and ran toward Karen, her rifle pointing forward. She was running, in ballet boots, on soft ground! It could be only one person: Sandra!

Karen turned around to face the wall, grabbed the chain and gave it a sharp yank. The screw which was barely holding after Karl forced it back in place by hammering it in, gave up.

She started to run toward Sandra, or at least what she believed to be Sandra.

Karen was about ten meters from Sandra when Sandra stopped and raised her rifle, aiming it at Karen!

Karen started to wave her hands not to shoot. Then she saw, as in slow motion, Sandra, or whoever that was, pull the trigger.

But the muzzle of the rifle didn’t light up. It spewed a straight jet of something black. Karen had just the time and the reflex to turn sideways to avoid being hit, and looked behind her.

He was there, Phil, pointing his handgun at her. He received the jet of black goo straight in the face. He was thrown backward, his arms and legs flying in the air. His handgun left his hand, and stood in the air for what seemed like hours before falling down, at the same time Phil was also touching the ground, quickly putting his hands at his face to wipe this black thing off, but it only glued his hands in place, on  his face.

The gun fell on the top of a large boulder barely rising from the ground. It was ready to fire. The shock triggered the mechanism. There was a flash, a loud bang and Phil collapsed on the ground, hit in the chest.

The woman in the camouflage suit had run to Karen. She removed her gasmask, revealing a hood that revealed her eyes and mouth only.

“We have to keep our anonymity everywhere.” said the woman Karen recognized this time for sure. It was indeed Sandra.

She embraced her and hugged her tightly before letting her go. She pointed at the rifle.

“Yes: PermaFix. But a weaker version that stays removable for two hours but is as sticky as the original.” she said as she showed around the multiple crooks laying on the ground, either stunned by the taser guns or fighting the PermaFix.

The same officer who pointed her out ran to Phil and kneeled beside him. He removed balaclava and looked at Karen, making a small “no” sign. He was dead. Karma made it so that he shot himself without even holding the gun. And Karen recognized the man: Derek!

He got back up on his feet and approached Karen and Sandra.

“Are you okay?” he asked, using sign language.

“Yes I’m fine.” answered Karen.

“Good. Let’s get out of here” he said, talking to his radio and leading the woman to the pick-up truck where he took the driver’s seat and had the women sit in the back, and drove away.

Karen was full of questions: How did you find me? What will happen now? How about her? Where will she go? She started to ask those questions to Sandra who had removed her hood.

“We’re bringing you back to the WRP center. Decisions will be made from there.” said Sandra. “But…” she added with a smile, “we don’t have time to pack you up and you still can’t know where it’s located so… you’re gonna sleep for a while.” she said, approaching a small mask from her breathing tubes.

Everything went dark.


Her head was spinning. Every time her heart was beating, it seemed a hammer ws hitting from the inside. She tried to reach her head with her hand but couldn’t. Something was holding them back.

She blinked a few times. The Light was dim, as if going through dark lenses.

She tried to fold her legs, to gather her ankles toward her but couldn’t. Again, something was holding them back, spread out.

She had difficulties breathing, something  was crushing her stomach. She felt something weird in her mouth. She started to panic. She squirmed and pulled but she was restrained or something.

Someone was approaching. She could see a silhouette, then the face of a blond woman, and then her body, encased in some weird shiny red suit.

“Just relax, Karen. The sleeping drug was very strong. It’s my fault, I screwed up the mix. Everything is fine.” said the woman, sitting beside Karen.

Things were flashing in her mind. She saw a house with someone tied up to a post, then she was encased in some box and she was seeing waterfalls, and being boxed again. She saw Phil, then gunfire and that woman, with a man. She knew them. She knew that man.

All of the sudden, her brain stopped stuttering and the engine started. Yes, she knew who she was, who that woman in the red latex catsuit was: Sandra, of course.

Her breathing calmed down. She relaxed. She gently squirmed, FEELING her bonds. Oh yes, she liked it. She also felt the toys inside her. Yes, that was perfect… oh wait. Phil? Derek? The cabin? What the hell happened? It all seemed like a blur, a bad dream.

She tried to talk, to gesture, but her bound hands prevented it.

“Take your time for the sedative to clear out of your body. You’re safe. Everybody is safe. You’re back at the center. We’ll take care of you. Here, enjoy.” said Sandra, picking her smartphone.

Karen’s attention was drawn back to her toys, slowly humming. She went back asleep, knowing she was safe, secure and happy.

One month has gone by. She had learned how they found her. There is a GPS tracker in all shipments in case it gets lost. They do have ‘livestock’ in those crates after all. The tracker communicates through cell phones, so when the link was lost an alarm was sent. That’s where Sandra noticed that the crate was not heading for the right destination. She called the officer that placed the order and was stunned when he told her that he never ordered anything. Something was fishy.

They used surveillance satellites to track the route, and found the path leading to the cabin. Special forces were sent in to investigate and they discovered that it was Phil’s hideout, that more wanted criminals were hiding there and that you might be in danger

A strike force was sent, which included Derek and Sandra to spot and retrieve her. 

She was back from her now standard daily walk around the Special WRP property, following trails in the forest, walking on soft soils, rocky soils, uneven soils. That small time at the cabin gave her the likes to try something different than the all good and leveled floors.

She was panting. Her arms were no help, secured in her back, and the hobble chain made it more difficult to climb steep slopes or go over trees that had fallen across the trail path.

She entered the center feeling hot in all the senses of the word. After all, her toys had been active all this time. Not enough to orgasm because it would have been dangerous, but enough to keep her entertained.

She met Nicole, all smiling.

“Let me help you with that.” she said, unlinking Karen’s arms from her back and re-linking the wrists up front. She was not to be let free after all.

Sandra walked out of her office at the same time, phone to her ear and smiled when she saw Karen.

“She’s just in from her daily walk. Glad that could be arranged. w I’ll tell her the great news.” she said, hanging up.

“What good news?” asked Karen.

“You got a new caretaker. That’s wonderful!!”

“Wow… so fast? And what about him?” asked Karen, concerned. Her last caretaker was not exactly a great memory.

“Oh, don’t worry. We have full confidence in her.”

“Her? My new caretaker is a woman?”

“Yes, she is, and you’re a perfect match.” said Sandra.

“Uh, that is a surprise. When do I leave?”

“Tomorrow afternoon.”

“Wow… that’s… fast. How about you, Nicole? When do you leave?”

“Right now. I’m heading for the packing room.”

“Shit! I don’t know what to say.”

“Just say goodbye. It was really nice knowing you.” said Nicole, hugging Karen who couldn’t hug back so she simply wrapped her bound wrists around Nicole’s neck, giving her a rubbery kiss.

She was not allowed into the shipping room. She sat outside, thinking about what her last night should be like and also tried to imagine what her new life would be. Well, the last time she tried that, she ended up way off any of her predictions.

After some time, she walked back to the waterfall. A bondage post had been added to the area. She was able to lift her arms high and pass them over one of the eyebolts, keeping her almost suspended, facing the falls. Yeah, that would be a good place to spend the night.

Joan happened to come by.

“Oh, there you are. Sandra told me you were heading this way. So, leaving tomorrow I heard?”

Karen nodded yes. She couldn’t answer with gestures.

“So, planning to spend some time here looking at the waterfalls?”

Karen opened her arms as if “well, yes.”

“I see but.. Oh… something’s not right.” she said, reaching Karen’s wrist links. She felt more than she heard a click.

Karen tried to pull her wrists back but they were now locked to the eyebolt.

“That way, you won’t change your mind too quickly. But how rude of me. We have to make this setup proper.” said Joan turning around and revealing that she had come by with many coils of rope.

She proceeded to link Karen’s latex covered body to the hanging post, making sure the ropes were as tight as she could pull them. With each coil added, Karen’s breathing was becoming shakier. She was getting more and more aroused with the adding of ropes. Damn, that felt good. It was like a drug.

When Joan was done, Karen couldn’t move. Joan then picked her phone and Karen knew what would happen. Her toys took another life. Slowly at first, then increasing in power, the electrical jolts increased in what seemed totally random patterns but said patterns only increased the length of time it took Karen to reach the orgasm level before, you guessed it… shutting down, letting her frustrated. She squirmed in her tight bonds. She couldn’t move but the restriction was simply arousing her, even with no toys activated.

The pattern repeated four times before allowing  her to orgasm.

Another powerful orgasm, out of this world, its power increased by her heavy bondage. The teasing and orgasms lasted the whole afternoon. She was released for dinner.

“What setup do you want for your last night at the center?” asked Sandra.

“Oh, I’ve been heavily bound all day, just something light. Just a spread eagle will do.” answered Karen.

So she was set up, spreaded out on her bed. Sandra tightened the chains snuggly.

“How is that?”

“Tighter” answered Karen.

“Okay, how is that?” asked Sandra a second time.

“Tighter” repeated Karen.

“I would need a come along to get it tighter if you want more” said Sandra after tightening the chains one more time.

“Well… I guess this should do.” said Karen, barely able to move her hands as they were pulled too tight.

“Light setup… of course.” said Sandra as she left. “Have nice dreams.”

Her night was uneventful. Each time she would wake up, feeling her arms and legs stretched taut, she would squirm and welcome the feeling of not being able to move, before falling asleep again.

When the morning came, that became a different story. Somehow, Sandra, or someone else, set up the devices with the sunrise. As the sun rose up, the more light, the more powerful the stimulation became. Starting with a smart hum, and increasing to includes knocking, humping, hard vibrations, zapping.

Karen was in her own world, spread eagled into the middle of a field of wildflowers where the wind was making them brush against her body, against her crotch, tickling her, vibrating her, stimulating her. The more she pulled on her bonds, the more aroused she became, until she exploded. One of those hard and powerful orgasms she was longing for. 

As if had detected the orgasm, all the stimulation wound down gradually, bringing her to rest, yet fully satisfied. She was still half of it when she felt the tension on her limbs decrease. Damn, she hadn’t even noted that someone had entered the room!

“Hello sunshine.” said Sandra, smiling. “Well, this will be your last breakfast and cleaning here.” she said.

“You said that last time too.” answered Karen.

Sandra grinned.

“Yeah, but I KNOW this time, it will work out. Believe me.”

“Why? How? You know the new caretaker?”

“You know I can’t answer that, Karen. I’ll be in my office. Just come to see me when you’re ready to be… packed and shipped.” she said with a grin, as if knowing something Karen had no clue about.

About an hour later, Karen was entering the prep room where she met, for the second last time, 

Annah and Annie. They had new outfits again.

“Camouflage? Really?” asked Karen.

“Well, we wanted to be part of the team to free you but they said we didn’t have the proper training and equipment, so we had special suits made. What do you think?”

By Sandra’s expression, it was also her first time seeing them dressed like that.

“Purple and blue are NOT  good camouflage colors, girls.” said Sandra.

“I told you so, Annie. We should have picked yellow and red.” said Annah.

“Uh… well… Never mind… What’s this?” asked Karen, pointing at a huge glass tube in the middle of the room.

“Your shipping container.” said Annah and Annie in one voice.

“My… shipping container?”

“Yes, new method. You will be floating in gel. Should be awesome!” said Annie, smiling and evidently enjoying herself. “My idea.”

“Uh… I suppose.” said Karen. “How do I get in?” she asked.

“That’s the tricky part. The ceiling isn’t that high here, so we will tip the Lexan tube at about 45 degrees to the side. You will get under it to enter then we will place it back on. Ready when you are.” said Annah who had already started to pull on the tube to tip it.

Karen had no time to ask more questions. As soon as the opening was wide enough, she slid through it and got herself up before the girls lowered the tube over her.

That added another layer of soundproofing.

“Put on the breathing mask.” gestured Annie to be understood through the tube.

Karen looked up and there was indeed a breathing mask hanging just over her head. She pulled it downward and installed it over her mouth and nose. She immediately felt a flow of fresh air being pushed in. It was actually easier to breathe with it than without it.

“Now what?” asked Karen.

“You wait. The filling process will take about fifteen minutes.” said Annah, opening the valve from a nearby container.

The tube began to fill with an amber looking liqui-gel. It was thick but wouldn’t prevent her from moving. As it reached her legs, she felt that it was warm. One less shock.

The level rose quite rapidly. She loved the feeling of the tight gel wrapping her legs, then her hips, and her waist. Her hands were now soaking in it. It was rising more, reaching her breasts. By then, she realized that she was a little buoyant in that gell and her feet were now barely supporting any weight.

The gel reached her shoulders, her neck. She could still move her legs, her arms as if she was in thick water. Thick water…whatever that is.

She had her first little rush of panic when the gel reached her mouth. Instinct told her that she had to keep her head out of the liquid to breathe. It was a weird feeling, the gel was reaching her nose but she was still breathing freely. She felt her head being engulfed in the gooey liquid. She could almost swim in it. A little push of her hands and her feet were off the bottom of the tube.

The goo had a reddish tint. She could see outside but it was blurry. She could distinguish who was who by the color of their suits, but that was it.

Annie approached the tube and gestured. Karen could figure out what she was saying.

“There will be a flash of light. That should set the gel into some kind of  hard jell-o like substance. From then on, you won’t be able to move until your caretaker gets you out, so take the position you want.”

“I hope this works.” said Annie, looking at Annah. “We should have tested it first.”

“Nah, don’t worry… I think.” answered Annie, looking at the display located on the top ring of the container..

“Ho, wait.” said Sandra jumping on her feet. “What the hell did you just say? You… don’t know?”

Good thing Karen was unable to see their lips or she would have second thoughts about the whole procedure. Since she was already swimming in the middle of it. She took a relaxed pose, like floating between two waters.

“Oh, I forgot. The gel will expand slightly in the process, so you will feel it go tighter. Ready? Here we go.” Said Annie, signaling to Annah to proceed while she was keeping a close look at Karen.

There was a flash, like an electrical ark flowing through the tube, through the gel. Karen felt suddenly compressed, from all over her body, and in that same flash, she was frozen in place, unable to move. At. All! 

“Wait! I said wait! Stop the procedure.” said Sandra, realizing that the medics had completely ignored her. “Did you just do a procedure you didn’t know would work? What if it’s wrong? What if she’s stuck inside?” asked Sandra, visibly pissed off.

“Well… yeah. I mean, you wanted us to rush to do this, we didn’t have time to fully review the procedures.” said Annie.

Karen saw them arguing outside the tube, but she couldn’t care less. She had her own… feelings to cope with.

“A slight expansion?” she thought feeling very highly compressed.

But that was awesome! She was comfortably floating in the middle of the tube, well constrained, compressed and totally immobile. No pinching from straps, no forced position. This was the most comfortable extreme bondage she ever went through! Reddish lights were turned on inside the tube, projecting a strange shadow.

Annie shines a light on Karen’s eyes, to see through the lenses.

“Okay, Karen, blink twice if you’re okay, once if there’s a problem.”

Karen blinked twice. Then again twice.

“So, you’re extremely fine, is that it?” asked Annie, giggling.

Two strong blinks.

“Okay. We will now wrap the tube in black plastic so, you know… people don’t see inside. You should be on  your way within the hour. Nice to have known you.” said Annie before turning to Sandra. “See? Everything is fine.” she said, smiling.

“You… Oh shit. Shit, shit! I have to prepare for any contingencies.” said Sandra, evidently stressed out.

Karen saw Annah as well as Annie waved goodbye to her while Sandra walked out of the room in a hurry. An emergency must have arisen. She was hoping it was not for her.

“You think we should tell her the truth?” whispered Annah.

“Why? It’s not like she ever pranked us before, like to make us believe we would be part of the rescue mission only to leave us here. I’ll tell her later. In a few days.” said Annie with a devilish smile.

“She was right on one point, you know? We don’t have any firearm training. She does.” Said Annah as she grabbed a roll of black shrink wrap.

“Firearm training? Bullshit! A PermaFix Gun is NOT a firearm. And we built the damn thing and showed her how to use it. No. Let her simmer in panic for a few days.” said Annie.

“She’s gonna make us pay for it, you know?”

“I sure do hope so.” said Annie smiling, giving a strong pull on the plastic wrapping a complete turn of the tube.

Everything gradually went dark or rather reddish as the lights inside the gel were still on. Silent. Motionless. She tried to move but couldn’t move the slightest. That felt so good. Squirming as she might, it did nothing. She was completely immobile. Well, she was comfy, so perhaps she can sleep. She found the red glow comforting tho. She closed them anyway..

She heard something. Something had made contact with the tube. Then she felt tilted. It was a weird feeling. Compressed as she was by the gel, the direction of the gravity, or the movement was difficult to pinpoint. She opened her eyes, a reflex to see what was going on, but all she saw was the reddish lighted gel.

And that’s when they became alive. Her toys.

Humming low at start. Yes she knew the sequence. They were linked to motion detectors and she would get stimulated, worked, aroused, denied to finally explode at the least expected moment. She longs to live it. Again.

She barely felt any bumps. The gel was absorbing everything. That made the trip totally disorienting. On the other hand, she could concentrate on the teasing. She would be dreaming but she would try to tell her brain not to imagine something too outrageous. Last time turned out to be a huge disappointment.

She fell asleep, or she passed out. She couldn’t tell, but she was sure she had been immobile for quite some time.

A stream of light entered from the top of the tube. Someone was removing the plastic wrap. The light was harsh and when she could finally see the source, it was the sun. She was outside on some large patio or something. She could hardly make up anything. She saw a shadow move around her to remove the plastic wrapping, then stood there for a moment, admiring the content of the tube.

The shadow seemed to turn around to look in the distance where there was another strange shadow approaching. It was moving in a weird fashion, like jumping. A rabbit? The shadow grew more intense as it got closer. Could it be? A horse? There was someone on a horse?

“Relax Karen, “said her inner voice, “you’re probably  just imagining things here” she said to herself.

The shadow grew very large. It was indeed someone on a horse. That someone got off the horse and walked to the tube, looking at what was inside. And then the shadow did something weird: she hugged the tube?

Karen was puzzled.

There was another flash of light through the gel. Quickly, Karen realized that she could move again, still within the restriction of the thick paste. A strange sound was heard and the gel began to drain from the tube. As soon as her eye lenses were cleared of the gel, Karen wiped them as much as she could to have a better, non-blurry view. There was nobody. She was alone. She looked all around, but no, she was really alone, with the horse eating some grass.

Then, as the gel was all drained out, the tube tilted backward. She quickly slipped through the small opening, operation rendered easier, thanks to the gel. She got up on her feet and turned around and froze.

Red catsuit, black corset, chastity belt, welded steel cuffs, black gag glued over her red hood, ballet boots booties.

“LYNDA!” she literally screamed with her signs.

Karen rushed to her and they hugged. As she was doing so, Lynda swiftly grabbed Karen’s wrist and snapped a padlock between the wrist cuff and the side ring of the belt, quickly doing the same thing with the other wrist.

“You have to be restrained at all times.” she gestured back, evidently enjoying herself.

Karen tried to ask questions, but with her hands separated, it wasn’t easy.

“You’ll get all the answers when Derek comes home in a few hours. In the meantime, why not have a tour of the property?” she said, making a broad gesture to show the whole land behind the house.

Lynda led her around, showing the stables, the large pool, the hot tub, then the rather large property of what was evidently, a ranch perched on top of hill. Two storeys high, many rooms, at least two of them were complete dungeons. Everything had been made with bondage fetishists in mind: there were attachment points everywhere! Even the couch of the living room was specially modified for anyone sitting on it to be tied up.

About two hours later, she heard someone enter. She turned and she saw him, Derek, with someone she immediately recognized with her purple catsuit and her shoulder length red hair. Lynda went against the ‘rules’ and unlinked Karen’s cuffs from her chastity belt. She knew it would be okay. A lot of… talking was going to take place.

“Nicole?” asked Karen. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Same as you, Karen. Nice to meet you back too.” she said, smiling.

“What is going on here? What is all this?” she asked Derek.

“Well, the story is quite simple, Karen. There were bounties on many of the men we caught on that raid on the cabin. I got a good share of it, thanks to you. Sort of. So, myself and Lynda  decided to buy that ranch where Lynda could do more than just turn around in the house. And it’s a huge house, so I needed help.”

“That’s why you got us,” said Karen, pointing at herself and Nicole.

“Not exactly. I got Nicole only.”

“Then who…” asked Karen, puzzled, then she realized “Lynda?”

“Yes I am your caretaker.” said Lynda.

“And the horses are hers.” added Nicole.

“Oh, shit!” said Karen, knowing what that meant.

They all laughed. 

“Don’t worry, Karen. I’ll show you all the ropes to keep the stable in good working order. Pun intended.” said Lynda.

Suddenly, Karen had a flashback of her dreams, of riding horses and stuff. Perhaps those were not dreams but premonitions.

© monsterp63

19 february 2023

Note: You won’t believe how HARD I have to refrain from writing the dialog of the two “medic sisters” (Annie and Annah) the way the gophers talk in the WB cartoons. One day… One day… I will let my silly side loose.

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19 thoughts on “Karen – Another Wrong House (FINAL – Complete)

  1. That is great! I am looking forward to this sequel! It looks like the back is still very long. I like it! Karen’s equipment has been updated again!

  2. This new equipment is latex spray! It appeared in your works for more than 0 years. Now it is back! Another thing I don’t understand is why Karen has to leave? Isn’t she here to be protected?

    1. The spray is used only as the “finishing touch” on the boots. Her suit isn’t sprayed on.

      Why does she has to leave? It’s a “Witness Relocation Program” to re-introduce the witness to the society, to relocate her, not to keep said witness within a confine environment even if she likes it.
      Also, if one wants to extrapolate, if all the witnesses are kept at the same place, it would eventually be known.

    1. Thank you. And yes, it’s getting “longer”. I have 4 pages written about her last day there and she hasn’t left the “center” yet, hell she’s not even packed up to be shipped out!

  3. The current ending is very realistic and ironic! Karen tried everything to escape here! Finally she came back! Like me, I always want to avoid some people who don’t want to face! But we live in a district. Although there are thousands of people in this district, I can always meet him at different times!

    1. The difference is that you and those people you don’t want to meet recognize each other, while in this case, only Karen knows who’s who.
      In my personal case, I have the fortunate chance that my ex moved 300km away.

      The next update should contain the “final ending”.

  4. An unexpected ending. I thought Karen would be with Phil! As a result, she was rescued and finally returned to Linda. This is a good ending!

    1. I see two of the best compliments someone could make here:

      1- The storyline is actually something you seek. You don’t just want the “sex scene” but the whole story. Meaning that I’m not scratching my mind to create a storyline for nothing.
      2- Surprised by the ending. If I’m still able to surprise a veteran reader with a twisty ending, then it means that… YES! I still got it!!

      So, Thank you(1) and Thank You(2).

  5. Oh my god…
    Thank you so much for these works. I can’t get enough of these.
    Sadly, I haven’t been able to delve much into these passions here in the past few months.

    As always, I’ll excitedly await your next work 😀

    Thanks and Cheers

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